rahtgazwhat's greatluy annoys me though is most of my favorite themes are unusable. I'd love to get a good theme thatisn't darker but still draws dark menu backgrounds00:00
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rahtgazYou, know, like the default ubuntu-MATE theme00:00
rflemingrahtgaz, try arc00:00
rflemingit'll officially be in the repo in 16.1000:00
rahtgazI think I tried it. It's the4 same problem... let me check00:00
pavlushkaouroumov: ping, did not fix the issue00:00
rahtgazyup. just tried it. I had it installed from before. Same problem. Only the dark themes use dark menus00:01
pavlushkagonna sign off, see ya guys, take care, :)00:01
rflemingrahtgaz, what do you mean 'dark menus'00:02
rfleminglike right-click context?00:02
rahtgazyeah, or the MATE menu, or application menus. See how the Ubuntu-MATE default theme does it00:03
rflemingrahtgaz, choose arc-darker00:03
rflemingarc-dark is the darkest... arc-darker is light menus00:03
rahtgazbut that will paint the window background too. and it's too much00:03
rflemingarc-dark paints the window background00:04
rahtgazrfleming: i may be explaining myself badly00:04
rflemingrahtgaz, obviously! :)00:04
rahtgazUbuntu-MATE theme has this nice design in which it uses dark title bars and white windows backgrounds. In addition it uses dark menus bacgrounds.00:05
rahtgazthat's the type of design I enjoy00:05
DarkPsydeLordsee ya around pavlushka!00:06
rflemingdefault theme is Ambiant-Mate?00:06
rahtgazbrb. out for a smoke00:06
rflemingahh, you want dark menu but not dark windo00:06
rflemingArc doesn't do that00:06
rflemingput in a feature request :)00:07
rflemingSo another 'how-do-ya-do' question.00:08
rflemingHow do I change the background of the lock screen?00:08
rflemingI'm not a fan of the Ubuntu-MATE-Radioactive wallpaper :)00:09
rahtgazI'll think putting that feature request on Vertex instead. Love that theme00:10
DarkPsydeLordim so confused right now00:10
DarkPsydeLordwhat are you talking about now00:10
rahtgazracist themes00:10
rfleminglock screen in Ubuntu MATE00:10
rflemingrahtgaz, I'll have to check out Vertex00:10
rflemingsame guy who makes Arc?00:11
rahtgazit's amazing rfleming. A perfect non-flat thme that doesn't overdo it00:11
rahtgazhmm... not sure00:11
rflemingit seems so00:11
rahtgazcan I now please stop talking and install moka?00:12
rahtgazthank you!00:12
rflemingyeah, go ahead00:12
rahtgazouch, 52 Mb00:13
DarkPsydeLordo yeah! racism00:14
DarkPsydeLordldm foreva!00:14
rflemingmoka-icon-theme also installs faba-icon-theme and faba-mono-icons00:14
rflemingok... bbiab, gotta put the sprogs to bed00:16
sslovei'm not a fan of the default faded puke green, even tho i have changed the color, it still appears in some apps, like update, or welcome, et al00:18
DarkPsydeLordwell i like green and blue00:21
DarkPsydeLordalso like grey and black so this is the perfect default theme for me00:21
DarkPsydeLordok people! i have to flee! see you around00:29
rflemingHello again00:55
heysonquien podria dar mi opinion.. de que seria probechoso colocar comentarios debajo de las aplicaciones02:08
heysonde la tienda software butique02:09
rflemingheyson ubottu es02:17
rflemingubottu es02:17
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:17
heysonok gracias02:21
jliffordany idea how I can get accordancebible.com installed on my ubuntu mate system?03:06
rflemingJesus turned water to wine... so obviously it's the solution03:07
jliffordwine says I have no internet connection03:08
rflemingjlifford, check their forums.  You can't be the only one wanting to use Accordance on Linux03:09
jliffordi just dumped windows 10 today03:09
rflemingjlifford, congrats... https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/17818-installing-on-debianlinux-with-internet-connection-problem/?hl=ubuntu#entry8913103:10
juniorhello! Is there a way to save my configurations when I change the position of the icons on top panel?03:17
junioris there a way of export this configurations I said and import in the future after reinstall ubuntu mate?03:20
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rego buenos dias04:40
regotengo  problemas con  ubuntu 16   tengo mac ppc g5 alguien me  puede ayudar? gracias04:41
chilledpeperamiWhere do I put in a feature/tweak suggestion?05:55
ouroumovchilledpeperami, forum?06:42
chilledpeperamiohhh ubuntu-mate.community06:47
chilledpeperamithanks, and sorry for the dumb question06:47
anubishi all I did and update with ubuntu mate 16.04 32 bit edition and now I am having system errors. I can't do tab completion unless im in root and i can't do any apt installs anymore.08:21
anubiscan someone please help?08:21
alkisgPut specific error messages to pastebin08:22
anubisI also don't have permission to use my own programs08:22
anubisalkisg: will do thank you08:22
alkisganubis: even though that's pretty partial output, it seems that your disk is read-only08:25
alkisgThe disk is remounted ro automatically on errors, so it might mean that it needs to be fsck'ed08:25
alkisgYou can select that from the recovery menu08:25
anubisalkisg: how did it become read only08:25
alkisg$ grep remount /etc/fstab08:26
alkisgUUID=e1f06e01-d2dc-45e5-b446-54e1e4a5dc2c /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       108:26
anubishow do i use fsck08:26
anubis this is my output: /dev/mapper/ubuntu--mate--vg-root /     ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       108:27
