Bashing-omOK. back, duty done . She was a loyal devoted loving dog .. that is now at rest .01:38
daftykinsoh i'm sad to hear that :( that only happened today?01:41
daftykinser sorry to hear that even01:41
Bashing-omYeah .. terminal cancer . I had hoped the steroid pills would continue to allow her more time . But, no - the vet called her time right .01:43
daftykinsah, then a sweet escape from suffering perhaps01:44
Bashing-omWell .. I am thankful the sufferring was short . Till the last she was still snapping up her hot dog treats . Responded well to petting .. I think last night was her saying good bye when she came for her petting .01:47
daftykinsthey definitely know things they could never share, pets01:49
Bashing-omwell. that trial of the fret and worry over her feeling so bad - and knowing she was going to die - We did all we could to make her happy; all the way up to the end -  is over now .  She deserved a decent burial .01:56
daftykinssounds good to me02:02
daftykins-totally forgot about this months' patch tuesday!02:08
Bashing-omWindows, outta sight out of mind .02:09
daftykins-kernel reboots too :)02:11
daftykins-two sides of the same coin02:12
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:00
lotuspsychjehow has the evening been Bashing-om ?05:00
Bashing-omquiet, not much going on lotuspsychje .05:09
lotuspsychjeok :p05:10
Bashing-omMaybe will pick up . help ya get your day started .05:10
Bashing-omToo slow to hold my attention. Going horizontal for the duration .. catch ya later .05:18
ducassemorning all06:11
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BluesKajHiyas all12:32
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OerHeksoh, it is weekend \o/16:05
DJonesOerHeks: Being on long term sick I don't even know what day it is16:07
OerHeksFriday, 18:07 here16:08
DJonesApart from the nagging from my wife that its my 50th birthday tomorow,.....As if I care16:08
OerHekshihi turning 49 monday16:09
DJonesI'd rather have my health back than be having seizures/blackouts & now pneumonia after a fall during a blackout breaking ribs16:10
DJonesThats on the upside :)16:11
DJonesAh well, keep going16:11
daftykinsDJones: :( nasty16:11
daftykinsfall breaking ribs? sounds all too familiar16:12
DJonesBeen in hopsital twice after falls while unconcious, broken ankle, broken ribs, things happen, could be better16:13
DJonesBut,get back on the horse, worst that can happen is I'll fall off16:14
daftykinsit was quite the experience, for me16:14
DJonesWas that you bike accident?16:14
DJonesThought so16:14
daftykinsand yeah, only thing to do16:14
daftykinsstill no memory of it, come to think of it the 2 year anniversary of it is coming up on the 28th16:14
DJonesTrouble is, I'm married to a nurse, so not allowed to do anything, can't ride my bike, can't drive (doctors orders), can't use machinery etc...16:15
DJonesCan understand the not driving, may blackout or have a seizure while at the wheel & could kill somebody else, bike - I'm not sure about16:16
daftykinswell even falling from stationary on a bike could surely cause you more harm16:18
DJonesAppreciate that, just feel like I need to do some exercise16:23
DJonesHad a stress echo cardiogram the other week and couldn't complete it, that tells me I need to improve my fitness16:25
daftykinsah har16:27
daftykinsmore dog walking? :)16:27
DJonesI wish, Can't manage it, short walks only for now16:28
DJones1/2 mile leaves me exhausted16:28
tgm4883"The driver WORKS. I've got FGLRX on 16.04. Why won't you help me the driver works. Here look at my logs to prove it"   "Uh, that says it's using radeon, not FGLRX"16:29
DJonesBut speaking of which, time for a dog walk16:29
DArqueBishop"I'm not asking for support! I just need help!"16:29
daftykinsDArqueBishop: that an #ubuntu special?16:30
tgm4883We've got a rule in another channel that I'm part of that I think applies here as well. "If you're asking for help in this channel, answer questions that are asked of you and follow the instructions. It's highly likely that the people helping you know more than you do"16:30
daftykinstgm4883: :D16:30
DArqueBishopdaftykins: yeah, the same person tgm4883 was talking about.16:30
daftykinsit's always amusing when one of those types swears blind a fact, then a log immediately disproves that16:31
tgm4883someone should make that a factoid "If you're asking for help, we know more than you do so answer questions that you are asked"16:31
tgm4883There isn't really a non-condescending way to say that, but it needs to be said sometimes16:32
tgm4883How about  a !ronswanson  "I know more than you"16:33
daftykinsi feel like someone deleted the AB factoid, too16:33
daftykinsor i just forgot the trigger16:33

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