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TrevinhoGood morning gents du bureau...07:30
willcookehappy Friday gang!07:57
* willcooke checks07:58
willcookeyeah, Friday07:58
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hikiko|afkhappy Friday willcooke and Trevinho and all07:59
seb128hey hikiko|afk willcooke Trevinho08:11
andyrockgood morning08:52
willcookemorning andyrock09:05
seb128hey andyrock, happy friday! how are you?09:05
andyrockhey seb128 willcooke09:06
seb128happyaron, hey, can you help the submitter to test the patch on bug #1579246?09:16
ubot5bug 1579246 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "802.1x auth issues in 16.04, keep asking for password" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157924609:16
happyaronseb128: sure09:17
happyaronseb128: but I'm confused cuz I can't reproduce it...09:17
seb128I think ppa or local build and adding a deb to the bug should work09:17
seb128do you have a 802.1x config?09:17
happyaronyes, I've set up a PEAP/MSCHAPv2+LDAP Wi-Fi at home to this it09:18
seb128unsure, maybe it has to do with specific options09:19
seb128do you have a file generated in your /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/09:19
seb128does it look like the one in the bug description?09:19
happyaronseb128: I don't have a ca-cert field, cuz I'm using a letencrypt issued cert which is trusted by the system09:21
seb128that might be the difference who knows ... anyway we have reported wanted to test a patch so let's just do that ;-)09:21
cimiseb128, hi seb, sorry to bother you for that :) I think that after updating recently my yakkety something doesn't work well with the keyring... it asks my ssh password in the terminal everytime I use bzr, you know how to fix those issues?10:17
cimiI solved running the keyring daemon in ~/.profile but that looks more like a workaround10:27
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ochosiTrevinho: right, i guess i need to port over the unity theming i had in my theme before. forgot about the UnityDecoration stuff. thanks for the hint!11:15
seb128cimi, try asking La_ney next week (he's on vac today), that has to do with systemd user session and he looked at those issues11:53
Sweet5hark1ricotz: urgh, seeing the sd_exports_test fail on 5.2.0/yakkety too now.12:04
Sweet5hark1seb128: ^^ so no weekend upload, as something updated in yakkety-proposed broke libreoffice this week (it build fine against -proposed last friday)12:05
ochosiSweet5hark1: did you manage to resolve your theming issues yet?12:10
seb128Sweet5hark1, :-( do you have any idea what?12:11
Sweet5hark1ochosi: not against 5.2 unfortunately. what i did on libreoffice master didnt work there.12:11
Sweet5hark1seb128: nope, the test seems to be looping (see the session is being killed).12:12
Sweet5hark1seb128: two options: disable the test for now, care for it later. or do a local build and try to debug it before uploading.12:13
Sweet5hark1seb128: if I were a betting man, Id think some gcc or boost stuff caued the break. but thats just shooting into the dark right now.12:15
seb128try asking doko if he knows about any recent toolchain change that could impact you?12:15
seb128but better to fix than workaround12:15
seb128so yeah, probably better to debug...12:15
Sweet5hark1yeah, right now there isnt much info to throw at doko and I would understand a grumpy reply to "do you think there were changes that might have broken something" ;)12:21
Sweet5hark1OTOH this is possibly currently still broken in -proposed only and stopping the presses might prevent promoting something kaputt that causes trouble elsewhere to main ...12:25
ricotzSweet5hark1, ok :\ -- btw, make sure to *fix* and double-check the versioned Conflicts/Replaces for libreoffice-impress12:25
ricotzand of course push your packaging changes to git12:26
ricotzSweet5hark1, might be worth trying to build it with internal libixion/orcus12:28
seb128that would be a workaround even if it worked12:28
ricotzseb128, yes, until those libs are built against boost1.6112:29
ricotzbut it would (nearly) exclude boost as a problem12:29
