Gallomimiahey do you guys know if there's any way to increase the number of pixels that the window resizing handle is? i have a hard to time getting it00:11
TheMariuzgordonjcp, you know more than me obiosly... but for "experts" theres allways jack .... im talking about a more simple system for the average linux novice that just want his mic to work for karaoke hour and play music00:36
TheMariuzit was just an idea for improvement if theres a coder here thats thinking about a new project00:37
TheMariuzmaybe its a bad idea.. idk00:37
TheMariuzhowever ive allways had bad luck with pulseaudio00:38
TheMariuzand microphones especially00:38
GallomimiaTheMariuz: pulse audio can do stuff like that. it's a matter of having easy-to-use tools to set it all up.00:42
Gallomimiaand yeah. PA is ridiculously hard to work with. most gui tools don't have full feature sets, and the pacl command line tool is.... really complex.00:44
TheMariuzi got lost in the settings trying to make the mic make sound again after i lost it00:44
TheMariuzso i eventually gave up00:44
TheMariuztried resetting everything i tried to make it sound.. both pulseaudio and alsamixer00:45
TheMariuzbut didnt fix it.. have no clue what went wrong00:45
TheMariuzone day mic sounds (fairly) ok ... next no sound at all00:46
TheMariuzmaybe my old soundcard isnt properly supported.. idk00:46
TheMariuzbut i recall having this problem on a laptop earlier too00:46
TheMariuzyea i were playing with that stuff... i didnt know what i did.. just tested various settings and reset it, with no luck00:47
Gallomimiano, i think it's just the complexity of pulse00:48
Gallomimiai've had similar experiences00:48
TheMariuzit feels fragile though.. like it breaks... mic just dies on me00:51
TheMariuzalso.. noise.. things just work better in win00:51
TheMariuzi just imagine linux could do better than have pulseaudio the way it is now00:54
TheMariuzhowever im too dumb and lazy to learn to code well enough to do that stuff00:54
Dooley_da_VulcanIs anyone here with any experience with window snapping issues in Ubuntu 16.04 mate 1.12.100:55
TheMariuzi can do print "hello"00:57
TheMariuzin python.. thats basically it00:57
Dooley_da_Vulcanyou liking windows better than linux00:58
Dooley_da_Vulcanoh, ok00:59
TheMariuzi like linux better than windows but linux isnt perfect00:59
Dooley_da_Vulcanmuch experience with linux00:59
Dooley_da_Vulcannothing is00:59
TheMariuzsome .. but im no gold medalist in terminal olympics01:00
Dooley_da_Vulcanwell......Kate Beckinsale is real close01:00
TheMariuzi prefer doing things graphically01:00
Dooley_da_Vulcanlets see, best know in the new Total Recall,  played his wife01:00
TheMariuzsimple OS that just works and looks pretty01:01
TheMariuzseen total recall but i dont remember her01:01
Dooley_da_Vulcanwell I have only been using it a few months but like the dd command01:01
Dooley_da_Vulcanomg, great scene when she climbs around on bed.... no nude scenes by her ever but......01:02
TheMariuzi sort of like KDE but KDE's been unstable for a while so i went MATE01:02
TheMariuzMATE is simple, wouldnt hurt with a facelift on the taskbar, but other than that, its a nice system01:02
Dooley_da_VulcanI seem to have lost window snapping, turned off compiz and then back on01:02
Dooley_da_Vulcanbut still no01:02
TheMariuzsimple, fast and stable01:02
Dooley_da_Vulcanyou ever use the dd command01:02
TheMariuzand thats what matters.. MATE and XFCE is probably the best choice for a desktop01:03
TheMariuzfrom my experience01:03
Dooley_da_Vulcanand you do not have a big brother in a position to copy your entire system and do whatever with it01:03
TheMariuzKDE -> crashes... gnome .. havent tried it, but ive seen it, and things take a click or more extra to do compared to MATE01:03
Dooley_da_Vulcanyou know about that in windows 10 don't you01:03
TheMariuzthough gnome sure is eyecandy ill sacrifice eyecandy for functionality and stability any day01:04
TheMariuznever did the dd thing01:04
TheMariuzits me thats the nerd on this farm01:04
Dooley_da_VulcanI was loving Point Linux 2.3.2 based on debian also but hard to find apps to run01:04
Dooley_da_Vulcanhow long user of linux01:05
TheMariuzactually ... i installed linux mint on my old laptop that still is running it.. it ran (allmost) flawless... HP 6710b or something in that line01:05
TheMariuzit must be 12 years old?01:05
Dooley_da_VulcanWhere are you located01:06
