santa_my theory about kalzium is right, it's the latest avogadro what broke it01:11
santa_clivejo: if you are still awake just ignore kalzium, for now I have a solution but I want to discuss it with yofel tomorrow01:13
santa_clivejo: print-manager and kde4libs ftbfs'es fixed in my merge requests, now the only thing not building yet in apps is kalzium. as I said we could discuss the solution for that tomorrow04:19
ahoneybunthis jenkins thing is pretty crazy04:23
ahoneybunthe way it works I mean04:26
valorieseems to be widely adopted04:26
valorieKDE uses it as well04:26
tsimonq2off to bed, my plan is to fix something tomorrow in Kubuntu unstable land as I haven't done much lately, suggestions welcome :P04:27
valoriesweet dreams, tsimonq204:27
ahoneybunI know just hard to understand valorie04:28
valorieheh, there I agree04:28
valoriewhich is why I don't even try04:28
ahoneybunI do want to try04:29
ahoneybunbut next cycle lol04:29
ahoneybunI try to get the slideshow working with yofe first valorie lol04:33
valoriethat's awesome04:33
valoriethank you for stepping up04:33
ahoneybunI got the python script to at least start but not sure what it means04:34
valoriemaybe #python can help?04:40
ahoneybunit's dealing with our installer04:41
ahoneybunI've changed and added a few things to get it to start with Qt504:42
ahoneybunbut still no images yet04:42
ahoneybunwait what04:42
ahoneybunthat's weird04:43
ahoneybunit works in test-slideshow.py04:43
ahoneybunvalorie: ^04:44
ahoneybunno clue if it works for real04:47
ahoneybunmy branch is on LP if any MOTU or whatever wants to test it04:48
ahoneybunI want to add a few screenshots04:50
valoriebe sure to post it to the list04:50
valoriemaybe there are more python-lovers there04:51
ahoneybunhttp://imgur.com/a/l6AS4 weird yofel04:56
valorieyou notice that says "16.04", right?04:58
ahoneybunyep fixed04:58
ahoneybunI'm thinking of changing the text anyway04:58
ahoneybunsomehting like 04:58
ahoneybun"A community driven Ubuntu based distro that integrates the Plasma desktop"04:59
ahoneybunbit of a rip from Ubuntu Mate really04:59
valorieHow about A community produced Ubuntu flavor with the Plasma desktop and KDE applications05:01
ahoneybunthats better 05:05
ahoneybunI'm 75% sure the slideshow will work now05:20
ahoneybuninstalling some updates and rebooting, wish me luck05:44
ahoneybunclivejo: ^05:44
valorieanother no-drama update05:44
valoriehmmm, about system says Plasma 5.6.305:45
valoriebut the loading screen says 5.7.205:45
ahoneybunmine said 5.7.2 I'll see after reboot05:46
acheronukyofel: getting a lot of output from fakeroot as per https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=83091205:47
ubottuDebian bug 830912 in fakeroot "fakeroot complains about missing acl_* symbols" [Normal,Open]05:47
valorieright, you have the staging PPAs05:47
ahoneybunwell that is nice to see lol05:48
ahoneybunI have all staging05:50
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Rebooting now05:59
ahoneybunand I'm back06:02
ahoneybunwith no issues06:02
ahoneybunvalorie: still says 5.7.2 in About System06:03
acheronukgit-buildpackage-ppa -d yakkety -y 16.10 -s 5106:11
acheronukTraceback (most recent call last):06:11
acheronuk  File "/home/ubuntu/kubuntu/kubuntu-automation/git-buildpackage-ppa", line 63, in <module>06:11
acheronuk    link_upstream_tarball(release_type)06:11
acheronukNameError: name 'release_type' is not defined06:11
acheronuk^^ yofel anyone?06:12
acheronukI guess the fakeroot output is result of new glibc 7hrs ago!06:33
Mirvnewest blocker to clearer visibility on transition in yakkety is pillow synced from Debian + a 1000 packages queue for each architecture thanks to new glibc06:46
acheronukMirv: when is yakkety release? October? Maybe we can just about get everything migrated by THEN! grrrr. lol07:00
Mirvacheronuk: October, Final Freeze is on Oct 6th, maybe by then!07:02
