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kalikianazsombi: Review? https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/outTheWindow/+merge/30127811:00
kalikianatimp: https://jenkins.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-sdk/job/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-ci-i386-gles-stable/937/console11:02
zsombikalikiana: with pleasure :)11:07
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kalikianabzoltan: timp: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/noSpecialTreatmentForGalleryTests/+merge/30256014:09
timpkalikiana: thanks.14:11
timpkalikiana: interesting. I wonder if we will ever need a special case for the gallery tests again14:12
kalikianatimp: I think it was just a case of, we have it, why not use it. The desktop file is completely irrelevant for tests since you never see it.14:12
timpkalikiana: so for the other test cases we are still using the desktop_file_hint?14:13
timpI guess MR makes the tests work for now then (and we anyway want the QML code in a separate file), but doesn't actually fix the bug that asks to use upstart14:14
kalikianatimp: It's still needed, I tried removing it and Unity refused to run it14:14
timphm, okay.14:14
timpxenial has no upstart?14:14
kalikianaSure it has14:14
timpit doesn't work in my xenial lxd container14:15
kalikianaThat's the same conversation we had a few minutes ago :-D14:15
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mimecarhi, i'm working with QML  and ubuntu-sdk-ide18:55
mimecari get this error: "Invalid property name "textSize". (M16)"18:55
mimecarhow can I fix it for using Design option?18:56
popeyi dont think the design section is supported, and probably won't ever be19:03
mimecarthen i must write qml and test bt running the app?19:04
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