roastedkyrofa: curious, once you build the nextcloud snap, what's involved in updating it? Is it the same process all over again?00:02
kyrofaroasted, I guess that depends on what you consider to be the "process"00:02
roastedkyrofa: I guess I'm talking time-wise. If packaging the nextcloud snap takes 1 hour due to the tasks involved, I was wondering if updating it from 9 to 10 (for example) is expected to take just as long.00:03
kyrofaroasted, it depends on what needs to change. For example, if nextcloud just needs to be updated from 9.0.50 to 9.0.53, it takes maybe 5 minutes. Make the change, verify that it works, spin off new builds on launchpad and they're automatically published once done00:05
kyrofaroasted, but if something fundamental needs change (e.g. use nginx instead of apache) that'll obviously take longer00:05
roastedah yeah that's understandable.00:05
roastedI suppose it could be the same if apache needs (as per nextcloud requiring it for some reason) to be upgraded as well.00:06
kyrofaIndeed. Assuming the next release works fine, that's a pretty small amount of time00:08
kyrofaAnd if you have people willing to test your edge channel, it could be even less time if you just make the change and spin up edge builds00:08
roastedare you running nextcloud-server?00:08
kyrofaroasted, are you familiar with channels?00:08
roastedI know they exist, and their fundamentals.00:08
roastedI'm not a dev by any stretch to say "yeah I've done that" though00:08
kyrofaActually no, my personal machine in a plug computer that is an arm architecture that ubuntu doesn't support00:09
kyrofapersonal server rather00:09
roastedah, was just curious. I wasn't sure if you were using owncloud server + owncloud app or nextcloud server + still using the owncloud app00:09
kyrofaroasted, ahh, sorry I was still stuck on the snap00:12
kyrofaroasted, actually no, I'm still on ownCloud 8 :P00:12
roastedsounds like ya got some debian blood in ya00:12
kyrofaYeah, if I can't have my ubuntu, I gotta have my debian00:13
roastedgood stuff. you a big ubuntu user?00:13
roastedprobably a dumb question but whatevs... :P00:13
kyrofaroasted, well, I work for canonical, so yeah00:19
kyrofaroasted, but even before that, yeah :)00:19
roastedkyrofa: hahahaha. imagine that.00:20
roastedkyrofa: we have a pretty large scale ubuntu deployment at work. does the job well.00:21
kyrofaroasted, oh yeah? Good to hear!00:22
roastedjust bumped everything to 16.0400:22
roastedthough nobody has gotten to use them yet00:22
roasted(summer vacation -- school district)00:22
kyrofaAh yes00:24
kyrofaPerfect time to upgrade00:24
kyrofaWhen no one can whine at the downtime00:24
roastedhopefully with something we're toying with now, the future won't have any downtime besides a reboot00:26
roasted(aside from a reboot, of course) we shall see though.00:27
frodowiztrouble building a practice tcl/tk snap. staging seems fine. all the binaries seem to be  where they should be. i am getting the error "cant find /usr/bin/tclsh even though i see it in the staging file. same with other binaries. can someone point me to documentation that answers this? ive read snapcraft.io and the whole how to build a snap series.03:55
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Guest38753hey guys, trick question. Can I install snapcraft on a chromeOS?12:30
ogra_Guest38753, i guess inside an ubuntu chroot you can12:53
Guest38753ogra_: humm, yes i guess, but that exacly what I wanted to avoid.12:55
ogra_why is that ?12:57
ogra_ypu actually want to mess up your host system with build crap and dependencies ?12:57
Guest38753well, I don't like the ideia of entering in a chroot env all the time I wanted to run a program.13:01
Guest38753perhabs I could install snap on a place like /mnt/stateful_partition/snappy13:01
Guest38753that wont change anything13:01
ogra_snapcraft installs all build deppendencies on the host ...13:01
ogra_when you use it to build snaps13:01
ogra_you really dont want that (i dont even build ubuntu packages on a plain ubuntu host ... be it snaps with snapcraft or debs ....)13:02
ogra_you are aware that snapcraft is a build tool (has nothing to do with installing or running snaps (well, you can test-run them if your system is capable))13:04
Guest38753but it's not self conteined?13:04
ogra_if you actually want snapd (the thing that installs and runs snaps) natively on chromeOS i suggest to talk to zyga during the week13:04
ogra_he does allteh ports to non ubuntu oses13:05
Guest38753I am, there is a tool that do a similar job, nix packages manager, but I had some problems using it.13:05
Guest38753hummmm. I see, Ok. I will look for him this week.13:07
ogra_he is usually around during european work hours13:07
Guest38753cool, thanks a lot.13:08
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Birchyis there a CMake script for generating snappy packages?23:10

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