daftykinswelp looks like that's gonna be done by 5am ;)00:17
daftykinsdiddledan_: http://treasure.diylol.com/uploads/post/image/635876/resized_chemistry-cat-meme-generator-i-don-t-know-what-i-m-doing-fdisk-84f247.jpg00:24
diddledandaftykins: fdisk all the things00:52
daftykinsoh i try to00:52
diddledandaftykins: does anyone ever understand the ramifications of a y or an n answer when fsck throws up errors?00:52
diddledanlike. "I have no idea what you say. just do it."00:53
diddledanfsck -y /dev/foo00:53
daftykinsi don't think i've ever had to point someone toward fsck, when others have tried - i've asked for the SMART data and found a dead disk instead00:53
daftykinsbad things can happen if they fsck'd a wonky drive :<00:54
diddledanaye. blows up any corruption00:54
daftykins41% verified on this RAID :)00:54
daftykinsthat means i've got 40+ TB in the room D:00:55
daftykinsso, the new star trek goes backwards again, eh?01:01
diddledanI think it's between enterprise and ToS01:07
daftykinsi never did bother watching Enterprise01:09
diddledanI didn't finish it01:10
daftykinsthat good?01:11
daftykinswho names a Beagle Porthos D: also, wow i remembered that01:12
MooDoohello all06:46
mappshey MooDoo07:52
MooDoohow you doing mapps07:55
bittinhttps://streaming.media.ccc.de/guadec2016 o/07:58
MooDooon hold....boooo08:06
gebruikerhas anyone been able to build pf kernel with ubuntu sources?08:32
TwistedLucidityBut not if you own a Volkswagen08:48
foobarryshould be possible for ubuntu on the surface then?08:48
popeykilogramme is okay as an en_GB translation of kilogram, right?08:48
TwistedLuciditykilogramme is the correct spelling, yes.08:48
TwistedLucidityNever seen "kilogram" before08:49
popeythought so, just not written it much08:49
foobarrythey both have the same SI unit, so its safe08:49
TwistedLucidityHuh, every dictionary I can find used "kilogram". But then they are all USAian....08:50
foobarrywikipedia thinks its ok08:50
TwistedLucidityAh-ha. Merria-Webster lists it as a "British variant"08:50
popeygood, am translating something to en_GB so will use it then :)08:53
popeyit's funning seeing comments in other languages "Cricket is not popular in brazil!"08:54
ali1234both are acceptable according to chambers08:55
ali1234oed wants me to sign up so they can suck it08:56
ali1234i've never seen kilogramme actually used anywhere08:56
TwistedLucidityTime to take our language back from these Yankee imperialists!08:59
TwistedLucidityThe fact some of our spellings were due to a fashion for all things French years ago, is totally beside the point.09:00
TwistedLucidityNever let facts get in the way of a good opinion, I say.09:00
TwistedLucidityIt's be funny to see regional translations. "User is not in sudoers" could be come "Yer naw wan o' the big yins"09:02
ali1234kilogram is not a US spelling ^09:03
ali1234or it wasn't in 184309:04
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:06
popeyNo Man's Sky releases today at 6pm. Sam just pointed out that he's not going to be able to use Family sharing on steam this weekend because I'll be on it all the time :)09:09
foobarryhe's right09:09
foobarryi'm still on skyrim..maybe i'll get round to NMS if its any good in about 10 yrs09:09
TwistedLuciditypopey: NMS runs on Linux?09:10
popeySadly not09:11
TwistedLucidityAh, forget it then.09:11
popeybut NMS appears to be blocked from Family Sharing :(09:11
popeyaccording to that09:11
popeydunno if that's just because it's not out yet, still beta testers only09:11
popeymight open once released09:11
TwistedLucidityI have enough games I still need to finish...and movies to watch...and books to read...then there's this pesky thing called "work"09:11
ali1234bbc.co.uk has 320 kilogrammes and 394 million kilograms09:12
TwistedLucidityAre they still being sued for patent breach over the "super-formula" for the procedural generation09:12
popeynot aware of that09:12
bittinfirst talk at GUADEC has started now https://streaming.media.ccc.de/guadec2016 about flatpak http://flatpak.org09:12