TheMariuzthen 8 years ago i bought a desktop ... AMD 955 x4 3.2 ghz.... ATI radeon 5870, 8 gb ram01:06
TheMariuzbut thats when i made a move over to windows01:06
TheMariuzcause linux were allergic to the hardware01:06
TheMariuzATI cards...01:06
TheMariuzso i used windows for years01:06
Dooley_da_Vulcanah so that was what XP01:06
TheMariuzuntil i came back..01:06
TheMariuzthink that was it01:07
Dooley_da_VulcanI loved 98SE and then XP01:07
TheMariuznever ran vista01:07
TheMariuzbut i did run win 701:07
Dooley_da_VulcanI went to 7 also01:07
TheMariuzno it was way after win 98.. not even the laptop 12 years ago ran that01:07
Dooley_da_VulcanI made my own slipstreamed windows 9801:07
TheMariuzit was XP or linux back then... i think it was one of the first linux mint releases01:07
TheMariuzi loved linux mint... ran rock solid on it01:07
TheMariuzi think actually second linux mint release01:08
Dooley_da_Vulcanwhere you take your own win98 cd and the current service packs and make a new cd with all the new service packs in it01:08
TheMariuzme and computer go back to commodore 6401:08
Dooley_da_Vulcanthat way if you reinstall it is current01:08
TheMariuzand 38601:08
TheMariuzand amiga 120001:08
Dooley_da_VulcanI go back to coco2 and 808801:09
Dooley_da_VulcanI am 5201:09
Dooley_da_Vulcanhave you heard01:09
Dooley_da_Vulcansomeone has made a site with thousands of amiga games on it playable in a browser01:09
TheMariuzim not much of a gamer though01:10
TheMariuztheres 1 game i play.. i have a ps4 with battlefield 401:10
TheMariuzand thats it01:10
TheMariuzim only able to play that game01:10
TheMariuzi get bored of everything else01:10
Dooley_da_Vulcanheck back in the day I wrote a basic version of mastermind using a 3rd party mouse driver. compiled to EXE and ran it for decades now, never did find any issues01:11
TheMariuzi do work on the computer, and surfing, chatting, netflix and spotify, and thats pretty much it01:11
Dooley_da_Vulcanever check out a raspberry pi01:11
TheMariuzare you a coder?01:11
Dooley_da_Vulcannot really01:11
Dooley_da_Vulcanjust liked quickbasic 4.501:11
TheMariuzim just doing simple system maintenance, website updates, some simple graphics works like posters etc, for my dads firms01:12
TheMariuzso i use gimp, inkscape and stuff like that01:12
Dooley_da_Vulcanand the game, I had the physical game and liked to play but most people would mess up playing as far as the logic went and the responses in the game01:12
Dooley_da_VulcanI was gonna say, are you real good in gimp01:13
Dooley_da_Vulcanlike cutting people out of backgrounds when they have hair up in the air and stuff like that01:13
TheMariuzi was good in photoshop, not to brag but some of the graphics i used to make i couldnt do in gimp.. but if i take my time i can create descent stuff01:13
TheMariuzinkscape (vector) is harder01:13
TheMariuzits different workflow plus i forgot alot of the stuff i used to know.. so gimp is a bit trickier01:14
TheMariuzbut you can do great things there too01:14
TheMariuzjust a matter of figuring out how... cause creating graphics is all about tricks and combining them into something good looking01:15
Dooley_da_VulcanI watch a live show weekly, that show tips in gimp and all kinds of other linux and other tech stuff01:15
TheMariuzgimp is capable but you cant really put it up against photoshop... its different01:15
Dooley_da_Vulcanthis episode http://www.category5.tv/episodes/457.php  shows how to do layer masking, the site and show are great. they have been having some service issues but it is getting resolved01:16
TheMariuzphotoshop have high payed coders working full time on it, and you are also (supposed) to pay alot for it.. plus the plugins01:16
TheMariuzgimp are a small bunch working part time on it01:16
TheMariuzwhat, rahtgaz ?01:16
rahtgazsorry, guys. A macro forcing me to type here. nevermind me01:16
TheMariuzoff topic?01:16
Dooley_da_Vulcanfrom what the ones on there say and some on there use photoshop all the time professionally they say that you can do just about anything in gimp that you do in photoshop01:17
rahtgazit's fixed01:17
TheMariuzDooley_da_Vulcan, yea .. allmost.. its just harder01:17
TheMariuzyou make ALOT of shortcuts with a good set of $1000 plugins01:17
Dooley_da_Vulcantry http://www.category5.tv/01:17
Dooley_da_Vulcanthen go to The Show and Episode Matrix number 457 shows how to do the cutting stuff out01:18
