flocculantI guess we can hope then06:34
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flocculantbluesabre: so what does bryan quigley's comment on 1568604 actually mean? "this seems like it's still a large amount of the changes in the driver" ?15:03
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Unit193Sounds like it means no SRU.19:12
flocculantthat was what I was hoping it not to mean19:13
flocculantthey'd do it if ubuntu were impacted I'm sure19:13
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flocculantI guess we should find out exactly what the comment means before getting the hump :)19:19
Unit193He narrowed it down, good enough for me.  I thought an archive admin or someone else commented.19:21
flocculantonly seen comment from Bryan Q 19:23
flocculantdon't know if anything's been said in irc anywhere though19:23
bluesabreflocculant: suppose the next thing we can do is package it up and have folks test it23:50

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