wolflarsonhello I seem to have some issues updating my ubuntu 16.04 home server02:45
wolflarsonI get 404 for every package I try to download02:45
wolflarsonthey seem to try to pull down 16.04.1 packages and only 16.04.2 are in the repo?02:46
wolflarsonanyone have thoughts?03:23
tarpmanwolflarson: since 'apt update' isn't completing successfully, it05:48
tarpmanwolflarson: might not be updating your sources properly... I'd disable the ppa it's complaining about and try to get a clean 'apt update' run05:48
tarpmanwolflarson: any chance there is a cache or proxy in between you and us.archive.ubuntu.com right now that might return stale package lists? spot checking a couple of the packages from your paste, that server does seem to have the correct package lists and contents right now05:51
sinamalekiHi all .12:18
sinamaleki have 8 HP DL380 G9 servers with a cisco 2960X switch for deploying ubuntu openstack .  I had install the MAAS via this command " Code:  sudo apt install maas12:19
sinamalekiand allthings goes fine . then I add images from images section and I change the private network in cluster to manage DHCP and DNS . the gateway of the private network is the MAAS IP . then I add sshkey to maas and i power on 7 servers . MAAS detected the hardware and networks . So i do a commision . after that in every node I add bond .  the bond modes are balance-alb which there isnt any requirements at switch .12:19
sinamalekieach server have 1 bond that the interfaces are eth0 eth1 eth2 and these 3 physical nodes are the same VLAN in switch . and eth3 is the public network .  after that I use openstack-install command and allthing goes fine and landscape installed successfuly . after logging in to landscape I do an openstack install .  But some servers stucks at Bootstrap juju environment on .12:19
sinamalekiI do openstack install from landscape severals and all times servers hangs on bootsrap juju environment . so there isnt server problem and hardware issues cause installing cloud will be stucks on servers randomly .12:19
sinamalekiSo I do a login to console of servers that hangs and all of them hangs at "DHCPRELEASe" that I put the screenshot here .  I will attach the logs here too . so if anyone can help me to solve this issue its will be perfect .  here is the logs that landscape generated :  Thanks12:19
sinamalekianyone can help ?12:19
geekerhey everyone12:47
geekerI have a question about openstack, anyone here with knowledge about that >?12:48
geekerhello repox12:54
friendlyguyhi there! i am currently trying to figure out what the equivalents of this: libfontconfig, libSM, libICE, libXrender, libXext, libXinerama are on ubuntu13:06
guillaume____hello, i have a permission problem, i'm sure it will seem easy but i can't figure it out13:27
guillaume____user alloxrinfo and server www-data, added alloxrinfo to group www-data so that it can have write access on www-data created files except the www-data script i'm using is creating www-data:www-data files with 0644 so only the owner has write access13:27
temmi_hooumask is 022, try setting umask to 00213:29
guillaume____on the whole directory you mean ?13:30
guillaume____i just want new files in that folder to be 775, even when created by www-data to be 77713:33
temmi_hooumask sets the mode for new files and isn't really related to the folder mode13:57
temmi_hooalso, unless you wish to execute the files, setting the x-bit makes little sense13:57
temmi_hooin the script there's a way to set umask depending on the language, you might need to set it for each time you open() a file for writing13:58
temmi_hoohttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umask  <-- this article has discussion on the subject13:59
temmi_hooso anyway the umask might possibly be set in the running environment of the script, before the script is fired up (this depends highly on how the script is started but may be the easiest way as does not require script modification)14:00
tomreynI'm trying to pinpoint a networking issue on a newly setup 16.04.1 server15:47
tomreynwhenever i try to restart networking, ifup fails with "RTNETLINK answers: File exists"15:48
tomreyni assume this is not normally to be expected?15:48
tomreynxx and yy are manual redaction i made before posting iot to the pastebin.15:49
RoyKtomreyn: there's a 'gateway' keyword for that15:59
RoyKtomreyn: and the gateway you seem to specify looks more like a broadcast address15:59
tomreynRoyK: the configuration is special, but pretty much 'copied' from: http://docs.ovh.ca/en/guides-network-ipv6.html#synopsis16:00
tomreyn(that's where the server is hosted)16:00
RoyKsomeone should steal whatever they put in their tobacco16:03
wolflarsontarpman: I removed all of the ppas and still have the issue. I do have a squid proxy on the network but I disabled that and still have the issue.16:49
tewardwolflarson: did you run `apt-get update` still?16:50
tewardwith the PPAs and such disabled16:50
wolflarsonalso cleared apt chache16:54
wolflarsonno effect16:54
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conrmahrIs anyone here to chat ZFS?19:19
dasjoeconrmahr: we're in #zfsonlinux and #zfs and #openzfs and #illumos and so on21:46

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