Mirvit's not hopeless but I've lost most hope ;) I'd at least want to even see the situation of update_output.txt when everything would be "stable" for a brief moment.07:02
Mirvbecause it's so interesting that eg Laney claims WebP would have been the last blocker, but it's hard to validate since there's "something" happening all the time.07:03
Mirvand indeed I'd have more Qt updates pending myself, but I've not published them because that again would case 1-2 days delay at minimum07:03
acheronukwell I have to take their word for it on the blockers, but too many false dawns already for me to have confidence07:06
acheronukok. KA is still a bit busted, even after reverting a commit07:09
acheronukSuccessfully signed dsc and changes files07:09
acheronukTraceback (most recent call last):07:09
acheronuk  File "/home/neo/kubuntu/kubuntu-automation/git-buildpackage-ppa", line 88, in <module>07:09
acheronuk    upload_area_dir = readConfigFile("areas.json")["upload-area"]07:09
acheronukNameError: name 'readConfigFile' is not defined07:09
acheronukStill get that ^^^^07:09
acheronuksanta_: were those KA changes tested in, or require anything specific to work?07:11
acheronukas it's pretty busted here07:11
acheronukon my local copy of kubuntu-automation I have reverted the whole of https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation/commit/?id=757851f458d6bb6c5fa45a31b9ab7f6d05a1cb0707:24
acheronukyofel et al : those fakeroot errors/messages seem to just be noise as far as a build goes, but they confuse the hell out of the ppa QA page. i.e. goes red07:56
acheronukpbuilder run of okular changes produces them in quantity08:05
soee!info snap-confine08:10
ubottusnap-confine (source: snap-confine): Support executable to apply confinement for snappy apps. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.38-3 (yakkety), package size 21 kB, installed size 77 kB08:10
* acheronuk gives up08:38
acheronukback sometime in the afternoon probably08:38
acheronuksanta_: git-buildpackage-ppa is assuming that the clone of the kubuntu packaging for example of okular has the folders /okular/git/ , where the packaging is in the git folder09:59
acheronuksanta_: whereas, much of the time we just 'git clone kubuntu:okular', so there is no git folder 10:00
acheronuksanta_: hence git-buildpackage-ppa fails as it it looking for the package name one folder too low in the tree10:01
acheronuksanta: so needs so logic to sort that depending on whether the immediate parent folder is 'git' or something else?10:03
acheronuki.e upstream_name = os.path.basename(os.path.split(os.getcwd())[0])10:09
acheronukneeds to be changed to take account of whether the git clone is in a directory with is the package name itself, or in a 'git' subdirectory of that10:10
yofelFWIW, you could actually parse that out of the VCS-Git field10:13
yofelas that's not any different from looking at the folder name in any common case10:14
yofelor from the watch file10:14
yofelwhich is probably even more accurate (would even catch kdelibs)10:15
yofelbut has an annoying syntax10:15
yofelmaybe git-buildpackage-ppa should be moved out of automation into kubuntu-dev-tools10:19
yofelthat's a required piece for the automation, but it's not supposed to be *exclusive* to the automation, but usable with any kind of git based package10:20
acheronukthat reminds me. on kubuntu-dev-tools, I think the setup.rb script now needs a small tweak to fix build/install10:29
yofelcould be, I haven't tried to build that in ages10:31
clivejowho merged santa_'s PR?10:36
clivejonever mind10:39
* clivejo is going crazy10:39
=== santa is now known as Guest50613
yofelclivejo: well, it *did* work for the most common use case, and he said he would fix it up soon - hasn't happened yet :/10:50
clivejoyofel: sorry I was talking about the apps PR10:54
clivejobut I was looking at the wrong webpage10:58
clivejoI thought someone had merged it, but not done an upload to PPA10:58
clivejoand was getting on my high horse10:58
