Kilosmorning superfly inetpro paddatrapper chesedo theblazehen and others06:23
Kiloshi andrewlsd 06:34
andrewlsdHi Kilos06:34
paddatrapperHey Kilos, andrewlsd06:35
dlPhreakGood morning.06:45
theblazehenhi Kilos, andrewlsd, paddatrapper, dlPhreak06:47
theblazehenI probably should write a screen lock script for my desktop. Latest (well, not _latest_, but new) version removed DPMS support06:52
andrewlsdHi paddatrapper, theblazehen06:52
theblazehenAnd I need it to quit quassel so desktop doesn't read the notifications on desktop and not show laptop06:52
andrewlsdtheblazehen:  write a haskel version of Quassel, call it Hassel06:53
andrewlsdwith ascii-art of David Hasselhof.06:53
theblazehenandrewlsd: heh. 06:53
andrewlsd... Hassel: never log hoff.06:53
Kiloschores wbb06:53
theblazehenHmm. Smuxi does vertical channel list too06:54
theblazehenMight consider it06:54
paddatrapperHey theblazehen, dlPhreak06:55
christolapt upgrade today = fun07:23
magespawngood morning07:26
theblazehenhi christol, magespawn, Symmetria07:31
christolhi Squirm07:56
Kiloshi christol magespawn Squirm 07:56
Kilosnice to see you back christol 08:04
christolyes. Had a catastrophic laptop failure.08:05
christolforgot my charger at the office08:06
christolbut i use linux on my laptop, so i was ok.08:08
* theblazehen gets around https://linx.home.theblazehen.com/jlg0izsl.jpeg <- that long when accessing laptop over ssh08:47
theblazehenNo power saving tools either08:47
andrewlsd`alias au="apt-get update`08:57
theblazehenandrewlsd: https://xkcd.com/1654/ close enough?08:57
andrewlsdI'd prefer some ||  to be used.08:59
andrewlsdbut that is the general idea.09:00
theblazehenI'd say replace the '&' with ';'. If we're going with bad ideas, why not make sure you have the latest version of the software?09:03
theblazehen3rd last line needs to use && at the end though09:04
magellanichmm, does that xkcd cover the new snappy package thingy :p09:04
magellanicheya andrewlsd 09:05
theblazehenhey magellanic. 09:05
magellanicanyone played with the snaps stuff, looks interesting09:05
magellanicheya theblazehen 09:05
andrewlsdhi magellanic09:05
theblazehenNope. Nor appimage, or what are they calling it now? flatpak?09:05
andrewlsd.... appimage I've used. Seems to work the best (as in, it runs)09:06
andrewlsd... appimage has not sandboxing built in.... but I just run them via firejail instead.09:06
andrewlsdomgubuntu.co.uk had a couple of posts about snaps.09:07
* theblazehen remembers https://www.turnkeylinux.org/09:08
* andrewlsd also remembers TurnKeyLinux 09:20
andrewlsd80MB of daily VLC snap downloaded...09:21
andrewlsdout of 110MB09:21
theblazehenWow. That's huge09:23
christolDoes anybody know of any Linux conferences in the near future arround gauteng?09:36
theblazehenchristol: how near?09:37
christolAugust September09:38
theblazehenchristol: 17 september?09:39
theblazehenSoftware freedom day09:40
christol17th is good.09:41
christolwe should have defcon sometime.09:52
theblazehenchristol: That would be neat09:54
theblazehenI wonder what I'd contract if I brought my laptop and phone along09:54
christolhags - like my brother says.09:55
christolif i had the money, i would defnatly do one in JHB.09:55
christoli'll call it christocon!!!09:56
theblazehenWould you risk going there with laptop etc?09:56
christolnot a laptop, but maybe a burner phone??09:57
theblazehenHmm. And chuck it when you leave?09:58
christolno, i'll give it to someone, i do not like :o09:58
ra1v3nhow does one get a Burner phone in SA10:02
ra1v3nAppImage is awesome especially for getting something ancient to run on a newer distro10:03
ra1v3nI thought you had to RICA a sim ..... 10:03
theblazehenra1v3n: You do10:03
christolyes only the sim, phone differant story...10:04
theblazehenOr wait10:04
theblazehenYeah, was gonna say that10:04
ra1v3nwell then its not exactly a burner now is it 10:04
theblazehenra1v3n: How so?10:04
theblazehenWell, I guess govt can track you10:04
