Bashing-omBack .. not too much the worse for the beating . round 2 for Tuesday, completed .01:10
Bashing-omYeah, uh huh ..pleased got that much more done .. 'til next Tuesday .01:21
daftykinsdid you catch my success snaps? :)01:21
daftykinsyay soldering \o/01:22
Bashing-omYou betcha ! .. Once you done it a time or 2 .. piece of cake . Huh ?01:23
daftykinsnow i'll have to wander the house to find things to fix ;)01:23
Bashing-omOH Boy .. look at the monster you have created .01:28
daftykinswe can rebuild said monster, faster... stronger... better...01:30
Bashing-omNow .. just get it to serve the tea .01:32
daftykinsmmm i should buy milk tomorrow and get back on the tea drinking01:33
daftykins#1 mission!01:33
Bashing-omSee, I am good yet for something !01:34
daftykinscutting the grass, too :>01:35
Bashing-omOh well ..some may think of cutting grass as good ..  It be a chore that has to be done .. else you get frowned upon .01:37
daftykinsyep the wrath of mrs.bashing would result!01:37
daftykinsi must put my head down for the night, g'night sir \o01:38
Bashing-omNighty nite ..01:38
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ducassemorning all06:20
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daftykinshey ducasse \o11:24
daftykinswhat's new?11:24
OerHekstoo small for me .. http://www.zdnet.com/article/worlds-largest-ssd-revealed-as-seagate-unveils-60tb-monster/12:04
daftykinsgm BluesKaj o/12:06
BluesKajHey all12:06
BluesKajhi daftykins12:07
daftykinsdid you catch my soldering pics? i replaced those blown caps yesterday :D12:07
OerHekshello daftykins BluesKaj12:07
daftykinssir \o12:08
BluesKajhi OerHeks12:09
BluesKajno daftykins, I didn't see your solder pics12:09
daftykinshttp://imgur.com/a/halRm \o/12:09
BluesKajif you soldered all those pins , very impressive :-)12:12
daftykinshehe nah just the single capacitor in the closest corner to begin with12:13
daftykinsthen the 3 pairs of legs together in the center12:14
BluesKaji see , looks good12:14
daftykinsthanks :>12:14
daftykinsand it didn't release the magic smoke on powering up!12:14
BluesKajI haven't soldered much the last few yrs, just some loudspeaker connections and xover networks12:17
daftykinsi wish i could have made them look as good as the originals XD i figure that's machine done though?12:22
daftykinsfor the mass production on a motherboard12:22
BluesKajhey pauljw_vm13:23
pauljw_vmmornin' BluesKaj :)13:23
pauljw_vmHi everyone13:23
daftykinshi sir \o13:24
EriC^^afternoon everyone14:18
daftykinshey sir \o how goes the explodey phone? :)14:18
daftykins(back in a few, quick post office trip)14:18
EriC^^hey daftykins :D14:18
EriC^^ok :)14:18
pauljw_vmhi EriC^^14:26
EriC^^hi pauljw_vm18:27
pauljw_vmhow's everything?  phone hanging in there?18:28
EriC^^it's good18:28
EriC^^i bought another phone18:28
EriC^^samsung j1 ace18:28
pauljw_vmah, good deal18:28
daftykinsblech non-playing clients, what a pain18:30
daftykinswow what a bad typo18:30
BluesKaj-piI paid only 100bucks CDN for an alcatel mini ...mainly use it as a phone, altho I have used it on the internet a few times thru wifi.. data usage is turned off, only for emergencies which I dont think will be necessary very often18:49
BluesKaj-pipay as you go18:50
OerHeksgreat, LO snap 64 bit, http://www.libreoffice.org/download/snap/22:36
Bashing-omSome testing efforts to get libreoffice off the ground : https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2327088&page=2 .22:41
OerHeksnice post, thanks!22:46
Bashing-omSnaps, the wave of the future .. but do I want to learn it now ? Now that is the question .22:48
daftykinsmmm tough one22:53
Bashing-omI got on my learning plate - systemd - that will be more than enough to digest .22:57
daftykinsmmm that's on mine too22:58
Bashing-omFortunately ... we have a few years to digest systemd . I am in no big hurry .23:02
daftykinsi had to restart a service the other day so did a quick google cheat :>23:04
daftykinsi was running the old commands but nothing was reported, so i couldn't tell what was happening23:04
Bashing-omYeah. going to have our trials determining the interfacing . systemd/upstart/ what in the world is the kernel doing now !23:17

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