clivejois there a way to find out who actually merged the request in?10:58
clivejogit only seems to record the person who submitted it10:58
clivejodid I leave the channel just then?10:59
yofelnot unless launchpad tracks who pushed the merge10:59
yofelnot this one11:00
clivejomust have lost internet connection11:00
clivejo[11:58:19] <-- clivejo (clivejo@kde/community/clivej) has quit (No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)11:01
clivejo[11:59:21] --> clivejo (clivejo@kde/community/clivej) has joined #kubuntu-devel11:01
yofelyour bouncer connection might've died11:01
clivejothat looked like my bouncer dropped11:01
* clivejo volunteers yofel to do a lightning talk at QtCon11:04
yofeloh yeah, I saw that mail. Not going to happen ^^11:04
clivejoI just wanted to see your reaction :P11:04
clivejoanyone else finding that LP randomly ignores some upolads?11:08
=== Guest50613 is now known as santa_
santa_good "morning" everyone11:19
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> o/ Hey santa11:19
clivejohi santa_11:20
santa_acheronuk: so this is your only problem https://paste.kde.org/p8oewochl right? do you have any other issues?11:20
clivejosanta_: Im having the same problem11:21
santa_sorry for the inconvenience by the way, I didn't expected that use case but I will come up with a fix soon11:21
clivejoand also even with the directory cloned into the corrent package name, there are some exceptions11:21
clivejoto be honest I would prefer something like what yofel talked about11:22
clivejoby picking up the package name via the changelog?11:22
clivejokde4libs is one that throws errors11:23
yofeltechnically, only the watch files know the *real* upstream name, which is exactly why the script used uscan.11:57
yofelNow you can make it only work for kde - and support depot, or you leave it as it is and have it fail in some situations11:57
yofelso maybe there should be a generic git-buildpackage-ppa in kubuntu-dev-tools using uscan, and git-buildpackage-kde-ppa in automation which is tuned to work for kde in all possible cases11:58
acheronuksanta_: it's the only one I've bumped up against so far, but I'm only just getting used to using the tools, so you never know...12:24
acheronukclivejo: I merged nothing12:25
santa_clivejo, acheronuk, yofel: possible fix here https://code.launchpad.net/~panfaust/+git/kubuntu-automation/+ref/work312:25
santa_note that the work3 branch has other stuff we discussed here12:26
santa_what I didn't implemented yet are the overrides for the versions maps, but I hope to work on that soon12:27
santa_yofel: thanks for the watch idea btw, I was thinking about the copyright files or that new metadata, but right now I think the watch file is the best option12:28
santa_there isn'n any "combo breaker" in frameworks/plasma/apps if I'm not mistaken12:29
santa_I will test it better after lunch anyway12:29
BluesKajHiyas all12:32
acheronukyofel: the kubuntu-dev-tools change was trivial http://paste.ubuntu.com/23049303/12:34
acheronukbut ir did allow me to install them, rather than run in place12:34
yofelacheronuk: committed, thanks12:37
yofelsanta_: and the script now also works if the download location is not download.kde.org? i.e. if upstream_name is set to nothing?12:39
santa_yofel: if that's the question, with the fix in work3 you must have at least one download.kde.org line in debian/watch13:02
santa_yofel: if the question is if it works with depot.kde.org, not completely yet13:03
santa_yofel: hmm, just forget that last thing I wrote, if I'm not mistaken gbp-ppa should get the tarball from depot if there isn't already downloaded13:13
santa_* if it's not already downloaded13:14
santa_that was done in 84de65dc9ffd15e84a5e6e5ab07a1346e9431d3b which is already on the master branch13:14
santa_what it's not done yet is: falling back to uscan/download.kde.org if you don't have you ssh key on depot13:15
