CyberDemsthink I found it :] seems this distro renamed udevadm to udevadm.upgrade and replaced the original with this script, because it was intended for chroot only00:01
=== superuser is now known as c4ptnh0wdy
c4ptnh0wdyhey can someone help me on how to create a folder within ~/Downloads/ i tried to go to the folder i want to create folder in and typed in "mk ./lpthw/" and "mk /lpthw/" then tried "mk --help" and "mk -man" which neither existed. PS: is there a site that offers this info up? i know a handful of necessary commands within the terminal and im learning python scripting but can (obviously) use a website that could help me to learn the00:11
c4ptnh0wdyBASH commands on a linux dist running unity/debian00:11
tgm4883c4ptnh0wdy: to make a dir, you want mkdir00:12
c4ptnh0wdyoh ok, let me try that..thank you00:12
G3ntLm1man something00:13
MonkeyDustc4ptnh0wdy  start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:14
c4ptnh0wdyMonkeyDust: ty00:14
JohnnyMondayCool celebrity of the week!00:14
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c4ptnh0wdyive been using linux since win10...its made so messed up that its easier for my grandma to operate than me anymore as compared to the versions that ran DOS in the background so you could get out of situations windows corruped or bugged and undermine it with the proper knowledge of MSDOS. Ubuntu is awesome, hotkeys, terminal commands...reminds me of the good ole days00:16
G3ntLm1Yes its awsome00:18
energizerI have a directory tree where i keep and save files for my big web application. Where in the file system hierarchy should this go?00:21
c4ptnh0wdyok now to move a directory it looks like i type "mv folder -t destinationfolder" do i have to type entire directory of each folder or can i move a folder within ~/Downloads by being at the dir the folder is in, in this case "c:~/Downloads$" and type "mv foldertomove -t destinationdirectoryfolderwithout~/Downloads"00:23
JohnnyMondayNailed it@00:24
G3ntLm1oh my Gentoo00:24
jedininjarobhey guys how would you with the fewest possible commands change:    that/D,C,v,r       <<<string   ,   into   >>>    that/1,2,3,4,    with D=1,C=2,v=3,r=4....    ???00:26
tgm4883jedininjarob: huh?00:31
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pavlosecho "D,C,v,r" | tr '[DCvr]' '[1234]'00:31
pavlosecho "that/D,C,v,r" | tr '[DCvr]' '[1234]'00:31
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G3ntLm1yes throw it00:34
G3ntLm1what a pitty00:35
lunixc128Hello. Does anyone know how to make mplayer automatically reconnect during the recording of an MMS stream when the connection gets reset?00:36
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: I am confused by the windows speak " c: " . Are you adressing the ubuntu directory from Windows ?00:37
jedininjarobok good sudjestion thank you00:38
jedininjarobpavlos: thank you00:38
lunixc128Or any other idea for recording an MMS stream while using a function to reconnect automatically?00:39
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: sorry for the confusion, i was trying to type the dir i was in eg... ~: in the terminal so from default home or C:~: i did cd Downloads...so the prompt in terminal shows C:~/Downloads$00:41
c4ptnh0wdyand im running ubuntu as a second partition so no windows interaction between the two00:41
jedininjarobpavlos: what if the string didnt alway falow the 1234 sequence what about    3412  or something...tr would just replace it with no stopping ,i need it to replace every ( D,  with a 1,    ect.. no matter where in the string it is..00:42
c4ptnh0wdyfrom there im trying to get it to recognize the dir im trying to move to my new folder lpthw like this, and it isnt quite working "mv ./Learn Python The Hard Way_files -t ./lpthw"00:43
c4ptnh0wdyi am missing a syntax or something because it isnt recognizeing the file, im typing it in case sensitive because i know the BASH requires the right case00:44
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: Your prompt, still do not understand where you are comming from . My prompt " sysop@1404mini:~/Downloads$ " where my Present Working Directory is "Downloads" .00:44
amir107guys look this video it helped me with windows 10 update it is better than the other one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL_ife-TNdQ&feature=youtu.be00:44
amir107sorry wrong channel00:44
c4ptnh0wdyand i assume that ./ is a substitution for the dir you are in00:45
c4ptnh0wdyboth folders are in ~/Downloads00:45
pavlosjedininjarob, like this? echo "that/D,C,v,D,D,D,r" | tr '[DCvr]' '[1234]'00:46
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: Part of the problem is " Learn Python The Hard Way_files " .. linux sees this as 5 files . a space in linux is a deliminator . There are ways to deal with these spaces, however .00:46
c4ptnh0wdyin the terminal, you open it up and depending on your computers name, and the username you set up, it starts you in home in the terminal...so specifically in my case... "superuser@superuser-Satellite-S50-C:~$00:47
jedininjarobpavlos: sweet i though that whats you ment... thank you00:47
c4ptnh0wdyok, yes it was looking for a folder named Learn00:47
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: With Downlods as your PWD. do you see your target directory with terminal command ' ls -al ' ?00:49
c4ptnh0wdyi see it w/ ls and no args, but ill try it with those00:50
jedininjarobpavlos: there a problem...hicup i think.... should ever the string change like   that to Dang or Donut, it would change to.....i think we may need something that looks at the second feild only or strips the word in front first....hmmm any ideas?00:50
lordcirthjedininjarob, to get specific fields, you can try "cut"00:51
jedininjarobecho "Donut/D,C,v,D,D,D,r" | tr '[DCvr]' '[1234]'   =1onut/1,2,3,1,1,1,400:51
pavlosjedininjarob, which delimiter separates words (/). which numbers (,) ?00:52
jedininjarobcut with    cut -d "/"  ?00:53
c4ptnh0wdyyes has the folder listed in blue w/ spaces, if it helps the folder is for viewing an html doc while offline, and im just trying to basically downloads all the files from http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/00:53
jedininjarobpavlos   yes00:53
jedininjarobthat dosent change00:53
jedininjarobword/,n,u,m, b,de,r00:53
jedininjarobsorry,     word/n,u,m,b,e,r,00:54
c4ptnh0wdyand the stuff next to the folder w/ the -al shows drwxr-xr-x00:55
pavlosjedininjarob, you may need 2 commands, first to change word/n,u,m,b -> w/n,u,m,b and then the tr to substitute00:56
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: K . linux handles relative directory paths : one could - with Downloads as the PWD - do ' cp -R " Learn Python The Hard Way_files" folderB/ ' Where my folderB is your actual target directory residing in the directory downloads.00:57
Guest96042can anyone give me idea on how to change my guest username here ..kind of new00:58
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: so instead of mv or move, i want to do "cp -R" or copy recursive00:58
_44trent_is it a bad idea for me to update to linux 4.8 to try and get AMDGPU working with my GPU?00:58
jedininjarobsome thing like  cut -d'/'   ?00:59
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: Well ,, preference .. I prefer to copy any omportant file .. and once sure of the result remove the original . Just my preference . mv does not allow for errors .00:59
c4ptnh0wdyGuest96042: your username on here (irc), go to freenode and type in the command "/nick username" if it is not a registered username, it will change you from showing as guest#### to whatever you type after /nik01:00
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: i think we share that preference, i was just making sure i understood everything you were saying (cp means copy, -r = recursive) aslo is PWD something like "Prompt Directory"?01:02
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: So far so good .. PWD as shown above Presnt Working Directory .01:03
pavlosjedininjarob, echo "Donut/c,v,f" | sed 's/\(\w\)\w*/\1/g'01:04
jedininjarobi think i got it...   echo "danginggo/D,C,v,r," | cut -d'/' -f2 | tr '[DCvr]' '[1234]'01:05
jedininjarobok now how do i recombine then now...01:06
jedininjarobthank you pavlos01:06
jedininjarobyou sett me in the right track i think01:06
pavlosjedininjarob, I thought you needed the 1st chat of the word, try the sed example I sent01:06
pavlosDonut/c,v,f -> D/c,v,f01:07
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: its still giving me the error..paraphrasing cp: cannot start ' Learning Python The Hard Way_files' no such file or directory. i also tried typing the entire directory ~/Downloads/Learn Python The Hard Way_files and its acting as though the dir doesnt exist01:07
jedininjarobhmmm...the word in front need to not change only the tags in the second feild01:07
jedininjarobthe first one you gave me worked01:08
jedininjarobnow i need to recombine them01:08
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: You understand the quoting of the string Learn Python The Hard Way_files , right ?01:08
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: oh for future coms are the options you gave me for list called arguments, switches, or what? im refering to -al or -a -l after list01:08
c4ptnh0wdyyes i put it in quotes01:09
pavlosjedininjarob, echo "Donut/c,v,f" | sed 's/\(\w\)\w*/\1/g' | tr '[DCvr]' '[1234]'01:09
c4ptnh0wdylet me wrestle w/ the syntax for a bit, im sure its some tiny mistake in how im typing it in, and thanks for your patience w/ a newb...i really appreciate it01:09
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: what is the target directory you are attempting to copy "Learn Python The Hard Way_files" to ? .. maybe we need to adjust for the target ?01:10
jedininjarobsorry pavlos that isnt what i need i think01:10
jedininjarobit changes the word01:10
jedininjarobbut we are on right track i think thought,,01:11
c4ptnh0wdytarget dir is ~/Downloads/lpthw/01:11
c4ptnh0wdyboth are within ~/Downloads, both are folders01:11
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: in a command the descriptor ' argument' or 'switch' either is acceptable . both mean the same .01:11
c4ptnh0wdyok thanks for clearing that language up for me :)01:12
pavlosjedininjarob, give me the source and dest string01:13
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: Not to know is not a sin .. we were all new to linux at one time . None of us were born  knowing what we know .01:14
c4ptnh0wdyok awesome i got it...01:14
jedininjarobsource=   that/D,C,v,r,    needed=    that/1,2,3,4,01:14
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: heres what i typed exactly from PWD ~/Downloads: cp -r "./Learn Python The Hard Way_files" -t "./lpthw" it gave no errors so i did "cd lpthw" then ls -la, the file was copied01:16
c4ptnh0wdynow how does one remove the origional file from downloads?  rm?01:16
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: Though often not required .. I do like to be explit with paths ..in that I explit;y tell the system that I am dealing with directoroes .. a traling slash (/) on the folder name declars this as a directory .01:16
pavlosjedininjarob, echo "Donut/c,v,f" | cut -d'/' -f2 | tr '[DCvr]' '[1234]'01:17
jedininjarobyup thats what i got01:17
jedininjarobnow to brind feild 1 and 2 together after processing01:18
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: When you try rm <directory> the sytem tells you " no can do" the directory is not empty .. so when you know what is in the directory, and are happy to delete the directory and ALL contents ,.. the (R) switch the the rm command .01:19
d13337don't you need to also use the -f flag if the directory isn't empty?01:19
d13337rm -rf ./<non-empty-directory>01:19
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: so your saying instead of being lazy and using "./" go ahead and type the directory long form as in "~/Downloads/Learn Python The Hard Way_files"?01:19
c4ptnh0wdyi did the rm -r...it worked...not sure what the -f switch is01:20
c4ptnh0wdyohh, thanks01:20
c4ptnh0wdyin this case it deleted it and the files within, now i just have to move the html file to the same directory...givin what mr Bashing has taught me, im hoping i can do that without asking more questions...about to put it to the test lol01:22
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: in that ^ the system will tell you that you are nuts ! . relative paths / the expression " ./ " says this thing right here in the PWD . lets say the original directory is Learn Python The Hard Way_files , and the destination to be copied to is lpthw . then cp -R "Learn Python The Hard Way_files" /lpthw ..... is all that is needed .01:23
