m0nkey_Hey Myrtti02:28
m0nkey_How's it going?02:29
Myrttitired and sleepy and bored :-/ the usual.02:35
m0nkey_Ah, yes. Been there :)02:43
knightwisehey mapps05:59
mappsgood :) you? watching the last ep of bloodline06:00
knightwiseVampirezz ?06:07
mappshaha nah not vampires06:14
mappsnetflix series tis good06:14
mappscheck it out06:14
knightwiseYou watched "stranger things" yet ?06:14
mappsnah thats next on my list06:18
mappsyou seen?06:18
knightwiseiz VERY good06:31
mapps1 season only?06:35
mappscheck bloodline out man06:35
knightwisegonna give it a peek06:53
knightwisecurrently watching Manhattan06:53
knightwise(season 2)06:53
mappsnever even heard of that07:01
knightwiseabout the team that built the atom bomb07:30
davmor2Morning all you cyberhippies08:03
knightwisehey davmor208:05
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:09
awilkinsToday's annoyance ; running 16.04.1 on a Dell 5510 - the GUI libraries are drawing artefacts that look like stuck pixels08:43
awilkinsThere's one in the menu bar when it draws the menu (other workspaces are clean until you also draw a menu on those)08:44
awilkinsFirefox also has one in the tab near the close button (but only when you maximise the window)08:44
awilkinsTried nouveau and nv, both do it, so I suspect it's to do with the libraries08:46
davmor2awilkins: and that right there is why the Conservatives are trying to close the Libraries ;)08:48
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Lazy Lion Day! 😃  ♌09:21
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davmor2JamesTait: can only be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WScEJKNMdgI10:05
JamesTait80s cheese at its best!10:08
davmor2JamesTait: indeedly doodly10:09
zmoylan-pidammit we have a nedfestation...10:14
daftykinso hai13:15
BigRedS_Morning All!13:37
popeyhello BigRedS_13:37
BigRedS_Ooh, I've acquired an underscore, maybe it has been too long...13:37
daftykinsyou've grown a tail!13:38
christelnice tail :)13:38
popeyis it a tail or a no-tail?13:38
diddledantail -f13:39
BigRedS_So, yeah, what've I missed? :)13:40
BigRedS_apart from apparently losing an irc client instance somewhere13:41
BigRedSaha! Found it!13:55
diddledanlol, find the irc client13:56
diddledanhow many boxes do you have that you can't remember where your irc is? :-p13:56
knightwisediddledan: I know that story13:56
daftykinsthat reminds me of that bash.org quote13:57
daftykins"i have a box, responds to ping, but i can't find it"13:57
knightwiseturns out i forgot all about a rasp py i tucked behind the tv13:57
knightwisethat moment you need to DDos your own gear13:57
daftykinser what13:57
BigRedShaha, yeah, we set up wifi monitoring here, to discover rogue wifi hotspots that people might set up13:57
daftykinsunplugging has an amazingly high effective rate13:57
BigRedSand then weren't really sure what we could do once we'd identified one. How do you tell where it is?13:57
daftykinsso your APs are reporting finding them?13:58
BigRedSwell it hasn't yet in anger13:58
diddledanyou could set-up one of those fake access points that hackers use13:58
daftykinsdiddledan: i know you're in a darkened room with shades on at your PC14:00
diddledandaftykins: my curtains are closed!14:00
diddledanso yes, it's a darkened room :-p14:00
diddledancurtains closed, lights off14:00
daftykinssunglasses on14:01
knightwiseFires up hackertyper !14:17
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* diddledan grabs brmbrmcar and vrooms it like a dinkytoy14:42
diddledanvroom vroom14:42
diddledando they still make dinkytoys? or matchbox?14:42
daftykinsugh post office etc refuse to ship phone batteries now, amazed how i got this thing in the first place, but now couriers want £11 to send it14:47
diddledansucky nuts14:47
daftykinsa NZ guy had the same issues recently as he was trying to get some ecig batteries shipped over from China or something like that, nobody will do it14:49
daftykinssomehow he's got some stuck in England now XD14:49
daftykinsnot quite sure on that route...14:49
foobarrymostly chinese hotwheels now14:55
popeyyeah, we couldn't ship a tablet to India recently, nobody would take it15:01
daftykinsseems DPD were ok with taking it up to England by ship, but for £1115:01