TheMariuzplastic wrap was one of my favourite plugins in photoshop.. i could make letters look like they had spider web on them and were frozen in ice and was carved out of stone in 3d ... havent been able to replicate that in gimp01:18
TheMariuzi made some pretty insane graphics in photoshop.. however i dont do that anymore now01:19
TheMariuzi have no use for it01:19
TheMariuztherefore... gimp suits my needs01:19
TheMariuzits mostly 3d and photofixing ... or make it look like some product is standing in alot of smoke01:21
TheMariuzit has layers, shadows, good color palette etc, all you need is a descent set of brushes01:22
TheMariuzand its all free and 100% legal01:22
TheMariuz3d ... i meant 2d01:22
TheMariuzflat graphics01:22
TheMariuza square here and a dot there basically01:23
TheMariuzand some text over it01:23
TheMariuz<-- is in the middle of "mr robot"01:24
Dooley_da_VulcanI believe i found a addon script to give your plastic wrap effect in gimp01:26
TheMariuzi know it01:26
TheMariuzits not the same01:26
TheMariuzbut thanks01:26
TheMariuzive tried 2 .. its not the same at all.. it looks and works different from the one i used to have in photoshop01:27
TheMariuzthe one in photoshop could do stuff like this: http://opticalenquiry.com/photoshop/images/8/87/Filters_wrap.png ... and even similar to this: http://img08.deviantart.net/cf8b/i/2015/111/9/f/plastic_wrap_by_p0ks-d6b15k1.jpg ... all you'd need is a layer and then wrap it... the ones in gimp cant do that01:30
Dooley_da_Vulcanwow, wet me see what this one does01:31
TheMariuzright shadow-effects, inner glow, bevel etc... and you get some outstanding graphics done in 5-10 min01:31
TheMariuzbut you need the right plugins that do the correct math to get results like that.. the gimp one is "fine" but it doesnt produce results close to the one for photoshop at all01:38
TheMariuzbut the, the makers of photoshop gets payed and do this full time, so id be surpriced if gimp managed to beat that.. its a nice piece of software though for what it is01:38
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TheMariuzits only 60 mb or something... photoshop last i installed it was 1.5 gb01:39
TheMariuzthats alot of code01:40
TheMariuzand i dont need more, my morals makes me avoid piracy and photoshop cost a fortune01:41
TheMariuzand in addition they want $ for plugins01:41
TheMariuzyou end up paying thousands for it01:41
TheMariuzand who knows.. i wouldnt be surpriced if they watermark your photos01:41
TheMariuzso if you strike gold with an image and adobe has a closer look at it who knows what can happen01:42
TheMariuzi dont know but id be surpriced if they dont01:42
TheMariuzprinters spit out tiny serialnumbers so if you print a letter with death threats and go to the police with it, they'll catch you, unless you bought it cash01:44
TheMariuzwhich is another reason to go with legal open source stuff01:45
TheMariuzatleast for work / profit oriented stuff01:48
TheMariuz<-- think its time to take a nap and puts on some rain-sounds ... zzZZzz01:48
Dooley_da_VulcanHey TheMariuz guess what I found02:11
Dooley_da_Vulcanan addon that adds a load of filters and effects to the newest gimp that seem to work fine02:12
Dooley_da_VulcanI am going to go hope that works for you or at least gives you some new tools to use02:24
alkisgflexiondotorg: Hello! Could you have a look at a seeds issue when you have some free time? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/im-config/+bug/160557106:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1605571 in ubuntu-mate-meta (Ubuntu) "apt install --no-install-recommends fcitx-bin, breaks dead keys" [Undecided,New]06:35
alkisgI.e. either --no-install-recommends should be removed from there, or more fcitx* packages should be added, at least fcitx-data fcitx-module-x1106:36
alkisgIt's the last issue that prevents us from typing Greek in the live session, e.g. to enter the user name in ubiquity06:36
gordonjcpTheMariuz: pulse works pretty well for that06:38
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astrid_hello folks :-)11:00
bumblefuzzso, every time I try to place a window at the top of the screen, it attempts to go fullscreen...how do I keep it from doing this?12:32
bumblefuzzanyone? anyone?12:55
Akuliwhat? what?12:56
bumblefuzz"so, every time I try to place a window at the top of the screen, it attempts to go fullscreen...how do I keep it from doing this?"12:56
Akuliare you using compiz?12:57
bumblefuzzI... don't know12:57
Akulithen you are not12:57
