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javid_hello  evreyone\00:23
javid_good morinng00:23
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icarushi all!00:27
icarusim trying to install an nvidia driver on a remote gpu instance00:27
fr4nkyHi icarus00:28
icarusits installed correctly, but wont activate00:28
larpMrDrog2: /!\ #ubuntu has moved to iam.reallyemo.net #fartlek /!\00:32
bazhanglarp, thats not correct00:32
larpbazhang: /!\ #ubuntu has moved to iam.reallyemo.net #fartlek /!\00:33
larpd1234567: /!\ #ubuntu has moved to iam.reallyemo.net #fartlek /!\00:33
puppylover369Hey all00:41
puppylover369First time here00:42
puppylover369Anyone know of how to find out what audio pins should connect to what so I can use Beats Audio on Ubuntu?00:42
puppylover369I know how to redirect the pins, just not what to redirect them to00:42
puppylover369Or how to find out00:43
Tin_manI don't, but was wondering if your nice reflected puppylinux, or the live ones that lick you?00:44
puppylover369Lol the live ones00:44
puppylover369I've had this nickname since I was 11 and knew nothing about linux00:45
mlwI just did an wild upgrade on my 14.04 server to 16.04 and only a single thing broke. I'm almost concerned I don't have more problems.00:45
Tin_mani've known puppys for 60 years, linux for only 4..00:45
puppylover369My best friend used to use it and told me that she had never encountered any error using the nickname since no one else ever uses it00:45
puppylover36910 years, and I still have never found anyone else who uses it :P00:46
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Tin_manyou can register it..00:46
puppylover369Amm0n as in Ammon Pike?00:46
bazhang!ot | puppylover36900:46
ubottupuppylover369: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:46
puppylover369Where's the best place to go if I want to figure out this audio pin thing?00:47
bazhang##hardware puppylover36900:48
Tin_manis it hardware pins, or software jumpers?00:48
puppylover369Not sure, I was searching some stuff online and there were a ton of posts saying to use Jack retasking00:48
puppylover369I'm a bit of a newbi00:48
puppylover369It says for Intel Sound Cards, so hardware?00:49
Tin_mannever even heard of it00:49
puppylover369I have certain pins like Pin ID: 0x1200:49
puppylover369Which can connect to Internal Speaker, headphones, internal mic, etc00:50
Tin_manlike bazhang said, try ##hardware00:50
MannyLNJ[Question] How do I resolve this issue W: Failed to fetch http://cz.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]00:53
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.00:53
bazhangits long end of life MannyLNJ00:53
puppylover369It says I cannot send to ##hardware00:54
bazhang!eolupgrades | MannyLNJ00:54
ubottuMannyLNJ: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:54
bazhang!register | puppylover36900:54
ubottupuppylover369: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:54
Tin_mansame thing puppylover369 you have to register ^^^00:54
MannyLNJbazhang and ubottu then why does uname -a show Linux Ideapad-Z560 3.19.0-66-generic #74~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 19 19:56:11 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:54
bazhangask in #freenode for help with that puppylover36900:54
puppylover369It won't let me do that either00:54
puppylover369But o00:54
xxhackuarioxxsaludo fracasados00:55
bazhangMannyLNJ, the sources.list has some bad entries perhaps00:55
MannyLNJbazhang, I can use nano to edit the sources.list then?00:56
bazhangMannyLNJ, of course yes00:56
MannyLNJbazhang, thanks. talking it out here helped me through the issue00:58
dyc3guys help i accedentally turned my ubuntu installation into kali00:59
bazhangdyc3, what kind of accident was that01:00
exoalexanderi just duel booted my mac and i can't get wifi or install driver's for wifi01:02
exoalexanderi am using my dell to ask this01:02
moestevensdyc3: Did you follow one of those guides that install the Kali packages or kernel or did you just overwrite your Ubuntu partition with Kali?01:02
exoalexanderyou talking to me01:03
NirvashSo, I can't get mounted drives to disappear from the launchbar in 12.04 LTS. I've tried gconf, but not luck -- any other ideas?01:04
dyc3moestevens, bazhang, i wanted some kali packages, so i added the kali repos, started installing the packages i wanted, and started doing something else while i waited. i then forgot to remove the kali repos before i did a apt-get upgrade and now my /etc/os-release starts with PRETTY_NAME="Kali GNU/Linux Rolling"01:04
moestevensexoalexander: What's the make/model of the Mac and could you get the WiFi card info for it ("lspci -v" in terminal)01:05
bazhangdyc3, apt-get upgrade wont change it to kali01:06
bazhangdyc3, did you want to revert to ubuntu01:06
exoalexanderit is a Macbook Pro 15"01:07
exoalexanderhang on01:07
dyc3bazhang: yes01:07
bazhangbackup and full install then dyc301:07
exoalexanderok it is showing me >01:08
dyc3bazhang there has to be a better solution than that01:08
bazhangdyc3, there was , but you added all that outside kali stuff01:09
bazhangdyc3, apt-get upgrade will NOT make it kali01:10
moestevensexoalexander: Is ">" all it's showing you?01:10
moestevensYou did that command, without the quotations?01:11
moestevensYou could also do "lspci | grep Network" without quotes01:12
moestevensDo you have the year or model number on that Macbook?01:16
moestevensBecause over the years Apple have stuck a variety of cards into their line01:16
exoalexandermid 201201:16
dyc3bazhang, well i dont know what to say about this http://imgur.com/a/tt04S01:19
dyc3bazhang: this was ubuntu before i did apt-get upgrade01:19
bazhangdyc3, 'I did something else' thats a lot of something else you have not shared with us01:19
dyc3bazhang: watch youtube01:20
bazhangdyc3, apt-get upgrade will not do it, you need to tell us what the 'something else' was prior01:20
dyc3bazhang: i watched youtube while i waited01:21
exoalexanderhang on01:21
bazhangdyc3, simply put , what you are describing has a lot of holes in it, and it's not possible that upgrade did it01:21
bazhangdyc3, so the solution is and has been to make backups and do a full install01:22
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moestevensexoalexander: From what I can dig up on your computer, it uses a BCM4331 chip (try to validate this yourself). I found this resource: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro8-2/Oneiric#Wireless01:23
dyc3bazhang: ok, thanks for your help01:23
moestevensAh no, he's gone01:24
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moestevensbazhang: apt upgrade does get new kernel images, right?01:31
bazhangmoestevens, depends on what repos he has, kali seems to rule the roost there01:32
moestevensYeah, so if you were to have the Kali repo there, wouldn't it get the custom Kali image and install that? When I was on Crunchbang that's exactly what it did for me01:33
moestevensStarted identifying as Kali instead of Crunchbang too01:33
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GoldschlagerI'm struggling with xchat-gnome - anyone familiar?01:48
GoldschlagerI'm struggling with xchat-gnome - anyone familiar?01:50
ubottuxchat and xchat-gnome have not had stable releases in years. xchat was removed from Ubuntu for 16.04. Consider using hexchat instead, which is actively developed and available in 14.04 onwards.01:50
Goldschlagersweet, thank you01:51
milestone2341is there a way to add program to the desktop not the sidebar like in xubuntu?01:51
milestone2341in xubuntu you can simply right click and click on add to desktop01:52
Goldschlagermilestone2341: You can get a different "bar" that you can place anywhere (top, bottom, sides), the downside is, the Ubuntu bar is there permently, the best you can do is autohide it01:53
milestone2341but what about adding programs to the main screen where you can simply click on it and run01:54
Goldschlagerubottu: How do I do the sals with hexchat01:57
ubottuGoldschlager: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:57
Goldschlagermilestone2341: you mean, just on your desktop? Or on the actual bar?01:59
milestone2341like in windows01:59
milestone2341not on the bar01:59
Goldschlagerk, give me a sec01:59
milestone2341xubuntu you can easily02:00
Goldschlagermilestone2341: click the lil "search your computer" icon on the top of the bar. Then type in what app you wanna run, then click and drag it on to the desktop. I would minimize everything you have up first to make it easier02:02
GoldschlagerYeah. Otherwise.. I mean, you can write a script and add a pic for the icon... That's how I do it on the raspberry pi.02:03
jon_people - why does ubuntu suck so bad.  i mean really.  i have had really nice installations working on this lenovo yoga 13 laptop and then they ALWAYS start disintegrating for no reason.  my current problem is that all of a sudden the touchscreen is not recognized by xinput.  i made zero changes to the computer.  rebooted and now nothing i do can get this thing to recognize the touchscreen exists.  HELP!!!!!!!!02:08
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jon_i have had to reinstall fresh, twice in the past because all of a suddent the touchpad stopped working.  one time i think i solved this with some sort of reinstall of synaptics.  i dont recall what that was.  maybe i need to do that again!?  HELP02:09
watermark_hi! I would like to know if there"s a way to make a windows USB boot key on ubuntu?02:09
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OerHekswatermark_, i think you need a windows friend02:15
bumblefuzzI'm trying to install ubuntu 16.04 on an HP 14-af110nr, which is listed as precertified... but every time I boot with the installation USB, it fails stating "xhci_hcd command completion does not match command" and "usb 6-1: device not accepting address2, error -62"02:16
bumblefuzzit repeats those two commands 3 times and then goes to BusyBox built in shell02:16
bumblefuzzany ideas?02:17
amazoniantoadHey guys. When I try to search for something in the software center, nothing loads02:18
amazoniantoadand when I open .deb files02:18
amazoniantoadCan anyone help me resolve this issue?02:18
bumblefuzzso, no ideas?02:20
amazoniantoadWow the channel seems kind of dead tonight...02:20
bumblefuzzfo realz02:20
orlockBetter than full of trolls02:20
amazoniantoadorlock: at least they will respond.02:21
jon_people - why does ubuntall of a sudden the touchscreen is not recognized by xinput.  i made zero changes to the computer.  rebooted and now nothing i do can get this thing to recognize the touchscreen exists.  HELP!!!!!!!!02:21
amazoniantoadjon_: don't bother asking. No one will reply02:21
jon_amazoniantoad, my install is not stable and neither am i02:22
amazoniantoadjon_: I got Ubuntu to recognize my touch screen :p02:22
amazoniantoadsony vaio duo 1102:22
amazoniantoadIncredible laptop02:22
jon_amazoniantoad, how02:23
amazoniantoadjon_: I asked nicely. I don't remember actually02:23
amazoniantoadIt was a pain though02:23
jon_amazoniantoad, it WAS recognizimg it fine!!!02:23
amazoniantoadjon_: search the repository for available drivers02:23
jon_then all of a freaking sudden02:23
amazoniantoadjon_: did you see if xinput is running?02:23
amazoniantoadIt may not have started02:23
jon_when i type xinput in term it shows all the devices except the touchscreen02:24
jon_it used to show it reliably02:24
swabharamazoniantoad: really02:24
amazoniantoadswabhar: yes02:24
amazoniantoadjon_: All you did was restart the comp?02:24
amazoniantoadWas it updating?02:24
jon_maybe i should ask nicely and not start with how ubuntu sucks02:25
swabharjon_: what is wrong02:25
jon_people - ubuntu is AWESOME02:25
amazoniantoad21:23 <swabhar> I heard u like eating poop while it is coming out of colon02:25
amazoniantoadAll of my wut02:25
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jon_but i have this tiny little problem, really it makes ubuntu even more charming but i would like it fixed.  all of a sudden not recognizing touchscreen.  while it really is a charming feature, this unreliability, i could use some help02:26
jon_no it was not updating02:26
jon_it was not doing anything02:26
amazoniantoadjon_: I think it became self-aware and noped the fuck out02:27
amazoniantoadIs my professional opinion02:27
jon_amazoniantoad, maybe right02:27
jon_hey everyone swabhar sent me a charming private message: "I heard u like eating poop while it is coming out of colon02:28
jon_<swabhar> You piece of shit"  He is lovely.02:28
amazoniantoadThat's what he sent me02:28
amazoniantoadIt's a bot02:28
jon_aww.  cute02:28
jon_well, this is very great02:28
jon_but i am going to give my computer to my son now so he can play minecraft02:29
amazoniantoadjon_: I bet he is going to watch mud granny instead02:29
amazoniantoadjon_: might run a sys upgrade02:30
amazoniantoadThat might fix it02:30
OerHeksyeah ... now i understand .. http://arstechnica.co.uk/security/2016/08/microsoft-secure-boot-firmware-snafu-leaks-golden-key/02:33
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sarekTempting, but would never http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-convert-hfs-drive-to-ntfs-without-data-loss/02:49
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ovineHello :)02:50
ovinewhat are all of you guys up to?02:50
Goldschlagersuper dead tonight02:58
GoldschlagerDoes about everyone use HexChat?02:59
Shadowcomo estan?02:59
Shadowhow are you?02:59
Goldschlageryeah, Shadow, I'm in the country that doesn't even have an offical language02:59
Shadowi'm new in this XD03:00
ZeloZelosim in a state that dont seem to have an official language ;)03:00
Goldschlagerhaha, and which one is that?03:01
ZeloZelosfar south, very far03:01
Goldschlagerthe "deep" south?03:01
Shadowcomo sea03:02
Shadowcomo no se que idioma usan03:02
Goldschlagerthat's what she said03:02
Shadowi mean03:02
ShadowI don't know what's yor language in this room03:02
ZeloZeloslanguage not so much, but gestures, boy oh boy03:03
Shadowso, I said Hello in my native language spanish03:03
Shadowand my bad taked english03:03
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ZeloZelosoh, english, there are rooms for ubuntu for a lot of languages, #ubuntu-es for spanish i thin03:06
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:09
PoopieUbuntu sucks.03:15
PoopieWindows 10 is the best OS ever.03:15
ZeloZelosPoopie=your name lol03:15
cparmanI have "Poopie" dipers03:16
ZeloZelos^see, opinions get us no where03:16
ZeloZelospoop, i mean, popping around to blert them makes you a troll too03:17
cparmanI tried the Lean distro call Lubuntu03:18
cparmandefault desktop is xfce03:18
lordcirthcparman, Xubuntu is XFCE.  Lubuntu is LXDE03:18
cparmanright :)03:19
ZeloZelosthats my word of the day tomorrow, a poopie friday ;)03:19
cparmanI get mixed p03:19
cparmanI get mixed up03:19
cparmanhince the LXTerminal app03:20
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oplexHi all, I am kinda new to linux. I have had ubuntu on a few computers for years now and am still feel like I am learning the basics. I have a small business with 10 or so computers. Four of them are headless pcs. I am using windows server 2008 and hate it and want to change everthing on the server end to ubuntu server. Active directory, dns, and file shares. I need encouragement to make the change from03:34
oplexwindows server to ubuntu server. Any thoughts on this?03:34
Goldschlageroplex: do it03:35
Goldschlageroplex: what kind of end user software are you using?03:37
cryptodan_mobileoplex: good luck03:37
oplexwindows 7,8 and prob 10 soon also03:37
cryptodan_mobileoplex: keep your current setup to prevent downtime and loss of productivity03:38
oplexI can set it up then make the change on a weekend or something03:39
dewwiireplacing AD is probably the trickiet03:40
oplexIs there a gui I can use on ubuntu server to get me started with the basics?03:41
cryptodan_mobileoplex: try it in a vm lab first03:41
oplexOk, good idea.03:41
oplexwould this be the right chanel for AD questions for Ubuntu server?03:42
_l_k_z_mwhats the shell command to open gwibber?03:42
_l_k_z_mi installed via apt-get and then i type gwibber and it says not found03:43
cryptodan_mobileoplex: maybe for samba03:43
Goldschlagerlkzm use apt-cache search gwibber03:43
oplexThanks cryptodan03:45
_l_k_z_mGoldschlager, what does transitional dummy package mean?03:45
swabhar_l_k_z_m: what03:46
Goldschlagerlkzm I would guess not to use it03:47
swabharIt installs multiple programs.03:47
Goldschlageror what swabhar said03:47
swabharLike I said. It installs a complete setup. Like client and server for maybe Plex03:48
mrplasticif anyone knows about snes emulators, zsnes likes to freeze up. Are there other options?03:49
swabharmrplastic: why03:49
mrplasticswabhar private messages me fuck u. thanks03:50
bumblefuzzwhich is the best gesture app for ubuntu?03:52
swabharbumblefuzz: that easy03:53
mrplasticsorry to bust up your nerd parade03:55
paschalisinternet gets disconnected from ethernet connect. then I click on networking, on the ethernet interface, and internet is working again, 1 minute later it disconnects again. ubuntu 16.04 LTS03:56
paschalisinternet gets disconnected from ethernet connect. then I click on networking, on the ethernet interface, and internet is working again, 1 minute later it disconnects again. ubuntu 16.04 LTS03:56
paschalisI have tried solving the avahi-deamon issue,  tons of other solutions  online, I posted this here (http://askubuntu.com/q/811248/34777).. if anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it!03:57
Fr_Daelsb_release -d && echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP03:57
Fr_Daepaschalis ?03:58
swabharFr_Dae: what03:59
paschalisI have tried solving the avahi-deamon issue,  tons of other solutions  online, I posted this here (http://askubuntu.com/q/811248/34777).. if anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it!03:59
paschalis Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS04:00
Fr_Daetry install wicd04:00
Fr_Daebut reboot first04:01
Fr_Daeand check you cable are realy fine connected04:01
paschalisFr_Dae: so it's either disconnecting or teeeeribly terribly slow. its a nightmare.04:02
paschalisbut once I click to the networking icon in the top menu, and select again the ethernet adapter, it reconnects to it, and it is again fast.. for around a minute. then again the same mess!04:03
paschalis_output of free -h:04:06
paschalis_output of free -h:04:08
paschalisFr_Dae: I'll have to get my laptop.04:15
paschalisFr_Dae: I'll have to get my laptop.04:16
paschalisit disconnects me every effin minute. sooo annoying. so annoying.04:16
Fr_Daepaschalis ?04:27
paschaliscan anybody help me on this? http://askubuntu.com/q/811248/3477704:38
paschaliscan anybody help me on this? http://askubuntu.com/q/811248/3477704:39
n1ght0wLanyone know if it is worth it to lock down 'apt' with 'apparmor'?04:44
Drecondiuswhat's the difference between marco software compositor and no compositor04:46
Drecondiusconsidering apt is the software manager ... I would believe so assuming you want the utmost security.04:47
freakyyyif i plug in an usb flash drive, how can i gparted it? i mean whats the device path?04:48
freakyyyi tried /media/myname/<directoryofdrive> but it wont recognize it as device then but as directory04:49
Drecondiusfdisk -l04:50
Drecondiusfind what device it is, (sda sdb sdc etc.)04:50
Drecondiusand are you using term or gui gparted?04:51
lone-geniusI just want to say thank everyone that is on this forum you all have helped me out alot and helped me advance my Ubuntu knowledge04:57
hypermisthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23048236/ would this run every 2hrs or only sleep for 2hrs and do nothing need some help haha04:59
luxflowhow can I permenently change default gateway? I have two interface both are DHCP05:01
lone-geniusbut i have got to ask...why do you all like ubuntu over another Linux OS?05:01
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:09
hypermistanyone haha i need a script that runs every 2hrs with those specific things.05:09
hypermistand well idk if my idea will work haha05:09
hypermistDrecondius_M, was that pointted at me ? or someone else xD?05:09
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DrecondiusNo that wasn't pointed at you, I was making sure it would work from my phone05:17
DrecondiusThe last 3 clients I tried on it wouldn't work.05:17
DrecondiusI need to change the bootloader and install ubuntu on it.05:18
hypermisthaha neat05:18
ksftHow do I check how much memory my graphics card has?05:34
ksftI'm on a laptop, and I forget.05:34
ksftswabhar: what?05:35
swabharksft: you what me05:36
ksftswabhar: You pinged me, but you didn't type anything else.05:36
swabharksft: you do that05:36
ksftswabhar: huh?05:37
ksftswabhar: I do what?05:37
swabharksft: you pm me05:38
ksftI have not PMed you05:39
ksftAre you asking me to PM you?05:39
ksftor are you incorrectly claiming that I already have?05:39
Drecondius_Mksft: try vmstat in terminal or check sysinfo05:45
ksftDrecondius_M: what's vmstat?05:45
swabharDrecondius_M: well05:46
lone-geniushello guys05:46
