xubuntu66wHello guys! I've Installed Xubuntu and after booting to my distro Xubuntu flavour went away and instead the default XFCE panels, items etc. appears. Although the windows theme have been changed to something like an old window theme(IDK how to explain it! ) can you please help me  :D01:01
xubuntu66wAlso, the Xubuntu's wallpapers have been disappeared! WHY? Is there something wrong? did the problem occurs becoz of installing it using liveusb?01:02
GeekDudexubuntu66w: On the login screen at the top right there should be a desktop environment switcher. Is it possible you switched to raw XFCE instead of Xubuntu?01:10
xubuntu66wI'll see now, GeekDude01:21
xubuntu40wGeekDude, Xubuntu sessoin is the one I've entered! What do you suggest me to do?01:24
GeekDudeI don't know, but I don't think it's related to installing from LiveUSB01:25
xubuntu40wThanks anyways! :)01:26
danrikguys  could anyone help with getting mullvad VPN work on xubuntu?01:38
danrikjust cant connect01:38
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XiweiOK... I've a question05:26
XiweiThe gnome software have a bug...05:27
Unit193More than one, I'd presume.05:28
XiweiGnome software if you are in the search box to enter a letter, it will become two05:31
Xiweimy system language is Chinese,i don't know the system language is English will not appear such problems05:33
Unit193I can't help you either way though, never really used the dang thing.05:37
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xubuntu80wHi, i just bought a Gole1 on Indiegogo, installed Xubuntu and i got no audio device.09:28
xubuntu80wdavid@gole1:~$ lspci 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Device 2280 (rev 22) 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 22b0 (rev 22) 00:03.0 Multimedia controller: Intel Corporation Device 22b8 (rev 22) 00:0b.0 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 22dc (rev 22) 00:14.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation Device 22b5 (rev 22) 00:1a.0 Encryption controller: Intel Corporation Device 2298 (rev 2209:28
xubuntu80wthink better in pastebin: http://pastebin.com/QhqdxVBY09:28
ngomesany recent issue with suspend/resume on xubuntu ? it always worked fine , but last 2 days ago , if suspend but don't resume , at least the monitor does not turn on11:37
ngomes16.04 version11:37
javascript079hey anybody here?11:39
ngomesany ideia what could be happening ?11:39
javascript079: I was using AMD's VSR back in windows to force a FHD resolution and of course same thing on xubuntu on VM. Now that I ran a dual-boot is there a way I can force xubuntu to run on 1920x1080?11:41
javascript079I tried fiddling with xrandr, and sort of did it. But then I could only see the top-left part of the screen. So it sort of was FHD, but not quite working.11:41
javascript079(VSR is not working on AMD linux drivers, so there has to be another way)11:42
ngomesjavascript079, have you tried with default xorg driver ?11:47
javascript079ngomes, Yeah that was all on default. I just tried using amd's one => same thing11:50
ngomesjavascript079, the monitor supports that resolution under windows , right ?11:50
javascript079Yeah, but hey I just fixed it.11:51
javascript079I just used a different name to re-add the resolution mode on xrandr11:52
javascript079then just did the same thing11:52
javascript079and now it works somehow (?)11:52
ngomeslong time since i don't use xrandr to change resolutions11:52
ngomesdon't really know what's a "different name"11:53
javascript079When you do xrandr --newmode "NAMEHEREPARAMETER"11:53
javascript079I just used the EXACT same settings11:53
javascript079just a different "call" name11:53
ngomesi recall something like xrandr -s 1900x1200 or something11:54
ngomesor listing the available resolutions and choosing one of them11:54
javascript079yeah that's after you've define the resolution11:54
javascript079anyway thanks though11:54
ngomesok glad you solved it.11:54
javascript079I still wonder why it worked this way.11:54
ngomesno ideia.11:55
ngomeswell , no one is around to help my issue so i guess i'm leaving11:56
javascript079What's your issue? (don't know much yet who knows)11:56
javascript079(i wasn't here before so didnt see the message)11:57
ngomessuspend to ram / resume11:57
ngomesit worked until 2 days ago11:57
ngomesnow , it wont resume11:57
ngomesmonitor wont turn on11:57
javascript079Oh no idea. I heard the Xenial Xerus has an issue with hibernate.12:00
javascript079But thats another thing12:00
ngomesyeah , i dont use it12:00
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lophello guys, it seems when I use open source drivers my laptop still cant really handle my graphic card too well I get random freezes. I got version 16.04 and intel/amd hybrid14:39