Akuliwhat you're having trouble with is window snapping12:57
Akuligoogle "ubuntu mate disable window snapping"12:57
Akulii'm currently not using mate so thats all i know :(12:57
bumblefuzzyep, I found it12:59
* DarkPsydeLord just landed.13:02
angiushello. I've installed a fresh ubuntu mate on an Acer Aspire with corei5 4GB ram and geforce gt320M.13:28
angiusSo i would expect a fluid run of the OS but seems to freeze time by time. I don't find erors in syslog and top doesn't show excessive usage of ram of cpu. What should I look for to improve the performances? Are there known issues to look into? Tks!!13:30
ouroumovangius, when you say freeze do you mean you have to reboot?13:38
angiusno, but the open sessions seems 'stuck' and I have to wait , lets say, for about 30 seconds to become responsive again13:44
angiusAlso a simple terminal13:44
Akulisounds like running out of ram13:44
Akulibut can't be with 4GB13:44
Akulicheck your graphics driver, there should be a driver tab in a thingy called software and updates13:45
Akulii think you can run that from the terminal with software-properties-gtk or something13:45
angiusyes, I'm using the default drivers (driver 4 display Nouveau from xserver-xorg-video-nouveau) but I've the choice to use NVIDIA binary driver,from nvida 340. maybe I csan try with them14:19
scriphtHi! I'm relatively new to Ubuntu MATE and Linux in general (dualbooted my MacBook Pro yesterday!). One question: It seems I've downloaded both "Dropbox" and "Caja Dropbox". To me there doesn't seem to be any difference. As soon as one of them is launched, there is no effect when i try to launch the other. Is there a difference? And do I need both?16:01
tadcansince the last libreoffice update the UI has changed to be grey and smaller icons/fonts. Is that on purpose?16:41
alkisgtadcan: which libreoffice version do you have? dpkg -l libreoffice-writer16:42
tadcanii  libreoffice-wr 1:5.2.0~rc4- amd64        office productivity suite -- word16:43
alkisgIt's not the one provided by ubuntu16:43
alkisgWhere does it come from? apt policy libreoffice-writer16:43
tadcan Version table:16:45
tadcan *** 1:5.2.0~rc4-0ubuntu1~xenial2 50016:45
tadcan        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/libreoffice/ppa/ubuntu xenial/main amd64 Packages16:45
alkisgYou're using a ppa, which means software not supported by ubuntu16:45
alkisgYou can ask the ppa authors about any issues you may find with that16:46
tadcanah ok, must have install it and forgot16:46
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DarkPsydeLordare we getting wayland soon?17:51
alkisgSure! In 10 years!17:54
DarkPsydeLordnice XD!17:54
DarkPsydeLordi have wayland in my arch machines17:55
alkisgDo you see any user-visible benefits?17:55
DarkPsydeLordmaybe not user noticeable17:58
DarkPsydeLordbut once you start messing around17:58
DarkPsydeLordeverything seems to be logical enough17:58
DarkPsydeLordim trying to get my hands on mir17:58
rahtgazyou'll have to wash afterwards17:59
Akulii tried arch once, and i dissappointed a lot]17:59
alkisgWhat does "logical" mean in this context? It's no a desktop environment, so that you could describe its layout etc...17:59
Akuliawful shell with broken autocompletion, systemd, too many mirrors in the mirror list...17:59
Akuliand bad installation instructions18:00
DarkPsydeLordi find the wiki very easy to follow and helpful18:00
DarkPsydeLordbut find most of the users pedantic including me18:01
rahtgazAkuli, seriously? Can't recognize any of those issues. I do have one annoyance with Arch, but nothing even remotely close to what you describe18:01
Akuliyes, but the install.txt their isos come with just says "go look on our wiki lel"18:01
Akulirahtgaz, what do you mean?18:01
alkisgAkuli, what is your main distro+de currently?18:01
Akuliright now windows xp because i dont have a cd18:01
Akulibut my laptop runs devuan with mate, and my desktop runs ubuntu mate 14.0418:02
DarkPsydeLordalkisg: and yes i realize its nothing you can measure visualy and its far from simple to xplain18:02
alkisgA CD to install some distro? There are other ways, usb sticks, netboot...18:02
DarkPsydeLordnetboot ftw18:02
Akulialkisg, try to boot a 12 yarl old computer from usb18:02
rahtgazI do agree that it's an hands-on distro. But that's the point of it really. You build your own machine with it, precisely as you want it. But broken shell, systemd, mirrors? Heck, I can't see a problem there18:03
