ADY_K1l i already typed LSPCI. which is the video card model?00:01
ADY_UNIGNORE k1l_00:07
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ADY_Hi.  i tried to update my software, forme 14 to 16. Now i restarted and it says that the system is running in low graphics mode. I can not work on it at all00:11
Fr_Daehi, how to signal on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ he have take a error ?00:16
Hydr0p0nXwhat error ?00:16
Fr_Daethe 16.04 is on 16.04.1 folder and 16.04.1 on 16.04 folder00:17
Fr_Daei see that on Lubuntu00:17
Hydr0p0nXFr_Dae - looks like they both link to the 16.04.1 directory00:19
Hydr0p0nXlanding page at list, which then links both releases below00:20
Hydr0p0nXFr_Dae - you might try one of the methods explained here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Support00:21
emusicDoes only Ubuntu Server have ZFS support built in?00:23
ADY_ i tried to update my software, forme 14 to 16. Now i restarted and it says that the system is running in low graphics mode. I can not work on it at all00:32
Hydr0p0nXADY_: what kind of graphics card is it?00:33
ADY_IS the VGA?00:34
df__I'm trying to set up auto-complete for headers but gcc -xc++ -E -v -  in terminal don't show me the headers path , and nothing in /usr/local/include/   any idea ?00:34
df__set up auto-complete in emacs  ***correct00:35
ADY_if it is the VGA, is Intel corporation 2nd generatuon core processor family integrated graphics controller (rev 09)00:36
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fiferdaleunable to get to bois on toshiba laptop with only 16.04.1 loaded00:45
YankDownUnderfiferdale: If you hit "esc" while powering on the machine, you should be able to get into the BIOS00:46
fiferdaleblows right by it. Have tried f2, esc, f12. unable to change boot to usb or dvd00:47
YankDownUnderfiferdale: You have to be hitting it while the power comes one - repeatedly....tapping on ESC...00:48
fiferdalewill try thanks for the help00:49
liquidswordsmanguys, I'm kind of a linux idiot. I have a question, know the solution, but not how to do it. I'm having problems with the angular cli, the error message is ng is not a command. the cli is installed globally, and it seems to be generally solvable by creating a symlink, but I don't know where to find globally installed node modules and how to make a symlink00:54
YankDownUnderNot familiar with "angular cli" - have you Googled the issue?00:57
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docmurI moved three drives from an old server, which were setup via LVM, into my desktop computer.  The computer can see the drives but how do I mount the old LVM's?01:06
rflemingdocmur, you get anything when you run lvmdiskscan?01:06
docmuryep 2 LVM Physical Volumes and then it lists the paritions ie /dev/sdb4 and /dev/sda101:07
lisa_There's got to be a simple way to have a cloud server re-direct a spacific request... maybe NAT?01:07
rflemingany /dev/dm-x partitions?01:08
rfleminglisa_, I'm sure there is... but if it's cloud-based, then it would all depend on what they've opened up in their API01:08
docmurNope, just checked01:08
lisa_I have control of the cloud server01:08
rflemingdocmur, anything show up on lvdisplay?01:09
lisa_I'd just like the cloud server to redirect my sip requests to my original sip server (that is blocked by my isp)01:09
lisa_I'm just not good with using iptables and NAT01:09
ADY_ i tried to update my software, forme 14 to 16. Now i restarted and it says that the system is running in low graphics mode. I can not work on it at all01:09
docmurYep, now I remember how I got this working last time the server crashed!01:09
docmurThanks :)01:09
rflemingdocmur, no problem-o ;)  Happy LVMing01:10
rflemingADY_, what graphics card do you have?01:10
rflemingADY_, http://askubuntu.com/a/218095 may solve your problem if you're using an nVidia or ATI proprietary driver01:13
milestone234anyone know when hexchat-otr will be available to download from apt-get install?01:13
rflemingmilestone234, looks like it'll be in Yakkety Yak01:15
milestone234what does that mean?01:15
milestone234oh okay01:15
ADY_thank you rfleming01:15
milestone234when is that scheduled to come out?01:15
rflemingADY_, You're very welcome01:15
rflemingmilestone234, Ubuntu version numbers are based on YEAR.MONTH format, so that would be 16.10 or October 201601:16
netham45milestone234, the version numbers are year.month, 16.04 came out in april, 16.10 is October.01:16
rflemingNo problem01:16
ADY_rfleming, i didnt work because i don have the otion to boot with the recovery mode01:18
rflemingADY_, you have to boot and hold SHIFT01:19
ADY_yes, I can see the menu, but i only have 3 options: advanced option for ubuntu, and two of memory test01:22
netham45Recovery mode is under advanced options01:22
freefall1hello.. need help with a tv tuner01:23
milestone234is there a way to configure ubuntu to look more like the windows set up01:23
freefall1milestone.. that what kde is01:24
milestone234how do i get that?01:24
bazhangwhat tuner freefall1 , is it hauppage or what01:25
bazhangkubuntu-desktop package milestone23401:25
freefall1look up how to change how to install kde.. otherwise you need to install kubuntu i think01:25
freefall1bazhang.. that the problem i really dont know who the maker is..01:25
bazhangfreefall1, there's a metapackage to install kde, see what I just posted01:26
milestone234is this supposed to modify ubuntu or does this turn it into kubuntu?01:26
bazhangmilestone234, beceomes kubuntu as you select in the login01:26
bazhangfreefall1, you absolutel y need to find out what tv tuner for that01:27
freefall1i know it has a cx2883 chipset if i recall it right01:27
bazhangfreefall1, are you trying to set up mythtv or what01:27
bazhangubottu, mythtv01:28
ubottumythtv is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV - For discussion and specific support, try #ubuntu-mythtv01:28
freefall1yep try mythtv.. tried install cx23xxx firmware drivers01:28
bazhangsee the channel above freefall101:28
freefall1try one other tuner an no good..01:29
milestone234is kubuntu update about the same time as ubuntu?01:29
freefall1it was pulled from a pc some time ago forget what model number the pc was but it was running win8 on it.01:30
freefall1milestone.. i run lubuntu.. it updated just like other ubuntu when updates are done..01:31
bazhangmilestone234, some parts are, it's all the same repos, some parts of plasma may not be01:31
bazhangfreefall1, you saw the channel I pointed you to, right?01:31
freefall1baz yea..01:31
rflemingmilestone what are you using?01:31
rflemingmilestone234, ubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu, ubuntu-mate?01:32
freefall1rfleming i think he said just ubuntu01:33
YankDownUnder(Too bad that no one's thought about an E version of Ubuntu) ;) IMHO01:33
freefall1but he want it like windows01:33
rflemingYankDownUnder, that's what remixes are for :)01:34
rfleming... and arch01:34
bazhangthere is no official flavour of e17, you can certainly add it though01:35
bazhangubottu enlightenment01:35
ubottuEnlightenment (or "E") is a window manager for X, providing a useful, and good looking graphical shell in which to work. E17 is the current version.01:35
rflemingmilestone234, Noobslab is pretty good at posting themes01:35
rflemingmilestone234, http://www.noobslab.com/2015/09/do-you-like-windows-10-look-but-love.html01:35
YankDownUnderYersh...running E right now...(it doesn't freak out with multiple monitors as much as everything else does) ;)01:36
rflemingmilestone234, Disclaimer... do this at your risk.01:36
rflemingYankDownUnder, if you're going to run E, you might as well just go to i3 :)01:37
YankDownUnderrfleming: I'm hard headed...I like my 'buntu base...01:38
rflemingYankDownUnder, sudo apt install i3 :)01:39
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rflemingYankDownUnder, I was kinda teasing as it's a twm01:39
YankDownUnderrfleming: I *do* have olvwm and WindowMaker...it wouldn't be much to have me installing i3...or AfterStep...or FvWM/FvWM2...(like the old days...)01:41
rflemingor one of the many other wm's ending in box :)01:42
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YankDownUnderrfleming: Nah...did Blackbox, Openbox, Fluxbox long ago...if I really want "nostalgia", olvwm or WM is great enough...kinda would like to get the original versions of XFce - the one's that still looked like CDE...01:44
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milestone234rfleming thanks for the info..the previous question was concerning the difference in the updates between ubuntu and kubuntu if there is any?01:46
rflemingmilestone234, the difference is the same as the difference between an apple and a pineapple01:47
rflemingat the core they are the same (a fruit) but they're completely different01:47
milestone234rfleming so are the updates scheduled different01:47
milestone234or are they really different in that area01:48
bazhangrfleming, the updates are the same, apart from some very kde spcific ones01:48
milestone234i like that link about the them01:48
milestone234so i can simply run those commands to get that theme on ubuntu?01:48
bazhangmilestone234, kde is not a theme01:48
rflemingkubuntu is based off of the KDE desktop environment, while Ubuntu uses Unity and Gnome01:48
rflemingmilestone234, see: http://askubuntu.com/a/69901:49
milestone234i hear you bazhang but we were talking about two things at once :P one was about xubuntu and the question i asked this time was about this http://www.noobslab.com/2015/09/do-you-like-windows-10-look-but-love.html01:49
milestone234i was asking can i simply run those commands to get that done01:50
rflemingmilestone234, yes01:50
rflemingmilestone234, word of caution01:50
milestone234is that is still ubuntu with a windows theme right?01:50
rflemingdon't go mixing DE's01:50
bazhangmilestone234, noobslab is something not from here, thats a one hundred percent on your own deal01:50
rflemingif you're using Ubuntu, stick with it01:50
milestone234what is DE im new to linux :P01:50
rflemingmilestone234, DE is Desktop Environment01:51
rflemingmilestone234, OK.  I'm going to give you a quick lesson here01:51
YankDownUnder"Deranged Environment" :)01:51
milestone234bazhang so do you recommend kubuntu versus that theme01:51
bazhang!rute | milestone234 have a read first01:51
ubottumilestone234 have a read first: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/95-799/rute.pdf01:51
rflemingin Windows, or on Apple, you have only one DE and one WM... in Linux you've got lots :)01:51
rflemingthere have been as many flame wars over DE's and WM's as there have distros01:52
bazhangmilestone234, I recommend nothing, except you doing a lot of reading first on what the very basics are, such as 'what is a DE' , see the links above01:52
* rfleming agrees with bazhang 01:52
milestone234bazhang rfleming this isn't meant to be mean but is this a way of making something simple complicate like linux somtimes does :P01:53
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bazhangmilestone234, please have a complete read of all those links provided01:53
rflemingmilestone234: that depends.  Do you like being told what to do and how to use your computer, or do you like choices?01:53
bazhang!manual | milestone234 and this too, finally01:54
ubottumilestone234 and this too, finally: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:54
milestone234rfleming i guess what im asking is the real simple explanation and not the looooooooong explanation :P01:54
bazhangthats three sets of very important links to get reading milestone23401:54
rflemingLinux is about choice... and embracing differences of opinion.  With Windows and Apple, you don't have that choice at all.  You get what you get... too bad if you don't like it *cough* Windows Vista *cough*01:54
milestone234bazhang im not that new to linux i have used ubuntu before.01:55
MannyLNJdoing apt-get update then apt-get upgrade I got a message about grub-probe: error: unknown file system. My ssh dropped and when i reconnected it shows 79 packages to update and 45 security packages. is it safe to re-issue the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade command?01:55
bazhangmilestone234, thats super, this channel is not a polling one, of what is best etc, it's strictly technical support01:55
milestone234bazhang i understand01:56
bazhangyou could try #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss for that milestone23401:56
YankDownUndermilestone234: What it all boils down to is finding something that is ergonomically best suited to your tastes and practices...all about choice...all about usability.01:56
rflemingI thought linux was about disagreement :)01:56
YankDownUnderrfleming: Choices and disagreement (in a nice socially acceptable manner)(which obviously does NOT happen in real life)01:57
MannyLNJdoing apt-get update then apt-get upgrade I got a message about grub-probe: error: unknown file system. My ssh dropped and when i reconnected it shows 79 packages to update and 45 security packages. is it safe to re-issue the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade command?02:04
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: Yes safe to run update/upgrade as many times and as often as you want .02:05
Dark_Blue_Sharksup any Linux pros on here?02:07
x3mboyDark_Blue_Shark, what do you mean?02:07
Dark_Blue_Sharksooo I have a small problem02:07
Dark_Blue_SharkThe Fn key signal isn't processed to the software right?02:07
Dark_Blue_SharkJust to the microcontroller of the keyboard?02:08
Dark_Blue_Sharkcause xev inst showing me any key bindings when pressing Fn and f5 f6 which is brightness up and down02:08
Dark_Blue_Sharkis it possible that my keyboard is broken? lol02:08
HypothermicDark_Blue is this a laptop?02:11
skiboySo I feel uncertain about snap packages on the Ubuntu desktop, and their possible benefits.  Could someone who supports snap packages tell me why they would view it as a positive feature?02:12
bazhang#snappy skiboy02:13
bazhangthats the channel for it skiboy02:13
Dark_Blue_Sharkyes it's a laptop02:15
danny_what exactly will I lose if I switch desktop environments?  Will I lose default applications?02:15
Dark_Blue_Sharku won't lose anything02:15
node9hey. Having a bit of an issue. I set up netatalk on my ubuntu server and everything was working fine. Had to reboot the box and it wasn't working. As I tried to run sudo systemctl start netatalk, it gives me "Failed to start netatalk.service: Unit netatalk.service is not loaded properly: Invalid argument.".. In systemctl status netatalk.service it says - netatalk.service: Service lacks both ExecStart= and ExecStop=02:15
node9 setting. Refusing.02:15
node9not sure where do I go from there02:16
danny_Ok, is i3 good for general use?02:17
rflemingdanny_, sure02:18
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Dark_Blue_Sharkyes i3 is awesome02:18
Dark_Blue_Sharkor xmonad02:19
danny_rfleming, do you have to use it with something like compton to prevent screen tearing?02:19
danny_i3 or i3 gaps?02:20
HypothermicDark_Blue_Shark - it's likely there was an application suit that was tying the FN key to the functions (like brighten and dim the screen).  What type of Laptop? You might find a work around or a software package from the manufacturer (which is rare) that would restore the functionality.02:22
Dark_Blue_Sharkso it's not a hardware issue?02:22
rflemingdanny_, if you want compositing you'll probably want to use compton02:22
danny_rfleming, what exactly does that mean?02:23
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nm636Dark_Blue_Shark: for what it's worth, I recently installed the latest version of ubuntu and my fn key on my laptop works (although the brightness keys are default and fn activates the F keys)02:24
HypothermicWell, not for certain.  Where thos FN keys ever working in linux?02:24
Dark_Blue_Sharkyes xd02:24
HypothermicAhh, so they just suddenly stopped working? Did you update packages?02:25
HypothermicIE Did you update packages and it stopped working.02:25
skiboy#snappy is pretty much dead right now02:28
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schemanic_Hi, I'm reading about multiple environments at https://docs.saltstack.com/en/latest/ref/states/top.html, and I'm confused by the part where it talks about the top.sls file after creating a dev, qa, and prod environment02:33
schemanic_You'd think that there would be separate top.sls files under /srv/salt/dev, /srv/salt/qa/, and /srv/salt/prod, but the example lists one without indicating if it meant that it's the 'normal' one under /srv/salt02:34
schemanic_can anyone comment?02:34
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YankDownUnderschemanic_: I understand what they're getting at - instead of physically creating structures that are "defined" for a particular environment, the "definition" of the environments is all setup via the text files - and no physical changes are required for the overall environment.02:40
schemanic_YankDownUnder, yeah. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was posting in #ubuntu.02:41
schemanic_I'm teaching myself this configuration management system for work and its slow going02:42
YankDownUnderschemanic_: Patience and time...step by step, and read every word...best way to digest it, bro.02:42
schemanic_What's keeping you up? Or is it even late where you are?02:45
YankDownUnderIt's lunch time here...ha.02:45
schemanic_Going on 11pm here02:46
YankDownUnderI'm already in Wednesday, mate...and when I'm done - which will be early enough - going to watch SS at the movies...nice to do something cool for Wednesday, eh.02:47
danny_Any tips on using i3? popular configs to copy or something?02:56
rypervenchedanny_: With i3 you can use the default and customize it as you need it.02:57
rflemingdanny_, you could always check out git.io/.files02:58
rflemingdanny_, err... dotfiles.github.io02:58
rypervenchedanny_: I suggest reading the user manual through to see what is possible, and add the code that you want for each part. It's a little long, but it has the best infomation and it's pretty easy to read.02:58
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danny_rypervenche, ok, I'll read it tommorow, as it is in the default state it is worse than my mate config02:59
moestevensI'd actually recommend try your hand at customizing i3 from scratch once you understand how it works and tried out some configs03:00
danny_moestevens, any reason besides purity?  I don't feel the need to know everything about it03:01
moestevensMostly purity and having it customized right down to your needs. Cleaner file too, but it doesn't really matter unless you're sharing.03:03
guest12345Hello World! Testing IRC in Bash on Ubuntu on Windows03:04
danny_moestevens, Ok, I'll save it for a weekend project some time. I'm just seeing if I like tiling window manager at all right now03:04
cfhowlett!testing | guest12345, we see you03:05
ubottuguest12345, we see you: To test your hardware, you can use the packages memtest86+ (for memory, can be started from the !GRUB boot menu), smartmontools (for hard drives), cpuburn (which MIGHT damage your processor if cooling is not adequate!). Additionally, lm-sensors can be useful to monitor temperatures and fan speeds - See also !benchmark03:05
moestevensdanny_: Have fun! :) i3 also does floating windows too if you set it too if you didn't know.03:05
moestevenss/2nd too/to03:05
danny_moestevens, oh good, It does seem like it would be necissary every now and then, I'm glad I'll have the option03:06
MannyLNJ Bashing-om I was concened about the Grub error it displayed03:10
uboneanyone running ubuntu on a pi203:12
cfhowlettubone,  avoid wasting time with "anyone ...?" question structure.  state YOUR issues and details03:12
uboneno issues, just wondering if the net install for arm7 would work03:13
cfhowlettubone, there is a pi channel that would be best answer that ..03:13
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.03:13
MannyLNJBashing-om, after doing apt-get update && apt-get upgrade when  I ssh back in it still shows 70 packages to update and 45 security updates. Why?03:14
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: Can have the system check grub .. Do you know your partitioning ? is this a raid and or LVM set up ?03:15
MannyLNJBashing-om, How do I check grub? No I don't know my partitiong and no there is no RAID or LVM03:16
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: Still booted ? show ' sudo fisk -lu ' on a pastebin . The command : ' grub-install --recheck /dev/sdX ' where the 'X" in sdX is a,b c depending on the target for grub .03:18
MannyLNJBashing-om, I am ssh'ing in again on a second session03:19
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: Should serve our purpose .03:20
MannyLNJBashing-om, looks lie /sdb1 is where the Os is it shows Linux as the system then a second one as Extended and a third as Linux Swap / Solaris03:21
amir107hey guys if you want a free vps go here https://ohosti.com/aff.php?aff=176303:21
amir107hey guys if you want a free vps go here https://ohosti.com/aff.php?aff=176303:21
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: sda drive is what ? We want to be certain of the target .03:22
cfhowlettamir107, stop spamming!!03:22
amir107not spam03:22
amir107i dont spam03:22
amir107i tried it my self03:22
amir107its free vps03:22
cfhowlettamir107, it IS spam.  knock it off.03:22
amir107register then try03:22
anubisswhat is watchdog? is someone spying my pc?03:22
amir107chill out man03:22
danny_are the files in ~/.config/autostart specific to mate?03:22
cfhowlettanubiss, more details03:22
anubissmy ps ax i did and watchdog process had changed its place03:23
MannyLNJBashing-om, no /sda that I can see. How do I put the output to pastebin?03:23
Bashing-omman run ' sudo fdisk -lu | nc termbin.com 9999 ' Will give back a url with that file . pass the link back here .03:25
MannyLNJBashing-om, http://termbin.com/7oj303:27
BackwardsMannyLNJ are you running Win95 It looks like?03:30
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: I do not know why the drives are not in alpha order . nor why a 1st disk is not seen .. but as is now .. agreed that linux is sdb1. Ya want to take that wild stab without knowing why there is no 'sda' drive ?03:30
MannyLNJBackwards, there may be a 95 partition om the old laptop. The system has a busted screen and it's in the basement. I can borrow an external monitor if I brick the system.03:31
=== sul-fyr is now known as sulfyr
cfhowlett!es | workstation03:34
ubottuworkstation: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:34
BackwardsWin95 doesn't handle more than so many MEGS of RAM. It inherently was created that way. Also Win95 was designed for about 4.5 G RAM and for Legacy hardware.03:34
chris_My screen is completely dark when I log in after waking the computer from suspension03:35
chris_does anyone else have the same issue?03:36
BackwardsAlso lots of the older BIOS's cannot handle more than 4.5 gigs. That's it. You can put a 40 gig hard drive on an old Legacy machine and it will only read 4.5 gigs of the hard drive.03:36
MannyLNJBackwards, My wife says the laptop had XP on it not Windows 9503:36
BackwardsMannyLNG XP means that it is an upgraded version but. RAM is paramount.03:37
MannyLNJBackwards, and Bashing-om the grub command failed with errors and embedding not being supported03:37
MannyLNJBackwards, It has 4 GB of ram03:38
BackwardsMannyLNJ I always encourage my customers to clean the hard drive completely i.e., delete everything and do a DOD erasure and start new. Format it and that will make your day.03:39
BackwardsIf all kinds of crap is on your hard drive, your kernel or OS will keep looking at it for no reason.03:40
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: Correct .. you do not want to emned to the partition .. eun the command as ' sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sdb ' As we want to install to the device .03:40
MannyLNJBashing-om, I issued the ' sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sdb ' command and it appeared to have completed.03:41
BackwardsI installed Win95 on a good Computer with Virtual Box and it runs slow. Win95 is not made for high end machines. The same principle applies here.03:42
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Bashing-omMannyLNJ: All I know to do now is cross fingers and reboot .. see what happens . Should be good .03:42
Obadiah_ubuntu is lagging badly please help03:42