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: A great teacher : http://mywiki.wooledge.org/Arguments .. is Greg Wooledge .01:24
youtubepromoterhello people please can you check this youtube channel out :)01:25
d13337youtubepromoter's nick checks out01:26
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: thank you so much, these copy move and remove commands are essential to understand and i realize its some real simple stuff to a lot of people, i really appreciate you holding my hand through it till i got it right, a lot of people get annoyed01:26
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: i bookmarked the arguments page you sent...gonna definately check that out because i know very little about args other than -la for ls and -r (recursive for most args)01:28
Bashing-omd13337: that 'f' in rm -rf is (F)orce, selcom needed and only when there is no other recourse . to Force the system .01:28
Bashing-om!terminal | c4ptnh0wdy01:29
ubottuc4ptnh0wdy: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:29
d13337I mean, short of emptying a directory file by file, then going to ../ and rm -r ./<folder>01:29
d13337then rm -rf <path-to-non-empty-directory> is the quickest, easiest way to rm a non-empty folder01:29
c4ptnh0wdyWill be much easier to run my python scripts from the same PWD..already wrote them and ran them (up to exercise 21" in windows, but thought it would be good practice to try again from scratch on linux so i can run python scripts in both os01:30
c4ptnh0wdycurrently learning the boolean logic, but really its a refresher, the only previous scripting ive done was .html in the 90's before flash and java was all over every page and whatever you would call the programming language in a Texas Instruments TI-83 calculator (made programs to prompt for two givin values in algebra equations like ohms law and acceleration due to gravity...made college math a breeze)01:32
c4ptnh0wdythat one worked off of labels and display type commands "Disp D" Lbl 1"01:33
=== steve____ is now known as sgtaylor5
c4ptnh0wdyjoin #freenode01:37
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: My take ; once you are confortable with the terminal .. and your desire is a good foundation in linux : http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FullBashGuide .01:40
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: thank you again, bookmarked thatone01:41
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: :) .. that will keep you occupied for a while .01:42
ceonDoes any of u work with wine?01:42
c4ptnh0wdyinternet security question, is my IP address on display for anyone who types /whois for me or does freenode automatiacally mask you? i know it gives me the info if i /whois myself01:42
Bashing-omceon: There is a channel devoted to wine .. #wine .01:42
ceonokay thanks01:42
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ceonIm new ti ICQ sorry01:43
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: i love to learn...i have no real reason to learn python scripting, but my mind is always racing i find it constructive to learn things that interest me even if they seem daunting01:43
Paul_1967is there a room for ubuntu-mate?01:43
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: If ya want to mask your IP .. ask in #freenode for a cloak .01:43
ceonbut besides visible and IP?01:43
ceonhow does it work with a service like ICQ?01:43
ceonI think u have to be some admin?01:44
ceonmost stuff in net is "jusr" redicte by rifgts lol*01:44
ceonsimple chmod01:45
ceonBut I do not like to work as root on machine01:46
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: im kinda new to IRC's more complicated functions, but thanks for the help. if there is such a thing as a friends list feel free to add me and private message anytime if just to shoot the breeze. i have registered this nick01:46
ceonno u englis is to perfect c401:46
ceonbut thanks01:46
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: Here we are just one (mostly) happy family .01:47
ceonMine graphic looks still like shit01:47
ceontwo screens 1 KVM01:48
Bashing-omlanguage | ceon01:48
ceonusal  seems to be simple01:48
ceonmine native language is Styrian01:48
c4ptnh0wdyBashing-om: alrighty, well ill let you help some other folks and stick around incase i can help someone for the night01:48
ceonAustria - like Falco, Mozart and Dr. Semmelweiß?01:49
ceonwho the fuck cares?01:49
Bashing-omc4ptnh0wdy: Good thought . Hang loose . One can waste time worse elsewhere .01:49
ceonDebian language is english01:50
ceonthe code is lol*  hmm01:50
ceonC ?01:50
ceonC is okay01:50
ceonits straight and always does what human say ;-)01:50
ceonNext week I have to buy some software01:52
ceonwindows 1001:52
ceonMine son in law s laptop need a service :-)01:53
ceonhe ai nt like linux - to bad.01:53
ceonI got problems with graphix and xrandr01:56
ceoneverytime I boot mine pc01:57
ceonit will just regonize on screen01:57
ceonand the othert is on 1024xshit01:57
YankDownUnderceon: You can create a script with xrandr...01:58
ceoncould u help me with it?01:58
YankDownUnderceon: I go through this every time I boot - I have a dual monitor setup - and in order to properly deal with the resolution and layout, I have installed "arandr" (a GUI for xrandr) and created a script to reset my configuration(s)01:59
YankDownUnderceon: I can only try my best, mate.01:59
ceonI allready dis and plugged again min Belkom KVM01:59
ceonarandr :-)02:00
YankDownUnderceon: You shouldn't have to deal with plugging/unplugging hardware - as that is not the issue - the issue is the software and OS - so you need to work those out - and you'll end up with a happy situation.02:00
ceonyou seem to be very wise02:00
YankDownUnderceon: What is the desktop you're using - Unity, Mate, Cinnamon, XFce, LxDE?02:00
YankDownUnderceon: No...I just have broken many things :)02:00
ceonI surg a Kali02:00
ceonit worked so wonderfull02:01
YankDownUnderceon: Ok...fair enough...here's the easy go -> Open a terminal, and type: sudo apt-get install arandr02:01
ceonand git almost all codes I need for university installed :-(02:01
YankDownUnderceon: After you install "arandr" - start the application, set the primary monitor, set the resolutions you wish, then when you do "Save" - you'll see that you can generate a script (bash script) that will force the configuration - so, you can set that script in your "Autostart" folder/directory - and it will set up your monitors for you when you login to Gnome3, mate.02:03
ceonI got no rights this account02:04
ceonbut I ll try it thanks02:04
YankDownUnderceon: You do definitely need to have the permissions to reset the monitor configurations...02:06
iamrohit7i am trying to set the desktop background of ubuntu unity using a python script. using gsettings, i was able to do this. but how do i apply effects like fill, stretch and tile as found in the desktop preferences from the script?02:06
breHi, is there anyway to make a cloud-image local mirror?02:06
ceonyes or the cabel ;-)02:07
ceonLast days a had a lotta trouble at all with HP engines02:07
ceonfuck bios?02:08
ceonUpdate and after update they cant boot cause look like for frontfan they ai nt haveß!02:08
eelstrebori have a few questions out what xsensors (ubuntu) is giving me - how do a present a screenshot to this group so that you can see what i'm seeing?02:08
ceonany how02:09
ceonThank u for help02:09
YankDownUndereelstrebor: http://past.ubuntu.com02:09
ceonI love Debian02:09
=== lubuntu is now known as Guest77234
YankDownUnderceon: Peace02:09
ceonand I hope Debian loves me to  ;-)02:09
trismiamrohit7: if you used the org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri key, there are other keys in the same namespace, picture-options for example, you can use gsettings range to get the allowed values02:10
daemonl055anybody know how i could prevent the flickering on my screen when i take out the plug?02:10
YankDownUnderdaemonl055: not quite sure what you mean...you really shouldn't be plugging/unplugging screens when the power is on...02:11
ceonYank would u scripz in python or do I have to lern some strange bash cash lol*02:11
eelstreborYankDownUnder, is this for an image file? (jpeg)02:11
YankDownUndereelstrebor: Yes02:11
daemonl055yankdownunder its a latop i just want to know how to fix this problem02:12
ceonlaptop Acer?02:13
kikeroI have Xubuntu 16.10 LTS. How do I install MATE w/o reinstalling Ubuntu Mate?02:13
daemonl055yandownunder its a asus02:13
YankDownUnderdaemonl055: Which screen is flickering - the laptop screen, yes?02:14
ceonmost laptops are real bitches - at least if they older as 3 years02:14
daemonl055yes when i take out the cable02:14
ceonbesides u good a high quality alien ware or stuff02:14
ceonso u akku is broken?02:15
YankDownUnderdaemonl055: What happens if you switch to a console and then right back to the desktop? (i.e., CTRL+ALT+F1, then CTRL+ALT-F7)02:15
ceonU tested this?02:15
ceonI need  xrandr02:15
ceonIt makes me crazy lol*02:16
daemonl055yankdownunder i rather not use the cli02:16
YankDownUnderceon: xrandr is already on the system --> you just need to install "arandr" as a GUI to "set" the configurations and generate a script02:16
ceonmine hardware is very old02:16
ceonI need new one!02:16
ceonthe last three days02:16
bazhang!ot | ceon02:17
ceonmine windows  hmm  had an headacke02:17
ubottuceon: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:17
YankDownUnderdaemonl055: By switching to the console and back, not logging in - just switching for a second - refreshes the screen...02:17
ceonI tried with wine to install02:17
daemonl055hoq do i switch back02:17
bazhangceon please take chit chat somewhere else, this is support only02:17
ceonmine embroiderysoftware on Ubuntu02:17
ceoninclude dongle02:18
YankDownUnderdaemonl055: I just told you. CTRL+ALT+F1 to the first TTY, then CTRL+ALT+F7 to get back to the "desktop"02:18
ceonso I just need some wine config02:18
ceonzo change some errors import02:18
bazhang#winehq for that ceon02:18
=== i8086 is now known as i_8086
bazhangceon, again, stop the chatting here02:19
ceondort habe ich loklaverbot02:19
ceonI philosoph a lot+02:19
ceon so02:19
=== alpha is now known as Guest16118
bazhangceon, not here, wrong channel02:19
ceonHi bazhang02:19
ceonare u a specialist?02:20
ceoncan u programm C and Mono?02:20
ceonand help me a little?02:20
ceonUbuntu is cool02:20
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic <------ ceon go there02:20
ceonokay thanks02:21
ceoncopy paste?02:21
ceonIm new to ICQ sorry - U got still hopes ;-)02:21
ceon i02:21
sarenordhey what IRC clients is everyone using?02:22
daemonl55yankdownunder nop doesnt work02:22
ceonI follow rivers - u foller streams - thats the difference02:22
iamrohit7trism: thanks, that worked02:22
YankDownUnderdaemonl55: And what if you got into "Displays/Monitors" in settings - does that help in the least?02:23
iamrohit7trism: where are the docs at?02:23
SajonI have a question if you all have a moment.02:23
Ben64ceon: "/join #ubuntu-offtopic" is how to do it in most clients, do not continue using this channel for other topics besides ubuntu support02:23
ceonI could restart02:23
sarenordi got u sajon02:23
sarenordidk how helpful i'll be02:23
ceonIf I restart "his" brother the windows server02:23
ceonnot good02:24
daemonl55yankdownunder it doesnt have that option02:24
SajonOn Ubuntu 16.04 the Unity top menu. Is there a way to remove it from my extra monitors?02:24
sarenordthe bar on the left?02:25
trismiamrohit7: don't know I just listed the keys to see what was there02:25
SajonNo: The bar on the top.02:26
transhumanhi is there any way to force ubuntu to rescan for all operating system partitions found on a system and get it to add entries to grub2? It missed ubuntu grub menus on install on a system that has lots of debian partitions02:27
transhumanI am only able to boot into old partitions not new one02:28
YankDownUnderdaemonl55: You have NO options for changing the displays/monitors at all - in the control centre? None?02:28
sarenordacoording to ubuntuforums there is no way to02:28
daemonl55yankdownunder sorry bout that my computer froze02:29
daemonl55did you say something?02:29
freakyyhey guys, whats good with the MATE desktop in relation tu ubuntu, and ubuntu gnome?02:29
i_need_new_nickfuck fuck02:29
YankDownUnderdaemonl55: All good - was just asking whether or not you had ANY display/monitor preferences listed...02:29
i_need_new_nickfuck fuck fuck a duck02:29
