Fr_Daehi, how to signal on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ he have take a error ?  the 16.04 is on 16.04.1 folder and 16.04.1 on 16.04 folder00:24
Fr_Daeon lunbuntu00:24
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (Only use this trigger in emergencies) - bioterror, genii, holstein, hyperair, IAmNotThatGuy, jared, Myrtti, stlsaint, Unit193, wxl.00:34
Unit193Fr_Dae: Don't do that.00:35
Fr_Daeok just for testing00:35
Unit193And they are symlinks anyway.00:36
freefall1 im needing help with getting a tv tuner card working.. i have tried mythtv an try firmware drivers list an no work01:13
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