Akulirahtgaz, to me, it was like we have all this junk you need to fix :(18:03
alkisgAkuli: it's possible with plop bt, but netboot is much easier on old pcs, just a win32loader away18:03
Akulirahtgaz, broken shell?18:03
Akulii mean18:03
Akuliit was zsh18:03
Akulii type mkfs. and hit tab twice to see a list of what filesystems i can make, then it asks me what do i want18:04
Akulii say i just want to type it out myself by hitting Ctrl+C... and it takes the autocompletion list away :(18:04
Akulibash never does that18:04
rahtgazAkuli: yeah. But that's the fault of the linux ecosystem really. Every program leaves in its own universe with its own rules pf physics and whatnot. Which makes bare installation and customization a difficult task.18:04
Akuliit also came with /bin/sh and /bin/bash... so why a third shell and why make it the default?18:05
rahtgazwe don't see it on Ubuntu and derivatives because someone did it for us18:05
Akulithats not minimal to me18:05
alkisgThat's where systemd will help, one universe to rule them all :P :D18:05
DarkPsydeLordi find the ports folder in freebsd amusing18:05
DarkPsydeLordand i can hail pacman18:05
Akulidevuan from a netinst is nice18:05
DarkPsydeLordwell not exactly but i think is the one i hate the less18:05
Akuliits really minimal, no extra shells or anything18:05
rahtgazif it came with bash, sh and zsh you asked it to install a shells package during initial installation. Otherwise you will only see bash18:06
Akulirahtgaz, it came with the three, and it logged me into zsh18:06
Akulithe installation iso18:06
Akulibefore i could even start installing, i needed to use zsh18:07
rahtgazzsh is the default installation shell, but it won't install it if you don't tell it to. Much less make it a login shell... but to be honest my arch box is 4 years old and I haven't made an installation since. Maybe their iso has changed18:07
Akulii think thats still like that18:08
Akulii also had trouble with installing the boot loader. there's no update-grub, and after trying everything in the arch wiki i finally managed to fix my grub using debian wiki.18:08
rahtgazI love Arch, but it's not all roses. I do have a significant beef with it:18:08
rahtgazThe iso has absolutely no support for USB modems. Meaning you are screwed if you are not on a router-based internet. You'll have to slipstream the iso installation to add support to the setup program. And if setting up a live Arc is already difficult, imagine altering the iso with packages and configs. I was very vocal about this a couple of years back. But they haven't changed it18:10
rahtgazIf I were to try and install Arch today on my present location I couldn't. The setup wouldn't be able to connect to the internet where it goes to fetch all packages, since the iso is minimal.18:11
rahtgazMy Arch box is old and starting to fail me. I'd love to do a reinstall on another machine. And this is the reason why I am leaving Arch for good. My main computer will remain Ubuntu-MATE, but the place where I tweak and learn about linux will move to something else. I'm considering Solus.18:14
rahtgazI could fill a screen with this stuff. It pisses me off royaly. But i'll shutup now :)18:15
Akuliactually the debian/devuan netinstall isn't any better18:16
rahtgazI know. Same with Gentoo18:16
rahtgazIt's a common thing among root distros (notable exception being Fedora). Only their derivatives tend to implement wider connectivity support18:18
rahtgazbut you should explore zsh a bit more, Akuli. It's an amazing shell18:19
rahtgazreally :)18:19
Akulijust give me /bin/sh and i'm happy. or give me bash and i'm even happier.18:19
Akulino broken autocompletion please18:20
rahtgazautocompletion is the strongest selling point of zsh. It's full of features. It's what everyone is after when they move to zsh. Yours was probably improperly configure. I must say properly configuring zsh is easy though18:21
DarkPsydeLordbut you can create your own version of arch systemd free18:21
Akulii want each program to do one thing and do it well, not to be full of features18:21
Akuligoodbye zsh and systemd18:22
rahtgazwell zsh does autocompletion and does it well lol18:22
rahtgazbah! :)18:22
rahtgazyou people and your ideologies. You must hate grep, sed and awk :)18:22
rahtgazfind is horrible yoo18:23
Akuligrep is fine, because the basic usage is still simple18:23
DarkPsydeLordwell i do hate rebooting after updates as in windows18:23
Akulifoo | grep bar18:23
