giovonican someone help me troubleshoot a sound issue i'm having?00:26
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xubuntu80wHey guys! any of you have problems with your screen not turning on when you log in after suspending your computer?03:09
cfhowlettavoid "does anyone ..." questions.  waste  of space.  state YOUR issues and details03:10
xubuntu80wMy screen is completely dark when I log in after waking the computer from suspension03:11
xubuntu80wcan someone shed some light on the issue?03:11
cfhowlettblack screen and no life even after a proper login?03:11
xubuntu80wcompletely dark03:27
xubuntu80wif I do ctrl + alt + delete I can get back to the login screen, but the same scenario occurs again03:28
cfhowlettseems to be a commmon complaint.  bring this question to #ubuntu for more eyes03:28
xubuntu80wwill do03:29
cfhowlettsee you there03:29
xubuntu65dHoWdY!!  Could soemone tell me the way to tell if my XUbuntu is 64 or 32?  I can't remember ...08:08
yansxubuntu65d, inxi -F08:08
xubuntu65dor failing that ... a good list of the commands like these08:08
yansor uname -a08:08
xubuntu65dcool!  Thankx!08:09
xubuntu65dgreat stuff!  I apreciate your help yans!  Cheers!!08:11
glitchdso my clock disappears as soon as i set it..? (ubuntu 16.04.1 xubuntu desktop)08:15
glitchdanyone have any ideas on why this happens?08:15
pencilandpaperIt disappears completely off of your taskbar glitchd ?08:24
glitchdpencilandpaper, sry got distracted..08:34
glitchdpencilandpaper, kind of disappeared..08:34
glitchdpencilandpaper, as soon as i set the options for it, i click close of the gui and the settings get erased and the clock is not displayed. its still there but nothing is displayed for it. so its just a blank space where the clock should be.08:35
pencilandpaperWow, thats deep glitchd .08:36
glitchdpun intended..08:36
glitchdshots fired.08:36
pencilandpaperI have to go and restart real quick, but will brb glitchd .08:36
glitchdlemme know..08:36
pencilandpaperglitchd: Ok, so if you go to your clock and right click on it and then go to properties and click on that and it opens up for you..what happens?08:47
glitchdpencilandpaper, the properties of the clock pop up09:01
pencilandpaperYour Layout is set to Digital, Tooltip format is picked out, and your Clock Options format is chosen glitchd ?09:03
pencilandpaperYou left the Timezone blank as well?09:03
glitchdpencilandpaper, no all the options are blank09:04
pencilandpaperAre you serious glitchd ?09:04
glitchdpencilandpaper, YES09:05
pencilandpaperWow, well can you choose anything?09:07
pencilandpaperDid that happen after a update or something?09:07
glitchdpencilandpaper, http://imgspice.com/606dygtqnegm/Screenshot_2016-08-10_04-05-47.png.html09:08
glitchdi noticed it after installing 16.4.109:08
pencilandpaperOk, now glitchd , click on Tooltip format and choose the way that you want it and let me know when you have done that please.09:14
pencilandpaperDo that for Format as well under Clock Options, for instance I chose this kind of format: 05:12:51 AM09:14
pencilandpaperLet me know when you have done that please.09:14
pencilandpaperNice, now click on Time and Date Settings...and it should ask for your password. Enter it and tell me when you are there please.09:15
glitchdnow the clock is showing in the top panel, but as soon as i close this gui it will disappear again09:15
glitchdit only asks for a password if i click unlock09:16
pencilandpaperOk, now are you going to click unlock..and set your time and date the way that you want it?09:16
glitchdits already set correctly09:16
glitchdno need for me to change anything about it09:16
pencilandpaperOk cool, now do me a huge favor..before closing the gui..go to settings manager, and go to appearance and choose greybird, and then go to window manager and choose greybird and then go ahead and close the clock gui, and tell me if the clock stays for you please.09:18
pencilandpaperIn that order though. If that happens then its a gtk theme, and the current theme that you are using may not be up to date like greybird is for instance.09:18
pencilandpaperI am actually having some gtk issues over here with my volume and things like that not looking right and having proper functionality from the same thing. The theme that I am using is no longer supported with the new gtk version that came in updates..but with greybird that came with the new updates things appear fine so.09:20
