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cchow to use .vcf on ubuntu phone?02:22
cci want to put it in my ubuntu phone02:22
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cci got it :)02:26
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cci use "syncevolution --import /home/phablet/Documents/contacts/your.vcf backend=evolution-contacts",but it told me03:54
cc"/home/phablet/Documents/contacts:No such file or directory"03:55
ccwhat's that mean?03:55
ccbecause i named it "number" in my phone03:57
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ganeshi4uin place of your.vcf place the name of your file. In this case  number.vcf06:19
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chris____is somebody here ?09:08
chris____I would like some informations about my tab09:09
chris____I hope to install ubuntu on a samsung galaxy tab 3 sm-t21009:10
chris____is it possible ?09:10
popeychris____: someone would need to port it09:11
popey!devices | chris____09:11
ubot5chris____: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices09:11
MoheroIs anyone running UBPorts Nexus5?09:12
popeydobey might be09:13
popeyhe has/had one09:13
chris____as i can read i think it is impossible to switch os in my tab09:15
popeyuntil someone does the port, yes09:16
chris____another question if a can09:17
Moheropopey: Thanks - The issue I'm having is a 404 when doing apt-get update; it's failing to find "Packages", but looking at the URL, "Packages.gz" exists, "Packages" does not, Is this an issue with the N5, UBPorts or 15.04 in general?09:18
chris____my smartphone dead before hollidays and i would like to know witch smatphone i can buy with ubuntu on os09:19
popeyMohero: dunno, I don't have a nexus 5, sorry09:20
MoheroIt's not partucularly stable on the N5, anyway - but I was looking at it because our product at work compiled for the Raspberry Pi *almost* just works, but I need GDB to get much further :(09:25
NeKitwhere can I find latest libhybris source to build package? I want to try MM linker with Intel Cherry Trail tablet09:25
brunch875new emoji layout looks amazing09:41
NeKitfinally found it: https://git.launchpad.net/~libhybris-maintainers/libhybris/+git/libhybris/10:06
yuchenHi, I'm trying to create a scope for ubuntu phone, but I can't figure out the 'search suggestions' feature described here. Does anyone know how to do it? https://design.ubuntu.com/scopes/components#header-search10:09
davidcalleyuchen: hi, I don't think that's actually implemented, that's more a feature on the roadmap. Maybe pstolowski knows?10:11
davidcallealecu: ^10:12
alecuyuchen: davidcalle: we don't have that, and I would question if it's still relevant10:17
alecuBecause scope results are shown immediately as you type10:18
alecuSo, you could use a category of results to include suggestions10:18
alecuWe do show some suggestions from the server when searching the app store scope10:19
alecu(there are very few at this point, though)10:20
yuchenReasonable. Actually it's not necessary for my scope. Thanks for the info guys!10:24
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kaisozhi there!11:58
kaisozquick question... what is a silo? maybe a kind of testing image?11:58
ogra_a kind of PPA11:59
cwaynemariogrip: hey by any chance did you ever start on nexus5x? I was considering poking around but figured I should check first :)11:59
ogra_if you develop a feature that happens often across more than one package, a silo holds everything needed for a feature ... developers make their devices writable. install the silo content and test it (and then flash their phones to be clean again)... if it is good, the silo gety merged into the overlay PPA for phone packages12:00
kaisozahhh great12:01
kaisozthat's why I see it referencend along with the ci train12:01
kaisozthank you ogra_ :)12:02
ogra_right, the ci-train is the umbrella tool that manages the silos etc12:02
ogra_(and does the landing of a PPA into the overlay ... once everyone gave his approval)12:02
ogra_it is kind of a ticket system that goes from developer to QA to landing team12:03
ogra_each of them has to sign off a silo before it can land12:03
ogra_(coordination of that is done in the #ubuntu-ci-eng channel btw)12:03
kaisozso the silo is tested in the CI and reviewed by the QA. When that goes ok, then is passed to Landing which prepares it for the final image12:04
