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kjackalHello Juju World!08:46
jamespagetvansteenburgh, hey - I was just trying out juju-deployer with juju 2.0 and some of our openstack bundles in oct09:02
jamespagehit upon this09:02
jamespage2016-08-12 08:35:31 [ERROR] deployer.env: Command (juju deploy -m jamespage:default --constraints mem=1G --series xenial xenial/ceilometer ceilometer) Output:09:02
jamespage ERROR path "xenial/ceilometer" can not be a relative path09:02
jamespagei've fixed locally by ensuring that abspath is used - but I'm a little unfamiliar with the codebase so suspect my change will break everything else!09:03
kjackalHey, is there something wrong with the zookeeper charm on the store? juju deploy zookeeper fails here while  juju deploy cs:trusty/zookeeper-1 is fine!09:11
kjackalFor trusty ^09:13
MonsieurBonHi all10:40
MonsieurBonI have deployed neutron-gateway and connected it to rabbitmq-server but still it shows 'Missing relations: messaging'. What am I missing?10:41
MonsieurBonI have tried both relation types amqp and amqp-nova. Same behaviour10:41
shruthimaHello Team We have pushed IBM-HTTP charm for review , but it is not reflecting in the review queue. Bug-link: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/1612535 Please suggest if anything we are missing.12:38
mupBug #1612535: New Charm: IBM HTTP Server <Juju Charms Collection:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1612535>12:38
aisraelAnyone seen this in beta 15?12:47
aisraelERROR unknown object type "ModelConfig" (not implemented)12:47
aisraelafter trying to deploy a charm or bundle12:47
lazyPowerjuju add-unit hello-juju-world12:49
lazyPoweraisrael - checking now, any specific charm or is this anything you attempt to deploy?12:49
aisraelany charm, but also juju upgrade-juju12:50
valeechGood morning charmers. I have never written a charm and have decent experience with shell scripting. I do have a good amount of experience with other languages. My question is, would attending the juju summit be worthwhile?12:50
aisraelbeta13, after upgrading to 1512:50
lazyPoweraisrael - are you attempting to upgrade a beta-14 controller ot beta-15?12:50
aisraelI'm re-bootstrapping now12:50
lazyPoweraisrael - upgrades aren't supported :(12:50
lazyPowerthats likely the culprit12:50
aisraellazyPower: well, that'd be the problem then12:50
marcoceppivaleech: absolutely12:50
marcoceppivaleech: in addition to presentations from the community, we have charm experts you can pair up with who know bash, python, etc to work on a charm with12:51
shruthimaya we are facing ERROR unknown object type "ModelConfig" (not implemented) issue in beta 1412:51
valeechmarcoceppi: Great! I just don’t want to be that guy that shows up and holds everybody back during any labs because he hasn’t met the prerequisites. We all have experiences that :)12:52
shruthimaHello Team We have pushed IBM-HTTP charm for review , but it is not reflecting in the review queue. Bug-link: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/1612535 Please suggest if anything we are missing.12:52
mupBug #1612535: New Charm: IBM HTTP Server <Juju Charms Collection:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1612535>12:52
marcoceppivaleech: understood, thanks for checking! you won't be holding anyone back :)12:54
tvansteenburghjamespage: it won't break anything, abspath is required for local charms when using deployer with juju213:06
MonsieurBonHi, if I can't get glance to work with swift using juju, is this the right channel to ask a question about that?13:53
xnoxcharms are hard.13:55
xnoxis there an example of a subordinate charm, which is minimal.13:55
xnoxlooking at nrpe charm... it's 60 files big.13:55
kjackalxnox: openjdk seems simple, https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-openjdk13:57
kjackalxnox: here is the charm from the store https://jujucharms.com/openjdk/13:58
xnoxkjackal, that's much better! thanks. And sort of, what i'm trying to do.13:58
xnoxjust provision generic blobs, onto any instance/machine/charm.13:58
xnoxwhat's this? https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-openjdk/blob/master/layer.yaml14:00
xnoxreading https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.25/authors-charm-building14:05
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marcoceppixnox: this is probably a better starting poing: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/developer-getting-started14:17
xnoxmarcoceppi, what version is "stable" ?14:17
xnoxis that 1.25 or 2.0?14:18
marcoceppi2.0, but charm development doesn't change between versions14:18
xnoxthat's odd, 2.0 is not stable14:18
marcoceppixnox: again, charm development and juju development are two different things14:18
marcoceppiyou can use the latest charm development guide which will make charms that work on 1.25 or 2.014:19
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xnoxcharm build -> bzr ERROR: Not a branch14:44
xnox... convert my charm from git -> bzr14:44
xnoxcharm build -> fatal: Not a git repository14:44
xnoxso my layer/charm should be.... both?!14:45
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cholcombecan someone ban ^^15:38
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D4RKS1D3Any admin in the room?15:39
Guest_84847governments are not doing Allah is doing15:39
cholcombeapparently no admins are here :(15:39
cholcombemarcoceppi, do you have admin powers?15:40
marcoceppicholcombe: no, I don't15:43
D4RKS1D3is not chanserv in this server?15:43
lazyPowerniemeyer - ping16:07
niemeyerlazyPower: Hi16:07
lazyPowerniemeyer - can we get some whitelisted admins on mup?16:07
lazyPowerit would be nice ot have channel guardians when you're not looking16:07
niemeyerlazyPower: What would it do?16:08
lazyPowerthere's a fair bit of spam up above, this is the fourth time in 4 months16:08