uboneor is it not supported by the guest additions03:42
cfhowlettObadiah_, details??03:42
Obadiah_when i run top cpu usage is high03:43
Obadiah_especially for friefox03:43
cfhowlettObadiah_, normal.  firefox is hungry.  more tabs = more demand03:43
BackwardsObadiah is your machine a 32 or 64 bit  box?03:43
Obadiah_yeah but only pone tab open takes 80%?03:43
Obadiah_what is the commands and ill paste u all the output03:44
Obadiah_i dont know03:44
cfhowlett!details | Obadiah_,03:44
ubottuObadiah_,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.03:44
ubonecould be JS, ff should be idle03:44
MannyLNJBashing-om, 'sudo shudown -r now' command issued, SSH session closed. System no longer responds to Ping so I know it;s rebooting.03:45
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: Come on 'buntu babby ! Boot please .03:46
Obadiah_it takes like 10 mins to boot03:46
Obadiah_cfhowlett: i dontknow the commands for that stuff. i just installed ubuntu yesterday03:46
cfhowlettObadiah_, you are dropping bread crumbs here.  what are your system specifications?  which ubuntu version?  how much ram do you have.  answer ALL in one thread.03:47
BackwardsObadiah type in this command:    uname -i       or      uname -a03:49
BackwardsIt will tell if your machine is 64 or 32 bit.03:50
BackwardsAfter that have another beer.03:51
Obadiah_Backwards: 64 bit03:52
BackwardsObadiah and it takes 10 minutes to boot?03:52
BackwardsThat is rediculous.03:52
Obadiah_i know03:52
Obadiah_sonmething is wrong03:53
BackwardsPerhaps you installed an i386 kernel. Find a 64 bit kernel.03:53
Obadiah_how can i tell what kind of kernel i installed03:53
BackwardsDo you your homework.03:53
tgm4883Backwards: not very helpful03:55
tgm4883Obadiah_: 16.04?03:55
EmanuelBashing-om, I lost my internet but that was not related to the system. I ssh'd in and it shows on 14.04.5 LTS with 0 packages to update and 0 security updates03:55
usbdriverhi i need help figering whats wrong with my usb drive. i instaled debian jessie into it but its acting weird. i dont knopw what to do anymore. the complete description is in http://pastebin.com/X5KygF9T03:55
Obadiah_tgm4883: yes03:55
EmanuelBashing-om, it says I can upgrade to 16.04.103:56
tgm4883Obadiah_: systemd-analyze blame03:56
tgm4883Obadiah_: that will tell you what is taking so long03:56
cfhowlett!debian | usbdriver,03:56
ubottuusbdriver,: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!03:56
Emanuelusbdriver, I think you may get better help in a debian channel not ubuntu03:56
Bashing-omEmanuel: I have a short attention span . what is the background here ?03:57
usbdriverits more a usb issue that operating system03:57
BackwardsObadiah use this command:  lsb_release -a03:57
usbdriveri have  similar problems with ubuntu03:57
usbdrivertake a look  at fdisk as an exemple03:58
Emanuel[Question] If I want to run an IMAP mail server to fetch mail from my mail provider who only supports POP (different than ISP)  what is a simple one to install? All mail will still go out through my mail provider03:58
usbdriver my drive is 16 gb and  fdisk show 2 partitions with 10gb03:58
cfhowlettusbdriver, fault USB.03:58
EmanuelBashing-om, issue before was apt-get update && apt-get upgrade was failing because of a grub issue. You resolved that.03:58
usbdrivercfhowlett:  can this be fixed?03:59
cfhowlettusbdriver, easier/saner/quicker to just replace the USB has been my experience03:59
Bashing-omEmanuel: OH than you are also MannyLNJ ??03:59
EmanuelBashing-om, Yes, i didn't reqlie the nic changed03:59
=== Emanuel is now known as MannyLNJ
usbdrivergees  this usb drive is recent04:00
usbdriveri think might be somting with formating  the drive04:00
usbdriverthe mix between mbr  and dos04:01
Obadiah_no lsb modules are available04:01
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: As to accepting the update on a server install .. read the release notes for 16.04 carefully ..,. systemd is different and can wreck your scripts .04:01
MannyLNJBashing-om, I'll stick on 14 for now and work on fixing the VPN issue I had previously and finding a simple mail server04:02
BackwardsObadiah each rendition of a Linux kernel is not the same. Some kernels have drivers that you need and some don't care about it. If you are running a Linux Server, you don04:03
Backwardst need a monitor.04:03
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: Good deal .. 14.04 is solid and supported 'til April of 2019 . There is no rush here to upgrade to 16.04 .04:04
usbdrivermy quantion now is can i  make my pc usb drive  without mbr?04:04
BackwardsAlso if you are running a headless server, you don't need mouse drivers or monitor drivers or keyboard drivers.04:04
cfhowlettusbdriver, are you talking about a simple USB stick or an actuall usb Hard drive?  if so, yeah, the formatting would be incorrect.04:04
usbdrivercfhowlett:  usb stick04:04
cfhowlettusbdriver, try a different stuck.04:04
Obadiah_makes sense04:04
Obadiah_what does that have to do with ubuntu lagging04:05
MannyLNJBackwards, yep running headless.04:05
usbdriveri have a nother stick same brand working  with kali linux04:05
usbdriverworks fine04:05
cfhowlettusbdriver, write your ubuntu to the other stick and test it04:05
usbdriverdisk utility showed formated  as mbr while my faulty wast formated04:05
BackwardsObadiah it has everything to do with it. If your boxen is lagging on boot, you have other issues. Perhaps your BIOS is set incorrectly. Have you looked at your BIOS?04:06
Obadiah_im a newb04:06
usbdriverits not ubuntu or debian issue its usb stick formating or bugg04:06
usbdriveri have tried with ubuntu and crashed also04:06
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:06
BackwardsCheck your BIOS settings.04:06
turtleshello every one that i don't know04:07
usbdriveri might have messed someting in formating usb stick04:08
BackwardsObadiah, when I was teaching A+ classes I had a student that played around with the BIOS settings and it took a whole week to boot up Win98. I fixed the problem in 10 seconds by restoring the BIOS settings to factory settings. The guy shut off the Plug and Play settings in the BIOS.04:08
Obadiah_its bnot just lagging on boot04:09
Obadiah_it lags everywhere04:09
Obadiah_badly all the time04:09
Obadiah_heavy cpu load04:09
Obadiah_1.8 ghz 4gig ram04:09
MannyLNJ[Question] How do I get the .ovpn file I just made on the Ubuntu system to my Windows system?04:09
BackwardsObadiah  you mentioned that you have a 64 bit machine. Install a different Kernel.04:10
BackwardsI think that you installed an i386 kernel on a 64 bit machine. That won't work.04:10
Obadiah_Linux obadiah245680-HP-Compaq-6830s 4.4.0-34-generic #53-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 27 16:06:39 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:11
Backwardsx86 is 32 bit Obadiah.04:12
Obadiah_oh :/04:12
BackwardsIt is i38604:12
BackwardsWipe the disk clean and install a 64 bit kernel instead.04:13
=== krc4267_ is now known as krc4267|sleep
Obadiah_okay. any suggestions which one04:13
Bashing-omObadiah_: Correction there .. that is a 64 bit install .04:14
Obadiah_okay so i need a new kernel right04:14
BackwardsMy choice is Debian kernel and it is fast but the critics here would scold me. I also like BSD.04:14
Obadiah_64 bit kerne;04:14
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic04:14
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB04:14
BackwardsObadiah are you installing a Server installation or a Desktop?04:14
BackwardsThat's different.04:15
BackwardsI run my Lubuntu server wireless and headless.04:15
BackwardsI don't need a mouse, keyboard or monitor on the box. I log into it with pUTTY and WinSCP. Free stuff and the best I have used.04:16
=== Tristan-Speccy is now known as Guest30379
Bashing-ompapibe_: Welcome to the mad house .04:17
BackwardsAnother nice feature about ubuntu is VNC.04:19
BackwardsDo some homework on that.04:19
papibe_trying to make hexchat work04:19
xz0rHi I tried to upgrade 10.04 to 14.04 by running do-release-upgrade , but it failed at configuring 'python-minimal' error. Now I'm not able to do anything, Everything is messed How to roll back?04:19
antiPoPHi, there is a command to show the maintenance status of al packages, but I can't remember it. Which is?04:19
danny_What is recommended for backups? Is Rsnapshot good enough?04:20
cfhowlettxz0r, rollback is not supported on ubuntu04:20
Bashing-omxz0r: There is no roll back . The proper way from an EOL release is via the old releases repo.04:21
Bashing-om!eol | xz0r04:21
ubottuxz0r: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades04:21
cfhowlett!backup | danny_04:21
ubottudanny_: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning04:21
BackwardsIf you want to check for packages use this command:   dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall04:22
xz0rubottu, How I wish I came across this link earlier04:22
ubottuxz0r: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:22
=== papibe_ is now known as papibe
ubottusbackup is a tool to create complete and/or incremental backups (which can be scheduled to be automatic, and can be done over a network). It is available in !Universe04:26
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate04:26
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/i386/apb.html - See also !cloning04:26
BackwardsAntipop check this command:   apt list --installed04:27
Ben64danny_: you can talk to ubottu in a PM04:27
danny_Ben64, I both have no Idea how to do that and am done04:27
antiPoPBackwards, I was searching for something that listed the support status, was something  that grouped packages by 5 years, 3 years, unssupporter04:29
ajruizHi everybody!!!!04:30
BackwardsI don't know what you are talking about AntiPoP.04:30
BackwardsGreets to Ajruiz04:31
BackwardsWhat is on your mind Ajruiz?04:32
ajruizNothing lol04:34
antiPoPBackwards,  is   ubuntu-support-status04:34
ajruizI'm working04:34
BackwardsAjruiz what do you do for work?04:36
cfhowlettBackwards, please chat in pm or ubuntu-offtopic thanks04:36
BackwardsCfhowlett are  you an OP here?04:37
xz0rBashing-om, I tried following EOL upgrade from the link that you gave above. But when I ran apt-get update I get the following message E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.04:41
BackwardsXz0r try sudo apt-get upgrade04:42
xz0rBackwards, 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.04:43
BackwardsXz0r you may have to sudo apt-get purge <the file> and reinstall it. Be careful about it. Do a bit of homework on this. I don't know what the application  you doing but always make a backup of your data before making the next step.04:44
quantibilityanyone know how to dim the screen manually?04:45
xz0rBackwards, I'm trying to upgrade 10.04 to 14.04    Yes I have a backup of data04:46
xz0rBackwards, when I ran sudo do-release-upgrade it results in 'Error authenticating some packages' and exits with status 1, do you know how to get around this?04:47
BackwardsXz0r check this URL first: http://askubuntu.com/questions/110477/how-do-i-upgrade-to-a-newer-version-of-ubuntu04:48
amincdhi, are there any environment variables that can't be set to a particular value?04:49
amincdI'm trying to set IFS (internal field separator) to a value, and it's not working.04:49
BackwardsXz0r PPA is Personal Package Archive.04:50
=== Triffid_Hunter_ is now known as Triffid_Hunter
Bashing-omxz0r: Bit afraid to mess about too much with "failed to download ' Corrupted control file ?/// not sure we can rebuild it if we remove the controls .// A thought . All PPAs disabled ?04:51
BackwardsXz0r it all depends upon your kernel and what you have installed. If it is a server or Desktop there are different issues.04:51
amincdnevermind, putting it in quotes fixed the problems04:53
BackwardsDoing sudo apt-get update and upgrade doesn't always fix things.04:53
Bashing-omxz0r: You did " sudo sed -i -e 's/archive.ubuntu.com/old-releases.ubuntu.com/g' /etc/apt/sources.list ' , yes ?04:54
=== Guest30379 is now known as Tristan-Speccy
quantibilityi guess i didn't need to say it but never mind04:57
cptnemoHi, I've messed up badly and recursively with the permissions of my home directory. Now I can't access the server remotely via ssh04:59
BackwardsXz0r try this command:   /var/cache/apt/archives04:59
cptnemoit gives Permission denied (publickey).04:59
cptnemoi've checked permissions in my .ssh folders05:00
cptnemoand they seem OK05:00
BackwardsCptnemo have you tried sudo before you put the <command> in the Command Prompt?05:02
cptnemoBackwards, do you mean sudo ssh?05:03
BackwardsCptnemo perhaps you may have to chmod <user> for root privileges.05:03
=== Crixus is now known as Crixus|afk
BackwardsCptnemo or better    chown <user>: /<whatever directory or user>05:05
BackwardsIt would have to be sudo chown <user>: /<stuff to do>05:06
Bashing-omcptnemo: All fikles in your /home should be grouped and owned by "uou" .. with the exception of " drwxr-xr-x  4 root  root     4096 May 19  2013 .. " . Might check this .05:07
xz0rBashing-om, Backwards  Yes I did them Now the upgrade is going-on. FINGERS CROSSED05:09
lone-geniuscan anyone help me out?05:09
BackwardsXz0r That is what I like to hear. Justa lika mama used to do.   :)05:10
cfhowlett!ask | lone-genius05:10
ubottulone-genius: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:10
lone-geniusI am running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS but i only have one computer and i want to uninstall my ubuntu OS so i can install another Linux flavor05:11
cfhowlettlone-genius, and the question?05:12
lone-geniusHow can i do that?05:13
^peter^Backup data - format drive - install new system05:13
lone-geniushow can i burn another ISO file onto a USB and load it to install....ive been in my bios and ive used the built in burner for ubuntu and its still not picking it up?05:14
cfhowlettlone-genius, boot your new OS.  when you get to the partition stage you can 1. install directly over the existing ubuntu partitions making sure you format them or 2. delete all the ubuntu partitions then repartition for your new OS05:14
lone-geniusYes i want to do number 205:14
lone-geniusbut how?05:14
cfhowlettlone-genius, ubuntu USB creator only works when creating UBUNTU usbs.  try unetbotin05:14
lone-geniusmy live usb isnt picking up05:14
lone-geniusokay ill try...thanks ;)05:15
cfhowlettlone-genius, happy2help!05:15
BackwardsXz0r I suggest you keep a notebook at your side all day long because most people don't know UNIX or Linux commands. Knowing Linux commands and using the command prompt is so important. Take my word for it. I have been there and done that.05:16
xz0rThank you. Will do that.05:17
BackwardsI am an Instructor for a Network Technology Academy. I know what it means to do homework and to tell the students how to their research.05:18
=== rudy is now known as Guest10896
BackwardsXz0r do a Google on this word ubuntu cheat sheet.  You will find a lot of Linux commands there.05:25
mrz__Hi. is django irc here?05:26
mrz__Hi. is it django irc here?05:26
codfectionwhich one is good? ubuntu lubuntu mubuntu kubuntu dubuntu or xubuntu?05:28
codfectionI dont wanna miss any features but want faster system.05:28
BackwardsOne interesting URL is this:  https://www.google.com/#q=ubuntu+cheat+sheet+commands05:29
Bashing-omcodfection: Lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware. Fastest is a minimal install .05:32
robattila256am I supposed to unmount usbs before using dd?05:32
BackwardsLXDE is one of the best Linux kernels.05:34
BackwardsI run LXDE on my VBOX.05:34
BackwardsLoads fast and works fast.05:34
Triffid_Hunterit's not a kernel, it's a DE..05:34
BCCIubuntu really kics windows ass.05:35
BackwardsLightweight Desktop Environment.05:36
codfectionBCCI, how? please elaborate.05:39
BackwardsLXDE is the fastest Desktop I have ever used. Bar none. There are other micro-kernels too. e.g., http://linuxfinances.info/info/microkernel.html05:39
codfectionBackwards, you use linux on virtual machine? what about your main OS.05:40
codfectionwhy people use mac OS as their main OS and ubuntu as vm? is mac better than ubuntu?05:41
BackwardsCodfection, I am running Windows 7 talking with you. My Ubuntu box is my main server. I also Use VBOX from SunMicrosystems on a virtual box.05:41
amincdhi, how do I restore an environment variable's default value without logging out/in of the shell?05:42
Bashing-omcodfection: Are you handy with linux ... and know what you want in your operating system ? .. then it is a minimal install , and build your own .05:42
codfectionBackwards, windows is better than ubuntu? so I should not run ubuntu as my main right?05:42
BackwardsI run multiple OS.05:42
BackwardsI wouldn't say that. Both Windows and Ubuntu have their merrits.05:43
codfectionwhat should I run as main OS?05:43
codfectionI have i5 laptop so vm is pretty slow due to 2 cores only05:44
BackwardsI make a lot of money with Windows with Data Recovery with Windows. So the money factor comes into play here.05:44
BCCIBackwards: Backwards fuckoff05:44
BCCInobody cares.05:44
codfectionBCCI, why you said ubuntu beats windows? explain please.05:45
codfectionwhat main OS you use BCCI ?05:45
BackwardsUbuntu as a server is a far superior way to set up a web server.05:45
BCCIlinux beats windows because ... hmm.... it's free?05:45
codfectionBackwards, I am talking about my laptop main OS. not server05:45
codfectionBCCI, what distro you run as your main OS?05:46
BCCIlinux beats windows because it's free, achieves the same goals.05:46
BackwardsCodfection do you have issues with your laptop?05:46
codfectionBackwards, nope05:46
codfectionBCCI, which distro you run as your main OS?05:46
BCCIwindows is garbage. hopefully it will end up in the dustbin of history.05:47
BackwardsBCCI in the real world, Windows is what most lazy people use. So making a living on Windows is just another reality. Running Ubuntu is another reality. I make money with Ubuntu too. Personal preference is personal.05:49
BCCIBackwards: do you work for a bank? believe me, you don't make money. stop acting like you're a businessman.05:49
dacorr_Both OS have pro's  and cons it depends on what you need to use it for. Personnaly I use Linux for forensics as it gives me easy access to the raw data and file system , windows based forensic tools hide some of this or simplify it.05:50
robattila256windows is great, all my personal information and security can be manipulated by everyone05:50
dacorr_From a security point both OS can be made to be secure but few have skills to do it. Out of the box I would say link has the better configuration from a security point05:50
BackwardsBCCI working for a bank does not impress anyone here. It doesn't matter. And as Dacorr sayd: From a security point both OS can be made to be secure. It is a matter of choice.05:52
codfectionBCCI, which OS you use as your main?? Please guide me05:53
BackwardsDacorr I work with Forensic Data Recovery. Good point you made.05:53
BackwardsMost Windows Data forensic software that I have used with Windows is on a CD or DVD and it runs on Debian.05:54
BCCIBackward is a cop05:54
dacorr_Mainly encase ad05:55
dacorr_And ftk due to court acceptance05:55
dacorr_Reality you can use any tool as long as you validate the results. And magically find the same data using a court recognised tool05:55
BCCIcourt recognized tool05:56
dacorr_Same applies to OS really this is moving more to ubuntu-offtopic so should end it there05:56
BCCIwhat do if data encrypted ... beat the person in a secret prison?05:56
BackwardsCourt recognized tool I never heard of but if that is true, thanks for the advice.05:57
=== sjd is now known as sjd_zeus
rajathi everyone05:58
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
BackwardsDacorr I will share something about Linux or Ubuntu. I had a Windows .zip password protected. I use an ubuntu program and it totally ignored the password and opened up the file. That was commical.05:59
BackwardsI laughed for hours on that one.05:59
BCCIwoot woot almost ready for my HUAWEI exam06:00
Kartagis!find apachetop06:00
ubottuFound: apachetop, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 18 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=apachetop&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all06:00
Kartagisch is Switzerland, BCCI06:01
KartagisChina is cn06:01
lurkashflakeWhen I try to install ubuntu touch on my table it say Device moorefield not found on server...06:01
BackwardsLurkashflake try  sudo apt-get install <file or whatever>06:03
lurkashflakeBackwards: ?06:05
lurkashflakeon my tablet06:05
BackwardsLurkashflake check your repository file on your Ubuntu box.06:05
BackwardsCheck this link:  http://superuser.com/questions/237247/how-do-i-add-a-apt-get-repository-without-editing-etc-apt-sources-list06:06
lurkashflakeThe part I don't get is where does it point to a missing repository.06:08
BackwardsLurkashflake, that is moot. Not all repositories are supported by apt-get.06:09
BackwardsBecause not all repositories are trusted.06:10
BackwardsThe ones that are trusted are on the apt repo list.06:10
BackwardsYou can edit the apt repository list on your ubuntu box.06:10
BackwardsIn the sources.list06:11
BackwardsCheck /etc/apt sources.list.d   or just sources.list06:13
lurkashflakeI come from arch06:13
lurkashflakeIs the problem you saw, related to universe/multiverse? :)06:14
BackwardsIf you uncomment a website the apt sources list has it there. It is up to you to decide.06:14
BackwardsThere is no rule on that.06:15
lintguyI'm getting this "The following extra packages will be installed" and then the package name and then nothing…..06:15
lintguyI've tried clean and check but nothing....06:15
lintguyIf i do an uninstall and then install again, will it remove my config files?06:15
lurkashflakeHow do you know my problem is related to a repo?06:16
BackwardsYou can also add to the sources.list as you see fit. It is your decision.06:16
BackwardsYou can always comment it out.06:16
lurkashflake2016/08/10 02:16:32 Expecting the device to be in the bootloader... waiting06:16
lurkashflake2016/08/10 02:16:33 Device is |moorefield|06:16
lurkashflakeDevice moorefield not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel stable06:16
lurkashflakeyes sure06:16
lurkashflakebut my skill are't fit enogh to notice any link between my error and an uncommented repo06:17
BackwardsBefore you do anything make backups of your system first. Good policy.06:17
BCCIugh, just started my first day working at a porno store.06:17
xz0rBackwards, The upgrade is still going on. How much time do you think it will take to upgrade 10.04 to 14.04 ? I have pretty good internet connection. 94 Mbps06:18
BCCIcan't believe these places are still in business. some fat chick just bought this huge dildo.06:18
BackwardsXz0r you are funny. I don't know. Just let the upgrade do it's thing.06:19
lurkashflakeBackwards: May you quote the exact part of the error that got you to know there is a repo I should add?06:19
xz0rBackwards, why funny?!06:19
BackwardsXz0r I was kidding with you. :)06:20
BackwardsLurkashflake I gave yo the URL.06:20
=== BeerBaro1 is now known as BeerBaron
BackwardsDon't be so quick to add add or subtract anything there. Make sure you make a <file.bakup> before you do anything.06:22
lurkashflakeBackwards: I come from Arch Linux I am literated.06:22
BackwardsIt took another beer to read that line.06:24
Xinhey all06:25
lurkashflakehi Xin06:25
Xinubuntu is all touch friendly now yeah?06:25
Xinin 16.0406:25
lurkashflakethere is ubuntu touch I am trying to install on my tablet06:25
Xinwell for me its a convertable ultrabook06:25
XinI want to use like an ultra low voltage kernel and stuff06:25
lurkashflakewill be easyer06:25
Xinreally max out the life cause its doing very basic work06:26
lurkashflakeah if you are expert gentoo is perfect on that06:26
XinI am no expert haha06:26
lurkashflakelike make a portage of the touch usb and rotation then gg06:26
BackwardsXin what do you mean by "Ultra Low Voltage?"06:26
XinI need tutorials for everything06:26
lurkashflakealright :P06:26
XinBackwards; well it uses a core-m processor06:26
Xinum, my understanding is it like, undervolts it etc06:26
kernelcruncherLooking to debug or solve a problem with wired network not resuming after suspend06:26
kernelcruncherRealtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/816806:27
XinI believe such kernels often try to do stuff like stay very lean06:27
Xinso they can stay active without really requiring many cycles06:27