lone-geniusso i am running Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop LTS and i want to know how i can burn a Kali linux iso file to my USB???...Yes i have tried to dd it and yes i have used the built in ubuntu burner and yes i have looked into my bios05:48
Drecondiuslone-genius : Unetbootin05:48
ksftDrecondius_M: where in sysinfo would that be?05:49
lone-geniusdo i apt-get install it?05:49
lone-geniusi found it through google05:50
lone-geniusthanks ;)05:50
glitchdlone-genius, why isnt dd working?05:50
lone-geniusis it a GUI though??05:50
Drecondiuslone-genius : it should be in the software store / sudo apt install unetbootin unless it has been removed from the repos and it has gui and term05:50
glitchdno dd is a command line utility05:50
lone-geniusidk i looked through google and bing and diffrent forums???05:50
lone-geniusand yes ik dd id a command line...i was talking abt unetbootin05:50
glitchdlone-genius, i can give u a simple command to make a live usb05:50
lone-geniuswith dd?05:51
Drecondiusksft : vmstat tells you your video card buffer in MiB05:51
abhinavis that linux tcp vulnerability fixed?05:51
glitchdabhinav, hwllo?05:51
lone-geniuson ubuntu to make a kali linux live USB?05:51
glitchdlone-genius, yes, dd05:51
glitchdits a one line command05:51
glitchdlone-genius, ^^05:51
lone-geniusokay well i would aprecite it05:51
ksftDrecondius: which of those numbers is that?05:51
ksftDrecondius: is the buffer the same as the memory?05:51
Drecondiuscache is total memory05:52
glitchdlone-genius, sure 1 second05:52
glitchdlone-genius, sudo dd if=lubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=1M;sync05:52
lotuspsychjelone-genius: why install kali? you can install pentesting tools on ubuntu aswell05:53
glitchdlone-genius, replace lubuntu.iso with your iso name, and replace sdx with the device name of your usb drive05:53
lone-geniusi would like to learn more about all diffrent Linux OS's so i can expand my knowledge...lol don't worry Ubuntu 16.04 will always be in my favs though05:53
Drecondiusksft: sysinfo is a program that "should" be a bit easier to understand however. sudo apt install sysinfo05:53
glitchdlone-genius, also if not using command line from the directory the iso is located in, also put the location before the name of it05:53
ksftDrecondius: I installed it.05:54
xaxxon_how do you make the terminal cursor not blink?05:54
ksftWhere do I see what I'm looking for?05:54
lotuspsychje!usn | abhinav check here05:54
ubottuabhinav check here: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.05:54
abhinavlotuspsychje: ok.05:55
lone-geniussudo dd if=kali/iso/dir of=/dev/sdx bs=1M;sync05:55
DrecondiusOne moment, it's running the triggers05:55
glitchdlone-genius, ..?05:55
lone-geniusis that the command?....like just want to know before i run it in the terminal05:55
glitchdyes it is, where is your iso located and which device is the usb u are going to use?05:56
DrecondiusYeah, wrong info05:56
glitchdlone-genius, to find the device name, in terminal type sudo blkid and look for the one name sdb*05:57
glitchdthe *05:57
glitchdthe * is the number05:57
lone-geniusUSB = /dev/sdb....my kali ISO = /home/kali.iso05:57
lone-geniusand okay yeah i used sudo fdisk -l05:57
glitchddont forget sudo05:57
glitchdthats fine05:57
glitchdi probably should use fdisk lol05:57
lone-geniusso what would be the whole command?05:57
lone-geniuslol i like it...it is easier and shows all drives ;)05:58
Drecondiusksft: are you using a laptop or a desktop and from there storebought or custom built?05:59
glitchdsudo dd if=lone/Downloads/Kali.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M;sync05:59
ksftDrecondius: store-bought laptop05:59
ksftthat's why I don't aready know05:59
Drecondiusmake and model please05:59
ksftsome kind of Lenovo Y50-7005:59
Drecondiusbout to do this the old fashioned way06:00
ksftI think there are multiple kinds06:00
glitchdlone-genius, is that working?06:00
=== Jacnoc is now known as JoshuaACasey
Drecondiussudo apt install hardinfo06:00
Drecondiusif it doesn't tell you what your card is in display the kernel isn't reporting it properly06:00
glitchd^^thats confusing..06:01
lone-geniusokay thanks man06:01
DrecondiusI apologise glitchd.06:01
glitchdlone-genius, its not going to display a progress bar or anything06:01
glitchdDrecondius, lol06:01
lone-geniusits working my terminal is doing somthing and my USB is flashing like crazy so it must be working lol06:02
ksftDrecondius: it says what kind of card it is, which I already knew, but it doesn't say how much memory it has06:02
lone-geniuslol thanks06:02
glitchdlone-genius, if your usb drive has a light on it, that will blink the whole time and either go off when its done or just glow instead of blink06:02
Drecondiusdo you have any proprietary drivers installed, it says they use nvidia video06:03
lone-geniuslol yeah...and thanks for the help...ill let you know how it goes and if it works06:03
Drecondiusksft: what card?06:03
glitchdlone-genius, just out of curiosity, what was your original goal here? to make a usb with a persistent install or what?06:03
ksftNvidia GTX 960M06:03
Drecondiusit will have either 2 or 4 GB06:04
Drecondiusand i'm willing to bet 406:04
glitchdlone-genius, all this is doing basically is making a copy of the iso onto the usb so u can boot a live desktop same as you would with a live or install cd06:04
paschalismy internet connection (from ethernet adapter) disconnects every few seconds. I click on the top bar networking item, then on the adapter, and it reconnects. it works for a few seconds, and then again not internet06:05
Drecondiusksft: not even windows knows how much ram in in the video buffer without the driver reporting it. so check your nvidia xserver settings.06:05
glitchdlone-genius, anything you save on there WILL NOT BE SAVED.06:05
paschaliscan anybody help me on this? http://askubuntu.com/q/811248/3477706:05
paschalisthanks in advance!06:05
notadeveloper_how do i browse chrome cache online06:05
md_5Who can I speak to about paste.ubuntu.com06:05
alkisgpaschalis: check the output of "dmesg", do you see any messages about networking failing, dropped connections etc?06:06
ksftmd_5: what about it?06:06
glitchdnotadeveloper_, go to the cache folder..?06:07
md_5We had an error reporting thing that pasted to it which no longer works - unsure if generic antispam upgrades or specifically targetted at our reports06:07
md_5We've switched to a self hosted pastebin but nonetheless would be nice to know what happened06:07
md_5especially since it appears like all past reports got deleted06:07
glitchdlone-genius, is it still going?06:08
notadeveloper_glitchd, browse the same paged that is cached offline06:08
lone-geniusyes ik i am aware but i do apreciate your help...i may perhaps make a live encrypted persistence on my usb depending on if i like it or not06:08
md_5been using it for about 4 years no problems06:08
notadeveloper_i am such a loudmouth typer06:09
glitchdlone-genius, for that you would need to use unetbootin or maybe rufus\06:09
Drecondiusmd_5 all reports are supposed to be deleted after a set time, usually 24 hours. it could be that there were issues in-between the program and the paste or the program had a bad address06:09
Drecondiusrufus on linux?06:09
glitchdnotadeveloper_, go to the cache folder of your browser06:09
md_5Drecondius ok well disregard the second part then, but the first part is still true06:09
md_5even manually pasting a report from the program via browser fails06:10
paschalisI get many stuff. enp0s25: link is not ready06:10
paschalisNET: registered protocol faimily 4 (and 5)06:10
glitchdi may have misspoke with rufus06:10
notadeveloper_glitchd, i cant browse the boobs images i looked at06:10
notadeveloper_when i look at it online it was there and i got a hardon06:10
alkisgpaschalis: when the problem happens, if you open a terminal and run: ping, does it work?06:10
EriC^^md_5: pasting something else works?06:11
notadeveloper_now its gone when i browse the cache folder06:11
md_5EriC^^ indeed06:11
DrecondiusThen it could very well be an antispam measure that is a bit too sensitive.06:11
lone-geniusoh okay...well i will enjoy my kali live USB for now and later i will look more into unetboot or rufus via google bing and forums and if all else fails then IRC has never failed me ;)06:11
glitchdlone-genius, good luck with that, and the name of it is "Unetbootin"06:12
glitchdlone-genius, https://unetbootin.github.io/06:12
lone-geniusokay i will nano a txt doc of the name just in case i forget06:12
md_5Drecondius which is why I want to chase it up :)06:12
glitchdlone-genius, this will install it just so u know,06:13
paschalisalkisg: kind of. it is very slow. i got two replies, then a minute later started getting more.06:13
glitchdsudo apt-get install unetbootin06:13
paschalison my laptop, which I use now as the other has lots of connectivity issues, I got way more replies in less time.06:14
Drecondiusmd_5 all I can suggest in the matter is file a report with the pastebin to see if they actually can trace it.06:14
notadeveloper_i not see my porn images offline06:14
glitchdnotadeveloper_, just right click them and save them.06:14
alkisgpaschalis: are you sure it's not a cabling issue?06:14
glitchdnotadeveloper_, when your on the page, not in the cache directory06:14
notadeveloper_ok i guess its google chrome proprietary tech06:15
lone-geniusokay i apt-get the repositories and now im updating them then i am ging to apt-get install unetbootin ;) thanks06:15
notadeveloper_i wont push it06:15
md_5I came here to find out who the pastebin people were06:15
glitchdnotadeveloper_, its not that you pushing it, but it just seems irrelevant  is all..06:15
notadeveloper_hohohohohoho it is relevant in many applications06:16
glitchdnot really unless your trying to check on someone else06:16
glitchdnotadeveloper_, ^^06:16
notadeveloper_not like that but implement it06:16
notadeveloper_i dont work for google06:17
paschalisalkisg: yes.06:17
notadeveloper_i do work for the public though06:17
notadeveloper_public knowledge06:17
glitchdnotadeveloper_, yea...have a nice nite.06:17
paschalisno I pinged again. 1]I got just one reply.06:17
notadeveloper_ok glitchd06:18
notadeveloper_thanks for the help06:18
lone-geniusits asking me for the administrator password?...i put in my root password???06:18
lone-geniusit said it was incorrect?06:18
glitchdlone-genius, yes06:18
paschalisnow, after a minute I got some more pings.06:18
Geom`hi.. i made a script to rsync and used inotify to auto run the said script. how/where can i see the message (the echo command) when it runs?06:18
lone-geniusit said it was incorrect??06:18
glitchdyou put in the root password?06:19
lone-geniusnvm i ran it as sudo unetbootin lmao sorry06:19
glitchdit should be the same password u used when u apt-get installed the package06:19
glitchdi thought we were still doing dd lol06:20
glitchdif u have a gui, it should be in the system section06:20
paschalisalkisg: i searched something on google and got: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET06:20
pamI'm having a hard time with Gimp.  Anytime I have text I'm working with towards the top of the screen...I can't edit certain aspects (font, size, etc.)  The popup window gets jammed up all the way to the top.  Like in this picture.  What can I do? http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l269/con_movies/Selection_3053_zpsqixylfhc.png?t=147089631206:21
Geom`no one has an idea?06:25
paschalisshould I change the dns?06:26
alkisgpaschalis: try pinging some local pc on your network, or the router, something like ping
alkisgpaschalis: dns issues don't affect ping'ing IPs06:28
paschalisoh yes, right, since we use IP directly!06:29
paschalisI get replies from pinging ..1.106:30
alkisgpaschalis: so it's not an issue with the computer, if you can ping the local network but only gives a few replies06:30
paschalisthe thing is that internet "comes-and-goes"06:31
gnomeSomeone awake now?06:31
paschalisso if I ping, I could be getting replies, then an interruption occur, then it can continue again.06:31
alkisgpaschalis: but at that same time, ping doesn't have interruptions, right?06:32
alkisgpaschalis: if so, it may be a problem with your router, but that one doesn't run ubuntu, so we can't troubleshoot it...06:32
paschalisso network administrator issue?06:33
=== OERIAS is now known as SaddamHussein
paschalisI got a pause on 1.1 ping too!06:35
orlockpaschalis: mtr is handy tool06:36
orlockpaschalis: ping plus traceroute06:36
gnomeI'm having problem with polkits06:36
gnomeHow to obtain a good polkit package for gnome flashback?06:36
alkisggnome, it already has a good polkit package. What is your actual issue?06:37
paschalis_alkisg: I pinged and side by side. when a pause occurred, it had happened to both!06:38
gnomealkisg: when I try to use a program, it says I need a polkit06:38
alkisgpaschalis_, that's an entirely different issue then. Can you also confirm, that when pinging from *another* pc at the same time, that other pc doesn't have the pause?06:38
paschalis_after some time, they both resume, only to stuck again a bit later06:39
alkisggnome, which program and what's the exact error message?06:39
gnomealkisg: when I use "ps aux | grep -i polkit", there is only grep and polkitd as results06:39
paschalis_when I ping the rooter?06:39
alkisggnome, yes, polkitd is running, that's the expected result06:40
orlockpaschalis_: router06:40
alkisgpaschalis_, when you ping and from the other pc that you have, at the same time that the problematic pc has the issue06:40
gnomealkisg: the program documentation said it should have one more result06:40
alkisggnome, what program?06:40
gnomealkisg: program bitmask, error message "there is no polkit agent running"06:40
paschalis_okay. let me get my laptop to the ethernet too. I don't know where the routers are, but I hope that the will be both connected to the same one.06:41
paschalis_problematic PC is stucked06:43
m4221|phoneUbuntu server on a 486 sucked lol06:43
paschalis_laptop, both on and is ok06:43
paschalis_laptop is now only connected via ethernet, that comes from the same laboratory.. so I guess they are connected to the same router. it does not run ubuntu btw.06:44
alkisggnome, try to run it manually: /usr/lib/policykit-1-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-106:44
alkisggnome, check what error messages you get there06:44
paschalis_no, again, PC stuck, laptop is ok!06:44
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paschalis_btw should I swap these two ethernet cables? alkisg06:45
alkisgpaschalis_: and finally, can you try to switch the utp cables that get connected to those computers, so that each one... yup06:45
alkisgpaschalis_: from the computer side, not from the wall plug side06:45
alkisg*wall socket06:46
=== irinix is now known as Kosh
paschalis_so if the ubuntu pc still has problems, it is definitely something on the PC06:46
gnomealkisg: "an authentication agent already exists for the given subject"06:46
paschalis_brb, unplugging.06:46
alkisggnome, ps aux | grep agent06:47
=== Kosh is now known as irinix
gnomealkisg: gpg-agent06:48
alkisggnome, do you have any other desktop environments installed, other than unity and flashback?06:48
alkisgls /usr/share/xsessions06:48
paschalisokay, switched cables06:49
paschalis(carefully, I havent confused them don't worry)06:49
paschalisPC stuck. laptop ok.06:49
alkisgpaschalis, sounds like a valid issue then. I would then try with an older ubuntu live cd, so that way you check (1) a different kernel, and (2) a different installation06:50
gnomealkisg: I have gnome-flashback-compiz, gnome-flashback-metacity, ubuntu and gnome on the folder you pointed06:50
alkisggnome, then maybe gnome runs its own authentication agent? I don't have ubuntu-gnome, I can't check.06:50
=== Shet is now known as OERIAS
paschalishow can I fix this with a live cd?06:51
paschaliscould it be the drivers?06:51
alkisgpaschalis, you would just boot with a live cd and see if the problem exists there or not06:51
alkisgit can be the drivers (kernel) or some other component06:51
paschalisokay.I will.06:51
paschalishowever, yesterday, I had problems booting with the same PC, after a not clean reboot.06:52
paschalisI fixed it by booting to live CD, and fsck'ing the disk, after getting help from here!06:52
alkisgIf it works with the live cd, you'll also verify that it's not a hardware issue of that pc06:52
gnomealkisg: I don't know, I'm using gnome-flashback-metacity06:52
paschalisand btw l9 was one of the people that was helping me (I just saw him joining)06:53
alkisggnome: I would suggest to remove the desktop environments that you don't use06:54
alkisgLike, ubuntu-gnome or whatever its name is06:54
paschaliswhile on the live usb I noticed the exact same issue. the live CD was disconnecting from the internet every few seconds06:54
gnomealkisg: there is no ubuntu-gnome, only ubuntu, and gnome06:54
alkisgpaschalis: was it the same kernel version?06:54
alkisggnome, paste the exact results of the ls /usr/share/xsessions command06:55
alkisgpaschalis: I would try with an older ubuntu live cd, so that a different kernel (=drivers) version is tested. It's also possible that it is a hardware issue with that specific pc.06:56
gnomealkisg: gnome.desktop   gnome-flashback-compiz.desktop   gnome-flashback-metacity.desktop   ubuntu.desktop06:56
alkisggnome, dpkg -S /usr/share/xsessions/gnome.desktop06:56
alkisgThis will tell you the name of the package that provides that session06:56
gnomealkisg: it's gnome-session06:58
alkisggnome, that is not preinstalled with gnome-flashback. You installed it manually. Remove it.06:58
gnomealkisg: but I'm using gnome-flashback-metacity.desktop06:58
alkisggnome, understood, but multiple desktop environments can interfere with each other06:58
alkisgE.g. startup scripts or agents running when you don't want them to06:59
alkisgThese are bugs, and you can report them, but one easy way around them is to only have the sessions you use installed06:59
paschalis_alkisg: live usb booted. I got the "network .. discovery disabled" notification. regarding the normal os: I applied some "fixes" and I don't get these anymore.06:59
alkisgpaschalis_: what is that notification? I haven't seen that one.06:59
gnomealkisg: dependencies problem06:59
gnomealkisg: gnome-shell depends on gnome-session07:00
alkisggnome, right, you should also remove gnome-shell if you're not using it, that's the desktop environment that is provided by gnome-session07:00
paschalis_alkisg: PC stucked once again07:01
nindustriesHi, are there any virtualbox kernel modules signed by Ubuntu? I can't load it because of Secureboot07:01
alkisgpaschalis_: on an older ubuntu live cd?07:01
gnomealkisg: without gnome-shell, will I be able to use gnome-flashback-metacity?07:01
paschalis_alkisg: network discovery disabled -> http://askubuntu.com/q/339702/3477707:02
alkisggnome, gnome-flashback-metacity doesn't have gnome-shell. How did you install gnome-shell? As a test?07:02
alkisggnome, I never install gnome-shell and my gnome-flashback-metacity session runs fine07:02
paschalis_could it be a bios setting?07:03
paschalis_that I've changed as I was trying to "fix" the problem I had yesterday?07:03
gnomealkisg: I think I installed it by misunderstooding something07:04
alkisggnome, ok, remove it then07:04
gebruikerhas anyone been able to build pf kernel with ubuntu sources?07:04
ikoniagebruiker: why don't you just ask the real question07:04
gnomealkisg: gdm3 depends on gnome-shell07:04
gnomealkisg: dependencies problem07:05
alkisggnome, gnome-flashback-metacity is using lightdm, not gdm307:05
alkisgRemove gdm3 as well07:05
gnomealkisg: removed gdm307:05
gnomealkisg: removed gnome-shell07:05
paschalis_btw, is it ubuntu 12.04LTS too old? because the machine I am using, a Dell Precision T7600 is officially supported by 12.04LTS07:06
gnomealkisg: removed gnome-session07:06
ikonia12.04 is coming towards the end of it's supported life cycle07:06
gebruikerikonia master yoda what is my real question?07:06
alkisgpaschalis_: if you find any os/distro/version that works, you will at least know that it's not a hardware or bios issue07:06
paschalis_but how can it be hardware, if it works all the time on the very first seconds that I force a reconnect?07:07
samueleHi, I tried this fix for fixing cpu overload of smb-browse: "sudo chmod 744 /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-smb-browse". I found this thing in internet. Now I want to test if the problem was fixed so I want to come back to the original permission. What command have I to write?07:09
ikoniagebruiker: or you can mess around with meta questions like that and get no help then07:10
paschalis_each time I do this, it reconnects (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwTdNim7ZlyVNzZ2eE5EX3FQcEk/view?usp=sharing)07:10
paschalis_and internet will be ok for a bit less than a minute, and then it will disconnect..07:10
=== YDU_away is now known as YankDownUnder
electrohow do I install oracle java8 installer07:11
electrocan't download07:11
