sivanewmember: I am using  MAAS 1.9.3 for trusty05:33
newmembersiva, thanks05:41
newmemberI am just installing MAAS from iso, instead of the autopilot package from the website05:41
newmemberthe version from the ubuntu website was using 1.805:44
newmemberokay now I am ver MAAS Version 2.0.0 (rc2+bzr5156)07:06
newmemberwhen adding vmware chassis I get this error:   Unable to find a rack controller with access to chassis
newmemberI can ping the vmware from maas07:20
sivanewmember: Yes. At starting I also tried with MAAS from Iso. It was installing the version 1.8.07:25
newmembersiva, did you add a esx chassis to your environment?07:48
newmemberwith a tcpdump i dont even see the maas host trying to connect to the esx server, no packets are sent07:50
newmemberdhcpd not running08:17
sivanewmember: Actually, I didn't try On VMware VMs. I will try it later.08:52
newmembertwo issues now08:57
newmember1.maas-dchp not running08:57
newmember2.cant add vmware esx server to chassis08:57
newmemberfor #2 there is a cert error08:58
newmemberfor #1 still investigating08:58
sivanewmember:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/maas/+bug/1608639 look at this once for adding certifications09:00
newmemberroot@MAAS:/home/support# maas profile machines add-chassis chassis_type=vmware username=root password=new.pass protocol='https+unverified' hostname= prefix_filter=node-09:06
newmemberargument COMMAND: invalid choice: 'profile' (choose from 'login', 'refresh', 'list', 'logout', 'apikey', 'createadmin', 'changepassword')09:06
mupBug #1612620 opened: [API] MAAS server endpoint set_config operation returns OK rather than an object or redirect <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1612620>11:16
Kyokucan i install a custom freebsd iso on maas?13:28
kikoKyoku, you may be able to, but you'll need to prepare it so curtin can install it13:53
kikoKyoku, curtin basically takes an image and, dd-style, writes it to disk13:53
kikosmoser is the local expert13:53
kikonewmember, maas login first :)13:53
kikonewmember, and the CLI is very confusing, we'll fix it13:54
mupBug #1612662 opened: strange raid(10) layout <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1612662>14:16
mupBug #1612668 opened: [2.1 API] devices endpoint 'set_zone' operation returns null on success <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1612668>14:16
smoserKyoku, freebsd would be tough.14:39
smoserif you could get a ddable image that would boot that'd be the easiest path.14:39
smosertheres just not been any time to document or clean up how non-ubuntu curtin installs should work.14:39
mupBug #1612676 opened: [Card sorting] Move DNS to Networks or make it accessible from Networks <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1612676>14:40
mupBug #1612680 opened: [Card sorting] Move DHCP configuration on a higher level in Networks or make it accessible from the Networks main page <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1612680>14:40
Kyokusmoser i have a bottable VMDK that i tried to import into AWS but AWS doesn't support GPT partitions14:41
Kyokusmoser so if there's a way to import VMDK into maas that might work if GPT is supported14:42
smoseri'm pretty sure there is not such a way.14:43
Kyokuseems to be very few cloud services that allow install from iso, and i'm not sure why14:45
kikoKyoku, they all need special hooks to run cloud-init?14:46
Kyokubeyond me, i have no idea but to me bare metal as a service should allow me to install 'anything' - isn't that the point of calling it metal as a service?14:47
smoserKyoku, its just very hard to do.14:47
smoserthere is no standard way to boot an iso over a network14:48
smoserand to automate installation of it.14:48
Kyokuwell it's easy in my head - you upload an iso and give me console to install to disk and it runs in cloud14:48
smoserbut even booting that iso is not easy14:48
Kyokuravello do it, but it's stupid expensive and poor performance14:49
mupBug #1612662 changed: strange raid(10) layout <MAAS:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1612662>15:01
mupBug # opened: 1612681, 1612683, 1612685, 1612687, 161268915:01
=== danwest_ is now known as danwest
mupBug #1612687 changed: Juju not showing real states of deployed nodes via MAAS. <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1612687>16:43
jwitkoHey All,  if I have a MaaS region/cluster controller setup on a single machine and the server shits the bed what would happen if I was to just create another one in its place with all the same settings?  Servers would reach out to the new DHCP server but it wouldn't know anything about their hostnames or current IPs would it?  Would this be disasterous or is there some sort of mechanism that18:05
jwitkocomes into play here?18:05
mupBug #1612755 opened: Xenial Deploy fails when using customized interfaces file (curtin, bonding) <canonical-bootstack> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1612755>18:17
kikojwitko, there is no mechanism that comes into play, you'll need to back up the SQL DB19:17
jwitkokiko, thanks!19:21
kikojwitko, with MAAS 2.0, you can set up HA components, but you still need to make PostgreSQL HA19:25
jwitkoyup, i think its time to give 2.0 a shot19:25
mupBug #1229458 opened: grubnetx64.efi tftp client does not work over ipv6 <verification-needed> <MAAS:Confirmed for lamont> <grub2 (Ubuntu):Fix Released by cyphermox> <grub2-signed22:00
mup(Ubuntu):Fix Released> <grub2 (Ubuntu Xenial):Fix Committed by cyphermox> <grub2-signed (Ubuntu Xenial):Fix Committed by cyphermox> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1229458>22:00

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