pchooceed^: I installed this: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/826/suspend-button/10:38
ceed^pchoo, sorry for late response. Does that extensions make it possible to change how GNOME suspends or?13:40
freakyyhi all. ive added a few repos when on wily. i now want to upgrade to latest ubuntu do i have to remove those repos?13:50
jbichafreakyy: yes, please run ppa-purge for each of those repos before upgrading13:52
jbichafreakyy: but....you might need to change your apt sources first for it to work correctly13:53
freakyyhow do i do a ppa purge?13:54
jbichasudo ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3-staging (or whatever each PPA is called)13:56
freakyyso what do i write?13:57
freakyyjbicha: :D13:57
jbichafirst fix your apt sources from mthe askubuntu link13:58
freakyyi think i have the latest sources im jsut 1 version behind14:02
freakyyi have 15.1014:02
freakyynow i want 16.414:02
freakyywell 16.04.1 :)14:03
freakyybtw i wonder ... i have windows 10 running on my big pc. is there a way i can install ubuntu alongside?14:04
freakyyi mean ... i dont know ... it has an SSD but i think theres not enough space for the os14:04
jbichaonce 15.10 reached end of life a few weeks ago, the apt sources were disabled and moved14:04
jbichayou have to tell apt where the archived sources are for ppa-purge to work correctly14:05
jbicha(I haven't tried ppa-purge from an EOL release but I'm pretty sure that's needed)14:05
freakyyi think ill just do a fresh install ;D14:07
jbichathat's a good idea too :)14:08
freakyyi still wonder if i should install ubuntu on my desktop14:11
freakyytoo alongside windows14:11
freakyyi dont know14:11
freakyyill see14:11
freakyyfirst ill install on my laptop14:11
freakyy14 minutes until the iso is downloaded14:12
freakyyok im moving some game files on my desktop ssd to the hdd14:15
freakyythen ill make a 15GBs parition for linux14:16
freakyyi hope i can do that14:16
freakyydo u know how to?14:16
freakyyok i think i know how to14:17
freakyywhich partitions should i put on the ssd?14:18
freakyymount points14:18
freakyylike, only /boot?14:18
freakyyor anythin else?14:18
freakyyhm i dont know if i should put /home too14:26
freakyyi can give 30GBs to ubuntu14:26
freakyyjbicha: how do i do the ppa purge now?15:39
freakyyi cant burn isos as none of my dvd burners work and i cant use usb sticks as i lost mine15:39
jbichadid you take care of this first?15:39
freakyyyes i just done this15:39
jbichasudo ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3-staging15:41
jbichasudo ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome315:41
freakyythank you very much :)15:42
freakyyis there a tool i can install ubuntugnome with through windows?15:46
jbichayou could do a pxeboot but that may be challenging to set up and requires an extra computer to be the server15:49
freakyyhm ok thanks15:51
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