popey"No Man's Sky doesn't actually use this "superformula" thing or infringe a patent. This is a non-story... everybody chill "09:13
ali1234whats the superformula?09:13
TwistedLucidityAh...cool. I know someone was trying to flinging a sueball in their direction.09:13
ali1234https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superformula ?09:13
bittinfor you Linux people too watch09:13
TwistedLucidityali1234: A mathematical procedure that makes it easy to procedurally generate models etc. Someone has a patent on it.09:14
ali1234i guess it is that, since it is patented09:14
TwistedLucidityPeople who patent pure maths should be taken outside and...well...you can imagine.09:14
ali1234yeah it is that one ^09:14
ali1234i might have to use that for something now09:15
foobarrywe could just not sell stuff in America09:15
TwistedLucidityThis kind of stuff affects the EU too09:15
ali1234bittin: flatpak seems really basic compared to snappy09:15
foobarryEU don't allow nonsenical alogrithmic or software patents AFAIK09:15
TwistedLucidityNot quite true from what I recall reading a while back. I agree totally that the intention is to not let it happen, but....09:16
* TwistedLucidity tries to find linky09:16
TwistedLucidityhttps://fsfe.org/campaigns/swpat/swpat.en.html under "Current Status"09:17
TwistedLucidityQuote: the European Patents Office (EPO) grants software patents by declaring them as "computer implemented inventions".09:18
TwistedLucidityI'm not sure how TTIP will affect the situation.09:18
foobarryThe European Patent Convention (EPC), Article 52, paragraph 2, excludes from patentability, in particular09:19
foobarrydiscoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods;09:19
foobarryaesthetic creations;09:19
foobarryschemes, rules and methods for performing mental acts, playing games or doing business, and programs for computers; [emphasis added]09:19
foobarrypresentations of information.09:19
TwistedLucidityTotally agreed. But they weasel around their own rules.09:19
foobarry"mathematical methods" are algorithms and formulaue09:19
TwistedLuciditySoftware is, to a large degree, just mathematics with pretentions of grandeur.09:20
TwistedLucidityQuite why copyright isn't enough beats me.09:21
TwistedLucidityNot sure if this has been overturned: http://www.out-law.com/page-9995 (IPO approves software patent for UK)09:22
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Friday, and happy World Elephant Day! 😃  🐘09:23
* TwistedLucidity wonders what kind of magic calendar JamesTait has09:24
JamesTaitTwistedLucidity, it's called the internet, and it has special celebration days for everything, and it's fabulous! 😁09:25
TwistedLucidityIs there are World Day Day?09:26
TwistedLucidityAnd a World Day Day Day?09:26
popeyWorld Mention A Day On IRC Day09:27
popeyThat's every day round these parts09:27
popeyalan@homeserver:~$ grep -i JamesTait irclogs/2016/freenode/* | grep -i Happy | grep -ic Day09:29
popeyfigured it would be higher than that09:29
JamesTaitMe too.09:29
JamesTaitTwistedLucidity, I bet if you look hard enough, there is somewhere. 😉09:30
ali1234is anyone else watching the flatpak talk?09:31
JamesTaitNo, I didn't know about it, but I probably should be.09:32
foobarrydoes anyone with a lwn.,net subscription wish to share https://lwn.net/Articles/696868/ please?09:32
ali1234seems like they are only targeting desktop apps09:33
ali1234you have to do everything over dbus09:33
JamesTaitRight, that's what I understood.09:33
ali1234like opening files or urls09:33
ali1234i think they'll quickly discover that basically no interesting software can work in this model09:34
foobarryubuntu uk podcast is now called ubuntu podcast?09:34
MooDooyes it's rebranded09:35
JamesTaitThanks, ali1234.09:36
popeyfoobarry: yeah, only a few years ago09:37
foobarrywoops. i kind of stopped listening at some point and never got back in the habit09:38
JamesTait"You can ask PulseAudio to load any DLL from the host and it can do anything."  Does that affect snaps as well?09:40
foobarrygot the lwn.net link now.09:43