Sweet5hark1ricotz: what about renes libreoffice-impress C/Rs?12:32
ricotzthey don't work with your ubuntu version12:33
Sweet5hark1ricotz: urgh, yeah. fixed and pushed.12:43
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Trevinhotedg: in ci-train the systemd unit-tests fail...14:04
Trevinhotedg: see https://launchpadlibrarian.net/278558119/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.unity_7.5.0+16.10.20160812.1-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz14:05
Trevinho[==========] 1639 tests from 106 test cases ran. (57098 ms total)14:05
Trevinho[  PASSED  ] 1637 tests.14:05
Trevinho[  FAILED  ] 2 tests, listed below:14:05
Trevinho[  FAILED  ] TestSystemdWrapper.Start14:05
Trevinho[  FAILED  ] TestSystemdWrapper.Stop14:05
tedgTrevinho: Uhg, okay. Let me see.14:05
Trevinhotedg: try to run make check-headless in a non-x session14:05
tedgTrevinho: Okay, spinning up the CPU fan :-)14:08
Trevinhotedg: it's always a great melody when it compiles unity7 :)14:08
TrevinhoMozart would be jealous14:09
Sweet5hark1aaahhh fridays. I just tried to install the daily image yakkety amd64 from today. the installer crashed :/14:55
seb128Sweet5hark1, cyphermox knows about it I think15:07
cyphermoxyeah, I'm working on figuring out why15:14
cyphermoxlooks like something is now caring more about localization than it used to15:15
dokoSweet5hark1, seb128: when in doubt, blame glibc ;) (and if it just broke yesterday or today)15:24
chrisccoulsondoko, can I blame all of my problems on glibc too?15:25
dokoit's called glibc, not eliza15:26
tedgTrevinho: The connection check broke the tests. I pushed a fix.15:41
Trevinhoah, yeah.. wait for it I guess would work15:42
* Trevinho leaves for some running... Have nice weekend everyone!16:01
Sweet5hark1doko: yesterday/today sounds about right. ricotz reported breakage yesterday, i had a good build earlier in the week.16:08
flocculantcyphermox: just fyi - xubuntu installed ok here16:10
infinityHey desktop people.16:13
infinityMy laptop has become dangerously close to unusable since an upgrade and reboot yesterday, and I'm trying to sort out where to lay blame.16:13
infinityI get full-screen redraw flickers on window focus changes and sometimes just on keypress, and the frequency of that goes up and up until it's just flickering non-stop and needs a reboot to calm itself.16:14
infinityTrevinho, seb128, Laney:  ^--- Any ideas?16:15
infinity(And this was before I updated my local glibc, so the blame isn't on me :P)16:15
Trevinhoinfinity: reverting unity/compiz changes anything for you?16:15
seb128infinity, xenial or yakkety?16:15
infinityseb128: Yakkety.16:15
seb128tried to boot an older kernel?16:16
infinityTrevinho: Maybe.  I haven't gotten to package level bisection yet, just decided to get angry and ask first, in case someone was aware of an issue and could talk me off the ledge. ;)16:16
seb128does it do it on the greeter?16:16
seb128but not known no16:16
Trevinhoinfinity: nothing known.. Something changed in rendering though, so..16:16
infinityseb128: Hard to say if it does it on the greeter, since it's very intermittent until it gets going.16:16
seb128when it gets going does a session restart fixes it?16:17
infinityAlright.  I'll get to reverting packages then, if no one has any current blame to pass around, and I'll get back to you.16:17
seb128or do you need a reboot?16:17
infinityseb128: Unsure, the last couple of times I just rebooted.  The reason I opted for the reboot was that even my VCs were doing the non-stop flickering once it was in that state.16:18
seb128sounds lower level than the desktop shell then16:18
seb128would blame the video driver/kernel16:18
seb128but that's just a guess ;-)16:18
infinityIt certainly sounds mesa/drm/dri, but it could equally be something higher level started perturbing a previously un-tickled bug in the lower layers.16:19
infinityAnyhow, I'll play with package level reverts later today and see if I can nail down what package change caused it.16:20
infinityWhich, indeed, might not be the package responsible for the bug, but might point at the bug.16:20