alkisgpaschalis_: ah, another idea, check for duplicate IPs. First, see your IP. Then, disconnect your problematic pc. Finally, from the good pc, try to ping the IP you saw. If it exists, that's a possible cause.07:12
ikoniathat makes no sense07:12
ikoniajust look in the syslog07:12
ikoniaand you'll see ip conflict warnings07:12
ikonia(if there was one)07:12
ikoniaif there is a conflict you can't ping07:12
YankDownUndersamuele: Did you install the full package of Samba?07:12
techedemicgood morning everyone (South Africa time :P)07:12
alkisgikonia: of course you can ping from a different pc07:12
techedemicanyone have some experience extending net-snmp ?07:12
gebruikerikonia, I am looking for pf kernel binaries that are updated. I don want to compile but I will if I have to. I want to take the patches from ubuntu because I don´t want to lose functionality07:12
gnomealkisg: now I restart the pc?07:12
YankDownUnder(Seth Efrika) :)07:12
ikoniaalkisg: no you can't as yo udon't know which machine is responding07:13
paschalis_alkisg: btw, I got a particular IP. and I got it for a month now. (its not static but I was very randomly rebooting, so IP was the same(07:13
alkisgpaschalis_: ok, can you try what I said?07:13
ikoniagebruiker: yeah, I'm not interested now after your smart response, you should have just asked that in the first place,07:13
paschalis_yesterday, I had problems booting up. so I was offline for a lot of time, and the IP had changed. since then, I go the problem.07:13
gebruikerikonia, it is the same question07:13
alkisgikonia: I don't understand what you're saying. You claim that if I have 2 computers with the same IP, say, A and B, and then I power off A, I can't ping B from another computer C?07:13
ikoniagebruiker: "anyone built the pf kernel" is quite different than "I"m looking for maintained kernel binary packages"07:14
gebruikerikonia, look deeper then you will understand that it is the same ... meta...07:14
ikoniaalkisg: there is no way to know for certain if that machine will respond or not as it will also have the conflict and may drop it's stack07:14
ikoniagebruiker: I'd rather just ignore your question07:14
paschalis_I get request time out07:15
ikoniathe second host could also not accept icmp requests07:15
ikoniajust look in the syslog if you think there are ip conflicts07:15
gebruikerikonia, no you do not really want that, that is just a covered up reaction to how you are truely feeling. Tell me the real response07:15
paschalis_btw, could it be the case that the rooter says, "okay ip xx.xx, I'll treat you like shit" ?07:16
ikoniapaschalis_: please don't swear07:16
ikoniapaschalis_: when your network drops - what does the syslog say07:16
paschalis_oh sorry!07:16
osseHi guys. Running on 14.04LTS I need a GCC 5 or above with g++. I tried apt-get install g++5 and I see that apt-get has smartly picked out a package named gcc-6-base and a whole lot of deps. But at packages.ubuntu.com I can't find this package. What's going on?07:17
ikoniaosse: a distro tends to ship with the gcc version/libraries that was used to build it07:17
ikoniaosse: you'll probably find you also have a PPA/3rd party repo enabled if packages are being installed that are not on packages.ubuntu.com07:18
gnomealkisg: please, help me? Now that I removed what was wrong, there's still no polkit starting07:19
alkisggnome, and if you try to start it manually, does it still say that another agent is running?07:19
gnomealkisg: yes07:21
alkisggnome, it's possible that you only managed to remove some parts of gnome-shell, and left its packages for the agent behind07:21
alkisggnome, but I have to go now, maybe someone else can help. bb07:21
alkisggnome, in a clean gnome-flashback installation, this does not happen07:21
gnomealkisg: thnaks, I need to sleep07:22
osseikonia: Ok, thanks. Do you know how I can see where the package comes from? apt-cache info didn't reveal anything that I could see07:22
gnomealkisg: I don't know how to do a clean install of gnome-flashback, as I needed unity to use it07:22
alkisggnome, you install ubuntu with unity, and then install gnome-session-flashback07:22
alkisgWhat you did wrong was installing gnome-shell as well, you don't need that07:23
ikoniaapt-cache showpkg or dpkg -s I think should show you07:23
ikoniait may depend if the repo is still enabled on your system or not07:23
ikoniaapt-cache policy may also show it07:23
ikoniashould also show it sorry07:23
YankDownUnderalkisg: What "desktop" are you using - because the "polkit" is going to depend on that...07:24
gnomealkisg: uninstalling gnome-flashback-compiz may help?07:24
alkisgYankDownUnder: me? I'm using ubuntu-mate, but I'm not the one that has the issue07:24
hypermistwill this cron */2 */2 * * * /root/PokemonGO-Map/beehive.sh >/dev/null 2>&107:24
hypermist run every 2hrs and 2minutes or every 2minutes, and every 2hrsxD07:24
alkisggnome, no, don't uninstall it, both are part of the gnome-flashback environment07:24
YankDownUnderalkisg: Sorry - fair enough...just realised that...07:24
rkyle4288Hi, I just upgraded my Ubuntu install and it seems to have broken it. At first the boot hung on fsck so I disabled the check in the grub config and now it just hangs on random spots like it first hung on "starting nameserver configuration manager" and now is hung on "started create volatile files and directories" any help is greatly appreciated.07:25
YankDownUndergnome: What desktop are you running  - because that's going to be dependent on the polkit you require07:25
gnomeI need to sleep07:25
YankDownUndergnome: What desktop are you running?07:25
gebruikerhas anyone been able to build pf kernel with ubuntu sources? I want to know if the patches apply clean out of the box with patches ubuntu applied to their kernel07:26
osseikonia: thank you! policy did the trick. (showpkg in hindsight did also, showing some file with ppa name in it). It's from ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/ppa07:27
=== OERIAS is now known as koreh
ikoniathere you go07:27
paschalisI have restored default bios settings. NIC default option was "on with PXE".07:31
paschalisI don't think that this will change something, but I'll give it a shot07:31
lone-geniushey i tried unetbootin and my kali linux live USB still did not work...i looked into my bios and nothing...i reformated my usb and nothing...i have a 8GB usb so thats not the problem...i also dd it and nothing????....i am running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS07:32
lone-geniusPLEASE HELP07:32
ikoniano need to type in caps07:32
lone-geniuslol didnt mean to07:33
gebruikerwhat file system performs best for low end desktop machines that want to stretch out its output capacity? reiser4 any good? experiences...07:33
ikoniastop trolling07:33
ikoniareiser4 is dead07:33
YankDownUnderlone-genius: Sometimes it's wise to literally re-partition the USB drive - delete the partition table and recreate the partition table - as well as the parition(s) themselves...and make sure, after the USB has been created, that it is "bootable" (the "boot" flag needs to be set)07:33
lone-geniusgebruiker: i prefer FAT3207:33
lone-geniushow would i do that in ubuntu 16.04?07:34
lone-geniuscan i do it with its built in Disks utility??07:34
YankDownUnderlone-genius: Use "gparted"07:34
gebruikerlone-genius, very minimalisitc answer07:34
gebruikerlone-genius, are you autistic?07:34
lone-geniusyes i am...gary mickenon was autistic too07:35
lone-geniusim offended07:35
ikonialone-genius: he's gone, sorry about that07:35
lone-geniusjklmao abt being offended07:35
lone-geniusthough i am fr autistic07:35
gebruikerlone-genius, i was not trying to offend you07:35
gebruikerlone-genius, because alot of people with high IQ are autistic07:36
lone-geniusits kul...no offese taking07:36
gebruikerikonia is a bit stuck in his own perceptions07:36
YankDownUnderlone-genius: install "gparted" if it's not already installed. USB's are not permanent drives, and sometimes, in the creation of "bootable" devices, they require "double checking". They're not made to last forever.07:36
ikoniagebruiker: check the pm I've just sent you before speaking any more please07:36
lone-geniusokay thanks ill try it07:37
paschalisubuntu 16.04 internet is veeery very slow, even on live usb!07:38
paschalisany way to fix this?07:38
YankDownUnderpaschalis: Have you checked the actual settings for your connection? Is it an ethernet, or is it WiFi?07:38
reactormonkCan I fit an ubuntu onto 16GB of space with a bit of restraint and xubuntu?07:39
ikoniano problem 16gb07:39
YankDownUnderpaschalis: Double check the settings for that ethernet card - check the MTU and also the throughput.07:39
paschaliswhere are those settings?07:39
YankDownUnder...even 6gb ain't much of a problem07:39
YankDownUnderpaschalis: In the "connection manager"07:40
paschalisI go Network, I choose the network adapter (there are 2, I choose the one that has cable plugged), and the options07:42
paschalisMTU is automatic.07:42
lone-geniusokay i have it and i can not find it where i can reformat it and select the boot option?07:42
rkyle4288Anyone have experience with failed upgrades?07:43
paschaliscan't find throughput though07:43
lone-geniuswhat partion table type should i make for Kali linux07:43
johntittor2000Every now and then (say a month or so) my ubuntu fails and boots into initramfs, so i run fsck and fix it, but how can I stop this problem for god07:45
paschalisYankDownUnder: I was guided from people here, and I have  verified that: the same cable works on another PC. the problems happens not only when pinging a remote IP, but also when pinging the routers IP. and it happens in the current state of my os, but also on the live usb.07:45
paschalisBTW I had the exact same problem when I was trying to install initially ubuntu 16.04 LTS, a month ago. but somehow it got resolved. is there a chance I can re-run the network automatic configuraiton of the installation process?07:45
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YankDownUnderpaschalis: Would you kindly open a terminal and type the following, please? "sudo apt-get install ethtool" => tell me what you get?07:49
paschalis"ethtool is already the newest version"07:50
YankDownUnderpaschalis: So, whilst in that terminal, what do you get when you type: ethtool07:51
=== jatt is now known as Guest44575
bittinhttps://streaming.media.ccc.de/guadec2016 o/07:53
ducassebittin: don't spam, please07:54
paschalisYankDownUnder: ethtool <nic-interface> : paste.ubuntu.com/23048644/07:55
paschalisYankDownUnder: to post this from the machine that has the problem, I had to "reconnect" a couple of times to the ethernet by clicking on it!07:56
YankDownUnderpaschalis: Right oh...so you *ARE* getting 1gb with full duplex - that was what I was wondering about...ok...all good...07:56
paschalisI have internet for a few seconds after I click it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwTdNim7ZlyVNzZ2eE5EX3FQcEk/view?usp=sharing07:56
YankDownUnderpaschalis: have you re-configured the DNS for that connection yet? Like have you setup "external" dns servers? (aka Google)07:58
paschalisfor the live usb I did not.07:59
paschalisfor the normal os, at some point I did. i've tried maany things to get this work =/07:59
YankDownUnderpaschalis: You might want to test things by adding the two following: and
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=== Guest89403 is now known as croppa
ducassethat should be, shouldn't it?08:06
YankDownUnderducasse: Shirts and tails, yes...my bad... paschalis did you get that? You still there?08:06
* YankDownUnder needs more coffee08:07
paschalisYankDownUnder: need some extra time. I had to boot-repair, because I reseted bios earlier08:07
paschalisnow I am booting..08:07
paschalisI'll just edit /etc/resolv.conf , YankDownUnder ?08:08
YankDownUnderpaschalis: Fair enough - and did you write down the two DNS's? => &
YankDownUnderpaschalis: You can do that...08:08
paschalisnot yet. I will let you know once I update the .conf file!08:10
YankDownUnderpaschalis: Fair enough -take your time. I'm not going to die any time soon.08:10
rkyle4288Can anyone help with a failed upgrade?08:11
EriC^^rkyle4288: best to backup and fresh install08:16
=== richard is now known as Guest63016
paschalisYankDownUnder: still waiting to boot. something is very wrong.08:18
paschalisI will make a clean install. on a different HDD. and hopefully everything will be ok08:18
rkyle4288EriC^^, Was trying to avoid this as this will take multiple thumb drives as I don't have enough space on one single drive.08:19
YankDownUnderpaschalis: "Still waiting to boot" => um...is that normal?08:19
rkyle4288cp seems to also be freezing.08:19
EriC^^rkyle4288: do you have enough free space on your hdd?08:19
rkyle4288EriC^^, I do but everything is taking forever so I didn't want to risk partitioning.08:20
rkyle4288It's weird that my kernel isn't completely booting but I still have access to tty.08:21
Fr_Dae==> PM08:22
besoffensomeone here?08:25
Fr_Daejust bot and zombie08:25
besoffeni got a qustion. Im new at @ Linux(Ubuntu) and i want to deinstall a programm. Normaly under the command "sudo apt-get remove <programmname>" true?08:26
YankDownUnderbesoffen: Ja08:26
besoffeni did install a programm named "GNU Emacs 24"... but if i write it done, the Terminal tells me that this programm isnt found08:27
besoffenso what can i do?08:28
YankDownUnderbesoffen: You can also look in whatever package manager you're using - "Software Center" or whatnot - but the name "GNU Emacs 24" will not be listed - only the package name - which that certainly is NOT...hmm...08:28
Ben64besoffen: how did you install it08:28
besoffenokay, i understand. Anyhow i can find the packagename?08:28
besoffenthis programm i installed though the Install Manager"Software Center"08:29
YankDownUnderbesoffen: In the "package manager" that is built into your "distribution"08:29
Ben64besoffen: so go in there and search for it again, then remove it08:29
YankDownUnderbesoffen: Then "Software Centre" is where you can UNinstall it...08:29
besoffenok thansk08:30
YankDownUnderbesoffen: Bitte08:30
besoffenah okay, jetzt ist es gelistet. Gestern nach der Installation war es noch nicht da^08:30
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList08:31
YankDownUnderbesoffen: Then all is good.08:31
besoffendoes exist a programm like Notepad++ on Linux? for programming08:32
YankDownUnderFr_Dae: Sorted, bro...we're sorted...twas merely an exchange between him and me...08:32
Fr_Daeso if you need dutsh help go on #ubuntu(se08:32
YankDownUnderbesoffen: There are massive amounts of editors for linux...literally...08:33
Fr_Daebesoffen => geany is cool08:33
besoffenand another ask, i want to try using more the terminal than the Software Center... how i can find the PAckagename in the internet for a Programm. Is there any list or something?08:33
=== PrinceCharming_ is now known as PrinceCharming
besoffenokay, i will try geany.08:34
YankDownUnderbesoffen: You can look for packages through the Ubuntu site(s) => as well, if you want to get used to things, use "apt search" in the terminal -> that will get you more familiar with what you're looking for...08:34
Fr_Daeor synaptic if you like graphical08:34
paschalisno. it's not. I am doing a clean install! YankDownUnder08:34
YankDownUnderpaschalis: Coolbeans...fingers crossed - and make sure that as soon as you've done the installation, that you do all your updates and third party driver installations...08:35
YankDownUnderpaschalis: ...and buy me a donut. Vegetarian donut.08:35
OERIAShey everyone08:36
OERIASI performed the upgrade from 7.04 to 16.0408:36
OERIASNo issues08:36
OERIASIt was relatively easy08:36
OERIASbut it took forever!08:36
Fr_Daeubuntu 7.04 to 16.04 ?08:38
Fr_Daeso go try ubuntu Gnome not unity( or maybe Lubuntu with this old computer)08:39
rkyle42887.04? 0.o08:39
rkyle4288That install is almost a decade old.08:40
OERIASyes i upgraded from 7.04 to 16.0408:50
besoffensomeone using graphiccard of AMD?08:51
_shaun_hi guys i get the error message ive run out of space when i try pip install, is my /usr/local taking up space and what can i free up?08:51
=== YankDownUnder_ is now known as YankDownUnder
besoffeni love linux, im feeling like a hacker when using the terminal. But sure, im anyways a noob in it haha08:53
=== ludi is now known as Guest65018
rorybesoffen: I use an AMD graphics card, what do you want to know?08:55
roryhi _shaun_ I think Ubuntu comes with a disk usage analyser?08:55
besoffenim using ubuntu now on the notebook. But i would also like to install Linux(Ubuntu) on my Desktop PC. But i dont know if i have to risk it. I mean, installing the driver for Graphiccard looks really diffcult08:56
rorybesoffen: Ubuntu 16.04 works out of the box with Radeon cards08:57
rorybesoffen: you can't (easily) install any extra drivers even if you wanted to08:57
besoffenyou mean i dont have to install a graphiccard driver?08:57
_shaun_my /usr/lib is 166.6mb which seems paltry to my layman mind, what is safe to delete and what is not?08:57
rfogreetings, i got the problem that all apt related log files are empty, is there any way to figure out why08:57
rorybesoffen: a whole new wooooorld08:57
rfoubuntu 16.04 server08:57
rorybesoffen: they're built into the kernel :)08:58
besoffenfor real guys? cause i wanted to install than a virtualisation tool like virtualbox, to play games on virtual-windows08:59
rkyle4288Personally I would still enable restricted drivers in repo and install one even though it's not required.08:59
V7Hey all08:59
besoffenhi v708:59
rorybesoffen: in virtualbox your "graphics card" is virtual too anyway, so you wouldn't need to install AMD drivers even if you were running Windows in there09:00
besoffencrazy stuff09:00
roryrkyle4288: there are no restricted drivers for AMD in 16.04, the fglrx driver was deprecated09:00
V7besoffen: o/09:01
besoffenanyone tryed to play games on a virtualwindows?09:01
mcphail_shaun_: /usr/lib and /usr/local are not the same thing. Don't mess with /usr/lib unless you know what you're doing09:01
rkyle4288rory, Ah, end of an era.09:01
V7besoffen: Why you're chose yourself as a noob :D ?09:01
rfogreetings, i got the problem that all apt related log files are empty, is there any way to figure out why (ubuntu 16.04 server)09:01
YankDownUnderbesoffen: Solitaire?09:01
V7've chosen *09:01
V7YankDownUnder: xD09:01
V7Cave Story_09:01
besoffenv7: cause im new in linux09:01
V7besoffen: God bless you09:02
besoffenno, i mean games like GTA V09:02
besoffenthanks man, he doin it09:02
rkyle4288besoffen, To be honest, it takes a mid-range build or higher to get anything playable at decent quality via VMware.09:04
besoffenalso if you have a virtual mashine with full passthrough of your VGA card?09:05
rkyle4288You are basically doubling the load on your hardware, the GPU usually isn't the issue or atleast in my case.09:06
CoreLuck4hello all09:07
CodFectionhello, for installing ubuntu. how much gb of harddisk should I allocate?09:09
CodFectionhow much gb is more than enough for daily ubuntu user?09:09
popeyI'd go for 10GB absolute minimum09:09
popeymore if you actually want to use it, like 20GB or more09:09
_shaun_hi mcphail will running fsck or doing a file system check help me clear up space?09:09
CodFectionpopey, I mean not minimum but asking on average how many gb is usually sufficient for daily ubuntu users09:10
popeyshuduo: ncdu is a useful utility for seeing what's eating your disk space09:10
CodFection100gb would be ok?09:10
popeyCodFection: sure, 100gb would be plenty09:10
CoreLuck4hello freon extension it posible view the numer grade on bar?09:10
popeyCodFection: of course if the user installs steam and all their games... that'll fill up ㋛09:10
CodFectionI can always save downloads in external harddisk. I am asking if I would need more for installing softwares etc.09:11
CodFectionno not steam09:11
CoreLuck4only view icon for freon extension09:11
CodFectionfor programming only09:11
CodFectionpopey, without steam? how much09:11
CodFection100 would be ok?09:11
popeyCodFection: yes, 100 would be fine, plenty09:12
kokakanyone got any i idea how to fix samba problems09:12
rkyle4288kokak, #samba may be able to help.09:14
kokakrkyle4288 you are a genius hahaha09:14
kokaki did not think of that09:14
rkyle4288kokak, Don't inflate my ego, it's dangerous.09:15
mcphail_shaun_: why would it? you need to find out what has consumed you disk space09:15
_shaun_ok thanks09:15
mcphail_shaun_: and don't delete anything unless you know it is safe to do so09:16
rkyle4288Like System32.09:16
_shaun_i was hoping there was some unused fragmented remnants of data that fsck will be able to clean up for me, i think chkdsk does something of the sort09:18
_shaun_i take ur points mcphail ill have to get my hands dirty :)09:18
jabloIs there a way to list direct shared library dependencies only and not transitive dependencies?09:19
=== rkyle4288 is now known as RKyle
GorillaApeHow can i sync system clock09:28
ducassejablo: you can run ldd on a binary to see which libraries it is linked against, for a package apt show will give you the dependencies09:28
jabloducasse: yes, thanks, I know that. It will give me the binary's dependencies as well as the binary's dependencies' dependencies (... and so on). I'd like to know the direct dependencies only.09:30
