tgm4883Are packages released from yakkety-proposed automatically? I uploaded 2 packages a few days ago and 1 is still sitting in proposed00:37
tgm4883or at least it's not showing updated on packages.ubuntu.com00:38
jbichatgm4883: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ProposedMigration01:45
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jbichatgm4883: did you look at the update excuses page?02:00
tgm4883jbicha: thanks02:01
jbichado you see the unsatisfiable depends?02:01
tgm4883jbicha: no, is there another page I should be looking at?02:02
tgm4883Some status page for each package maybe?02:03
tgm4883jbicha: I don't see my package on there, although my phone doesn't really like that page. I'm assuming it's in alphabetical order02:07
jbichatgm4883: oh it's a very large page, here's an excerpt: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/408096/raw/02:09
tgm4883jbicha: thanks. Not sure why that can't be satisfiable02:12
jbichamythbuntu-bare is in universe but mythtv-common is in multiverse02:12
jbichayou'll need to file a bug against mythbuntu-bare asking for it to be moved to multiverse and subscribe ~ubuntu-archive02:13
tgm4883jbicha: still not 100% sure why that is though. Wouldn't that have been an issue when they were first uploaded?02:14
jbichaI'm guessing Ubuntu didn't have an automated check for that then02:15
jbichaI have 2 mythbuntu related merge proposals02:15
tgm4883I can take a look at those of superm1 isn't around02:16
jbichaI'm not sure about the gconf one, see the attached bug for it02:17
tgm4883jbicha: if I'm reading that correctly, you're setting a new way to not pop up the update notifier dialog?02:20
tgm4883ah ok, just read the bug report02:21
jbichaI'm not sure what that does since I didn't test it, but what you have now doesn't work at all02:21
tgm4883jbicha: for this other one, is there any way to merge from this page?02:22
tgm4883Or do I need to checkout/merge/push02:22
jbichayou have to use bzr02:23
tgm4883jbicha: ok02:24
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