ra1v3nyour Identity will be linked to the sim10:04
theblazehenBut not others10:05
andrewlsd+1 ra1v3n (re appimage + newer distro)10:05
* theblazehen is gonna install GNU/Linux on a phone. Wonder what they'd do with that :) (ty andrewlsd!)10:05
ra1v3nI have Cyanogen and tiny Linux on my old P10010:06
christolnice, theblazehen.10:06
christollinux on everything10:06
* theblazehen wonders which distro. Perhaps debian10:06
theblazehenBinary packages10:06
* andrewlsd has linux on his toaster.10:06
andrewlsd(not really)10:06
theblazehenOr gentoo, more packages because of source, and distcc10:06
andrewlsdtheblazehen: how long to compile a kernel on the 1Ghz arm processor with 512MB ram?10:07
christoltwo years - andrewlsd10:07
theblazehenandrewlsd: Well, gonna be hitting flash a lot. 3 hours on an x86_64 atom single core with hyperthreading at 1.6GHz, 2 GB RAM and a 5400 RPM HDD. That was back in 2012 though10:08
theblazehenMaybe if I use nfs/nbd10:08
theblazehenor iSCSI10:08
andrewlsdlol. iSCSI over Wifi.10:08
theblazehenI think you _can_ use swap over iscsi..10:08
andrewlsdor iSCSI over USB.10:08
theblazehenandrewlsd: Nah. USB Gadget10:08
theblazehenRun it as usbnet or rndis10:09
theblazehenPut swap on a ramdisk over network10:09
theblazehenHmm. Wifi and usb10:09
theblazehenhttp://dmitry.gr/index.php?r=05.Projects&proj=07.%20Linux%20on%208bit wanna do this sometime10:10
theblazehen> This results in a maximum bandwidth of about 300 kilobytes per second. 10:10
theblazehenIf storage is 200 KB/s, why even bother with the RAM?10:11
christoltheblazehen -- you could show us your project at christocon.10:13
theblazehenchristol: Heh. yeah10:14
* theblazehen needs to get a reverse proxy set up on dedicated server10:14
theblazehenGot stuff I want to write for blog.10:14
theblazehenHome saltstack setup10:14
theblazehenFinding security bug in http://rocket.chat10:14
theblazehenAnd other things I forgot10:14
theblazehenAnd phone thing. Yeah10:15
* theblazehen will hopefully break https://github.com/Seitanas/kvm-vdi/ today also10:15
theblazehenWell, it's already broken I think10:16
theblazehenJust need to use it10:16
theblazehenHow do people not see these security bugs... So easy, ffs!10:16
theblazehenLiterally found it withing 4 min of looking for security stuff10:16
theblazehenAnd 6 min of looking at general code10:16
christolhave you looked at X2Go for your VDI10:18
theblazehenchristol: I've used it, ran primary pc with it10:19
theblazehenVirtualized pc on an i3-2100 with IIRC 16 GB RAM10:19
theblazehenconnected with netbook mentioned earlier10:20
theblazehenDepending on wifi link it was either good performance or a little bit better than running on the netbook itself10:20
theblazehengood=4mbit, little better = 2 mbit/s10:20
* theblazehen should probably get some sleep some time... Those sleep deprivation headaches are fun10:25
christolsleep is good10:26
theblazehenIt's good, yes. But it's really annoying when you're trying to get stuff done10:28
* theblazehen finds 5-7 hours on week days, 10 on friday night, 8 on saturday night is _okay_10:29
theblazehenhi Na3iL10:39
Na3iLhello theblazehen 10:39
Kiloshi jerit Na3iL 10:42
Na3iLo/ Kilos jerit 10:42
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 10:43
jeritello Na3iL and Kilos and thatgraemeguy10:53
jeritis it bad that its only now lunch time and already I want to kill people?11:30
theblazehenjerit: Nope11:39
theblazehenWell, depends on who I guess11:39
theblazehenAt the moment I'd decline your offer, but thanks anyway11:40
ra1v3nAm I still here11:43
paddatrapperra1v3n: It would seem so11:44
ra1v3nhello again all11:44
ra1v3ndoes anyone know of an online store where I can get a good graphics card (prefer Nvidia) cheap11:46
jeritcard for gaming or...11:46
ra1v3nMainly for my painting and 3d work 11:47
ra1v3nI wouldnt mind if it could handle games either :P11:49
theblazehenra1v3n: I find wootware.com to be pretty cheap normally11:50