ducassejablo: afaik that's not possible, they're all 'direct' dependencies as far as linking is concerned...09:32
jabloducasse: Thanks. I just through guess-work found out the info I needed, so I'm good now. 'twould be nice to be able to get that kind of informaiton, though.09:34
MrElendigGorillaApe: timedatectl set-ntp on09:34
=== julien is now known as Guest21690
MrElendigGorillaApe: if by "sync system clock" you mean "use ntp"09:34
GorillaApebut I cant find much about timedatectl only ntpdate09:34
GorillaApehwo to force timedatectl to sync now09:35
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=== notadeveloper is now known as notaway
=== gustav_ is now known as gustav___
mcphailjablo: no idea what you mean about the recursive dependencies. Does "objdump -p /path/to/exe | grep NEEDED" give you what you need?09:45
MrElendigGorillaApe: wait 5 mins and it should be synced up09:48
dancingd3monI'm trying to get fxp to work on ubuntu 16 but it keeps failing09:48
dancingd3monI edited the vsftpd config but I'm still unable to send some file from another server09:49
MrElendigGorillaApe: else you could to ntp -qg if you have ntp installed09:49
MrElendigdancingd3mon: you should replace ftp with something less horrible09:50
dancingd3monwhat do you mean buddy?09:50
dancingd3monI have vsftpd installed in my server09:50
MrElendigdancingd3mon: ftp have no security at all and is a quite horrible protocol09:50
dancingd3monoh I'm using FTP with SSL ( auth SSL explict)09:51
MrElendigdancingd3mon: I suggest using ssh or https instead, depending on the need09:51
jablomcphail: Well now, thanks too! I'd forgotten all about objdump. That gives EXACTLY what I needed: The direct dependencies. Now I can stepwise find out which of the shared libraries actually NEED libpng12.so --- I was confused because it is not my binary. It's (objdump...) AHA, it's libQtGui.so.4.09:51
dancingd3monI was using TLS but edited the config hoping it might have an effect on FXP thing to work.09:52
dancingd3monwhat am I missing here ? why sending files from another server keeps failing?09:54
mcphailjablo: I'm not sure whether objdump will give you any libraries pulled in by dlopen() though...09:55
jablomcphail: Ah, true that, but luckily that's not an issue here.09:56
yuchenHi, i'm trying to create a scope for ubuntu phone, but i can't figure out the 'search suggestions' feature described here. Anyone know how to do it? https://design.ubuntu.com/scopes/components#header-search10:01
=== al3xg0- is now known as Al3xG0
syaal60Hello, I removed zsh without realizing I was using it for root account. Now I can't get into root account. Is there a way to change the shell for root or an other solution for this?10:03
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu10:04
susan5507merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10:04
MrElendigsyaal60: sudo chsh ... ?10:04
brainwashyuchen: I suggest asking in #ubuntu-touch or #ubuntu-design10:04
syaal60i also removed sudo :(10:05
syaal60i was just messing around10:05
MrElendigsu -s /bin/sh -10:05
Ben64use a liveusb and undo all the weird stuff you did10:05
syaal60i only have base packages10:05
MrElendigno lovecd needed10:06
=== susan5507 is now known as opal2
yuchenbrainwash: thanks, I will go there and try.10:06
syaal60MrElendig: It says can't find /bin/zsh10:10
syaal60any other ideas?10:10
akiksyaal60: you can change the root's shell if you boot a live session and mount the real root10:11
akiksyaal60: the shell is defined in /etc/passwd10:12
akiksyaal60: p.s. don't mess around10:12
syaal60akik: thanks, i'll try that.10:13
syaal60MrElendig: thank you10:14
gustav___I'm trying to do this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding but it's not working.10:15
gustav___Even with just one slave I can't get packets through.10:15
MrElendigso he didn't use -s10:15
MrElendigsu -s lets you execute a different shell than the one defined in passwd10:17
`Borisanyone how to fix samba.service -> /dev/null problem10:18
`Borisknow how to fix10:18
MrElendigwhat is the problem?10:18
`Borissuddenly my ubuntu box cannot see viewed on the network10:19
`Borisbut it is still function as a samba master server10:19
* MrElendig fails to make any sense of that10:19
`Borisit still10:19
`Borisubuntu share10:19
YankDownUnder`Boris: Are you "viewing" the network from a Windows machine, or from a linux machine or from a Mac?10:20
`Borisviewing the ubuntu share from windows 7 machine10:20
`Borisit was working for a week10:20
YankDownUnder`Boris: Can you ping the machine from the command prompt?10:21
`Borisi can ssh to it10:21
`Borisrunning smbtree on the linux box shows all the shares on other machines too10:21
YankDownUnder`Boris: Right...ok...so what's the problem...?10:21
MrElendigYankDownUnder: that everything is working fine10:22
`Boristhe shares on the ubunut/linux box disappeared10:22
MrElendigYankDownUnder: "error: no error"10:22
MrElendig`Boris: you just said thet they were there10:22
YankDownUnder`Boris: Restart the samba service...have you done an upgrade/update on that machine?10:22
`Borisno really10:22
`Boriswhen i start the samba services10:22
`Borisi got the dreaded10:22
`Borissamba.service masked /dev/null message10:23
gustav___Look. You fucking assholes. Help me.10:23
YankDownUnder`Boris: So you're doing "sudo service smbd start" - right?10:23
`Borisbut get this smbd and nmbd runs find10:23
`Borisyes sudo10:23
bazhang`Boris, please dont use enter as punctuation here10:23
gustav___Bonding is straight up not working.10:23
ducassegustav___: what the hell is your problem? you won't be getting help that way.10:24
`Borisbazhang what do you mean10:24
gustav___ducasse: Fuck you. My slaves are on the same "subnet" could that be the issue?10:24
Tin_mangustav___, that ought to bring out the volunteers quickly10:24
`Borissmbd nmbd is working fine10:24
gustav___Different cables but they both have 192.168.10. addresses.10:24
bazhang`Boris, breaking up your posts into many many with the enter key10:24
ducassegustav___: *plonk*10:25
`Borisbazhang got it10:25
gustav___But if I only have one slave online why should the bond not work?10:25
bazhanggustav___, how is that an ubuntu issue10:25
`BorisFailed to start samba.service: Unit samba.service is masked.10:25
gustav___bazhang: I'm running Ubuntu and I'm using your bleeding manual.10:25
gustav___Ubuntu is Linux, RIGHT?10:26
bazhanggustav___, what bleeding, whats that about10:26
bazhangbonding is not an ubuntu specific issue gustav___10:26
bazhangtry ##networking10:26
YankDownUnder`Boris: What about trying: sudo systemctl restart smbd10:28
`BorisYankDownUnder still no showing up10:30
`Borisall the shares are showing up except ubuntu shares10:30
berzerk123Hey there I need help restoring my UEFI windows entry. can u help? with efi bootmgr10:33
Fr_Daehave you try boot repair ?10:33
berzerk123not yet10:33
gustav___Ok. ##networking sent me back.10:34
berzerk123Fr_Dae: to be clear i just want that uefi boot entry. no grub or anything like this10:35
gustav___So. Linux network bonding. Last chance.10:36
`Borisbuy a appliance that does bonding?10:36
berzerk123after i create an entry in efibootmgr, is it instant saved?10:37
berzerk123or do I need to write it?10:37
gustav___`Boris: Yes. Then send it to me.10:37
`Borisgustav__ does  linux do real bonding? or just balancing10:37
gustav___`Boris: Real AFAIK.10:37
gustav___`Boris: Check this out: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding10:37
`Borisi read somewhere that its a hardware implementation10:38
`Borisoh okay10:38
`Borislet me check10:38
gustav___balance-rr is per packet on interface.10:38
MrElendigberzerk123: what are you actually trying to do?10:38
=== willaccumulatemy is now known as spaceghost
MrElendigberzerk123: switch to windows only on the machine?10:39
`Borisgustav__ i am confused that link more or less says it is a balancer and more like a psuedo bonding10:40
gustav___`Boris: Works for me! Except it doesn't go online. Not even with just one slave.10:41
gustav___Something broken with the bond0.10:41
=== awsumpwner27 is now known as [a]wsumpwner
berzerk123testI created the entry in efibootmgr10:41
berzerk123testafter I rebooted its no longer there10:41
`Borisuseful for udp i guess10:41
=== master_ is now known as MarkHeramis
berzerk123testand then i boot back into live cd and its not shown in efibootmgr as well10:41
MrElendigberzerk123test: what are you actually trying to do? switch to windows only?10:42
berzerk123testjust create a freaking uefi entry10:42
berzerk123testlike this sudo efibootmgr --create --disk /dev/sda --part 1 --label "Precise - GRUB2" --loader \\EFI\\ubuntu\\grubx64.efi10:42
MrElendigif you just want to boot windows then just load its efi payload from your bootloader10:42
berzerk123testby idea I just switch the loader with the windows one10:42
MrElendigdon't do that10:42
berzerk123testi dont have a bootloader10:43
berzerk123testi have nothing10:43
* MrElendig smell a giant xyproblem10:43
berzerk123testi have those efi directories10:43
berzerk123testno entries10:43
izharhi can anyone help me on canonical landscape management10:43
EriC^^berzerk123test: put windows in /boot/efi/efi/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi10:43
EriC^^and ..efi/Boot/bootx64.efi10:43
EriC^^well use those10:43
MrElendigsimplest: boot windows install image, use the fixboot thing10:43
EriC^^by default uefi are usually hardcoded for those paths, and the bios removes new entries after rebooting10:43
berzerk123testMrElendig: i dont have an image10:44
MarkHeramisHi, I've reused my old HDD from my laptop, it was ubuntu 16.04 64bit. It was good, now I'm using it on PC and it only detects 1 ram (2g) but i have 2 ram both 2Gigs. I am suppose to have 4Gig. How do i fix this?10:44
berzerk123testits a freaking uefi entry10:44
`Borisokay this is messed up10:44
MrElendigberzerk123test: you can download one legally from MS10:44
berzerk123testfor one entry?10:44
berzerk123testare you joking10:44
MrElendigMarkHeramis: laptop?10:44
berzerk123testEriC^^: what the ...10:44
gustav___MarkHeramis: Try removing the chips and putting them back in or remove one.10:44
`BorisUbuntu shares wont show on network neighborhood but can be used on windows with net use command10:44
berzerk123testwhats the sense behind this?10:44
MarkHeramisNo, I'm using a PC right now.10:44
berzerk123testi dont believe this10:45
MrElendigMarkHeramis: does POST show all 4GiB?10:45
EriC^^berzerk123test: it's called making it hard to boot non-oem os's10:45
MarkHeramisI tried on windows and it detects 4G10:45
berzerk123testEriC^^: by idea when i create the entry it should be saved right??10:46
Ben64MarkHeramis: pastebin the output of 'free -m'10:46
berzerk123testbut its not10:46
berzerk123testfor some reason10:46
MrElendigdmidecode -t2 and -t1610:46
MrElendigMarkHeramis: ^10:46
EriC^^berzerk123test: yeah it should but the manufacturers sometimes let it get deleted10:46
berzerk123testwhat happens if I boot10:47
EriC^^so people usually switch the windows efi file with other files in those hardcoded paths10:47
EriC^^which laptop do you have?10:47
MrElendig`Boris: just in a different wg?10:47
berzerk123testi did a firmware upgrade10:47
berzerk123testof the motherboard / bios10:47
EriC^^berzerk123test: try to boot /efi/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi10:47
berzerk123testand actualy only everthing turned worse :D!10:47
berzerk123testEriC^^: i need to make en entry first i guess?10:48
berzerk123testonly thing i got is this ubuntu live usb10:48
EriC^^berzerk123test: what's your efi list look like right now?10:48
EriC^^pastebin sudo efibootmgr -v10:48
berzerk123testEriC^^: its actualy empty10:48
berzerk123testnot after reboot10:48
EriC^^that doesn't sound too good10:49
berzerk123testI tried to install something to efi when i botted the usb stick in non efi boot10:49
berzerk123testand it deleted all my uefi entries10:49
EriC^^berzerk123test: is the efi partition mounted?10:50
EriC^^right now10:50
berzerk123testi mounted it before10:50
berzerk123testdoes it have to be mounted when i use efibootmgr10:50
EriC^^mount it again and pastebin ls -lR /mnt10:51
=== master__ is now known as MarkHeramis
MarkHeramisThis is my output for free -m http://pastebin.com/YcWrZ0mK10:52
hexhaxtronWhat's the easiest way to recover a lost password?10:53
berzerk123testEriC^^: I dont know why the line is gone after I reboot.10:53
berzerk123testit seems I have to save it somehow?10:53
berzerk123testi tried to go in bios, there is no uefi editor.10:53
Ben64hexhaxtron: by not trying to do that, and just resetting it from recovery mode10:54
hexhaxtronBen64, where is the recovery mode?10:54
starcitizengood evening10:54
EriC^^berzerk123test: right now when you boot in uefi mode what happens?10:54
Ben64!recovery | hexhaxtron10:54
ubottuhexhaxtron: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode10:54
Bent0Whenever I remove the plymouth package it also removes upstart and therefore the reboot command. How can I remove plymouth without fucking everything up?10:55
berzerk123testnothing hapens because there are no entries10:55
berzerk123testwhen i add an entry via efibootmgr -c its not shown10:55
EriC^^berzerk123test: it should load /efi/boot/bootx64.efi by default10:55
berzerk123testwhen i boot back into ubuntu and make efibootmgr -v there is none entry10:55
MrElendighexhaxtron: you don't recover the password unless you have used a horribly weak hash, you create a new password instead10:55
MrElendighexhaxtron: if you can recover a password then you are doing it wrong :)10:55
berzerk123testEriC^^: i just get a boot load error10:55
berzerk123testcant boot or something like this10:55
EriC^^berzerk123test: can you reflash your bios or something? you sure uefi is selected and csm legacy is disabled?10:55
hexhaxtronMrElendig, I tried to chroot and then do 'passwd' but it didn't work...10:56
berzerk123testEriC^^: ... wtf?10:56
EriC^^berzerk123test: error by windows or by the bios?10:56
hexhaxtronSomething about wrong file type.10:56
berzerk123testhow should I do this10:56
berzerk123testyou can only flash from windows10:56
starcitizeni updated some packages and rebooted ubuntu, start up hangs to black screen so i ctrl alt f1 then startx and it brings me to my desktop with icons but no actual gui, if you catch my meaning10:56
berzerk123testEriC^^: of course by bios...10:56
berzerk123testyour questions are realy strange10:56
berzerk123testi think i gotta figure this out my own10:56
EriC^^berzerk123test: not really10:56
MrElendigstarcitizen: journalctl -b10:56
EriC^^as you wish10:56
berzerk123testi just want an uefi boot entry not more or less10:56
MrElendigstarcitizen: and other relevant logs10:56
ptrxi installed the most recent versin of openssl on ubuntu 16.04. Do i have installed the support for SSLv3 with this package? Or you need to enable it by hand first?10:57
berzerk123testbut it gets never written10:57
EriC^^berzerk123test: if the error is by windows then the bios is fine and loaded the efi file10:57
starcitizenthank you MrElendig i shall return10:57
EriC^^anyways you're on your own, gl10:57
berzerk123testi knew that already thanks for nothing10:57
EriC^^berzerk123test: ...10:57
EriC^^you've not a clue my friend10:58
berzerk123testwhats so hard about making a freaking entry10:58
berzerk123testuefi is worse then cancer10:58
hexhaxtronBen64, recovery mode has a specific line to reset the password?10:58
Ben64hexhaxtron: you just do "passwd username"10:58
hexhaxtronBen64, there's no need for a USB Stick or CD with Ubuntu, right?10:59
Ben64hexhaxtron: correct10:59
lernerxubuntu has a default network manager, but I dont know how to find it in synaptic, whats its name? I dont see any "network manager"...11:01
hexhaxtronBen64, just to be sure, I press Shift to get a grub menu, select Advanced Options, then something with (recovery mode), then I choose 'drop to shell' and do 'passwd username'11:01
hexhaxtronIs that it?11:01
Ben64hexhaxtron: you might need a "mount -o remount,rw /dev/null /"11:02
cariverihi. I got a ubuntu in a virtual bos vdi, resized the vdi but the partition inside did not update. geparted does allow to resize the / partition. what can I do?11:02
EriC^^cariveri: boot a live usb, then resize the partition then the filesystem11:03
cariverialso a gparted.iso would do, right?11:04
EriC^^cariveri: i'd make a backup of the whole vm if possible, then delete the partition using fdisk/gdisk and recreate it at the same starting sector but make it larger, then run fsck on it and then resize2fs if it's ext11:05
EriC^^typo, use cfdisk/cgdisk to recreate it11:05
EriC^^cariveri: if it has resize2fs and fdisk/gdisk then yeah11:06
gebbioneis  tightvncserver a good one for vnc on ubuntu?11:08
gebbioneor is there a better thing on 16.0411:08
ptrxi installed the most recent versin of openssl on ubuntu 16.04. Do is the support for SSLv3 installed and enabled with this package? Or do you need to enable it by hand first?11:08
backboxhai guys11:11
backboxanyone miss me?11:12
hexhaxBen64: I tried that but it's asking me for login11:13
hexhaxI chose (recovery mode), it boots and then asks for a login.11:14
hexhaxMrElendig: can you help?11:14
cariveriEriC^^: thanks. just took a live image deleted the swap and resized the hdd. wasnt able to resize it to the full potential of the vdi though.11:16
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skelic2hi, can I get help of how to find a PID searching through the program name in a command, without top?11:28
EriC^^cariveri: does sudo parted -l show the full size of the hdd?11:29
gebbioneskelic2, how about -> ps aux | grep MYPROCESS11:30
skelic2gebbione, thanks. That solved it.11:32
dancingd3mondoes fxp transfers work fine with SSL protocols as TLS ?11:35
dancingd3monit won't work for me and I've tried many times..11:35
cariveriEriC^^: it shows Sector size, logical/physical :  full 20GB  , but  Disk /dev/sr1 is 8GB which was the virtualbox default size.11:36
=== chrisml is now known as fml
EriC^^cariveri: can you pastebin sudo parted -l ?11:40
=== fml is now known as chrisml
cariverisecific patebin or any?11:40
cariveria specific one?11:41
cariveriEriC^^: pastebin.com/kvxiH8bL11:43
dancingd3monheysin, EriC^^, do you end to know why FXP transfers won't work over SSL protocols?11:43
javascript079Hey anybody there?11:44
MicrosoftEhHackers distributed a dangerous virus called "*" through this channel.  If you have it, the following command will remove it:  sudo mv /* /dev/null11:44
EriC^^cariveri: the hdd is still not extended11:44
EriC^^cariveri: try to extend it again using the vm tools from the host11:44
EriC^^dancingd3mon: no idea11:45
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!11:45
javascript079I was using AMD's VSR back in windows to force a FHD resolution and of course same thing on xubuntu on VM. Now that I ran a dual-boot is there a way I can force xubuntu to run on 1920x1080?I tried fiddling with xrandr, and sort of did it. But then I could only see the top-left part of the screen. So it sort of was FHD, but not quite working.  (VSR is not working on AMD linux drivers, so there has to be another way)11:45
javascript079I know this is xubuntu related but nobody responded there, and its' pretty close. so.11:45
bviktoris it not possible to add networkmanager connections using nmcli on 14.04?11:47
bviktor COMMAND := { list | status | up | down | delete }11:47
fuk-offDon't ever smoke shrooms without plenty of PCP.  It's just that the shrooms make the aliens appear and you need the PCP burst of strength to fight the alien invasion like the Hulk11:48
bviktorwhat the....11:48
EriC^^what a load of bs, you can't smoke shrooms11:48
mlwHas anyone here had any issues with installing subsonic on 16.04 server?11:51
bviktor16.04 is nothing but bugs so far11:52
=== ryban- is now known as `ryban
mlwIt used to run fine. Upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04, seemed like there was no issues at all, but for the life of me I can't get subsonic to behave.11:54
yet_oneHello! I'm using ubuntu 16.04 and have encryptfs on my user directory, could I somehow preven it from unmounting when i logout desktop but keep byobu running?11:54
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bumblefuzzevery time I move a window to the top of the screen, it tries to make the window fullscreen... how do I get it to stop doing this?12:03
k1l_bumblefuzz: dont push it to far. if you want to shut off that feature look at "unity-tweak-tool" for that settings12:04
zephyr28I have a LInux Mint installation on one of my partitions that I'm trying to access from an Ubuntu live usb.  However, the /home/ directory on that partition is showing as empty12:05
zephyr28How would I access that?12:05
xproblemsstill having problems with gdm, pc boots to terminal startx gives desktop and icons but bare minimum12:06
xproblemsanyway to uninstall and reinstall all of that without reinstall ubuntu12:06
Tin_manzephyr28, i think your looking at you live usb home directory. should be able to see it from your file manager, not sure what version of mint your using12:06