ogra_and then sil2100 writes a mail about it (the daily landing team report) ;)12:06
s`sometimes on-screen keyboard just stop working (happens on any app randomly), is it known?12:08
kaisozgot it! thank you ogra_!12:15
dobeyMohero: you really shouldn't try to install stuff on the phone with apt. are you doing that in a chroot, or what?13:04
ogra_yeah, bad idea13:05
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Moherodobey, what's the right way to install, then? gdb isn't in the app store...13:57
MoheroI thought the entire point of Ubuntu convergence was that I can use a keyboard/mouse/monitor and apt-get my normal work...13:58
Moheroif convergence stuff runs in a chroot, then that's fine - I can run a chroot, but that doesn't fix the issue of the 404's13:58
dobeyMohero: no, / on phones is a very limited partition size13:58
dobeyMohero: well you can run xenial stuff in a chroot, rather than vivid (which is EOL for normal Ubuntu)13:59
Moheroright, but this is just to debug the application that is already running on the phone (mostly)..13:59
Moherothat would be helpful... is there docs on creating the chroot/LXC for xenial?14:00
dobeywell the archive is still on the server, so i don't know why you're getting 404s unless you changed the apt sources to point to some other places14:00
dobeyMohero: https://askubuntu.com/questions/620740/recommended-way-to-install-regularcli-deb-packages-on-ubuntu-phone/623311#62331114:00
Moheromy point is the 404 are on "Package" which doesn't exist, "Package.gz" does exist, which is why I was wondering if it was a bug of some description.14:00
MoheroThanks for the link..14:01
Moheroit's Nexus 5 running RC-proposed from ubports14:04
dobeyMohero: i presume that 404 is harmless then, or you just hit the archive at a bad time (while database were being re-synced/re-built)14:12
Moherodobey: I don't think it's timing as it's happened since I installed, but a chroot/LXC should solve the issue and will allow me to target 16.04, anyway - at least at this stage14:17
dobeyso to create a xenial chroot, same instructions as in that link, but grab the xenial daily-preinstalled tar.gz instead of the vivid one14:18
kaisozhi there!15:04
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chrisccoulsonIs there a way for an app to tell that it's running in Unity 8? The equivalent with other shells (for desktop, at least) would be checking XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP. I'm not sure if that's set on Unity 8 / desktop (it's not on the phone, which I guess makes sense)15:18
chrisccoulson(not sure if that message appeared before. Apologies if it did, but I got disconnected as soon as I sent it)15:18
kenvandineseb128, bug 161270215:25
ubot5bug 1612702 in libqofono (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libqofono" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161270215:25
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javier4_why my ubuntu source can't find LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES placed under vendor/mediatek even if I added that path to main.mk?15:44
kaisozi'm trying the emulator for development, I followed the tutorial from the wiki, but the "touchscreen" works pretty badly... it's very difficult to tap anywhere with the mouse, the emulator just doesn't detect it15:55
kaisozdoes anybody know any configuration or similar to make it work better?15:55
kaisozI created the instance for x8615:55
kaisozwith the default channel, that I think is the devel one15:55
peat-psuwitkaisoz: Use stable or rc-proposed channel.16:02
kaisozI guess nobody is here on a friday afternoon... sounds logical to me xD16:03
peat-psuwitjavier4_: I guess I want to see your Android.mk file.16:03
kaisozahh ok, I just saw ur message16:03
kaisozdev channel is not used at all?16:04
javier4_peat-psuwit, they're are .mk files I already used to correctly build an mtk-customized AOSP tree.16:04
peat-psuwitkaisoz: devel is used for porting Ubuntu Touch to the current LTS release (xenial).16:05
kaisozahh ok16:06
peat-psuwitjavier4_: Ubuntu Touch build system disabled some aspect of building, for example Java bits. I still want to see your Android.mk.16:07
seb128kenvandine, thanks!16:07
kaisozI just created an instance from the stable one, this works nicely16:09
