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danwehallo there? any issues with new LTS and MuseScore 2 - Im having difficultues with midi. Many thanks06:23
sakrecoerhi danwe i'm not very familiar with Musescore tbh.. and i cannot recall any special issue with midi..07:04
sakrecoercan you describe the difficulties a little further?07:05
danwesakrecoer: Thanks, the midi configuration through jackctl is not working07:12
sakrecoerdanwe: you mean, musescore isn't showing up in qjackctl ?07:15
danweit does show up - but midi doesnt work07:15
sakrecoeris midi working in qjackctl with other apps?07:15
danwebefore the new LTS - i could work with midi keyboard with no problem07:15
sakrecoerdanwe: could there be a setting you have forgotten to do in the new install?07:16
sakrecoerdanwe: if qjackctl isn't working with other midi apps, your issue is somewhere in jack...07:17
sakrecoerthat is why i ask that question..07:17
danweI see07:18
danweit doesnt work - also with Yoshimi or JAckKeyboard07:18
sakrecoerhmm... that is odd...07:20
sakrecoerit shows in non of the tabs...?07:20
sakrecoerdanwe: not in ALSA and not in midi?07:21
sakrecoerdanwe: i have to leave for a moment.. i'll be back in half an hour...07:22
sakrecoersorry about that... you can also try to ask in #opensourcemusicians07:23
sakrecoerstay cool, you will find a sollution at some point ;)07:23
sakrecoerdanwe: is your 16.04 a fresh install or upgraded from 14.04?08:07
danweit is an upgrade08:09
danwei mangaed the peoiblrm08:09
danwethe only thing now is that on the musescore startup jack is having few errors08:09
sakrecoerok good :)08:14
sakrecoeri was about to suggest you try 'a2j_control ehw start'08:14
sakrecoer^ danwe08:14
sakrecoerbut you probably don't need to if it works now...08:15
danweit was in the alsa configuration of jackctl08:17
danwethe new version is apprently a little bit different08:17
sakrecoerdanwe: yes, it is a bit different. anyways \o/ gald you managed to find a sollution! :)09:42
sakrecoer*glad even :)09:42
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