yofelsanta_: my point is, if your lib cannot generate a valid download location, please fall back to uscan13:32
yofelso that the script works like it did before13:32
yofelsanta_: and I probably should read all your messages before replying ^^13:34
yofelsanta_: so yeah, that sounds right, thanks13:34
clivejosanta_ yofel: whats going on here - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/278484268/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.krfb_4%3A16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa51_BUILDING.txt.gz14:31
clivejodlsym(acl_get_file): /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libfakeroot/libfakeroot-sysv.so: undefined symbol: acl_get_file14:31
clivejothere are a number of amd64 builds showing as red due to that same thing14:32
yofelRik found that this morning as well14:32
yofelglibc fallout I believe14:32
yofelthe release team is also really enjoying the transition output right now14:33
santa_I think that's something out of our "jurisdiction"14:42
santa_ftr, so far it doesn't happen in my build box14:42
santa_yofel: ack, to your uscan proposal for gbp-ppa, I wil try to patch that soon14:43
santa_but, before anything there's a couple of topics I would like to discuss with you guys14:44
santa_first and most important one is the kalzium ftbfs14:44
santa_the situation is the following14:44
santa_kalzium build depends on avogadro14:45
santa_avogadro build depends on eigen14:45
santa_eigen has 2 versions in yakkety: eigen2 and eigen314:45
santa_doko uploaded recently a new avogadro to yakkety14:46
santa_this new avogadro was imported from debian experimental14:46
santa_this new avogadro includes a patch from debian to make it build against eigen3 and not eigen214:46
santa_this patch is making kalzium FTBFS14:47
santa_if you build kalzium against an avogadro without the eigen3 patch it doesn't fail14:48
santa_↑ those are facts14:48
santa_now, my proposed solution for this:14:48
santa_I think doko's intention was *just* fixing the avogadro build failure against GCC 614:49
santa_I also think including an avogadro with debian's eigen3 patch is a bit premature for ubuntu14:50
santa_so ...14:50
santa_my proposal is disabling the eigen3 patch from avogadro14:51
santa_I have a package here doing that http://gpul.grupos.udc.es/tritemio/pool/main/a/avogadro/avogadro_1.1.1-1~exp3.1ubuntu1.dsc14:51
santa_kalzium builds fine against that package14:52
santa_yofel, clivejo: ↑ what do you think?14:52
clivejowho maintains it?14:58
santa_avogadro is usually imported from debian unstable but doko uploaded a fixed version imported from debian experimental14:59
IrcsomeBot1<Clifford> But noone here will have permissions to remove the patch15:20
santa_this lack of permissions of everyone is going to kill this project15:25
santa_anyway. I think the best approach would be mailing doko about the issue15:25
santa_explaining what I explained above15:26
acheronukclivejo: yofel: fakeroot update https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fakeroot/1.21-1ubuntu215:51
santa_allright, so eigen2 doesn't build with gcc 615:52
santa_hence why doko included the eigen3 patch from debian15:52
ahoneybun yofel was there a way you could see if the fix worked?15:53
yofelahoneybun: no, still at work. I'll be home in ~4h15:54
ahoneybunoh no I just wanted to know if there is a way to test it unless we have to push it to the main 15:54
yofelI think for a test, you can build your modified package, install it in a yakkety live session and run the installer. It should pick the slideshow up as long as it's installed15:58
acheronukdo kalzuim devs have any plans/fixs?15:59
acheronukdoubt it, but you never know16:00
acheronukyofel: santa_ cmakelists.txt metions Eigen3? https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kalzium.git&a=blob&h=050f6610dc99caba3f40df06bdf7d2714161ad1a&hb=ad24b0f296504a22f0c54d17eb3f6b3252eca143&f=CMakeLists.txt16:02
acheronukok. so kalzium has build deps on libeigen3-dev, but FTBFS if avogadro is built with v3 instead of v2. that is nuts16:10