MooDooblast from the past I'm watching - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJAFPoiRODM09:49
JamesTaitpopey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23048883/10:00
MooDoobloody hell JamesTait lol :D10:14
popeyhaha, brilliant10:15
JamesTaitI suspect there are some duplicates in there where formats changed and/or emoji were added.10:15
foobarryrealised i#m not getting unicode in my screen session10:16
popeyOh noes 🐧10:23
popey (ʘ∇ʘ)ク 彡 ┻━┻10:23
foobarryoh i got those10:25
foobarrynot the oh noes one though10:25
popeythat's a cheeky little penguin10:28
TwistedLucidityI've never got to grips with entering unicode on GNU/linux10:28
TwistedLucidityCan use the compose key though, that's a cool feature10:29
TwistedLucidityReminds me, I need to find out how to force byobu to use tmux rather than screen.10:30
popeyit does by default now10:33
knightwisehey everyone10:52
popeyhello knightwise10:56
MooDoohi knightwise11:13
=== zmoylan-1i is now known as zmoylan-pi
BigRedSGoood Morning!11:23
knightwisehey MooDoo11:24
knightwiseHows it going dude11:28
knightwiseHey BigRedS11:33
knightwisefind anything more on that site I showed you ?11:33
BigRedSAha, yeah, I've bookmarked it for when I remember the things I'm supposed to be learning about, too :)11:39
knightwisehahah :) Know what you mean11:46
knightwisemore books to add to the "I should read this somedauy " list11:46
BigRedShaha, yeah11:57
foobarrygot my new watch strap for my f91w12:24
zmoylan-pidoes adding a new watch strap to a f91w increase it's value? :-)12:27
foobarrywatch strap is £3 , watch is @£612:27
zmoylan-pimind i have seen smartwatches for €20 locally...12:28
foobarrystil more than 3x the price of the worlds best watch12:29
* popey hugs his f91w12:29
popeyI asked for directions recently, noticed the guy had an f91w, and afterwards I said "hey, nice casio f91w watch!" he looked at me like I was a freak, and got away sharpish12:29
zmoylan-pidirections?? do you not have 2-3 gps enabled devices about your person on a average day...?12:30
foobarryguy had greatness on his wrist without knowing it12:31
zmoylan-pior realised he was in the presence of a watch geek...12:31
foobarryi'm no watch geek just a satisfied customer12:32
foobarryi never wear my £80 rotary any more12:32
popeywe had gps / map, but internet was patchy12:32
zmoylan-pii like my cheap fitness tracker nuband... but it is annoying to have press the button to read the time...12:32
popeyand when internet goes away, the google maps app conveiently "forgets" the map you had on screen12:33
foobarryhmm how to get the strap off...12:33
zmoylan-pii use cycle streets.  a downloadable map pack of uk and ireland.  won't calculate routes offline but full maps are all i need12:33
popeyfoobarry: tiny holes in either side of where the strap attaches12:34
foobarryyeah, tiny pin reqd i think12:34
foobarrythis new strap feels nicer. tempted to change both sides, but i'll prob only change the borken bit12:35
zmoylan-pivideo of changing strap... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2ufbrNYLcc12:36
foobarrydunnit already :)12:36
MyrttiI recently swapped the metal strap of my Moto360 to a silicone one12:38
zmoylan-piusing a paperclip... thank goodness i have my https://images.duckduckgo.com/iur/?f=1&image_host=http%3A%2F%2Fwherebadmovieslive.files.wordpress.com%2F2010%2F09%2Fmacgyver-paperclip-tool.jpg&u=https://wherebadmovieslive.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/macgyver-paperclip-tool.jpg12:38
foobarryi used a 1.4mm precision screwdriver12:38
daftykinsyay one verified array and xfs mounted fine :>14:12
foobarryXFS sicks14:17
foobarryespecially when it kills the filesystem on disk failure/full disk14:17
daftykinsbeen working fine for me for large RAIDs that are just media stores14:18
foobarrywe've had a few go bad14:20
foobarryand don't use it anymore14:20
foobarryesp bad on centos 614:20
daftykinswhat do they tend to be, database volumes?14:20
foobarrydata files14:22
foobarryresearch data14:22
