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mimecaris there a mockup library for Ubuntu Touch?12:52
Mister_Qmimecar, http://design.ubuntu.com/apps13:07
mimecaryes, I know that link13:21
mimecarI want to do is create the application interface before coding, as a prototype.13:21
Mister_Qwell you could try inkscape or gimp14:43
mimecarMister_Q, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92458135/irc/Ubuntu%20Touch/Captura%20de%20pantalla%20de%202016-08-14%2018-29-08.png16:30
mimecarI'm testing it with inkscape16:30
Mister_Qcool :)16:31
mimecarI want clone my device screen on Inkscape with all the controls16:34
mimecarthen, create a SVG with all the controls and you must drag & drop in ortder to design te UI16:35
Mister_Qwell keep in mind that you cant customize everything of the ubuntu components16:43
mimecaryes, but with inkscape you can modify text of the componenents16:44
mimecarif I create components for usual actions you can adapt their to your device16:44
mimecarthis is a proof of concept: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92458135/irc/Ubuntu%20Touch/Mockup%20sample.png17:59
mimecarleft is a screenshot of my device, right y the svg version with inkscape17:59
mimecaryou can select blocks for creating the UI18:00
mimecarthey look similar, don't they?18:00
Mister_Qthey do :)18:16
mimecarscreen size is the same as E4.518:16
mimecarbut it should be reasonable add other screen resolutions18:17
mimecarother link with better versions: https://github.com/halfsail/Ubuntu-UI-Toolkit19:59

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