DerLehmiHello...im trying to install Xubuntu, but the Installer always crashes...where can i find the error?16:07
flocculantDerLehmi: /var/log/installer16:09
flocculantbut - cd or usb? checked the download is good? ran the check for defects ?16:10
DerLehmivia usb.... i let him search for an error, he found one, but he doesnt tell me which error. I tried Lubuntu before, same there. Kali Linux and Linux mini are working16:11
flocculantif there was an error - did you direct download or torrent?16:12
DerLehmidirect download. in /var/log/installer there are debug and version16:13
flocculantDerLehmi: checked the md5sum for the download?16:13
DerLehmisorry, i dont know what you mean with that. How do i check this? i downloaded it from xubunto.org, and put it on the USB via Universal-USB-Installer16:14
flocculantDerLehmi: 16.04? 32 or 64 bit?16:15
DerLehmi16.04 32 bit16:15
DerLehmihe always tries to send an error report....but where are the usefull information? ProblemType: Bug....are the information in JournalErrors?16:16
flocculantDerLehmi: open a terminal in the folder where the iso is, then md5sum xub<tab> use tab to autocomplete16:17
flocculantit should then complete the whole filename - then enter, wait for it to finish, compare the number you get against http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/16.04/release/MD5SUMS16:17
flocculantlet's make sure the iso is right first16:18
DerLehmimay main computer has Windows....im new to Linux16:18
flocculantDerLehmi: yep ok - understood - what we're doing here is making sure the iso you are trying to use is correct16:19
flocculantpretty pointless doing anything else until we know it's good16:19
DerLehmiyes but i cant check the iso at windows with linux commands16:21
flocculantoh I see :)16:21
flocculanthang on16:21
DerLehmiok ty....few minutes pls16:24
DerLehmithe programm says they are the same16:27
DerLehmibut now i see it is version 16.04.116:27
flocculantyea - that's ok, was updated last weekish16:27
flocculantDerLehmi: you still have the crashed installer running so you can see the /var/log/installer ?16:28
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DerLehmibut there are only 2 documents: debug and version16:29
flocculantDerLehmi: yea - 2 secs16:30
flocculantDerLehmi: so right click in the file browser where you see debug and version, then sudo cat debug | pastebinit16:32
flocculantgive us the url it will show you and we can see what debug says16:33
DerLehmithe computer needs internet for that, right?16:34
flocculantDerLehmi: ok - assuming it hasn't, sudo cat debug in a terminal and see what the last line says - might help16:36
DerLehmisomehow he wont connect....it seems he is only able to connect with the installer16:37
DerLehmilast line: GLib.source_remove(self.rows_changed_id)16:38
flocculantor not helpful - can you see any ERROR or EE there?16:39
flocculantDerLehmi: also - now we know iso is good - what graphics? old or new hardware? uefi?16:39
DerLehmionly warnings ....some Source IDs he didnt found16:42
DerLehmiif you could wait a few minutes i let him try to install again, this time with internet16:43
DerLehmiso you can read the debug16:43
DerLehmiits old hardware...a MSI wind u-10016:47
flocculantDerLehmi: well I'm kind of in and out - Friday evening, but there are people around I expect :)16:47
DerLehmiok ty for your help^^16:48
DerLehmii think the installer is wring....kali linux is also debian based running xfce....and it worked16:48
DerLehmionly the brightness control was a catastrophe16:49
flocculantDerLehmi: you might need to use some boot options > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions16:49
flocculanthard to tell - never had an installer crash usually (I do see crashes but I run and test developement version so expect some there)16:50
DerLehmiok ill try this page16:51
flocculantDerLehmi: where abouts during the install did it crash ?16:52
DerLehmiguess it was while copying data16:52
DerLehmihes installing again, next crash should be in <5 Minutes16:54
DerLehmiat least brightness control is fine now xD16:57
DerLehmiwhat the....17:06
DerLehmithats ridicolous17:06
DerLehmiit seems hes doing it this time...after 20 fails oO17:06
DerLehminope he failed again17:08
DerLehmiwhile determining packages17:10
TheQuestionmarkSince the upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04, one of our computers no longer has network connection. How to fix this?17:52
knomedescribe "no longer has network connection"17:54
TheQuestionmarkknome: Glad someone's there to help me out. Well, I did the dist-upgrade via Xubuntu's update manager and it finished just fine but also removed lots of old packages in turn of course. After a reboot, the nm tries to establish a connection to my router but all it shows is the typical icon you might know when it connects17:56
