geirdalautumna, I like your image alot, and yes it is better a little bit brighter08:10
sakrecoerhi guys! i was reading you on my pocket computer yesterday, but no time to jump in the conversation.08:31
sakrecoerhard choice, both images are awesome!08:31
sakrecoerthe lower one is cooler, the upper one is... :D08:32
sakrecoeron mobile the word 'ubuntustudio' breaks the formatting...08:45
sakrecoermaybe it should be 2 images next to eachother, so that they land on top of eachother when the view port is small?08:46
sakrecoeror a space between with css ala 'letter-spacing:-Xpx'08:46
sakrecoerimages would be easier to  format with..08:47
geirdallet me see it on mobile08:47
sakrecoerif the img tag has 'alt=' attribute it will work for searchvrobots and blind people..08:49
geirdalyes it will :)08:50
autumnasakrecoer I didn't have a chance to fix the responsive version of the page yet10:51
autumnain terms of images missing alts, where are we missing them? :)11:01
autumnabtw geirdal  both of the images are yours. the top one simply is the bottom half of it rotated and with some color changes. ;)11:25
geirdalautumna, I like yours better :)11:39
sakrecoerautumna: i wasn't saying images were missing "alt", i ment that if it is easier to format the title with images than to format it with text, we should use the "alt" atribute12:25
autumnaI am happy with either solution12:26
sakrecoerre: community showcase gallery thing...12:56
autumnaok so moving the discussion about community and a gallery here12:57
autumnaas summary geirdal thinks we should have a gallery of featured work, sakrecoer and autumna thinks it is a great idea12:57
geirdalhehehe ok ;)12:57
autumnabut anyway I think the critical thing really is that we are aware of our scale, and aim to be consistent with what we do so that we can regularly maintain it (and eventually recruit to do more)12:57
autumnawe won't go from where we are, to blender style overnight. actually we won't be blender like at all for a very long time, because it is a project that has full time coders, funding etc. 12:58
autumnabut if we can do small things, the tutorials, updated resource, some videos and a small featured works section etc12:58
autumnathis is PLENTY. 12:58
autumnabut yeah12:59
autumnamake no mistake even doing this, which looks tiny stuff on paper is HARD12:59
autumnaand it will take time12:59
geirdalyes it will12:59
geirdalbut its important12:59
autumnait is important13:00
autumnait will take time because these are things that kind of needs to evolve too over time13:00
autumnayou can't just go from nothing to a fantastic portfolio and functioning community. so we begin.. but we don't try to shortcut the process13:00
autumnawe get its not going to be very... shiny, or elaborate at first13:00
geirdalof course not13:01
geirdalbut we are getting there13:01
sakrecoeri opened this to save the soundcloud group: https://soundcloud.com/ubuntustudio13:08
sakrecoer(soundcloud is discontinuing groups)13:09
geirdalthere is alot we can use from this13:11
geirdalsakrecoer, autumna Herbicide , yes13:13
geirdalworks for me to paint13:13
autumnahmm sakrecoer! 13:15
autumnaI recognize some of these songs!13:16
sakrecoeryeah... i took the hoel list in the group, didn't put all the ones i had shared in that group...13:17
autumna(ok now that we moved to devel we are now discussing off topic things *chuckles*)13:18
autumnaok so we have the soundcloud13:18
geirdalI dont know the line13:18
autumnageirdal said he might have like 6 images to give for gallery13:18
geirdalI can can13:18
autumnamy situation is more complicated since most of my work uses processing (which is not part of the default software list)13:19
sakrecoerwe also have a flickr where people can share images by email13:19
autumnawait we have a flickr?13:19
autumnaoh right, the background contest!13:19
autumnaok so correction13:21
sakrecoeri have this one the PR password file... cfhowlett opened it... 13:21
autumnawe do already have a gallery of sorts13:21
sakrecoerlooks weird today...13:22
autumnayeah apparently somebody has posted something odd on top13:22
autumnaout of curiosity, how many people submitted works, for the wallpaper challenge?13:23
autumna*tries to also find this information on the flickr group*13:23
sakrecoeri don't remember, but response was good... arround 20...13:23
sakrecoermight have been more..13:23
autumnaand that was for wallpaper, so people were not submitting existing work, but doing new ones13:24
sakrecoernot sure if everyone created something specificaly for it, but most seemed like they did yes..13:24
autumnaactually I see a lot more than 20 entries in the poll13:25
autumna(and very few of them on flickr oddly enough)13:27
autumnabut ok so the bottom line is13:28
autumnawe actually have the communities in place13:28
autumnathat's good13:28
sakrecoeryes :)13:30
sakrecoerok, i have to go buy some stuff... i will be back in a few hours13:31
