jrwrenanyone ever setup their own rtmp server?01:16
cmaloneyNot familiar with that02:27
jrwreni finally got it going.02:51
jrwreni didn't realize how endpoint + streamkey works.02:51
* rick_h_ can't wait to get his truck back today13:28
rick_h_I don't know how folks get by with 1 car13:28
cmaloneyrick_h_: Heh, I can imagine that is annoying as fuck13:30
cmaloneyesp since you don't like that car13:30
cmaloneybtw: Does anyone have a VW Jetta Wagon?13:30
cmaloneyManaged to mess up an order and ordered the wrong driver's side wiper replacement13:30
cmaloneyIt's off by a millimeter13:31
cmaloneyor two13:31
jrwrenrick_h_: i'm TRYING to sell a car so we can be a 1 car family ;]13:32
jrwrenrick_h_: but I'm also a short walk to a bus stop and zipcar/maven13:32
cmaloneyYou can get away with that in Ann Arbor, the city of tomorrow13:32
jrwrencmaloney: bwahahaha13:32
rick_h_jrwren: yea, maybe I guess13:33
rick_h_jrwren: but isn't harder with the kid chucking them around?13:33
cmaloneyWelcome to Ann Arbor, the city of tomorrow, where everything floats to your kid on-demand13:35
jrwrenrick_h_: wife not working makes it a lot easier, I think13:38
cmaloneyYeah, we survived with one car when I was working from home / unemployed / working from home13:39
cmaloneyIt wasn't until $currentjob that I needed another car13:39
greg-gwe're still one car (still that '02 Subaru). The '83 G30 RV doesn't count :P15:27
shakes808hello my ubuntu peoples, had a question that I wanted to clarify.  I just read that ubuntu is built off of a debian test release, is this true?17:20
shakes808This is what I seen: "Ubuntu LTS is from Testing. Other Ubuntu releases are from Unstable."17:22
rick_h_shakes808: well it's sync'd across and such17:23
rick_h_shakes808: but it's the start yes17:23
greg-gdebian testing at the time of the start of the new Ubuntu release (iow: right after latest release, iow: in May and November, after the releases in April and October), which is what turns into the next stable Debian release every couple years, is what is pulled into the start of the next Ubuntu release17:23
greg-glots of subordinate clauses in there, sorry17:24
shakes808rick_h_: gotcha17:24
shakes808greg-g: haha, i followed that ;)17:24
shakes808rick_h_ and greg-g : thank you17:25
shakes808I am trying to figure out if I should go Debian or Ubuntu server17:25
shakes808Sounds like Ubuntu Server LTS and Debian are going to be similar17:25
greg-gdepends if you want any of the special Ubuntu-juice17:26
shakes808that is a better understanding and explanation for LTS than I thought it was before17:26
greg-gWe (Wikimedia Foundation) switched from Ubuntu Trusty to Debian Jessie, fwiw (but we also have a fair number of DDs on staff)17:26
shakes808greg-g: If I am doing server, it is going too command line, so what extra "juice" would Ubuntu offer that Debian doesn't?17:26
greg-gjuju, snap, etc17:26
greg-gsnappy, whatever that thing is :)17:26
shakes808--> OFF TOPIC <-- Deftones tonight at Freedom Hill17:27
greg-gI saw some friends indicating they're going to the Rob Zombie + KoRn "Return of the dreadlocks" shows... middleschool and highschool revisited :)17:27
shakes808greg-g: I am going to be part of that middle school and high school revisited :)17:28
shakes808Both put on a great show.  I was at the Manson / Slipknot concert a week or so ago]17:29
shakes808Manson wasn't at his best, but Slipknot was on point like usual17:29
jrwrenshakes808: you should use ubuntu-server.17:29
shakes808and Korn's guitarist is rumored to have came back17:29
jrwrenshakes808: because this is #ubuntu-us-mi ;]17:29
shakes808jrwren: haha, right17:29
jrwrenshakes808: i like debian, do not get me wrong, but ubuntu is just so much better.17:30
jrwrengreg-g: yes, its subjective.17:30
jrwrenshakes808: things like apt-add-repository OOTB.17:30
jrwrenshakes808: IMO ubuntu releases have better docs. The Ubuntu Server Guide for example.17:31
greg-gshakes808: I saw a Manson + Rob Zombie concert while in undergrad, actually, and boy are their musicians awesome. To be with them you have to be top of the line.17:31
jrwrenits been a while since I used debian, but last time I did I was surprised by how much was missing compared to ubuntu. It felt like someone stripped features.17:31
greg-gjrwren: it's the opposite, someone failed to upstream/share their additions </end decade old rant>17:32
greg-g(yes, I </ and used "end" like a newb)17:32
shakes808jrwren: alright, will go ubuntu; will be ubuntu all around.  repurposing another old laptop with ubuntu as well17:32
greg-gshakes808: that's the other thing to consider, yeah, consolidating on one platform for all your machines17:33
shakes808greg-g: right?! can't go wrong seeing them.  Also, NiN.  His road musicians are on point!17:33
greg-gcognitive overhead of multiple platforms isn't worth it17:33
jrwrenif you run apt-cacher you will reap the benefits even more.17:34
shakes808greg-g: kind of what I was thinking, but then again, it should be OS agnostic when using a server.  My Windows machine should be able to talk to it and send and retrieve files just as well as Debian / Ubuntu17:34
greg-gjrwren: that too17:34