anubisit only happens when I update I dont get it08:28
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bekkshisyamrazak: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?12:00
bekkshisyamrazak: no need for an unasked query. Do you have an Ubuntu support question?12:03
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DarkPsydeLordHi Everyone!13:11
DarkPsydeLordyes please!13:14
ricardoasalve rapaziada15:01
rahtgazyou are why we can't have nice things :p15:11
alkisglao, oal. That about covers everything.15:14
DarkPsydeLordyes thats true15:17
pavlushkaouroumov: had disk errors on rootfs which the system didn't check on boot, for safety I checked manually and found this, removed the .Xauthority, and also ran a "sudo chown -R user:user /home/user" not sure if the .Xauthority was causing the issue but seems like the issue is minimized. and I will keep watching over it, :)15:47
* DarkPsydeLord raised from darkness!16:40
bekksJust flip your toast then, dark lord.16:43
DarkPsydeLordi did now its evenly toasted16:45
* DarkPsydeLord need jelly16:45
usuariowhere am i?17:08
usuariono one else here?17:08
lukas_Hallo! ich bitte um Hilfe, bin Newbie und nutze mate schon seit längerem (gefällt mir!) habe mich aber dran gewöhnen müssen, dass meine laptoptastatur und mein touchpad nicht mehr funktionieren (auch im bios nicht!) kann mir wer helfen?18:15
lukas_mein Computer: samsung NP200B5BH18:16
lukas_distribution: MATE Desktop Environment 1.12.118:16
DarkPsydeLordlukas_: ???18:17
ouroumov!de | lukas_18:22
ubottulukas_: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:22
ouroumovlukas_, also see here: https://ubuntu-mate.community/c/multilingual/german18:23
DarkPsydeLordouroumov: bonjour! hahahaha18:26
ouroumovhi DarkPsydeLord18:26
DarkPsydeLordte_lanus: howdy do!18:27
DarkPsydeLordouroumov: how you doing?18:28
ouroumovGood. You?18:28
ouroumovHi te_lanus18:28
DarkPsydeLordwell bored... not really doing anything, my boss asked me to create a mail server for the company and im waiting for the actual hardware to be use18:29
te_lanusI think I'm OK, just the old places that hurt that won't go away. But that's part of getting "old"18:29
DarkPsydeLordte_lanus: well thats knees for me usually! so i understand18:30
te_lanusMine's all the joints below the back, including the back18:32
te_lanusReally impressed with the Ubuntu upgrades I got over the long-weekend (which ended yesterday)18:35
DarkPsydeLordo well as you said its the usual for all biological beings to degrade... and yep i just finished the update a few moments ago18:35
te_lanusI've got mate 16.04 installed, and it felt a bit sluggish, installed mate 1.14.1 and the yesterday got a new stable kernal18:36
te_lanusand now everything runs faster18:36
te_lanusI've now used mate for about two weeks and barring one or two "bugs" I'm enjoying it18:38
DarkPsydeLordi love mate18:38
SimpleXCHeya, I was wondering if anyone could help me out18:50
SimpleXCI just installed Ubuntu mate onto my Pi, and was wondering if its possible to ssh into it ? since I do not have a screen laying around18:50
SimpleXCjust by plugging it into the router ?18:50
DarkPsydeLordsound plausible18:52
DarkPsydeLordyou just need the ip of your pi18:52
SimpleXCthat's what I thought, but it still wont let me connect to it18:52
DarkPsydeLordwell it work as usual18:54
DarkPsydeLordssh hostname@address18:54
DarkPsydeLordwell at least in my pi18:55
DarkPsydeLordso in my case is ssh james@ipofmypi18:56
DarkPsydeLordthen i get james@raspberrypi ~$18:57
SimpleXCbut for someone who doesnt have a hostname ?18:57
SimpleXCI have not been able to even set it up18:57
DarkPsydeLorddefault hostname in my pi was ofc raspberrypi18:59
SimpleXCNop, wont work but it does work when I have a raspbian sd card in instead of ubuntu mate19:05
DarkPsydeLorddid you try any of the usual default hostnames? can you get the host name in your router interface?19:07
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DarkPsydeLordthe other and easiest solution for me is get a screen which is way faster than try to guess all possible hostnames for the pi19:13
DarkPsydeLordmost possible name will be ubuntu for me19:16
SimpleXChmm yeah but I have no idea where to get one from, thanks tho19:19
DarkPsydeLordjust go to your local computer store and use one for free a few mins XD!19:22
DarkPsydeLordor cibercafe19:23
alkisgSimpleXC:  avahi-browse -trap | grep \\.local19:23
alkisgThis should list the local machines in your lan19:23
alkisgSo you'll see something like raspberrypi.local19:24
alkisgThis is the name of your rpi, and where to ssh to19:24
alkisgSo, ssh user@raspberrypi.local19:24
SimpleXCThanks, but I am currently running windows sorry19:26
SimpleXCbut I already have the ip address of the pi19:27
SimpleXCwell, I checked and apperantly we have a unused tv, so everything is working but its getting stuck at the configuration for the system19:37
SimpleXCwell looks like you cant ssh into the pi running ubuntu mate until you have completed the configuration...20:30
SimpleXCthat sucks20:30
bekksWhich configuration? Setting up an ip address? :)20:31
SimpleXClol, the system configuration21:04
* DarkPsydeLord back21:04
SimpleXCby any chance, would anyone know if there is a way to save the way the Pi is currently set up, so if anything goes wrong I can just overwrite it with the old stuff ?21:05
DarkPsydeLordno but keep a backup of your sd image21:08

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