i_need_new_nickscrew a kangaroo02:29
sarenordyou good bro?02:30
i_need_new_nickgang bang an orangutan02:30
i_need_new_nickAT THE FUCKING ZOO!02:30
* Ben64 sends bazhang a telegram02:30
daemonl55yes thats what cause the freezing i dont want to do that again02:30
i_need_new_nickto the tune of row row row your boat02:30
YankDownUnderfreakyy: All about what you feel the most comfortable with...there's Mate, there's Cinnamon, there's XFce, there's LxDE, there's Enlightenment, there's Fluxbox/Openbox...big list...02:30
i_need_new_nickBen64: telegrams are outdated  sort of like your mother's cunt02:30
sarenordyou sound like you need a good stress releiving massage02:30
Bashing-omtranshuman: Try: ' sudo update-grub ' from any linux booted system to pick up the missing bootloader . then reboot into the OS you desire and run ' sudo update-grub ' once more .02:31
transhumanok thanks I will try that02:31
i_need_new_nick!ops sarenord patronizing attitude02:31
ubottui_need_new_nick: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:31
YankDownUnderdaemonl55: You sure you've got all the proper drivers installed? Or could this be residual effect from plugging/unplugging your external monitor...hmm?02:31
i_need_new_nick!ops ubotty02:31
i_need_new_nick!ops trolls02:31
sarenordhey where's the rules in here?02:31
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu02:31
daemonl55no i just installed ubuntu 16.04 yesturday so no02:31
Ben64sarenord: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:32
transhumansurprisingly Bashing-om it detected it thanks02:32
YankDownUnderdaemonl55: You might want to check to see if you've got the proper graphics driver(s) installed...and make sure your system is updated, too...02:32
daemonl55how exactly do i do that?02:32
Bashing-omtrism: Bo surprise . Grub is smart .. GRand Unified Bootloader that is is .02:33
YankDownUnderdaemonl55: Check the Software Centre, firstly...02:33
Saklovichln -sr storage/app/public public/storage <--- i am running this command on my dev environment, as well as prod, both using same version of ubuntu. dev works as expected, prod creates a link to public that goes on infinitely02:33
daemonl55what do i search?02:33
SajonDoes anyone know?02:33
YankDownUnderdaemonl55: The Software Centre will tell you  if you're requiring third party drivers.02:34
Ben64Sajon: http://askubuntu.com/questions/107583/how-can-i-remove-duplicate-second-unity-launcher-on-a-dual-screen-setup02:34
sarenordi think i checked that link he's talking about the top bar not the side one02:35
daemonl55nop i got nothing02:35
SajonI am not talking about the launcher. I am wanting to remove the top menu bar at the top of the screen.02:36
sarenordBen64: i think i checked that link he's talking about the top bar not the side one02:36
daemonl55i think the software center is buggy02:36
daemonl55it took a rebook to show all the available software02:36
daemonl55i liked the old software center02:36
Ben64sarenord: ohh02:36
Ben64Sajon: i don't think it's currently possible02:36
YankDownUnderdaemonl55: Oddly enough it works for thousands and thousands of people...so meanwhile, you can very easily install "synaptic" - the old software centre...02:36
sarenordBen64: yeah that's the impression i got02:37
SajonOkay... Thanks for your help. God Bless!02:37
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
sarenordSajon: i found a link here http://bit.ly/2bqbA2J02:38
daemonl55yankdownunder do i tell you the details for you could help me find the drivers02:38
YankDownUnderdaemonl55: It's your machine, you know the hardware, I can only point you in the right direction.02:39
daemonl55i know the machine02:39
daemonl55i just want a headstart02:39
sarenordi sent sajon the link to the wiki page on installing arch and he left... #rekt02:40
YankDownUnderdaemonl55: So you'll know the hardware - the graphics card that's in the machine.02:40
YankDownUnderdaemonl55: If you want to let things "figure it out automatically", there's an easy way to begin by using the terminal - not the "Software Centre"... you open a terminal, and you type: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ==> then you wait until it's done doing what it's suppsoed to do => then you do: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade ==> and then, when that's done, reboot...see what that does to the stability of the system...02:42
=== logic is now known as Guest14234
bennabiyWhat is the package for Xenial for python-xlib? I notice there is not one listed in the listing on launchpad03:10
bennabiyI am trying to create a branch to pull in upstream patches for my ppa03:11
Bashing-om!nfo python-xlib trusty03:13
ubottuBashing-om: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:13
Bashing-om!info python-xlib trusty03:13
ubottupython-xlib (source: python-xlib): Interface for Python to the X11 Protocol. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.14+20091101-1ubuntu3~trusty (trusty), package size 130 kB, installed size 676 kB03:13
Bashing-om!info python-xlib xenial03:13
ubottupython-xlib (source: python-xlib): interface for Python to the X11 protocol. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.14+20091101-5 (xenial), package size 98 kB, installed size 740 kB03:13
ceonI m bored as hell03:14
Bashing-ombennabiy: ^ universe repo enabled ?03:14
chandu20ceon: go and play video games!03:14
=== afroaway is now known as afro
ceonI m unfortunatly no gamer03:16
bennabiyBashing-om: I have the file, I just need to update the source03:16
ceonO programm some shit03:16
Guest14234I just got wow to work on ubuntu03:16
ceonI love Debian03:16
ceonand Ubuntu is some ckild03:17
chandu20Guest14234: what you got?03:17
devanAnyone else with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on an older ATI radeon card getting random freeze-ups when gaming or using any application that needs 3d acceleration?03:17
Bashing-ombennabiy: :) above my pay grade .03:17
Guest14234world of warcraft on 16.04 LTS NVidia 750 ti03:17
ceonUbuntu is fully cool03:17
ceonmine love to linux startet with Knoppix03:18
devandid I mention running on mesa drivers..03:18
ceondevan - je quiter u are - the more u can hear03:18
ceonI m not quiet03:19
ceonactuallyx hmm03:19
ceonlinux is a bitch03:19
ceonand windows is boring :-)03:19
ceonO love Linux and machines03:20
ceonso sorry - I love Linux  no human :-)03:20
ceon7 Brücken03:20
ceonand I got deep resüect, even Im a admin, for programmets03:21
ceonmost time :-903:21
ceon :-)03:21
ceonls - la03:23
ceonI always forget the commands03:23
kubuntu__Help! Any Live USB Linux Expert?03:23
ceonand I want fun - before I fall in Komma lol*03:24
kubuntu__any reply?03:25
Anekdotinubuntu..whats bvest gpu monitor in terminal?03:25
kubuntu__How can I transfer a file from a Live USB to a Hard Drive in Linux?03:27
Anekdotinhow to mount from terminal?>03:28
wolflarsonhello I seem to have some issues updating my ubuntu 16.04 home server03:29
wolflarsonI get 404 for every package I try to download03:29
wolflarsonthey seem to try to pull down 16.04.1 packages and only 16.04.2 are in the repo?03:29
FORK-BOMBSI don't understand olympic gymnastics....03:29
FORK-BOMBSSince when is spreading your legs considered a respectable way to make a living?03:29
Bashing-omwolflarson: Pastebin ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' . We see if any problem in your sources .03:31
kubuntu__Why doesn't Live USB let me copy a file from the pen drive to my hard drive?03:31
kubuntu__I can't use Terminal in Live USB Linux.03:31
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
Anekdotinkubuntu permissions or incorrect filesystem on usb03:32
Bashing-omkubuntu__: Have you tried the GUI file manager with 2 open windows ? easiest way for a new user .03:32
wolflarson@Bashing-om http://pastebin.com/bgBW4K5U03:33
kubuntu__<Bashing-om>. It works with Live USB Linux?03:33
Bashing-omwolflarson: Yep : see: http://ppa.launchpad.net/jpsutton/cockpit/ubuntu/dists/ . xenial is not supported .03:35
wolflarsonthats fine03:35
wolflarsonI am OK with removing that03:35
wolflarsonthis issue happened before I added that03:35
Bashing-omkubuntu__: Yeah .. may have to open the file manager from terminal with elevated priviledges .03:35
kubuntu__<Bashing-om>. How can I do that? Root privlige?03:36
amir107can you please guys like and sub to this channel my friend need those if you dont want to sub just like please https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL_ife-TNdQ&ampfeature03:37
amir107thx for reading03:37
amir107my post03:37
amir107can you please guys like and sub to this channel my friend need those if you dont want to sub just like please https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL_ife-TNdQ&ampfeature03:37
amir107thx for reading03:37
Bashing-om!info libquadmath003:37
ubottulibquadmath0 (source: gcc-5): GCC Quad-Precision Math Library. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.2 (xenial), package size 198 kB, installed size 600 kB03:37
riz0nOn an Ubuntu Server, is there any real advantages to using EXT4 w/ LVM over a plain EXT4 partition? Also, just out of curiosity, is there any advantage to having /boot in a separate partition than in the /root ?? Thanks so much!03:38
Bashing-omwolflarson: Bunch of othr 404's I can not presently explain . what returns ' ping -c3 us.archive.ubuntu.com ' ?03:40
YankDownUnderriz0n: LVM allows for dynamically resizing or adding to volumes...but it's more a matter of "resource" and choice...does that make sense? As well, the preference for /boot is entirely up to you - it's residual from "the old days" - where the /boot could be on a completley different drive - and replaced if required...again, it's choice...and resource...03:40
wolflarson64 bytes from economy.canonical.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=50 time=36.6 ms03:40
wolflarsonBashing-om:  ^^03:40
YankDownUnderriz0n: As well, there is #ubuntu-server => nice place to query server based issues03:40
riz0nYankDownUnder: Thank you so much. When the system is set up, the /root partition will be given 100% of the remaining disk space (minus 1 gb for swap). i can't see any reason to need to adjust the partition size after that.03:42
=== markLe is now known as e``
YankDownUnderriz0n: Fair enough - logical enough.03:43
wolflarsonBashing-om:  I feel like apt update is not really pulling in the latest data03:44
wolflarsonbut its not giving any errors03:45
Bashing-omwolflarson: More to the point is ' ping -c3 us.archive.ubuntu.com ' as it is the us.archive you need to talk to .03:45
wolflarsongoes through just fine economy.cononicale.com less than 40 ms03:45
energizerI'm having a lot of issues with apt03:47
energizergpg error03:47
Bashing-omwolflarson: Sorry, mis understanding on my part . Presently I can not explain the 404's on xenial-upfates .03:47
riz0nYankDownUnder,  I'm finding it is harder to manually configure GRUB on a freshly partitioned LVM partition after restoring the system from a tar backup file made from a second system.03:48
AnsxcOptions to use systemd not to offer!03:57
Bashing-omwolflarson: Regret to say . but I have no idea what other can cause the 404's in xenial-updates .04:06
wolflarsonfrom what I am reading its almost like the 16.04 has reached EOL.04:06
wolflarsonapparenlty this is what happens to 12.04 when ti reached EOL04:06
wolflarsonwonder how I messed it up ... thanks for takign a look Bashing-om04:07
wolflarsoni'll ask again in 12 hours and see if others are online04:07
Bashing-omwolflarson: I too am interested in learning the why .04:08
wolflarsonits just asking for the wrong version of the packages ... I cleared apt cache to no effect.04:10
Bashing-om!info libgomp104:11
ubottulibgomp1 (source: gcc-5): GCC OpenMP (GOMP) support library. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.2 (xenial), package size 57 kB, installed size 159 kB04:11
Bashing-omwolflarson: All I can figure is perhaps PPAs holding them to the lower versions ???04:14
wolflarsonits possible I guess ... I can remove the opensuse ppas and see if that helps04:15
wolflarsonnope same issues04:17
Bashing-omwolflarson: While awaiting others smarter, let's take a stab . what returns ' apt-cache policy libgomp1 ' ?04:19
wolflarsonhowever 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.1 does not actually exist in the repo04:21
wolflarsonits 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.204:21
Bashing-omwolflarson: Yeah. so I was exploring . why I get directed to PPAs in my think'n .04:22
Bashing-omwolflarson: I do not see a PPA in this one . what bites back with ' sudo apt install libgomp1 " ?04:25