foobarryscratch volumes14:22
daftykinshmm, welp this is ubuntu server 14.0414:23
daftykins/dev/sdb: Timing cached reads:   4494 MB in  2.00 seconds = 2247.33 MB/sec Timing buffered disk reads: 1396 MB in  3.00 seconds = 465.00 MB/sec14:38
daftykinsAzelphur: hehe had someone teasing you in another channel for not thinking an SSD would benefit games ;)15:41
Azelphurdaftykins: I was right though, beyond loading times it won't do nothing for you15:41
daftykinsnot entirely true, there's silence!15:41
daftykinsbut you putting together a system in 2016 and neglecting an SSD? crazy talk, sir15:42
daftykinsdiddledan: must resist... urge to watch mr.robot s2 before it finishes airing! D:15:57
diddledanminor news today, our understanding of everything might be wrong: http://arstechnica.co.uk/science/2016/08/researchers-orbit-a-muon-around-an-atom-confirm-physics-is-broken/16:05
daftykinsnot the first time that's happened16:06
foobarrydaftykins: realised i'm now ats2ep416:07
daftykinsof Mr.Robot?16:07
diddledane5 is weird16:07
foobarryse1e0-se2e4 is weird16:09
diddledane5 is weirderer16:11
daftykinsi just did a bit of a recap on s1's last ep16:12
foobarrythey could make it better16:13
foobarrya UK series would be quite different16:13
foobarryand potentially epic16:13
Seeker`Azelphur: "loading times" can be signficant in some games16:14
AzelphurSeeker`: true, but not many16:15
diddledanI think the games designers could improve those if they thought about it a bit16:15
Seeker`Azelphur: for large values of "not many"16:15
Azelphurstill I haven't done bad, I've got this: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/wBjNPs on £30016:15
diddledani.e. load enough to get the level loaded at the spawn point and then load the rest in the background16:15
daftykinsAzelphur: still how can you dev and use high end gear and not want SSDs in all the things O_O16:15
foobarryskyrims surely could preload when you are near somewhere16:15
Azelphurdaftykins: not for me, it's for the gf, she wants one large drive for games16:15
foobarrymaybe other games do16:15
daftykinsright but you have to have an OS too16:15
Azelphurnobody stores there games on SSD16:16
daftykinsyes they do16:16
daftykinsi have a dedicated one for my game installs16:16
Seeker`Azelphur: Hi, I'm nobod16:16
Azelphurwell, hardly anybody16:16
AzelphurSeeker`: me too16:16
AzelphurI have a 1TB SSD16:16
Azelphurbut, baring in mind that cost more than the entire cost of this build...yea16:16
Seeker`I think by "hardly anybody" you mean "most people"16:16
daftykinsi'd still rather the OS on SSD and the games could be on a large mechanical volume16:16
daftykinsat a minimum16:16
daftykinsSeeker`: +116:17
AzelphurSeeker`: I don't think most people install games on an SSD?16:17
* Seeker` has two SSDs, one for OS, one for games16:17
daftykinsi've got an M.2 SSD in my new build with the OS on and the older 512GB SATA for games - then a mechanical for media16:17
Azelphurdaftykins: hehe, but it's already a £300 birthday present, I think that's plenty enough ;)16:17
daftykinsdo it once do it right16:18
daftykinseven a budget drive is like £50 or less no? :)16:19
Azelphurdaftykins: I've been following "if (buying) { buy good } else { use what I have }"16:19
Seeker`Azelphur: Why don't you think most people do?16:19
Seeker`Out of the total population of the world, probably most people don't16:19
foobarrywhich is the good adblocker?16:19
Seeker`out of the population that, say, buy games from Steam, I suspect most do16:19
AzelphurSeeker`: it's very expensive16:19
foobarryi keep forgetting which is best for chrome/firefox16:19
daftykinsfoobarry: ublock origin16:19
daftykinslightweight and superior to ABP16:20
foobarrygood enough for me :D16:20
daftykinsno whitelisting paid rubbish16:20
foobarrythats also good reason16:20
foobarryok i'll do it16:20
Seeker`You can get 400GB SSDs for about £10016:20
AzelphurSeeker`: *shrug* I think 1TB min really for regular gaming16:20
Seeker`Admittedly they aren't the fastest on the market, tehy still blow spinning discs out of the water16:20