ra1v3nok I will have a look there thanx11:50
ra1v3nMy last machine died in a surge (I just love eskom)11:51
ra1v3nso Im trying to build a i3 machine from scrap on the cheap just to carry on with my work for now11:52
theblazehenra1v3n: Which i3?11:56
ra1v3nits an older model .... slavged the mobo and cpu 11:57
ra1v3nthe mobo is a H55M-P3112:00
ra1v3ni3 Socket 115612:02
ra1v3nMy goal is to get it up and running so I can get back to painting12:05
Kiloshow much ram12:07
Kilosi3 should go well with 4g12:07
Kilosmy dualcore is great with 4g12:07
ra1v3n4g = 4gb?12:08
Kilosya that12:08
Kilostechnically its 4 GB or gB12:08
ra1v3nI have one 1gb card in there but have managed to source a matching 4gig pair12:08
Kilossmall be is bits12:08
Kilosso 8 gig12:09
Kilosthat will ge great12:09
ra1v3nso if the cards that a friend is sending me work it will have 8GB12:09
ra1v3nso It needs HDD and A GPU now12:09
Kiloswhat speed cpu12:09
Kilosmy dualcore is a 3.2GHZ cpu12:10
Kilosand strangely its almost as fast as this i5 laptop12:11
ra1v3nThe machine itself works I booted it up with parted magic on a USB 12:11
Kilosthen the internal graphics should be fine12:11
ra1v3nI had that written down somewhere ... lol the "where" is the problem12:11
Kilosdont fiddle with what works12:12
Kilosram is another matter12:12
artshey Kilos 12:13
Kiloshi arts 12:13
artshows tricks?12:13
Kilosok ty and you?12:13
artsgood good, still using Kubuntu?12:14
Kilosof course12:14
Kilosbut 14.0412:14
artsy u no upgrade12:15
ra1v3nwell I did put my old GPU in there and it works ... but its old only has 256ram12:15
Kiloswill upgrade next month12:15
ra1v3nbut we will see how things go12:15
artscool, Kilos do you know of any channels that can help with javascript and css12:16
ra1v3narts try #javascript 12:17
Kilosoi 12:17
Kilosty ra1v3n 12:17
ra1v3nthat seems to be a popular question of late12:17
artsthey no want to help12:18
artsknow of any others?12:19
Kilosall i find is http://irc.lc/freenode/javascript12:21
magellanicarts: what issue are you having?13:14
artshey magellanic 13:15
artsI'm trying to re adjust the heigt of my graph in chart.js13:15
artscan I show you the site?13:15
andrewlsdarts: have you been to www.chartjs.org/docs13:19
artsI've been trying to fix this thing the whole dau13:19
arts LOL13:19
andrewlsdanyone else find this to be somewhat ironic:13:28
andrewlsdvtop                              1.0.1                         stephen-stewart-blah  -      A graphical activity monitor for the command line. Written in node.js13:28
andrewlsda graphical activity monitor, for CLi, in Node.13:28
magellanicarts: I have no experience with chartjs, but that SO post mentions that it does resize just is then too small to work with after the resize?13:32
magellanicandrewlsd: weird yeah13:33
magellanicarts: when I load the link mentioned in the SO post, chrome dev console complains that bootstrap requires jquery, did you perhaps forget jquery?13:33
magellanicoh I see you do have it13:34
artsyeh, damn graphs13:35
magellanicarts: load jquery before bootstrap13:35
artsI will but there is no need for jquery theres nothing on the page tht uses it, but let me change it quick13:36
magellanicbootstap uses it13:36
artsyeah only for madals, dropdowns etc not chart.js13:39
magellanicah okay13:39
artsmadals... I'm losing my mind! I meand modals :X13:40
magellanicso on mobile you want a larger height?13:41
artsyeah, the bars are too short13:43
magellanicin the docs they set the height of the canvas element13:48
magellanicI'd look at the maintainAspectRatio option too13:52
jeriteither my pc is confused about who I am13:53
jeritor I'm confused about who I am13:53
jeritI don't know which is actually the case her13:54
magellanicarts: setting a height on the canvas to test, works for me, it makes the chart longer. I guess you need some css and media queries to resize it dynamically?14:10