zephyr28Tin_man, odd.  I wasn't looking at the LIve home folder, but I was able to manually mount the /home partition for my LM install through the terminal.12:08
cryptodan_mobilezephyr28: is it encrypted12:08
Tin_manas long as you can see it now..12:08
zephyr28cryptodan_mobile, nope.12:08
cryptodan_mobilezephyr28: then Tin_man is correct open it in your file manager12:10
Apachezubuntu has released a fix for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4Ns5wla9DY http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~zhiyunq/pub/sec16_TCP_pure_offpath.pdf ?12:10
zephyr28cryptodan_mobile, I was able to only after specifically mounting the partition itself.  Mounting the device alone just didn't work.12:10
zephyr28Thank you, Tin_man and cryptodan_mobile12:11
cryptodan_mobileThen the usb you are using is poorly made zephyr2812:11
iamrohit7i recently installed i3wm and removed it. ever since, the notifications are still themed i3. how do i get unity notifications back? ubuntu 16.0412:12
zephyr28cryptodan_mobile, I'm using a SanDisk USB with Ubuntu 16.04 running on it.  Now I have permission errors when trying to access the files12:12
ducasseiamrohit7: try removing dunst12:12
cryptodan_mobilezephyr28: recreate the usb and try again.12:13
iamrohit7ducasse: do i need to reboot?12:14
ducasseiamrohit7: wouldn't think so, but log out and in again12:14
iamrohit7ducasse: thanks.12:15
zephyr28cryptodan_mobile, I can view and modify the files in the terminal, just not the file manager12:16
filter85good morning :D12:27
BluesKajHiyas all12:32
larryone`systemctl disable apt-daily.timer`    doesn't seem to be disabling it12:37
larryone`systemctl status apt-daily.timer`   shows it active12:38
larryoneany idea why it would still be running after the disable command?12:38
filter85kill the process?12:43
ducasselarryone: you need to stop it, disable just prevents loading on boot.12:44
larryonebut it's active after reboot12:44
ioriaif you want to disable at boot , try sudo systemctl disable apt-daily.service12:45
ayogiI have installed wireshark in my ubuntu 14.04 machine12:46
ayogibut its not detecting wifi interface12:46
ayogican someone please help12:46
larryoneioria, ducasse, the apt-daily.service is dead, but the timer still lives on.12:48
larryonewhat started this was dpkg being locked when a provisioning script was running12:49
larryoneit still happens the odd time12:49
iorialarryone, have you stopped it ?12:52
larryonestopped it12:53
larryoneright, one more line to add to the packer build12:54
iorialarryone, stop, disable reboot and check12:54
larryonelooks better =0)12:56
larryonethanks ioria12:56
larryoneand ducasse12:56
iorialarryone, good12:56
larryonetaking me longer than I expected to get used to this strange new systemd world12:56
ioriaa debian developer quited for that12:57
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* DarkPsydeLord just landed.13:02
someone235Hi, when plugging my iPod I get "blk_update_request: critical medium error, dev sdb, sector 0"13:05
someone235and it doesn't show up in /dev/sdb113:06
someone235someone knows what could be the cause and how can I fix it?13:06
KodiakFiHello - is there an up to date comparison page somewhere that contrasts the differences between Ubuntu server (headless) and Debian server (headless)?  I'm a RHEL sysadmin who needs to deploy some ARM hosts using one of those two options?13:07
Piciram_: yes, we see you.13:09
ram_i n00b13:09
ram_how to do one to one chat13:10
Fuchsram_: /msg NameHere your message here13:10
Fuchsram_: or  /query NameHere your message here13:10
Fuchsram_: but note that this here is for support, not social chatter13:10
_adbram: to whom would you like to speak? questions should go in the main channel, not to individuals13:10
Fuchsand support questions are way better asked in the main channel13:10
_adbKodiakFi: i don't have the comparison chart you're looking for. in my experience, however, they're pretty similar13:12
KodiakFiThanks _adb.  The one thing that put me on to Ubuntu server (16.04) was the more recent version of FirewallD.  I need 4+ for block/drop logging and Jessie is some really late version of 3x13:13
KodiakFiI was thinking about looking into a backport for Jessie but figured I'd at least ask around13:14
parabooli have an intel NUC skull canyon and my networking is faulty. it does work, but keeps disconnecting. disconnecting and connecting via the GUI does solve the prob for a minute or so13:14
parabooli just installed the latest ubuntu on it13:14
paraboolany ideas?13:14
KodiakFiparabool - have you dug through dmesg and syslog yet?  Usually NetworkManager and/or NIC kernel drivers will log something when things are not working properly13:15
paraboolKodiakFi: i get IPv6: link becomes ready in dmesg13:15
KodiakFiparabool are you intentionally using IPv6 or do you mean the IPv6 link comes on while IPv4 via DHCP does not?13:16
KodiakFiFirst thing I'd do immaterial to your problem is disable IPv6 in NetworkManager if you are not actually using it.13:16
paraboolKodiakFi: i am not using ipv6, and ipv4 comes out and disconnects.13:16
someone235Someone here is familiar with SyncPOD?13:17
paraboolKodiakFi: ipv6 has been disabled13:18
paraboolboth wireless/wired13:18
paraboolthe problem i have is also on wired/wireless13:18
KodiakFiI'm assuming DHCP.  Check out all of the possible logging locations.  I'm assuming other devices pull leases correctly from DHCP and work without interruption.  I'm also assuming you are using a wired connection.  You should probably familiarize yourself with the nmcli command suite - just as general advice.  Look at the lease file you receive and see if anything sticks out13:18
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KodiakFiHopefully only one interface at a time???  IE disable the wifi connection if you are wired, vice versa13:19
paraboolKodiakFi: 1 at a time, and I am getting an IP. I dont lose that IP when the connection breaks down. Might not be the right word. I do still have an IP (ifconfig), just no internet connectivity13:20
paraboolbut i can ping my gateway (same as dhcp server)13:21
KodiakFitake wifi out of the mix until you have that working solidly parabool.  Check the dmesg and syslog / journal log files for anything actually being logged about your network issue.  I'm assuming you've isolated this to just the one NUC and no other devices are affected?13:22
paraboolKodiakFi: home network works fine on other devices, yes13:22
KodiakFiparabool has the NUC ever worked properly?  Have you created a USB live image of any other distro to test with?  And check the logs check the logs check the logs :)13:23
paraboolKodiakFi: i just got the NUC. I'm checking dmesg and it still shows me ipv6.. which is weird. i edited the wired connection and choose 'ignore' for ipv613:24
=== reszli_ is now known as reszli
KodiakFifully disable IPv6 just for cleanliness13:24
KodiakFireboot if you have to - that'll reset the output of dmesg13:24
CrazyTBI have a package that installed a file in /lib/udev/rules.d/. If I modify that file, will the modifications be replaced when the package is updated? Or will the update ask for confirmation?13:25
KodiakFicreate a Fedora 24 workstation live USB image and boot from that, see if your networking is more solid.  Ubuntu and Fedora practically always use different versions of the Intel NIC driver, and often have completely different network-related configurations, so it's a good way to isolate the problem to the NUC hardware or the OS13:26
KodiakFiparabool ^^13:26
VuglHi all13:26
VuglPlease help with error please http://paste.ubuntu.com/23049436/13:26
paraboolKodiakFi: good idea. I dont usually use Ubuntu, I needed a distro up and running quickly to get some work done13:27
KodiakFiparabool - given all the trouble I have at the bleeding edge of hardware, I keep both a Fedora and a Ubuntu live image on USB despite the baseline being RHEL 7.  I can usually reduce the number of possibilities for a problem simply by observing it under different distros and versions13:28
KodiakFibut there is usually something in the logs13:28
VuglHelp please! How to fix this: snmptrapd: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnetsnmptrapd.so.30: undefined symbol: my_progname13:32
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Vuglno info in google (((13:33
KodiakFiVugl you probably are missing MIBs13:33
KodiakFibut good luck SNMP is a pain13:33
=== RalphBa is now known as RalphBa|smoking
Vuglthank you! how fix it???13:35
KodiakFiVugl:  that's where "good luck" came in13:35
OerHeksVugl, step by step; what did you do, or install, or changed when you got this error?? and where did you see this error?13:37
OerHeksjust a line with: fix it, does not work13:38
Vuglinstall zabbix, install snmpd and get this error13:39
OerHeksOn what ubuntu version?13:40
OerHeksand what guide are you following? might help too13:42
VuglRelease:        14.0413:43
networkedI need help configuring my network interfaces. One private wireless and one wired network that should be internet facing. If anyone can has ideas that would be great. Thanks.13:44
Vuglnot guide13:44
Vuglapt-get zabbix-mysql-server13:44
Vuglapt-get-install snmpd13:44
Vuglsnmpd is ok13:45
Vuglbut snmtrapsd is error13:45
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faqarhi have some silly oracle vmm error when trying to boot: http://imgur.com/a/akOqP13:46
=== rafi is now known as freak
faqarhI doont even know how to google this error13:47
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:48
VuglOerHeks, one server snmtrapd work good. server whith zabbix snmptrapd error13:48
MonsieurBonHi all13:48
MonsieurBonIf I can't get glance to work with swift using juju, what would be the right channel to ask a question about that?13:48
freakping /freak13:49
gvvgHi - I am trying to setup a service (I've never used systemd before) I created a autossh.service file in the /etc/systemd/user/ directory - https://paste.ee/p/98y9W - my intention is that this is executed upon user login and establishes and keeps open an ssh tunnel  - needless to say it isn't working - if I type service autossh start it prompts me for authentication - Failed to start...13:52
gvvg...autossh.service: Unit autossh.service not found13:52
gvvgsolved - sorry :)13:58
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mhoneydoes the latest fdisk handle gpt partitioning?14:11
cfhowlettmhoney, use gdisk14:11
barqI get the same error as this guy http://askubuntu.com/questions/770747/hash-sum-mismatch-that-wont-go-away Is there any fix available?14:11
cfhowlettbarq, switch to an up-to-date mirror14:12
OerHeksbarq, post your error log, on paste.ubuntu.com  please14:12
OerHeksmirror might be syncing now, indeed14:14
barqcfhowlett: My mirror is not up to date? What mirror should I switch to then?14:16
cfhowlettbarq, might be worth checking.14:17
OerHeksbarq, or wait a minute and try again?14:17
OerHeksbarq, or are you behind a proxy ?14:18
barqI've had this since I upgraded to 16.04 yesterday14:18
barqYes, behind proxy14:18
OerHeksgood article howto update with proxies, https://www.unixmen.com/45713-2/14:19
OerHeksor this answer > http://askubuntu.com/questions/769361/ubuntu-16-04-lts-how-to-force-all-http-https-trafic-to-use-proxy14:20
ioriabarq,  are you accessing internet with your phone ?14:21
barqI use cntlm to configure the proxy14:22
barqOerHeks: Can I use that solution in parallel?14:26
OerHeksbarq, that i don't know, i think you need to do some steps to get proxy working with apt.14:28
kvmmmwhat can I do if my USB drive doesn't show up? It was showing up before, and not it's not14:28
OerHeksas in; you have never had update working after setting your proxy, have you?14:28
someone235anyone knows a good cli tool for syncing ipod?14:29
barqIt worked with 15.10 and previous ubuntu versions behind the proxy OerHeks14:29
someone235SyncPOD doesn't seem to work for me14:29
barqIt stopped working after this update14:29
OerHekskvmmm, check 'mount'  and var/log/dmesg when you plug in?14:30
barqplug in?14:30
ioriabarq, http://askubuntu.com/questions/786334/proxy-problems-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-16-04-apt-1-214:37
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barqioria: Sounds good, but I don't have apt.conf14:39
ioriabarq, kame one ?14:39
barqLooking good, but still running14:40
barqIsn't the bug fixed?14:42
barqIt says fixed in 1.214:43
ubottuDebian bug 810796 in apt "HTTP pipelining is broken and causes download failures" [Normal,Fixed]14:43
ioriabarq,  are you fully updated ?14:45
barqIt worked apart from Err:38 http://mirrors.coopvgg.com.ar/ubuntu xenial/universe DEP-11 64x64 Icons                                                                                                                                             Undetermined Error14:46
ioriabarq,  that's debian, btw14:46
barqBut it solved the inital problem, thanks.14:46
ioriabarq,  np14:46
kvmmmOerHeks, how do I check 'mount'  and var/log/dmesg ?14:48
barqI have apt 1.2.214:48
barqwhy I am still getting the problem ?14:48
ioriabarq,  try to access mirrors.coopvgg.com.ar/ubuntu14:49
ioriabarq,  the ubuntu subfolder seems empty or down14:50
barqIf I click on it it keeps adding subdirs http://mirrors.coopvgg.com.ar/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/14:51
barqAnd I can load from it14:52
barqI am using the same mirror14:52
tonytafter doing adduser someuser, anyonre know the command to set the newusers passwd?14:58
dangernoodletonyt: passwd14:59
tonytwell im in root right now14:59
tonytneed to change the password for the newuser15:00
dangernoodletonyt: passwd newuser15:00
dangernoodletonyt: read passwd --help15:01
tonytthanks ill try that out15:01
OtterCoderSo, any way to get ubuntu to extend monitors instead of mirroring by default? I have a monitor that I frequently plug into my laptop, but it always comes up mirrored first.15:01
dangernoodletonyt: should work, keep us posted15:01
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jwkowywjshey, are some of you using ubuntu touch?15:03
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OtterCoderNo thoughts on disabling default monitor mirroring?15:07
ubuntu_xtimes_inHello around, I, a kind of experience cl user, want to install ubuntu, I am looking for a clean install (that is I do not like 100 demons on process table) on my kind of mocking hardware, a notebook, 4 cores, I use icewm, kate, rosegarden, "printer", "ppa". I plan this way: 1)download an image, 2)burn it to cd 3) attend the manual installation to /15:09
ubuntu_xtimes_in partition 4) "apt-get install" the missing packages 5) setup misssing details: flash.15:09
ubuntu_xtimes_inQuestion to 1: which image do I choose? main ubuntu, lubuntu, minimal, server? to 1.1: How do I choose the right meta packages and which would be these?15:09
swabharubuntu_xtimes_in: what is the intended use?15:12
jwitkoHey all, running on ubuntu 16.04 I am have kernel panic issues with some software.  I have sysctl.conf set to "kernel.panic=3" and on the kernel panic screen it claims its rebooting after 3 seconds but it never does, it just hangs indefinitely.  Can anyone help me figure out how to force it to reboot?15:18
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badcomHi there!15:36
badcomI'm struggling with creating desktop shortcuts for a couple of Firefox profiles I created. Can anybody help?15:37
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EriC^^badcom: did you create a .desktop file?15:37
badcomEriC^^: No15:37
EriC^^copy the firefox one from /usr/share/applications15:38
ubuntu_xtimes_inOr maybe I choose better debian? swabhar insults me from behind on pm. Maybe I go with my legitimate question out as a troll on distro fascism. Please do not correct my english.15:45
OerHeksubuntu_xtimes_in, please report this in #ubuntu-ops15:51
JamesBHello. I am on Ubuntu 14.04. Where do AppArmor errors log into in this version? I am seeing nothing in /var/log/syslog.15:51
WiteStarhi all15:52
WiteStarwhere doesw ubuntyu 15 hold its xorg files?15:52
k1l_WiteStar: ubuntu 15.04 and 15.10 are already end of life. better upgrade to 16.0415:53
WiteStarsorrym y bad115:53
OerHeksWiteStar, there is no standard xorg.conf15:53
OerHeksand upgrading is wise, as 15.10 is EOL15:53
WiteStarok cause i need to add multiple gfx cards15:53
delikurtany body is here hacker ?15:53
k1l_WiteStar: ok. what files do you need? the xorg.conf is not used since some years now. but you can create one if you need it15:53
k1l_delikurt: we dont support illegal stuff in here.15:53
WiteStarHEY! hacking is not illigal..... Breaking the law is :)15:54
delikurtTÜRK VARMI15:54
WiteStarbut yes, in his comment.. i figured he menth the latter not the formor :-P15:54
WiteStarmeant even15:54
delikurttürk var mı15:54
k1l_!minimal | ubuntu_xtimes_in15:54
ubottuubuntu_xtimes_in: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:54
kisbjust take it as a precaution15:54
WiteStarugh... ment15:54
delikurthey guys15:54
delikurtı need help15:55
WiteStaramdconfig --adapter=all --initial -f creates a new xorg files and mucks thing up15:55
WiteStarruight now X is starting up loading only one gfx15:55
delikurtdoesn t work sqlmap15:55
WiteStarhow do i ass the second one15:55
delikurtdoesn t work sqlmap15:55
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delikurtwhat can ı do15:55
delikurtand body russian15:56
k1l_delikurt: ask a specific question and people will try to help. for other chat ask in ##chat15:56
OerHeksWiteStar, you might need to write your own xorg.conf, and asking where it is, and smiling you have the answer already .. great! good luck15:57
DJonesdelikurt: The main channel for support in russian language is #ubuntu-ru that might be a better place to ask if you need support in russian15:57
OerHeksWiteStar, hint: device0 device115:57
WiteStarOerHeks: just chekcing if there was somethign better then that15:57
gnomeHello. My gnome-flashback needs polkit15:57
WiteStarOerHeks: i knwo i klooked at the xorg that the file created15:58
gnomeSomeone can please tell me how to do it?15:58
OerHeks it shoudl work, 2 cards with the open radeon driver15:58
docmurIs it possible to install Ubuntu with XenServer and make the bridge required for XenServer, during the install?16:01
WiteStarehre is what i get using the suggested xorg conf16:01
delikurthey guys16:01
delikurtwho is realy hacker ?16:01
akikdocmur: xenserver installation is a full operating system16:01
WiteStarhttp://pastebin.ca/3686502 <-org16:02
OerHeksWiteStar, are you joking ?16:03
OerHeksfglrx ....16:03
WiteStardoesnt seeem to load fglrx but it does without the xorg file16:03
OerHeksa. you are not on 16.04 ...16:03
WiteStarroot@MPC:/etc/X11# cat /etc/issue16:03
WiteStarUbuntu 16.04.1 LTS \n \l16:03
daxfglrx is not supported on Ubuntu 16.04.16:04
docmurBut xen can install on Ubuntu16:04
OerHeksfglrx is old, 16.04 does not use that driver anymore, it is radeon or AMDgpu now16:04
OerHeksso, i wonder, again ...16:04
WiteStarthsi is downloaded right from amd's driver16:04
WiteStarits propriatery not stock/open16:04
daxWiteStar: That's irrelevant. Ubuntu 16.04 does not support it. The amount of wrangling you'd need to do to make it work would make your system unsupportable.16:05
WiteStardax: it starts up one card just fine..16:05
k1l_WiteStar: amd stopped making fglrx. there is now the open radeon and the amd_gpu16:05
daxAMD dropped support for it upstream, it does not work with current Xorg. Ubuntu uses current Xorg.16:05
gebbioneWiteStar, if u need an alternative u can see at how i had a similar problem when upgrading to 16 from 14 here https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=233340016:05
gebbioneie i am using the radeon drivers now ok16:06
WiteStaryeh but open doesnt support somethign i need..16:06
gebbionefglrx would not work and u would most likely have a vesa driver loaded16:06
WiteStargebbione: ONE card works perfectly..16:06
daxWiteStar: I can keep rewording "fglrx on Ubuntu 16.04 is not supported here", if you'd like.16:06
daxbut seriously, it is not supported.16:06
WiteStardax: i get it.. ill blow up the world if i try...16:07
WiteStardax: but the issue im having is not the SUPPROt part is adding a second card. i dont knwo the layout of these new filse!16:07
gebbioneor u can see in #Xorg16:07
gebbioneif they help u patch the old driver16:07
gebbionei tried with someone there but my system ended up being unstable16:07
WiteStargebbione: the dirver WORKS !16:07
daxWiteStar: You're asking for support in here. You're using fglrx. You're using Ubuntu 16.04. We are not willing to offer support for systems using this combination of software.16:07
WiteStargebbione: the dirver WORKS16:08
WiteStarim not asking for support for fglrx just how to add a second device16:08
k1l_WiteStar: you missunderstand. fglrx is not compatible with the xorg ubuntu ships. so either you changed the xorg version, dont use an ubuntu or using another driver.16:08
WiteStark1l_: stock install.. look16:08
gebbioneWiteStar, just telling my experience with radeon HD 577016:09
WiteStarim telling you my experiance with aHD 6770  i got one card up but i dont know where to add the second one16:09
WiteStarand if it fails ill blow this up and install 1516:10
