brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:22
mylesHi there wondering if anyone can give me a little with a systemd related issue?13:03
penguin42only if you ask13:03
myleshaha thanks....so avery time i issue the systemd command i get the follow,...Trying to run as user instance, but $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set.13:04
penguin42myles: It's rare to actually run the systemd command - if you're trying to modify something you normally run the systemctl command13:06
mylespenguin42: Thanks for that, Ive never actually used systemd so just trying to get to grips with it a bit. the systemctl command seem to execute with no issues so ill work from there :)13:08
penguin42myles: Yep it's mostly you use that to control it - e.g. systemctl restart foo13:08
mylespenguin42: That makes sense now that you say it. Thanks for putting me on the right track!13:09
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diddledanwatching a new series on amazon - game of silence - pretty intriguing18:52
diddledandon't you love when you cough so hard that you fart?19:09
diddledanit's mostly the feeling of relief when you realise you haven't followed-through19:10
daftykinsafter further testing today, some ALSA buffering numbers is all it took to calm my Onkyo down, my my19:25
daftykinsnow i have £60 of DAC and case and so on ordered that i don't need...19:25
daftykinsdiddledan: a mate has had two post-shower sneezes that have resulted in the follow through, followed by rapid second showers and laundry duty ;)19:26
diddledanbuffering: s/f/g/19:29
diddledanALSA buffering sounds nasty19:29
daftykinsin a way i'm pleased, but having already ordered kit it's kind of a pain it hasn't played up again XD19:30
daftykinsi didn't really believe that forum thread i linked you to would be of any use19:32
m6lpievening all20:16
m6lpiI have a 16.04 server20:16
m6lpithere's a service that looks like it's not starting an init script on boot20:17
daftykinssounds normal, since 16.04 doesn't use init ;D20:17
m6lpican I safely symlink the script in to the appropriate /etc/rcX.d dir ?20:17
m6lpiso, how do I make it fire on boot ?20:18
daftykinsfirst off, what are you talking about? you don't ask for advice without details20:18
m6lpiif, after it boots, I ssh in and manually poke the init script it works just fine20:20
daftykinsi suspect you could have found a better way to install it to begin with if it isn't behaving properly20:20
m6lpiI used their install system20:21
m6lpimight just be easier to add it to rc.local20:22
daftykinsstrikes me as a mistaken approach20:24
m6lpisure, I am open to the idea of doing it right though20:24
Nokajiprior to upgrade (14.04~16.04) gedit used to have tab buttons for stuff like copy and paste - can I get this back?20:34
daftykinslike a toolbar?20:36
daftykinsask in #ubuntu20:36
Nokajihmh, ... i need to install older version - solved20:38
* diddledan twirls the tassles20:57
daftykinsold girl trying to line me up with a smashed iPhone 6 job o022:10
daftykinsnot sure ;) kinda more trouble than they're worth really22:11
daftykinsespecially when you consider the typical iPhone owner...22:11
daftykinsaverage, i should say22:11
* diddledan hides his ipwn22:13
daftykinsD: why would you do that to yourself? :P22:13
diddledanI believe it's called penance22:13
zmoylan-piyou have to use some horrible tech just so you can spot great tech when you find it...22:15
diddledanis that like a diamond in the rough?22:15
zmoylan-pii thought the new iphones were a mass of glue that made unauthorised repairs... complicated?22:19
daftykinsnope even easier than older ones22:20
daftykinswell for the display etc22:21
zmoylan-piwell i kinda guess that's the one bit that's replaced the most...22:21
daftykinsi hear the components on the motherboard are glued a fair chunk22:22
daftykinsin a repair video i saw, the lady had to scrape away at the PCB to get in and under before popping a couple of resistors off22:22
zmoylan-pii watch people using devices in public and the amount of broken screens i see still in use amuses me22:23
daftykinsit's amazing the low standards yeah, seems to me they can't get by for 5 minutes without them even if they did know someone that can fix it22:23
daftykinsi've got some spare phones here but they won't have the right SIM size to even offer as a loaner22:24
zmoylan-piand i am detecting a small increase of dumb phones in use... it's weird that they are ancient compared to the new dumbphones still been sold...22:25
daftykinsmust be things folks still have in a cupboard somewhere22:25
daftykinsif it weren't for the fact the batteries are probably shot, i'd bet many would consider going back22:26
zmoylan-pithat would be my guess... people with pre smartphone nokias instead of the newer variants... and in some cases i see them using the nokias after putting away smartphone22:26
zmoylan-pii suspect some of the nokias are still working on their original charge... :-)22:26
zmoylan-pii have used one nokia for 3 days in airplane mode when it had been left switched off and left 18 months after it's last charge...22:27
daftykinserr what use is a nokia in airplane mode XD22:28
zmoylan-pii was in hospital and they had me in room with no access to power points for android phone or my iphone.  so i powered them down except for 1 hour a day to deal with sms and used nokia e61 as ereader and mp3 player22:29
zmoylan-piand games22:29
daftykinsi'd have preferred a crossword22:30
daftykinsor a printed book :P22:30
zmoylan-piwell i had sodoku and boggle as games...22:30
daftykinsmy hospitals wifi was all super locked down, i couldn't RDP home or even IRC22:31
zmoylan-pithis was pre hospital having wifi for patients...22:31
daftykinsyou've got to wonder now really with what folks use it for, i keep hearing from mates that they use netflix etc. in hotels22:32
zmoylan-pinow my dumb nokia asha 302 does irc, email, web, rss, ereader, games, twitter.  not prettily but well enough and not have to worry about battery22:32
daftykinsi'd feel that were a bit immoral because you'd probably be screwing everyone else over with the bandwidth if it's a bad setup22:32
zmoylan-piyeah, 1 person viewing netflix is selfish, ditto any form of video or streaming22:33
zmoylan-piunless the setup is incredible but how often does that happen?22:33
daftykinsnot something i would do in a hotel22:34
zmoylan-pioh and also the 302 does mp3s and radio...22:34
* zmoylan-pi pats the 302. thought i had lost it over the weekend when it fell out my pocket and got crunched under a car seat... nary a scratch22:34
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