Capum321hello how could I enable a usb speakers?03:26
tsimonq2Capum321: open a terminal and launch pavucontrol, if it isn't there, install it03:31
Capum321would htis work http://askubuntu.com/questions/167394/sound-card-selection03:32
Capum321tsimonq2: no?]]03:52
tsimonq2Capum321: I apologize, I have to leave for the night04:24
tsimonq2Capum321: ask again later/tomorrow (depending on your location) and someone might be able to help you04:25
christian_hey how is everyone?04:58
mohiHello... We are good. How are you?04:59
christian_pretty good.  i'm having some trouble compiling a kernel right now though.  I'm pretty new to linux but I've done this twice before with no problems but this time it is freezing on a certain step.  I'm upgrading from 4.4 to 4.705:00
mohiOkay... do you see any errors in dmesg ?05:01
christian_how do i view dmesg errors?05:14
christian_if you're asking if i received an error during the compile, i didn't.  it just stops running when it reaches Temporary per-CPU NMI log buffer size05:17
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mecklerneed help with my lubuntu, i cant login after apt-get some files08:53
mecklerreason is /dev/mapper/lubuntu--vg-root 100%08:54
mecklerwhat can i do?08:54
mecklerafter sudo tune2fs -m 0 /dev/mapper/Kronos--vg-root08:58
mecklerit work, 3Gig free08:58
Fr_Daetry on ttf109:43
Fr_Daesudo pkill lightdm09:43
Fr_Daeleft 2mn after ask ... ok09:44
capum321can't get to work usb sound18:41
capum321I was instructed to install pavucontrol18:41
capum321didn't turn it on18:42
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capum321seems my notebook can't sleep19:16
capum321Power Manager - GDBus.Error:org.freedestkop.DBus.ERror.NoReply: - Method call timed out19:16
pac_pcHello just install lubuntu 14.04 and running into display issues. It doesn't do 1080p. Tried going into Monitor settings and it only shows max res. of 1024x76823:05
pac_pchttp://i.imgur.com/G7XPa35.png <-- hardware info23:06

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