kernelcruncherSubsystem: Lenovo RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller [17aa:5018]Kernel driver in use: r816906:28
BackwardsXin I am an Electrical Engineer. Voltage has nothing to do with it unless you set the sleep mode on. That is another story.06:28
kernelcrunchermodprobe -rv to remove06:28
kernelcruncherthen -v to insert brings it back06:28
XinBackwards; im.. not entirely sure that's true, but I do understand where you're coming from06:29
Xinafaik its how the core-m series operates06:29
Xinatleast using windows 1006:30
BackwardsSleep Mode reduces the voltage of your computer usage of the battery if you are using a laptop but if you are using a DeskTop that is another story.06:30
BackwardsThe point is that no matter what you set your computer to the battery voltage is always running.06:31
Xinsure but the idea is even in sleep mode you can keep a low power core active06:31
Xinto monitor stuff06:31
Xinand do things06:31
Xinlike your phone does06:31
BackwardsSleep Mode is just telling the OS that your keyboard and mouse and monitory is sleeping. That is it.06:32
Xinthat doesnt seem particularly true either06:32
Xinthere's like what, 4 levels of sleep\06:32
Xinand even then each has its own unique components06:32
Xinaka leaving the lan/wan powered for WOL06:32
BackwardsSleep Mode turns off the voltage to your extranious voltages that are not necessary.06:32
Xinheh anyway06:33
Xinkind of a moot discussion06:33
BackwardsIf the computer is sleeping, there is no need for the monitor to be showing.06:33
Xinthe core of the concept is; less overhead = less battery use06:33
BackwardsXin true.06:34
BackwardsIf the computer is sleeping then, there is no need for the keyboard which takes up voltage as well as the mouse or the keyboard mouse.06:35
BackwardsBut the Sleep Mode does monitor the mouse movements.06:35
BackwardsThen the computer comes into the Awake mode.06:36
=== CyberJacob is now known as zz_CyberJacob
BackwardsXin I am glad  you do your homework. Keep up the good work.06:47
mrz__583how i can join to another group in smuxi?06:50
BackwardsSomeone asked a question here earlier and I thought about it. There is a Ubuntu Xvidtune program that changes the level of the monitor and since Xin mentioned it I must caution about using it because it changes voltage levels.06:50
BackwardsXin thanks for that question.06:53
V7Never upgrade from 14.04 to 16.0606:53
V716.04 *06:53
V7If you want it ... just remove 14.04 and install 16.06 clearly ...06:55
V716.04 *06:56
V7I think ... after 20 years ... I'll make mistake with 106.0606:56
Tin_manin the almost 4 years of using linux, I've upgraded twice, and both time were disasters, ended up reinstalling from the iso.06:57
V7Show me this programmer who did this06:57
BackwardsTin Man Welcome to the Ubuntu club.06:58
V7Backwards: ahh06:58
sarekim trying to find a string(192.16xxx) in a folder recursively and ignore permission denied errors. 'sudo find /etc -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep -l "192.168.1" >/dev/null' doesnt seem to be working06:58
V7Backwards: Bugs are everywhere06:58
Tin_mannot a club i want to frequent..06:58
BackwardsDisasters are from inexperience. Not an insult but we learn from installations.06:58
V7We learn from bug (c)06:59
V7bugs *06:59
robattila256I need to use apt-get update onto my hardrives ubuntu OS, from a live CD. How do I do that?07:00
robattila256can I login to that os from a live cd?07:00
Fr_Daejust apt07:00
BackwardsI cannot tell you how many times I installed Ubuntu and was dissapointed. It takes a lot of trial and error.07:00
cfhowlettrobattila256, use chroot to own the installed OS then execute. carefully07:00
Fr_Daesudo apt update, you don't need anymore apt-get07:00
robattila256ok thanks chroot was the one07:00
V7robattila256: error ?07:00
robattila256I Just set nomodset to my grub cause it wasn't working now I need to update it from a live cd07:00
robattila256then it should work07:01
BackwardsV7 what is so important about GRUB? GRAND UNIFIED BOOTLOADER? Most Ubuntu installations load it automatically. Let the program work itselg.07:05
BackwardsV7 here is a tidbit of research for you:   http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/07:08
BackwardsGood Ubuntu homework.07:08
BackwardsTime for another beer.07:11
sponixAnyone in here use OBS (Open Broadcast Software) ?07:12
cfhowlettsponix, don't waste bandwidth with "anyone ?" questions.  state YOUR issues and YOUR specifications07:16
xz0rcfhowlett, When I was trying to upgrade 10.04 to 12.04 I got the following message Errors were encountered while processing:07:17
xz0r sbackup07:17
xz0r sbackup-gtk07:17
xz0rUpgrade complete07:17
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xz0rWhat should I do now07:17
robattila256When re-installing grub, do I put it on the root partition or the /boot partition?07:17
robattila256because the root partition also has a /etc/default/grub folder07:18
robattila256so not sure which drive I install it on07:18
sponixIs there a FIX for OBS not displaying Chrome and other Windows ?07:19
fpnickHi, since upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04, Openconnect cannet find libgnutls: "openconnect: error while loading shared libraries: libgnutls.so.26: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". How can I reinstall that?07:27
prismthought it would be easier for you to tell07:31
V7Backwards: ?07:34
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xz0rCan anyone help me out with a NFS query? I just need to share a directory between two ubuntu machines in a network07:41
Guest49345xz0r: why not samba?07:43
xz0rI dont know. Seems like NFS would do my job07:44
xz0rI just have to mount it in the client and scan the files07:44
wahajboys and gals ?07:47
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frodoxHow can I change default icons fot some filetypes (say, .sh) to more usefull one? And in ^O dialog08:04
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=== davidklsn is now known as bion
okutuhey, I am trying to install xenial jeos with ubuntu-vm-builder but it it fails with  --force-yes is deprecated, use one of the options starting with --allow instead. any know of any workarounds?08:14
JakesDenWhen i try to install anything or do anything with apt it says"' in directory '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/' as it has an invalid filename extension"08:17
JakesDenhow do i fix it?08:17
glitchdubuntu 16.04.1 with xubuntu desktop, my clock disappears from the top panel as soon as I set it. Just all of the settings get erased as soon as i click close. anyone have any insight as to why or maybe a possible fix?08:18
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m1dnight1mhayden: You around? Can I pm you quickly?08:32
m1dnight1Well, I meant shortly.08:32
deronnaxhi people08:37
deronnaxwith the gnome desktop (gnome shell) and gajim, I don' t have message notifications on the desktop08:38
deronnaxand this is *very* annyoing08:38
deronnaxhas anyone experienced this ? someone knows how to fix ?08:38
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okutu--force-yes is located in hardy.py dapper.py jaunty.py and intrepid.py of Vmbuilder. should I change all instances to --allow-downgrades,08:41
okutu --allow-remove-essential, --allow-change-held-packages08:41
okutu or just the one in jaunty?08:41
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ac2hey anyone here have expierence using the new bash/"ubuntu" terminal in windows ten?08:51
Xinlol no08:55
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basic6_about ubuntu linux 16 not booting anymore on that computer (no video) https://bugs.launchpad.net/kernel/+bug/160943609:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1609436 in linux "Black screen and no tty with Ubuntu 16.04.1 (kernel >= 4.4.2)" [Undecided,New]09:28
basic6_it works with "nomodeset"09:28
basic6_but it does not work by default. pretty much any prepared live linux system (with kernel >=4.4) does not work anymore on that computer. i'll add that info to the bug report09:30
newbie12341234hi guys09:39
newbie12341234can someone help me with ubuntu installation on asus rog laptop please09:39
newbie12341234i can run the live usb09:39
newbie12341234but stuck after trying to install it on the drive09:40
garohttps://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/mediawiki.html speaks about ubuntu 16.04 and tells me to do "sudo apt install mediawiki php-gd"09:40
newbie12341234tried adding nomodeset at the bootloader but it said unrecognize command09:40
garoBut ubuntu 16.04 doesn't have a mediawiki package ?!?09:40
newbie12341234i did tried to find the solution on the internet09:41
newbie12341234all i get only try adding nomodeset09:41
newbie12341234im very newbie at linux09:41
blackbird_newbie12341234, You wanna install it with windows (dual-boot) ?09:41
wpdivineWhat is the shortcut to 'Terminal'? Sorry, I am new in Ubuntu.09:41
garoIs this temporarily missing and will it come back ? And if it won't come back, should I install from source, a ppa or something else ?09:42
newbie12341234single boot09:42
newbie12341234i want to get rid of windows 1009:42
newbie12341234i did tried the encrypted drive, but got the cryptsetup error09:42
newbie12341234now i trying without the encryption, but still can't get to the login09:42
wpdivineNewbie, do you want to run Windows 10 alongside Ubuntu?09:42
garonewbie12341234: I assume you want to install a desktop and not a server ?09:42
newbie12341234i want linux ubuntu only09:42
newbie12341234i got the 16.04 lts desktip09:43
garoI would suggest mint for desktops and regular ubuntu for servers09:43
newbie12341234i did update the installation and driver as well09:43
garomint is 95% ubuntu + 5% improvements for desktop usage09:43
newbie12341234isn't it about the kernel for this problem?09:43
newbie12341234if mint and ubuntu has the same kernel, wouldn't i will be still having the same problems?09:44
blackbird_newbie12341234, did you tried it before installation ?09:44
brunch875yes, mint isn't relevant to this09:44
newbie12341234im on ubuntu usb live now09:44
newbie12341234using firefox right now to chat here09:44
newbie12341234as what i read, it's about the skylake isn't supported yet09:45
newbie12341234i don't know09:45
newbie12341234im on i7 6700 skylake processor09:45
newbie12341234with nvidia gpu09:45
garosorry, I just logged in, i didn't read your problem09:45
brunch875That shouldn't be it, that's my configuration09:45
newbie12341234it's ok, wb09:45
brunch875I'm on a laptop with i76700HQ09:46
newbie12341234then i don't know why after installation and after restarting it just stuck at the ubuntu logo09:46
newbie12341234not going to login page09:46
newbie12341234i can get to the login page when i try the safe mode09:46
newbie12341234but after entering the credentials, then there's nothing09:46
garoI just always suggest mint for desktops because it solves most of the problems09:46
newbie12341234well, ok i will try mint then09:47
newbie12341234downloading now09:47
garoBut what is is the problem actually09:47
blackbird_garo, his ubutnu stack whet instalalting09:47
newbie12341234i don't know09:47
brunch875newbie12341234: what do you mean by "there's nothing" at login?09:48
newbie12341234after installation and after restart, it just stuck at ubuntu logo09:48
brunch875my laptop gave me some issues with the video drivers09:48
newbie12341234after login at safe mode, only wallpaper09:48
newbie12341234but no start menu, icons and so on09:48
brunch875what's your video card?09:48
newbie12341234gtx 960m09:48
newbie12341234asus rog laptop09:49
brunch875We have the same laptop then09:49
garoIf the live cd/usb worked fine it's not a driver problem09:49
newbie12341234how do u install ur ubuntu?09:49
brunch875What I did was use a TTY to install the video drivers09:49
newbie12341234im running on live ubuntu at the very moment09:49
brunch875what happens to me is the display freezes on login09:49
newbie12341234im a regular computer user09:49
newbie12341234on windows i just click yes, yes, yes09:49
brunch875you know, if  you press ctrl+alt+F209:49
brunch875it will change to a terminal09:49
brunch875ctrl+alt+f7 to go back to graphical09:50
newbie12341234on booting?09:50
brunch875at any time when ubuntu is up09:50
brunch875right now09:50
newbie12341234ok then after i go to terminal09:50
newbie12341234what should i do?09:50
brunch875what I did is before logging in was switching to TTY2 via ctrl-alt-f209:50
brunch875then log in there09:50
newbie12341234which version of mint do u suggest for this laptop?09:51
newbie12341234linux mint 18 or lmde 209:51
brunch875and from that point install the video card drivers09:51
newbie12341234i see09:51
brunch875I'll get you the command09:51
newbie12341234thank you09:51
newbie12341234i try to find the nvidia driver for ubuntu09:52
brunch875sudo apt-get install nvidia-36109:52
brunch875that's what you need to type once you log in09:52
brunch875on the tty09:52
brunch875so here's how I did it:09:52
newbie12341234it will download the nvidia driver right?09:52
brunch875but not from the liveUSB09:52
brunch875you want to do that from the installation09:53
newbie12341234i know09:53
newbie12341234from the drive installation right09:53
newbie12341234i go try right now09:53
brunch875how I did it was pressing that TTY combination as it logged in09:53
brunch875before the screen froze09:53
brunch875then log in and hit that command09:53
brunch875or ctrl-alt-f3 to use TTY309:53
brunch875there's multiple09:53
newbie12341234what's the difference?09:53
newbie12341234tty2 or 3?09:53
brunch875nothing, just different instances09:54
brunch875I tend to avoid TTY1 because it prints messages09:54
newbie12341234thanks for the help brunch87509:54
brunch875and it dirties what I'm typing09:54
newbie12341234i'll be back if still error lol09:54
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu09:54
brunch875good luck!09:54
santabearmerry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!09:54
santabearhello everyone09:55
brunch875hello! Please use the ops command only in emergencies09:56
santabearI understand09:56
killallHello, my display settings (rotation and position) is reset every time i reboot. How come?10:05
lanternhow do i resize the lvm partition in the installer for 14.04. all i see under "Change" are the options to change fs and mount point10:06
kobolHello everyone, would you recommend Negus' Linux Bible as a good reference for someone who's learning linux/ubuntu more or less from scratch?10:07
bazhangkobol, try ##linux or #ubuntu-offtopic for such10:08
bazhang!manual | kobol here is for ubuntu10:09
ubottukobol here is for ubuntu: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/10:09
=== mcphail_ is now known as mcphail
kobolThanks ubottu I actually took a look at that manual but feels -very- basic10:12
bazhang!rute | kobol and this too10:13
ubottukobol and this too: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/95-799/rute.pdf10:13
bazhangkobol, otherwise the chat channels for polling recommends10:13
bazhangubottu, lvm10:14
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto10:14
bazhangsee above lantern10:14
kobolthanks a lot for the suggestions lads and apologies for being offtopic10:15
lanternbazhang: i know how to use lvm. my issue is, the resize option is absent in my installer, when i click on "Change"10:16
pandaadbHi - I have asked yesterday about my graphics issue. I ended up doing a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 and installing nvidia driver 36710:29
pandaadbPrime seems to be working, however I believe my intel skylane graphics are not recognised10:29
pandaadband I believe this is causing syncing issues and tearing10:30
killallHello, i have a software raid with 4 disks (runs ok on /raid) but when i change /raid to /home and reboot all the files are there with 0 bytes why?10:30
pandaadbI don't know and can't find info on how to install the correct intel drivers.10:30
pandaadbMy 3D part tells me the driver in use is nvidia, however the intel card does not show any driver in use10:30
pandaadbis this expected? Is there a way for me to reinstall the intel drivers so they are in use with the VGA card10:31
killallpandaadb, maybe one of those chard with 2 graphics?10:31
pandaadbthis is the setup: http://pastebin.com/CD6VDgzL10:31
pandaadbkillall, yes, it is 2 cards, the integrated intel graphics and an NVIDIA card10:32
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killallyou want to use the nvidia only?10:32
pandaadbThe reason i am asking is because the one thread that has the same setup and is solved shows the driver in use to be i91510:34
pandaadbkillall, I am not 100% sure what the correct setup is. Ideally I would like for them to play together nicely and get rid of the tearing10:34
pandaadbWhen switching to power save mode, the tearing goes away. But it seems like the wrong approach to just not use nvidia at all10:35
raketensiloI am on a 15 version and this does not work: sudo apt-get install fpdns10:36
bazhang!eolupgrades | raketensilo10:36
ubotturaketensilo: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:36
bazhangthose are all end of support raketensilo upgrade to a supported version10:36
pandaadbSo i guess the question is, can it cause tearing because the NVIDIA driver works fine, but the intel part which it syncs to is configured wrong?10:39
akikpandaadb: i have tearing also on a laptop with intel/nvidia and can't get rid of it. it's mostly visible on youtube videos, not on any other videos10:40
pandaadbakik, i also have the tearing when scrolling websites, and when working on the terminal. Typing sometimes lags and doesn't get displayed properly10:40
akikpandaadb: i actually went from 16.04 back to 14.04. in that i have nvidia-352 and the tearing is less visible10:42
pandaadbhm, so it might be a 16.04 issue then10:42
pandaadbhave you tried using power safe mode to see if that fixes the issue with 16.04?10:43
akikpandaadb: i don't know. there's lots of discussion also on the nvidia board10:43
pandaadbI saw that thread: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/775691/linux/vsync-issue-nvidia-prime-ux32vd-with-gt620-m-/710:44
pandaadbi was wondering if that has something to do with it10:44
akikpandaadb: there was also some discussion whether nvidia disabled some feature in the chip and that caused the tearing problem10:47
pandaadbakik hm okay. I found this thread where they solved the issue by upgrading the kernel.10:48
pandaadbBut I was advised against upgrading the kernel10:48
sh0tHi guys my goal is to access my samsung galaxy s5 with ubuntu and copy all the files i want in my laptop. What's the smoothest way? I tried using mtpfs but i get an error like:"LIBMTP ERROR: couldnt parse extension samsung.com/devicestatus:0"10:49
akikpandaadb: you can install mainline kernels for testing. just save the default kernel10:49
pandaadbakik would you mind pasting your output for: lspci -knn | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D'10:50
akikpandaadb: that laptop is at home. i have probably that info though online10:50
pandaadbI just wonder if your intel card uses a specific driver or not10:51
pandaadbI feel like I am chasing red herrings around the world :)10:51
akikIntel HD Graphics 520 (Skylake GT2) and GeForce 920M/PCIe/SSE210:51
pandaadbAnd does it say if a driver is in use for both?10:52
akiki'm using the nvidia one10:53
akiki've set it in xorg.conf10:53
pandaadbThat;s the one I am using as well. But doesn't the nvidia still have to pass it through the intel one?10:54
akikpandaadb: i've set the intel one as "Inactive" in the conf10:54
pandaadbThat's what I have as well10:55
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killallwhy is ctrl +c and ctrl +v diferent than ctrl + insert  and shift + insert and mouse copy mouse paste?11:04
brunch875From python I can import youtube_dl but from python3 I cannot... knowing that this module is compatible how can I import it from py3?11:05
bekkskillall: it depends where you issue those key combos.11:05
killallbekks, why should it matter where do i issue them? the clipboard content should be the same no?11:06
bekkskillall: in a terminal, ctrl+c terminates the currently running process, e.g.11:06
brunch875killall: you can ctrl-shift-c ctrl-shift-v to copy-paste11:07
akikkillall: you can change the shortcuts to suit your usage11:07
akikkillall: i'm using many windows and linux and firefox in the same session, so i need to keep the copy & paste functions the same11:08
akikotherwise it would be a mess11:08
gstepanov_--query Aamit11:15
killallbekks, i know that ctr+c in terminal terminates the run app, but  why cant i copy from firefox (mouse copy) and paste the command in terminal with ctrl + insert? it shows a different thing...11:16
killallbekks, i mean like i think i have 3 clipboards that are not even synced and that sometimes they mess around each other.11:16
YankDownUnder(You can paste into a terminal with the middle click)11:21
Harishello all11:22
HarisI'm on 14.04.3 LTS. I hav 1x ssl vhost, 2x port 80 based vhosts and one default vhost on port 80. how can I provide access to a certain vhost via LAN IP of this box ?11:22
AndrzejHi. I am Ubuntu 16.04 user. How can I create bootable USB with Ubuntu that will work on 2009 Macbook Pro?11:24
sheiruwhy is apache.service showing up when i removed apache11:25
Andrzejsheiru: you probably have to remove service from systemd11:25
YankDownUnderAndrzej: http://business.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-bootable-ubuntu-usb-drive-for-mac-in-os-x--cms-2125311:26
killallYankDownUnder, that is not my problem, if i copy in terminal and i paste in firefox i will have diferent content pasted and so on ... the clipboards ( i guess there must be at least 2) are not synced11:27
killallsheiru, did you purge it?11:27
AndrzejYankDownUnder: thank you but this is not the answer that I was looking for. I need to make bootable USB that will work on OSX but to do that USB I can use only Ubuntu or other linux distro (I may have access to Windows 10 machine if this will be necessary), I don't have working OSX installation11:28
sheirukillall: how?11:28
glanceI'm mocking around with secure boot11:28
sheiruapt purge lamp-server^11:28
glanceWhere can i get a copy of the canonical secure boot ca?11:29
sheirui already removed it lamp-server^ group11:29
Harishow do I check what .. multiple .. LAN IPs have been added/assigned to an interface on 14.03.4 LTS ?11:29
sheirui cant purge now11:29
YankDownUnderAndrzej: You can boot the Mac to a CD/DVD, you know...11:29
sheirusince i removed that11:29
sheirukillall: ?11:29
AndrzejYankDownUnder: I don't have CD drive in that mac, it's broken11:29
YankDownUnderAndrzej: And if you boot the machine with "OPTION+U" for USB...that should boot to the USB...hmm...11:30
AndrzejYankDownUnder: Unetbooin was always informing that pendrive created trough it will not work on MB11:31
Andrzejwill "Make Startup Disk" in ubuntu create MBP bootable USB?11:31
YankDownUnderAndrzej: http://www.howtogeek.com/213396/how-to-boot-a-linux-live-usb-drive-on-your-mac/11:33
bekksAndrzej: which OS are you trying to boot from your USB?11:33
sheirui am unable to remove lamp-server^,even after purgin that i still get localhost apache page????11:34
YankDownUnderThe EFI BIOS on Macs is a PITA to deal with - unless you prepare a proper "boot media" that's going to play happy with the EFI/SMC on the Mac11:34
AndrzejYankDownUnder: that still requires OSX which I don't have11:35
Andrzejbekks: Ubuntu11:35
killallsheiru, you tell me11:36
bekksAndrzej: if you dont have OSX, why are you trying to create a boot medium for it? :)11:36
YankDownUnderAndrzej: You know, I'm just Googling, bro - do you know that you yourself can bloody well Google? If you want something, you work for it. I suggest you get off your arse and bloody well look on the net. The answer is there, and I don't need an attitude from someone that wants me to do the work for 'em - and don't bother to show any gratitude at all for the volunteers that bloody well spend their time in here trying to help. Have11:37
AndrzejYankDownUnder: I know how to google, I found articles that you send me, I can not find answer to my question so I've asked here because there are people in the world that have solved problems but didn't wrote about them in blog post. If you don't know the answer then do not respond to me! I don't need help of someone that will google the answer for me. I can do that myself.11:40
theMINUSbros360nhello be my peeporoonis11:40