k-stzhey, when I close my laptop lid I want it to run a particular command.. where would I put that?04:29
wolflarsonk-stz: you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LaptopLidAndDockScripts04:31
Bashing-omwolflarson: Yikkie . No further progress . What is killing us is " 202 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded."  That 202 .04:31
k-stzwolflarson: yes a bit, looked too involved, hoped for a simpler approach. I literally only want to run a oneliner04:32
k-stzespecially since it was tested for 10.04 maybe something new surfaced04:34
Bashing-omwolflarson: Hey .. what archetecture do we have ? there is " 5.3.1-14ubuntu2 [ports]: arm64 armhf powerpc ppc64el s390x " for xenial ! : http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libgomp1&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all04:34
KiritoDoes the current release of HandBrake in the repositories not properly support embedded MKV subtitles?04:34
KiritoIt's not detecting the subtitles for a video I'm trying to encode, and it unquestionably does have subtitles associated with it04:35
reisioKirito: just use ffmpeg04:36
reisioKirito: could be hard subs, though, theoretically04:36
Kiritoreisio, That has nothing to do with my question04:36
reisioKirito: no, it has to do with my sugggestion :)04:36
Kiritoffmpeg does not support burning in subtitles either04:36
reisiowhich has to do with your question04:36
reisioKirito: you want to hardcode subs?04:36
reisioare you swedish?04:36
reisiovery popular among the swedish for some reason04:37
reisiocan I ask why you want to hardcode subs?04:37
Kirito..Or for when you want to stream videos online04:37
reisiothere's not really a great reason to do it for that, either04:37
reisiobut that's a reason, at least :)04:37
reisiowhat do you plan on streaming with?04:37
KiritoI'm not sure why you seem to think it's not a good reason, but okay.04:37
reisiohow will the end user consume?04:38
KiritoI'm not going to explain what I'm doing in detail, I just asked a simple question, I will pull Handbrake and built it directly from upstream04:38
* reisio shrugs04:38
Ben64use mkvmerge?04:39
KiritoOh, they actually have a PPA.04:39
KiritoEveryone has a PPA on Ubuntu, that is nice.04:39
wolflarsondo they have a snap?04:39
Ben64just be aware PPAs are 3rd party repositories, and are not supported04:39
k-stzspeaking of PPA, if I do a apt-get update do the ppa packages also get updated? I'd like to block this if this was the case04:40
KiritoYes. Why would you want to block it though?04:40
reisiohandbrake is based on ffmpeg, after all04:40
KiritoDo you mean upgrade, not update?04:40
reisioI used to use another app for it, though, back when I wasted time on hard subs04:40
reisio(for DVD video, back in the day)04:40
amincdhi, is there is a log in Ubuntu for what packages I've downloaded, and when I upgraded which programs?04:40
k-stzKirito: the ppa has a broken set up, and I fixed it by hand, updating it might break it again04:41
KiritoYou can have apt hold packages back if needed, though you should generally be cautious when doing that04:41
Kiritoah, have you sent a bug report in about it?04:41
KiritoAnd yeah, you could hold the package back temporarily04:41
k-stzKirito: no bug report, cause it is very specific. What's the hold command? How to google its use?04:42
k-stzKirito: thx04:42
Kiritoamincd, /var/log/apt/history.log04:43
amincdKirito: I open that with a regular text editor?04:43
KiritoSure, you can. Or just "less /var/log/apt/history.log" in your terminal.04:43
Bashing-omwolflarson: Is this : https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-5/5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.1/+build/10316295 what we are looking at ???04:43
amincdKirito: thanks04:44
KiritoYay. Now subtitles are being detected.04:46
Bashing-omarsinek: Yes ?04:51
arsinekJust seeing if people were alive04:51
arsinekNever used irc before04:52
Richardneither lol04:52
=== Richard is now known as Guest69566
Bashing-om!info gcc04:53
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.150ubuntu1)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:5.3.1-1ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB04:53
arsinekCan someone give me some advice on remote desktop or remote access from Windows into Ubuntu?04:53
reisioarsinek: locally, or over the internet at large?04:53
arsinekWell I was thinking locally04:54
reisioVNC will probably make you happy locally04:54
arsinekI want to turn my ubuntu machine into a web server though04:54
reisioarsinek: and?04:54
k-stzwould it be bad to remove a ppa while I still have the software installed?04:54
=== John is now known as Guest48733
reisiok-stz: not sure that's actually possible04:54
EriC^^k-stz: you wouldn't get any updates in the future04:54
k-stzthat is what I want04:55
reisioyeah if you just mean the path in your sources04:55
reisioor pin it04:55
baizonk-stz: i recommend to use ppa-purge for that04:55
k-stzbaizon: that sounds brutal, will my program stay on my machine tho?04:55
baizonk-stz: no04:56
k-stzok holding it is..04:56
arsinek@reisio what if I wanted to access my machine over the web?04:59
k-stzwell it is just: sudo apt-get mark <package>, so no problem..05:00
k-stz*hold before package name05:01
arsinekLets swing!05:12
bennabiywhy does xenial not show up in launchpad for python-xlib?05:22
bennabiydoes 16.04 use 14.04 package?05:22
=== kevingeee is now known as kgeee
reisioprobably because there's no build for 16.0405:24
reisiobennabiy: sometimes that'll work, sometimes not05:24
baizonbennabiy: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=python-xlib&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all05:24
bennabiyI am looking for the launchpad page though,05:25
reisiolaunchpad is for ppas, though, basically05:25
bennabiyI basically need to update the code into a ppa05:25
reisiowhich usually don't waste time making packages that exist in repos already05:25
bennabiyreisio: package is in repo, but not the latest05:25
reisioseparate issue05:26
reisiowhy do you need "the latest"?05:26
bennabiyI worked with upstream to fix a problem, but I have many locations which need the fix, so I want to put it in a PPA which can pull it in05:27
bennabiyand there are MANY code changes between the two versions05:27
reisioso what version do you need?05:29
baizonbennabiy: then build from source and / or create a ppa with 0.1705:30
bennabiyyes, that is what I want to do05:30
bennabiyI have the source for 0.1705:30
bennabiybut not sure the best way to get that into my ppa05:31
baizonbennabiy: example http://ghantoos.org/2008/10/19/creating-a-deb-package-from-a-python-setuppy/05:32
baizonbennabiy: or this https://pypi.python.org/pypi/stdeb05:32
=== LucasRolff is now known as Zerpex
bennabiythank you :) I will look those over05:33
bennabiythat has been my difficulty05:33
=== alu1 is now known as alu
rohan_hi all05:43
rohan_new to linux05:43
milesg@rohan Do you need help with anything? (also, Welcome!)05:49
freakyyguys what is this new "apt" does it replace apt-get?05:50
freakyyor isnt it new? oO05:50
Tin_mannew to me, and it works, saves a few key strokes.05:51
milesgApt is part of apt-get, and other apt commands.05:51
milesgApt is not new.05:51
freakyyok ;D05:51
Tin_manbut minus the get is to me anyway..05:52
Tin_manjust seen it the other day.05:52
milesgYou can find a list of the commands it can do related to it by typing apt in terminal.05:53
Jordan_Umilesg: freakyy: Apt is in fact a newly implemented from scratch front end for dpkg.05:53
milesgIt is?05:53
milesgOh, my bad.05:53
=== RANDCORP is now known as BURGLAR
Jordan_Umilesg: freakyy: It's somewhat confusing because people used to, and still do, refer to the "apt-get" and "apt-cache" family as "apt" but the command that is simply "apt", as in "apt upgrade" is in fact new.05:54
milesgSo it is more like a shorter way to mange packages?05:55
Bashing-omfreakyy: milesg :: see: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/26q2sm/apt_vs_aptget/ http://www.howtogeek.com/234583/simplify-command-line-package-management-with-apt-instead-of-apt-get/05:56
milesgI have to go so I will do it later.05:57
milesgThanks for the information!05:57
Tin_manfound this link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/445384/what-is-the-difference-between-apt-and-apt-get05:58
cfhowlettBashing-om, nice find!  bookmarked!05:59
Bashing-omcfhowlett: I got curious .. and went look'n .. amazing what you find when you seek .06:00
cfhowlettyep.  might have to rewrite the old ubuntu command line cheatsheet06:01
freakyythanks Bashing-om06:01
Bashing-omthat is an oft asked question . be good to have it handy .06:02
cfhowlettset up a bottu trigger?06:02
Bashing-omfreakyy: Glad to help .06:02
temmi_hoosimilar thing related to ifconfig vs ip might be nice06:02
Bashing-omcfhowlett: A trigger would be nice .06:03
lotuspsychjeBashing-om, cfhowlett usefull triggers report to dax06:03
temmi_hooalthough i personally would really prefer people to fix broken programs instead of making new replacements that don't get 100% ready and will eventually be replaced because the next guy starts a replacement that...06:03
=== maxim is now known as Guest64312
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
freakyydoesa anyone know how i can get skype for 16.04 Xenial?06:36
freakyyand does anyone know what the best IRC client for gnome is?06:37
cfhowlettfreakyy, "best" is the only you prefer --- too subjective for us to state06:37
lotuspsychjefreakyy: you can also try better alternatives like telegram or ring.cx for linux06:38
freakyyno i need skype06:39
reisioso install skype06:42
YankDownUnderIs it allowed to install Skype(tm) on Sunday?06:43
=== errrasmus is now known as erasmus
baizonfreakyy: skype got an new alpha. IRC, imho hexchat06:44
freakyybaizon: where can i get this alpha06:45
baizonfreakyy: well i would guess google can tell you that06:45
=== afro is now known as afrosleep
dsjkli tried to install ubuntu, and the installer crashed06:47
dsjklnow the computer boots into the grub prompt06:47
dsjklany ideas how to fix that?06:47
baizondsjkl: then install it again06:47
dsjklnot an option06:47
baizondsjkl: my guess would be, your configuration was bad06:48
elias_adsjkl: Is it a fresh installation?06:48
dsjklas not an upgrade? yes06:49
elias_adsjkl: And you have data in /home that makes reinstallation a non-option?06:50
cfhowlettdsjkl, reinstall is really the best and sanest option06:50
dsjklbut why should i reinstall? what if it crashes again?06:50
dsjkli can chroot into it from the install cd, but i have no idea what to do next06:51
elias_adsjkl: First check your installation media that it is ok (md5sum). Then reinstall and you may choos /home not to be formatted if you wish.06:52
freakyyi have another question about ubuntu-gnome. the "online accounts" program doesnt show me any accounts i could add it just says it doesnt have any services to be added. but on my laptop i can add google, onedrive etc. why not on ym big pc?06:52
dsjklubuntu does not have /home06:52
elias_adsjkl: Well it depends on your choices.06:52
cfhowlettdsjkl, so you have not data to lose then.06:52
dsjklubuntu does not give a choice to have a /home06:53
elias_adsjkl: If you have not defined a separate /home partition that's a reason to reinstall.06:53
cfhowlettdsjkl, of course it does.  use the "install something else" option at install time or set up a /home post-install06:53
baizondsjkl: yes it does06:53
elias_adsjkl: Yes it does. Use advanced configuration when partitioning.06:53
elias_adsjkl: Having a separate /home partition is a brilliant idea because 1) you can backup the data on that and 2) you can leave that partition intact when upgrading or installing.06:55
elias_aOf course one can backup data elsewhere as well but it is so simple to just backup a whole partition.06:56
mathlover97Hello. Could someone take a look at my 'sudo chkrootkit' output? Just let me know on which website should I paste. Thanks.07:00
cfhowlett!paste | mathlover9707:00
ubottumathlover97: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:00
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mathlover97Here you go; http://paste.ubuntu.com/23054743/07:03
dsjklwell it did it again07:08
cfhowlettdsjkl, did you md5sum the .iso?07:08
cfhowlettand the USB07:08
dsjklit was torrent07:09
cfhowlettnot what I asked you.07:09
cfhowlettyou downloaded an .iso.  DID you verify the .iso with md5sum?07:09
dsjkli didn't download an iso, i torrented it07:09
cfhowlettDID YOU VERIFY THE ISO?07:09
baizondsjkl: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/how-to-verify07:10