DarkPsydeLordnow with systemd18:23
Akulireally simple18:23
rahtgazsystemd is fine. The whole ruckus took on a dimension because most people didn't have an idea of what they were talking about and just jumped the aggravated bandwagon. A couple of years ago on a forums where a bunch of folks were arguing strongly against systemd, I asked them what did they understand about the linux boot process to even have an opinion about the matter.18:25
rahtgazGuess in a room of 20 people, how many answered18:25
Akulifeatures are fine, as long as they're not in my way by default and they are not trying to replace other programs they shouldn't18:25
Akulilike an init daemon controlling sockets18:25
DarkPsydeLordso arch openrc combo for you mighy work18:32
DarkPsydeLordwhat the hell is wrong with my and my spelling lately18:34
Akulii nevvr splell stfuff crorreclty18:35
DarkPsydeLordo well i guess is fine for you18:42
DarkPsydeLordnot really for me because im constantly being mocked by my colleagues18:42
tadcanI removed the libreoffice ppa and did a purge, now when i go to the software boutique it doesn't have an install button. Should I just install with apt-get instead, is that the same18:42
DarkPsydeLordyes it is and for me the prefered way18:42
DarkPsydeLordtadcan: wait what are we talking about?18:44
tadcanoh, sorry, had libreoffice install with ppa, but the new update broke the fancy UI. So i removed it to put the default ubuntu mate instead, however it it still seen as installed in the software boutique, so I'm wondering if I should just ignore that and do an apt-get install18:47
tadcanWas talking with someone else earlier, who seems to have left18:47
rahtgazhow did you remove it?18:47
tadcanfollowed the first answer here http://askubuntu.com/questions/356976/how-to-remove-and-prevent-libreoffice-ppa-and-updates-from-installing18:48
rahtgazgood gracious. remove a repo before uninstalling. That answer should be deleted18:50
rahtgazok, you want to do this right. First add again the ppa18:50
rahtgazthen purge, then remove the ppa18:51
tadcanok thanks18:52
DarkPsydeLordi will perform a remove -- purge && autoclean18:52
rahtgazYou want to add the ppa again, then purge libreoffice and only then remove the ppa18:53
DarkPsydeLordi ment as a command not as step18:54
rahtgazthat should hopefully be enough for APT to understand you no onger have libree office installed, and boutique will revert back to the install button18:54
rahtgazoh, right18:54
DarkPsydeLordsudo apt-get remove --purge libre && autoclean18:54
DarkPsydeLordyou get the idea18:54
rahtgazyup yup18:54
DarkPsydeLordso we make sure nothing is left there18:55
rahtgazand tadcan: never remove a ppa before uninstalling the program. That's fine for simple programs with few or no dependencies. But can be a nightmare on larger programs like libreoffice18:55
tadcanjust so I'm clear add and install libreoffice, purge libreoffice, remove ppa18:55
DarkPsydeLordadd ppa first because you removed it already then purge libreoffice the remove ppa18:57
alkisgguys note that when purging a package, mate-desktop may be removed as well18:57
alkisgif it depends on that package18:57
alkisgIt's best to downgrade than purge a necessary package18:58
alkisgI think that ppa-purge downgrades instead of purging packages, doesn't it?18:58
rahtgazmate-desktop is a non-essential metapackage. it's fine. mine's long gone as is also the matedesktop-core18:58
alkisgNot all dependencies of mate-desktop are marked as manually installed18:59
alkisgSo they're autoremoved when mate-desktop is removed and apt purge --auto-remove is called18:59
tadcanok reinstalling ppa now18:59
tadcani mean reinstalling libreoffice19:00
rahtgazalkisg: admittedly I don't know the details, but you may wish to bring that to the forums. Every single instance that package has been brough up for discussion there everyone, including admins have stated it is fine. If you are right, that's an important piece of information you need to share19:01
DarkPsydeLordwell it actually detonated my curiosity and now im reading about mate19:02
alkisgrahtgaz: I just tested with removing ubuntu-mate-desktop and then running apt purge --auto-remove, and it didn't remove the packages,19:02
alkisgwhich means that either ubiquity or the cd builder or a mate-desktop task marked the packages as manually installed,19:02
tadcanhmm the UI is back to how it was19:03
rahtgaztadcan: it's been fixed in the emantime i think19:03