theMINUSbros360nim so sorry kms11:40
Andrzejnevertheless thank you for your help11:40
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theMINUSbros360nanyone know how to simulate coding in batch like i wanted to send a batch file to my friend over skype(even though this isnt windows) but i was wondering if there was any software to open and play batch files with linux but i can still code in batch just cant open :/11:43
acetakwasShould I install Ubuntu 14 or 16?11:44
theMINUSbros360nim running 1611:44
acetakwasI believe both are LTS11:44
theMINUSbros360nand i like it better than 1411:44
acetakwasI need it for development work at the office.11:44
acetakwasI work with Pyhton11:44
acetakwasOkay so 16 is fine for a Lenovo?11:45
theMINUSbros360noh then 16 would be best11:45
acetakwasI'm thinking an older version is more likely to have support11:45
theMINUSbros360nand yes 16 is fine for a lenovo11:45
acetakwasBut I'll go with 16.11:45
theMINUSbros360nthat would make sense11:45
theMINUSbros360nbut ok :D\11:45
acetakwasAnyone in here has a contrary opinion?11:46
avis-you mean linux is not minix in reference to gpl3 ?11:46
OerHeksacetakwas, go with the latest LTS11:47
avis-in light of11:47
OerHeksthat is, if you want to dev python311:47
bekksAndrzej: You cant boot non-OSX from USB on a Mac unless you tell your Mac to do so.11:48
acetakwasOerHeks::  Thanks. I do both Py2 and py311:48
OerHekspython2 is still available, too11:48
michelehi! how do I know which packages are inside a tasksel item? e.g. ubuntu-server11:49
micheleor "publishing applications"11:50
bekksmichele: tasksel --task-packages "Ubuntu Server"11:50
bekksmichele: Or, before that: tasksel --list-tasks11:51
chilverschow do I configure gnome terminal correctly so that clear removes the scrollback?11:51
bekkschilversc: thats not what clear does at all, you cant configure that.11:51
chilversc"echo -ne '\033c'" works fine and the docs mentions something about extended E3 support?11:52
michelebekks: ow. i did not imagine that i was one man page away11:52
michelebekks: thanks :)11:52
bekkschilversc: that issues a "reset", not "clear".11:52
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chilverscah right11:52
chilverscthough it's much faster than the reset command?11:53
michelebekks: maybe I said victory too early11:54
michele# tasksel --task-packages server11:54
steinerleingood morning all, I have trouble with my bluetooth headset in 16.04 - I am using a bluetooth USB dongle to connect to it. I can connect, and the Headset also shows up in the sound setting, but I do not hear anything. I have checked the levels with alsamixer, nothing is muted. Also it worked just fine yesterday! Any idea as to what could be the problem?11:55
chilverscbekks: is there any way to configure terminfo so that that's the method used to clear the screen?11:55
OerHeksmichele, you ran into this bug, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tasksel/+bug/157627911:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1576279 in tasksel (Ubuntu) "tasksel --task-packages does not list packages in task" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:55
OerHeksi think you need to examine the metapackages online11:56
micheleoh yea11:56
micheleOerHeks: how can i do that?11:56
raketensilocan you please confirm that a fpdns install package is available for Ubuntu16=11:56
micheleraketensilo: packages.ubuntu.com and search for your distro11:57
OerHekshttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntustudio-meta  > http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/ubuntustudio-publishing11:57
michelethanks OerHeks11:58
bekkschilversc: clear does something different than reset.11:58
OerHeksmichfull ubuntu studio > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Applications11:58
bekkschilversc: if you want to clear the terminal, use clear, if you want to reset the terminal, use reset.11:58
chilversccan I make reset faster though? for some reason the echo is almost instant while reset has a short delay12:01
bekksAnd why is that delay that vital?12:01
bekkschilversc: this is what reset does, in addition to just echoing 33c12:02
hyunquery fr_dae12:03
bekkschilversc: http://linux.die.net/man/1/reset12:03
chilverscit's just annoying having that delay before the command runs12:03
bekkschilversc: it is about functionality, not speed.12:04
raketensiloI have identified it here http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/fpdns but how to install it?12:05
chilverscright, but all I need to do is clear the screen and the scrollback12:05
bekkschilversc: and that is what reset does. And it does that in a defined way, as described in th link given.12:05
chilverscreally should just be a standard option in gnome terminal, when clearing, clear the scrollback12:06
bekkschilversc: clear clears the terminal. reset resets the scrollback, in addition to a couple of other things.12:06
BluesKajHey all12:06
mhaydenm1dnight1: back now12:08
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x_hi alll12:20
x_good morning12:20
x_one help for run one script12:20
x_how to change command "sb2" for ?12:21
Jordy_Hi everyone - i'm trying to install .NET Core on Ubuntu 16.04, but an error occured:  Unable to locate package dotnet-dev-1.0.0-preview2-003121... Does anyone know how to solve this issue?12:21
x_how to change command "sb2" for ?12:21
x_sb2 not found12:21
x_in terminal12:21
geassx_ : http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man1/sb2-init.1.html there is a package called sb2-init12:22
geasscan u try to install it ?12:22
OerHeks!find dotnet-dev12:22
ubottuPackage/file dotnet-dev does not exist in xenial12:23
Jordy_OerHeks: Huh?12:23
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ioriaJordy_, http://zablo.net/blog/post/run-and-debug-asp-net-core-rc2-ubuntu-16-0412:24
OerHeksJordy_, it is not available in our repos, where do you get it12:24
sarekexactly how do you se virtualenviroments? I installed ve and vewrappers and put the ve thing in bashrc and everything, but not exactly sure how to 'run this' https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/114395/plex-lastfm-scrobble-scrobble-plex-audio-tracks-to-last-fm/p1 in a virtualenviroment. Just clone it into ~/.virtualenvs? or do i manually  'mkvirtualenv12:24
sarekplex-lastfm-scrobbler' the clone the git on my desktop or something then like rsync -av ~/Desktop/plex-lastfm-scrobbler/ to ~/.virtualenvs/plex-lastfm-scrobber THEN cd into ~/.virtualenvs/plex-lastfm-scrobber then run python setup.py install?12:24
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=== OERIAS is now known as Obama
Jordy_OerHeks: https://www.microsoft.com/net/core#ubuntu12:25
x_sb2-init not found on apt-get12:25
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=== PresidentObama is now known as PrezObama
Jordy_OerHeks: It's awesome. Hope it will be adopted by the Ubuntu foundation, that's default available in apt-get. Samsung etc. already does..12:26
OerHeksJordy_, follow their instructions carefully ..12:27
Jordy_OerHeks: I did already, but it doesn't work. On Ubuntu 14.04LTS it works OK, but on 16.04 it failed.12:28
OerHekscontact the maintainer = microsoft12:29
=== PrezObama is now known as OERIAS
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raketensilohow has fpdns running successfully? Which distro you have and where did you get the package from?12:34
raketensilo*who has fpdns running successfully? Which distro you have and where did you get the package from?12:34
OerHekslikely we all use ubuntu, raketensilo12:34
ioria!info fpdns12:34
OerHeksplease poll in ##linux12:34
ubottufpdns (source: net-dns-fingerprint): remotely determine DNS server version. In component universe, is optional. Version 20130404-1 (xenial), package size 7 kB, installed size 50 kB12:34
raketensilowhat ubuntu version do you have? I can't find it with apt-get after update12:35
x_please how to use sb2 on ubuntu ?12:36
x_command not found12:36
OerHeks!info fpdns12:36
ubottufpdns (source: net-dns-fingerprint): remotely determine DNS server version. In component universe, is optional. Version 20130404-1 (xenial), package size 7 kB, installed size 50 kB12:36
OerHeksraketensilo, should be available though.. trusty and xenial12:36
OERIASCan someone help me?12:36
bekksOERIAS: Depends on what you need help with.12:36
OERIASI have a machine with 7.04 and I want to upgrade to 16.0412:37
bekksOERIAS: Reinstall.12:37
OERIASIt can't be reformatted or reinstalled12:37
OerHekslolz .. the first troll today12:37
bekksOERIAS: Then we cant help you.12:37
OerHeksplease, OERIAS, you make me lauch .. if you have no backup if your data, it is not important :-D12:38
OERIASI know there was a command that the installer would just install the text based os12:38
bekksThat box isnt important at all. It hasnt seen updates since 8 years.12:38
bekksOERIAS: There is no such command.12:38
OERIASbekks, it was a server12:39
OERIASin a church12:39
bekksCorrect. WAS. Reinstall it.12:39
bekks!7.04 | OERIAS12:39
ubottuOERIAS: Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) was the sixth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 19th, 2008. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.12:39
OERIASIt has 1 GB of RAM12:39
PiciOERIAS: So?12:40
OERIAS2 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo12:40
bekksOERIAS: It doesnt matter. It is too old for upgrading.12:40
PiciOERIAS: The server iso will install fine on that.12:40
OERIASbekks, not even if it is textbased>12:40
bekksOERIAS: No. Reinstall it.12:40
OERIASPici, will it be smooth?12:40
PiciOERIAS: The issue isn't running a new release, its the fact that upgrading requires that you go through every intemediary release, which is 1) a waste of time 2) not something that you can do without implementing fixes at each step 3) bound to fail12:41
bekksOERIAS: Your hardware is 9 years old. It will be as smooth as your hardware is capable of.12:41
roninoa friend of mine has an old Ubuntu 12.10 running but for some days the menu fonts of non-qt programs like chromium and thunderbird look like bars and squares or even UTF special characters, he didn't change anything he said, what could be wrong?12:42
PiciOERIAS: If this is truely a server without a desktop environment, then it will most likely run fine.12:42
bekks!12.10 | ronino12:42
ubotturonino: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) was the 17th release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on May 16th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/quantal12:42
popeyOERIAS: it is possible to go 7.04 -> 7.10 -> 8.04 -> 10.04 -> 12.04 -> 14.04 -> 16.04 but that's just madness12:42
roninognome-tweak-tool looks the same and I can't do anything12:42
OerHeksupgrading, ext3 > ext4, newer grub, lots of things to avoid12:43
roninobekks: thanks for the info, but an upgrade is an option I'd like to avoid12:43
PiciOERIAS: I just went from 12.04 > 14.04 > 16.04 on a server here and I had to make a bunch of changes to get everything to work.12:44
popeyronino: you may want to avoid it, but that's unsupported with security holes. it _should_ be upgraded or reinstalled12:44
OERIASPici, did it keep the integrity of the data?12:44
roninopopey: I get your point, but this will take hours for a problem that probably takes only 5 min to solve if I only knew what's wrong12:45
popeyronino: right, but then they'd still be running an insecure non-updated system12:46
popeyronino: friends don't let friends run outdates releases ㋛12:46
=== dsung1 is now known as dsung
PiciOERIAS: Yes.12:46
roninopopey: well, if you have lots of friends, then you probably can't avoid it ;-)12:46
popeySadly i don't ㋛12:46
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yanchohi. i am trying to connect freeradius with openldap. freeradius was set up with mysql and worked fine before. now it is firing reject response. This is the radtest: http://paste.ubuntu.com/22905656/ and this is the debug info: http://pastebin.com/CV6P6DXX - anyone can please offer some light as to where I should start looking to fix the bug please?12:48
pi__muy buenas12:55
setuidIs there a way for Ubuntu to remember my monitor arrangement? Every time I turn on my external monitor, I get a popup from xfce4 asking me to configure my monitors and arrangement. it's annoying.12:58
setuidI'd rather it just always knew where my monitors are, and their placement. 1 laptop, 1 external monitor.12:58
bekkssetuid: so turn on the external monitor first, then your laptop.12:59
popeythat's an xfce specific issue, my unity based desktop remembers where monitors are12:59
popeywhich I think is stored in .config/monitors.xml12:59
setuidbekks, not possible12:59
popeymaybe the same place in xfce?12:59
setuidpopey, How does one configure monitors.xml?12:59
setuidother than "by hand"13:00
popeygenerally I just use the control panel thing13:00
popeyand it saves to that file13:00
popeyi dont know if xfce uses that file too13:00
setuidRight, so I configure the monitors using Settings -> Display, and they're correct. I turn off the external monitor, turn it back on, and have to do it all over again.13:00
setuidhappens with nouveau driver and with the nvidia driver13:00
popeythat's annoying13:00
setuidmonitors.xml shows me as having what looks like 17 monitors13:01
setuideDP1, DP3, DP4, HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, VIRTUAL1, then duplicated a second time13:01
setuid14 separate blocks of config13:02
popeyin the past I have had to nuke that file and start again13:02
popeybecause the system got "confused" by it13:02
popeyperhaps back it up, and remove it13:02
setuidI just removed it, logged out, back in, checked Settings->Display, everything looked good, turned off external, back on, popup showed up, configured the monitors the way they're arranged, and checked ~/.config/. no monitors.xml file there.13:04
setuidso what process/tool creates that file?13:04
popeysetuid: ever used any other desktop than xfce on that machine?13:07
popeysetuid: maybe xfce doesn't use that file13:07
OerHeks~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml perhaps ?13:07
setuidpopey, no other wm runs on this machine, I've tried them all. Once they try to start, they recycle back to lightdm.13:08
setuidxfce4 is the only one that works, so I use that13:08
popeysetuid: okay, so having used one at some point, that may be why you had a monitors.xml13:08
setuidOerHeks, that file has a datetime stamp of moments ago, so it's definitely being updated. How do I make that file the canonical source for monitor config?13:09
setuidchattr +i the file?13:09
* setuid tries that13:10
=== coy is now known as Guest74373
OerHekssetuid, that could do the job, a bit ugly ..13:10
MacroMan2I've got 2 nvidea cards in my machine, but Ubuntu only seems to recorgnize one of them13:14
MacroMan2I can see it in the additioanl drivers section, but xrandr only show the first one13:14
OerHeksMacroMan2, what config? one nvidia onboard, one pciXpress?13:16
MacroMan2No, both pic-e13:17
MacroMan2pci-e sorry13:17
MacroMan2My pc doesn't support running the onboard at the same time13:17
MacroMan2I can see the onboard in the output of xrandr13:17
MacroMan2They're different models. Would that introduce an incompatibilty?13:19
OerHeksNot sure you need to write a xorg.conf yourself, define both cards, device0 and device1 > https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/769851/multi-nvidia-gpus-and-xorg-conf-how-to-account-for-pci-bus-busid-change-/13:19
MacroMan2Will take a look, thanks13:19
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
MacroMan2OerHeks, I think this is a bit over my head.13:21
OerHeksMacroMan2, for me too, maybe someone else here got a clue??13:21
MacroMan2Ah. I've managed to find it in the nvidea-xserver control. Need to restart x to see if it works13:23
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awsumpwner27Last night I "Suspend"ed my laptop and this morning when I brought it back up, it said that the wifi was disabled by a hardware switch.13:25
elspruhow do I open a .sql file?13:30
* elspru doesn't want to install something as bulky as mysql13:30
setuidOerHeks, didn't work13:31
setuidOerHeks, Either X starts with the second monitor powered-on, but black, or I have to go into the config and enable that monitor, apply, then arrange, then apply a second time.13:31
setuidWhy doesn't it just remember that I have a second monitor, and remember where i've placed it!?13:32
killallWhere is the xorg.conf stored?13:33
killallWhere is the xorg.conf stored?  on ubuntu 16.0413:33
nagyfelspru: .sql is just a text file. open it with your favourite text editor13:33
setuidkillall, where it's always been, /etc/X11/13:34
setuidkillall, if it's not there, it's not using one13:34
elsprunagyf: thanks13:34
killallsetuid, i change my xorg.conf and dont see anything......13:35
setuidare you restarting X? or just logging out and back in again?13:36
killallsetuid,  reboot the computer :)13:37
killallsetuid, im changing the monitor rotation via nvidia driver config and via ubuntu display menu and after a reboot the screens get horizontal13:37
dupondjesomething broken in last updates?13:38
dupondjecan't open unity anymore :s13:38
awsumpwner27Well, a restart seemed to do the trick.13:38
awsumpwner27Weird behaviour.13:38
dupondjewell it opens, but no bard13:38
jonathonhi, does anyone have any experience with installer preseed files? i can't get a file included on the cd to be used, but loading it from a url works fine13:41
MacroMan2OerHeks, You may have guessed, but restarting x crashed my computer lol13:42
MacroMan2I'll stick to 2 monitors for now I think13:42
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Guest78991anybody here??13:50
brunch8751hello Guest78991, there-s 1897 people here13:51
=== Guest78991 is now known as fsociety404
SchrodingersScatfsociety404: knock knock, neo13:52
fsociety404my nickname was change not by me..13:52
fsociety404are you geek??13:53
SchrodingersScat!support | fsociety404 this is the ubuntu support channel #ubuntu, do you have a ubuntu support question?13:53
ubottufsociety404 this is the ubuntu support channel #ubuntu, do you have a ubuntu support question?: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com13:53
fsociety404 not now, but later..;)13:55
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Archeus_how can i go to #hackthissite from here ?14:23
jonathon/join #channelname14:24
jonathonassuming it's on freenode14:24
freakyyhi all i have a question. if i wanna put ubuntu on my desktop pc, and i have an ssd with 30GBs i can allocate, and a HDD with 1TB, what partitions should i put where?14:30
=== krc4267|sleep is now known as krc4267_
Gourlayanyone could give me advice on getting the latest BIOS on a computer which don't get any BIOS screen? have something like this, issue: http://community.acer.com/t5/V-and-VN-Series-Laptops/I-have-an-Aspire-V17-Nitro-VN7-791G-72MY-Very-slow-startup/td-p/418739. Some irc channel to suggest who may help me?14:35
Matt__hello. i think i've found a bug. i was hoping someone could direct me14:37
jonathonfreakyy, / on the ssd, /home, /var and swap on the hdd14:38
jonathonGourlay, not sure what you mean by "don't get any BIOS screen", but flashing a BIOS is dependent on the manufacturer tools14:38
jonathonMatt__, you should probably go to Launchpad and search for the package+bug there14:39
Matt__thank you jonathon14:39
Gourlayjonathon, I have .exe-file to install BIOS. I don't get any screen at all, it is totally black, but after waiting for 3 hours I can sometimes get the computer running to the OS, which is now Windows 10.14:39
jonathonGourlay, so boot into windows 10 and run the bios updater14:40
jonathonotherwise it sounds like a hardware issue which noone here is going to be able to fix14:40
Gourlayjonathon, How do I boot into windows 10 when I get a completely black screen and cannot reach my BIOS settings? My BIOS could be corrupted.14:40
Gourlayjonathon, I get into my computer sometimes, but most of the time it reboots repeatedly14:41
jonathoni suggest you file an RMA and get it repaired under warranty14:41
Gourlayjonathon, could you please read this, same computer model as I have: http://community.acer.com/t5/V-and-VN-Series-Laptops/I-have-an-Aspire-V17-Nitro-VN7-791G-72MY-Very-slow-startup/td-p/418739.14:42
jonathonok, so they flashed the bios14:43
jonathonyou need to flash the bios14:43
jonathonwhich means you need to be running windows14:43
Gourlayjonathon, I will probably get into windows tomorrow, but anyway I would like this computer returned. Warranty is one year on Aspire, I think.14:44
freakyyjonathon ok thanks sounds good :)14:44
rdeggesheyo. quick question14:45
rdeggesWhat's the best IM client now-a-days? Is it still pidgin? Or is empathy decent?14:46
jonathonGourlay, if you bought it in the EU you get two years warranty14:46
rdeggesBeen a while.14:46
jonathonrdegges, the only way to know which is best for you is to try them :)14:46
rdeggesfair enough14:46
mcphailfreakyy: if you feel adventurous, you could try using bcache14:46
Gourlayjonathon, OK, Do I have to send the damn thing to Singapore or something? Or is it anywhere I can return it in Sweden, Stockholm?14:49
Matt__i am looking at launchpad (and canonical) but do not see how to submit  a bug report14:49
GourlayjonathaN, this computer has a touchpad not working properly (have to click really hard), a screen with a line in the middle when starting (disappears after a while, but really sensitive if it gets pressure on middle) and now a not booting. I can't believe Acer pulled this off with my Aspire VN7 791G model.14:51
BravenI am trying to figure out how add Active Directory user to ubunutu server. I have already joined the server to the domain14:55
ThisIsZenifiedBraven: and what's the problem14:55
BravenI added domain admin to sudoer file14:56
BravenWhat format should user be in if want to add it to passwd file14:56
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:02
ThisIsZenifiedzteam: ^15:02
ThisIsZenified!ask | zteam15:02
ubottuzteam: please see above15:02
ThisIsZenifiedOh fun, I remember the syntax15:02
mustmodifyJust got "cannot create temp file for here-document: Read-only file system"15:03
zteamThisIsZenified, yes, I know about, that I just usually begins with saying Hi :-)15:03
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
mustmodifyI was thinking about restarting but thought I should check first... if there was some kind of os/drive failure issue that could cause my drives to become readonly and when I restart there will be a giant mess instead of something recoverable... ???15:04
zteamDoes anybody know reliable LVM is with Ubuntu? my experience is that the LVM "falls apart after about 2 years, is this normal?15:05
tgm4883zteam: falls apart?15:05
Matt__Launchpad login page is down?15:06
=== aa is now known as ceciestunmonsieu
Bravenanyone have experience with ubunutu server and active directory intergration15:06
Matt__Braven, I can work on this with you15:07
zteamtgm4883, yeah sort of... with Ubuntu 14.04 or if it was Ubuntu 12.04 I lost one of the disks integrated into that LVM (the disk itself was recognizing and working just fine after a format) but the LVM didn't recongnize as part of it's chain15:08
tgm4883That seems odd to me15:08
PiciMatt__: the canonical sysadmins are looking into it15:09
Matt__if they require any further assistance i would be glad to help the team15:10
Matt__oh, the conversation split. i retract my statement. they are looking into the issue of the login page being down15:10
PiciMatt__: yes ;)15:11
Matt__Braven, I would be happy to work with you on the active directory integration15:11
Matt__thank you Pici15:11
zteamtgm4883, with Ubuntu 14.04 the LVM lasted for about 2 years, but after I encrypted another drive, but my Ubuntu installation got an error, saying it couldn't reach LVM file (LVM-tab or something?) booting from a LIVE usb and read the LVM from that worked fine this time however)15:11
Arkusi need some help with grep15:13
Matt__i need assistance with an existing bug15:13
zteamtgm4883, yes, I agree it was odd....15:14
PiciArkus: just ask15:15
Arkusim looking to search for the text LoadModules15:15
zteamIs there any commands worth knowing to treat a broken LVM or somehhing?15:15
OerHeksMatt__, really this old bug ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libatasmart/+bug/44585215:15
PiciArkus: and what part is giving you trouble?15:15
Arkusive been using grep Load15:16