Azelphurbut, I can still buy a decent SSD later16:20
Seeker`Azelphur: No, 1TB isn't the minimum for regular gaming16:20
daftykinsi don't really see why you would leave tonnes installed at the same time16:21
Seeker`I've got a 500GB drive, I uninstall games I haven't played in about 6 months, I've still got about 100GB free16:21
Seeker`That isn't exclusively games either, I've got 100GB+ of video that I need to transcode too16:21
AzelphurSeeker`: I have 252GB of steam alone, and I don't even have all my games installed.16:22
Seeker`Why do you need all of your games installed at once?16:22
Azelphurnor do I game that much16:22
daftykinsright but you'd have to be a little bit silly in your head to keep them all installed16:22
AzelphurI suppose, game shuffling works16:22
Seeker`I can download 25GB of data an hour from the steam servers, I can think "I want to play X now" and have it installed in (mostly) minutes16:22
AzelphurI actually barely have any of my games installed, and I only have the ones installed that I play fairly regularly at current16:23
daftykinsthey're only a folder paste away if you keep them on other media, too16:23
daftykins(for steam)16:23
Seeker`Gaming more often doesn't mean that you have to have more games installed, it just means that you spend more time gaming16:23
AzelphurGames I have installed: CS:GO, DiRT Showdown, Distance, Golf with your Friends, Payday 2, Portal (1+2), ShellShock, The Stanley Parable, Tabletop Sim, TF2, Rocket League and Hearthstone16:23
Azelphurand whoop, there goes 250GB :)16:24
Seeker`Often, people that spend a lot of time gaming spend most of their time on one game16:24
daftykinsi'm still loving Hitman \o/16:26
daftykinshaven't even moved off the first level still, with 32+ hours of play16:26
Seeker`I've got WoW, Diablo, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Keep talking and nobody explodes, CS:S, Doom, Factorio, Fallout 4, FF VIII, rFactor2, Rocket League, Sonic & All-stars racing, Stardew Valley, Tomb Raider installed16:26
daftykinsso much to do and see :D16:26
Seeker`and Battlefield 416:27
knightwiseGeeky weekend time :)16:45
daftykinso rly? what do you have planned?16:45
knightwiseInstalling Kali on the chromebook while propped on the couch watching old episodes of beverly hills 9021016:45
knightwisemy wife loves the show :) She is rewatching all nine seasons16:46
knightwisePlaying around with a 125 euro laptop SSH'd into a 40 euro raspberry pi to use a 20 year old chat program has something ... Cyberpunky16:47
daftykinsi'm not familiar, but kali references tend to make me cringe due to the types that would come in #ubuntu lying about running it (when it used to be ubuntu based) and trying to get help cracking wifi or something equally mundane16:47
knightwisedaftykins: I can understand that16:47
daftykinslearning pen testing could be fun though i'm sure :)16:48
knightwiseI would like to use it to quicly enumerate clients networks and stuff16:48
knightwiseNot planning on becoming the next kev mitnick though.16:48
knightwisehmm.. whow .. kde16:58
knightwisehavent done THAT in a while16:58
diddledando people still use KDE?17:00
diddledanI still don't like that qt isn't suitable for app-stores like apple and gplay17:02
diddledanor rather the open sauce version isn't17:02
diddledanthere's something about the GPL license and the way that you package for those platforms that makes it incompatible :-(17:03
knightwisedeleted the Chroot , trying again with Xfce17:13
m0nkey_Any idea on the best way to backup a running Ubuntu or Debian system? I was thinking dd if=/dev/sda | gzip -1 - | dd user@host dd of=file.gz17:49
m0nkey_Or I could use dump.17:50
m0nkey_This would be easier if I had lvm, because I could snapshot that bad boy then write it to a file.17:50
MartijnVdSdd'ing a running system will lead to a dirty filesystem17:50
MartijnVdSwith potentially weird results17:50
m0nkey_Hey, it worked to swap out for a bigger drive :) But I did stop all services prior.17:51
MartijnVdSI'd rsync everything over17:52
