ahoneybunanyone know if the Ubiquity installer uses the kubuntu-slideshow.py to run the slideshow during installation>04:37
xnoxcyphermox, could you please push partman-base? if that upload in wily was done with bzr, otherwise i'll just do import-dsc or some such.06:33
cyphermoxxnox: hrm, I don't have it in bzr, that's weird... or I misplaced the directory13:10
cyphermoxxnox: I'll do the imports13:10
cyphermoxOTOH, you've already been doing uploads directly... ;)13:12
cyphermoxin progress, but I see an issue with your last upload...13:21
xnoxcyphermox, what about it?13:22
cyphermoxfor s390x, won't that test return 0 and fail?13:22
xnoxcyphermox, __s390__ is defined on both 32 & 64 bit.13:22
cyphermoxsure, but matching in strcmp is a 013:23
xnoxcyphermox, __s390__ is defined on both 31 & 64 bit.13:23
xnoxif 0 -> do not use extended partitions13:23
cyphermoxah, yes, I see now13:24
cyphermoxtoo little context, tbh13:24
cyphermoxit's at 187ubuntu3 now13:25
ogra_shouldnt that be 31 and 63 bit ?13:27
xnoximho 65 bit would have been awesome, one up everyone else, and on average just like everybody else13:40
ahoneybunif I've made changes to the slideshow how can I test them in a real enviornment?16:23
ahoneybunanyone who works on the ubiquity installer?20:51
ahoneybuncyphermox: I'm hitting an error when building ubiquity from lp and source21:14
cyphermoxthere are issues in the installer atm with non-english locales21:54
ahoneybunit's error's from wpa22:17
ahoneybuntrying to fix our slideshow but I need to rebuild ubiquity22:18

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