ahoneybunI just wonder how to build it16:18
* tsimonq2 throws ahoneybun at a giant iPhone-sized cake16:18
ahoneybunhow is it giant and iphone size?16:18
tsimonq2ahoneybun: this big: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNferthlGeQ16:19
yofelI want a piece :P16:19
tsimonq2ahoneybun: don't want to fight today? :P16:20
tsimonq2o/ yofel 16:20
ahoneybunnot really just work up a bit agao16:21
acheronukswitching kalzuim build deps to libeigen2-dev lets it build, but with the 'compound viewer' usr/lib/libcompoundviewer.so.4 absent from the result16:21
ahoneybuntrying to build it now yofel16:28
acheronukyofel: building kalzium with libeigen2-dev you lose the molecular editor then libeigen2-dev http://i.imgur.com/d79XpLJ.png16:37
acheronukI've only really used the isoptopes and Nuclear Calculator on that, so not sure how much losing that would matter to a chemist. lol16:39
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ahoneybunstupid debsign18:06
tsimonq2ahoneybun: PEBKAC18:09
tsimonq2ahoneybun: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair18:10
ahoneybunis there a way to skip it?18:10
tsimonq2what command are you running?18:10
ahoneybunit's for my personal use atm so don't need to sign it18:17
* tsimonq2 does debuild -us -uc (-S)18:17
ahoneybunmm just running debuild again18:18
ahoneybunI think I put in the wrong PW tbh18:18
ahoneybuntesting now yofel18:29
santa_acheronuk: the result f your experiment is interesting, however I think I have now the actual solution18:55
ahoneybunmm virtualbox is not working for me19:04
ahoneybunI can't get my usb to show up19:04
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> virt-manager ftw19:05
acheronuksanta_ yep, building that way was intended as a last resort option 19:06
ahoneybunmm might have broken something19:22
ahoneybuntsimonq2: your going to hit the FF trying to geth LXQt in no?19:30
ahoneybunmm this is not working...19:33
tsimonq2ahoneybun: LXQt is already in the archive...19:34
ahoneybunoh did not know19:35
tsimonq2sudo apt install lubuntu-qt-desktop works fine19:35
tsimonq2just waiting on an image...19:35
ahoneybunthis script is looking for a dir that is not there19:35
* acheronuk tries sudo apt install lubuntu-qt-desktop19:35
tsimonq2acheronuk: stop stop stop19:36
tsimonq2acheronuk: if you have plasma, it doesn't like things19:36
tsimonq2acheronuk: and no, use apt, apt is better than apt-get19:36
* tsimonq2 said that intentionally :P19:36
tsimonq2acheronuk: VM ftw! \o/19:36
tsimonq2acheronuk: and things need to be tweaked a LOT19:37
acheronuktsimonq2: I was seeing what it wanted to do. Was not going to actually say yes to the install19:37
ahoneybunmm there is a arm ubiqity installer?19:37
ahoneybunright Ubuntu Mate is on arm19:38
tsimonq2oh k acheronuk 19:38
yofelis there a tasksel target for netinst?19:38
ahoneybunyofel: I'm 99% it is not fixed19:39
ahoneybunneed to fix the kde_ui.py19:39
acheronuktsimonq2: not that I could have, anyway http://paste.ubuntu.com/23050423/19:39
* ahoneybun wonders why LXQt does not use the Breeze icon set19:40
tsimonq2yeahhh acheronuk 19:40
* tsimonq2 throws ahoneybun down a hole19:40
ahoneybunit just looks better then anything GTK has19:41
ahoneybunGNOME I mean19:41
* acheronuk wonders how many packages are stuck in proposed now? 1,000? 2,000?19:41
tsimonq2loooots probably19:41
yofelbritney tries to migrate 656 (i.e. not counting 'not considered')19:43
santa_acheronuk: thanks for taking the time to do the experiment anyway, thanks to that first thing I checked when testing the fixes was that compoundviewer is still built19:59
santa_so ...19:59
santa_yofel, clivejo, acheronuk: I think this is the correct solution http://gpul.grupos.udc.es/tritemio/pool/main/a/avogadro/avogadro_1.1.1-1~exp3.1ubuntu1+santa3.dsc20:00
santa_I just fixed a couple of loose ends with avogadro's eigen3 port20:00
