altker128Hey guys.  Tried to upgrade my N4 on OTA-11 to OTA-12 via ubuntu-device-flash ; adb seemsto have stopped working on the N4, any suggestions?02:12
duflualtker128: adb I think is actually a server daemon that stays running on your desktop. Try killing it on your desktop02:14
altker128duflu: I've done that several times now .  dmesg shows the phone is detected by the kernel02:15
duflualtker128: Obviously check if developer mode is still turned on. Then if all else fails, put the N4 in fastboot mode and reflash using the --bootstrap option02:17
altker128If I can ssh into the phone is there a way to update to OTA from the phone's command-line?02:17
dufluGood question. I'm not sure, since it's not apt-based the commands would be different02:18
dufluI wonder if adb on the phone also needs killing/starting02:19
altker128Hate that this uses adb , but I understand why.02:20
altker128adb is such a POS02:20
duflualtker128: It's surprisingly common that some USB cables fail and/or stop working. After you've retried restarting everything ADB also supports wireless instead: https://developer.android.com/studio/command-line/adb.html02:23
altker128Ah, you're right!  Forgot about the wireless adb02:24
altker128err, how does one tell the adb daemon on the ubuntu phone to listen via tcp?02:27
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ccanyone know how to use "display" on ubuntu phone?05:55
dufluWelcome cc05:55
ccduflu: thanks05:57
cci'm new in ubuntu-touch05:57
ccsorry to trouble you05:57
dufluI don't understand the question. Do you mean external displays like TVs?05:58
cci means05:58
ccthere's a function in my phone,named "display"05:58
cci think it can make my phone connectiong to my computer05:59
ccduflu: i now use Meizu pro 5 Ubuntu06:00
duflucc: Wireless display is for the Meizu Pro 5 phone only I think. And wired display works on (some) phones with micro-USB ports if you have the correct type of HDMI cable06:00
dufluCables that work properly are unfortunately difficult to find in many places06:01
ccduflu:  thanks06:02
ccbut as far as i know,it cant work at windows 706:03
ccis there any way to solve it?06:03
dufluSorry, I don't understand. What do you want to do with Windows 7?06:03
duflucc: No Ubuntu can't run Windows applications. Especially on a mobile phone06:04
cchmm,i want to use my ubuntu phone connect to my computer,by display,that i can use ubuntu systerm on my computer06:04
duflucc: Oh you want to see your Ubuntu phone in a desktop window?06:05
dufluThat's a good question, but we don't have that06:05
ccthat's correct06:05
ccer,i search the internet06:05
ccit told me that my computer must be windows 8 if i want do it06:05
ccduflu: anyway,thanks for your help06:06
dufluYou can't display your phone's screen on your Windows computer. You might be able to display some of the phone's files within Microsoft Windows, but I have no idea what is expected to work there06:06
ccduflu: it seems that the computer must have Miracast06:23
altker128duflu: I just ended up putting the phone in bootloader mode and was able to flash OTA-12 .  Good thing I'm still in testing mode :)06:30
lurkashflakeHi I want to developpe a distro for Asus k00706:34
lurkashflakeQuestion: Is this channel active? :)06:35
altker128lurkashflake: Yeah06:36
ccit seems that i should buy a "Wireless Display Adapter"06:48
RAOFcc: That would let you stream your phone to whatever you plug into the wireless display adaptor, yes.06:55
ccRAOF: what i care about is that if i buy "wireless display adapter",can i use it on my computer wiht windows 7?06:56
RAOFProbably not? It's likely to be a physical dongle you plug into your monitory.06:57
cci really want to use my ubuntu phone on my computer...:(07:01
lurkashflakethe 15GB are downloading; Will I likely need to edit the kernel of my tablet so that it work properly?07:04
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dufluIt should also be noted wireless display technologies are mostly lossy. You'll get better (perfect) quality from a decent cable07:23
ccduflu: can i use a usb-line or some other to make it possible?(that i can use ubuntu on my computer with my ubuntu phone)08:04
duflucc: I'm not familiar with that sorry08:04
ccduflu: none,thanks for your listening08:06
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brunch875non-working scopes now work again yaay10:27
brunch875I remember back then when I used to say "I'm not a big fan of scopes"10:34
* brunch875 eats his words10:34