artsnice on magellanic 14:44
superflypaddatrapper, Kilos, I'll let you know when you  can join #iterum again14:45
paddatrappersuperfly: ack14:50
superflywaiting for magespawn and inetpro to exit14:50
=== urbanslug is now known as zipper
magespawnneed to ge my attention superfly, exiting15:09
magespawni caould have been there for a long time15:10
superflyKilos: ping?15:25
superflywhere is Kilos? he's usually pretty responsive when he's online15:25
Kilossuperfly pong15:26
superflyKilos, paddatrapper, magespawn, inetpro: you can join again, thank you16:18
Kilosty superfly 16:18
magespawnwaht were you doing superfly ?16:19
superflymagespawn: everyone had to exit so that I could join again and be given operator16:19
Kilosyeah looks the same16:19
superflythen I registered the channel to myself16:19
Kilospainful work all that oping and stuff16:20
magespawnahh right16:22
magespawncool beans16:22
inetprogood morning everyone 16:24
Kiloshellooooo inetpro 16:27
SEpticMaaz coffee on16:40
* Maaz starts grinding coffee16:40
SEpticevening all16:42
MaazCoffee's ready for SEptic!16:44
SEpticMaaz thanks16:45
MaazSEptic: Sure16:45
Kiloshi sep17:02
pavlushkaahoy ZA!17:14
Kiloshiya pavlushka 17:14
pavlushkaKilos: i cant swim that well, so watching womens swimming on Olympics, :p17:15
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magespawnchat later home time.18:28
Kilosgo safe magespawn 18:29
Kilosill only be here late tomorrow, another trip to pension offices, sigh18:29
SEpticsuper interesting18:44
Kilosbig brother is watching you18:50
Kilosbetcha its the nsa 18:50
Kilosor othe usa agency18:50
SEpticnah ... i think its from the Guptas, it picks up on key words for available tenders18:51
theblazehen'Nited states of America!18:56
Kilosyip i think so18:57
nsnzeroevening all18:57
pavlushkaevening nsnzero !18:58
Kiloshi nsnzero 18:58
nsnzeroi always envy virus writers - the dedication to their cause is commendable but their product is disgraceful 18:59
nsnzerohello  Kilos19:00
SEptichmm, ok sure, some super clever software can nail air-gapped pcs and remain hidden for 5 years19:04
SEpticmakes me wonder what is lurking in apple's / microsoft's clouds19:04
theblazehennsnzero: Yeah. I find http://corewar.co.uk/creeper.htm reaper really cool though19:07
nsnzerohi SEptic : the big corp are bound by law to turn over any and all data if required - so no need for virus or malware needed19:07
theblazehennsnzero: http://corewar.co.uk/index.htm experience that feeling yourself :)19:07
SEptichey nsnzero : very true19:12
nsnzerohi theblazehen : is that like hacking in the movies ?  furious throwing of commands at the prompt to out wit your opponent ?19:16
theblazehennsnzero: No. Pre programmed programs19:17
theblazehenTry and write over memory etc19:17
theblazehenhttp://www.tacticalneuronics.com/content/main.asp check these too19:19
theblazehenSites really need an update for 4k displays..19:19
nsnzeroi will give it a try 19:20
nsnzerogood night guys19:22
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:33
theblazehennight Kilos19:33
ra1v3ngnyt all19:37
cal_pyHey guys!19:42
theblazehenhey cal_py19:43
cal_pyhow are you theblazehen 19:46
theblazehencal_py: Good and you?19:46
cal_pygood thanks theblazehen, group quiet?19:47
theblazehencal_py: Not too much19:48
cal_pylol, theblazehen do you know any javascript?19:48
theblazehencal_py: Enough to know I don't like it19:48
cal_pywho does? LOL19:49
theblazehenYeah lol19:49
theblazehenPeople who thought nodejs was a good idea when anything else still existed?19:49
cal_pyjavascript is kicking my ass19:56
kulelu88rm -rf /node/19:56
kulelu88are you a pythonista?19:57
superflycal_py: what's the problem?19:57
cal_pycan I show you superfly ?19:58
kulelu88pastee.org cal_py 19:58
superflycal_py: sure19:58
cal_pybtw hey superfly 19:58
superflycal_py: yes, use a pastebin of some sort19:58
kulelu88or pastebin.snyman.info19:59
kulelu88that's the right 119:59
