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alan_ggreyback_: your question answered? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/miral/first-cut-at-test-server/+merge/30267713:04
greyback_alan_g: ok, yeah. The duplication was concerning me13:16
alan_gI couldn't think of a better way that's compatible with existing Mir releases13:18
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greyback_alan_g: not related to that branch specifically, I am unable to compile miral with your tests enabled: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23049421/13:26
greyback_missing a linker flag?13:26
alan_ggreyback_: that looks like lp:158353613:26
alan_gYou need Mir-0.24+ (or backport a couple of fixes)13:27
greyback_alan_g: ack13:27
kdubwhich is siloed in 3613:34
greyback_kdub: ah handy. /me cnacels build13:34
* alan_g wonders what will stop 0.24 landing next13:35
alan_gShould we decide it's an unlucky number and go for 0.25?13:35
kdubhave a fix for the current blocker, hopefully nothing13:35
kdubeh, what did block 24 would have blocked 25 too13:36
kdubalan_g, right https://code.launchpad.net/~kdub/mir/fix-1612256/+merge/30280413:37
* alan_g is looking13:37
alan_g...and wonders if that fixes a problem with toolkits ignoring the size of window when set by WM13:39
kdubalan_g, yeah, it probably does13:40
alan_gI'll test that and link as appropriate13:40
alan_gRats! I was sure I'd filed a bug for that.13:53
oSoMoNdednick, regarding your request on bug #1596524 , I found a reliable way of reproducing (although with a different, unmerged branch of webbrowser-app), I could provide you test packages if you’re interested (and tbh your help would be welcome as I’m stuck on that one)13:53
ubot5bug 1596524 in Canonical System Image "/usr/bin/webbrowser-app:11:QScopedPointer:qGetPtrHelper:QOpenGLContext::d_func:QOpenGLContext::functions:QSGDefaultLayer::invalidated" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159652413:53
dednickoSoMoN: give me a sec to refresh my brain :)13:57
dednickoSoMoN: i seem to remember figuring out this was a qt bug but i thought i logged the bug :/14:01
greyback_alan_g: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/miral/add-interactivity-to-WM/+merge/302531/comments/781063 - on your second comment, I had to cast as I need access to a few things Window didn't have, RenderableList, input bounds, orientation setter, keymap. That is the shopping list of things MirAL will need to provide so I don't use ms::Surface directly14:01
oSoMoNdednick, in the upstream Qt bug tracker?14:01
alan_ggreyback_: you don't need the cast to construct. C.f. "share_ptr<Surface>{window};"14:02
greyback_alan_g: sure. I just did it to be explicit about the conversion points, as I was unsure if miral was to wrap those things or not14:03
alan_gOk that answers the question.14:04
alan_gAs to MirAL wrapping things, I've not yet exposed anything for compositing.14:06
greyback_I wasn't sure if you planned to14:06
dednickoSoMoN: maybe not. i can't find anything.14:08
alan_gDunno yet. "Custom compositing" doesn't have quite the requirement you have (and hasn't been thought through). The alternative is to slice out a "QtCompositor" plugin.14:09
alan_gBut I think that's further than our current planning horizon.14:10
dednickoSoMoN: test packages are welcome :)14:11
oSoMoNdednick, will build them now and attach them to the bug report along with testing instructions, I’ll ping you when I’m done14:16
oSoMoN(in a meeting right now so it will need another 15min before I get to it)14:17
oSoMoNdednick, https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-42213 looks like it might be related14:19
dednickoSoMoN: most relevant comment. "Depending on desctruction order and previous GL function resolving, OpenGLContext::currentContext() can be 0"14:22
dednickwhich is what is happening.14:22
dednicki know i've seen it before but i can't find the use case...14:22
dednickgreyback: do you remember me discussing this with you? crash when cleaning up scene nodes due to null opengl context.14:25
greybackdednick: kinda. Something is deleting the context14:26
dednicki think i must have 2 qt accounts. i'm sure i've logged this!14:28
oSoMoNdednick, I’ve attached deb packages to reproduce the crash at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webbrowser-app/+bug/1596524/comments/414:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 1596524 in Canonical System Image "/usr/bin/webbrowser-app:11:QScopedPointer:qGetPtrHelper:QOpenGLContext::d_func:QOpenGLContext::functions:QSGDefaultLayer::invalidated" [High,Confirmed]14:30
dednickoSoMoN: ta14:32
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