kaisozalthough it's a bit difficult to use the edges hehe16:12
javier4_this time it doesn't find neither libnativehelper16:13
javier4_make: *** No rule to make target `/home/Ubuntu/javier/dati/UbuTouch/phablet5/out/target/product/y991/obj_arm/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libnativehelper_intermediates/export_includes', needed by `/home/Ubuntu/javier/dati/UbuTouch/phablet5/out/target/product/y991/obj_arm/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libapedec_mtk_intermediates/import_includes'.  Stop.16:13
javier4_peat-psuwit, ^^^^16:13
kaisoz1what's the emulator "device"? just "ubuntu"? cause I didn't have to specify the device in the channel name for the stable/devel channel but I had to for the rc-proposed (ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu)16:16
peat-psuwitjavier4_: IIRC, libnativehelper is used to implement methods for system class libraries on Java.16:20
peat-psuwitjavier4_: Why do you want to build it anyway?16:21
javier4_peat-psuwit, I copied the entire vendor/ dir from my aosp tree to the ubuntu one. Should I remove the whole mediatek/proprietary/external/apedec/?16:22
peat-psuwitjavier4_: You're porting to a device?16:23
peat-psuwitjavier4_: what's that device?16:24
javier4_an mt6795 based phone.16:24
peat-psuwitjavier4_: specific device, please.16:24
peat-psuwitjavier4_: and do you have a link to the device tree?16:25
javier4_elephone vowney lite16:25
javier4_no, no link. I re-generated the tree taking many things from various place on the net.16:25
javier4_aosp builds and works16:25
peat-psuwitjavier4_: I'm not sure why libapedec_mtk wants to link to libnativehelper, but this suggest that libapedec_mtk gets tied to pretty much high level Android system, which Ubuntu Touch doesn't provide.16:28
peat-psuwitjavier4_: Do you know what is libapedec_mtk? Or what's its user?16:29
javier4_peat-psuwit, to me, the name remember a mtk proprietary decoder for .ape. Seems strange that's high level.16:29
peat-psuwitAPE is a codec?16:31
peat-psuwitjavier4_: It maybe not that high level, but I don't know how that lib was written.16:31
peat-psuwitjavier4_: anyway, where did you get stuffs in vendor/mediatek anyway?16:32
javier4_it's a decoder for monkey's audio file. Found some repos on the net.16:32
javier4_I don't know why a user-level decoder it's customized by chip vendor...16:33
peat-psuwitjavier4_: It's hardware-decoder library.16:33
peat-psuwitjavier4_: So it's specific to your chipset.16:34
javier4_peat-psuwit, and why it needs java, then?16:34
peat-psuwitjavier4_: Only developers who wrote that code knows. Or the one who have code.16:34
peat-psuwitjavier4_: I can't really tell anything without having source code in my hand. Where do you get that repo, exactly?16:35
javier4_I don't remember. It was a lot of time ago.16:36
peat-psuwitjavier4_: Is it a git repo? Run "git remote -v" and "git log -1 --pretty=oneline"16:38
peat-psuwitjavier4_: in libapedec_mtk repo directory16:38
javier4_peat-psuwit, i have no more git metainfo. At the end of my work on aosp I let just the files.16:39
peat-psuwitjavier4_: Try going to that directory in your AOSP tree. I don't believe it's not a git repo.16:41
javier4_peat, trust me: I have no git address to give you.16:41
peat-psuwitjavier4_: Then put them on Github. Put both device repo, kernel repo and each of your directory in vendor/mediatek.16:43
peat-psuwitjavier4_: Name your repo by path, replacing / with _ and put ubuntu-touch_ in front.16:44
javier4_peat-psuwit, I don't know how much rights I have to redistribute this material. So that's not a way. Thanks anyway for your time. If you have an idea to solve my problem with shared libraries I'll read it in a couple of hours. Keep in mind that I copied libnativehelper/ dir from my aosp tree to the ubuntu one, but make still complain with the error I posted previously.16:47
peat-psuwitjavier4_: Things in Android world are usually licensed under Apache 2. See LICENSE file in the repo. If you have the source code you probably can distribute it, because Apache 2 gives that right to you.16:49
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dobeyk1l: ^^ err, #spam ?18:07
k1ldobey: ah yes.18:08
dobeyseems like that one needs a kline though18:08
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