jrwrengreg-g: believe me i understand about upstreaming... i experience it all the time wiht juju :p17:34
greg-gshakes808: cognitive overhead wrt maintenance, is what I mean. Same upgrade schedule, same version of packages so you know they won't be incompatible, etc17:35
jrwrenright... you don't have to remember mundane shit like, debian's apache2 pkg has http2 support, but ubuntu's does not.17:35
jrwrenpardon my curse.17:36
* greg-g is in a weird Friday mood after a crazy week17:37
greg-goutages related to things my team 'owns' this week:17:37
greg-g* CI: 2016-08-07 - wikitech:Incident_documentation/20160807-CI17:37
greg-g* MW: 2016-08-09 - wikitech:Incident_documentation/20160809-MediaWiki17:37
greg-g* CI: 2016-08-10 - TBC17:37
greg-g* MW: 2016-08-10 - wikitech:Incident_documentation/20160810-MediaWiki17:37
cmaloneyRob Zombie took a page from Alice Cooper in surrounding himself with amazing musicians17:38
cmaloneyand Alice Cooper learned that from Zappa afaict17:38
* greg-g puts on some Porcupine Tree and gets to work17:41
shakes808greg-g: haven't heard from them in a long time17:44
* shakes808 switches from RATM to Porcupine Tree17:44
* greg-g is listening to The Incident album17:45
cmaloneyhttps://meanmessiah.bandcamp.com/album/let-us-pray-ep <- up next17:47
shakes808cmaloney: haha, i was listening to dethklok all morning then changed it to RATM and some 90s stuffs17:47
Scary_Guyneeds more Children of Bodom17:48
shakes808cmaloney: my co-workers said that Dethklok was heavy so turned on  RATM and they said that it was better but not by much  :)17:48
shakes808Scary_Guy: CoB is amazing live! have you seen them?17:48
cmaloneyDethklok heavy?17:48
cmaloneyChallenge accepted.17:48
Scary_Guynot live :(17:48
shakes808they are good.  seen them 2x at Harpos.  I think Trivvium opened both times17:49
shakes808I want to see Opeth17:49
Scary_Guyalthough my favorite band...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DF60OqiW3417:49
shakes808Oct 7th :) at the State Theater17:49
shakes808Scary_Guy: never heard of this band17:50
Scary_Guytry not to kill yourself in anguish :)17:50
greg-gFuneral Doom Metal, heh, yep17:54
greg-gI love the genre names of doom/death metal17:55
cmaloneyyeah, they're pretty out there.17:58
cmaloney(the genres)17:58
cmaloneyScary_Guy: You've heard of my podcast - Open Metalcast, right?17:58
shakes808Scary_Guy: HAHAHA17:58
cmaloneyCreative Commons Licensed Metal Music17:59
cmaloneyaka shit Craig likes.17:59
Scary_Guyoh yeah, I thoguht it was about actual metal casting though :p17:59
cmaloneyI get orders all the time. ;)17:59
Scary_GuyI'm mostly into industrial music myself18:00
Scary_Guyactually DJ'ing tomorrow at City Club18:00
cmaloneyI have to get another Club Metal out there.18:00
cmaloneyit's been over a year. :(18:00
cmaloneyMostly finished but I have to get the voices back onto my machine. :(18:01
cmaloneyBut yeah, check it out, give it a spin. Money back if not satisfied. ;)18:05
Scary_Guyif I ever get to it.  always a lot on my plate18:07
Scary_Guybookmarked though and I fully intend to18:07
cmaloneyAdd it to your podcatcher of choice.18:07
greg-g+1 to OMC18:09
Scary_GuyI also have a bunch of other friends with shows.  WXOU's Hard-Wired and nachtlich.com18:11
Scary_Guywas also a part of the Detroit Electronic Coalition for a minute18:11
Scary_Guy(nachtlich is horribly out of date though)18:12
shakes808Scary_Guy: you dj at City?  I haven't been there since high school haha.  what is the scene like there?18:13
Scary_Guyslow, things died off when it started sucking18:14
shakes808that sucks18:14
Scary_Guythen the owner fired everyone and we're trying to rebuild the crowd18:14
shakes808I wanted to bring my wife there, she is not into that scene at all but she likes to people watch.  What better place to be out of place and watch them when they watch her haha. Only reason she comes with me to Slayer and my metal shows haha18:15
Scary_Guylots of apathy from the old staff.  wouldn't fix anything and treated the crowd like shit if they weren't regulars18:15
shakes808that sucks18:15
Scary_Guysucked*  much better now18:15
shakes808good.  might have to take her there :)18:15
Scary_Guyfixed the stairs, put in a new soundsystem, painted shit18:15
Scary_Guygo tomorrow if you can18:16
shakes808What time are you DJ'n?18:16
jrwrenwhy did the owner fire everyone?18:16
Scary_Guythey weren't doing their jobs, best reason there is IMO18:16
shakes808Scary_Guy: what is the address again?  Like I said, it has been over a decade since I've been there18:17
Scary_Guy400 Bagley Ave18:17
Scary_Guycross street is Cass18:17
shakes808yeah, the basement of the hotel, correct?18:18
jrwrenthat is labrynth18:19
Scary_Guyyeah, no, other side upstairs18:19
Scary_Guylabyrinth is long dead :(18:19
shakes808will have to see if we can make it out there18:19
Scary_GuyI'll be DJ'ing up front with my friend Mike18:20
shakes808what is your DJ name?>?18:21
Scary_GuyScary guy18:22
shakes808haha, easy enough ;)18:23
Scary_Guyno u18:23
shakes808Scary_Guy: that's pretty cool18:26
Scary_Guyanyway bbl, much to do!18:36

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