pavlushkaMorning everyone!04:25
NaSbPing pavlushka04:50
pavlushkaNaSb: Thanks, for keeping the promise, and keep it keeping, :p05:02
pavlushkaNaSb: as always, I am here to help whenever it is possible for me, :)05:03
NaSbAfter my MidTerm Exam I've totally lost my brain -_-05:03
pavlushkaNaSb: we have here two more Ubuntu Members, ahoneybun and wxl :)05:03
pavlushkaNaSb: that's good for a break, :p05:04
NaSbWhat's about Kilos?05:04
pavlushkaNaSb: he will join us according to his local time, UTC+2 is his local time.05:05
pavlushkaNaSb: bbl, gotta run, :), wait for Kilos to join, :)05:32
zakimorning pavlushka06:09
zakimorning Kilos :)06:11
Kilosmorning zaki and others06:11
pavlushkaMorning Kilos !06:13
* Kilos waves to pavlushka06:13
pavlushkaMorning zaki !06:14
pavlushkazaki: you noticed NaSb?06:15
KilosQA coffee on06:17
* QA starts grinding coffee06:17
zakimorning pavlushka.06:18
zakino, why?06:19
pavlushkazaki: He was here in the morning.06:19
zakioh, i wasn't here that time.06:20
pavlushkaQA coffee please06:21
QApavlushka: Sure06:21
zakiQA: coffee please06:21
QAzaki: Sure06:21
QACoffee's ready for Kilos, pavlushka and zaki!06:21
zakiQA: ty06:21
QAOnly a pleasure zaki06:21
pavlushkaQA ty06:21
QAOnly a pleasure pavlushka06:21
KilosQA  thanks06:22
QAKilos: no problemo06:22
zakipavlushka: you approved a member in our group in this morning? 06:24
pavlushkazaki: yes06:25
zakii know him, he is from here.06:25
pavlushkazaki: you mean CTG?06:26
zakiyes. i saw him twice, and helped him with something once. :D06:26
zakihe was at my office somedays ago, for his internship. 06:27
pavlushkazaki: wow, then we are getting luckier! :)06:27
zakilast time i saw him using kali/bactrack06:27
zakiand second time when i meet him, i asked about kali and he said he is using arch linux now. 06:28
pavlushkazaki: that has been build on Ubuntu core.06:28
pavlushkazaki: if he is using arch linux now, then he is learning fast, :)06:29
zakihe is from iiuc and just completed his bsc. and internship from our company. oky i will knk him 06:29
zakikali built in ubuntu core, right?06:30
pavlushkazaki: when i used its predecessor backtrack, yep that was.06:31
pavlushkaKilos: its a small circle of us, who are FB friends, with no restrictions, https://www.facebook.com/groups/767836696651246/06:34
zakisend him a frnd reqst, if i can reach him, that will be good. here in ctg not much linux user.06:35
zakipavlushka: how is Deepin os?06:37
Kiloseeek fb06:37
pavlushkaSorry zaki, Google has better idea on that.06:38
pavlushkaKilos: :)06:38
Kiloschores time06:38
Kilosbe good06:38
pavlushkaKilos: np06:39
KilosQA watch them06:39
QAOK Kilos I will keep an eye on them for you06:39
zakiwb kamrul06:43
pavlushkaoh my, I didn't noticed, Tuhin was here!!06:45
pavlushkahello kamrul !06:58
pavlushkaping Kilos !07:05
pavlushkaahoneybun: , wxl, any of you have a Telegram ID? cause I need to forward a convo with MAK on Telegram.07:10
Kilospavlushka pong08:14
ahoneybunI do11:50
ahoneybunsame name as here11:51
Kiloshes doing farm work again12:30
zakiSawubona Mhlaba!13:05
zakihi Kilos14:12
zakiwhat are you doing?14:12
Kilosjust got back from lcking up sheep zaki 14:25
Kilossawubona is hello in zulu14:26
zakiyes, learnd that from ubuntu-za.org. :D 14:26
zakiSawubona Mhlaba! > Hello World!14:27
Kilosmy site is better14:27
Kiloskeep reloading page and background photo changes14:28
ahoneybunKilos: update your copyright14:29
Kiloswhat copyright14:29
ahoneybunthe site14:30
zakinice kilos14:30
ahoneybunContents © 2015 Ubuntu Africa - Powered by Nikola14:30
Kilosoh my14:30
zakiContents © 2015 Ubuntu Africa - Powered by Nikola this part Kilos14:30
Kiloswe have a few changes that were worked on but nenver got implemented because of debconf and life14:31
Kilossuperfly is hosting it for us14:31
ahoneybunI'm hosting ours on my linode server ;P14:32
Kilosand he did most of the work14:32
Kiloshe aslo uses linode14:32
ahoneybunthey sponsor Kubuntu as well14:32
Kilosarranging debconf took lots of his time14:32
Kilosdebconf16 was here14:33
zakilinode 2gb is $10 per month.14:35
Kiloshi AudaciousTUX 14:37
zakiwb AudaciousTUX14:37
Kilosty for the heads up on the site ahoneybun 14:37
Kiloswe looking into it14:38
Kilosi need to find some indians users to join ubuntu-in and start rebuilding there before i go on holiday14:38
KilosQA seen pavlushka14:57