dsjklguys you know how torrents work, right?07:11
baizonou dear07:11
cfhowlettdsjkl, do you know how to answer a simple question?07:11
baizondsjkl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto#On_hard_disk07:11
tomreynmathlover97: did you create the user account of username23 yourself (or someone else managing this computer)?07:13
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mathlover97tomreyn, the username23 is my current user account's name (I know .. weird name to pick)07:14
dsjklinstall medium verified ok07:15
tomreynmathlover97: ok. about ebury, here's some ways to verify manually: https://www.cert-bund.de/ebury-faq07:16
tomreyni'd also double check with rkhunter, and keep in mind those utilities do not provide complete coverage and are prone to false positives (and probably false negatives, too)07:17
tomreynkind of like a virus scanner07:18
mathlover97tomreyn, I see. How do I find my eruby's version? eruby --version isn't working07:20
tomreynmathlover97: eBURy (not eRUBy) is a malware. it won't provide a --version output.07:22
mathlover97tomreyn, i thought it was program that could get compromised for a moment. anyway :)07:23
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RalphBagood morning07:25
tomreynmathlover97: no, think of it more as the name given to a specific attack.07:26
tomreynhi Ralph07:26
mathlover97tomreyn, the 'ipcs -m' command returns me a lot of stuff, including this one; '0x00000000 10387487   username23      600        33554432   2          dest'07:32
mathlover97the article talks about up to 3megabyte files. this one is 3007:32
dsjkli tried to install ubuntu, and the installer crashed07:33
dsjklnow the computer boots into the grub prompt07:33
bmintzhow do i change my dns servers globally? also how do i install wicd07:33
bmintzre-install dsjkl?07:33
cfhowlett!dns | bmintz07:33
ubottubmintz: To set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/dns.html07:33
bmintzno i don't want to host one cfhowlett07:34
tomreynmathlover97: it also discusses memory segments onwed by root, and not destroyed, though. you'd probably be better off asking those application specific questions in an application specific channel (if there is one).07:36
mathlover97tomreyn, ok, thanks :)07:36
cfhowlettdsjkl, clarify: the INSTALLER crashes?  at what stage?07:37
dsjklwhen it configures the system07:38
FuraiWhat DMs are now popular?07:38
dsjklthe window appears saying the installer just crashed07:38
dsjklFurai: gnome3 and unity07:38
cfhowlettdsjkl, but this is a different error than you first reported, yes?07:38
dsjkli presume it crashes in the same spot every time07:38
cfhowlettdsjkl, ....07:39
Furaidsjkl, so either using stock or going back to basics?07:39
dsjklbut i will not install it in the 3rd time just to check07:39
dsjklcfhowlett: what?07:39
cfhowlettyou're not interested in verifying the fault so ... best of luck?07:39
FuraiWhat about all these k-/x-/l-/ubuntu flavours? They just use different DEs? Right?07:40
cfhowlett!flavors | Furai07:40
ubottuFurai: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. The current list is: !Edubuntu, !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, Ubuntu !Kylin, !Lubuntu, !Mythbuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, !Xubuntu, and Ubuntu !MATE07:40
baizonFurai: more or less07:40
FuraiSo far I odn't like unity. Maybe I'll just go with pure gnome.07:41
baizonFurai: maybe07:41
FuraiWhat DEs people usually use?07:41
antonio2I've got an external monitor hooked up to my laptop via VGA.  How can I force my laptop to use the external monitor from startup?  (The laptop screen is busted)07:41
alkisgFurai: there's also ubuntu-mate, if it suits your better07:41
bmintzi use XFCE07:41
cfhowlettFurai then one they installed.  anyway, easy enough to test07:41
bmintzcfhowlett, using popcon i assume?07:41
cfhowlettFurai, sudo apt install lxde xfce4 will grab those those 2 DE. logout/choose a DE/login07:42
dsjkli'm not interested in verifying anything, i want my computer working07:42
baizonantonio2: which ubuntu version?07:42
FuraiYeah, I heard som rumours about xfce.07:42
FuraiSeems it's good.07:42
baizoncfhowlett: its xubuntu-desktop and lubuntu-desktop metapackaage07:42
cfhowlettdsjkl, you reported one error at first.  then you reported a different error.  troubleshooting practice is to reproduce the error and verify the details.  you are not will to do so ...07:42
bmintzno not lxfce07:42
bmintznever :D07:42
dsjklcfhowlett: what different error? can't you read?07:43
cfhowlettbaizon, true but I was only referencing the DE, not the full meal deal.07:43
baizoncfhowlett: ou ou, ok07:43
cfhowlettdsjkl, best you get help elsewhere.  again: best of luck07:43
Furaiso xubuntu uses xfce?07:43
cfhowlettFurai, indeed07:43
FuraiOk, thanks.07:44
FuraiI think I can go from this point.07:44
bmintzcfhowlett, then get xfce4 i think07:44
alkisgdsjkl: the best thing to do is to try to reinstall, and when the installer crashes, to come here and ask for help, so that people here can ask for error logs, try certain actions etc. "It crashed and now it doesn't boot" is too generic to get help from that.07:44
FuraiMaybe last thing - anyone using mainline kernels with ubuntu?07:44
cfhowlett!kernel | Furai07:44
ubottuFurai: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)07:44
dsjklscrew error logs, I asked how to fix the broken system07:45
Furaicfhowlett, I've seen that before.07:45
alkisgdsjkl: we answered; reinstall07:45
FuraiBut that doesn't cover my question.07:45
FuraiI've asked if anyone here actually uses it.07:45
dsjklalkisg: i reinstalled it and it crashed again07:45
cfhowlettFurai, see the part where the mainline kernel is mentioned as an option and NOT the default?  that is your answer07:46
bmintzok great! now that you reinstalled you should have the error logs. can we have them please?07:46
alkisgdsjkl: I understand, but without knowing what's going wrong at the point of the crash, we don't know if the installation can be fixed at all, or not07:46
dsjklbmintz: where?07:46
bmintzwhen it crashed did you get a "report this error" screen?07:46
alkisgdsjkl: e.g. if the crash happened when installing grub, then only grub needs to be reinstalled, while if it happened when copying files, all the installation needs to happen again07:46
bmintzhow do i change my dns servers globally? also how do i install wicd07:47
bmintzwhoops hit ctrl+w expecting to delete a word07:47
bmintzcan i just do `sudo apt install NetworkManager; and sudo apt install wicd`?07:48
alkisgbmintz: you can specify dns settings in the network manager connection settings...07:48
bmintzik that07:48
bmintzbut nm is so dumb you have to do that for EACH connnectin07:49
dsjkland of course I don't have any logs as they were in a livecd session07:49
cfhowlettbmintz, probably.  simulate it: apt-get -s install wicd will tell you07:49
cfhowlettdsjkl, reboot.  go to "try ubuntu".  THEN start the install process.  when it crashes you will have logs available07:50
bmintzthat's also liveCD07:50
bmintzdsjkl, reboot.  go to "try ubuntu".  THEN start the install process.  when it crashes you will have logs available07:50
alkisgdsjkl: yes, the key point is that you have to be inside the live session when you report the error to know what went wrong, either to report it or even to just work around it07:51
alkisgbmintz: you can speifyc dns=none in NetworkManager.conf, and put your nameservers in resolv.conf07:53
alkisgman NetworkManager.conf07:53
OnceMecan I from volume control bar, remove microphone volume option?08:00
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intxhi, I'm trying to get a script (pwnat) to run automatically when a wireless interface is brought online, because it needs to know the ip address of the interface, how do I do this?08:30
alkisgintx: are you using network-manager? put it in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d08:33
intxI'm using the default, so I think so, thanks :)08:33
intxalkisg: how would I get the ip address of the interface being brought online?08:36
Ben64well your script should already do that08:38
ducasseintx: parse the output of ip or ifconfig08:39
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JabberMouthIs it possible to install a DHCP server on Ubuntu desktop or do I have to install Ubuntu server?08:47
JabberMouthalso i might  need a tftp daemon08:48
OnceMemy ssh agent or whatever seems to be broken, I cannot login to any server via ssh08:50
EriC^^JabberMouth: the repos are in common between ubuntu and ubuntu server08:50
JabberMouthEriC^^: so I can use a dhcp server on a laptop that runs ubuntu?08:50
JabberMouthand are there any good fake dns servers out there?08:50
jatttry with ssh's -v flag08:51
YankDownUnderOnceMe: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-regenerate-openssh-host-keys/08:51
JabberMouthI need to run dhcp and dns on the wifi network at school on my laptop08:52
JabberMouthhand out addresses that are in the right subnet, the only difference from the real DHCP server being that it would be directing clients to use me as a DNS08:52
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JabberMouththen I just need a DNS relay that replaces all queries with a porn site08:53
JabberMouthand the entire school gets nothing but porn08:53
JabberMouthis this a feasible plan?08:53
Ben64no, and doesn't belong in this channel08:53
ducasseJabberMouth: this is nothing we will help you do.08:53
JabberMouthducasse: what if I just bring in a laptop and a windows tablet and run a few simultaneous iperf tests between them08:54
JabberMouththats pretty harmless right?08:54
Ben64you're in the wrong channel, guy08:54
ducasseJabberMouth: why not ask the school admin?08:54
JabberMouthducasse: you mean my I.T. teacher?08:55
JabberMouthhe's a bumbling idiot08:55
JabberMouthi want to see him try to figure out whats going on08:56
JabberMouthin class08:56
Ben64JabberMouth: take this crap somewhere else. it isn't ubuntu support08:56
JabberMouthBen64: it is if the laptop is running ubuntu with a linux based dhcpd08:56
Ben64nope, this is an ubuntu support channel, not a #wannabeascriptkiddie08:57
JabberMouthoh is that a real channel?08:57
Ben64you joined it, right? then it's real08:59
JabberMouthfap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap09:00
JabberMouthI don't understand olympic gymnastics....09:00
JabberMouthSince when is spreading your legs considered a respectable way to make a living?09:00
Ben64JabberMouth: so get on topic or go away09:00
JabberMouthIs on topic related to Selena Gomez09:01
Azitrexthink i have root user and alice user , alice have encrypted partition on their Home , could main root user to open files of encrepted partition of /home from alice ? this question is for security level of encrypted partition that is encrypted always or root could to decrypte them09:03
loradcostak fam09:03
Ben64Azitrex: if alice is logged in, then yes09:03
AzitrexBen64: no alice is not loggined and root wants to see what are the alice files in their home path09:05
Ben64can't then09:05
bekksAzitrex: Then root needs to ask alice for the password.09:05
Azitrexeven main root ?09:06
Ben64it's not a permissions issue, it's encrypted09:06
bekksBeing root doesnt mean you know all the passwords.09:06
Azitrexyes ben it's logical but i thinked encrypte key maybe stored in any config file that main root could to see it09:07
Ben64if it worked like that, it'd be useless09:07
bekksAzitrex: The password is not stored anywhere.09:07
Azitrexi want to used a encrypted partition for sensetive database (mysql) files and main project on the server and i afriad from my admin to check them oneday and copy them if he want to sell to any person09:10
Ben64you should use a machine you control09:10
bekksYour database will fail to start then.09:10
bekksAnd you should be using a machine under your control, as Ben64 said.09:11
Azitrexif mysql service had to user permision then dont could to work in encrypted partition ?09:11
bekksForget about permissions.09:12
Azitrexmain server is shared in our company and any section of working have a place for work , but admin is not have healthy personality !09:12
bekksHow do you want to run a database from an encrypted folder when you are not the admin?09:12
Azitrexbekks: i have a root user permision in server , and i could to make more username by it09:14
bekksIf you are root - why is someone else root, too?09:14
Azitrexmy root is not main root , i have root username with root permision but not as main root09:14
bekksThere is no such thing as "main root" at all.09:15
Azitrexbecause law of admin !09:15
