UbuntuFL_tgBot<ahoneybun> test14:47
UbuntuFL_tgBot<ahoneybun> hey it works!14:47
UbuntuFL-tgBotNo chat_id set! Add me to a Telegram group and say hi so I can find your group's chat_id!15:06
UbuntuFL-tgBotUbuntuFL_bot was removed by: ahoneybun15:06
UbuntuFL-tgBotUbuntuFL_bot was added by: ahoneybun15:06
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> @UbuntuFL_bot15:06
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> Yea I got that now15:06
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> @km15:06
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> @KMyers this bot reports to IRC from telegram15:07
ahoneybunand to telegram from IRC15:07
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> :)15:07
ahoneybunmhall119: ping15:08
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> @KMyers think the bot will help?15:50
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> https://twitter.com/usbfl/status/76463168207481651315:54
Kilosgreetings everyone15:55
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> heyo Kilos15:55
Kilosyou communicate via the bot?15:57
ahoneybunonly when we are on telegram15:57
Kilosoh cool15:57
ahoneybunI just set it up now15:57
Kilosfrom what to what?16:00
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> \n /me tries things18:25
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> <br> /me tries things18:25
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> Trying to break the not?18:25
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> *bot18:25
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> \0A /me tries things18:25
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> @AdamOutler is hacking again18:25
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> :D18:25
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> \x0A /me tries things18:26
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> I can't see the other chat.  Is it working?18:26
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> I never log into IRC18:26
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> Your always are18:27
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> I was hoping to see an announcement from bot that he tries things in the other chat.18:27
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> Its workinf18:28
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> he did a |/me" command?18:28
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> "/me"?18:28
ahoneybun \n /me tries things18:28
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> because the next step is to /kick or /leave, which I wouldn't do.18:29
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> You have no power in the channel though18:29
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> ok.18:29
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> Funny that one did not go though18:30
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> maybe he's blacklisted certain commands, which is good.18:30
UbuntuFL-tgBot* ahoneybun test18:30
UbuntuFL-tgBot* ahoneybun goes though18:30
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> ok. so there's no way to /kline him.18:31
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> I just coded up some switches for around my house  https://github.com/adamoutler/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/devicetypes/adamoutler/lightify-dimming-switch-zigbee.src/lightify-dimming-switch-zigbee.groovy18:33
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> It's about darn time I finished these.  This code runs on 8 different switches in my house.18:33
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> I should have known you would try to break it18:33
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> Of course, I try to break everything.  It's what I do.18:34
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> This will hopefully make the group more reacheble18:35
UbuntuFL-tgBot<Ivoriesablaze> Have you not seen his job description?18:35
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> The not?18:36
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> Oh Adam18:36
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> Yeah?18:37
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> I meant to add to what @Ivoriesablaze said18:38
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> Oh, yeah.  I'm a Senior Embedded System Security Engineer II.  I break things for a living.18:38
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Ha, at least you dont have a made-up title18:39
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> What do you have?18:39
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Senior Technical Engineer - Basically it means I do it all18:40
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> heh.  So who has the made up title?18:40
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Me18:40
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> XD18:41
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> It sounds official.18:41
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> I run the Research and Development department and a few backend systems. I am also a SPOF 6 years running18:41
UbuntuFL-tgBot<Ivoriesablaze> Going live in a couple minutes http://bit.ly/Ivories18:51
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> how can I edit the startup applications in Unity/GNOME from cli?18:55
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Just add a shortcut to the application in ~/.config/autostart/18:56
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> well I had it in that and need to stop it18:56
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> Mycroft issue18:57
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Oh, in your case it would be a bit different as you are running it in headless mode (i assume)18:57
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> yea trying to vnc into it18:57
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> since Unity is still running anyway18:57
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Then your best bet would be to set it as an init.d script18:59
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> One moment so I can find a tutorial for you18:59
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> the point it that I need to end one18:59
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> http://tempvariable.blogspot.com/2009/07/how-to-add-program-to-run-at-startup-in.html18:59
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> stop the current way18:59
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> first18:59
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Oh, then you need to find the process ID (ps -aux) and kill it19:00
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> but it would just start again on reboot19:00
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Then remove the application from the startup19:00
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> that's the issue!19:00
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> it's headless19:00
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> no GUI19:00
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Then it is likely an init.d script19:01
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> cd into /etc/init.d/ and try to find it19:01
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Then do a sudo chmod -x NameOfApplication19:01
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> don;t see it19:02
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> then do a sudo update-rc.d -f NameOfApplication remove19:02
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> What is the output of initctl list19:03
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> it's in .config/autostart19:04
UbuntuFL-tgBot<RazPi> My tamagotchi got dysentery19:04
UbuntuFL-tgBot<RazPi> http://aralai.net/misc/tamagotchi.png19:04
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> The simply move the item in .config/autostart to somewhere else19:05
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> I removed it19:05
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> @RazPi - That is scary19:05
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> going to do it a better way19:05
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> @KMyers what is the better way?19:07
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Init scripts19:07
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> http://tempvariable.blogspot.com/2009/07/how-to-add-program-to-run-at-startup-in.html19:07
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> got it19:07
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> insserv: warning: script 'mycroft' missing LSB tags and overrides19:15
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> You should be fine19:16
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23056365/19:17
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> @KMyers19:17
UbuntuFL-tgBot<SivaMachina> http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/08/seagate-unveils-60tb-ssd-the-worlds-largest-hard-drive/20:19
UbuntuFL-tgBot<SivaMachina> @ahoneybun, the fuck? I thought distrowatch defaulted to https20:20
UbuntuFL-tgBot<SivaMachina> http://arstechnica.co.uk/information-technology/2016/08/chrome-starts-retiring-flash-in-favour-of-html5/20:57
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> @Km21:02
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> @KMyers we are heading out at 7pm to Pembroke Pines City Center to walk around and catch pokemans. You want to come?21:02
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> I think I will have to pass today, Family just came into town21:03
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> Ok.  Cool.  Next time then.  We usually go out sometime during the week.21:03
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> What time?21:13
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> At around 7 we are leaving.21:13
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> so 7:30 ish21:13
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> You want to come @ahoneybun?  My car is full.21:13
UbuntuFL-tgBot<Ivoriesablaze> So... My stream was empty again21:15
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> Thinking about it21:19
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> @AdamOutler21:19
UbuntuFL-tgBot<AdamOutler> Cool.  We're just going to go to the Pembroke Pines city center at around 1930 and catch some Pokemon.21:20
UbuntuFL-tgBot<Ivoriesablaze> Never mind, I'll stop bringing it up in here21:25
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> Sorry @Ivoriesablaze - been busy today21:26
UbuntuFL-tgBot<KMyers> *this week21:26
UbuntuFL-tgBot* ahoneybun wonders where @AdamOutler is talking about23:12
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> mm23:55
UbuntuFL-tgBot<ahoneybun> @AdamOutler address?23:56

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