cal_pyok let me show you something first20:00
cal_pyok so this is my attemp to making a dashboard with cards, I've spent the whole day getting the JS to create multiple graphs, it works, everyone on the same page?20:03
superflyooo, nice20:03
cal_pyok now here the problem20:04
cal_pyload the page again and press "push!"20:04
cal_pyapologies my typing is not so good tonight20:05
superflythe graphs don't load?20:06
cal_pyexactly, google's chart API seems to only load when the pages loads which is a deal breaker, any suggestions? 20:07
kulelu88works for me after reloading and hitting push20:07
cal_pyno way send a screenshot!20:07
kulelu88should the cards load the first time I visit the site without clicking push? it shows blank for me everytime20:08
cal_pythey should have charts in them20:08
kulelu88I don't see any charts 0.o20:08
cal_pythats the issue, 20:09
kulelu88even the first time I load it20:09
cal_pychange the code that it loads shaker_maker() on load, and the graphs will load20:09
kulelu88you changed it? 20:12
cal_pysuperfly, any comments? 20:14
cal_pythanks u stackoverflow!!!!!!!!20:24
kulelu88don't you know about stackoverflow? we are all stackoverflow programmers20:24
superflyit's how we do things... SDD Stackoverflow Driven Development20:25
cal_pyhahahaha true kulelu88 20:25
superflycal_py: why aren't you using jquery?20:25
kulelu88which part is ass? going toilet?20:25
superflyyou've got it, but you're not using it20:25
cal_pyjquery is for modals and fancy buttons20:26
cal_pyalso 20:26
superflycal_py: and for DOM manipulation20:26
cal_pyI used it for clearing the screen when I change the resolution 20:27
cal_pyexactly superfly 20:27
superflycal_py: but you're not doing it20:27
cal_pyjquery scares me20:28
superflyvar new_card = $("<div>");20:28
cal_pyive only been programming in JS for like 3 weeks now20:28
superfly^^ like way less typing than your version20:28
cal_pybut your right jquery is easier20:28
kulelu88cal_py: what's your other IRC username?20:28
superflyscripting. programming means using a real programming language20:28
cal_pyarts or cal_py20:28
cal_pymy bad superfly scripting 20:29
superflyhaving said that, at work I'm writing an entire application in JavaScript20:29
kulelu88so you're new here cal_py 20:30
cal_pyhaha same, well a dashboard, what are you writing, if you can tell20:30
kulelu88why are you rebuilding a dashboard cal_py ? there are many solutions out there already20:33
superflycal_py: http://nomanini.com/ the big orange device and the web dashboard next to it? both, actually.20:34
cal_pybecause im fussy kulelu88, 20:34
superflybut the web dashboard is written in JS20:34
cal_pyare you using a framework? superfly 20:34
cal_pylook awesome superfly 20:36
superflyit is awesome20:36
superflyI was using jQuery for a project, and I wanted to do a lot of GUI stuff in it, and I didn't feel like all the boilerplate and manual labour. then I found AngularJS and I didn't have to care about that again20:37
cal_pyquestion, is the styling of the dashboard part of angular? 20:37
kulelu88there should be a lib for it20:38
kulelu88a lot of these JS frameworks inherit from JQuery20:38
cal_pyhaha seems like jquery is the root to all evil20:39
superflynegative, the love of money is the root of all evil. jQuery is awesome for its intended purpose20:39
superflybut application development is not what jQuery was intended for. it was intended for DOM manipulation20:40
superflyour app uses a bit of jQuery where Angular can't do what we want20:40
kulelu88then again, the browser itself was never intended for heavy JS apps20:40
superflyand it also uses Bootstrap, which is a UI framework20:40
cal_pygoogle's legends for charts suck!20:40
kulelu88Are you using Google to render charts? 20:41
cal_pyend result http://imgur.com/a/SvSCf20:50
cal_pyhey pavlushka 21:15
pavlushkaHEY cal_py 21:16
cal_pyhow you doing?21:17

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