santa_forget about switching avogadro back to eigen2 because eigen2 doesn't build with GCC 620:00
santa_I'm doing now my last build tests, if everything goes well I would send doko a mail asking him to upload this fixed version, unless someone has a better alternative20:01
* ahoneybun hangs his hat on fixing the slideshow...20:03
yofelI might be able to upload avogadro20:04
ahoneybunI'm sorry yofel and valorie20:04
ahoneybunit's so above me20:04
yofelnp, take your time if you want. There's a reason why people are reluctant to tackle this ^^20:05
yofelso really, thanks a lot for trying20:05
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> The slideshow thing works preview wise in my repo20:06
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Just need fix in the KDE_ui.py20:06
yofelsanta_: that actually works?20:09
yofel  0 +find_package(Eigen3 REQUIRED)20:09
yofel  1  include_directories(${EIGEN2_INCLUDE_DIR})20:09
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> The ubiquity package on lp is missing some files20:09
acheronukI looked at the porting guide and decided I didn't know enough to do it20:09
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> You need to use apt source ubiquity to get all of them20:10
santa_yofel: yep20:19
santa_but let me recheck the patch20:20
santa_yofel: well, I'm surprised it works but it does. anyway I have just uploaded a new version also fixing the include dir, once it's built I will retest kalziumç20:24
santa_thanks for pointing that out20:24
ahoneybunyofel: the error is about wpa20:39
clivejois the new fakeroot in proposed?20:49
clivejoNC rebuild should fix those red ones failing on it then?20:50
yofelit should20:51
* clivejo uploads okular ppa5220:52
clivejohow long has gcc6 been out?21:18
santa_not veery much, I think a few days. if with "being out" you mean being the default c/c++ compiler for yakkety21:20
clivejoI mean been released?21:20
clivejosurely they knew it would be default in yakkety and should have had it ready when toolchain was created?21:21
santa_well, we should have fixed our build failures in advance like we did with gcc 5, but we were busy with other stuff21:22
santa_it was available for testing builds for month, there's even a mail from doko in kubuntu-devel about it21:24
santa_* for months21:24
santa_clivejo: btw are you using the fixed gbp-ppa from my work3 branch?21:25
santa_if you find more issues let me know, so we can get them fixed21:25
clivejosanta_: yes, I merged them in locally and working good21:25
santa_nice to know21:25
clivejoI was getting rather fed up building packages manually!21:26
clivejogit-buildpackage-ppa is very nice wee tool21:26
santa_yofel: http://gpul.grupos.udc.es/tritemio/pool/main/a/avogadro/avogadro_1.1.1-1~exp3.1ubuntu1+santa4.dsc21:35
santa_↑ in this one I also fixed the include dir21:36
santa_it builds and doesn't make kalzium FTBFS21:36
clivejobreaking mergers left, right and centre21:46
santa_yofel: about gbp-ppa retrieving the tarballs, it seems I already did what you suggested today; I made the following test: I commented out my depot config on ssh/config, tried to build kjs and the tarball was downloaded with uscan21:48
yofelgreat, thanks21:49
santa_about avogadro, are you going to upload it?21:50
yofeldoing another testbuild just for the sake of it, then yes21:52
santa_great! you just have to strip the "+santa4" from the changelog21:53
yofelalready did ;)21:55
yofelsanta_: uploaded21:58
yofelit would be nice if you could paste the changes into a debian bug report21:59
* clivejo is having internet problems23:45
clivejoor weegie is down23:46
clivejonot sure23:46
clivejoanyone seeing this can you ping me?23:46
tsimonq2clivejo: o/23:46
clivejoah hi simon!23:47
tsimonq2I saw all four messages from * clivejo is having internet problems23:47
clivejowhat does the t in your name stand for?23:47
tsimonq2I have to tell you via PM23:48

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