brunch875Is it possible to create a scope which attaches itself to an aggregator? I think it could be a good idea to develop a music scope which uses youtube-dl to stream. Soundcloud does a bit of a poor job finding music but the video scope (vimeo and youtube are good sources) isn't as great when it comes to playing music10:43
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petohi Lukasz, I will ask, can you please update clock and calculator app? stiil problem with start time, and no slovak locale12:06
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jgdxzsombi, hey, are you working on bug 1587176 ?14:26
ubot5bug 1587176 in Canonical System Image "Impossible to visually separate determinate and indeterminate ProgressBars where showProgressPercentage is false" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158717614:26
zsombijgdx: noone is working on it yet...14:27
zsombijgdx: but I will pick it up asap14:28
jgdxzsombi, thanks!14:28
zsombijgdx: however I need to see the design, especially for the indeterminate...14:31
javier4_anybody could explain how to integrate stagefright from an android tree to the ubuntu one?15:04
javier4_ondra, sorry if I bother you, but I remember you were the dev of the lollipop branch. I'm having issues porting an AOSP tree in which I've found many files customized by Mediatek (some .mk also). framework/av/media/ is really different (both makefile and c/c++ sources) from the ubuntu one, I read on the wiki that media hal has to be ported from android tree, but how this is actually done?15:15
ondrajavier4_ hi, for media best to ask abeato or jhodapp15:18
ondrajavier4_ though I can't see them in this channel15:18
javier4_ondra, thanks man. Do you know where couldi find them? And for the other makefiles customized by mediatek (also some inside /build)15:19
ondrajavier4_ abeato is in ubuntu-ci-eng15:20
abeatojavier4_, hey15:26
abeatojavier4_, are we talking about a port you are doing?15:27
javier4_yes, from a source tree i generated and that build correctly and boots/works quite well.15:28
abeatoso you have ported hybris?15:29
abeatowhich part of media is working/non-working?15:29
javier4_No sorry. I think I've been misunderstood. My aosp source boots and works. My ubuntu building fails after less than a minute. I'm trying to understand which files customized by mediatek need to be substituted/merged to the ubuntu ones, and how can I port the media framework.15:32
abeatojavier4_, well, then it is not about media, it is about initial bring-up if you still do not have ubuntu touch running at all15:33
abeatojavier4_, I guess you've already seen https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/phone/devices/porting-new-device/ ?15:34
javier4_abeato, some of the build errors were about media component. In particular prebuilt proprietary libraries found inside vendor/.15:35
javier4_of course I know that page, but it's quite superficial.15:35
abeatoyes, not that complete15:35
javier4_do you think I can try to solve the vendor issue, letting the media question for later?15:36
abeatoI would do that and concentrate more on the initial bring-up. the most important thing in the beginning is to get adb access15:37
abeatoonce you have that you can start with graphics, media, ...15:37
javier4_yes I know, but I thought that without media porting, builds will fail anyway.15:37
abeatojavier4_, don' worry about this that much for the moment, try to workaround those build issues if possible and get first an image that can be flashed15:38
abeatofrom that point you can start debugging15:38
javier4_abeato, ok. Have you some experience with source tree customized by mediatek?15:39
javier4_I found many customization also in build/*.mk files. Is that normal?15:40
abeatowell, it is mediatek they modify terribly the aosp sources :)15:41
javier4_I realized that when I found that this source builds only with theri patched gcc... why anyone would patch a compiler?15:42
javier4_abeato, Ok. Thanks for your time. I'll focus on the generic vendor/errors. I will find you on this channel eventually for some help?15:44
abeatoas you know we have public kernels for the mtk devices we have ported: bq phones, mx4, bq tablets. I think that a good starting point would be to get the tree from the device that is more similar to yours and use its configuration options and apply the patches there15:44
abeatojavier4_, sure15:44