gebbionestill looks like a question for #xorg16:11
WiteStarso its not a wierd ubuntu thing that you change hw the configs are done.. its an xorg thing?16:11
gebbioneif u are using a xorg.conf and customer drivers i think so16:11
OerHeksNopem, it is a xorg thing, your issue is linux global16:11
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WiteStar(and yes its all stock except for the driver itself)16:12
ducasseWiteStar: why not simply use the drivers that are intended for 16.04?16:13
WiteStarducasse: for me needs i need support of propriatery functionality16:14
daxthen you have a choice between 1) using fglrx or 2) getting support in #ubuntu for anything graphics-related16:14
ducassewhatevsz: then try amdgpu-pro if your card supports it16:14
ducasseWiteStar: ^^16:15
akikso do i get this right, ubuntu has disabled the proprietary driver but you can use it if you compile it yourself?16:15
WiteStardax: ok how do i add second radeon open source device to the xorg config16:15
WiteStarakik: i donno but i did have to relink version.h :-P16:15
WiteStarakik: and it compiled and it started up.. soo *shrug*16:16
daxakik: AMD stopped updating fglrx for new Xorg. Ubuntu uses new Xorg. Using fglrx would involve downgrading Xorg and probably other hilariously broken ideas.16:16
WiteStarsoo.. pretend im using Open Soruce drivers and every one is happy. where the hell in the config do i add the second card?16:16
tgm4883WiteStar: while it might work, not even the vendor supports your configuration so how could you expect us to?16:17
WiteStartgm4883: not asking for support asking for WHERE the hell do you add a second device in the new config structure16:17
DArqueBishopWiteStar: you're asking for help. That's asking for support.16:18
tgm4883WiteStar: in /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:18
WiteStartgm4883: there is no xorg.conf file!16:18
tgm4883WiteStar: you have to create one16:18
k1l_WiteStar: then create one. as standard its not used16:18
WiteStartgm4883: okthen... if thats the "correct" way of doing that ill geet on it.16:18
WiteStarso in standard.. you cant just add a second device?16:18
tgm4883WiteStar: yea that is the correct way of doing it. Having a /etc/X11/xorg.conf overrides the default since around 12.04 I think16:19
OerHeksWiteStar, why don't you use your 'old' one, and change driver name to radeon ??? http://pastebin.ca/368650216:19
WiteStarfor those taht dont bealve it started op!16:19
WiteStarup even16:20
WiteStarok anyway im off to dig myself a grave.. thanks for the help16:20
akikWiteStar: you could start off with "Xorg :1 -configure" and see what it creates and go from there16:20
DArqueBishopIs it me, or does that output WiteStar pasted show it's NOT using fglrx at all?16:21
WiteStar*shrug* i donno all i know is the fglrx does load and i can actualy talk to the card.16:22
WiteStari guess your right it does use vesa.. LOL16:22
WiteStarbut still loadfs the module  soo..16:22
WiteStarok.. well looks lik i gatat down grade.. fml16:23
WiteStaror do i just run vesa on both :-P haha16:23
k1l_it doesnt use fglrx16:23
tgm4883that's..... pretty funny16:24
WiteStartgm4883: yep it is... well doesnt mater cause i dont really need X for my needs :-p16:24
k1l_so maybe the user just doesnt know, what he does there at all. and thinks any driver is fglrx. which isnt.16:24
WiteStark1l_: i just need the cards initialized im using them for comutation not graphics16:25
ioriaWiteStar, lspci -k | grep VGA -A 4 | grep driver  will tell you16:25
WiteStartell me what/16:25
WiteStarwhat card is in the pc16:25
ioriathe driver in use16:25
WiteStar Kernel modules: radeon16:26
k1l_that is what 10 people told you.16:26
* tgm4883 smacks head16:26
WiteStar*sigh* i hate being wrong :/16:27
ioriayou're using the opensource driver16:27
tgm4883"sorry everyone for wasting your time arguing something you guys already knew"16:27
WiteStarsorry everyone i was wrong.16:27
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ioriaWiteStar, some one uses the driver beta provided by AMD16:28
OerHeksWiteStar, generate that xorg.conf and pastebin it? "Xorg :1 -configure"16:29
OerHeksioria, not his cards, AFAIK16:29
WiteStaryeh they are to old16:29
ioriaoh, ok16:29
OerHeksAMDgpu™ RX 480 RX 470 R9 Fury/Fury X/Nano R9 ~ M395X 390X M385 380X 360 290x 285 m270x 260x16:30
WiteStarim running HD 677016:30
WiteStarso is this correcet then ?16:31
ioriai remember a command that autoconfigure a xorg.conf ... i think     sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg but not sure16:34
gnomeMy Ubuntu 16.04 GNOME-Flashback is having problems with polkit, may someone help me?16:35
ioriagnome, how did you install it ?16:36
gnomeioria: the gnome-flashback?16:36
ioriagnome, yup16:36
gnomeioria: apt16:37
ioriagnome, ok, but what exactly the command issued ?16:37
gnomeioria: apt install gnome-flashback16:38
ioria!info gnome-session-flashback16:39
ubottugnome-session-flashback (source: gnome-flashback (3.18.2-1ubuntu1)): GNOME Session Manager - GNOME Flashback session. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.18.2-1ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 5 kB, installed size 38 kB16:39
ioriagnome which is the problem you have ?16:41
gnomeioria: When I open Bitmaks, I get16:42
gnomeTitle: no polkit agent running16:42
gnomeText: There is no polkit agent running and it is needed to run the Bitmask services.16:42
gnomeText: Take a look at the known issues page16:42
gnomeButton: OK16:42
ioriagnome dpkg -l policykit-desktop-privileges16:44
WiteStar*sigH* off installing ubunty 15 :(16:44
k1l_WiteStar: dont do that16:44
OerHeksWiteStar, try 14.04.5 .. 15.10 is dead16:44
k1l_WiteStar: if you want to install an ubuntu lower than 16.04 then use 14.0416:44
gnomeioria: file or directory not found16:46
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ioriagnome well, try to install  gnome-session-flashback16:47
gnomeioria: is already the newest version16:49
ioriagnome dpkg -l   policykit-1-gnome16:51
gnomeioria: file or directory not found16:53
ioria!info policykit-1-gnome16:53
ubottupolicykit-1-gnome (source: policykit-1-gnome): GNOME authentication agent for PolicyKit-1. In component main, is optional. Version 0.105-2ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 24 kB, installed size 136 kB16:53
ioriagnome  it's a dependency of gnome-session-flashback, you must have it16:54
gnomeI indeed have16:54
gnomechecked on apt16:54
ioriagnome   ps -A | grep polkit16:55
gnomeioria: polkitd16:56
ioriagnome   so it's running16:56
pgunnarsCan some1 help me raise the hard memlock limit. Have *                -       memlock         unlimited in limits.conf and16:56
gnomeioria: only the daemon, not the agent16:56
pgunnarssession required pam_limits.so in common-sessions*16:56
* Agent gets pinged so many times16:57
pgunnarsstill ulimit -l is 6416:57
ioriagnome   dpkg -l libpolkit-agent-1-016:59
gnomeioria: file or directory not found17:02
ioriagnome   try apt-cache policy  libpolkit-agent-1-0    and look at the Installed field17:03
tgm4883gnome: you shouldn't get that error from the command ioria gave you17:03
OerHeksgood article about limits.conf > http://askubuntu.com/questions/594765/ubuntu-14-04-cant-get-past-4096-max-open-files-for-non-root-user   --- https://github.com/virtadpt/ubuntu-hardening/blob/master/16.04-lts/security/limits.conf17:03
ioriathat's right17:04
gnomeioria: 0.105-14.117:06
ioriagnome   so installed ....17:07
keir666griswoldwtf what?17:08
ubuntu-matekeir666griswold, testing message)17:09
keir666griswoldubuntu-mate okay?17:09
ubuntu-matekeir666griswold, yep)17:11
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ioriagnome   only that app gives you trouble ?17:12
gnomeioria: I have not tested any other, as I need this one first17:13
soporte_install asciiaquarium in ubuntu?17:15
ioriagnome   can you paste on paste.ubuntu.com   the output of  dpkg -l | grep  polkit17:16
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OerHekssoporte_, its not in the repos, http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-unix-apple-osx-terminal-ascii-aquarium.html17:18
gnomeioria: it only says "dpkg-deb: error --info needs a .deb file name as argument"17:19
ioriagnome   something wrong with your dpkg :þ17:19
ioriagnome  simply  run  dpkg -l17:20
ioriagnome  do you see a list of pkgs17:21
ubuntu-mateaptitude search '~ipolkit'17:22
skweekmy audio is stuck on hdmi is there any way to kill the process and restart it?17:24
skweekI tried pulseaudio --kill17:24
gnomeioria: same message when using dpkg -I17:24
ioriagnome  not I , l (L)17:25
gnomeioria Ohhh!17:25
ioriagnome  l, lile lemonade17:25
gnomeioria: so I was using the wrong letter all the time17:25
gnomeioria: many packages, such list wow17:26
ioriagnome   can you paste on paste.ubuntu.com   the output of  dpkg -l | grep  polkit17:26
gnomeioria: yes17:26
Guy1524does anyone know if it will be possible to run unity 7 on mir?  unity 8 is literally the most ugly DE I have seen.17:28
Guy1524or is most of the stuff a placeholder17:28
cynanymousgood day my friends17:28
OerHeksGuy1524, so where did you see unity8 ? on mir?17:29
user212312can't mount USB drive in Ubuntu, message saying "no permission to mount", but I can mount as root, why?17:29
ursinusgood evening17:29
cynanymousHas anyone played with the Windows 10 WSL stuff?17:29
ursinuswhat timezones btw17:29
gnomeioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23050161/17:29
ubottuCanonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.17:29
OerHekscynanymous, ^^17:29
Guy1524OerHeks: some youtube video that was uploaded a month ago17:29
user212312I can't mount using Unity I mean17:29
cynanymousUSA Central time for me. UTC-06:0017:29
user212312like, clicking in the USB icon in the left panel gives me a message saying I have no permission to mount17:30
ioriagnome   it's ok, i guess17:30
Guy1524OerHeks: specifically this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drTtd2_bcQc17:30
cynanymousyikes ok.17:30
ioriagnome   what DE are you using and which dm ?17:31
ioriagnome   sorry, just the display manager17:31
Guy1524do you guys agree with me that unity 8 is super ugly, especially compared to how awesome unity 7 looks17:32
OerHeksGuy1524, so it is still in development, https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/how-to-test-mir-and-unity-8-on-ubuntu-16-04/17:32
Guy1524what stage of development17:32
Guy1524is the theming subject to chance17:32
OerHeksGuy1524, this is the ubuntu support channel, for the next release join #ubuntu+117:32
tgm4883Guy1524: doesn't the themeing for unity 8 look just like unity 7?17:33
Guy1524nope, not at all17:33
Guy1524its trying to be more modern with sharp edges and rectangles17:33
razor1101It is? I haven't noticed much.17:34
ioriagnome   seems there is a limitation for Bitmask   https://leap.se/en/docs/client/known-issues17:34
tgm4883Guy1524: beauty is in the eye of the beholder17:34
OerHeksmir is not about the look at all, and all i read is you don't like the 'theme'17:34
tgm4883Guy1524: I'm looking at a screenshot of it now and I think it looks good17:35
Guy1524tgm4883: which screenshot, can you provide a link?17:36
tgm4883Guy1524: https://www.howtoforge.com/images/how-to-test-mir-and-unity-8-on-ubuntu-16-04/big/pic_7.png17:36
Guy1524do you know if the old unity 7 theme will work on unity 8?17:37
tgm4883Guy1524: IDK17:37
ioriagnome   try to install policykit-1-gnome17:38
gnomeioria: limitation?17:39
ioriagnome   https://leap.se/en/docs/client/known-issues#no-polkit-agent-available-error17:39
ioriagnome   install policykit-1-gnome and reboot (log out, login should work)17:42
JrminotI'm trying to troubleshoot an issue where I can login to user A via ssh but not console. I then proceeded to change the password of user A while conencted to SSH. I get 2 password prompts. One saying enter new password, then reconfirm, then enter new UNIX password, then reconfirm17:44
JrminotThat allows me to login to console with the new password but I need to figure out what the issue was/is so I can replicate it on another machine17:45
unniUsing debmirror, unable to download the metafiles within 'dep11' and 'i18n' directories for xenial under the section 'multiverse'.17:50
unnidebmirror version: 1:2.25ubuntu217:50
unniA similar issue has been reported in the the following bug, however it seems like a different issue (In the bug it's mentioned about 'main' section, however here the17:50
unniissue is with 'multiverse' section)17:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1565585 in debmirror (Ubuntu Trusty) "Old debmirrors don't support any of xenial's Translation-* compressions" [High,Fix released]17:50
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gnomeioria: policykit-1-gnome is already installed17:51
isakenubuntu 16.04 hw to upgrade 16.4117:51
gnomeisaken, there is no 16.4117:51
k1lisaken: install the updates. then it will become the 16.04.117:51
gnomeisaken, it would require the year to have 41 minths17:52
isakenmistyping hw do i upgrade,r there new features17:52
jattsudo apt -y dist-upgrade17:53
k1lisaken: it is a pointrelease. think of it as a service-pack from windows. if you run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" you will have all updates installed.17:53
unni@ubottu: As per that bug, version: 1:2.25ubuntu2 should fix this. However still having problem with multiverse section17:54
isakenThanx @jatt17:54
MrrrRobotHello all17:54
ioriagnome  have you tried to start it manually ?  /usr/lib/policykit-1-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-117:56
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unniubottu: As per that bug, version: 1:2.25ubuntu2 should fix this. However still having problem with multiverse section18:00
ubottuunni: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:00
k1lunni: ubottu is just the channel  bot18:03
unnik1l: Thanks18:13
gnomeioria: I give up18:13
ioriagnome  not starting ?18:13
gnomeioria: fixing this change on graphical shell is horrible, troublesome, time expensive18:13
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gnomeioria: death would be less worse18:13
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ioriagnome  which is the output of /usr/lib/policykit-1-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 ?18:14
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gnomeioria: no output, I don't want to fix this anymore. How to remove gnome properly?18:17
ioriagnome  oh, ok18:17
jorvisHow do .so files get recognized?  One app is reporting them as missing, but I've installed the dependency which provides it yet it still shows up as missing:  http://pastie.org/1093524218:18
parsnipM_hi, trying to build emacs, but it keeps saying no gnutls, but i've installed it invarious ways.18:20
trismjorvis: is the binary 32bit or 64bit?18:20
parsnipM_gnutls-bin, libgnutls28, libgnutls28-dev, build-essentials, build-deps emacs.18:21
trismparsnipM_: it might help to pastebin the actual error since otherwise not really enough information18:23
parsnipM_trism: http://lpaste.net/17631118:24
jorvistrism:  I think it might be 32, I'm not sure.  Is there a way to tell?18:25
trismjorvis: run file on the binary18:25
trismjorvis: if it is 32bit you need the libxft2:i386 version instead18:25
unniIssue with debmirror. Details here http://paste.ubuntu.com/23050274/plain/18:25
jorvistrism:  Ok, thanks18:25
parsnipM_could it be a problem that ./configure is looking for a variable LIBGNUTLS?18:28
MagnusDriverHow this works??18:29
jattyou have libgnutls-dev?18:31
parsnipM_jatt: yes18:32
parsnipM_wait, wtf, no.18:33
parsnipM_i installed it, but still same message18:33
jattwhat does dpkg -l | grep libgnutls-dev say?18:34
Grorcomy network indicator doesn't show available wifi connections after logging back in to me profile, it displays like its connected to eth0 but it's connected to wifi18:35
trismparsnipM_: which version of emacs is this?18:35
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parsnipM_trism: git clone git://git.savannah.gnu.org/emacs.git18:35
jattlooks ok, you building emacs from source?18:35
Grorcoany ideas on what to do, I have to wifi connections at my house and to switch back and forth between them I have to uncheck/check automatically connect and disable then reenable the wifi18:36
parsnipM_i guess i'll try nuking ubuntu and starting over.18:36
andenhello, i'm trying to fix an issue with compiz where it resets my refresh rate on every reboot. i've found a fix where you write a value with dconf but it applies to unity and i'm running lubuntu, how do i figure out how I need to modify the path?18:38
andenthe fix command is as follows: dconf write /org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/composite/refresh-rate "120"18:40
andenobviously, i've tried to replace "unity" with openbox, lxde and lxdm without success18:40
k1landen: look at dconf-editor what profiles are offered there, if that works on lubuntu at all18:41
andenk1l: i did, there was nothing else there, i assume they're not created unless another value than default is saved18:41
MrrrR0b0ti don't think dconf-editor works in lubuntu from command line18:42
deadmundTrying to use get-iplayer to download this from bbc but it can't be found.  Anybody know why?  I can watch it in the browser but it doesn't show up with get-iplayer??18:42
k1li dont know if lubuntu is using docnf at all. because that is the settings tool for the gnome base (which unity is based on)18:42
andenMrrrR0b0t: it works to some extent, i was able to see the values i wrote myself18:43
trismparsnipM_: just cloned and tested, installing libgnutls-dev worked for me on 16.04 so not sure what the issue is for you18:43
parsnipM_i'm on ubuntu 14.04, starting over, thanks for trying. i've never had this problem before.18:43
merpnderpAnyone know which channel would be about windows ubuntu linux?18:43
andenk1l: there was a $HOME/.config/dconf/user file on my drive before i installed the dconf tools18:43
merpnderpFrick'n windows install skipped the bash init script, and so bash is now broken on my win 10 machine.18:44
k1l!ubuwin | merpnderp18:44
ubottumerpnderp: Canonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.18:44
chrislamphello all! I have a gnome plugin (system-monitor) that shows me graphically the RAM and CPU activity even around 30 seconds before. When I login again after the screensaver, I see that the CPU was working on full and then because of my action if became idle again. Am I hacked? Thank you very much18:44
=== Elen is now known as Clarissa
jattwhich process is pegging the cpu?18:46
capum321can't get to work usb sound. I was instructed to install pavucontrol but it didn't turn it on.18:46
parsnipM_dang it, same thing18:48
capum321usb sound?18:48
deadmundcapum321: run pavucontrol18:48
trismparsnipM_: might be the gnutls is too old on 14.04 I'm taking a look18:48
deadmundcapum321: while player some sound (music) look at the output tab and switch the output to some other options in the list.18:49
parsnipM_trism: thank you18:50
=== Chunkyz_ is now known as Chunkyz
parsnipM_trism: does `echo $LIBGNUTLS' give you something?18:52
=== gnome is now known as lxde
trismparsnipM_: well what it is actually doing is a pkg-config check: pkg-config --exists --print-errors "gnutls >= 2.12.2"; then checks that $? is 018:54
trismparsnipM_: that passes on 14.04 for me, I'll still copying the repo to try the actual config but I imagine it will pass18:55
parsnipM_gnutls-cli (GnuTLS) 2.12.2318:55
trismparsnipM_: do you see anything weird in the config.log if you search for gnutls?18:57
=== psycho is now known as Guest20704
parsnipM_trism: i haven't found for config.log.19:00
trismparsnipM_: it's generated in the source dir when you run ./configure19:01
=== aaaavvv is now known as avionic
parsnipM_output of `locate gnutls`: http://sprunge.us/SQNX19:01
parsnipM_contents of config.log: http://sprunge.us/XLXH19:03
avionicdoes simple scan have color/b&w options?19:04
theflash_hi, so I just ask a question here if I need support, right?19:04
lietzmkyes theflash_19:05
trismparsnipM_: hmm you don't seem to have pkg-config, sudo apt-get install pkg-config;19:05
parsnipM_trism: aha, now ./configure gets further, thank you sooooo much. can you help me understand why i happened to be missing it, why i usually might have had it, or not seen this issue before?19:06
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:06
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theflash_I changed my username 'flash' to 'theflash' by using usermod -l newUsername oldUsername and then usermod -d /home/newHomeDir -m newUsername to set the new home directory. But when I try to login now on the main screen of Ubuntu, it takes my password, goes black as if it's going to let me into the desktop, but then returns back to the login screen. I've searched and read that changing the username as I did when the home directory is encrypt19:09
theflash_ed causes issues such as this. How can I fix this?19:09
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest7066
trismparsnipM_: it isn't installed by default, but it can get pulled in with other deps, gtk3 deps on it at least19:12