QAKilos: pavlushka was last seen 7 hours, 47 minutes and 21 seconds ago in #ubuntu-bd on freenode [2016-08-14 07:10:23 UTC], and has been offline on freenode since 2016-08-14 09:05:32 UTC14:57
AudaciousTUXhi all14:58
zakihello AudaciousTUX14:59
Kilosahoneybun can you do me a favour and add the za contact person Raoul Snyman (superfly) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList/Local#preview15:18
Kilosi see now our contact person isnt listed15:19
Kilosand i break wiki pages15:19
Kilosty sir15:22
zakiwelcome back kamrul15:41
Kiloshmm... kamrul is in silent mode15:45
ahoneybunyay my LoCo has a bot now15:51
zakiKilos: i put his irc client in start up app list and auto join #ubuntu-bd :p 15:52
Kilosyou also rebuilding loco15:52
Kiloswhat loco ahoneybun 15:53
Kilosi save telegram for my family only otherwise ill go mad15:53
zakikamrul:  watch  movies most of the time Kilos :D 15:53
ahoneybunwe have it for #kubuntu #kubuntu-devel and #kubuntu-offtopic15:54
ahoneybunalways connected15:54
Kilosgreat keep kubuntu flying high. its my favourite OS15:54
ahoneybunnice to know someone does15:55
Kiloszaki also does15:55
Kilosand quite a few za guys15:55
ahoneybunwe always need more testers and developers lol15:55
zakiahoneybun: i also use kubuntu. :)15:56
ahoneybunneed to get the Docs translated too15:56
zakiwb dipraw15:59
Kilosfrom what to what?15:59
ahoneybunwe only have English as I know that16:00
Kiloswell the bd guys can help with that 16:00
ahoneybunneed to set it up16:00
zakiyess. :)16:00
Kilosthey enjoy translating16:01
zakiKilos: that open food fact guy imported bangali translation from other packages so that i can translate easily.16:03
ahoneybunwhat is the language short?16:03
ahoneybunie en, es16:03
zakibn ahoneybun16:03
ahoneybungot it16:05
ahoneybunthose .po files are for translations16:07
ahoneybunlike how LP handles them I belienve16:07
zakigot ahoneybun16:08
zakigot it*16:08
* ahoneybun trys to build16:08
ahoneybunmore info http://www.sphinx-doc.org/en/stable/intl.html16:09
ahoneybunwe use sphinx for the docs16:09
diprawokay um kind of online now :/16:11
Kilosat least you are here dipraw 16:11
zakipython documentation generator. nice 16:12
diprawha ha ha16:12
diprawyeah 16:12
ahoneybunit was the best to use I think16:13
ahoneybunoutputs HTML, ePub, pdf16:14
ahoneybunlike so: http://docs.kubuntu.org/16:14
ahoneybunusing a theme from bootstrap of course16:15
zakibootstrap make them responsive. yea.16:16
ahoneybunand mobile friendly16:16
zakisee you guys later, time to go home,  bbl16:19
Kilosgo well16:19
* ahoneybun fixes why he can't build pdf's16:20
ahoneybunfound it16:22
ahoneybungood thing I made branches lol16:29
ahoneybunand we have a pdf16:30
pavlushkaHello every one!16:43
pavlushkaHello dipraw , :)16:43
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: hellu, :p16:43
pavlushkaSorry for not being available, I was working as a support electrician for the construction crews we hired.16:45
pavlushkaand one of our pigeons got sick, so I need to take it to the hospital, :(16:45
pavlushkaand some other errands, even being a little sick, :(16:47
AudaciousTUXhellu pavlushka 16:49
pavlushkaHello kamrul 16:50
pavlushkastill I have to feed meds to our ducks and fowls and pigeons now, :|16:51
pavlushkaI go eat, bbl, ;)16:53
diprawhello brother pavlushka 16:55
diprawi just had my dinner16:55
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
Kilosnight guys. ill be here late again tomorrow18:12
Kilossleep tight18:12
pavlushkanight Kilos !18:12
pavlushkaGood night guys, I am a hell of a tired, :)18:41
zakihello everyone. 18:55
zakihi codeur18:56
zakiwelcome juffree20:25
zakijuffree: where are you from? 20:27
zakiQA: coffee on20:43
* QA puts the kettle on20:43
QACoffee's ready for zaki!20:47
zakiQA: ty20:51
QAOnly a pleasure zaki20:51
zakiQA: rusks please20:51
QAHelp yourself zaki There are 2 boxes on top of the fridge :)20:51
zakiQA: thank you20:52
QAzaki: my pleasure20:52
zakiQA: botsnack20:53
QAzaki: botsnack is :-) <320:53
zakiQA: tell pavlushaka to have a look at it https://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new21:05
QAzaki: I don't know who pavlushaka is. Say 'pavlushaka on freenode' and I'll take your word that pavlushaka exists21:05
zakiQA: tell pavlushka to have a look at it https://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new21:05
QAzaki: Righto, I'll tell pavlushka on freenode21:05
zakiQA: ty21:05
QAOnly a pleasure zaki21:05
zakigood night all21:44

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