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #445852 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/445852). The error has been logged15:16
ArkusLoadModule *15:16
Matt__OerHeks, yes, it seems to be15:16
Arkusand its seeming to take its sweet time to do anything wich it dosent do anything at all15:17
PiciArkus: that will look for the text LoadModule in every file in the current directory, is that what you want?15:17
ArkusPici: im actully tring to comment the text out of an apache2 file15:18
kikeroHello! MySQL 5.7 breaks my website. What is the preferred way of downgrading to MySQL 5.6 in Ubuntu 16 LTS?15:18
Arkuskikero: purge mysql then sudo apt-get install mysqld5.615:19
ThisIsZenifiedthe first thing you should do is: FIX YOUR WEBSITE15:19
OerHekskikero, not, just follow the releasenotes howto do it right ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes#MySQL_5.715:19
OerHeksArkus, wrong approach, 5.6 is not in the xenial repo15:20
Arkuskikero: yeah ThisIsZenified  has a valid point why dosent your website work with mysql 5.7 in the first place15:20
kikeroThisIsZenified: I can't change .5 million lines of code over the night. :-)15:20
ArkusOerHeks: fair play , i hold my hand up15:20
ThisIsZenified5 millions of code that is bloated15:20
ThisIsZenifiedYou did everything wrong15:20
ThisIsZenifiedyou did it15:20
OerHekskikero, does it throw an error about 'unknown option key_buffer' ?15:22
kikeroThisIsZenified, I haven't asked for career advice, haha. I want to downgrade to MySQL 5.6. Downgrading to MySQL 5.6 is done just the same, regardless of what the reasons behind this option are. :-)15:22
OerHekskikero, downgrading means back to 14.0415:22
kikeroOerHeks, first error that I get is related to ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY, but then there are a couple more.15:23
ThisIsZenifiedyou can do it, but making your code not bloated is the most big thing15:23
kikerofuck off, ThisIsZenified15:23
kikeroNow, the dump is quite big and my guess is that not all of it gets executed, due to errors.15:24
\9there seems to be a few PPAs around for MySQL 5.615:24
\9of course are they any usable is entirely another matter15:24
OerHeksyou better fix your code than downgrade.15:25
kikeroSo, what I have on the production server is an approximation of what I have locally and the other way round is also true. I don't really know very well what the differences between the two MySQL versions are, but I can say that the website works on one version but doesn't on the other one.15:25
PiciThisIsZenified: While I may agree that dependency on specific releases of mysql is bad form, #ubuntu is not a place to shame people about it.15:25
Picikikero: also, please mind the language.15:25
=== irinix is now known as wtf_lenovo
\9I think the language was called for but whatever15:26
kikeroPici: I will, sorry.15:26
ThisIsZenifiedread the problems, fix it15:26
daku_Rate limiting with iptables, is it possible to ip ban automatically for DOS protection, some guy keeps wrecking my life with post requests.15:26
CuriousErnestBroi messed up with xrandr15:26
tgm4883daku_: fail2ban maybe?15:26
daku_I saw an article and tried it, but it blocked which made things worse.15:27
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CuriousErnestBrowhat will happen if I run xrandr --pos 0x0?15:27
daku_tgm4883: I have fail to ban, but from what I saw, it didn't have an option to deny from HTTP requests, just ssh, mysql and a few others. I could be wrong though15:27
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ahmed751995excuse me , is prime with nouveau switch between two card automatic or i have to type DRI_PRIME=1 "app" ?15:28
Picidaku_: it has the ability to monitor other logfiles, see http://www.fail2ban.org/wiki/index.php/Apache for example15:29
daku_Thanks Pici, I'll give that a go. I really hate this guy15:29
kevinARE YOU 1 || 0 ?15:29
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\9kikero: downgrading to 14.04 to get an older mysql version could work as a temporary workaround, but eventually you'll have to upgrade anyway so you should try to find out what's breaking the website15:30
Guest24853<?php echo"blabla"; ?>15:30
\9Guest24853: do you have an ubuntu support question or are you just here to speak your mind?15:30
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kikeroThis question might be a bit too broad, but what are the steps of starting a new language version for Ubuntu?15:36
kikeroSuch as, adding a new keyboard layout.15:37
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OerHekskikero, systemsettings > language support > add language and update15:38
OerHekskeyboard you also find there15:38
onectinHello !15:39
kikeroOerHeks, I added it from the terminal on my own machine. I'm talking about other people being able to use it / getting it into the Ubuntu official distribution.15:39
onectinI have a personnal serveur running on ubuntu, with apache, and I'm not sure of how should be the permissions on /var/www/ ? Is it 755 for the folders and 644 for the files ?15:40
OerHekswhy don't set those 'other people' language and keyboard during install ?? also the same answer i guess, add it through the systemsettings panel15:41
Guest24853BlackHat 1 || 0 ?15:41
OerHeksDo you have an Ubuntu support question, Guest24853 ??15:43
ahmed751995excuse me , does prime with nouveau switch between two card automatic or i have to type DRI_PRIME=1 "app" ?15:43
Guest24853Yes. Where i can support Linux?15:43
OerHeksahmed751995, prime works with the nvidia driver, not with nouveau iirc15:44
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OerHeksGuest24853 try ##linux15:44
compdocabout once a minute while viewing remotely, my desktop theme switches to a different theme and then back again. any ideas?15:45
OerHeksGuest24853 no pm.15:45
OerHeksGuest24853, stop that dcc crap15:46
OerHeksignoring now.15:46
Guest24853which dist i should use of linux15:47
Guest24853i can deb. -> kali, ubuntu, mint...15:47
tgm4883Guest24853: fedora15:47
Matt__has there been any update on the bug login page or bug 445852?15:47
ubottubug 445852 in libatasmart "devkit-disks-probe-ata-smart causes HSM Violations on SSD, and potential hardware death" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44585215:47
Matt__*launchpad* login page15:48
freakyyhi all. is there a way i can install ubuntu through windows, if im unable to create any bootable devices?15:48
OerHeksfreakyy, no, unless you have grub already on your system15:49
freakyydamn ok thanks15:49
SchrodingersScatfreakyy: pxe boot, if you have a machine you can setup for that :)15:50
freakyySchrodingersScat: i think i can boot over the network.15:50
freakyyhow to set that up?15:50
freakyySchrodingersScat: well nm ill jsut wait until i get my usb stick tomorrow15:52
mustmodifyok! So it seems like I have a bad superblock. I have an ubuntu 15.10 disk so I started up linux. I'm now in a console. `df` doesn't seem to list my hard drives... so I guess I need to mount them, right?15:52
Matt__what can and *can't* you change freakky?15:52
freakyyi dont have any working dvd burner. and i dont have any usb stick15:52
Matt__booting over the network is an option15:52
Matt__or install a virtualization device15:52
freakyyno thanks ill just wait until i get my usb stick tomorrow15:53
freakyyand put it on there then15:53
tgm4883or the simpliest solution, wait until you get your USB stick tomorrow15:53
freakyythanks :)15:53
Matt__you're welcome15:53
freakyyi cant believe my pcs dvd writer is broken15:53
kikeroOerHeks: I don't think you understand what I am saying. I am talking about supporting a language spoken by ~ 100k people on the Planet that currently doesn't have any kind of support. They can't just add it during install, because it doesn't exist there.15:53
freakyyi only burned 1 dvd15:53
OerHekskikero, '100k people' .. and what language is that?15:54
OerHekskikero, if you ask something, give full details, this is like trolling around15:54
SchrodingersScatfreakyy: usb is indeed easier, if you're getting one soon anyway.15:55
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fastfourierhey all, running server 16.04.1 as a virtualbox guest VM, configured a second (host only) network adapter, I configured it with a static ipv4 in /etc/network/interfaces but it doesn’t get one16:00
joeliofastfourier: does the 2nd device show up in #ifconfig -a ?16:01
fastfourierHi J., yes it does16:01
joeliowould you like to pastebin your interfaces file?16:01
fastfourieronce I gave it a static IP i could do ifconfig enp0s8 up and it appears on plain old ifconfig but no IP16:02
joelioens0p8 ?16:02
joelioshould be the form, no?16:02
OerHeksThis new interface naming is introduced with SystemD > https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/16:04
joelioI thought it was kernel, consistent device naming16:05
joelioand before that the bios dev rename16:05
joelioyay for consistency... kinda.16:05
ubuntu-mate_hey i had linux mint with /* in partition and /home in other partition, now i wanted to remove linux mint and install ubnutu-mate instead but i can't use the same username since it's already on the network16:06
joelioah, so enpNsN is a thing, whereas ensN is a thing.. riiiiiight16:06
ubuntu-mate_i want to use my old username with all the files it had16:06
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fastfouriercouldn’t copy/paste, no network to SSH in lol16:07
joeliofastfourier: looks ok to me16:09
fastfourieryeah me too, the first (NAT) interface works fine16:09
joelioalthough the command prompt seems a little to one side16:09
joeliono white space in that interfaces file causing an issue16:09
joelioalso, have you restarted the vm / networks stack to see if it comes up?16:10
fastfourieryes I have restarted, deleted all the whitespace after the netmask line as well16:12
fastfourierI think the tab in front of the command prompt is a virtualbox thing - the cursor ends up in weird places when i command-tab to different apps on the host (os x)16:13
lihuawhat are you doing?16:13
mustmodifyOMG how do I mount my physical volumes?16:14
lihuaforget it is ok16:14
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ningudoes anyone know if all of the contents of /var/run is deleted on startup?16:16
ningui.e. all files in the dir?16:16
ninguah, I see16:17
ninguit's tmpfs16:17
tgm4883ningu: yes, they usually are16:17
ningugot it16:17
ningunot hard to solve, I can fix it16:17
ningu(the issue I was having which I didn't even explain :P)16:18
xz0rHi, I logged into a server via ssh. There is a bash process running already. I want to take over that bash process. Is it possible?16:19
xz0rI have sudo access16:19
annihilatorwould ubuntu on windows be a flavor of ubuntu or ubuntu and windows?16:19
Matt__annihilator scares me16:20
tgm4883annihilator: neither?16:20
tgm4883it's not a flavor at all16:20
Matt__am i using this correctly..."flavor" usually refers to the system surrounding the linux kernel16:21
Matt__so UBUNTU is a linux flavor16:21
Matt__Windows is not involved16:21
annihilatorwell then you must never her of ubuntu running on windows16:22
Matt__so you are running a linux flavor, called ubuntu, on Windows16:22
docdawning|surprCan anyone direct me to where I might find the original install time for a long-lived Ubuntu server?16:22
MonkeyDustMatt__  annihilator take that discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic16:22
ubottuCanonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.16:22
OerHeksgreat we don't have to support this here.16:22
annihilatorlol but thanks for the channel tho16:23
tgm4883Matt__: no, Ubuntu is a distribution of Linux16:23
Matt__thank you tgm16:23
ioriadocdawning|surpr, try   ls -al /var/log/installer/syslog16:24
docdawning|surprioria: Ahh, cool, thanks16:24
ioriadocdawning|surpr, yrwc16:24
docdawning|surprioria: Err, well, that seemed promising, but nope. That's giving quite recent timestamps, but this machine is many years old now16:25
docdawning|surprioria: The creation date of that directory looks about right16:26
ioriadocdawning|surpr,  i see16:26
Matt__any progress made?16:30
mustmodifyI'm still struggling with drive mounting.16:31
Matt__mustmodify, I can help with that16:31
mustmodifyI had some kind of problem, presumably a physical-drive problem. One of my drives became read-only. fsck reported a ton of bad sectors.16:33
mustmodifySo I restarted using a linux boot disk.16:33
gtrt05anyone know why im still getting the unsupported grahphics card message after installing LTS Enablement Stacks16:34
mustmodifyOne old drive, /dev/sda, seems to be present. When I try to mount /dev/sda5, it complains that doesn't know what kind of FS is on there.16:34
mustmodifyMatt__: And the other drive doesn't appear at all on df, fdisk, etc.16:34
nealsHey, how can i solve this issue ? http://pastebin.com/DNdTeu2v16:35
nealsim on ubuntu MATE16:35
alldigitalis there support for 802.1x (wired) via PEAP with 16.04.1 LTS? using network-manage 1.2.0-0ubunt16:38
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gtrt05has anybody here used LTSEnablementStack  before?16:39
iorianeals, you miss dependencies ... dpkg does not resolve them. you try to install them manually, or use gdebi, or find it in repos or in a ppa16:39
bekksgtrt05: people did. why?16:39
gtrt05i still get a message saying my graphics card isw not supported16:40
akikneals: in ubuntu 16.04 you could use "sudo apt install ./wickr-me_2.6.0_amd64.deb"16:41
bekksgtrt05: Can you pastebin the exact output your get of the exact command you are using, and the exact ouput of "lsb_release -a; uname -a;" please?16:42
gtrt05im already up to date16:43
gtrt05ubuntu 12.04.516:43
bekksgtrt05: Pastebin the information requested please.16:44
gtrt05bekks http://pastebin.com/y6ZCNiJE16:45
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bekksgtrt05: And what about the exact error when doing what?16:46
gtrt05upgrading to 12.04.516:46
gtrt05i installed LTS Enablement Stacks16:47
kvmmm"This partition cannot be modified because it contains a partition table; please reinitialize layout of the whole device. (udisks-error-quark, 11)"16:48
gtrt05i even copyed and pasted the comand  hwe-support-status --verbose i get supported to april 201716:48
rajivmarsi have just installed xubuntu-community-wallpapers on ubuntu 16.04, but i have not seen any of those wallpapers in Appearance>wallpapers. How do i make those wallpapers visible16:49
nealsakik: i got this http://pastebin.com/M6L37w0s16:49
ioria!info libicu5216:51
ubottuPackage libicu52 does not exist in xenial16:51
ioria!info libicu5516:51
ubottulibicu55 (source: icu): International Components for Unicode. In component main, is standard. Version 55.1-7 (xenial), package size 7576 kB, installed size 30156 kB16:51
iorianeals, you 're xenial  '16:52
rajivmarsAnyone please help?16:53
nealsioaria: should i install this libicu55 ?16:54
iorianeals, idk, i only say that that pkg looks for 52, but you probably are on 16.0416:54
iorianeals, that uses 5516:55
tgm4883neals: that only supports 14.0416:55
nealsioaria: i just installed ubuntu-mate-16.04.1-desktop-amd6416:55
tgm4883neals: you'll need to contact the developers and see when they plan on supporting 16.0416:56
eelstrebor_i've been trying to determine if i should do a kernel patch or find firmware or both to elimate error messages about my intel wifi cards - i think getting the latest drivers will improve performance but one never knows until the latest driver gets installed - git has kernel patches for my wifi card but so far i haven't found the firmware - ubuntu 16.04.116:56
nealstgm4883: is there any other workarounds ?16:57
tgm4883neals: supported ones? no16:57
nealstgm4883: what if i installed the old packages that this software needs ?17:02
tgm4883neals: then you possibly break other stuff17:02
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OverCoderOkay so I tried to install something, it failed, now, apt-get -f install doesn't fix it either17:07
OverCoderwhat can I do?17:07
timypOverCoder what is the error you get?17:07
OverCoderhttp://askubuntu.com/a/162599/178235 doesn't work either17:08
OverCoderErrors were encountered while processing:17:08
OverCoder libpam-systemd:amd6417:08
OverCoderE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)17:08
OverCodertimyp, that ^17:08
timypwhat version of Ubuntu?17:08
nealsi am using Ubuntu MATE, can I emerge those both panels into one?17:08
timyp14.04 ?17:08
OverCoderum, how do I check again? I don't see anything mentioning version in uname -a17:09
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timyplsb_release -a17:09
* OverCoder facepalms himself17:10
OverCoderI'm on Debian 8.5, I always though I had Ubuntu on this server, huh17:10
OverCoderthought *17:10
timypmight want to check the Debian community17:10
timypneals I don't have a mate desktop in front of me I know you can place panels side by side not sure about merging them17:12
FatalNIXOkay guys, I popped in a brand new Ubuntu 16.04 dvd, booted it up, I can't click anything with the mouse. I can move the mouse.. alternative mice do the same, I can use the keyboard to do most things I would with the mouse, but how can I get the mouse to work?17:17
FatalNIXbecause the partitioner is making it very difficult17:17
FatalNIXmouse buttons work fine, just rebooted from windows and it was working..17:18
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FatalNIXIt's a software issue17:18
fizzy_tomwhat irc client are you guys using? i'm just trying out a load now, currently on hexchat17:18
nagyfFatalNIX: Could you try a different USB port?17:18
FatalNIXdoesn't even work on the internal one. doesn't matte rwhat USB port17:18
OverCoderfizzy_tom, it's the best17:19
OerHeksFatalNIX, perhaps it is, is FastBoot enabled in windows? that could prevent the use of usb/touchpad and networking17:19
OverCoderfizzy_tom, stick with HexChat17:19
FatalNIXI do not believe this system has UEFI, so probably not17:19
nagyffizzy_tom: irssi, if you want to try out a terminal client :)17:20
FatalNIXOerHeks: problem is I can use the mouse, so psaux should be working.. the mouse clicks should be coming through as they'd come through the same fh17:20
FatalNIXirssi is the best17:20
fizzy_tomnagyf yeah just been playing with it, it's ok17:20
FatalNIXI can't seem to figure out how to trigger a checkbox with the keyboard.. sigh17:20
nagyfpress space17:21
ioriaFatalNIX, have you checked the disk integrity ?17:21
nagyfspace button usually triggers checkboxes17:21
FatalNIXThat's what I thought17:21
FatalNIXOh I see, it's marking it as unusable.. Oh btw, why doesn't Ctrl Alt FX work anymore?17:22
FatalNIXI wanted to drop into a tty17:22
FatalNIXthere we go, it was just being slow17:22
FatalNIXyet it isn't bringing me a shell17:22
OerHeksctrl alt F2 = tty217:22
OerHeksand back with ctrl alt F717:23
FatalNIXyeah, I know, but it won't bring me a shell, it just blinks.. weird.17:23
FatalNIXactually F1 is connected to X17:23
FatalNIXnot 717:23
OerHeksoh, on the installer? yes, that is single user17:24
FatalNIXSorry I'm a Slackware and BSD user.. ubuntu makes me grumpy lol. Trying to install it for a client17:24
ninguon ubuntu 16.04 server, is the default to clean /tmp on every reboot, but otherwise not clean it?17:24
ioriaFatalNIX,  'try ubuntu' instead of 'install' ?17:25
timypFizzy_tom chatzilla17:25
ninguthis seems to be the case, just confirming17:25
FatalNIXyeah I shoulda done that17:25
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FatalNIXI'm regretting clicking that install button now17:25
bitcycleHey all.  How does one go about down-grading the kernel to 3.16 on Ubuntu 16.04 ?17:25
timypoops wrong version one sec17:26
FatalNIXSo the mouse started working after I changed the tty and then back to X btw17:26
OerHeksbitcycle, i think you can not. too many dependencies.17:27
timypnot seeing any docs on it17:27
FatalNIXI should install templeos on this box17:28
nagyfLooks like a modern OS :P17:30
OerHeks'mouse started working after I changed the tty and then back 'sounds like dual/hybrid gpu17:30
tgm4883you'd have to build your own kernel for that17:30
FatalNIXnagyf: it's 64 bit!17:31
FatalNIXit's pretty much a joke though17:31
FatalNIXlike, the guy put a LOT of work in it17:31
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FatalNIXbut it could never be used as an every day system by any normal user17:31
FatalNIXI can be fine with just a Forth interpreter and a 6502 for my cpu, and serial access to the Internet but I'm weird.17:32
ninguanyone here understand systemd well enough to help me understand a particular unit file?17:32
ninguI am looking at systemd-tmpfiles-clean.timer and I can't understand what it actually does every 24 hours17:33
gomarinepancia jak jestes daj naka sygnal17:34
ninguah I see, it's under Unit=17:34
OerHeksgomarine, enlish only please17:34
ninguok, well, if I am understanding correctly then it looks like by default, /tmp is cleaned on boot, but afterwards it is not cleaned until the next boot17:38
alxanyone use backbox here?17:39
Fr_Daeit's same openbox ?17:39
ubottuBackbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.17:39
Fr_Daethnaks OerHeks17:39
FatalNIXrebooted to shrink more disk space in windows and windows update from last week for the 10 + WSL support happens17:40
FatalNIXtime to hold down that power button17:40
fizzy_tomyou don't want your upgrade FatalNIX? :)17:40
FatalNIXit's not mine anyways17:41
Matt__ningu, did you figure that out?17:41
jokkei tried setting the timezone on a ubuntu server (16.04) to utc, but it still shows localtime as CEST17:42
jokkehow come?17:42
ninguMatt__: yes, I believe so, but I don't want to reboot the server just to confirm :P17:43
ninguit took a bit of poking around in the docs but I think I understood the unit files correctly now17:43
Matt__good :)17:44
ninguthe man page for systemd-tmpfiles is clearer about d vs. D than man 5 tmpfiles.d17:44
ningufor D it just says, "Create or empty a directory" -- which I guess means, create it if it doesn't exist, otherwise empty it17:45
ningu(on man tmpfiles.d)17:45
ningubut systemd-tmpfiles is clearer on the --remove option17:45
mustmodifyso I'm confirming something that Matt__ and I have been investigating.17:45
akikjokke: you can make a soft link from your timezone file in /usr/share/zoneinfo to /etc/localtime17:46
mustmodifyI have a drive at /dev/sda2 that apparently has a corrupt superblock.17:46
mustmodifyand /dev/sda1 has some backup superblocks.17:46
mustmodifyCan I use e2fsck to move one of the backup superblocks from sda1 to sda2?17:46
Matt__or, alternatively, is there a command to check superblock integrity before doing so?17:47
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mustmodifywoops, ignore. Wrong keyboard.17:50
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rethusI have installed slitaz-linux on sda1 (before it was windows). I also had ubuntu on sda2. But on boottime, grub shows only sda1, but not sda2 anymore17:55
rethushow can I fix this17:55
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kokcrosYou might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these: The following packages have unmet dependencies:  libappindicator1 : Depends: libindicator7 (>= 0.4.90) but it is not going to be installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).17:58
kokcroshow solve this hi?17:58
OerHeks"You might want to run" gives a clue18:00
kokcrosOerHeks: but wont' that kill a lot of things18:02
kokcrosand might break my system?18:02
fizzy_tomshould be fine kokcros18:03
Picikokcros: Why do you think that?18:03
OerHeksno, your action would have broken your system, this 2nd run 'apt-get install -f' can solve lots of issues18:03
kokcrosPici: once I had tihngs get broken coz of that18:03
fizzy_tomthings are already kind of broken for you to get that message, it's ubuntu trying to fix things for you18:04
fizzy_tomor at least advising you how to fix it18:05
lucidguyOk, anyone know how to stop sddm from showing all the user icons and just show a login name and password field instead18:06
rethus_How can I reinstall grub to have both linux in menu... linux on sda1 (slitaz) and on sda2 (ubunu)?18:13
rethus_at the moment only sda1 is in grub18:13
rethus_have installed slitaz, and all the other grub entries are gone18:13
user212312guys how do I reset all XDG settings to default in Ubuntu?18:14
AngsI run "ip -6 addr add xxx::x/x dev wlan0" as root but I get "RTNETLINK answers: Permission denied" error. why do the root previledge gets permission denied problem?18:23