diddledanhow do the phone companies do it I wonder?15:03
daftykinsthis one seems to have used Hermes, which don't really have a rep over here, just a person in a van15:04
diddledanooh, teaser trailer for resident evil the final chapter has been released15:50
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)16:08
BigRedSGoood Morning!17:09
brmbrmcarMorning? Huh?17:09
zmoylan-piit's morning somewhere...17:10
brmbrmcarI guess...17:11
BigRedSin half of the places!17:11
zmoylan-piand some places have enough people doing night shifts that fast food places do a 24hour breakfast service17:12
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diddledan:-o davmor2_Hols has gone away?! what will we do without a song-for-the-day?!19:46
MartijnVdSWe'll have to find one ourselves19:46
popeyI am happy. Ressurected my Palm T|X, and jpilot works just fine at syncing19:48
* zmoylan-pi breaks out the kazoos and vocal guides for klingon battle chants... :-)20:23
MooDoohowdy all20:47
zmoylan-picarbon based lifeforms...21:02
daftykinsi come with peas21:03
daftykinsnot my cup of coffee, them21:03
zmoylan-piditto, i much prefer marrowfat21:03
daftykinsnever met the guy!21:08
zmoylan-pihe nearly brought peas to the mid east... :-P21:10
daftykinsi'm green with envy21:14
zmoylan-piand me just after posting kermits it's not easy been green in another channel... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpiIWMWWVco21:15
daftykinssomeones suction cup climbing Trump Tower!21:24
zmoylan-pispiderman less the bitten by radioactive spider...21:24
daftykinshrmm got an old server setup to mess with, but i can't think of much to do :)21:42
zmoylan-piinstall novell \o/ :-)21:46
daftykinsright now it's a desktop motherboard with 4GB RAM, a core 2 duo and a 40GB value SSD with ubuntu server 14.04 on it21:46
zmoylan-pinovell would snot along on that21:47
daftykinsalso got one of my fave 3ware 3Gb/sec SATA RAID controllers in there, 8 port i think21:47
daftykinsthis guy is making such slow progress...21:48
diddledanwhile I was faffing about with my second box the other night I managed to cut a finger. no pc surgery is complete unless you spill a ton of blood21:52
diddledanplus, the blood appeases the gods21:53
zmoylan-pino blood sacrifice, the job is unfinished21:53
daftykinsi always felt that way with new builds :D21:55
diddledanI didn't even feel it, but my finger was covered in blood when I pulled it out \o/21:55
zmoylan-pithe trick is to make it so some other staff member makes the blood sacrifice...21:55
daftykinsbut it's how i leave my mark on the world!21:58
zmoylan-pii've been very careful since my first job in a shop with a deli counter and meat slicer... been told that this machine will cut you at some point. everyone cuts themselves on it...21:59
zmoylan-pihigh staff turnover and in the 8 months i was there i saw about 20 people cut themselves on it... that bugger didn't mess around22:00
zmoylan-picame close but i was the first never to draw blood on it...22:01
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diddledanthose things are lethal22:29
zmoylan-piyeah, i kinda got to know what the scream of a person cutting the tip of their finger off versus someone cutting down to the bone was22:30
daftykinswonder if metal tipped gloves exist :)22:30
zmoylan-pipretty much the same reaction though, run in with kitchen towel roll or toilet roll to staunch the blood22:31
daftykinsso how'd you stay away from that duty? :)22:32
zmoylan-pithen trying to nonchantly discretely clean the machine and not allow any meat cut till that was done while people impatiently wanted 2 slices of corn beef while someone was standing there with a hand wrapped in bandages waiting for lift to hospital22:32
zmoylan-pii was stock room person as i rotated stock correctly unlike most... this had it's own icky duty... been handed a shovel and been asked to take out the mouse the owner stamped to death...22:34
daftykinsstock rotation on shelves is a pig22:40
daftykinsi did that once i became legal employment age!22:40
zmoylan-pibut it has to be done22:40
zmoylan-piespecially for things like milk, bread22:41
daftykinsi've seen some lately where it seems they don't bother22:41
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daftykinsmilk was the most annoying i think :)22:41