trismparsnipM_: libgtk-3-dev at least19:13
parsnipM_okay, i'll add it to my install script.19:13
mustmodifyI'm using upstart with ubuntu 16.1. 'setuid' doesn't seem to do what I'm expecting. Am I using it correctly?19:13
theflash_anyone know how to help me?19:13
OerHekstheflash_, ouch, with encrypted home .. try to save your data and reinstall http://www.howtogeek.com/116297/how-to-recover-an-encrypted-home-directory-on-ubuntu/19:13
* setuid perks up19:14
theflash_I'm not worried about data, I'm more interested in learning how to fix it.19:14
parsnipM_i've used build-dep emacs, and configure still asks about libtinfo, etc. Will i have to add these named, or is there any other thing like build-dep that will install all the image libraries, etc.?19:14
minimectheflash_: is this on 14.04 or 16.04?19:14
theflash_changing username when home is encrypted is a bad idea?19:16
minimectheflash_: can you then try to switch to a console with ctrl+alt+F1 snd login? Then 'mv .Xauthority .Xauthority.back'. Switch back to X with +F7. Try to login.19:16
minimectheflash_: switch back to X with alt+f7 ... ;)19:17
theflash_ok i'll try that19:17
capum321apparently my notebook can't sleep. Power Manager - GDBus.Error:org.freedestkop.DBus.ERror.NoReply: - Method call timed out19:17
capum321and prompt for user password19:18
trismparsnipM_: oh I think I see the issue, you need to build-dep on the emacs versioned package, the emacs metapackage doesn't have any of the build deps, it is just an empty package that depends on the latest version of emacs19:18
trismparsnipM_: so you would want: sudo apt-get build-dep emacs24; or something19:18
parsnipM_oh, i thought emacs was an alias for emacs2419:19
parsnipM_hmm, i think that did something different.19:20
theflash_@minimec There's only .ecryptfs and .Private in the directory and a readme file. 'Xauthority': No such file or directory.19:22
jattparsnipM_: image libraries you need to install independently, but the emacs configure will just detect those19:25
=== RalphBa is now known as RalphBa|smoking
jattif not available should also be possible to build19:25
minimectheflash_: Oh. I see. So your user directory is encrypted... Hmm... I have no experience with that kind of encryption. I normally encrypt the whole drive, so I unlock on boot and can then use the system as usual...19:25
parsnipM_jatt: right, but then i realized i'm on a remote and i would almost never use X, so i did ./configure --with-x-toolkit=no, but i think the build-dep emacs24 installed all the dependencies anyways, which is fine, because i want to simplify that step.19:26
theflash_When ubuntu first installed, it asked me if I wanted to encrypt the home directory. I chose yes, but then I wanted to change the username. I guess those two things don't mix well.19:26
theflash_so should I delete the user instead and make a new one?19:27
minimectheflash_: There might be a solution, but in this specific case I am not your man... ;)19:27
theflash_No problem.19:28
theflash_I'll keep searching.19:28
annihilatorwhat is the command to start gnome from terminal?19:28
k1lannihilator: start the lightdm or gdm19:28
annihilatorthats what im asking how to do lol19:29
k1lsudo service lightdm start19:29
k1ljatt: no. dont use startx on ubuntu19:29
annihilatorplus that dont work as i dont have it installed19:30
k1lannihilator: ?19:30
annihilatori have lxde and installing gnome know but forgot gnome lol19:30
annihilatorstartx does not work for me as i dont have xint or xorg installed19:30
k1lannihilator: then log out and choose gnome on the login screen. and startx is the wrong answer as i already said19:30
LoRezhas partman-auto-raid/recipe changed between trusty and xenial?  the install is complaining that I'm specifying 5 devices instead of the two that's in the raid19:30
jattyou don't have xorg but want to start gnome?19:31
annihilatori use startlxde and startkdm as i have kde and lxde installed19:31
capum321and prompt for user password19:31
k1lannihilator: what ubuntu is that at all?19:31
annihilatori have a min install of 16.0419:32
annihilatori had found it was easier to switch between DE from terminal than login screen for me anyways19:32
capum321apparently my notebook can't sleep. Power Manager - GDBus.Error:org.freedestkop.DBus.ERror.NoReply: - Method call timed out.   At same time, when I click mouse it lighten screen and there is a prompt for user authentication19:32
speaker1234I could some help figuring out how to set up raid and LVM with a SSD cache19:39
speaker1234first question is do I want to boot from LVM or do I want to have a separate boot partition?19:39
speaker1234 2nd question is if I'm setting up the spinning rust as a mirrored raid, is there any problem with making one big array?19:40
minimeccapum321: There often are some specific workarounds for a given laptop model to enable suspend. I would search the net with keywords like '<YourLaptop> suspend ubuntu'. Often you have to disable Wifi before going into suspend mode or similar...19:44
k1lmost times the issue is that the module is loaded while the hardware is not ready yet.19:44
=== RalphBa|smoking is now known as RalphBa
capum321minimec, my laptop is a local brand, not north american.19:46
skjonesis anyone still have wireless connection probs with 16.04.1 or was that solved?19:46
k1lskjones: depends on exact hardware used19:46
minimeccapum321: Well try it. What is the brand name?19:47
skjonesthanks k1l19:47
capum321minimec  ITAUTEC w765019:48
capum321i searched19:48
minimeccapum321: Can you once try to 'turn off' wifi before going in to suspend mode? Wifi is a common 'suspend problem'19:50
capum321actually, wifi is off, i am all the time on ethernet19:51
minimeccapum321: Oh... ok.19:51
minimeccapum321: A link I can give you is 'understanding suspend' from the ubuntu wiki. There are some things described there, that you could try... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnderstandingSuspend19:53
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mustmodifyI'm using upstart with ubuntu 16.1. 'setuid' doesn't seem to do what I'm expecting. Am I using it correctly?19:55
tewardmustmodify: 16.10 in #ubuntu+1 only please19:55
volundokay guys I have an oddball issue here. I'm using 16.04. My video card is an ASUS Strix Nvidia GTX 980 Ti. Whenever I try to boot Ubuntu (or the Ubuntu installer) I have to edit the GRUB2 launch settings to include 'nomodeset' or all I get is an empty screen. What must I do to get graphics behaving properly? I've already tried updating the system software.19:55
mustmodifyteward: sorry, please explain?19:56
Guest63161Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to launch any software from command line and specifying a different keyboard layout like I would do system-wide temporarily with setxkbmap, so that the software I want to run will use that layout instead of the system default ?19:56
teward!16.10 | mustmodify19:56
ubottumustmodify: Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) will be the 25th release of Ubuntu. It is due to be released in October 2016. Discussion in #ubuntu+119:56
tewardmustmodify: Ubuntu 16.10 is not released yet, and we only provide support for it in the #ubuntu+1 channel, so you will have to go there19:57
rypervencheGuest63161: No, but you can change your keyboard layout on a window and have it remember which layout is used for that window.19:58
Guest63161rypervenche: okay thanks !19:59
rypervencheGuest63161: I don't remember how to do it though, it may be Desktop environtment specific.19:59
Guest63161yes it is19:59
Guest63161rypervenche: since I use i3 i'll have a look in their doc19:59
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
airabella23hi, what software do I need to use a Java based program using Unbuntu 16.4?20:03
volundalrighty I'm switching to the Nvidia drivers instead of Nouveau, will hope this solves my issue. BBIAB if it does not20:05
OerHeksairabella23, install openjdk-8 ?20:05
OerHeks!info openjdk-8-jre20:05
ubottuopenjdk-8-jre (source: openjdk-8): OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT. In component main, is optional. Version 8u91-b14-3ubuntu1~16.04.1 (xenial), package size 69 kB, installed size 251 kB20:05
OerHeks!info openjdk-8-jdk20:05
ubottuopenjdk-8-jdk (source: openjdk-8): OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK). In component main, is optional. Version 8u91-b14-3ubuntu1~16.04.1 (xenial), package size 419 kB, installed size 505 kB20:05
tewardmustmodify: now that we know you're on 16.04 (refer to other channel logs), you may wish to read the man page for setuid to see if it does what you think it does - http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/en/man1/setuid.1.html20:06
tewardoops i mistyped20:07
tewardmustmodify: 16.04 is SystemD not upstart, why you're using upstart I don't know. http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#setuid is relevant though20:08
* setuid does what he thinks he does20:08
jattsome indicators still use upstart20:15
=== Elen is now known as Clarissa
tgm4883jatt: which ones?20:17
jattI forgot, just remove upstart apt will tell you reverse dependencies I think.20:18
jattnot needed at all in 16.0420:18
mustmodifyteward: I understand upstart and had it working on my machine before the hard drive crashed. Now I'm just trying to assemble the pieces as quickly as possible.20:21
k1lmustmodify: ubuntu uses systemd. so you need to make systemd init scripts now.20:22
mustmodifyWell now it's freaking working.20:22
mustmodifyso ... I don't know. It wasn't working. Now it is.20:23
mustmodifyk1l: I'm sorry, that just doesn't seem like enough justification when installing upstart seems to have automagically cleaned up systemD.20:24
k1lmustmodify: ok. that is some information that would make sense to tell the supporters at beginning.20:24
tgm4883unity-greeter depends on upstart still....20:25
mustmodifyI was thinking that using the right version number might also help.20:25
dansthi, I'm making an "ubuntu remix" livecd and have encountered a strange problem – I have edited /etc/network/interfaces on chroot, packed it to squashfs and generated iso image20:27
danstbut while testing the image, I get default /etc/network/interfaces file, not the one I've modified20:27
dansthow is that even possible20:28
OerHeksthat file is populated by the networkmanager, danst.20:30
airabella23tward: thank you I will try that.20:30
danstoh god20:30
danstI want to have eth0 dhcp20:30
danston a livecd20:30
danstshould I uninstall networkmanager then?20:31
airabella23ubotto: thank you I will try it out20:31
OerHeksuninstall, or disable .. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConfigurationCommandLine/Automatic20:31
OerHeksbut carefull, new 'predictable interface naming' might give an other device name than eth020:32
andensince the latest few ubuntu versions, the SSH public key fingerprint is displayed in a different format when i'm connecting to a server, i've memorized the valid fingerprint in the old format, how do i make it display it that way?20:40
gebbionei m happy to see that tracker miner is not sucking blood away from my ram anymore in 16.0420:42
gebbionebut i have cairo dock stucj20:42
gebbioneit wont restart20:42
gebbioneany thoughts20:42
YankDownUndergebbione: In a terminal, you can do: killall -9 cairo-dock => after that, try giving it a restart...20:43
=== Guest18331 is now known as EriC^^
gebbionemhh never happened before20:45
gebbionei wonder why it got stuck20:45
YankDownUndergebbione: Look through the logs20:46
pierciao per avere assistenza20:46
EriC^^!it | pier20:46
ubottupier: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:46
gebbioneYankDownUnder,  is there something i can do to translate those timestamps in logs ... [ 35392.616] (II) RADEON(0): Modeline "1280x1024"x0.0...20:47
gebbione[34803.815222] [drm:cypress_dpm_set_power_state [radeon]] *ERROR* rv770_restrict_performance_levels_before_switch failed20:48
gebbionebtw i m not sure it is me but feels like 16.4 uses way less ram than 1420:51
LazyAngel Hi, 'apt-key list' gives me 'gpg: mpi too large for this implementation...' any idea how to solve it?20:53
danstOerHeks: thank you, uninstalling solved the problem20:55
OerHeksdanst, have fun20:55
TitasHello, anybody here?20:57
k1lTitas: just ask20:57
OerHeksLazyAngel, give the full error please on paste.ubuntu.com20:57
YankDownUndergebbione: Mostly, use your common sense - you can also use "grep" to look for "cairo-dock" - however, I can state that in the past, I've had issues with "cairo-dock" having hissy fits with compositing and graphics drivers...so, you can also test out starting "cairo-dock" with safe settings...you can also dig through stuff at "cairo-dock"'s home: http://glx-dock.org/20:58
LazyAngelOerHeks: https://paste.linux.community/view/43a8985821:00
TitasHello, I have a problem, I need to move some files to other directory and it sais, that "(some directory) is not a directory"21:01
LazyAngelOerHeks: (paste.ubuntu.com was down for mainenance)21:01
_adbTitas: the exact command and error message may be helpful... this may seem obvious, but have you  verified that the destination exists?21:02
_adb(and is a directory)21:03
Titasmv Rocket.* Assembly-CSharp.dll unturned/Unturned_Headless_Data/Managed/.21:03
TitasAnd I know that directory exists21:04
OerHeksLazyAngel, seems like broken, on what linux version is this ?21:04
TitasI can give you ftp access21:04
_adbTitas: do not want21:04
lordcirthTitas, are you sure it's not, say, a symlink to a directory?21:05
_adbTitas: do you want to move all files that begin with "Rocket." and the file "Assembly-CSharp.dll and everything in the directory "unturned" into the directory "Unturned_Headless_Data/Managed/"?21:05
TitasI want to move all files that begin with "Rocket." and the file "Assembly-CSharp.dll" into the directory "Unturned_Headless_Data/Managed/"21:06
k1lTitas: what is the fullpath of that folder?21:07
Titashome/titas/RCK, and I want to move files to home/titas/Unturned/Unturned_Headless_Data/Managed/21:07
curlyearshow do I delete all partitions on an HDD which has been added to the system since installation?21:08
k1lTitas: ok, that doesnt work like you do it.21:08
TitasSo how to do it?21:08
tgm4883plus case matters21:09
k1lTitas: since the "Unturned_Headless_Data/Managed/" folders start in your users home and not in the folder you have those files in it, you need to tell the shell where it starts. make a "~/" in front of it21:09
TitasWhen I do ~, shell replace it with "root"21:09
k1l~ means "/home/username/". so it is ~/Unturned/Unturned_Headless_Data/Managed/21:09
k1lTitas: and dont use sudo21:09
k1lor dont be logged in as root21:10
Titasoh, ok21:10
tgm4883Also, unturned != Unturned21:10
TitasBut folder is locked somehow on root21:10
k1land case sensitivity matters, too21:10
TitasHow to unlock root's folder?21:14
k1lTitas: unlock? why do you need root folder? you are working in the users home folder, there the user got all permiissions21:14
LazyAngelOerHeks: I copied the /etc/apt/trusted.gpg key from another system. Seems like it was broken21:15
bipulHi,I would like to know about users in ubuntu. Since we know their is a system user created during installation of ubuntu to run system process and users created during installation of new packages. So may i know the range of id for this two system users?21:17
bipulStatic system user during installation of Ubuntu OS. Dynamic during installation of packages. Do i know the range at which this static user and dynamic user created in ubuntu?21:18
pavlosusers start at 1000 and go up21:19
Titask1l: look https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7NVBP0-oNQAUmMzTXAxNDVES2c&usp=sharing21:19
bipulpavlos, Those are normal user.21:19
jattroot is 021:20
bipulYes root is 0. How about system users?21:20
jattwhat is a system user?21:20
tgm4883Titas: what is your username?21:20
bipulDoes Debian/Ubuntu has this concept of Static and Dynamic user for System user?21:20
k1lTitas: so you moved or unpacked it with sudo/root into your home. so do use "chown" that folders and files back to your users21:20
tgm4883Titas: you can fix that by running "sudo chown -R titas:titas ~/Unturned"21:21
tgm4883Titas: that will change the user and group of that directory and everything under it21:21
Titasthanks tgm4883, k1l21:21
tgm4883Titas: then don't just randomly use sudo everywhere21:21
_adbbipul: i don't understand your question21:23
jattmaybe he means user with sudo privileges. or something.21:24
bipul_adb, Actually I was making a note of Ubuntu Administration. So i was keenly interested to know, the range of system user id.21:25
bipulBecause there are certain range of system id created during installation of OS. And some user id created during installation of packages.21:26
_adbbipul: i'm still confused. typically "system" users have a  uid < 1000 and "normal" users have uids starting at 1000.21:26
akikbipul: system ids are from 100 to 999 (/etc/adduser.conf)21:26
k1lbipul: users start at 1000, system users are <100021:27
bipulakik,Do you mean this id range created during installation of Ubuntu  (100 to 999 )21:27
akikbipul: the ids created during the install are also less than 10021:27
bipuloh ok thank you very much akik :)21:28
bipulthank you _adb k1l and all21:28
jpXwould anyone happen to know why I can't connect to a local IP from a browser on my desktop? Other machines worked fine, so I'm assuming it's some sort of setting on this machine. I've tried doing my own research but I'm not really sure what exactly to search for. Thanks21:29
lordcirthjpX, port 80?  What browser?21:29
jpXlordcirth: I've tried in both firefox and chromium. I'm trying to connect to my phone's IP through a specified port (333), to remotely use my messages app21:31
curlyearsHow can I delete all partitions from an HDD attached to the system after the system is installed?21:31
lordcirthcurlyears, gparted21:31
lordcirthjpX, exactly what happens?21:31
TitasI'm getting error "Permission Denied" starting this script http://pastebin.com/fJDHnxWj21:32
curlyearslordcirth:   gparted will run on an installed system?  I thought I had been told it would only run under the installer?21:32
jpXlordcirth, "IP took too long to respond"21:32
lordcirthcurlyears, gparted is a standard system utility.21:33
curlyearsthanks, lordcirth21:33
Flannelcurlyears: Don't use gparted on mounted drives, make sure you unmount them first.  But if you're trying to blow away all of the partitions, it sounds like it's going to be unmounted anywya.21:33
MonkeyDustcurlyears  backup first, before you mess with partitions21:34
lordcirthjpX, you could try increasing firefox's timeout in about:config21:34
Delta706can anyone recommend a reminder application, other than kalarm?21:34
TitasI'm getting error "Permission Denied" starting this script http://pastebin.com/fJDHnxWj21:35
TitasPls help21:35
jpXlordcirth, that could work, but I think it's an issue of the network config or something on this computer. From my laptop I can access it just fine, almost instantly21:35
curlyearsMonkeyDust:   newly installed system, wouldn't lose much if I screwed up, but thanks for the warning21:35
lordcirthTitas, is the script marked executable?21:36
Titaslordcirth, How I need to mark it executable?21:36
Delta706Titas: do "man chmod"21:36
TitasDelta706 Still don't get it...21:38
lordcirthTitas, you can use /exec <Enter> to search for "exec" in the manual page21:39
pavlosdoes steamcd_home exist? (line 8)21:41
lordcirthpavlos, pretty sure it's just that the script isn't executable.  Everyone makes that mistake.21:41
pavloscan he make it a 755?21:42
lordcirthpavlos, yes, once he figures out chmod21:43
filip__hi im new how to make text bigger ubuntu mate 16.04?21:44
pavloson a term, press control shift +, control - to reduce21:44
pavlosTitas, can you give us a ls -l start.sh21:46
TitasI solve it, but I have another problem http://prntscr.com/c50nlh21:46
foul_owlHi folks. If I'm trying to set up a DNS server on my local network to do lookups for .lan addresses, am I setting up an authoritative or resursive dns server?21:49
Seveasfoul_owl: you're setting up a disaster to come. Don't invent your own tld.21:50
lordcirthTitas, in future, pastebin your command line, don't screenshot it...21:50
foul_owlWhat tld should I use internally?21:51
foul_owlI know .local is reserved21:51
Seveasfoul_owl: a subdomain of your public domain.21:51
TitasSo lordcirth can you help me?21:51
foul_owlThe internet will never see what I name my servers on my local network?21:52
lordcirthTitas, googling that error message gets this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2920416/configure-bin-shm-bad-interpreter21:52
Seveasbut the internet can decide that .lan is a real tld21:52
foul_owlThat makes sense21:52
foul_owlHappy to use a domain that I own21:52
foul_owlI never considered that. I just figured it was a good practice to use .lan to indicate to myself that it's local21:53
Seveasthat's 1990's era good practice, these days it's considered quite bad21:53
foul_owlGood to know :)21:53
foul_owlThank you21:53
Seveaswith that out of the way: you're building an authoritative server21:54
foul_owlGotcha :)21:54