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mustmodifySo if SDA2 is an extended partition, should it have superblocks?18:27
rethus_I have Linux on sda1 and another one on sda218:28
rethus_how to setup grub18:28
EriC^^rethus_: setup where?18:28
rethus_EriC^^ If I start, I have only sda1 in grub menu.18:29
rethus_sda2 is gone... now I need to get this back18:29
EriC^^rethus_: what did sda2 have?18:30
rethus_sda2 has a ubuntu installation18:31
rethus_before, sda1 was ntfs (windows) now it's slitaz18:31
eelstrebori've been trying to determine if i should do a kernel patch or find firmware or both to elimate error messages about my intel wifi cards - i think getting the latest drivers will improve performance but one never knows until the latest driver gets installed - git has kernel patches for my wifi card but so far i haven't found the firmware - ubuntu 16.04.118:34
rethus_this is fdisk: http://hastebin.com/oxexaxojew.vhdl18:34
EriC^^rethus_: try sudo update-grub18:35
rethus_ok, I try upgrade-grub18:36
rethus_slitaz has no update-grub18:37
EriC^^rethus_: you're booted into the ubuntu install right now?18:37
rethus_no, ubuntu is on sda2. I can't access sda218:38
rethus_Allways start in sda1 (slitaz)18:38
rethus_this is the slitaz menu.lst:  http://hastebin.com/mojitokibi.vala18:39
EriC^^rethus_: ok sda2 is mounted at /mnt right now?18:39
mustmodifyso I'm stuck in "initramfs" built-in shell. Why am I booting to that?18:40
rethus_yes, on /mnt18:40
EriC^^ok type "for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done"18:41
rethus_and now?18:41
EriC^^rethus_: type sudo chroot /mnt18:41
rethus_chroot: can't execute '/bin/sh': Exec format error18:42
EriC^^oh, one is 32bit the other is 64bit18:42
rethus_yes, I think slitaz is 32 bit18:43
EriC^^try to restart and manually boot ubuntu from grub18:43
rethus_how can I do it manually?18:43
EriC^^then when it boots run sudo update-grub18:43
rethus_if what exactly boot18:44
EriC^^press "c" to go to the grub command prompt18:44
mustmodifyanyone know how I can get past initramfs?18:44
rethus_ah ok, and if I enter the grub-shell (or what ever "c" do, i enter sudo update-grub?18:44
EriC^^rethus_: type "ls" to get the list of partitions, then set root='(hd0,msdos2)' or ubuntu's partition18:45
sam_____I have a questionn guy if I compile for 32 bit target, the machines that runs the a.out should have the shared object in 32 (even if mine was in 64)?18:46
rethus_ok, and then?18:46
EriC^^then "linux /boot/vmlinuz..<use tab completion> root=/dev/sda218:46
EriC^^then initrd /boot/initrd<tab completion>18:47
EriC^^then type "boot"18:47
Guy1524hey guys im trying to build a package that requires qt 5.2.118:47
rethus_ok, thanks a lot EriC^^, I'll give it a try18:47
Guy1524how do I install qt 5 on ubuntu18:47
EriC^^rethus_: ok, no problem18:48
Guy1524also, how do I install 32 bit libraries on a 64 bit system18:48
Peter_GravesHello.  I am trying to get the ubuntu-security-announce posting to pgp verify.  I do not need help with pgp, but I need help in formatting the file.  Should it be ASCII, UTF-8, or something else and what about CR or CRLF?18:50
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Peter_GravesI tried searching the Internet for help specific to verifying those posting but found nothing helpful at all.18:56
PiciPeter_Graves: it should be in the same format that you receive it in.18:57
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Peter_Graveswell I have tried selecting from web browser screen, copy, paste into file and save, then same for the signature, but it says the signature is bad everytime.18:58
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Peter_GravesI assume it might be due to the signed text being in ASCII, but my save saved it as UTF-8, as example.18:59
Peter_GravesI have tried different things and formats to get it to verify, but nothing works.  I know I am using the right signature, and I have the public key, etc.18:59
miRRAny advanced users about to give me a hand with adding vlans to bonded/bridged interfaces? (Ubuntu server 14.04) -- /etc/network/interfaces -- http://pastebin.com/DFZMcbTP19:00
Peter_GravesHas anyone ever verified the signature?19:00
Peter_GravesSorry. mIRC just crashed on me.  Stoopid windows.  Sorry but having to use a winblows computer ATM.19:03
annihilatorhow do you start gnome from terminal?  i know kde and lxdm is startkde and startlxde but what is gnome?19:03
Mathisenannihilator, gnome-session19:04
Mathisen i think19:04
PiciPeter_Graves: hmm.. Unfortunately I don't have those messages setup anywhere here for me to verify from my mail client... pulling them from lists.ubuntu.com is clearly missing something.19:07
JakesDenDoes anyone know a good beginers guide to linux audiobook?19:07
annihilatoroh Mathisen that did not work19:07
Mathisenannihilator, run gdm first then19:07
Peter_GravesPici: Try this link:  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2016-August/003527.html19:08
Peter_GravesAt the bottom is a URL to the signature.19:08
Peter_GravesPici: if you want that is.19:08
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rethusEriC^^ didn't work.19:14
rethusls show directories, not partitions19:14
Dukashey guys19:14
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elias_aGuest34814: !ask19:19
Guest34814(. )( .)19:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:19
Guest34814  )  )19:19
Guest34814i think that no many people really reading this19:20
DArqueBishop!ot | Guest3481419:21
ubottuGuest34814: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:21
Guest34814so, someone here use playonlinux under mate desktop on ubuntu?19:22
te_lanusI do19:23
Guest34814and u were able to install every game?19:24
xpistosHey guys, I am trying to add a third monitor to my lenovo ideapad but no luck. I add two externals (one vga and one hdmi) in mirrored and no issues. If I try to extend them however, then I get and error "GDBus.Error:org.gtk.GDBus.UnmappedGError.Quark._gnome_2drr_2derror_2dquark.Code2: could not set the configuration for CRTC 65" and back down to one. It usually wants the VGA unless I unplug it then it picks up the HDMI with no problem. I am using ub19:24
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xpistosOr back down to two rather19:25
OerHeksleo-ren, for application support, you better ask ​#playonlinux19:26
leo-rendid u got it before?19:26
UbuntuM8So anyone have any advisories for games on a gaming computer running ubuntu linux19:27
OerHeksUbuntuM8, steam, wine, playonlinux or check the games section in softwarecenter19:27
UbuntuM8Any favorite games. Like specific games19:28
leo-renOerHeks, is not support, i just wanna know some some experience19:28
OerHeksi do support only , polling is a waste of time, experience gaming yourself19:29
leo-renby the way... software center is not pre installed on ubuntu-mate?19:29
leo-renagain, i dont care the games, i try to get the ideas from users :)19:30
te_lanusleo-ren: I use PlayonLinux as a software virtualization centre. Create  wins prefix, run installer (mostly GOG) and add a link into Pol, then use that linky in Lutris to start the game19:31
leo-rente_lanus, and i supose that u were using ubuntu... right?19:33
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te_lanusyip on Mate 16.04 with Mate 1.14.1 and Kernel 4.4.019:38
george2002hello!!!! channel!!! gimp español?19:38
gebbioneif anyone has any suggestion regarding this radeon issue ping me - https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=233340019:39
kittykittyanyone know how to get ffmpeg to output to stdout? Having a little issue19:40
leo-rencapture /dev/stdout | ffmpeg -i may be....19:41
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leo-rentoo much time out of linux world :)19:42
te_lanusleo-ren: I've got an ancient Dual core with a NVidia gt 24019:42
kittykittyleo-ren, capture isnt a program i can run?19:43
kittykittylooks like capture isnt defined or doesnt exist leo-ren19:45
leo-renlet me apt-cahcesearche it :)19:46
leo-renu right, is not there anymore :(19:48
anton__I just installed Ubuntu 16.04, tried Kodi, and observerd that DTS support seems to be gone...19:48
leo-reni apologize :(19:49
kittykittyapparently you can just put pipe:1 on the end??19:49
kittykittyoooohhhh! it worked but i have to set the output to avi19:49
leo-renvery nice :)19:49
kittykittythanks leo-ren <3 !19:50
leo-ren ;)19:50
leo-renbut i dont know what do i do to help lol19:50
root777does someone have secret channels?19:51
root777tor maybe!19:52
tyler_droot777: what do you mean "secret"19:52
root777give me one19:52
tyler_dthere are no such things on the internet... maybe on the onion19:52
OerHeksBut i am not going to tell .. they are secret.19:52
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:52
tyler_dsure... #mysecretchannel19:52
root777oh really .so how can i join when dont know19:53
tyler_dI think OerHeks has a valid point for root777 and leo-ren19:53
root777tyle_d what do  mean ?19:53
tyler_d!ot > root77719:54
ubotturoot777, please see my private message19:54
leo-renit mean that u are speaking about secret chanels and onion, and me about ffmpeg, nothing related with ubuntu19:54
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root777ok yeah it told me19:56
leo-renanother point to me  ;)19:56
patraskis the main-repo for ARM not officially supported by the ubuntu security team?19:57
OerHekspatrask, what makes you think it is not?19:58
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DocMAXi have ubuntu 16, but zarafa is running only on 14. can i virtualize this app?19:59
DocMAXwithin ubuntu 16. no extra vm.19:59
YankDownUnderDocMAX: Not quite sure I understand the question - can you be more clear, please?20:01
leo-reni cant find the ubuntu software center over ubuntu-mate, is removed from ubuntu? or just this distro?20:01
patraskOerHeks: several popular packages seems to not have gotten security updates for non-x86 archs20:02
patraskOerHeks: eg. http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/firefox and http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/nginx-core20:02
YankDownUnderleo-ren: No, it's there20:02
DocMAXYankDownUnder, i have softer that is only designed for ubuntu 1420:02
DocMAXbut i want the latest ubuntu20:02
OerHekspatrask, FF 48 is current20:02
DocMAXhow can i run this software in ubuntu 1620:03
OerHeks!info firefox20:03
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 48.0+build2-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (xenial), package size 46759 kB, installed size 110731 kB20:03
MelRayHey everyone ubuntu 16.04 LTS ubuntu software says no application data? Had this lappie lock up and had to do power down and reboot. Now it seems to be missing the application data. How do I correct this?20:03
YankDownUnderDocMAX: Would it be a consideration to run 14.04 in a VM and use 16.04 as your primary host system?20:03
patraskOerHeks: scroll down and look at the curren version in each architecture -- firefox is at 45.0.220:03
patraskfor armhf20:03
DocMAXYankDownUnder, only if vm is small20:04
patraskand other non-x8620:04
DocMAXsomething like docker20:04
DocMAXchroot berhaps?20:04
DocMAXor is there some better way?20:04
YankDownUnderDocMAX: Well, "Docker" is definitely an option!20:04
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DocMAXyes but it doesnt work in docker20:04
OerHekspatrask, that is not correct, look @ xenial updates >> http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial-updates/firefox20:05
DocMAXi want to run https://www.zarafa.com/20:05
YankDownUnderDocMAX: "Doesn't work in Docker" - I'm not clear on what you're saying/meaning - can you be more specific?20:05
popeyDocMAX: is that even maintained anymore? looks abandoned20:05
leo-ren<YankDownUnder> ty bro :)20:05
DocMAXdoesnt work = the deamons are running20:06
DocMAXports 80 and 443 exported20:06
YankDownUnderDocMAX: So then why not run this in a vm and have the vm run in "seamless" mode?20:06
DocMAXbut i get SSL errors20:06
patraskOerHeks: ah! thank you :)20:06
DocMAXYankDownUnder = vm = ?20:07
DocMAXvm = docker?20:07
DocMAXvm = chroot?20:07
DocMAXvm = qemu20:07
YankDownUnderDocMAX: vm = "virtual machine" -> but either which, you're now saying that you're getting "port" errors?20:07
YankDownUnderDocMAX: vm = Qemu or Virtualbox20:07
YankDownUnderDocMAX: And Docker is easy enough to install - and fast to install20:08
PiciDocMAX: What sort of SSL errors?20:08
DocMAXi was wondering if i can have a seamless ubuntu 14 environment in ubuntu 1620:08
DocMAXon port 80 -> white page, endles hourglass20:09
DocMAXport 443 -> SSL CERTIFICATE TOO LONG or something20:09
DocMAXi will restart in docker and tell you20:09
YankDownUnderDocMAX: With VirtualBox, it would be very easy and very fast...you don't have to have a huge VM created - just the basics20:10
DocMAXYankDownUnder, but in virtualbox or similar i will have everything dubbled20:10
DocMAXi want it as a layer over the host20:11
YankDownUnderDocMAX: I am merely suggesting resolutions to your issue...you might have to concede that there are no other options. If the software runs specifically on 14.04, and cannot or will not port to 16.04, you have to make a decision based on what your priority is.20:12
DocMAXport 443: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER -> ignore -> endless hourglass white page20:12
DocMAXif you have docker, just download from hub20:13
DocMAXload and export some ports20:13
notty /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER notty nexstsbzpsgy20:19
Picinotty: try without the space20:19
Pici(and to everyone else, its not a password)20:19
nottyyeah, thanks20:20
OerHeksit worked :-)20:20
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harado anyone know If I can run python IDLE in mozilla?20:25
haraubuntu 16.0420:26
theMINUSbros360nhello im new to linux (couple weeks since i first used it) and i was wondering if theres any way to code in batch besides batch being windows only i can save files as .bat and send them to my windows pc and it works but is there anyway i can open and play batch files on Ubuntu20:26
harayou can use wine. It's a windows emulator. @theMinusbros360n20:26
harasearch it up in software center if you're on ubuntu20:27
tgm4883hara: I feel compelled to point out that wine is not an emulator20:27
theMINUSbros360nits virtual box20:27
harawell sorry for the honest mistake @tgm488320:27
haraYes sir, my bad :P20:27
tgm4883it's not a virtual box20:28
tgm4883it's a compatibility layer20:28
harayes, it's a compatibility layer to run windows app on linux20:29
harajust read the description on software center :P20:29
zteamtheMINUSbros360n, well you could try DosBox I guess, but if your BAT-file does use commands like copy and del you probably need to copy these either from FreeDos or a Windows machine20:29
theMINUSbros360noh ok i mean i also have windows on this desktop as a separate partition but i want to learn to use linux20:29
tmsbrghey everyone. I'm very confused. I had java installed, then tries to upgrade to jdk 9 which didn't work and then I installed jdk 8 again, but now my system can't find java, see this: http://pastebin.com/x3keZ8Uz20:30
PicitheMINUSbros360n: Also, Linux generally does not use Windows batch files at all. The 'batch'-like language that Linux uses mainly is bash.20:30
theMINUSbros360noh ok and i need help real quick20:30
theMINUSbros360ndom@domics-530:~$ sudo apt-get install -y wine1.720:30
theMINUSbros360nReading package lists... Done20:30
theMINUSbros360nBuilding dependency tree20:30
theMINUSbros360nReading state information... Done20:30
theMINUSbros360nPackage wine1.7 is not available, but is referred to by another package.20:30
leo-ren  :)20:31
zteamtheMINUSbros360n, on Linux you usually run BASH, instead of Batch, Bash is very much more powerful20:31
haraYou can just sudo apt-get install wine. It will install.20:31
harawell, atleast it does on my machine.20:31
theMINUSbros360nok it says wine has no install canadite, what does that mean?20:31
leo-renapt-get install wine:i386 better ;)20:32
OerHekswhat guide are you using? if you *need* such fancy wine version, use playonlinux20:32
leo-renit install both20:32
zteamtheMINUSbros360n, do you have all repositories enabled?20:32
OerHeks!info wine20:32
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu14 (xenial), package size 0 kB, installed size 6 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)20:32
harayes. all sources enabled.20:32
theMINUSbros360n Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)20:32
theMINUSbros360nE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?20:33
theMINUSbros360nthats what it said20:33
harado sudo. for permission denied20:33
theMINUSbros360nok thx20:33
theMINUSbros360nthanks it worked :D20:33
gtrt05anybody know how to get the nautilus status bar back?20:33
=== testing is now known as Guest19790
hara@gtrt05 install :20:34
harasudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/experiments20:34
harasudo apt-get update20:34
harasudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:34
haranautilus -q20:34
theMINUSbros360nalso is there any way to move the tool bar to the bottom of screen20:34
gtrt05i did that already20:34
haraor you can revert to original Nautilus by :20:34
harasudo apt-get install ppa-purge20:34
harasudo ppa-purge ppa:webupd8team/experiments20:34
haranautilus -q20:34
haradid it not work?20:35
leo-renomg ubuntu-mate do not use nautilus, it uses caja... (just for some interested to know)20:35
theMINUSbros360nhey also is there any way to move the tool bar to the bottom of screen20:35
gtrt05hara did i do it wrong i did both of them20:35
zteamtheMINUSbros360n, try with Unity tweak tool20:36
theMINUSbros360nok thanks @zteam20:36
leo-renmay be is intresting to uninstall caja and install nautilus, any advice?20:36
zteamtheMINUSbros360n, sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool20:36
tmsbrghm weird, "dpkg-query -L openjdk-8-jre-headless |grep 'java$'" shows it has a java executable, but it's hidden in /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java instead of being in /usr/bin20:36
zteamtheMINUSbros360n, no problem20:37
tmsbrgreinstalling openjdk-8-jre-headless shows this warning: "update-alternatives: warning: alternative /usr/lib/jvm/java-9-openjdk-amd64/bin/java (part of link group java) doesn't exist; removing from list of alternatives"20:39
tmsbrgalternatives is being buggy I think20:39
theMINUSbros360nzteam, that worked so thank you and what is the "super" key?20:41
michaudstheMINUSbros360n: "Windows" button on certain keyboards20:42
theMINUSbros360nmichauds: that makes since :|20:42
tmsbrgbtw the openjdk 9 package is bugged as hell when I tried it. Couldn't get it to install because both jre and jre-headless tried to install the same file. Now I removed them and they don't even remove their alternatives correctly20:43
Vy7au7asHello guys, time to time I have wifi disconnect problem, can you look at this: http://bit.ly/wifi_problem20:43
tmsbrgnow alternatives thinks I can only use jdk 9 which doesn't exist20:43
Vy7au7asHow to solve this wifi disconnecting problem?: http://bit.ly/wifi_problem20:45
leo-ren#ask... im try to made an live usb with rufus and follow the steps of ubuntu page, but i got a "failed extracting the ISO image" message, do u sovle something like that?20:46
theMINUSbros360nhey does anyone have a link straight to ubuntu 32 bit download20:47
theMINUSbros360nas .isc file20:47
tgm4883theMINUSbros360n: http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04.1/ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-i386.iso20:48
tmsbrgmanually doing `sudo update-alternatives --install "/usr/bin/java" "java" "/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java" 1` fixed my problem20:48
leo-ren<theMINUSbros360n> htat link was for me??20:50
Vy7au7asGuys, how to solve this wifi problem?: http://bit.ly/wifi_problem maby need more information, just tell20:50
tgm4883!patience | Vy7au7as20:51
theMINUSbros360ntgm4883: you just helped me out soooo much20:51
ubottuVy7au7as: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:51
wish^Can anyone help me with some random crashes i am experiencing in Ubuntu, the operating seems to crash at random times while the mouse is still responsive, nothing is clickable. It seems like it may be the gui or screen driver that stops working. What is the best way to diagnose this=?20:51
lone-geniushey lol its me again20:52
theMINUSbros360ni have to go bye20:52
OerHeksVy7au7as, i don't visit bit.ly, what is the real url?20:52
leo-ren#ask... im try to made an live usb with rufus and follow the steps of ubuntu page, but i got a "failed extracting the ISO image" message, do u sovle something like that?20:52
lone-geniusso what is that program that lets me make a live usb again?....like i have ubuntu 16.04 lts and its built in program only works with ubuntu live usbs20:53
EriC^^lone-genius: startup disk creator?20:54
lone-geniusyeah but that only works for ubuntu live cds20:55
feg5hello. i'm using ubuntu wiley running nginx, apache and mysql. the server has 128GB of RAM. a scheduled task for one website was throwing "Segmentation fault" errors. I thought it was just isolated to that application but now system tasks are throwing the same errors. how do i get to the bottom of the issue? is it hardware related?20:55
OerHekslone-genius, dd the iso20:55
popeyfeg5: what changed?20:56
lone-geniuswill that work with parrot OS?20:56
popeyfeg5: software or hardware?20:56
feg5popey: that's the crazy thing, nothing has changed for months. the server hasn't even been updated20:56
genii!info remastersys20:56
ubottuPackage remastersys does not exist in xenial20:56
DArqueBishopfeg5: I'd recommend running a memory test or do a SMART check on the hard drives.20:57
OerHeksparrot os, no idea20:57
leo-ren#ask... im try to made an live usb with rufus and follow the steps of ubuntu page, but i got a "failed extracting the ISO image" message, do u sovle something like that?20:59
tgm4883leo-ren: did you check the md5sum of the downloaded ISO20:59
leo-renammm nop20:59
YankDownUnderleo-ren: It would appear as though the ISO image may be corrupt...21:00
leo-renbut i donwloader 3 times, and 3 times where the same, do u think that was the source?21:00
tgm4883leo-ren: the only way to know would be for you to check the ISO21:01
YankDownUnderleo-ren: You're running Windows - have you thought to do a "chkdsk /f c:" on that drive - just to make sure that the errors might not be "local"?21:01
OerHekshow do you tell they are the same?21:01
leo-rennop, no drive errors21:04
feg5DArqueBishop thanks21:04
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OerHeksleo-ren, check if that usb device is fat3221:05
OerHeksthen trow it away.21:05
leo-renyep, i will21:06
YankDownUnderMight be a good idea to blow out the partition(s) on the USB, re-create a parition (MBR) and format it (not doing a QuickFormat) for FAT32 and try again... leo-ren?21:07
BackwardsI wouldn't suggest throwing away a device when it could be used for a different purpose.21:07
leo-renby the way, ubuntu-mate doesnt give me problems in same drive21:07
leo-renboth downloaded today21:07
androOnePendrive oses arent upto the mark21:08
YankDownUnderleo-ren: Then you've just narrowed it down to the ISO....if you're going to download the ISO again - use BitTorrent instead of a direct download.21:08
OerHeksmea culpa Backwards, make it a doorstop21:09
leo-rengood point <YankDownUnder>, i didnt format the drive, i trust absolutly on rufus....21:09
ikoniawin 1421:09
androOne@ikonia is this how u tag someone?21:09
ikoniano, it was just a typo21:10
YankDownUnderleo-ren: Do *not* trust any programs - that's not really a good thing, mate...especially if they're running under *ANY* MS OS...21:10
ikoniaandroOne just say someones name21:10
YankDownUnderHehehee...Win14 - same as Win2000, but we've put more pearls on the pig! ;)21:10
androOnethx ikonia21:10
BackwardsFAT is File Allocation Table. It supports files up to 2 Terabytes.  However, just disk clean the hard drive and put a new Operating System.21:10
leo-renlol sorry, its just 12 months without my debian and i dont remember even how to write su </321:11
androOnewindows is painless tho21:11
leo-renwell, gtg, ty for the idea <YankDownUnder> :)21:11
androOneFixes most.problems.by itself21:11
BackwardsOerHeks that is an interesting suggestion. Door stop.  hehe21:12
androOnePpl with ubuntu end up formatting drive within.6months21:12
BackwardsMaybe a Book End.21:12
