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kajoverhey, any new ubuntu touch phones coming out?09:59
gihelno plan from BQ, so far10:01
gihelthey're still selling the tablet, there's hope10:02
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kajoverI think ubuntu phones have a real chance in autumn/winter. the iphone is going to be mediocre, windows phones don't exist, sailfish is more or less gone.. google will release its new phones and who knows what fuchsia is. other then that i know of a lot of people switching from windows10 to linux (ubuntu) and they are looking at phones10:05
kajoverthe only issue i see is that there is no connecting part... where do i store my pics in the cloud? nope, no ubuntu one. where is the watch? you have pebble, but yeah10:06
gihelyou can use web services10:07
kajoverand that ubuntu touch is slow and the design is a bit.. yeah. well long story short... we need more ubuntu touch phones.. maybe nokia will start doing something useful and release their phones with meego(sailfish) or ubuntu touch. would buy one in a heart beat10:07
kajoveryes web services, but my friends are switching from windows and google because they want their pics to be encrypted, private, secure, etc10:08
gihelnokia ?? you mean the company owned by microsoft ? :)10:08
kajovernokia is an independent company, currently licensing the brand name to chinese enterprises that put android on their chinese phones10:09
kajover*nothing against chinese phones, i just meant it is not nokia nokia10:09
gihelok, the *new* nokia10:09
kajoverright now, the only more or less trustworthy phone maker that gets the "convergence" right is apple10:10
kajoverah and i forgot plasma mobile ;) but still without hardware it is just a concept10:11
gihelif you have something to keep secure and private, I would tell you not to put it in the cloud10:11
gihelnokia story reminds me Amiga... the brand still exists, they were selling regular PC few years ago10:17
giheli'm not sure an empty shell could live loung enough10:17
kajoverubuntu could do their own phones and skip the android package, maybe that would help. right now they move to Android 6.0 Marshmallow BSP (Board Support Package) with OTA1310:23
kajovermaybe even their own notebooks, that would be crazy10:24
kajoveropen source hardware of course.. one can dream :P10:24
giheli vote for it :)10:46
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david89Can I develop for the Ubuntu Touch tablet from something different than Ubuntu?16:12
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stakewinner00david89, I think that if you use a debian it is easy to do that.16:20
javier4_my device is 64 bit, and my makefile for kernel image doesn't inlcude zImage target. This makes ubuntu build fails. I tried to replicate the arch/arm/ behavioue inside arch/arm64/, but I have problem with the files I copied from/to kernel-310/arch/arm64/boot/compressed/. Should I make Ubuntu accept an uncompressed kernel image?16:22
gb_mksI´m trying to install ubuntu-sdk in Trisquel 7.0 (ubuntu 14.04 without the privative blobs) but I´m having some issues related with this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/schroot/+bug/147868416:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1398569 in schroot (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1478684 overlayfs: handle v3.18 overlay union type" [Medium,Fix released]16:23
ganeshi4uhi I have just now finished building Ubuntu touch for my device and have the three image files but it seems like to flash we have to make a roofs image but i don't know how to do that and didn't find any proper guide. Can anyone tell me the steps or point to a proper guide for making rootfs  image16:24
NeKitganeshi4u, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubports-developers/portcraft/trunk/view/head:/portcraft/flash.py16:34
NeKituse this as reference in the worst case16:34
ganeshi4uNeKit: what does this script to and how can I use it? should I give my system.img as a argument to this script!!16:40
NeKitI don't think the script is working, but look at what it does and you can do this manually16:43
NeKit(it creates ubuntu.img in /data, formats it to ext4, mounts as loop, extracts Ubuntu rootfs, creates some folders and copies system.img to /var/lib/lxc/android)16:45
gb_mksdo you know how to change schroot version from 1.6.8 to 1.6.10 in Trisquel 7.0?16:45
gb_mks(Trisquel 7.0 = Ubuntu 14.04 - privative blobs)16:46
ganeshi4uNeKit: thanks, I'll try it out now16:46
NeKitganeshi4u, rootstock-touch-install may also work in theory - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ogra/project-rootstock-ng/trunk/view/head:/rootstock-touch-install16:55
ganeshi4uNeKit: but i think rootstock-touch-install needs a prebuilt roofs image which it uses to repack our system.img and I can't download a roofs image from anywhere and the link in Ubuntu porting guide is dead16:58
ganeshi4uNeKit: I have found a prebuilt roofs image but it is named yakkety-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz can i use this one?17:12
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NeKitganeshi4u, use vivid for now, I think17:59
ganeshi4uNeKit: but vivid has been removed from the site and I can't find it anywhere18:09
ganeshi4uNeKit: thanks man 😃 is the yakkety still under development??18:14
NeKitI think OTA13 will switch to xenial, not yaketty18:15
ganeshi4uok but i have seen daily builds for nexus devices name gallery and looks like they are moving to yakkety18:20
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javier4_guys, my device is arm64, and the makefile for that arch in kernel 3.10 doesn't offer zImage target. Can I use uncompressed image for Ubuntu? And how?20:40
javier4_is external/openssl/ from an android tree needed to build UbuntuTouch?22:50
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