mate|8008When I had some problems with it, I tried to re-install Ubuntu Mate on my Dell desktop. Installed beautifully. But now I can't update it, by any method.  Apt-get just stops. 30 hours later, does anyone have the solution?02:41
ouroumovhi mate|800802:43
ouroumovmate|8008, can you provide the output of the terminal command: sudo apt update02:43
ouroumovmate|8008, by provide I mean copy output on pastebin.com02:45
mate|8008Not sure about pastebin ?? But I'll hurry and try.02:46
mate|8008It's short. This is what I get:02:48
mate|8008XPS-8700:~$ sudo apt update02:49
mate|80080% [Connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1562::16)] [Connecting to security.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1562::19)]02:49
ouroumovThat's all?02:49
ouroumovI think you might have the same kind of problems with IPv4 fallback I had a while back02:50
ouroumovHang on a sec02:50
ouroumovSee this thread: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/system-with-static-ip-address-started-using-ipv6-firefox-wget-server-not-found/7665/1002:51
ouroumovAre you on a coprorate net?02:52
ouroumovcorporate *02:52
mate|8008No. I'm an old fart (76) still trying to figure out life, love, and the universe :)02:54
ouroumovDo you use static addressing or DHCP ?02:55
mate|8008I couldn't navigate to the page you sent. Says page doesn't exist. But I'm on your side. Let's find the purloined page!02:56
ouroumovmate|8008, this looks a lot like the problem I had02:56
ouroumovmate|8008, are you OK with disabling IPv6 ?02:57
mate|8008DHCP, I think. Cox cable.02:57
mate|8008Didn't know I had an IPv6. I'll disable my wheelchair if it gets this fixed.02:58
ouroumovOk, open a terminal using CTRL+ALT+T02:58
ouroumovThen type the command: sudo pluma /etc/sysctl.conf02:59
mate|8008I have at least four other computers (which have Ubuntu-Mate on them) and they're all working fine. Just this one I reinstalled.02:59
ouroumovIt'll require you to type your password, you won't get stars echoed back to you when you do02:59
ouroumovThen add these three lines at the end of the file:03:00
ouroumovnet.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 103:00
ouroumovnet.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6 = 103:00
ouroumovnet.ipv6.conf.lo.disable_ipv6 = 103:00
ouroumovSave the file, close it, then run: sudo sysctl -p03:00
mate|8008Oookay! That was cool. Don't know if it made it work, but it was cool to do what you said to do.03:02
ouroumovNext reboot and see if things are better03:03
ouroumovAnd please come back here afterwards03:04
mate|8008Oops. Sorry. Got ahead of myself. I didn't reboot but I ran the command 'sudo apt update' and got a good response. I have to re-enenable a repo now.03:04
mate|8008Oh, Oh,BTW, this is the first time I've used IRC. Thanks for letting me fumble around.03:05
ouroumovcan you please also give me the output of: inxi -N03:05
ouroumovmate|8008, no problem03:05
mate|8008XPS-8700:~$ inxi -N03:07
mate|8008Network: Card-1: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller driver: r816903:07
mate|8008Card-2: Broadcom BCM43142 802.11b/g/n driver: wl03:07
mate|8008Card-3: Ralink RT5372 Wireless Adapter driver: rt2800usb03:07
mate|8008Sir, it works!  That's amazing that you could just pull that out of your memory and be right on the money. I thank you with all me heart.03:10
ouroumovIt was more of a shot in the dark03:10
ouroumovAs I was saying, I had that same problem with IPv6 fallback less than a month ago03:11
mate|8008I think I'll copy this page and frame it and put it on the wall. The world is good, life is good, and people like you are amazing.03:11
ouroumovmate|8008, can you read that thread for earlier and post your machine specs?03:11
mate|8008What is IPv6, and what does it do?03:11
ouroumovWell Internet is the network, IPv4 is an addressing convention for finding machines on the Internet03:12
ouroumovIPv4 is the currently used convention, but because the number of devices connected is shooting through the roof, it won't be possible to keep using v4 soon (not enough address space) so people came up with IPv603:13
ouroumovAnyway, if you have the time please post the output of "inxi -ACDSMNGI" on this page: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/system-with-static-ip-address-started-using-ipv6-firefox-wget-server-not-found/766503:14
mate|8008I see. I want to give you what you asked for but I'm not sure where to find my machine's specs. I sort of know, but with your precise way of observing things, I don't want to give you something useless.03:14
ouroumovThe "inxi" command gathers the machine specs: inxi -ACDSMNGI03:15
mate|8008Thank you.03:15
mate|8008Wow. It's all there. I'll try to do as you request, sir. It may take a while to do so, because I need this machine to work. I'm wheelchair-bound and this one is the one I use to escape my wife's fixation with all things political, on the TV :)03:18
mate|8008I'd feel like a real jerk if I  didn't say thank you again. And thanks to the community for being patient with me as well.03:20
ouroumovNo problem, thanks you for staying around long enough to get an an answer.03:20
ouroumovUsually people come, ask a question and disconnect 30 seconds later03:21
mate|8008I have to go to the VA for health care. I know what waiting is. This wasn't waiting. It was time enough to get the back of my shirt collar back down to the level of my neck. I was so tense, my shirt was forming a tent over my head.03:23
mate|8008Been using Ubuntu since literally the day it was released. After all these years, I still love not knowing what I'm doing, but having it work anyhow.03:28
ouroumovI've been using Ubuntu for ~6 Years only. I've never been tempted to go back to something else.03:29
mate|8008Nor have I. I write and edit  a LOT. Ubuntu is my platform. We don't have a lot of money to spend on Windows stuff, then having to shore up Windows with more expensive programs. I donate when I can. My wife has written and sold three novels on Ubuntu. We're from the Fifties, where it was good to be hopeful and to think of the future as a wonderful03:35
mate|8008place. We made it to 2016 and are sorry so many people are angry with each other. YOU have just shown the best of humanity, our hopes come to pass. I absolutely think either or both Linux and the Open Source communities should be nominated for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. The world community builds and maintains excellence, for FREE.03:35
White_Lightouroumov, were you thinking mate|8008 should run "apt -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true update"03:58
ouroumovWhite_Light, didn't know that command04:19
ouroumovthanks for the tip04:19
ouroumovIt would only have fixed part of the problem though04:20
White_LightI didn't read all of it, what other issues was he encountering?04:20
ouroumovWhite_Light, couldn't load web pages04:48
ouroumovMost likely same root cause05:09
ouroumovSpaceX Launch in < 10m05:17
milesgWhat is UBuntu MATE best for?05:44
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talk2junior-ubunHello Room22:20
talk2junior-ubunCrazy question for the group but does it matter which version of Ubuntu you use as it relates to learning Linux OS?22:21
pavlosnot really22:23
talk2junior-ubunI've played with Ubuntu LTS, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu Mate and Mint. All have their differences but each seem run smoother than others. Which would be the best for learning Linux for work-life applications?22:27
talk2junior-ubunI'm currently schooling for computer programming and was told to learn Linux.22:29
talk2junior-ubunNight room. Thanks for the input pavlos22:34

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