mohinhandler, o/08:00
benonsoftwarehey mohi!10:15
mohihey benonsoftware17:03
mohimissed you as usual!17:03
nhandlerHi mohi17:07
mohiHi nhandler. Long time17:20
benonsoftwaremohi: It's been a while, how've you been?23:27
mohiI am doing good23:27
mohiI moved to California now23:27
mohihow are you benonsoftware23:27
benonsoftwareNice. I'm going pretty good.23:28
mohiWhat time is it here?23:31
benonsoftwareJust gone 9:30 am23:32
benonsoftwareWhat's the time over for you?23:34
mohi16:44 here23:44

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