bekksIf you have root, it means "I am the one having access to the root account of a machine".09:15
Azitrexyes it's09:15
bekksSo you are root.09:16
bekksWhy is someone else root, too?09:16
Azitrexbut what is solution for this case ? i have a not healthy admin and must be running a sensetive Project in machine and i dont want to see copy of project in any other hand09:17
Ben64run it on a machine only you have root on09:17
Ben64only way09:17
Azitrexbekks: i dont know , main admin defined that and say to our must be work with that09:18
bekksAzitrex: Forget the state of mind of anyone else. Ensure you are the only one having root access to that machine.09:18
bekksIf you cant ensure that, dont run your mysql stuff there.09:18
Azitrexa technical question when i had a service that worked with files in a encrypted partition and with all permission why dont worked with files ?09:20
bekksCan you rephrase that, it doesnt make any sense so far.09:20
Azitrexbut it's a require feature i think !09:22
bekksAzitrex: Can you rephrase what you said, it does not make any sense.09:22
bekksAzitrex: If you want to encrypt your server, install a server onl you have access to, and use full disk encryption.09:23
Azitrexmany thanks guys09:25
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Ice_StrikeWhen user logged in, it will automatically execute  dircolors -b10:32
Ice_StrikeWhere that come from?10:32
OerHeksBen64 +1  http://askubuntu.com/questions/389021/explain-eval-dircolors-path-to-dircolorsdb10:34
bekksIf "eval" is the answer, the qestion is wrong.10:35
rictoohey guys, i have some circular dependency problem, please help :(10:40
rictooi tried installing python-pip and this happened.10:40
rictooim not able to use apt-get at all for any package10:40
tomreynplease show the output of apt-get update; apt-cache policy10:41
tomreynalso: apt-get -f install10:42
ikoniait's going to be a ppa10:42
bekksrictoo: can you pastebin "apt-cache policy python2.7" and "apt-cache policy libpython2.7-minimal", in addition please?10:42
Ben64it's always a ppa10:43
ikoniathe name "container0" suggests it maybe an lxc container too which may have packages locked/altered from the hypervisor10:43
rictootomreyn, http://pastebin.com/D4cJn4jT10:44
rictoobekks, http://pastebin.com/XBj0MR0b10:44
rictooindeed it is an LXC container, the line that started all this was me typing: "sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-dev build-essential"10:46
ikoniaso there are some basic pre-sript errors, I'd look at them first10:48
ikoniaI'd then do a clean up10:48
ikoniathen look at what's left10:48
tomreynrictoo: sudo apt-get install -f10:48
ikoniayeah, thats not going to help10:48
rictootomreyn, i have the output for that as the last part of the paste to tomreyn10:48
rictoooh thats you sorry :P10:48
tomreynrictoo: you ran it without sudo though10:49
rictoothis is so sad i wish i had made a snapshot T.T10:49
Ice_StrikeWhat is the difference between: bash -c scp -t /etc/nginx/filename and scp -t /etc/nginx/filename10:49
tomreynrictoo: sorry ignore that, you are working as root10:49
i52lofedyou 're faggots10:52
i52lofedThe best Operating System is Microsoft Windows XP10:52
Sven_vBIce_Strike, in the first command with "bash -c" there are probably quotes missing10:52
hiyais there a way to upgrade Intel graphics drivers in 14.04?10:53
hiyai52lofed: lol10:53
i52lofedchupadme la polla10:53
tomreynrictoo: so this is a strange issue, i have not run into it before:  unable to make backup link of './usr/share/doc/libpython2.7-minimal/changelog.Debian.gz' before installing new version: Operation not permitted10:53
Ice_StrikeSven_vB Is there a way to enable log scp what file has been recieved via remote?10:53
tomreynrictoo: your file system might be full (check: df -h), but it's more likely to do with lxc capabilities / apparmor10:54
Sven_vBIce_Strike, you could redirect the output of scp to a logfile10:54
Kiritohttp://www.guayadeque.org/index.php?p=/page/Download lol that contradictory enthusiasm10:55
Sven_vBIce_Strike, scp [args] 2>&1 | tee ~/scp.log10:55
Kirito"To install guayadeque in Ubuntu 10.10 and later, you can now use the ubuntu software center! (Not recommended!)"10:55
Ice_StrikeSven_vB I meant someone send me a file to my server.10:56
MonkeyDustKirito  yes, but that's for #ubuntu-offtopic10:56
Ice_Strikeand on my server I want to log it10:56
Sven_vBIce_Strike, then you'll have to refer to your SSH server's manual10:56
Sven_vBIce_Strike, i'm pretty sure usual server software can log that, just don't know the details :)10:57
Ice_Strikeok ;)10:57
Sven_vBIce_Strike, are you going to have a program react to incoming files?10:57
KiritoMonkeyDust, Sure, if you consider the Ubuntu Software Center offtopic, I guess10:57
Ice_StrikeSven_vB No, just logging purpose.10:57
OerHeksKirito, big fun, no files at all, https://sourceforge.net/projects/guayadeque/files/10:58
Kiritoyep :/10:58
KiritoSeems to be abandoned completely actually. Not even in the Ubuntu repositories any more. Oh well10:59
six519hello world!10:59
OerHeksKirito, tons of other mediaplayers10:59
KiritoYeah. I was just looking that one up on a passing reference. Unfortunately I haven't really found any that I like enough to use daily11:00
Kiritoof course I also mostly just listen to Spotify11:01
KiritoI guess Spotify technically counts since it can play local audio too though, just can't do what I was looking for :D which is output to ALSA directly, instead of pulseaudio11:02
Zanzibar82Hello, can someone help me with driver issues?11:02
bekksZanzibar82: You need to ask a specific question before. :)11:02
Zanzibar82thanks bekks. I am on ubuntu 16.04, machine is a dell studio 1555, issue is about overheating, probably because of vga drivers. Gpu is RV71011:05
bekksZanzibar82: "probably" doesnt indicate any problem. What is the exact problem you are having, and why do you think it is a problem with your vga drivers?11:07
OerHeksZanzibar82, did you install  & setup lm-sensors?11:10
OerHekscan you pastebin the output of 'sensors' ??11:10
OerHeksoh wait, core2duo t6500 ... max temp 105°C / 221 F ..11:14
Zanzibar820erHerks installing now, reporting back soon11:14
Pr070calhi guys i installed 16.04 now my network interface isnt working11:14
bekksPr070cal: Why not?11:18
Zanzibar820erHeks here you go http://pastebin.com/6P72Xp2511:20
OerHeksZanzibar82, i see all within limits, and the dell hardware is recognised.11:21
OerHeksi checked intel > http://ark.intel.com/products/39311/Intel-Core2-Duo-Processor-T6500-2M-Cache-2_10-GHz-800-MHz-FSB11:21
OerHeksthat gave me a clue, it is a hot cpu11:21
Zanzibar82OerHeks you're right, but things change as soon as any "gpu-intensive" task is on, like browser flash contents or hd videos11:24
OerHeksZanzibar82, are you on 16.04??11:25
Zanzibar82on a different OS it's cooler anyways11:25
Zanzibar82yes I am, sir11:25
OerHeksAMD is supported by the open radoen driver ( or AMDgpu for newest cards)11:25
OerHeksstill the temps are within the specs ...11:25
OerHeksI don't think we can do something about that :-(11:26
bekksExcept cleaning the fan :)11:26
OerHeksindeed, bekks, but i doubt it makes a huge difference11:27
Zanzibar82well I guess you guys are right and it' all in my mind, and I'm asking too much to this old machine. Thanks for the help, I'll try cleaning up the fan as soon as i have the time, as really it looks like the only thing I can try.11:28
OerHeksplay video full screen, that could release some stress from the CPU/GPU11:28
Zanzibar820erHeks yes indeed11:29
Zanzibar82but I'll try the fan cleaning, never did that since 2009. Guess the time has come11:30
Zanzibar82Thanks for support, have a nice day.11:31
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Zanzibar82Here again, the other question I had: there's an application that launches by terminal with sudo, but crashes at start if launched by its icon11:37
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bekksZanzibar82: you should not start graphical applications using sudo.11:38
EriC^^Zanzibar82: try launching it without sudo from the terminal and see any errors11:39
Zanzibar82but that's the only way to launch it11:39
bekksZanzibar82: using sudo to start a graphical application is NOT the right way to do that.11:39
bekksZanzibar82: And which application do you talk about?11:39
elachecheHey there! Ubuntu 16.04 uses Linux 4.4.. So is it possible to use a new nstalled kernel without rebooting?11:40
bekkselacheche: No.11:40
elachecheWhy not bekks, live pathing was supposed to be supported in linux 4.0, it's not there yet?11:41
bekkselacheche: "was supposed"? Never heard of it.11:42
bekkselacheche: And even with the mechanisms developed by redhat and oracle, it is not possible to 100% exchange a running kernel.11:42
k1l_elacheche: its included since kernel 4.0 iirc. but you need to make special kernels for that features (which ubuntu doesnt atm)11:42
Abe_when i try to get an iso on an usb drive it always freezes on 49% and after a while this error appears http://www0.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=19530721 using startup disk creator.11:43
elachecheOh! I see k1l_ :) thx :)11:43
elachechebekks: http://www.eweek.com/enterprise-apps/linux-4.0-goes-live-with-live-kernel-patching.html11:43
bekksAbe_: How do you "get an iso on an usb" then?11:43
bekkselacheche: Did you already take a deep look into technologies like ksplice?11:43
elachechek1l_: the server kernel don't come with that as well?11:43
k1l_elacheche: i doubt since the kernel is the same for server and desktop.11:44
capum321hello, is there a standard which specify user writable folders? eg. I have a .py file, was told to copy to /usr/local/bin, but my os doesn't have this path.11:44
nikrehow can i fix this mbr problem?     Boot sector info:  According to the info in the boot sector, sda2 starts at sector 2048. But according to the info from fdisk, sda2 starts at sector 1165318144.11:44
bekkscapum321: that pasth isnt user writable. Only paths under the users home are writable to the user.11:44
nikreoutput of bbot-repaır*11:44
elachechebekks: kspplice is not free to use :) Thx bekks & k1l_ :)11:44
Abe_well i need it to make it bootable and i used startup disk creator before and it worked on a different usb. buy this stick was never used.11:44
k1l_elacheche: take a look at this: http://chrisarges.net/2015/09/21/livepatch-on-ubuntu.html11:45
elachecheOK k1l_11:45
MonkeyDustAbe_  sounds like a hardware / stick error, then11:46
bekksAbe_: Are you using an Ubuntu ISO?11:47
Abe_i found this http://askubuntu.com/questions/173615/an-uncaught-exception-was-raisedinvalid-version-string-gnu-linux-when-creat11:47
MonkeyDustAbe_  then what iso?11:47
capum321bekks: ok, will copy to $home then, thansk11:48
akikelacheche: http://www.ksplice.com/try/desktop says it's free for ubuntu and fedora11:48
Pr070cal_i installed 16.04 and now my network interface isnt working when i unplug the cable and plug it back in it doesnt look for a new ip but it works fine in windows, i did a fresh install and it still doesnt work not even on 16.04 live cd but works on windows theres no eth0 but there is enp3s0 but it acts funny with ifconfig unknown interface11:56
OerHeksPr070cal_, perfectly normal, with SystemD there is a change, predictable interface naming11:58
OerHeksyou can change back, but you better get used to it12:00
Pr070cal_is that why it not eth0 ?12:01
k1l_yes. other distros did change to the new naming sheme some time before but ubuntu kept the old naming a while.12:02
Pr070cal_ok thats fine i dont mind the new scheme i used it in my last instal12:03
Pr070cal_lol need a new keyboard12:03
Pr070cal_why is my interface not working properly12:03
kelvinellahow to install acestream in ubuntu 16.04?12:04
Kiritohttps://bpaste.net/show/ca5e3aecc53d So, I'm assuming this dumb package manager logic is a solid indicator that you can't actually uninstall pulseaudio on Ubuntu 16.04 in any way?12:05
kelvinellaafter I upgrade to 16.04 from 14.04, I can't install acestream12:05
MonkeyDust!info acestream12:06
ubottuPackage acestream does not exist in xenial12:06
k1l_kelvinella: ask the 3rd party repo or packages maintainer you used before12:06
=== daniel is now known as Guest37113
kelvinellaso, nothing i can do?12:09
MonkeyDustkelvinella  16.04 is not (yet) in the list ... http://wiki.acestream.org/wiki/index.php/AceStream_3.0/en12:09
OerHeksI think acestream p2p never will be in our repos.12:10
abdulhakeemFor some reason, some Conky widgets are appearing in a new Window, rather than just appearing on the Desktop. Never seen that before and Google isn't finding anything either. Anyone know why that's happening? Running 16.0412:13