autumnabye sakrecoer!13:33
geirdalautumna, thasts very good13:33
autumnaok quick recap here because apparently i started typing things in PM instead of devel. 13:33
autumnabasically our forum looks like a support forum mostly13:33
autumnabut it might be worth putting a sticky there saying "post your work" and then we can feature things from there13:34
autumnaI was saying also that we could theorically move the forum, but it is hard to get people to use something new13:34
autumnasakrecoer said that we will probably have to ask somebody to make the thread sticky but that it wasn't hard. 13:35
autumna(one of these days I am going to do something really embarassing like typing something something ubuntu studio related in a channel that really has nothing to do with US)13:39
sakrecoerregarding murrine and shimmer. we keep murrine-themes and added numix-gtk-theme20:57
sakrecoeras it looks, we can customize numix to a blue color. upstream is going to provide us with the svg's to do it painfully.20:58
sakrecoerno.. to do it without pain :D20:59
sakrecoernow, if it is not done yet, and if we don't manage to have it done somehow, would it be ok with the group to use numix as default theme anyway instead of greybird, even though it has red highlight color?21:00
sakrecoergosh.. i type worse than usual.21:00
sakrecoercorrected: "now, it is not done yet, and if we somehow don't manage to have it done in time, would it be ok with you guys to have numix as default theme instead of greybird, even though it has red highlight color?"21:01
sakrecoerautumna, geirdal, OvenWerks, zequence and anyone who wants to weight in :)21:04
* autumna catches up with the transcript21:22
autumnawhat needs to be done to change from red to blue?21:23
sakrecoerautumna: wait for svg assets...21:29
autumnaI mean yes, my vote is for numix I think 21:29
autumnaI see21:29
sakrecoerthen use sed to change the colors from red to blue21:29
sakrecoeri made a little bash script to change all colors and then transform the SVGs to PNGs..21:30
autumnaI wonder if it would even be possible to batch do it using imagemag-21:30
* autumna chuckles21:30
autumnaalright then21:30
sakrecoerprobably, but to find the right hue with imagemagick seems complicated to me... it would be sort of a guess, no?21:31
sakrecoerif we batch process the PNGs..21:31
autumnaumm you can probably type in the hue?21:31
autumnaand colorize using it?21:31
autumnabut I mean batch process is the point, it doesn't matter really what you use for it21:31
sakrecoeryes, but... what value, will turn that specific red into our specific blue?21:32
autumnawell if you colorize it21:32
autumnaok hang on let me talk out of my brain here21:32
autumnaand either way if you have a script ready, it doesn't matter21:32
sakrecoeri'm up for it.. especially if the SVGs don't show up..21:33
sakrecoerbut, i don't know how to be precise with your method21:33
sakrecoerhopefully you do21:33
autumnaok for the record I am being very slow at the moment apparent21:35
autumnaI am like literally taking a minute to figure out what you are saying :) and yeah let me try21:35
autumnado we want them ubuntustudio blue?21:35
autumnaalso do you have a few more examples other than the round?21:35
autumnado they have shading?21:35
sakrecoerautumna: what is "the round"?21:36
autumna(also I remember there was a batch editor for gimp too.. but image magick would be much much easier)21:36
sakrecoeryes, they have shading21:36
autumnathe radio button you linked at the github issue21:36
sakrecoerautumna: https://github.com/numixproject/numix-gtk-theme/tree/master/gtk-3.0/assets21:37
sakrecoeri have to go unfortunately... early morning tomorrow... g'night y'all!21:41
krytarikautumna: I seem to have finally convinced sakrecoer to go with the Greybird blue (#398ee7) rather than the Studio one, btw :P - 1.) to fit better with the rest of the theming, and 2.) make it appealing for anyone else than us to use as well.21:50
autumnaalright :)21:50
autumnaI'll try to aim for that then21:50
krytarikautumna: Notice there seems to be a darker shade of red they are using as well - we'd have to figure out a proper replacement for that too, and we were currently looking at what Greybird uses as the link color - #2d71b8.22:02
autumnawell what I am trying to do is to use colorize22:02
autumnaand where it gets me22:03
autumnaif it doesn't work22:03
autumnanext solution will probably have to involve gimp with batch plugin22:03
autumnaand there it is about changing the hue rather than value22:03
autumna(I haven't ran into the darker red yet but sakrecoer mentioned it)22:04
autumnaoh-kay that didn't go well :D22:06
autumnagimp it is22:06
autumnasakrecoer krytarik: I can almost match the icon color to graybird blue, (1 rgb value off which is not visible really)22:55
autumnawell ok maybe more than 1rgb value I'll take another try at this in morning23:14

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