MartijnVdSthen re-rsync just before turning off the old one :)17:52
m0nkey_Rsync could world, but I've got so much customisation, I don't remember half of the things I did. :D17:53
MartijnVdSjust rsync everything on the / filesystem (and other "actual" filesystems)17:53
MartijnVdSyou'll then have a copy of the machine17:53
MartijnVdSthen the second rsync run is to see what changed since the last one17:53
MartijnVdSand you can test the new one17:53
m0nkey_Don't have the pleasure of a second machine right now.17:54
m0nkey_I could just get another drive, create a LVM, dd the partitions over, then I have the ability to snapshot.17:54
m0nkey_Which would mean I'd have a frozen in time point to actually do a dd to a file.17:55
m0nkey_I wish ZFS was included in the kernel. Then I could have done a ZFS rootfs :)17:56
daftykinsyou and your exotic setups!18:02
daftykinsm0nkey_: this is a good wake up call as to writing notes of your own mods in future18:02
daftykinsgetting it to work once is such a Linuxy thing to do, but it's totally worthless if it can't be repeated18:03
m0nkey_All the recent stuff I can re-produce.18:04
m0nkey_Just all the other junk18:04
m0nkey_And it'll be nice just to have an image backup.18:04
daftykinswhy does it have to be running during the backup?18:06
m0nkey_It's headless, then I got to get it out of the closet, hook up a keyboard/monitor, who wants that? :-)18:07
daftykinsah so the typical case of wanting to avoid some real work :)18:07
m0nkey_The lazy IT guy approach. Yes.18:07
* daftykins has no sympathy18:08
daftykinsyay clonezilla, etc.18:09
m0nkey_I could do that. But I'd like to schedule this, back it up like 2-3 times a month18:10
m0nkey_Automation :D18:10
daftykinsmmm good luck with that18:11
diddledanzfs send | ssh moo zfs receive18:14
diddledanzfs really is a panacea18:14
zmoylan-pii'd prefer pancakes18:15
diddledanmmm, pancakes18:15
diddledanwith icey cream and maple syrup18:15
m0nkey_diddledan: ZFS on the rootfs, mmm... I'd totally do that. zfs send/recv .. easy as pie.18:17
zmoylan-pihmmmm, pie....18:18
diddledanm0nkey_: it _might_ be possible with a bit of fiddling of the initrd on an ubuntu system18:18
diddledanor, yannow, freebsd it :-p18:19
diddledanI haven't heard any more news about the ubuntu/bsd crossover project since the initial announcements18:19
m0nkey_diddledan: I have considered fbsd'ing it. However, I have LUKS encrypted disks for my off-site backups18:27
m0nkey_I don't think fbsd support LUKS18:27
diddledanno, I don't think it does. they use geli IIRC18:28
m0nkey_Yes, it's geli18:28
m0nkey_Which, I could use. But then I'd need to re-write my backup scripts.18:28
m0nkey_I list all my disks /dev/disk/by-id in a file to loop though to mount attached drives. I don't think fbsd has the same /dev/disk/by-id18:29
m0nkey_I suppose if I'm using gpt, I could use /dev/gptid18:31
m0nkey_but then, I got pam customisation I'd need to port too.18:32
m0nkey_Heh, maybe I should customise so much? :)18:32
diddledanthere's no /dev/disk/ on my FreeNAS18:33
diddledanjust looking to see if there's anything similar18:33
m0nkey_Nope, there aint.18:33
m0nkey_Yeah, migrating to fbsd could be done, won't be easy. pam.d customisations, (log-in notifications, apache pam authentication, etc), drive encryption and backup scripts.18:36
m0nkey_Anyway, I'm out. Back later.18:45
=== Chunkyz_ is now known as Chunkyz
zmoylan-pialready gone20:09
daftykinsmmm slow eyes :>20:10
diddledanI've got slow ears. I don't listen fast enough20:17
zmoylan-pispeed of sound is just too slow...20:18
daftykinsfaffing with too much here, me and a mate in the US were talking about racing games etc - i found the old colin mcrae rally but it doesn't run very well, no pad support for modern controllers20:20
daftykinsthen i found coline mcrae rally 04 which is nice and modern enough for LAN play even - got it running between my desktop and laptop :D20:20
zmoylan-pii was always more into space combaty games...20:21
zmoylan-pior gauntlet style top down shooters20:21