javier4_abeato, now I'm using my original mtk aosp kernel source configured with check-config to fit ubuntu needs.15:46
abeatojavier4_, you will want most of the patches too, take a look at those trees15:47
javier4_oh my god. I read for the 100th times the porting guide, and just now nticed this part:15:54
javier4_The main build file needs to be checked if updates are required to it to support new drivers or parts of the build not used before, its path is: build/core/main.mk15:54
javier4_The part of interest are the subdirs included in the build and if special treatment for devices need to be made. For example, make sure the new vendor subdirs are added!15:54
javier4_I'm a total idiot.15:54
javier4_abeato, reagarding the patches, that page talks about apparmor, that's not needed to a flashable (not totally functional) image, so I should be able to complete a build without them, right?15:56
abeatojavier4_, correct, but note that there are kernel patches for mediatek drivers too, you will avoid some frustration if you apply the patches as a first step15:57
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javier4_abeato, I'm giving a look to the mx4 kernel sources, but I can't find the patches you were talking about. https://github.com/meizuosc/m7516:04
abeatojavier4_, all these commits https://github.com/meizuosc/m75/commits/master ?16:05
javier4_abeato, ok thanks. I think i will check in the near future if they are needed for my sources also. Now I will try to solve my beginner's issues. Thanks a lot. We will meet again soon. Bye.16:09
javier4_which of the two should I keep?16:21
javier4_vendor/mediatek/proprietary/external/aee/binary: MODULE.TARGET.EXECUTABLES.debuggerd already defined by system/core/debuggerd.16:21
jgdxzsombi, I don't have that, maybe jounhi or mpt will know?17:48
nik012003hi guys, is there a way to use wireless display in other devies?18:33
zsombijgdx: I got something from dobey, thx!!!18:35
jgdxzsombi, he's doing design now? :p18:35
jgdxwhat does it look like?18:36
zsombijgdx: haha, don't think so, perhaps he got some sight of my request :)18:36
jgdxokay :)18:36
zsombijgdx: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lBnDb3NUjudl5bgJwkiC6lKEckcqxz5r_pKLwFQE3Bo/edit18:36
zsombidunno if u have access to it18:36
jgdxyep, perfect18:37
zsombijgdx: I don't think I'll do anything for the spinner tbh, but the ProgressBar is on my desk18:37
dobeyeh, i just fixed a bug in unity8 about progress bar usage, and someone complained it was ugly, so if you're fixing that anyway, yay :)18:39
jgdxzsombi, +1 from me. I wonder what a transition between a normal progress bar and an indeterminate one will be? Imagine a ubuntu number animation on its value18:39
zsombijgdx: well, an indeterminate doesn't contain a significant value... or do you mean what animation will we use when switching from one mode to the other?18:40
jgdxzsombi, right.18:41
jgdxanyway, that's just my test case, ubuntu number animation on a the PB's value, then go to indeterminate when reaching 100% or whatever18:41
zsombijgdx: not sure if we will have any transition when mode is changed from one to the other18:42
jgdxzsombi, that'll work18:44
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taiebotHi all, any news on progress regarding the UITK boost in performance ?19:02
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javier4_my vendor/ sources ships a custom module that conflicts with one already registered by ubuntu sources20:36
javier4_build/core/base_rules.mk:156: *** vendor/mediatek/proprietary/external/aee/binary: MODULE.TARGET.EXECUTABLES.debuggerd already defined by system/core/debuggerd.  Stop.20:36
javier4_should I modify system/core/debuggerd to not define the stock one?20:37
matv1anyone know of a reason why tethering would not be working with my nexus4?21:07
matv1i have enabled rndis both manually and using tweak tool from the open store21:08
matv1lsusb shows the nexus connected and looking fine21:08
matv1Bus 001 Device 003: ID 18d1:4ee4 Google Inc. Nexus 4 (debug + tether)21:09
matv1i can connect to over adb as well21:09
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matv1hmm is it this bug?21:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 1427697 in dbus-property-service (Ubuntu) "Malformed /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/tethering on mako" [High,Confirmed]21:59
matv1my thats old22:00
matv1ogra_ is that bug the actual current state do you know?22:02

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