Kilosmorning superfly theblazehen inetpro and other lurkers06:14
superflyhi Kilos06:14
superflyhope your weather is nicer than ours06:15
superflyit's cold and raining here06:15
superflyhad quite the downpour last night06:15
Kilossun shining yes but still cold06:15
Kilosyeah i saw the weather report06:15
Kilosthats a crazy place06:15
superflyyes, so crazy we never have a "yellow" season :P06:18
Kilosall good there superfly ?06:19
superflyKilos: for the most part06:19
pavlushkaahoy ZA!06:20
superflyjust cold06:21
superflyhi pavlushka06:21
pavlushkaHi superfly !06:22
pavlushkaHappy Sunday morning superfly !06:23
Kiloshi magespawn 06:38
Kilosi go do chores06:38
magespawngood morning 06:41
magespawnHi Kilos 06:41
pavlushkamagespawn: getting idea of that phenomenon is very handy, :)06:55
pavlushkamagespawn: and good morning, :)06:56
magespawnhi pavlushka 06:57
magespawnyes there are various apps that do it but this one look liks it might have a slightly more scientific background06:59
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Kilosinernet ok today09:52
ra1v3nHello Kilos 09:54
Kiloshi ra1v3n 09:54
magespawnKilos have you tried the command line speedtest?10:53
SymmetriaLOL 11:12
SymmetriaI was wondering why my speedtests were sucking so bad11:12
Symmetriathen I realised I was testing over my wireless11:12
Kilosnope magespawn 11:13
SymmetriaHosted by Zuku (Nairobi) [1698.96 km]: 3.077 ms11:18
SymmetriaTesting download speed........................................11:18
SymmetriaDownload: 905.09 Mbit/s11:18
SymmetriaTesting upload speed..................................................11:18
SymmetriaUpload: 248.72 Mbit/s11:18
magespawnupload a bit slow11:30
Symmetriayeah I dunno wtf is with that 11:43
magespawniassumed it would be synchronous11:53
Symmetriamagespawn heh, probably the link to that particular provider running a little hot12:30
magespawnhometime for me, chat later all13:10
Kilossuperfly when you have some time will you look at the things to be merged on africa site please14:33
superflyKilos: I had a look a while back, I commented, and nothing happened. Have people fixed their stuff and reproposed their merges?14:34
Kilosand update the copyrite thing ahoneybun said we must do14:34
KilosContents © 2015 Ubuntu Africa - Powered by Nikola14:35
Kilosi didnt see if chesedo got to it14:35
Kilosill catch him and query ty fly14:35
KilosMaaz ask chesedo have you seen the flies comments on the africa upgrades14:37
MaazKilos: Sure, I'll ask chesedo on freenode14:37
ra1v3nhello All15:24
Kiloshi ra1v3n 15:24
ra1v3nHello Kilos 15:24
ra1v3nHow are you This Sunday15:24
Kilosok ty and you lad?15:24
ra1v3nim alryt15:28
* paddatrapper peaks round the door16:11
Kilosohi paddatrapper 16:11
paddatrapperHey Kilos16:12
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Kilosnight all. sleep tight. pension app again tomorrow18:12
nsnzeronight kilos - i just got here 18:13
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ra1v3ngnyt all18:55
superflyhi paddatrapper19:13
paddatrapperHey superfly. How are you doing? 19:52
superflyI'm OK thanks. A bit cold, and finally getting over this throat infection.19:57
superflypaddatrapper: how was your weekend?19:57
paddatrapperThat's good to hear! It was great fun. Fritz says hi 19:58
superflyOh, were you on one of the Y's camps?20:08
paddatrappersuperfly: yeah it was ESC 20:52
paddatrapperAnd I still don't know what that stands for... 20:52
superflyah yes, ESC... good times20:52
paddatrapperI pretty much ran sound the whole weekend :D20:52
superflythat's what you get!20:53
superflysound boy20:53
paddatrapperThat would be me! 20:55
superflyright, bed time for me. night all.21:04
theblazehenDifference between a script kiddie and, not exactly someone who knows what they're doing, but better than skiddie is if they tell sqlmap "here's the url. Break it.", or if they get very basic inkection and tell sqlmap to have fun23:17

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