cyberangerminasota: not impossible, details matter, like what your doing, working directory, SELinux, AppArmour05:50
cyberangerGRSec patch05:52
_shaun_hi guys i get the error message ive run out of space when i try pip install, is my /usr/local taking up space and what can i free up?08:46
minasotawrst: cyberanger Was trying to install guest additions. I think the cdrom mounted without the x bit, not sure. A quick workaround was bash -x <command>. But then the guest additions failed to compile to load because gcc, make were not installed. I deleted the vm and started over.10:48
netritiousanyone checked out the new lxd/lxc in 16.04?16:12
cyberangernetritious, docker is based off lxc, so maybe via that16:43
netritiouscyberanger: Docker is based on lxc1 correct? It's been a while since I read about Docker. The only reason I read about it was because it used (uses) lxc. lxc2 (with lxd) is a tad bit different though.17:20
netritiousThat is to say lxc1 is a tad different than lxc2. Not sure about how it compares to Docker.17:21
cyberangerYeah, and idk if they moved off of lxc too17:21
netritiouslxd with lxc2 reminds me of Docker's goals though...portable preconfigured containers iirc.17:22
cyberangerMine aren't preconfigured, but yeah17:56

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