zmoylan-piwhat annoyed me most about milk was when i was in there's never be more than 2-3 dates on the milk in the fridge but if i took a day or two off it was chaotic when i got back and it would take 2-3 days to get it all back in line22:42
daftykinsoof! no standards in folk - i had much the same with keeping racks tidy in a server room22:43
zmoylan-pinow i make sure everyone sees my hammer collection and let their imagination work out what i'll do to them if they muck up my neat and tidy system...22:44
diddledandarpa's cyber grand challenge video: https://youtu.be/n0kn4mDXY6I22:44
diddledan(2.5 hours)22:44
diddledanit's a fully-automated capture-the-flag22:45
daftykinstoo long :<23:08
daftykinsdiddledan: poor stack canaries :(23:39
flying_sausagesHello people, anyone knows how to upgrade 10.04 to 16.04?23:46
daftykinsclean install23:46
daftykinsno other approach would be sane23:46
flying_sausagesdaftykins is there any way I could do that without the use of CDs or USBs? Sadly I have none available to me23:47
daftykinswhat are the circumstances surrounding this odd scenario?23:48
flying_sausagesdaftykins Cannot for the love of god find CD/DVDs and for some reason the PC just won't boot off of any USB stick23:48
flying_sausagesit's from like 200623:48
daftykinsis this thing a production server23:49
flying_sausagesnope, just an old home desktop that doesn't have good win10 drivers23:49
flying_sausages*for graphics23:50
daftykinswhy's it running 10.04 though? that's ancient23:50
flying_sausagesso it's throwing 4:3 onto a 16:923:50
flying_sausagesYeah, that was the last time I used a CD to burn an iso :L23:50
flying_sausagesI know, sad times...23:50
ali1234i know how to do it23:51
ali1234you have to point the updater at oldrelease23:51
daftykinsno, your first question was the wrong question, you asked how to do what you're thinking - not the actual task23:51
ali1234then upgrade to 12.0423:51
ali1234then after you have done that you can upgrade to 16.0423:51
flying_sausagesand because do-release-upgrade runs in a weird screen it won't read me the read the whole log so I can't even try fix it23:51
flying_sausagesali1234 did that, got 550 packages, but after that can't do-rel23:52
daftykinsif you installed without a separate /boot, you can download a 16.04.1 ISO and put it in /boot and boot it directly from GRUB23:52
flying_sausagesdaftykins sorry, don't get what you're saying..?23:52
flying_sausagesHmmmmmmmm that's a good idea23:52
ali1234are you running do-release-upgrade on ssh?23:52
flying_sausagesali1234 nope local23:53
daftykinsor perhaps a PLOP ISO can be booted from GRUB and then you could chainload your flash drive of 16.0423:53
daftykinsboth methods avoid sitting waiting for entire upgrades through the releases23:53
flying_sausagesdaftykins do you think you could point me to a how-to on how to boot from an iso through grub?23:54
daftykinsi'd be starting at google, so i might as well remove the middle man and let you do it direct23:54
flying_sausages!ddg boot iso from grub23:54
lubotu3flying_sausages: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:54
daftykinscome to think of it, perhaps GRUB can be directly instructed how to pass over to the USB, too23:55
diddledanI believe it can do both23:55
flying_sausagesdaftykins ah sweet, so I can skip this dumb-ass bios!23:56
diddledanif you have a floppy drive and a separate PC you could even do an etherboot23:56
daftykinsi've a feeling you've just misconfigured it, but yeah probably23:56
daftykinsin my experience those always require more troubleshooting to even get going23:56
daftykinsflying_sausages: what's this graphics card btw?23:57
daftykinsalso why'd you come here instead of #ubuntu ?23:57
diddledanI'm guessing an AGP unit23:57
flying_sausagesdaftykins let me check23:57
flying_sausagesWell, rooms with 2000 users have a bit of a different dynamic than rooms with 93 :p23:57
flying_sausagesThanks so much for the help!23:57
daftykinsyes but one is support and one isn't23:58
flying_sausagesdaftykins is the main ubuntu the support one?23:58
flying_sausagesdidn't know, first time I come to freenode for help23:58
daftykinstopics tell all23:59

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