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lazyPowerniemeyer - well, say we !warn user, and !ban user. help police the channel from spam bots16:08
lazyPowerit seems like a nicer way to manage delegation of concerns to well known and respected members of the community to help self police16:08
niemeyerlazyPower: That's a nice idea16:09
lazyPowerxnox - that seems wrong, can you get me a paste with the output of charm build and links to your layers?16:10
niemeyerlazyPower: We'll need a new plugin.. doesn't feel too complex16:10
lazyPowerniemeyer - i'm happy to collab/help on that. we need to do something if this keeps up :( we're getting targeted for spam sporadically16:10
niemeyerlazyPower: Have you considered using chanserv?16:10
niemeyerlazyPower: It has that sort of delegation built in16:10
lazyPowerwell, i cant? I'm not a room op?16:11
niemeyerlazyPower: Well, the point is precisely to have some of those16:12
lazyPowerniemeyer - who would i petition to recommend room ops?16:12
lazyPowerafaik you're the only one i'm aware of. i'm sur eyou're not the *only* but, you're the only one to me <316:12
* niemeyer hugs lazyPower16:12
niemeyerlazyPower: So, I don't know either.. who are the most active people here in the channel, which tend to be around responding to passers by?16:13
lazyPowermyself, magicaltrout, kwmonroe , mbruzek, marcoceppi   stand out in my mind16:13
lazyPowerjose is sporadically16:14
joseme what?16:14
lazyPowerjose a special little turtle :)16:14
joseniemeyer: actually, what is mup running on? supybot?16:15
joseif so, you'd need to give channel access to mup and then user access to us16:15
niemeyerjose: https://github.com/go-mup/mup/16:15
niemeyerjose: I don't think we need any bots for this.. delegation of permissions is builtin into the freenode infra16:16
joseI assume it has channel moderation features?16:16
joseI mean, some prefer to do it via a bot, some prefer to do it via chanserv16:16
joseas you wish16:16
xnoxlazyPower, so i had a bug in my layer.yaml16:19
xnoxbut with either .git or .bzr repository, one gets a warning / error about the other repo type.16:20
xnoxI don't have "repo:" key in my layer.yaml16:20
xnoxmy layer is private. I can reproduce something public later.16:20
lazyPowerxnox - ok, it woudl be good to get a bug. those error messages look less than informative. would be good to get a bug filed so we can get that patched16:20
niemeyerHmm.. the kickban support doesn't seem to have compiled into Freenode's chanserv :/16:22
mbruzekxnox: https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/issues is the place to file that bug16:27
niemeyerlazyPower: See if it's working for you.. try to /msg chanserv flags #juju niemeyer!*@* +b16:28
lazyPower /msg chanserv flags #juju niemeyer!*@* +b16:28
lazyPower[11:28:49] -ChanServ-You are not authorized to execute this command.16:28
lazyPowerdo i need to logout/back in with nickserv?16:29
niemeyerNo, I don't think so16:29
lazyPowerdidn't think so either, but its been a bit since i've had channel responsibilities ;)16:29
niemeyerlazyPower: Just to be sure, try to do that on someone else.. it might be preventing on me specifically16:29
lazyPowersame when i attempt against mbruzek16:30
* mbruzek waves16:30
mbruzekAre you trying to kick me?16:30
lazyPowerwell, trying to ban to be specific.16:30
niemeyerlazyPower: Ok, unfortunate, but it's what I expected.. freenode's chanserv didn't have the kickban support compiled in16:30
niemeyerlazyPower: mup might be the better option16:31
niemeyerlazyPower: I'll have a look at that, if someone else doesn't get there before I do16:31
lazyPowerok, thanks niemeyer for taking a look16:31
niemeyerI can't promise to do that soon enough, though, so here is your immediate solution ^16:38
mgzniemeyer: thanks16:38
mgzniemeyer: can I beg for some in #juju-dev as well?16:38
niemeyermgz: done16:41
lazyPowersgtm, thanks niemeyer16:42
niemeyerAdded thumper as well, so there's coverage on the other side16:44
marcoceppiniemeyer: thanks17:27
joseto all Canonical people around. can we please avoid the use of paste.canonical.com for public bug reports? makes it hard to read/understand.18:36
josejcastro: ^18:41
mgzideally bug reports should have log files uploaded, rather than linked, anyway18:48
mgzthe other issue is our CI bug reports often have private links in, which is sadly required but should have context beyond that18:48
mayurisaprehello everyone..20:27
mayurisaprewhat is the good way to share any variable between hooks in a particular charm?20:27
mskalkamayurisapre, there is using relations20:37
mskalkahowever if you want to access relation data outside of a relation hook there's some special tomfoolery involved20:37
mayurisaprei want to share a variable between charms install, stop and relation-* hooks20:39
mskalkamayurisapre, check this page out: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/authors-relations20:40
mskalkathere's also a good page with the relation-get and set info there, let me see if I can dig it up20:41
mskalkahere we go: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/authors-hook-environment20:41
mayurisaprerelation-get /relation-set hook tools can share variable between 2 charms which have relation20:42
mayurisaprebut i want to share data within a single charm20:42
mskalkaahhh, misinterpreted your question then20:43
mayurisaprebetween say install hook and stop hook20:43
mskalkathat I have no idea about, sorry :/20:44
mayurisapreohh okay..20:47
lazyPowermskalka - unitdata20:56
lazyPower1 sec getting a link20:57
lazyPowermskalka mayurisapre  - https://pythonhosted.org/charmhelpers/api/charmhelpers.core.unitdata.html20:57
mayurisaprehey thanks..21:06
mayurisaprethis will help me..21:06
lazyPowermayurisapre - no problem :) let me know if there's anything else21:13

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