infinityOh, the other (much less dire) bug I've seen since the mess of updates over the last week is a thin white line appearing on the right edge of any desktop after the first app is launched.16:21
infinityNot sure who to blame that on either. :P16:21
infinity(Also a bunch of GTK+ theme bugs, but I'm pretty sure I know who to blame those on)16:22
seb128the line could be unity or nautilus16:27
seb128Trevinho, ^ is that known?16:28
infinityI'd bet unity, based on it being tied to having a window on the desktop.  I close the window, and the line goes away again.16:28
infinitySo, perhaps a misplaced attempt to apply a shadow or something.16:28
infinityThough, it is definitely "on the desktop", ie: you can't see it if the window is maximized.16:29
infinityHoly crap.  In testing that, I just noticed that the gnome-terminal unmaximize bug was fixed!16:30
seb128but yeah sounds likely to be unity16:30
infinityAnyone know how/where that was fixed, so it can be SRUed to xenial?16:30
seb128Trevinho would know, but there was a fix SRUed to xenial a while ago, are you sure it's still an issue?16:32
infinityOh, it was fixed in xenial according to the bug.16:33
infinityseb128: Wasn't sure, since I don't run xenial, but I'll trust the bug state. :)16:33
seb128those italians are good ;-)16:33
* Trevinho celebrates16:34
TrevinhoWhich line? did I miss a screenshot?16:34
cyphermoxflocculant: thanks but it's directly related to the language you used to install, too16:34
cyphermoxie those languages that delimit fractions with something other than a dot are affected16:35
flocculantcyphermox: that'd be why ubuntu worked as well then :p16:35
cyphermoxthere's an easy dumb fix I could apply but I think some other language could do things differently, I would rather really understand16:35
cyphermoxbut it looks like maybe I'll force LANG=C and be done with it16:36
infinityseb128: Oh, while I'm whining, and related to gnome-terminal, we've lose the "LP: #123456" right-click highlighting in gnome-terminal.16:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 123456 in xine-lib (Ubuntu) "podcast crashes amarok" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12345616:36
infinityubot5: NOT HELPFUL.16:36
infinitycyphermox: LANG=C.UTF-8 please.16:36
seb128infinity, try with Tre_vinho or La_ney16:36
seb128Trevinho, no screenshot that I know but I'm sure infinity can provide one16:37
flocculantcyphermox: while I have you're eye - what would I report against for (probably some gtk3 thing) with the installer?16:37
Trevinhoseb128: ah, I read the description though... But I didn't notice that personally I think andrea fixed it16:37
flocculantcyphermox: don't know if you noticed but the 'skip' button isn't fixed at right side now - but wanders back and forwards depending on string length ...16:38
infinityTrevinho: http://lucifer.0c3.net/~adconrad/no-app-no-line.png http://lucifer.0c3.net/~adconrad/app-and-line.png16:39
infinityTrevinho: See the far right edge of the desktop.16:39
Trevinhoah, that one.. mh no...16:40
Trevinhonever saw it16:40
cyphermoxflocculant: not sure what you mean with the skip button... do you mean during the slideshow?16:41
cyphermoxinfinity: of course, it was just shorthand. if I say anything LC, expect a .UTF-8 tacked onto it, unless otherwise specified16:42
flocculantcyphermox: this button > http://imgur.com/T9Uz42l16:46
ricotzSweet5hark1, I don't think the lo failure is caused by new glibc since it wasn't there when it first failed16:50
willcookehappy weekend all17:09
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ahoneybunanyone who works on the ubiquity installer?20:51
ahoneybunI'm trying to update the kde frontend to Qt5 since Qt4 dropped Webview20:52
ahoneybunI'm testing building it with debuild but I'm geting errors from wpa20:54
jbichaahoneybun: building ubiquity? what's wpa?21:14
ahoneybunsince ubuntu pastebin is down21:15
ahoneybunerror: this ‘if’ clause does not guard... [-Werror=misleading-indentation]21:15
ahoneybunthat seems to be the mean issue21:16

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