alkisgso while in theory I *could* be write (I've tried it in the past in other desktops), in practise i was wrong, it doesn't make any difference19:03
tadcanah ok, what is the current version of libreoffice in mate?19:04
rahtgaz5.2 something19:04
rahtgazalkisg: i think you were definitely right sometime ago, because I seem to remember some problems with that package in 14.0419:04
tadcansame as the ppa then, probably be less issues if i just stick to the official version19:04
tadcanok will do the purge19:05
alkisgrahtgaz: it's the task: apt show xserver-xorg-video-all | grep task ==> ubuntu-mate-desktop there19:05
alkisgSo it's still true for packages that are not part of the ubuntu-mate-desktop *task* (not metapackage)19:05
* rahtgaz nods19:05
tadcanthis command ok? sudo apt-get remove --purge libre && autoclean19:05
rahtgaztadcan: wait19:06
alkisg(the task packages get marked as manually installed, while the metapackage dependencies are not marked as such, and are autoremoved when the metapackage is removed)19:06
rahtgaztadcan: i just remembered there's a post in the forums that fixes the libreoffice problem for those who are having it19:06
alkisglibreoffice is at 1:5.1.4-0ubuntu119:07
rahtgazthat's on the ubuntu repos, alkisg19:07
rahtgazthe ppa that the Boutique offers puts it at 5.219:07
alkisgI have a standard mate installation and I don't have any libreoffice ppa19:08
alkisgI haven't used boutique though19:08
rahtgazprecisely, mate19:08
tadcanrahtgaz link?19:08
rahtgazc'mon mate, search for it. I'm feeling lazy. It's not an old post. A few days back19:08
rahtgazI mean the ubuntu-mate forums, not that loud chicken party at the ubuntu forums19:09
rahtgazthere's some really good info on the Ubuntu forums, but it's become increasingly difficult to separate the good from the bad there. Topo much noise19:10
tadcanlooking at help and support section of the ubuntu mate forums19:11
ouroumovwas at least one guy with a libreoffice trouble in the last day19:12
rahtgaztadcan: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/gtk-theme-lost-since-update-of-libreoffice-to-5-2/809219:12
tadcanthanks, thats the one I'm looking at19:14
rahtgazand don't forget to register. the folks there are very helpful and it's a good community of nice people, anyways :)19:15
tadcanwhen i reinstalled from the ppa, it included that apt package19:16
tadcanwill try that on my laptop, had the same issue there19:17
rahtgazand still the same problem persists?19:17
rahtgazcould you please show a screenshot? everyone speaks of it, but i never saw it myself. my update happened without accident19:17
rahtgazi mean incident19:18
tadcansorry for the misunderstanding I thought i said when the ppa was reinstalled the problem was fixed19:19
tadcanbut if the mate version is the same would save long term problems by just using the mate version19:19
rahtgazoh, alright. Yes, it's probably for the best that you use the ppa advised by the ubuntu-MATE maintainers19:21
rahtgazat least you will have someone close to home to blame ;)19:22
tadcanand not have you guys to fix self inflicted wounds19:22
rahtgazlol. precisely19:22
tadcanso i do the purge command next?19:23
tadcanok done the purge19:25
tadcanand removed the ppa, but still not in the software boutique, restart?19:27
rahtgazno. restart won't do a thing19:27
madhuhow to update brodcom wifi drivers19:27
rahtgazwhat do you see in the boutique?19:27
madhui want to connetct a wifi network with the wps support19:28
tadcanrahtgaz, i see a list of programs from calibre to retext and libreoffice base can be installed because that wasn't included with the ppa19:29
rahtgazNo LibreOffice itself. Just the libre Office base, correct?19:30
DarkPsydeLordbrb going out for lunch19:31
tadcanlibreoffice has a show button that lists the ppa as source and base that has an install button19:31
rahtgazwhat was the name of that ppa again? the one you uninstaleld?19:32
rahtgaztadcan: I'm just collecting my thoughts here. I think I know of a way but I am also on uncharted territory here now. And want to be careful19:33
tadcanrahtgaz take your time, thanks for your help19:33
rahtgazalright. We are going to manually install the ubuntu-MATE ppa now19:33
rahtgazsudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa19:34
tadcanrahtgaz done19:35
rahtgazdon't install19:35
rahtgazjust don't install anything yet. give me a sec19:35
tadcanwaiting for your next instruction19:35