TheQuestionmarkTried static IPs as well as DHCP but neither one works.17:57
knomeethernet or wifi?17:58
TheQuestionmarkIt's a HP desktop without wifi adapters built in.17:58
knomeso.. you said "one of our computers", are the others like it, or different?18:00
TheQuestionmarkknome: It's my housemate's computer. I'm having serveral ones with either Debian, Mint or *buntu running but none of these had these issues so far.18:01
TheQuestionmarkUsually the network devices also use static IPs to connect.18:01
knomeso the answer would be "no", eg. it isn't a standard office setup18:02
knomehave you tried manually explicitly disconnecting, then reconnecting?18:02
TheQuestionmarkYup, just a few minutes ago but the system keeps trying to connect.18:02
knomeas it's an upgrade, the profile is likely saved; have you tried removing all saves ethernet connections and retrying from a clean state?18:03
TheQuestionmarkHmm... not yet.18:03
TheQuestionmarkI'll give that a try, give me a second.18:04
knome(i have no specific thing in mind that could be causing this, just doing some general debug)18:04
TheQuestionmarkSweet! That works!18:05
TheQuestionmarkI have no clue why but it does.18:05
TheQuestionmarkThank you, knome!18:05
flocculantDerLehmi: sorry was afk - not sure what to suggest tbh, you might be better in #ubuntu where more eyes18:22
flocculantyou can start with install crashes when determining packages18:22
DerLehmiwas also afk till now, no prob^^18:26
DerLehmibtw here is the url: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23050168/18:26
flocculantDerLehmi: right - those type of things I have in the debug log here - on an installed machine18:36
DerLehmiso no error there?18:36
flocculantDerLehmi: not an error which relates to a crash no18:37
flocculantnow it's connected let it report the issue when the crash box starts18:37
flocculantbut I'd tgry #ubuntu - more people about :)18:38
DerLehmialready did it few times18:38
DerLehmiyep already logging in there18:38
DerLehmibut ty for your time (y)18:38
DerLehmilittle question about pastebinit18:38
DerLehmiit uploads the text onto a server, right?18:39
DerLehmiand how long is it saved there?18:39
flocculantnot sure18:39
DerLehmibut i dont need to delete it, or how can i do that?18:41
knomeyou don't need to delete it18:41
knomeit's a paste *bin* for a reason18:41
flocculantDerLehmi: all I can find is that "paste.ubuntu.com is cleaned up from time to time"18:42
DerLehmiok thanks a lot :)18:44
DerLehmilets see if they can help me in support channel from ubuntu18:45
xubuntu29dHello? Is this the right place to ask some questions?19:39
xubuntu29dsome newbee question?19:39
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:40
xubuntu29dhow to turn off the blinking wlan light in xubuntu 16-04?19:40
xubuntu29dit drives me nuts19:40
xubuntu29dthere is no wlan.conf19:41
xubuntu29din etc/modprobe.d19:41
xubuntu29di am usiong a notebook19:41
xubuntu29dok, my question in one line: how to turn off the blinking wlan light in xubuntu 16-04?  there is no wlan.conf in etc/modprobe.d any more (as described in some olde howtos). I am using an old Compaq 6710b Notebook.19:46
DerLehmiflocculant still here?20:42
DerLehmiits running now, the problem was the BIOS, it was to old xD20:43
flocculantDerLehmi: kind of about - glad you're sorted :)20:47
jpXis there any firewall on by default that would block me from accessing a port on another device within the same network?22:43
mrkrampsjpX, there's no firewall activated by default22:44
knomeno, and it'd be much more likely that the other device had blocked something22:44
mrkrampsjpX, which service are you trying to access on the other device?22:45
jpXmrkramps: actually it's an application on my iphone (jailbreak tweak) remote messages. it allows me to read and respond to messages via the web. I was able to access it from other devices22:46
jpXI also can't access the device's IP with no port either from the browser, I just get a timeout. For example, you can send files via wifi with the VLC mobile app by entering the device's ip from another machine on the same network. I also can't access that either. Works from other machines as well22:48
mrkrampsjpX, can you ping the iphone's IP?22:50
jpXfrom this machine I receive "sendmsg: Operation not permitted"22:51
amsbso lshw and lspci are not correctly identifying my graphics card...any tips?23:36
amsbso lshw and lspci are not correctly identifying my graphics card...any tips?23:39
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/23:40
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amsbsorry knome...I'll wait23:40

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