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mterryDoes anyone know what the best thing to do if I keep getting invalid signature errors on archive.ubuntu.com?  I have ubuntu-keyrings installed...  is there some other possible misconfiguration?13:51
tsdgeosmterry: i had that problem13:55
tsdgeosmterry: i killed all the keys and loaded them again13:55
tsdgeosseems as if somehow it had corrupted itself13:55
tsdgeoswhich is real bad but i was in no mood or knowledge to investigate13:55
mterrytsdgeos: killed all the keys?  just reinstalled ubuntu-keyring or did it manually with apt-key?13:57
tsdgeosmterry: i used gui-apt-key to deleted all the keys13:58
tsdgeosand the used apt-key something something receivekey something something13:58
mterrytsdgeos: yikes.  I also am not in a mood to investigate, but that sounds dire  :)13:58
tsdgeoscommand is not on the shell history anymore13:58
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mterrytsdgeos: well thanks, that's a good hint.  Will try14:00
mterrytsdgeos: yeah just deleted all the launchpad ppa keys and that was enough to clear the error...  wonder why14:09
tsdgeosmaybe we had the bad luck of having some hash collision ?14:13
tsdgeosno idea how that works :D14:13
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tsdgeosMirv: what would you say about backporting https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/140322/ that applies fine (except some conflicts on the copyright headers) aka https://woboq.com/blog/qreadwritelock-gets-faster-in-qt57.html that makes QReadWriteLock faster (and thus QVariant creation faster too)14:53
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