diddledancute kitty: https://twitter.com/sarahjeong/status/76419860629534310520:37
zmoylan-pidoesn't get much fuzzier than that20:45
diddledanhosted raspis! https://blog.mythic-beasts.com/2016/08/05/sneak-preview-from-mythic-labs-raspberry-pi-netboot/20:55
zmoylan-pirun out of a phone box with a out of order sign on the outside i presume... it's a huge operation... :-)20:56
daftykinswow suddenly getting interest in the PCs i'm selling20:57
daftykins2 emails in the past few hours20:57
zmoylan-pihope they lead to sales20:59
daftykinshehe, the core 2 quad one nearly did before i realised it was worth more to me to keep after doing it up, than having the £120 i'd listed it for21:01
diddledan"To anyone looking for a simple, even crude explanation for the Web’s rise, this is it: the ability to view a reasonable facsimile of a naked woman in the privacy of your own home."21:30
diddledanfrom: https://www.minnpost.com/business/2016/08/rise-and-fall-gopher-protocol21:30
daftykinswb with the usual nick21:40
SebthreeBQM10HDdaftykins, this tablet this nick, computer old usual nick21:40
daftykinsbebetin? :)21:41
awilkinsWhy are space rocks gay?22:01
awilkinsOops, wrong channel22:01
awilkinsClearly they are very delightful though22:01
daftykinspermanently in the sun sir, they must like the heat22:02
daftykinskeeps 'em chirpy22:02
diddledanBy Grabthar's Hammer, By the suns of Warvan, You shall be avenged!22:59
daftykinshmm BBC Panorama did another proggy on North Korea23:00
zmoylan-pino more alan rickman... no galaxy quest 2...23:02
* zmoylan-pi shakes fist at 201623:11
diddledanI want my money back for this year!23:12
diddledanso today's new Windows 10 Insider build killed iTunes23:14
zmoylan-piso... not all bad then...23:15
daftykinssounds ace23:15
daftykinsi had to repair vmware workstation earlier since the new version went on, minor task though23:16
diddledanooh, get you23:16
diddledanvmware workstation!23:16
daftykinsbetter than oracle break all the things virtualbox23:17
diddledanhyper-v *cough* ?23:18
zmoylan-pivmware workstation... an ancient pentium 1 propping up wonky desk... :-)23:18
daftykinshyper-v is a huge turd23:19
* daftykins holds his arms out wide 23:19
diddledanooh, bsod23:19
daftykinsbest memtest23:19
* daftykins runs23:19
diddledanwonder how I caused that...?23:20
zmoylan-pii miss gpf's and uae's sometimes.  bsod's seem bland now23:20
diddledanI did repair iTunes and reboot..23:20
daftykinszmoylan-pi: but they have faces23:20
diddledanand again. same code23:20
daftykins12.4.3 they're up to now isn't it?23:21
daftykinswhy do you even use that :(23:21
diddledanI think I killed Windows by fixing iTunes23:21
daftykinsTHERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!23:21
diddledanI don't want to use Windows anyway *pouts*23:22
zmoylan-piwell installing itunes replaces a lot of windows anyway23:22
daftykinsdo you run insider because you didn't want to pay for a copy of 10? :)23:22
zmoylan-pii think diddledan runs w10 as they hang out in linux chatroom and is trying to be a rebel... :-P23:23
* zmoylan-pi once guessed correctly the colour of an engineers tie before they arrived... :-)23:24
zmoylan-piit was red and they worked for i.b.m. good old big blue... and i knew they thought of themselves as a rebel... therefore had to be a red tie... :-)23:25
ali1234what kind of engineer wears a tie?23:25
diddledanali1234 has a good point23:26
zmoylan-pii.b.m. engineers23:26
diddledanI thought engineers were jeans wearing23:26
diddledanmaybe even shorts23:26
zmoylan-pijustifies the size of the invoice later23:26
diddledanoften in sandals23:26
zmoylan-pinot any of the i.b.m. engineers i dealt with23:26
diddledanIBM doesn't employ engineers. they employ suits23:27
daftykinsbriefcase carriers23:27
zmoylan-pishirt, ties and jacket hanging in their car in case it was a formal location like lawyers etc.23:27
zmoylan-pithey usually knew their stuff mind so a few steps ahead of the h.p. engineers i dealt with23:28

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