YankDownUnderBackwards: A USB bookend...hmm...*that* sounds interesting...(brain is starting to work again this morning) ;)21:12
* Backwards nods to the YankDownUnder. :)21:13
BackwardsAnytime I install Linux or Ubuntu, I always disk wipe the hard drive. That is key to a better install. Don't let ubuntu format the disk without Disk Cleaning.21:15
OerHeksthe installer gives an option to completely wipe the disk and writing fresh mbr21:16
BackwardsThat is a different story OerHeks.21:16
BackwardsI don't trust the installer.21:16
androOneGood day21:17
BackwardsI trust cleaning the hard drive and wiping it clean and do a DOD clean and erase any vestige of data on the drive. Start from the beginning. That works.21:17
YankDownUnderBackwards: From a point of having to deal with lots of "strange drives" in my biz, by "best practice", every drive I get my grubby hands on gets re-partitioned, wiped (doing a lovely byte-by-byte 0 injection), partitioned "yet again", formatted, then when happiness is achieved, prep'd and made ready for next install...great way of determining whether the drive is worthy for use - or not...21:18
BackwardsThe OS will always look for vestiges of data on the hard drive and bog down the drive and OS.21:18
BackwardsYankDownUnder good point and well taken.21:19
OerHeksa pro would test the drive 24 hrs before use :-D21:20
BackwardsI don't need my customers to bother me all day long to tell me there are problems. Do the job right the first time.21:20
BackwardsOerHeks that is a good point. Testing the Hard Drive is very important for its integrity.21:21
YankDownUnderBackwards: Oh yeah! - "Fix it right. Fix it now. Fix it right now" - used to be on my bizzo cards...21:21
JuJuBeeI cannot seem to make a bootable usb stick with xubuntu-16.04.1 amd64 iso.  I have checked the md5 against website and it matches.  I keep getting dropped to a boot: prompt21:21
KodiakFiHey folks, Red Hat sysadmin here - not sure where to file this since we're a RHEL shop but I figure I should let Ubuntu/Canonical know that this is also broken for Ubuntu (it's getting fixed in RHEL when 7.3 drops)  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=125550721:22
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1255507 in NetworkManager "NetworkManager no longer provides complete FQDN (DHCP_HOSTNAME) to dhclient" [High,Verified]21:22
KodiakFiAny idea where I should send that to get it in front of the right Ubuntu people?21:22
BackwardsYankDownUnder you have just graduated from the school of Backwards Hard Drives.21:22
YankDownUnderJuJuBee: Have you partitioned and formatted the USB and checked it before creating the liveUSB?21:22
YankDownUnderBackwards: ;)21:22
JuJuBeeThe usb creator formatted for me.  I have used the same usb stick with 14.04 as a test and that works.21:23
JuJuBeeYankDownUnder: ^^21:23
OerHeksKodiakFi, do you have a cve ?21:24
YankDownUnderJuJuBee: It's a great idea to re-partition and re-format the USB before letting the "USB Creator" do it for you...USB's do not last forever, and it's easy enough to corrupt the file system.21:24
Gallomimia!info linux-firmware21:25
ubottulinux-firmware (source: linux-firmware): Firmware for Linux kernel drivers. In component main, is optional. Version 1.157.3 (xenial), package size 32012 kB, installed size 121492 kB21:25
KodiakFiOerHeks - it's not security related - it's just something upstream broke, that Red Hat just unbroke for me - I happened to also test w/ 16.04 since I had it running, and it's also broken for Ubuntu.  I still have a Ubuntu One account from my old life so I'm on launchpad now21:25
JuJuBeeYankDownUnder: I will give that a try.  Does it matter how I fomat ext4 etc... and how large partition?  since usb creator will do it again?21:25
Gallomimiabah. no link ubottu?21:25
mustmodifyHey team.21:26
YankDownUnderJuJuBee: Partition should be "MBR" and the formatting should be Fat32 => you really don't need anything larger than a 4gb partition...21:26
KodiakFioh wow, there's #ubuntu-bugs21:26
KodiakFiI'll go chat over there21:26
mustmodifyI'm installing Ubuntu after my previous drive had a small electrical event. http://ft.trillian.im/85353d38f4d2f94dfd75830e8d48517cc62ddc94/6JFolEmqp9EDgG9uArygIxoTS1LRi.jpg21:26
OerHeksKodiakFi, check out debian first, i guess21:26
mustmodifyOne issue I had last time was that I couldn't do a full memory test. I can't remember why but it seemed like I chose some option and that put me in a place where I couldn't test all the memory. Or it might have been that I had hardware that was too new and wasn't supported?21:27
BackwardsYankDownUnder, another good point. USB devices do have what is deterioration of the magnetics.21:28
Gallomimiaan update to package linux-firmware. sounds interesting. what does it do??21:28
mustmodifyAnyone know what that might have been? If so I'd like to correct it as I install. :)21:28
JuJuBeeYankDownUnder: do you prefer unetbootin or usb creator ?21:30
YankDownUnderJuJuBee: That's a point of "preference" - I prefer Unetbootin - for fast/quick stuff...and for it's "options"...21:30
JuJuBeeYankDownUnder: maybe I'll try that this time21:31
orlock" USB devices do have what is deterioration of the magnetics."?21:31
BackwardsMustModify nobody here knows what the "small electrical event" means. Did lightning strike your house?21:31
orlockYou mean flash eventually turns read-only (usually)21:32
mustmodifyDid you get a link to that picture? I don't know what happened, but the electrical end of my SSD looks like it ... uh ... was on fire?21:32
orlockmustmodify: Anything else in the house have issues?21:32
mustmodifyI don't know. It was working yesterday. When I got to my office this morning, the drive was dead.21:32
BackwardsCall the Fire Department and hose it down. :)21:33
mustmodifyin fact, the rest of the machine, including another SSD, are fine.21:33
mustmodifyis fine?21:33
BackwardsHow can it be fine after you said it smoked and has issues?21:33
orlockmustmodify: damn - if you wipe away the black stuff, are the pins/fingers still there? its hard to tell21:34
BackwardsIf it is on fire, shut the thing down.21:34
BackwardsReplace it.21:34
mustmodifyBackwards: The drive pictured above is certainly not fine.21:34
BackwardsDo you want to burn your house down?21:34
mustmodifyThe rest of the machine seems to be fine.21:34
orlockBackwards: Are you thick, or a troll?21:34
mustmodifyI also replaced the power supply, if that matters, since it was one of those two parts that caused the problem.21:35
orlockmustmodify: Honestly, i'd be verrrrry suspicious of the PSU, and would through it out21:35
BackwardsEven Laptop lithium batteries catch file.21:35
mustmodifyorlock: I did.21:35
orlockBackwards: ALmost anything will, you just have to try hard enough.21:35
mustmodifyassuming that's Power Supply Unit21:35
orlockmustmodify: Yeah.. what brand/age?21:36
BackwardsI read that a cell phone cought fire in a kids pants. He had to go to the Hospital.21:36
mustmodifyok do I want UEFI mode or "BIOS compatibility mode"? It's presumably asking because the other hard drive, which is only used to store data now, previously had an OS on it.21:36
BackwardsIf you don't believe it read this: https://www.google.com/#q=cell+phone+catches+fire+in+pocket21:37
mustmodifyI don't care about booting to that other drive.21:37
mustmodifythe PSU? Let me see....21:37
BackwardsI don't trust any electronic or electrical device unless I inspect it myself.21:38
mustmodifyprobably 3 or 4 years old. Don't remember exactly.21:38
mustmodifyso uh... UEFI mode?21:39
BackwardsYankDownUnder said it right.21:39
orlockBackwards: So you are an EE?21:39
BackwardsOrlock I have 5 Masters Degrees in Engineering.21:41
orlockBackwards:  From places you actually had to attend, or what?21:43
BackwardsOf course.21:43
orlockWhat areas?21:44
* orlock works in a building with about 400 engineers of various types21:44
BackwardsI attended R.E.T.S School of Electronics. Radio Electronics Television School. That was years ago.21:44
BackwardsI am A+ Certified. Lifetime Certification.21:45
BackwardsMaster Technician in Radio & Electronics.21:45
BackwardsCCNA Certified.21:45
orlockSo you should be able to explain what you meant by "USB devices do have what is deterioration of the magnetics."?21:46
BackwardsOf course.21:46
orlockyou mean CompTIA A+?21:46
BackwardsThe magnetic domains of the magnetic medium deteriorates with the Earth21:46
prometI've installed network-manager-openvpn (and openvpn itself), which I thought was supposed to give the option to import .ovpn configs in network-manager gui. I still only see "ptpp" vpn option though.21:47
BackwardsThe Earth's magnetic influence changes the  magnetic domains of all hard drives and all magnetic media.21:47
orlockOk, i call troll21:47
BackwardsOrlock insulting a person here is trolling.21:48
Rapturebut he's A+ certified ya'll!!21:49
mustmodifydon't do it! :P21:49
orlockNot one mention of the curie point21:49
orlockAnd that still has nothing to do with a USB flash drive21:49
mustmodifyok I need a recommendation.21:49
orlockSpreading misinformation on a channel used generally to support the less-technically apt is bad, mmkay21:50
BackwardsOrlock if you are looking for an argument, you are not getting one from me. I don't dignify foolishness. End of statement.21:50
mustmodifyI installed Linux Server.  I need to run a browser. But I didn't want the full GUI just for that.21:50
orlockand if you were actually an engineer, you would be more precise with your statements21:50
BackwardsYou would be a better person.21:50
mustmodifyI use this machine as a dev box and as a heads-up display. So I just need to run Chrome. Any suggestions?21:50
orlockBackwards: Not after an argument, just wanted an explination of a statements you made that appeared to either be coming from a troll, or somebody trying to spread misinformation for some reason21:51
JuJuBeeYankDownUnder: thanks for the tip to repartition/format It worked and I am now booted from usb stick.21:51
orlockmustmodify: There's ways to do it, none of them great21:51
orlockmustmodify: There's a few text mode browsers21:51
Rapture@mustmodify, check out something called portable linux apps. A quick google search should get you on track21:52
orlockmustmodify: There's ways to run a gui style browser without the full X server, but thay are non-trivial and made for embedded devices21:52
Rapture@mustmodify: http://appimage.org/21:52
Rapturenot sure that's what you are looking for21:53
mustmodifyI'm not against installing X, etc., just don't want to also install open office, a calculator, and 15 games just to get my browser running. Want to keep what I can open for dev resources.21:53
mustmodifyI'll check out your recommendations. Thanks.21:53
YankDownUnderJuJuBee: Coolbeans21:54
-l33tc0der:#ubuntu- Praise and glory be to the ghost of Adolf Hitler21:57
mustmodifySo this machine had two drives.21:58
mustmodifyThe first burnt. The other seemed fine, and I can mount /dev/sda1. But when I try to mount /dev/sda2, I get "unable to read superblock."21:59
mustmodifyCan I rebuild superblocks?21:59
mustmodifyI think it's an ext2 volume, whereas my new drive is ext4, if that matters.22:00
orlockmustmodify: There's copies of the superblock stored at an offset22:00
jerichowasahoaxIs it possible for me to get systemd to start Service A when Service B is started, and then stop Service A automatically if service B is stopped?22:00
orlockmustmodify: what does fdisk -l /dev/sda show?22:00
jerichowasahoaxObjective: Service A's "start/stop" commands are just "ufw allow <port>" and "ufw delete allow <port>"22:00
Bashing-ommustmodify: I do not think ext2 will be a factor, A superblock switch: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=217775622:01
mustmodifyorlock: https://gist.github.com/mustmodify/b7a7e409290ca78aa6864439b5d0c7b522:01
orlockmount /dev/sda5 instead22:02
=== Chunkyz_ is now known as BobDylan
orlock sda2 is just an extended partition22:02
mustmodifyorlock: unknown filesystem type LVM2_member22:03
orlockit essentially just contains other partitions so you can have more than 422:03
JuJuBeeAnybody have any experience with a laptop from system76 ?22:03
JuJuBeeLooking for a new laptop and considering them22:03
orlockmustmodify: ok,  so its a member of an LVM volume,  just means you need to run a few commands to tell the system about it22:03
=== BobDylan is now known as YaM0M
mustmodifyoh? Good because that seemed like a total mess to me. :)22:04
orlockmustmodify: google "mounting an LVM drive from another system" or similar22:04
orlockLVM's split into a few layers -  physical volumes, volume groups, and logical volumes22:05
orlockso its not as trivial as just mounting22:05
orlockbut it lets you do things like add extra storage and expans them on the fly22:06
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BackwardsOrlock what is your point in logging into my IRC server?22:12
BackwardsI never invited you.22:12
orlockJust wondering if you are giving the same quality mis-information there, or maybe just giggling over your trolling skills.22:13
=== captain_fixerpc1 is now known as captainfixerpc14
BackwardsOrlock I don't appreciate you logging in without permission.22:13
orlockBackwards: This is off topic for the ubuntu support channel, take it elsewhere please.22:14
BackwardsOrlock I will take it to the Internet Provider and put a ban on you.22:14
mustmodifyLVM seems like a lot of trouble from this perspective.22:16
Gallomimiait can be22:16
Gallomimiaespecially if its on top of crypto22:16
Gallomimiabut i find it pretty useful22:16
BackwardsOrlock don't log onto my server. If you do, that would be a huge mistake.22:16
NitrigaurI'm trying to upgrade to 16.04.1 but my root filesystem has not enough space for the upgrade. I have already enlarged my lvm-volume for root, but it still doesn't seem to detect that it has 30GB more than it used to have.22:16
GallomimiaNitrigaur: you need to enlarge the partition on that LVM22:17
BillTheKidhello guys. I get to initramfs when I try to boot. I tried some of the tutorials online but did not work. any chance you could help me out?22:17
BackwardsOrlock should be banned from this channel.22:17
NitrigaurGallomimia, I have already done that, or it might just have been the volume group that I have enlarged and not the part. itself. LVM is a bit confusing to use, but the concept is great.22:18
BackwardsAdministrator sets mode: +b someguy!*orlock@en.crypt.net.au22:18
GallomimiaNitrigaur: you only enlarged the logical volume22:18
GallomimiaBackwards: do you mind?22:18
m4221|phoneorlock: hey22:19
GallomimiaNitrigaur: next you must enlarge the filesystem itself. without erasing the files22:19
Gallomimiai forget how myself, but it's a simple process. google should tell you all about it22:19
NinjaStyleBackwards: eat shit22:20
preciseBackwards pls report me too22:20
Gallomimiaplease hold the foul language for your other interactions. not allowed in here22:20
preciseBan me from ever using IPS again22:20
BackwardsNinjaStyle take a long walk off a short pier.22:20
BillTheKidany help for the initfsram problem? :(22:20
tomreynGallomimia: resize2fs if it's an extN file system, where N is a natural number.22:20
OerHeksguys, move this to an other channel, keep this cannel free for ubuntu support, thanks.22:20
preciseBackwards: back of my bro, NinjaStyle, fite me.22:21
preciseOerHeks: We are just here to backup our buddy who was ruthlessly attacked by Backwards22:21
GallomimiaNitrigaur: yeah what tomreyn said22:21
Gallomimiago troll elsewhere. let the ops do what they do.22:22
NitrigaurGallomimia, this can probably only be done from a live-DVD and not from the same OS using that / partition22:22
GallomimiaNitrigaur: ah you're correct. can't do it while its mounted. can't unmount it if its your root.22:22
tomreynunless it's ext4, which does noline resizing just fine.22:22
Gallomimiadoes it?22:23
Nitrigaurtomreyn, no, it's btrfs22:23
m4221|phoneIs there any linux with a modern kernel that can run on i486?22:23
preciseI'm not trolling, simply providing reenforcements Gallomimia :) That said, I will hold off any further pestering behavious ;)22:23
tomreynoh, no idea then22:23
Mokuba_Km4221|phone, gentoo?22:23
Gallomimiathere's no such thing as "reinforcements" in here. there's support, and there's getting banned.22:23
bigterdsmart log http://pastebin.com/rrRyWYLM hdparm http://pastebin.com/E0isztP9 dmesg after ddrescue http://pastebin.com/pMJSJvB522:23
OerHeksm4221|phone, ubuntu server 32 bit, lubuntu perhaps22:24
bigterdive tried cables, different ports, booting apci disabled, libata tricks, hdparm tunes, ddrescue with -c so low it copies at kilobytes/second, same result. minutes, if seconds, and drops out. controller?22:24
orlockBackwards: BTW, get your IRC server admin to kline me, thats how its done22:24
preciseThanks for the spelling correction Gallomimia ;)22:24
bigterdand, WD has no firmware update. :/22:24
tomreynm4221|phone: the 2.6 linux branch wstill gets the occasional patches, it should build on 486. but then, why would you want to use such hardware nowadays? computer museum?22:25
OerHeks!ops | pls stop this > orlock22:25
ubottuorlock, please see my private message22:25
Gallomimiai'm not sure if it is correct. but let's both stop wasting buffer for 1800+ people. also orlock and backwards too.22:25
m4221|phonetomreyn: kinda sorta yeah22:25
BillTheKidI'm unable to boot my box, I get initfsram screen. anyone willing to help out? pls?22:25
GallomimiaNitrigaur: i dunno how to resize btrfs but, it might object to doing it live also22:25
orlockOerHeks: I'm not doing anything, i just asked Backwards to stop trolling people asking for help22:26
* dax looks up22:27
GallomimiaBillTheKid: what screen?? is there any error message? best way to...22:27
tomreynBillTheKid: use the ubuntu installe rlive system to repair it. repairing is one of the options available on the boot screen of it.22:27
Bashing-omBillTheKid: My help depends .. UEFI? .. no experience . else . yeah good chance I can help .22:27
Gallomimia!fixboot | BillTheKid22:27
Gallomimia!boot-repair | BillTheKid22:27
Nitrigaurm4221|phone, (not to diss Ubuntu), but try Debian 32 bits, I think it should still support 486. You might have to roll your own kernel in order to include support for hardware not supported by default by the current kernels.22:27
Gallomimiasomewhere there's a default response to repairing the boot sequence22:27
tomreynNitrigaur: you're late, he left22:28
tomreyn(maybe he felt insulted because i was too direct :-/ )22:28
cupofbrewHow do I install flash for firefox via the command line?22:28
Nitrigaurtomreyn, so I've noticed, thanks for the heads-up anyway :-)22:28
cupofbrewI don't want to install all of the restricted extras, just flash for my browser22:29
Ben64cupofbrew: sudo apt install flashplugin-installer22:29
BillTheKidthanks for the responses. I am through live cd, I repaired it running fsck. I also tried to change superblock22:29
OerHeksinfo flashplugin-installer22:29
cupofbrewthanks ben6422:29
BillTheKidnothing worked :(22:29
Gallomimiayou might update-grub22:30
BillTheKidwhen I do fdisk -l I see: http://pastebin.com/DgE1CWx222:30
BillTheKidi tried to repair /dev/sda122:30
BillTheKidam I doing it on the correct driver?22:31
Gallomimiathat's the /boot22:31
Gallomimiathe other partitions are just your LVM system22:31
Gallomimiaseems to me it won't properly mount it.22:31
NitrigaurGallomimia, tomreyn, it seems that btrfs even requires a partition to be mounted before being able to resize it.  I'm going to dig deeper to see how to do this safely with my setup using software RAID1 and lvm on top of that ...RAID122:32
Nitrigaur^ ignore the last "RAID1" here22:32
GallomimiaBillTheKid: :i've had that problem a few times. your liveUSB can mount it and you can peek inside. check for /etc/fstab22:33
BillTheKidGallomimia: how can I mount it?22:33
GallomimiaBillTheKid: you might also have to run mk-initramfs from inside a chroot22:33
Gallomimiaif you like GUI, the Disks program is best22:33
Gallomimiaif you have some command-line-fu best to take a ls of /dev/mapper/22:34
BillTheKidGallomimia: I tried that, when I go to my disk, the sda1 is mounted, but sda2 and sda5 don't give the option22:34
Gallomimiasda2 is just a container for sda522:34
Gallomimiaand sda5 is the container for LVM22:35
Gallomimiayou need to run LVM to see its contents22:35
Gallomimiacan't just mount it directly22:35
tomreynNitrigaur: you do not mount a partition - you mount file systems. i did not understand what you mean to say there.22:36
Nitrigaurtomreyn, I meant the file system inside the paritition. Somehow my root FS doesn't show up with the command: sudo btrfs filesystem show22:38
BillTheKidGallomimia: again thanks a lot for helping me. I have no idea how to do this. I tried this: http://www.tuxradar.com/answers/29622:38
GallomimiaBillTheKid: similar concept going on with Nitrigaur. good to follow along22:38
BillTheKidI get mount:  /dev/ubuntu-vg is not a block device22:38
GallomimiaBillTheKid: oh. you're trying to mount the volume group, and not the logical volume22:39
Gallomimiapress up arrow to repeat, then press / and then tab22:39
Gallomimiatab twice maybe22:39
Gallomimiathat's what vg stands for inthat name22:39
tomreynNitrigaur: basically the approach should be to boot the system from a live distro (you could use gparted-live for this purpose if you prefer a graphical interface, or just use the ubuntu installer / live iso). then enable all the lower block device layers needed (if any) to gain access to the btrfs one. then find out which command to use to resizea btrfs file system, and, not mounting (or previously unmounting) it, run those commands.22:40
BillTheKidthis is what I typed: sudo mount /dev/volumegroup/ubuntu-vg mnt22:40
userSo, I have a bad question to ask... I'm trying to install Windows on another machine using Ubuntu22:40
userI already have the correct ISO's22:40
userbut everything I've tried does not boot on the other machine22:41
userand I have no idea how to move forward22:41
=== YaM0M is now known as Chunkyz
jerichowasahoaxuser: Is it Windows or Ubuntu that you want to boot to right now22:41
userjerichowasahoax, I'm trying to boot Windows22:41
usermy ubuntu box is working fine22:41
jerichowasahoaxuser: /join ##windows22:41
Nitrigaurtomreyn, I have tried this, but this article states that you have to mount the FS in order to resize it (contrary to what you would expect): http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/175473/resize-a-btrfs-partition-inside-a-logical-lvm-volume22:42
BillTheKidGallomimia: correction this is what I did this is what I typed: sudo mount /dev/ubuntu-vg mnt22:42
Nitrigaurtomreyn, in fact I just rebooted my box after having booted from a live-DVD in order to resize first the volume group and than the volume itself.22:43
GallomimiaBillTheKid: that would try to mount the volgroup at /mnt22:44
Gallomimiayou should probably use / in front of the mnt. and add the LV after the other22:44
Gallomimiahow much of this command do you understand BillTheKid ?22:44
Nitrigaurtomreyn, after  issueing a mount, I get amongst other lines, the following line: /dev/mapper/SSD_Statisch-Root on / type btrfs (rw,subvol=@)22:44
BillTheKidGallomimia: I have no idea how LVM works22:44
BillTheKidI ended up using it because I think it was recommended on the installation22:45
tomreynNitrigaur:  i concur that apparently the btrfs has to be mounted to be resizable.22:45
Gallomimiathe basics are simple. it manages virtual partitions which you can move around, take backups of, resize more easily22:45
Nitrigaursomehow, this volume does not show on sudo btrfs filesystem show. that's what puzzles me now.22:45
BillTheKidok how do I mount it?22:45
GallomimiaBillTheKid: sudo mount /dev/ubuntu-vg/(tab) /mnt22:46
Gallomimiapress tab where it says tab. no ()22:46
Nitrigaurtomreyn, in fact it is *the only* btrfs volume that isn't shown using that command...22:46
Gallomimiayou have to find the right volume inside that directory22:46
BillTheKidmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root missing codepage or helper program, or other error22:48
Gallomimiahuh. that's very interesting22:48
tomreynNitrigaur: and 'mount' lists / as being btrfs, too?22:48
BillTheKidGallomimia: I don't like it that you find it interesting :p22:48
GallomimiaBillTheKid: sounds like you need to run an fs-check22:48
Gallomimiano. no it's not good that it's interesting22:49
BillTheKidwith fix right?22:49
Gallomimiainteresting means no normal22:49