pencilandpaperI am also already updating in to 16.10 though so. :)09:20
glitchdnope it still disappeared when i closed the clock gui09:22
pencilandpaperWow. That happened with a fresh install?09:22
pencilandpaperAlso have you installed all updates?09:23
pencilandpaperBrb..I have to restart again real quick.09:25
glitchdpencilandpaper, ..?09:47
pencilandpaperYeah glitchd ?09:57
avronmy mouse pointer keeps turning invisible when i put my laptop to suspend mode15:47
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jojobeanjust installed Xubuntu on a powerbook g4. never used linux before ( so this will probably be annoying) but could someone help me install my wireless card/firmware? I have the broadcom BCM430618:01
jojobeanI'm sure whoever is up for the task may become frustrated. I literally know nothing about using linux other than what I've ready over the course of the last 4 hours18:02
Krikey_Sanchezhey, I installed xubuntu 16.04 on a friend's laptop recently18:07
Krikey_Sanchezapparently after restarting it, when she tries to login, it goes to a completely blank screen18:08
Krikey_Sanchezbut the login manager itself still seems to work, and she can get to the menu to shut down/restart by pressing the power button18:09
Krikey_Sanchezis this something people have seen before?18:09
flocculantKrikey_Sanchez: somewhat yes, mentioned on the 16.04 release notes, the 16.04.1 release notes, the main wiki release note and also bug 156860418:11
ubottubug 1568604 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Xenial) "Mouse cursor lost when unlocking with Intel graphics" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156860418:11
flocculantit's on facebook and twitter at least18:11
flocculantwe're trying to get the fix backported from yakkety18:11
flocculantyou can crtl+altf1> ctrl+alt>f7 to get it back quickly - there are some other workrounds mentioned around the place18:12
Krikey_Sanchezthat didn't work, which makes me think this isn't hte same bug18:13
Krikey_Sanchezalso it wasn't the mouse cursor disappearing, it was the entire screen being blank but the mouse cursor still showing up18:13
Krikey_Sanchezand apparently it persisted across reboots, although I'm just going off what my friend told me, I haven't seen the system in question myself18:13
flocculantKrikey_Sanchez: my bad - so used to people not reading things - I didn't read what you said properly either18:23
flocculantyea - different bug - not seen much about that one18:23
flocculantKrikey_Sanchez: might help to know more about the laptop - graphics etc18:28
Krikey_Sanchezit's a thinkpad with intel graphics and an nvidia optimus card18:34
Krikey_SanchezI never installed anything nvidia related18:34
Krikey_Sanchezso hopefully it's not trying to use the card18:34
Krikey_Sanchezthere was nothing unusual when I installed xubuntu on it yesterday18:34
flocculantKrikey_Sanchez: you installed and rebooted and it worked ok then, but doesn't now?18:46
Krikey_Sanchezflocculant: yeah18:47
flocculantmmm - well I'd ask the friend what they'd done between times :)18:47
Krikey_Sanchezapparently nothing except suspending the machine18:48
flocculantmaybe there's some other intel issue as well as the known one18:48
Krikey_SanchezI normally use arch linux nowadays, I don't know what services xubuntu uses to start x and start the login manager and all that18:49
Krikey_Sanchezso I"m not sure which logs to check18:49
flocculantKrikey_Sanchez: I'd start with /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:51
flocculantKrikey_Sanchez: also you *could* try the yak intel driver - but you'd want to grab the xenial one to revert http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=xserver-xorg-video-intel&suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names18:52
flocculantbut tbh - not sure that'd make much difference18:53
xubuntu61wive just installed xubuntu `6.04 but it hasn't installed the wireless adapter19:33
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JuJuBeeI cannot seem to make a bootable usb stick with xubuntu-16.04.1 amd64 iso.  I have checked the md5 against website and it matches.  I keep getting dropped to a boot: prompt21:18

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