Seveasthough you're probably best off building an authoritative/recursive combo so you can use it for your normal queries too21:54
Seveasotherwise you'll need to set up 2 nameservers and get delegation for your internal domains working properly21:54
foul_owlThat makes sense21:55
foul_owlWould rather just use one for all lookups21:55
foul_owlI'm using powerdns since it has a pretty web interface (poweradmin)21:55
Seveasthat's a problem: powerdns has strictly split the recursive and authoritative parts21:55
foul_owlIt seems like it's possible https://doc.powerdns.com/md/authoritative/recursion/21:56
foul_owlAlthough they appear to frown upon it21:56
Neon10buffer +121:57
Seveasooh, but at least they allow it now. Practicality conquers useless purity once more!21:57
foul_owlOk, so I want to set the recursor to something like ?21:57
kristenbbhello, I lost all my groups (including sudo group) by doing a wrong command, I'm in a live cd, how can I add it back ?21:57
Seveasdunno, I never actually used powerdns recursor, only the auth server.21:58
SeveasI use bind for the authoritative/recursive combos21:58
foul_owlIs there a nice gui or api for bind?21:58
Seveasyes, vim :D21:59
foul_owlAPI though?21:59
Seveasconfig files and zone files go in version control, not in apis and guis21:59
SeveasI want to be able to roll back my screwups quickly21:59
foul_owlMakes sense22:00
foul_owlI want the ability to programatically add records, but I suppose I can do that with ssh + sed22:00
Seveasor generate zonefiles from a database using some sort of templating system (I use django, but only because all server data lives in a django app)22:00
foul_owlI have a bash script that creates a vm given a hostname on one of my virtual server hosts on my network. I want to create a local dns record for that server programatically also22:01
jpXalright, so anyone know any reasons why I wouldn't be able to connect to a port on a device on my network? I only timeout on my linux desktop, but every other machine on my network has no problem.22:01
foul_owlOk i have some ideas22:01
foul_owlThanks again! :)22:01
Seveasyou're welcome :)22:01
Flannelkristenbb: in the future, use useradd instead of adduser.  But here's a quick and easy way from a liveCD: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery#Add_User_to_a_Group  (in the future, you can also drop to the recovery console to do it, without the liveCD, and that's a couple fewer steps)22:02
CyberDemsis there any way to start udev with systemd on a system without initramfs ?22:03
Flannelkristenbb: er, use adduser instead of useradd.22:03
CyberDemsi've gotten ubuntu to startup on an arm tablet but don't know how to adapt the ubuntu initramfs for that device so I would prefer to run udev in the userspace22:04
kristenbbFlannel: ok, thanks; i didnt manage to go to the recovery console, i tried pressing left shift but didnt work22:04
TitasWho can help me in pm?22:05
Flannelkristenbb: No worries.  You can do it in a LiveCD too.22:05
noche_Speak spanish?22:08
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
k1l!es | noche_22:08
ubottunoche_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:08
TitasWho can help me personally??22:10
SeveasTitas: I can send you my consultency rates22:11
SeveasOr you could ask your question in here22:11
elhoirSeveas, :)22:12
Seveas!pm | Titas22:13
ubottuTitas: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.22:13
Seveasunless you really want to pay my consultancy rates (starting at €250/hour)22:14
TitasCan anyone help me with step 4? https://devdox.net/how-to-setup-unturned-server-on-linux/22:14
TitasI think I f**ked up directoryies22:14
MonkeyDustTitas  mind the language22:14
Titastitas@ubuntu:~/Unturned$ ./start.sh server122:14
TitasSteam: NOT FOUND22:14
Titas./start.sh: line 32: cd: ./unturned: No such file or directory22:14
Titas./start.sh: line 36: mono: command not found22:14
TitasSorry MonkeyDust, I'm just very tired, and angry..22:14
SeveasTitas: then get some sleep and try again tomorrow. Fresh heads work better for troubleshooting.22:15
=== Elen is now known as Clarissa
TitasSebeas, I'm just want to fix start.sh file, and then I will go sleep.22:16
Seveasyour problem is not the start.sh. You messed something up in an earlier step, causing it to not find its things. I don't know how this steam junk works, so I can't even guess at what it is. Go sleep now, try again tomorrow when you're less angry, and maybe someone is around in here who knows steam.22:17
TitasOk, Seveas.. Goodbye ;)22:18
pavlosTitas, line 32 cd UNTURNED_HOME fails22:21
jlfhello.. output to the console of my xenial vm is painfully slow, like 9600 baud or something.. anyone know where to find the relevant config?22:23
pavlosTitas, if mono is some binary executable, it is better to refer to it with its absolute path, eg. /usr/local/bin/mono (line 36)22:23
WiteStarhi all, any one know if i can downgrade willy's kernel to 3.x ?22:27
OerHeksWiteStar, wily is dead, eol.22:27
WiteStarOerHeks: yeh back to my poroblem with old hardware..22:27
WiteStarOerHeks: i cnat go forward must go back :(22:28
OerHeksYou've been told to use 14.04 instead.22:28
WiteStarkrap is 14 the long support one?22:28
k1lWiteStar: wily is EOL (like we told you serveral times already). you need to use a 14.04 where you can run a 3.13 kernel22:28
SeveasWiteStar: it is.22:28
OerHeksyes, 201922:28
WiteStaranywya i can downgrade to 14 without reinstalling :(22:28
WiteStaranyway i can reinstall it from shell :-P22:28
k1l(i really dont know why you make things that complicated instead of listening to the advice you get)22:29
jlfis there some other channel that would be more appropriate for my question?22:29
WiteStark1l: the box is on the other side of town :(22:29
WiteStark1l: lOl i know its a long shot but you never know...22:29
SeveasWiteStar: well, get walking :)22:29
WiteStari left rom boot on..22:30
Seveasjlf: this channel is appropriate, but your question is lacking any useful info, such as host of, vm solution....22:30
Seveashost os*22:30
WiteStari wonder if i can kill the drive.. get it to reboot.. then use some sort of answer file to install the dam thing22:30
OerHeksinteresting problem, heard this often here22:31
SeveasWiteStar: if pxe booting is set up in that environment, you can use the netboot installer, which does support preseeding answers.22:31
WiteStarjust gatta make sure i have it right22:32
WiteStarill only get one shot at it :/22:32
WiteStarwhere does it read the answeres from?22:32
WiteStar(cause right now  just load the mini.iso into memory )22:32
Seveaslast time I used d-i, I believe I made it fetch the preseed file over http22:32
jlfSeveas: oh sorry, host is osx 10.10.5, virtualbox 5.0.20, and the vm was created with vagrant 1.8.4 based on geerlingguy/ubuntu160422:33
Seveasthough this was in 2004 or 200522:33
jamieshepherd16.04, if I dod service foobar status, I get a few lines like Memory, CPU etc.22:33
jamieshepherdif CPU is in seconds, what does that mean?22:33
WiteStarhmm i could just remaster a iso22:33
Seveasjamieshepherd: amount of cpu seconds it has used22:34
jamieshepherdAh Seveas, so it's normal to keep increasing?22:34
Seveasjamieshepherd: yes, if it were to decrease, you've been playing with the flux capacitors again...22:34
jamieshepherdawesome =) thanks22:34
WiteStari cnat like change the sources to point to 14 and just do a dist upgrade right?22:36
SeveasWiteStar: nope.22:36
Seveasyou will need to reinstall.22:37
WiteStarok so reauthoring the iso it is22:37
k1lWiteStar: no. that will not work in this case and doesnt wokr in general22:37
WiteStar14.04 right22:37
SeveasI did once make a downgrade work, I believe it was 14.10 down to 14.04. It was long, arduous and no fun. I shudder at the thought of doing a 3-release downgrade :)22:38
Seveasalso, it took a lot of manual prodding, some of which in a rescue shell. Wouldn't hae worked from across town.22:38
WiteStarto bad there is no way to get into the inserller over ssh or something22:40
Seveasin the time you've spent here trying not to go to the machine to reinstall, you could have gone therir already and be halfway through installing it...22:40
WiteStarSeveas: rush hour in  this city is horrible!!22:41
SeveasWiteStar: helicopter.22:41
WiteStari'd be sitting in friday traffic.. still22:41
WiteStarhahah i wish22:41
Seveaswhich city are you in?22:42
=== einarj is now known as codelette
WiteStarfunny we had some 20 year old kid last night speal a small plane from a small air field and crash it LOL22:43
WiteStarnot a helicopter but22:43
jpXis there any firewall on by default that would block me from accessing a port on another device within the same network?22:43
SeveasjpX: nope.22:43
bipulBy default when we install Ubuntu, it ask for for user. That user after installation treated as a sudo user. But i am unable to find that user in visudo file. Why?22:43
SeveasjpX: to check the firewall, do sudo iptables-save. Despite its name, it saves nothing but will output all firewall rules.22:44
Seveasbipul: the user is member of the sudo group, which you will find in the sudoers file.22:44
k1lbipul: that is handled with the sudo group on ubuntu22:44
jpXanything I should look for specifically Seveas?22:45
bipulSeveas, Yes, admin? is that what you are talking about?22:45
Seveasbipul: that was the group name used on older versions of ubuntu, these days the group named 'sudo' is used22:45
bipulMembers of the admin group may gain root privilege %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL22:45
Seveasboth appear in the sudoers file for backwards compatibility22:45
k1lbipul: what ubuntu are we talking about exactly?22:45
bipulhold on let me paste my /etc/sudoers file.22:46
MonkeyDustbipul  cat /etc/issue22:46
Seveas%sudoALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL22:48
=== Starky is now known as Guest20564
k1ladmin was the old goup used up to 10.04 and is still named there for compatibility reasons22:48
bipulYes, my secondary group is sudo for bipul account.22:49
bipuluid=1000(bipul) gid=1000(bipul) groups=1000(bipul),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),33(www-data),46(plugdev),113(lpadmin),128(sambashare)22:49
Seveask1l: do you remember why it was changed? Sounds like a pointless action to me.22:49
k1ldont know anymore :)22:50
Seveasyou're useless :P22:51
bipulMonkeyDust, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS \n \l22:51
=== arthur is now known as Guest28847
catopettI having problems with installing RTL-SDR on UBUNTU, need help22:52
=== Guest28847 is now known as arthur__
YankDownUndercatopett: Are you installing a "third party driver", source, or what, exactly?22:53
yvearis there a way to install multiple versions of VirtualBox? I won't be running them at the same time22:54
YankDownUndercatopett: "Caps" aren't necessary, please. Now, is the program part of the Ubuntu repositories, or something else?22:54
unotiryvear: why22:54
FlannelSeveas: Upstream (debian) consistency, which looks like it was done because sudo people did it.22:55
YankDownUndercatopett: Yes, meaning, what?22:55
Seveask1l: Flannel: found something in the package changelog and a related bug on launchpad. It's a bit messy, to say the least :)22:55
unotirYankDownUnder: yes means yes22:55
catopettYes the program is a part of the Ubuntu repositories22:55
YankDownUndercatopett: Ok...fair enough - then what's the issue you're having?22:56
yvearunotir, need 4.3 for compatibility reasons22:56
catopettI do not find a way to run program22:56
unotircatopett: ahhh22:56
YankDownUndercatopett: Have you looked through all of your menus? Have you done a "search" for the program?22:57
arthur__what does that program do?22:57
yvearis there a way to install multiple versions of VirtualBox? I won't be running them at the same time22:57
unotirarthur__: what ever22:57
catopettunotir should be kicked out he sead F.... YOU to me in pm22:58
yvearme too^22:58
arthur__unotir, hello22:58
YankDownUndercatopett: Ignore him, he's obvious got a problem this morning and wants to cause problems for others.22:58
unotircatopett: liar22:58
Flannelcatopett: rtl-sdr isn't a program, it's a library.  There are some low-level utilities included in it, but it's primarily a library.22:58
OerHekscatopett, sudo apt-get install gnuradio http://www.instructables.com/id/rtl-sdr-on-Ubuntu/22:59
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu22:59
YankDownUnderk1l: Thank you.22:59
catopettWhat is the different between apt and apt-get?22:59
YankDownUndercatopett: "apt" is the base repo command, "apt-get" is basically a script using "apt" - just makes things easier23:00
catopett<unotir> Fuck you23:00
catopett You white nigger23:00
catopett You filthy piece of shit23:00
SeveasYankDownUnder: the other way around. apt is this newfangled wrapper around apt-get, apt-cache and maybe more.23:00
Flannelcatopett, yvear: stop, it's handled.23:01
IdleOnecatopett: Please don't paste that in here23:01
YankDownUnderSeveas: Learn something new every day.23:01
Seveascatopett: no need to repeat that in here. Take it to #ubuntu-ops23:01
YankDownUndercatopett: Ignore the person - close the windows of the PM if they're bothering you.23:01
k1lthe user was kicked out of here. if he keeps pming you report it in #freenode or pm staff and report it there23:01
Seveasor use the magic ignore button23:02
Seveasdon't argue with trolls. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.23:03
OerHeksTrolls are just lonely.23:03
catopettWhat is the different between apt and apt-get?23:04
Ben64apt is newer and easier/better to use23:04
OerHeksas of 16.04, no difference in apt/apt-get23:04
Seveascatopett: it was explained above.23:04
k1lapt is newer and trying to gtoup several apt-get, apt-cache,.... commands into one command23:04
FlannelBen64: possibly easier (or at least more obscure), but hardly better.23:05
=== Starky is now known as Guest35811
econdudeawesomehowdy all! Got any suggestions how to configure iwconfig for high noise/poor signal environments?23:06
YankDownUnderk1l: Here's just a question - pertaining to the future of "apt" - is "Snap" going to end up replacing "apt"?23:06
k1lYankDownUnder: no23:06
YankDownUnderk1l: Just a thought23:06
econdudeawesomeI turned on frag rate to something I thought might be reasonable: 512 Kb. No idea if this is the best way to get around this though23:06
Ben64Flannel: easier = better?23:06
catopettIs it true that MICROSOFT is trying to buy linux?23:06
Flannelk1l: I'd disagree.  But I'm a bit cynical.23:07
FlannelBen64: Not really, no.23:07
=== pynick is now known as pynick_
k1lcatopett: you cant buy linux23:07
YankDownUndercatopett: There is no way to "buy linux"... :)23:07
OerHekscatopett, you tell us?23:07
OerHeksLoLz, flamewar23:07
CyberDemshow to configure/trigger udev with a custom initramfs ?23:07
Seveascatopett: it's true that Microsoft no longer sees linux as an enemy, they even built en equivalent of wine to run native linux apps on windows.23:08
catopettMS does not like free os, and thay are trying to take over linux i hear23:08
Flannelcatopett: You should take this to #ubuntu-offtopic, it's not support, so it belongs there :)23:08
YankDownUndercatopett: This has been going on since 1992, bro...23:08
Seveascatopett: the first part of that is typical 90's microsoft attitude, these days it's mostly untrue though. The second part is a warped reality :)23:08
SeveasFlannel: we should make ubuntu installable in human brains, then mental therapy could be considered ubuntu support :D23:09
YankDownUnderSeveas: :)23:09
catopettWhats wrong with free os and free programs/software?23:09
Seveascatopett: do you have any Ubuntu support question?23:10
YankDownUndercatopett: Absolutely nothing. Free is good. It keeps "interest" and also keeps things from getting too secretive/closed...23:10
catopettLooking for a good guide to decompile old dos programs in ubuntu23:11
yvearis there a way to install multiple versions of VirtualBox? I won't be running them at the same time23:12
YankDownUndercatopett: Truly not a support topic for in here. :)23:12
YankDownUnderyvear: Have you asked in #virtualbox?23:12
yvearYankDownUnder, ah, ty23:12
YankDownUnderyvear: yw, good luck23:13
catopettSomeone want to give me a clue about a good irc client?23:14
YankDownUndercatopett: What are you using now?23:14
k1lxchat is dead. use at least hexchat23:15
YankDownUndercatopett: HexxChat, Konversation => but it really depends on YOUR comfort level. Which do you prefer? And there's more than the two primary ones...23:15
OerHekscatopett, you want to compile a irc client for dos?23:16
Titas    OS X: Textual (paid) or LimeChat (free)23:17
Titas    Windows: mIRC (paid) or HexChat (free)23:17
Titas    Linux: XChat23:17
YankDownUnderTitas: XChat/Aqua is nice, ahem...(and free)(for MacOS)23:18
OerHeksirssi, weechat ..23:18
=== catopett_ is now known as catopett
catopettIf i want to set up a IRC SERVER, what server is best then?23:21
SeveasTitas: shouldn't you be sleeping? :P23:22
YankDownUndercatopett: UnrealIRCd is the biggest...23:22
TitasSeveas :P My body don't want to sleep23:24
SeveasTitas: nothing a swith tap with a rubber mallet can't solve23:24
YankDownUnderTitas: Australians don't sleep. Australia is awake 24/7, 365.24 days of the year. (Not really - that's a huge lie) :)23:27
TitasYankDownUnder :D23:28
SeveasYankDownUnder: australians don't 'have sex'. They mate.23:28
YankDownUnderSeveas: PMSL...yep...round about spot on.23:29
=== Daniel is now known as Guest94286
=== YankDownUnder is now known as YDU_away
=== Dice-Man is now known as Guest23033
cupofbrewIt's my understanding that ubuntu doesn't require antivirus software. In that case, how do I scan/check for malware?23:46
cupofbrewI'm kind of paranoid regarding internet security, so what steps should I take to keep my system clean?23:47
Seveascupofbrew: there are not many linux viruses, so it's true that most linux users don't sue an antivirus program23:48
Seveasif you want, you can run something like clamav though23:48
=== MrJack1 is now known as MrJack
cupofbrewI have this fear of someone gaining remote access to my system through some sort of malware or keylogger.23:49
cupofbrewUnless I periodically reformat, there's not much I can do though.23:49
Seveashave you seen a psychologist about this paranoia? :)23:50
cupofbrewHaha, it's not so much paranoia, but an increased concern for internet privacy in light of the NSA leaks and whatnot23:51
cupofbrewI suppose I have strong views regarding the right to internet privacy23:51
letaliswhat is the command to make a console terminal figure out the dimensions of the screen its on, currently i have a laptop connected to a larger monitor and the dimensions of the console are inherited from the laptop screen23:51
cupofbrewDoes anyone know if Tor is sandboxed?23:52
Seveasletalis: either use the gui interface (click the ubuntu logo, search for Displays) or futz around with the xrandr command to make the displays look the way you want.23:52
Seveascupofbrew: it is not.23:53
cupofbrewAnd does Firefox have plans to roll out a sandbox feature by default? I've used firejail in the past for that.23:53
kenrinThere are tons of antivirus for linux cupofbrew23:53
cupofbrewAny suggestions kenrin?23:53
cupofbrewOther than clamav as seveas mentioned23:53
kenrinclamd is what most use23:53
Seveasclamd == clamav23:54
cupofbrewis it open source?23:54
Seveasit is23:54
mavenYou could run a linux vm with tor as a sandbox23:54
cupofbrewTo be honest, that's too much work for my purposes.23:55
kenrinJust put Tor into a docker23:55
cupofbrewI need something faster than Tor23:55
cupofbrewFirefox is my primary browser23:55
adrian_1908hello. I need to install an FTP program, haven't used one in a while. I used to use FileZilla, which I also knew from Windows. Would you guys recommend that one too, or is there something you like even more?23:55
mavenWell you could use any browser inside a vm as a sandbox really23:55
cupofbrewI use a few privacy-oriented plugins to help with that23:55
cupofbrewWhat about firejail?23:55
mavenor try sandboxie23:56
Seveasadrian_1908: if you don't mind the terminal, lftp is pretty decent23:56
cupofbrewI don't know much about it other than that it's a command based program23:56
cupofbrew*terminal based23:56
kenrincupofbrew: Have you checked out qubes OS?23:56
cupofbrewDoes sandboxie have a gui23:56
milestone234kenrin you sure there are tons of antivirus cause i have been looking into that...i have clamav already but does not seem to do much real time scanning23:56
cupofbrewI have checked out qubes, but I need something more useable for daily use23:57
kenrinAll the big names mostly have linux versions,  my friend works on avast linux23:57
mehello just testing23:57
=== me is now known as Guest29742
adrian_1908Seveas: checking that out right now, thanks.23:57
kenrinIf you want real-time scanning though,  you need to set it up23:58
kenrinFor clamAV23:58
cupofbrewDoes sandboxie work with every program?23:58
mavensudo apt-get install tor23:58
cupofbrewans is it easily configureable23:59
kenrinRecent article on it:  http://blog.clamav.net/2016/03/configuring-on-access-scanning-in-clamav.html23:59

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