abdulhakeemmost of the Conky widgets are doing it but not all of them12:14
dave101hi. I have 6 monitors setup connected to six rasberry pi's12:16
OerHeks1st think i learned scripting, conky scripts. I think you need to edit them to your needs, abdulhakeem12:16
dave101I want to be able to connect to each pi indiviually and change what is dsiaplyed on the monitors12:17
=== wilson is now known as Guest24563
dave101can i use tightvnc to access the console session as such to do this?12:17
OerHeksabdulhakeem, 2300+ pages with conky examples > https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=281865&page=2325 ( longest post i ever seen)12:17
Kiritohttp://kodi.wiki/view/PulseAudio/HOW-TO:_Disable_PulseAudio_and_use_ALSA_(without_removing_PulseAudio)_for_Ubuntu Nevermind, I found a less (or more) violent solution :D12:17
dave101i know how to bring the X session back to me but i never needed to do it the other way round before.12:18
dave101any help is much appreicated12:18
dave101so essentially everytime i move the mouse its clones what im doing on a reote laptop up on the monitors12:19
Tims_Techcan I ask things about the bash for windows tool?12:19
k1l_!ubuwin | Tims_Tech better ask there:12:20
ubottuTims_Tech better ask there:: Canonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.12:20
OnceMeI run this rsync -aAXv --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found"} / /media/stefan/StefanData/mylatestbackup/12:20
OnceMeand it completed with errors, its due that I didnt runned it with sudo I guess, when I run sudo sudo rsync -aAXv --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found"} / /media/stefan/StefanData/mylatestbackup/12:20
OnceMesudo rsync -aAXv --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found"} / /media/stefan/StefanData/mylatestbackup/12:20
OnceMeit starts all over again, can I somehow only sync the files which failed during the sync, and not all over again?12:20
Tims_Tech13 people12:20
Tims_Techgoing good12:20
MonkeyDustOnceMe  FWIW: with grsync, you can simulate it and see what syntax it uses12:23
dave101Is what im trying to achieve dooable?12:23
OnceMeMonkeyDust: how can I exclude home12:26
OnceMeI get rsync: link_stat "/home/*}" failed: No such file or directory12:26
dave101The only wat i've found to do this so far is to create an extended desktop with xrandr but then i have to be connected into the hdmi port for each individual pi which isnt practical. Could 'screen' help ?12:26
OnceMefor sudo rsync -aAXv --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found", "/home/*"} / /media/stefan/StefanData/mylatestbackup/12:26
dave101OnceMe: you can also add "--stats --progress" to see whats happening12:27
OnceMedave101: i do see whats happening12:27
BluesKajHi folks12:27
filter85sup guys12:28
dave101OnceMe: ok, thought that might be of use12:28
ducassedave101: screen is a terminal application, so no12:28
OnceMedave101: how to exclude home from backup?12:29
dave101ducasse: ok. culd you invoke xrandr through ssh in some way perhaps?12:29
ducassedave101: eh, yes, but i don't see how that would help12:30
Dev_Hi. If Ubuntu 16.10 has MIR as an option, when 16.04.2 appears will it possible to install MIR on 16.04 ?12:31
akikOnceMe: are you sure about the rsync syntax? { } might be wrong12:32
MonkeyDustdave101  is this useful (xdotool) ... http://null.redcodenetwork.ro/xdotool-simulating-keyboard-and-mouse-on-linux/12:33
Ice_Striketail -f auth.log | grep -v -f exclude_strings.txt12:33
Ice_StrikeWhy this wont out?12:33
dave101ducasse: just firing ideas about ...12:33
Ice_StrikeIn  exclude_strings.txt I included strings (line by line) to not show in trail -f12:33
ducassedave101: i think your best option is vnc, then you control the remote display. or x2go, which is pretty similar.12:34
ashrafulhi friends12:35
OerHeksDev_, no confirmation about unity8+mir, i don't think it will land in this LTS release.12:35
Dev_OerHeks ok thank you !12:36
akikoh well { } works with rsync12:36
OerHeksusually ubuntu introduces new stuff in the version in between, 16.10 - 17.10 .. 18.04 will be the next LTS.12:36
vadragHello everyone :D i just installed ubuntu :)12:37
Dev_OerHeks I understand. Hardware Enablement Stacks introduce new Kernel+Xorg in LTS. So if 16.10 has MIR, shouldn't HWE has a kernel+MIR option?12:37
MonkeyDust!manual | vadrag great!12:38
ubottuvadrag great!: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/12:38
dave101ducasse: ive loked at tghtvnc but it doesnt display the remote display12:38
k1l_Dev_: xorg will be there for a very long time12:38
ducassedave101: it should. which desktop is running?12:38
ducassedave101: remotely, that is.12:39
dave101ducasse: if im running "awesome" then i try to start the vnc server it fails12:39
ducassedave101: that should work.12:39
dave101both desktops are running awesome12:39
Dev_k1l_ ok, thank you12:39
ducassedave101: why does it fail? i assume it prints an error?12:40
vadragthanks MonkeyDust12:40
V728.046s click-system-hooks.service12:41
V7         24.294s postgresql@9.3-main.service12:41
V7         23.715s postgresql@9.5-main.service12:41
V7How I can make them load faster at the booting ?!12:41
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:41
MonkeyDustV7  use a !pastebin12:41
V7I know about that ... I thought ... 3 lines isn't big12:42
MonkeyDustV7  have you installed preload?12:42
geekerheeeyyy everybody12:42
dave101ducasse: so if on the local machine i start 'awesome' i see it appear on the monitor. Then i start the vnc server with "vncserver :0 -geometry 1920x1080 -depth 24" also on the local machine thats fine. But when i now try to connect from a remote machine to the vnc server i get the error "xtightvncviewer: ConnectToTcpAddr: connect: Connection refused"12:43
MonkeyDust!info preload | V712:43
V7Port opened ? dave10112:43
ubottuV7: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-2 (xenial), package size 34 kB, installed size 135 kB12:43
MonkeyDustV7  also, in a terminal, paste this line ... sudo sed -i s/PRELINKING\=unknown/PRELINKING\=yes/g /etc/default/prelink; sudo /etc/cron.daily/prelink12:44
geekerI have a question about openstack, anyone here with knowledge about that ?12:45
V7cmosguy: can't read /etc/default/prelink: No such file or directory12:45
V7I've install preload12:45
V7installed *12:45
ducassedave101: try to turn on logging on the server, see if you can get any details. vnc can be a bit fiddly to get working, the client i've usually had the easiest time with is remmina.12:45
V7I need to start it now with Alt+F2 ?12:45
MonkeyDustV7  no, it's a daemon, no config required (it is available, tho, for advanced use)12:46
OerHeksgeeker, try #openstack or #ubuntu-server, more suitable channels i guess.12:46
V7Also ... I have a lot of Memory used by smth.12:46
V7I don't know what12:46
geekerOerHeks , I will try those12:47
dave101ducasse: Yes i see what i can grab. Thanks12:49
OnceMehello I want to install windows and then ubuntu after that13:01
OnceMedo I choose boot from UEFI Kingston USB or just KingstonDataTraveler, no UEFI?13:01
OnceMewhich one to use?13:01
geekerdepends on ur previous install of windows13:02
geekertry non UEFI first13:02
geekerif that does not work than try the other13:02
geekerhow old is the PC?13:02
OnceMe1 year13:02
OnceMebut I have a weird stuff13:02
EriC^^did you install windows yet?13:02
OnceMeyo EriC^^ lol13:02
OnceMeyou helpmed me the last time I was installing the windows/ubuntu if you remember :D13:03
=== bildramer1 is now known as bildramer
EriC^^i thought your nick looks familiar13:04
EriC^^did you install windows yet?13:05
jianu81what ubuntu distro would fit in a 3 gb partition ?13:05
jianu81i can go for older versions too13:05
vadragso excited , to see 1867 ppl online using ubuntu :)13:05
jianu81would xubuntu 14.10 work ?13:05
jianu81i don't want minimal cd btw nor server versions13:06
jianu81no one ?13:06
k1l_jianu81: 14.10 is dead already13:07
MonkeyDustjianu81  14.10 is dead13:07
EriC^^jianu81: 12.04 , 14.04 and 16.04 are supported right now13:07
EriC^^try lubuntu 12.04 i guess13:07
jianu81lubuntu has problems13:07
jianu81would prefer to use xubuntu13:07
k1l_jianu81: but you will need to make a minimal install and install only the packages you want. since i doubt 3GB will be nough for a regular desktop at all13:08
=== ubunto is now known as tarikkiko
jianu81i'm too much of a beginner for that13:08
jianu81my device13:08
EriC^^xubuntu 12.04 then?13:08
jianu81doesn't have an ethernetp ort13:08
k1l_what device is it that has only 3GB space?13:08
EriC^^k1l_ said a good idea13:08
jianu81well it's weird13:08
EriC^^use wifi13:08
jianu81not detected13:09
jianu81howevr it is in the kernel13:09
k1l_jianu81: well, you are stating quite impossible requirements13:09
jianu81why ?13:09
jianu81from what i remember lubuntu 15.04 fitted perfectly on 2gb ?13:09
k1l_"i want a full blown desktop but only have tiny space. and i dont want to do a minimal install"13:09
EriC^^cause it's usually 6g for an install or so13:09
jianu81i can go for an older version13:09
EriC^^jianu81: are you talking about the actual hdd space or the live usb?13:09
geekerGuys, I need some help with openstack. I tried multiple forums and chatrooms, including different IRC channels. What other places can I go for help about that?13:10
jianu81hdd space13:10
dave101ducasse: Got it working with x11vnc. Worked straight out of the box.13:10
k1l_jianu81: why do you only have 3GB disk space?13:10
EriC^^jianu81: lubuntu 15.04 didn't fit 2gb13:10
jianu81it used 2gb *13:10
EriC^^the live usb is like 800mb13:10
ducassedave101: ok, good. did it solve your remote access problem?13:10
ducasse!alis | geeker13:11
ubottugeeker: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http13:11
k1l_jianu81: are you mixing a live system and a installed system?13:11
jianu81i want13:11
jianu81a installed system13:11
jianu81that can fit in 3gb13:11
MonkeyDust!enter | jianu8113:11
jianu81that's also ubuntu base13:11
k1l_jianu81: do a minimal install13:11
jianu81not detected13:11
jianu81but it is in the kernel13:11
k1l_jianu81: xubuntu says at least 6GB13:11
jianu81it is detected by ubuntu 16.0413:12
jianu81i'm willing to go as low as 12.0413:12
MonkeyDustjianu81  can't go lower than 12.0413:12
EriC^^i doubt xubuntu 12.04 needs <4gb13:12
k1l_xubuntu says on its page: at least 6Gb better 20GB disk space.13:13
k1l_jianu81: again: what device is that?13:13
ducassejianu81: use the server image, and install just the packages you need. i recently installed 16.04 with i3 in less than 2gb.13:13
jianu81a laptop13:13
EriC^^jianu81: why don't you make a live usb image with a partition you can save your data to?13:13
jianu81with a broken ssd13:13
jianu81how do i do that ?13:13
jattreplace the ssd13:13
jianu81i also would like something ubuntu basd and official13:13
EriC^^put a xubuntu iso on it, and use grub to boot that, and have the rest 3gb as a partition for space13:14
vadragwho else is from greece :D  ?13:14
MonkeyDustvadrag  nana mouskouri13:14
jianu81server edition13:15
jianu81doesn't detect my wi-fi13:15
EriC^^!persistence | jianu8113:15
ubottujianu81: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence13:15
jianu81but it's detected by normal ubuntu13:15
vadragnot online MonkeyDust :P13:15
k1l_jianu81: that depends on the exact hardware used.13:15
k1l_jianu81: or you put a lan cable in it for install13:16
jianu81i don't have a slot for that13:16
jianu81it's an ultrabook13:16
jianu81let's say i use a live cd13:17
EriC^^how long til you get another ssd?13:17
=== RalphBa is now known as RalphBa|smoking
jianu81well since i'm a student13:17
jianu81probably in a few months13:17
jianu81by the way13:17
jianu81let's say i use a live cd13:17
=== Silverbaq is now known as silverbaq
EriC^^do you have 2 usb's ?13:17
jianu81could i use the usb i booted from as storage ?13:18
EriC^^the 4gb and another usb?13:18
EriC^^jianu81: yeah with persistence you can13:18
jianu81i'll try that13:18
EriC^^or do ducasse 's idea of a server install, and chroot from a live usb and install whatever stuff you need for wifi/desktop13:18
=== silverbaq is now known as Silverbaq
OnceMeEriC^^: ok going uefi13:19
jianu81not sure if it's relevant to this chat but here it is the error that th ssd gives : http://pastebin.com/wfLJzFBa13:19
EriC^^the bonus of that would be better (you get kernel updates and stuff like that which dont come with persistence)13:19
OnceMei am doing fresh install of linux and win so purging everything13:19
EriC^^OnceMe: ok, sounds good13:20
jianu81by the way13:21
jianu81i have an intel 726013:21