rahtgazclose boutique and then do sudo apt-get update19:36
tadcanrahtgaz update finished19:37
rahtgazlucky bastard. mines' take forever19:37
rahtgazalright, open boutique and see if anything changed. don't lose heart if it hasn't19:37
tadcansame as before19:38
rahtgazone last thing before we install it manually:19:39
rahtgazstart the Software Updater and see if it shows there19:40
rahtgazmeanwhile i'm just looking at synaptic trying to determine the packages you need to install19:40
tadcannope, software upo19:40
tadcanup to date19:41
rahtgazok. we are going to start installing it manually. Hopefully after this everything will go back to normal19:42
rahtgazI'm unsure as to the exact packages. there's no metapackage here but we start with: sudo apt-get install libreoffice-core19:43
rahtgazit will show a bunch of dependencies that will also be installed19:44
tadcaninstalling now19:44
tadcanjust have main libreoffice window19:45
tadcaninstall writer next?19:45
rahtgazdid it install libreoffice gtk and gtk219:46
tadcanno, doesn't look like it19:47
tadcanwill do history and look for that command19:48
rahtgazalright: sudo apt-get install libreoffice-gtk libreoffice-gtk219:48
rahtgazit won't show on history19:48
rahtgazok, just one more to be sure, although I think it will tell you it's already installed19:49
rahtgazsudo apt-get install libreoffice-common19:50
tadcanalready at newest version19:50
rahtgazok. now...19:50
rahtgazaudo apt-get install libreoffice-gnome libreoffice-calc libreoffice-draw libreoffice-math libreoffice-impress libreoffice-write19:51
rahtgaznot write, writer19:51
rahtgazand not audo, but sudo. but you know that19:52
tadcaninstalling now19:52
rahtgazwe are not done yet19:53
tadcanah, thought we were, install finished19:53
rahtgazsudo apt-get install libreoffice-avmedia-backend-gstreamer libreoffice-help-en-us libreoffice-ogltrans libreoffice-pdfimport19:55
rahtgazand lastly the styles:19:56
rahtgazjust the basic ones. But it's what almost everyone uses anyway:19:56
rahtgazsudo apt-get install libreoffice-style-breeze libreoffice-style-galaxy libreoffice-style-human libreoffice-style-tango19:57
tadcanok done19:58
rahtgazshould start normally now19:58
tadcandoing the style ones now19:59
rahtgazyou won't believe what I just found... there's a metapackage afterall :p We could have dne that with a single package installation. oh well :p20:00
tadcanthose icons are stand out more20:00
rahtgazgood or bad?20:00
tadcanhaha, live and learn. For my laptop, what is the meta package. Will use it for a few days and see20:01
rahtgazjust 'libreoffice' and you may wish to install it, incase we missed anything. But there's more important things to do now: check Boutique20:02
rahtgazdoes it show a launch buntton on the libreoffice entry?20:04
rahtgazdon't mind my fat fingers20:04
tadcanlibreoffice now has a launch button, and base has an install button which should be there because it wasn't in the command20:05
rahtgazdoes it say libreoffice is set to receive updates?20:05
tadcanyes there is a bold line with a tick saying will get latest updates20:06
rahtgazit's done, mate :)20:06
rahtgazwhere do I send the check?20:06
tadcanyah thanks rahtgaz, you're a star!20:06
rahtgazit was a pleasure. have fun :)20:06
DarkPsydeLordhi again20:23
ouroumovchristop, seriously20:46
rahtgazI can't find anything in the notebook line of software that fancies me. Currently I'm using CherryTree but it has many odditiesand the file format isn't compatible with anything else. Zim does a terrible mess of markdown and its nearly unusable if your notes tend to be full of code blocks.22:33
rahtgazTried a few others which I can't remember the names, and they are likewise troubled22:33
rahtgazAlmost makes me feel that the only good note taker is just installing Wordpress and do my own offline blog.22:34
ouroumovwhy wordpress?22:37
ouroumovever heard of pelican?22:38
rahtgazactually i was about to ask that question, because suddenly i started to like the idea of an offline blog, but needed opinions on what to choose. preferably a static one22:39
rahtgazwill take a look at it ouroumov :)22:39
rahtgazthis and nginx will set me straight. what do you know of its search features? it has good plugins for that? preferably regex support?22:41
rahtgaznothing on the plugins section. but these are static pages. grep or even a python script can do that for me. it doesn't matter22:44
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