Gallomimiai think fsck /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu--vg-root should give you some result22:49
Nitrigaurtomreyn, yes, this is the literal line of mount that indicates that / is on a btrfs volume:  /dev/mapper/SSD_Statisch-Root on / type btrfs (rw,subvol=@)22:49
Gallomimiabut we should ask others in the channel22:49
BillTheKidcause I did this earlier, but when I rebooted nothing.22:49
Nitrigaurtomreyn, with the literal line of mount I mean the first line of the *output* of the command mount.22:50
BillTheKidGallomimia: this is what I tried: http://bernaerts.dyndns.org/linux/74-ubuntu/232-ubuntu-boot-failure-initramfs22:50
tomreynNitrigaur: i guess i'm really lacking experience with btrfs and you should better work with someone who is into it22:50
tomreynyes, i got that much ;)22:51
GallomimiaBillTheKid: that only fsck's the /boot part. its only 250 megs22:51
jdubu420Hello :) When I start up Ununtu a "System Problem Detected, would you like to report this error" window opens repeatedly. How can I determine the source of the error / fix the error?22:51
ADY_Hi. I tryed to update my system from 14 to 16.04. Now it appears a sign that says "the system us running in low-graphics mode" and i can only access to the console22:52
Nitrigaurtomreyn, still I appreciate you trying to help me. I 'll try to find help with someone else. I hope (s)he is available on this channel as that would make things a bit more simple22:52
BillTheKidGallomimia: are there any resources, anything that I can google to start fixing it? could it be faulty disk?22:52
Gallomimiano, i think it's just a lost file or something22:53
BillTheKidit's just that I have no clue where to start now22:53
orlockBillTheKid: you are the guy that had the fried drive?22:53
Gallomimiawhat did you do before this started happening?22:53
GallomimiaBillTheKid: the drive shouldn't be fried. you can check one part of it.22:53
tomreynNitrigaur: quite likely. maybe try some other time if you have no luck right now. also, gparted-live is still an option if you don't mind loosing the opportunity to learn how to do it on CLI.22:53
BillTheKidorlock: first time here22:53
GallomimiaBillTheKid: you might search for "fsck lvm"22:54
BillTheKidI believe I updated the system yesterday22:54
Gallomimiaah yes.22:54
Gallomimiathat happens, and the system forgets to install the mounting for your LVM22:54
BillTheKidthe pc remained opened, it crashed today at one point. I forced rebooted after waiting half an hour22:54
BillTheKidI so "unmount" failed messages before the reboot22:54
BillTheKidafter reboot, here I stand...22:54
Nitrigaurtomreyn, I'm not afraid of the CLI, but I guess I am confused about the many logical layers underlying my current installation and the relation to LVM, btrfs and RAID22:54
Bashing-omADY_: What does lshw say about a driver for the graphics ? ' sudo lshw -C display ' .. look in the configuration line .22:55
GallomimiaBillTheKid: i wonder what the filesystem type is inside your LVM. do you know?22:55
BillTheKidext4 I think22:56
orlockGallomimia: I got BillTheKid and mustmodify confused - mustmodify is looking at similar LVM issues, and had a literally fried drive - http://ft.trillian.im/85353d38f4d2f94dfd75830e8d48517cc62ddc94/6JFolEmqp9EDgG9uArygIxoTS1LRi.jpg22:56
Gallomimiawhy are you posting links from trillian's site/22:56
ADY_bashing-om, is the the VGA?. there it says: Inter corporation 2ndgeneration core processor family integratedgraphiccs controller (rev 09)22:56
Gallomimiawow. yep. that's a fried HD.22:56
tomreynNitrigaur: yes those layers can always be quite confusing. making a quick drawing often does help.22:57
amiritehow do i upgrade an existing ubuntu server from 14 to 1622:57
GallomimiaBillTheKid: the instructions you followed last wrongly assumed you had no partitions in the filesystem22:57
Nitrigaurtomreyn, I'm somewhat surprised that there seems to be no available tool that shows those layers graphically.22:58
tomreynNitrigaur: also look at where the symlinks in /dev/mapper and /dev/VGNAME (replacing 'VGNAME' by the name of an LVM2 volume group) point to and the output of "dmsetup ls"22:58
GallomimiaBillTheKid: i did a google search and the command i gave up there starting with fsck is the right one22:58
ADY_Bashing-om, it says. Warning: output may be incomplet or inaccurate, you should run this program as super-user22:58
BillTheKidGallomimia: could you provide any reference? I can go through it and not bother you guys.22:58
Bashing-omADY_: That is not even close to the output I had expected . Only 4 that I am aware of .. and short and to the point in that configuration line .22:58
jdubu420I am trying to understand the slow / hanging transfer to USB problem in Ubuntu. Can anyone explain these variables to me that are in sysctl.conf?22:59
jdubu420vm.dirty_background_ratio = 522:59
jdubu420vm.dirty_ratio = 1022:59
jdubu420vm.swappiness = 1022:59
GallomimiaBillTheKid: sudo fsck /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubunt(tab)22:59
tomreynNitrigaur:you'Re right, such a tool should indeed be vreated if it does not already exist (i am not aware of one).22:59
ADY_what should i d?22:59
BillTheKidthe think is I have no ubunt in that folder22:59
* tomreyn off to bed, GLHF22:59
GallomimiaBillTheKid: http://www.patrickmin.com/linux/tip.php?name=fsck_logical_volume22:59
GallomimiaBillTheKid: i can't remember what the name of your LV is. you have to fill it in. use tab completion23:00
Gallomimia!tab | BillTheKid23:00
ubottuBillTheKid: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.23:00
Nitrigaurtomreyn, thanks for the help and good night :-)23:00
Bashing-omADY_: Tun with sudo so that you are that super user ' sudo lshw -C display ' . give the system time to look at things and report .23:00
BillTheKidi know that and the only folders are: root and swap_123:00
V7ubottu: 90% of cliesnt supports that :D23:00
ubottuV7: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:00
GallomimiaBillTheKid: you want the root one. swap is just for spare memory23:01
BillTheKidsudo fsck /dev/ubuntu-vg/root23:01
GallomimiaV7: we're talking about tab completion in bash in this case23:01
V7Maybe BillTheKid's using cliesnt without TAB support :D23:01
Tessan29Hey. If I find a guide for something and it's meant for Xubuntu users, can I still do all the steps easily on Ubuntu and vice versa? Is the only differnece between the Ubuntu flavors the visual part? :/23:01
GallomimiaBillTheKid: that should do what we need. let it run for a bit and see what it says23:02
V7Gallomimia: Roger, glhf !23:02
Gallomimia40gig drive. should take 15 min23:02
V7'cause Im goin bed too23:02
BillTheKidfsck from util-linux 2.27.1 e2fsck 1.42.13 (17-May-2015) fsck.ext2: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root Could this be a zero-length partition?23:02
Gallomimiaoh dear23:02
* V7 says glhf for everyone ;)23:02
BillTheKidGallomimia: earlier on I did this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/137655/boot-drops-to-a-initramfs-prompts-busybox23:03
BillTheKidfirst reply23:03
EmeraldExplorerAs I don't know where else to ask this: I am learning Linear Algebra this school year (2016-2017), and I want to eventually learn AI (since usually Linear Algebra is a prerequisite). I have already coded with a couple of languages (mainly Python and Java). Would it be bad to try to learn other languages/concepts that would be useful for web development23:03
EmeraldExplorerbefore I am done with Linear Algebra, or would that just screw me up?23:03
Bashing-omADY_: No driver loaded per that output ?23:03
GallomimiaBillTheKid: how far did you get in that processs?23:04
V7EmeraldExplorer: php o.o ?23:04
GallomimiaBillTheKid: i do want to find what format your root filesystem is in23:04
ADY_physiscal id: 2,bus info: pci@0000:00:02,2, version: 09,width: 64bits, clock: 33MHz, capabilities: msi pm vga_controller bus_master cap_listrom23:04
BillTheKidI finished the process23:04
Gallomimia  /dev/sda2 was not cleanly unmounted, check forced23:04
Gallomimiathat's the problem. it crashed and you hard booted it23:04
ADY_Bashing-om, Waht do you mean?23:05
Tessan29Hey. If I find a guide for something and it's meant for Xubuntu users, can I still do all the steps easily on Ubuntu and vice versa? Is the only differnece between the Ubuntu flavors the visual part? :/23:05
BillTheKidEmeraldExplorer: I work with Machine Learning. I'll ping you once I resolve my crasis23:05
EmeraldExplorerV7: no, what I am saying is would it be _worth_ it to try to learn other languages or other "sections" of programming, or would that just get me screwed up with so many things on my head?23:05
GallomimiaBillTheKid: but you must remember, we don't want to do the procedure on /dev/sda2 we want to do it on /dev/ubuntu-vg/root23:05
EmeraldExplorerBillTheKid: ok, thanks :)23:05
V7EmeraldExplorer: All languagies are same ... 80% ...23:05
BillTheKidI did the procedure on sda123:05
=== AndChat251264 is now known as h1n1
ADY_bashin-om, after runnign the -c lshw, it says something like this: physiscal id: 2,bus info: pci@0000:00:02,2, version: 09,width: 64bits, clock: 33MHz, capabilities: msi pm vga_controller bus_master cap_listrom23:06
BillTheKidand yes I'll remember that :)23:06
Gallomimiaah. we already know sda1 is fine tho.23:06
Gallomimiaalso, it doesn't have any of your important files (which i'm starting to hope are backed up)23:06
BillTheKidok so I did not do anything on the other two because it did not let me23:06
EmeraldExplorerV7: yeah.. I guess that is true, but I heard somewhere that you can only get "good" with a couple of languages. But again people classify "good" very differently23:06
Gallomimiathe other sdaN's aren't real filesystems. they're containers for your LVM23:07
=== h1n1 is now known as Strock
EmeraldExplorerV7: just don't want to forget a language and then when I come back to it have to re-learn everything23:07
Gallomimiayou *MUST* do it on the logical volume23:07
V7You should choose this language which is more comfartable for you then another one23:07
Gallomimiastart at the top, and do what it says there. but where it says /dev/sda1 put /dev/ubuntu-vg/root or whatever is correct23:07
ADY_configuration: driver=i915 latency=0, resurces: irq:42 memory90000000-903fffff memory:80000000-8fffffff ioport:4000(size=464)23:07
=== Strock is now known as MrStrock
EmeraldExplorerV7: and also because web development with Java is not exactly the best thing to do23:08
V7You'll be fine with C++ Python Java and PHP23:08
BillTheKidGallomimia: I'll do this now :)23:08
EmeraldExplorerunless you are a Java nerd :p23:08
Gallomimiaokay :)23:08
Gallomimiai think it should fix the problem23:08
BillTheKidEmeraldExplorer: for Machine LEarning Python, R or Scala23:08
V7Uh ... goin sleepin' mate ;D23:08
BillTheKidR is not a language for software engineers23:08
V7I really want it :D23:08
V7Choose this one which you love23:08
V7In which you're in love :D23:09
EmeraldExplorerBillTheKid: correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Python have a library that lets you execute R code?23:09
Bashing-omADY_: ' sudo lshw -C display | pastebinit ' to transfer that output to our pastebin site . I will have a look myself at what is . the result is a URL back in terminal, pass that link back here .23:09
GallomimiaBillTheKid: start with: sudo dumpe2fs /dev/sda2 | grep superblock23:09
Gallomimiathe rest is unimportant23:09
Gallomimiabut instead of /dev/sda2 put /dev/ubuntu-vg/root23:09
ADY_i can not pastebin, i can only access to the console from that pc. im working from an other23:10
GallomimiaADY_: there's ways to pastebin from the console23:10
BillTheKidEmeraldExplorer: you will find all sorts of libs. this does not mean you should use it :p buddy let me finish with my crashed pc and then I can give you a tour on the libs, langs etc23:11
EmeraldExplorerBillTheKid: but what I'm saying is would it be weird to try to learn a lot of Web Development principals before I (attempt) to learn Machine Learning next summer?23:11
BillTheKidGallomimia: dumpe2fs 1.42.13 (17-May-2015) dumpe2fs: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/ubuntu-vg/root Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.23:11
Bashing-omad.. never mind that last request of mine .. I see that a driver is loaded .. it is Intel's i915 . I have no Intel driver skills . Others here will have to further advise .23:11
GallomimiaBillTheKid: i don't like this at all.23:11
EmeraldExploreror would that probably just get me confused / forgetful23:11
Matt00hey guys, in HTOP, i see that one of my CHROMIUM tabs is taking up lots of RAM/CPU --- but how do i tell *WHICH* tab it is?23:11
BillTheKidGallomimia: omg omg omg :(23:12
GallomimiaBillTheKid: did we try mount on this?23:12
GallomimiaBillTheKid: sudo mount /dev/ubuntu-vg/root /mnt23:12
BillTheKidsudo mount /dev/ubuntu-vg/root /mnt23:12
Gallomimiawhat did it say there?23:12
BillTheKidyeah it failed. let me see the message23:12
BillTheKidmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root,        missing codepage or helper program, or other error         In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try        dmesg | tail or so.23:13
Gallomimiayeah. its time to read the syslog and dmesg. oh23:13
Gallomimiathey're on that filesystem :(23:13
Gallomimiawell, read them from the current /var/log23:13
BillTheKidGallomimia: I recognise the messages23:14
BillTheKidthey are the ones I get when I boot23:14
BillTheKidlet me paste bin it23:14
Tessan29Hey. If I find a guide for something and it's meant for Xubuntu users, can I still do all the steps easily on Ubuntu and vice versa? Is the only differnece between the Ubuntu flavors the visual part? :/23:14
GallomimiaBillTheKid: i'm starting to wonder if some of your procedures on /dev/sda5 made a booboo23:14
GallomimiaTessan29: mostly. it depends23:15
Tessan29Gallomimia: On what? :)23:15
Gallomimiaon whether the procedure involves those visual parts?23:15
BillTheKidGallomimia: http://pastebin.com/1urPUnGw23:15
Gallomimiain actuality, the visual parts are just packages which can be manipulated and installed like any other23:15
Tessan29Gallomimia: I understand less after asking. Lol.23:16
Gallomimiawhat kind of procedure are you planning to do?23:17
GallomimiaBillTheKid: time to google search for some of those errors :(23:17
GallomimiaBillTheKid: do you know what filesystem your root used to be? cause it can't identify it now23:17
Tessan29Gallomimia: This, for example: https://www.ovpn.se/en/guides/ubuntu23:17
dyc3hey, does anybody know how to make X listen for network connections on 14.04? i have tried -listen tcp but it fails23:18
BillTheKidI believe everything was ext423:18
GallomimiaBillTheKid: that sounds reasonable to me. its the default23:19
GallomimiaTessan29: that might work fine. the installer should know which libraries to get for your xubuntu instead of ubuntu23:19
Tessan29Gallomimia: Okay, thanks.23:19
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest16365
GallomimiaBillTheKid: maybe repeat the fsck but this time use fsck.ext423:20
Gallomimiai'm wondering if someone else in the channel with more experience repairing corrupted filesystems will help us? BillTheKid is using LVM but the LV doesn't seem to have any way to identify its FS.23:22
Gallomimiai think.... asking the program "type" to tell you might help23:22
BillTheKidsudo fsck.ext4 /dev/ubuntu-vg/root e2fsck 1.42.13 (17-May-2015) fsck.ext4: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/ubuntu-vg/root Could this be a zero-length partition?23:23
Gallomimiatype /dev/ubuntu-vg/root23:23
Gallomimiasomething bad has happened... and i don't know what it is.23:23
BillTheKidbash: type: /dev/ubuntu-vg/root: not found23:23
mustmodifyHey. How do I tell fstab that I want to mount a subdirectory of a mount-point23:24
BillTheKidlol did u mean run it? :p23:24
GallomimiaBillTheKid: yeah. but i don't know what the filename is really23:24
mustmodifyIn this case, /dev/logopolis/root then /projects23:24
Gallomimiamaybe it's under /dev/mapper/ ?23:24
BillTheKid# /dev/ubuntu-vg/root -su: /dev/ubuntu-vg/root: Permission denied23:25
Gallomimiamustmodify: sounds like you want a --bind type mount. search for that?23:25
GallomimiaBillTheKid: ah yes. you should do it with sudo23:25
Gallomimiai like to use sudo !! but that can be dangerous23:25
BillTheKidwith sudo I get command not found23:26
dyc3anybody know how to make X listen on tcp?23:26
marcurlingEvening, what is the disk/partion tool under Xenial, please?23:27
Gallomimiamarcurling: it's called Disk23:27
BillTheKidGallomimia: I get "sudo: /dev/ubuntu-vg/root: command not found"23:30
GallomimiaBillTheKid: you forgot the word type23:30
=== Dream is now known as Guest92505
BillTheKidtype command is missing. let me install it23:31
=== Guest92505 is now known as tisky
BillTheKidGallomimia: what package is this?23:31
=== MKCoin is now known as MK
BillTheKidi don't have the type command, apt-get can't find it23:32
Gallomimiathe type command is missing!?23:32
BillTheKidubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo type /dev/ubuntu-vg/root23:33
Gallomimiaoh you're on a liveUSB right?23:33
BillTheKidsudo: type: command not found23:33
Gallomimiajust try the single word type in your terminal23:33
Gallomimiai just tried a similar command on mine and it says not found either. but type is there. and it works23:34
BillTheKidempty response23:34
BillTheKidno error23:34
Gallomimiathat means type is there23:34
Gallomimiayeah it's not going to tell us anything about it i think.23:34
BillTheKidwhich type is also empty23:34
Gallomimiawell you gave it no parameters23:34
Gallomimiaso it ran, did nothing, exited23:34
BillTheKid"which type"23:35
BillTheKidnothing returned23:35
Gallomimiai think it's builtin to the shell23:36
Gallomimiathat's why i was so incredulous when it said not found23:36
BillTheKidGallomimia: thanks so much for helping me mate...23:37
GallomimiaBillTheKid: try running the following with sudo: lvs23:39
Gallomimiaand lvscan23:39
Gallomimiathose might be the same command23:39
Gallomimianot the same but... almost23:39
BillTheKidGallomimia: earlier to load them I run:23:40
BillTheKidsudo vgscan23:40
BillTheKidsudo vgchange -a y23:40
Gallomimiaprobably not going to tell us anything new23:40
BillTheKidthen I was able to load them with your help23:40
Gallomimiawhat's vgchange? oh it activates them23:40
Gallomimiaload them? as in... mount them?23:41
Gallomimiaor merely populate /dev/ubuntu-vg23:41
BillTheKidi meant mount23:41
BillTheKidwell we did not mount them but we tried :p23:41
Gallomimiayeah. it tells us they're there23:42
Gallomimiawhy did i think it was a 40gig drive? it's 1tb23:43
BillTheKiddon't know... it's indeed 1tb23:43
BillTheKidI found this: http://www.sj-vs.net/forcing-a-hard-disk-to-reallocate-bad-sectors/23:43
BillTheKidany thoughts? should I try it or I will mess it up beyond recognition?23:43
Gallomimiai don't think you should go that far yet23:44
Gallomimiai honestly don't think it's damaged. just lost data due to the hard boot23:44
ADY_gallomimia, i cannot installl pastebinit. itsayssomeindexfile failed todownload23:44
flying_sausagesHello people, anyone knows how would I go about upgrading 10.04 to 16.04?23:44
mustmodifyHey I have some instructions in /etc/profile.d/chruby ...23:45
GallomimiaADY_: there's another way to pastebin from the terminal. it involves the command nc23:45
mustmodifybut if I run `bash` from bash they aren't run.23:45
mustmodifyin the new shell.23:45
Gallomimiasomeone here knows it23:45
ADY_ok, let me look for it23:45
flying_sausagesIt was the only CD I had lying around, no other choice...23:45
BillTheKidGallomimia: i really hope I did not losedata :(23:45
ADY_thank you23:45
Gallomimia!nc | ADY_23:45
GallomimiaBillTheKid: i don't think so. just the important data needed to mount the drive23:46
Gallomimiapartition map and stuff23:46
Gallomimiafs superblock23:46
GallomimiaBillTheKid: i'm reading the manual for LVM23:47
Gallomimiathere's a command that would be good to run: pvck23:47
BillTheKidman, really cant thank u enough...23:47
Gallomimiaprobably with sudo23:47
GallomimiaBillTheKid: thank me when we get files recovered?23:47
Gallomimiaalso, backups are a good idea.23:48
BillTheKidi thank u any way. you are definitely not obliged to do this.23:48
Gallomimiathere's a motto that goes around here: if you don't have it backed up, i guess it wasn't that important to you.23:48
Gallomimiano. but i've had a lot of people help me in here23:48
Gallomimiaits fitting i should pay it forward23:48
Gallomimiaif only i knew a bit more about this23:48
BillTheKiddo i need any parameters on the pvck?23:49
Gallomimiai think so.23:50
Gallomimiaprobably ubuntu-vg23:50
BillTheKidthey seem to be doing it on sba23:51
Gallomimiaah. try it on /dev/mapper/ubuntu-vg23:52
Gallomimiaor /dev/sda523:52
NitrigaurGallomimia, I managed to resize my root FS with the kind help from Knorrie@#btrfs . I was on the right track, but I missed a resize step that had to precede the btrfs filesystem resize command. Now my OS can be upgraded and I'll be on 16.04.1 in no time :-D23:52
Gallomimiamine is different than yours23:52
BillTheKidubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo pvck /dev/ubuntu-vg/root    Could not find LVM label on /dev/ubuntu-vg/root23:52
NitrigaurBoth steps could be performed on a live FS23:52
BillTheKid  Found label on /dev/sda5, sector 1, type=LVM2 001   Found text metadata area: offset=4096, size=104448023:52
GallomimiaNitrigaur: good show. it's different because of the btrfs. i've never worked with it23:53
BillTheKidi think the sdaX is correct. That's what I found on the web too23:53
GallomimiaBillTheKid: ah yes. that's your physical volume. mine is another mapping because i have some layers in it. crypto and raid23:53
NitrigaurGallomimia, I have compiled the relevant lines. Which I might add to the Ubuntu wiki later on, so that a future user will be able to use proper docs.23:54
sudormrfupgraded from 14.04 to 16.04, now i get an error when I ssh in to the machine: bash: cannot create temp file for here-document: read-only file system23:54
GallomimiaNitrigaur: that's a good idea. i might decide to do the same on making an initramfs23:54
sudormrfinitial google searches say that this is because stuff is full23:54
sudormrfall my results show plenty of free space and INodes (at least that is how I see it).  anyone around that can help?23:55
Gallomimiasudormrf: that won't stop you from doing certain things. but some it will23:55
NitrigaurGallomimia, I'm looking forward to your article on initramfs :-)23:55
Gallomimiasudormrf: unfortunately, you're going to have to sudormrf some stuff23:55
sudormrfGallomimia, that's fine, but what? the df -h and other results don't show me anything that is really sticking out23:55
Gallomimiasudormrf: is it actually full, or is there space?23:55
sudormrfGallomimia, there is a ton of space23:56
Gallomimiamaybe ask the mount command if it's mounted readonly23:56
sudormrfonly 11% in use23:56
Gallomimiayeah. that's odd. maybe permissions problem23:56
sudormrfthat is the error option in the fstab23:56
GallomimiaBillTheKid: i don't know what the success of that comand got us23:56
sudormrfI could switch it to continue :X23:56
OerHeksread-only  .. touch <somefile>23:56
Gallomimiayep. try touching a file and see what it says23:57
Gallomimiaor ls -la23:57
OerHekscould be a dirty shutdown, fsck23:57
sudormrftouch: cannot touch 'test': read only file system23:57
sudormrffsck gave an error23:57
Gallomimiayep. been remounted r/o23:57
sudormrfunable to resolve the uuid of the disk23:57
sudormrfGallomimia, that is the error option in the fstab23:58
Gallomimiathat's the default23:58
sudormrfI can change it, but want to understand why it's doing this23:58
BillTheKidGallomimia: it run way too quickly fore recovering anything... do you want me to reboot or do something else?23:58
Gallomimiayou don't want to change it23:58
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot23:58
sudormrfjedi mind trick?23:58
sudormrfOerHeks, fsck gave me an error23:58
sudormrfI will give that command a shot23:58
GallomimiaBillTheKid: i don't know what to do honestly. somehow we need to recover that filesystem. but its inside the LVM so... its complicated23:58
sudormrfOerHeks, won't the shutdown command force a shutdown, not a reboot?23:59
Gallomimiashutdown -r means reboot23:59
OerHeksshutdown plus -r is reboot23:59
sudormrfall be darned23:59
sudormrfawesome :D23:59
sudormrfone sec23:59

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