OnceMeEriC^^: ok now in windows partitioner I have drive 0 7 partitions13:21
OnceMecan I purge them all? I have data backup13:21
jianu81that's what is not detected in minimal install13:21
EriC^^OnceMe: yeah nuke them13:21
OnceMedone now I have 930 unlocated space :D13:22
OnceMeok ive made a new partition of 200000MB13:23
flux242best way to do partitioning right is ask on irc, yeah13:23
OnceMewindows made 4 partitions though, one recovery one for system and one for MSR Reserved13:23
OnceMeI guess thats all fine EriC^^?13:23
OerHeksminimal iso needs wired networking, i think your demand is unrealistic, 3 gb ... jianu8113:23
EriC^^OnceMe: sounds right13:23
jianu81i have found a way to get wired networking13:24
jianu81the most simple idea ever13:24
jianu81just using my wi-fi13:24
jianu81from my phone13:24
jianu81mobile data*13:24
jianu81should i use minimal install or server edition13:24
Ben64jianu81: what is your goal13:25
jianu81running ubuntu on a 3gb device13:25
guillaume____hi, is it possible to set permissions to stay in a folder even if someone from the group create new files in it ?13:25
OnceMeEriC^^: ok installing windows now, just a heads up, when I install ubuntu 14.04 I do it in uefi aswell?13:25
Ben64jianu81: i'd say give up.13:25
flux242OerHeks: minimal iso supports wi-fi13:26
jianu81why ?13:26
EriC^^OnceMe: yeah they have to be in the same mode13:26
Ben643GB is too small13:26
jianu81i'm asking about minimal13:26
jianu81or server edition13:26
guillaume____user alloxrinfo and server www-data, added alloxrinfo to group www-data so that it can have write access on www-data created files except the www-data script i'm using is creating www-data:www-data files with 0644 so only the owner has write access13:26
jattI think he is trying to install ubuntu in an ultrabook with 2gb ram and broken ssd13:26
Ben64if the ssd is broken, where is it being installed13:26
jattthat's an excellent question 😸13:27
jianu81on an external storage device13:27
jattmaybe he can enlighten us13:27
ducassejianu81: is there another os on this disk already, is that why you only have 3gb?13:27
guillaume____anyone ?13:27
jianu81but i need the other free space13:28
jianu81so i'm making two partitions13:28
jianu81is it enough for a minimal install ?13:28
jianu81with openbox ?13:28
Ben64use a liveusb, an actual install over usb is way too slow13:28
OerHeksflux242, if his wifi adapter does not work, minimal iso is useless as it has no live mode.13:28
ducassejianu81: should be, as i said earlier.13:28
LibertyWeNeedHi, I am installing ubuntu server for the first time. I am not sure what to type as the 'hostname'13:29
jianu81i can use13:29
jianu81my phone13:29
jianu81we're in 2016 after all13:30
Ben64LibertyWeNeed: could be like "mycompy" or "kitchencomputer" or "fred"13:30
flux242LibertyWeNeed: type LibertyWeNeed13:30
LibertyWeNeedSo it doesn't really matter?13:30
jattLibertyWeNeed: the name you wish for your machine13:30
Ben64not particularly13:30
LibertyWeNeedThank you13:30
=== RalphBa|smoking is now known as RalphBa
LibertyWeNeedIn terms of setting up a webserver, do I need to install firewall software?13:33
ikoniaa firewall is nothing to do with a web sever13:34
LibertyWeNeedSo it's built in?13:34
=== mgodzill- is now known as mgodzilla
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo13:37
flux242netfilter is built-in right?13:37
flux242into kernel13:38
ikoniaut us13:38
ikoniait is13:38
flux242so it's yep, not nope13:38
ikoniano it's not13:39
flux242what is not?13:39
ikoniafirewalls are not built into webservers and not really anything to do with it, while netfilter is part of the kernel, how you use that functionality will at least require configuration, at worst additional software,13:41
flux242he asked if firewall is built-in into the system13:43
ikonianot quite what he really was looking at though if you read the question, but it really doesn't matter,13:43
flux242ufw is just the netfilter manager13:44
ikoniait's actually an interface into iptables, not netfilter direct13:45
lordcirthufw needs a "remove all" feature.  Last I checked, only way to disable ufw completely was to manually remove the iptables chains13:45
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ikoniayou can blank all rules in ufw13:46
lordcirthikonia, what's the command?13:46
Gallomimiai've been running my ubuntu system without swap for a very long time now. never been a problem. i have 16G of ram, and intend to expand to 32 some day. if i put some swap space on my SSD how much is "enough"? recomended?13:47
ikoniano idea off the top of my head13:47
Gallomimiaprobably something like "flush"13:48
ikoniaGallomimia: no more than 4GB would be needed unless it's a desktop/laptop that you're planning to use suspend on13:48
Gallomimiano i don't use suspend. 4g is.... tiny.13:48
ikoniathats more than enough13:48
OerHeks32 gb is huge ...13:48
Gallomimia16g is huge13:48
Gallomimiai'm pretty much always using 25% ram for actual processes, and the rest for cache13:49
lordcirthGallomimia, I don't think you need swap at all13:49
jattdepends what you do with your machine. if you don't crush numbers with it, you probably won't need that much swap13:49
ikoniaswap can be useful even if you don't actually need it13:49
Gallomimiaso, that's pretty awesome.13:49
OerHeksI'd love to see the difference between 4gb and 32 with a forkbomb13:49
Gallomimialordcirth: i agree. i've never had it, in all the time i've had the machine13:50
Gallomimiabut, i do hear swap is used for a few extra things besides paging out13:50
LibertyWeNeedduring the installation of Ubuntu server, according the instructions I was reading it says I am suppose to select "openssh server" from the list and nothing else. I highlighted "openssh server" and hit return on the keyboard. I think I made a mistake, not sure if that meant I selected it. Straight away the installation continued. After installation will I get the chance to select "openssh server" again, incase I didn't do it during installation?13:50
jattyou can remove it13:50
jattafter installation13:50
GallomimiaLibertyWeNeed: no, you probably didn't select it. usually space is to select, enter is to move forward13:51
Vy7au7asHello guys, I'm looking help. My wifi time to time have crazy disconnet issues. Can you look how to fix it: http://bit.ly/wifi_problem13:51
Gallomimiabut yes, you can install the open ssh server after13:51
OerHeksVy7au7as, again that bit.ly with a log, what wifi? what driver? what ubuntu version ?13:51
LibertyWeNeed Gallomimia, that's a relief. I am just really nervous because I have never really used a command line only OS before.13:52
ikoniaplease use pastebin.ubuntu.com if you wish to share info13:52
GallomimiaLibertyWeNeed: well, one thing's for sure. you will get better at command line.13:52
LibertyWeNeedGallomimia, thanks for that encouragement13:53
Gallomimiahaha. its my experience and opinion that the only way to truly learn about command line is to be forced to use it for something13:53
GallomimiaLibertyWeNeed: what are you installing it on? some headless server?13:53
LibertyWeNeedVirtual Box13:53
Gallomimiayou CAN install the desktop part of the OS after install too13:54
LibertyWeNeedI am following this guide13:54
ikoniaLibertyWeNeed: third party guides are normally not very good13:54
ikoniabe aware of terrible guides, %40 of the question in this channel are people following terrible guides13:54
Gallomimiaits my understanding that ubuntu server and ubuntu desktop are identical, except for the installers, and the packages that get installed at the start.13:54
GallomimiaLibertyWeNeed: also note that it's nearly 4 years old.13:55
Gallomimiathat's a very long time in web technology13:55
LibertyWeNeedikonia, so what is a non-thirdparty guide?13:55
ikoniathe ubuntu wiki, the ubuntu help pages13:55
LibertyWeNeedGallomimia, I sort of hoped that would be the case because I would be totally lost if there was nothing similar to the desktop and server13:55
Gallomimiain fact you can probably do all that stuff with the desktop installer too13:56
ikoniaLibertyWeNeed: already that guide is filled with bad info and practices13:56
ikoniaand I'm only on page two of it13:56
GallomimiaHAH look at the stickers on the servers in that guide!13:56
Gallomimiaaqua teen hunger force baby13:57
IlmenHello; I'm under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS; I've got a problem with Git and Github; When I try to clone or update a repository, I get the following error: "fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/USER/REPOSITORY.git/': server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt CRLfile: none".13:57
IlmenI figured the certificate of GitHub changed, and tried to update it manually, but to no avail so far.13:57
IlmenWhat's the best way to fix this issue?13:57
ikoniaIlmen: your certificate chain is messed up13:58
ikoniaCRLfile: "none"13:58
LibertyWeNeedikonia & or Gallomimia, would you be able to point me to a guide that you recommend instead? for setting up a web server. Assume I am an absolute beginner at this.13:58
Gallomimiai don't believe i can no13:59
IlmenOkay; I don't know much about SSL and certificates, it's the first time I run into this issue. Formerly I was able to use GitHub with no problem, @ ikonia13:59
Gallomimiauh, yeah LibertyWeNeed the php module it tells you to use is obsolete.14:00
LibertyWeNeedGallomimia, really? I didn't even think I would need PHP for this.14:02
Gallomimiawell, depends on all the stuff you want to do. but php is pretty common for things like wordpress14:02
ducasseLibertyWeNeed: there are tutorials on the digitalocean website that i know a lot of beginners say are good, but i haven't really looked at them.14:02
ubottuApache HTTP Server is the most commonly used HTTP server on Linux systems. For setup information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/httpd.html . For information on setting up a "LAMP stack", see /msg ubottu !lamp.14:02
Gallomimiatry that14:02
LibertyWeNeedI have lynda.com access, if anyone could recommend a course on their it may help.14:03
Gallomimiaask the bot for !lamp. that'll get you started14:03
LibertyWeNeedGallomimia, I don't understand what you are saying.14:03
Gallomimiaapache has a channel on here too. it's called #httpd14:03
Gallomimiathe bot responds to commands with tidbits of info and links14:03
Gallomimia!lamp | LibertyWeNeed14:04
ubottuLibertyWeNeed: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.14:04
Gallomimiathere, im sorry its so spammy14:04
Gallomimiaso... 4gigs of swap is tons eh? hmmm. that leaves a lot on my ssd's for dm-cache14:05
Gallomimiaif only that was a little easier to set up :(14:05
LibertyWeNeedI am just going to try the guide's way, simply because I need something concrete to follow as I have NEVER done this before.14:07
LibertyWeNeedIf someone has a URL of another guide that is better, feel free to let me know14:07
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Ilmensudo dpkg-reconfigure ca-certifcates  --->  "ca-certificates isn't installed"14:08
lordcirthGallomimia, there are competitors to dm-cache14:09
Gallomimiawell, best install it14:09
Ilmensudo apt-get install ca-certificates  --->  ca-certificates is already the most recent version available14:09
Gallomimialordcirth: oh yeah? i've been fretting over it terribly. any suggestions?14:09
GallomimiaIlmen: haha. don't get stuck in an infinite loop14:09
lordcirthGallomimia, bcache, for one14:10
Gallomimiaisn't that for btrfs?14:10
lordcirthGallomimia, no, the b is for block14:10
aWebDevhi guys, i'm learning bash in ubuntu and was wondering what the difference is between these 2 functions: http://kopy.io/h62uc14:10
Vy7au7asthats OerHeks, ok my ubuntu it's 16.04.1 x86, with drivers and wifi please give me commands and I give you answers14:11
aWebDevwhat do the parentheses add? they seem to do the exact same thing, but sometimes i see functions using them, sometimes i do not14:11
Gallomimiai do already have device mapper engaged for crypt and LVM so.. i was going to get in on that14:11
GallomimiaIlmen: you're reconfiger command spelled certificates wrong. left out an i14:11
Gallomimiawow. and i spelled a bunch of stuff wrong14:11
lordcirthaWebDev, they do what parens usually do in programming - they group things within them together.  In this case, there is no difference, since there is nothing outside14:12
aWebDevah i see14:12
flux242aWebDev: no, he is wron14:14
flux242there's big difference14:14
aWebDevsometimes i also see functions using parenthesis with only 1 line, though14:14
aWebDevcould you elaborate flux242x14:15
flux242execute the code http://kopy.io/LSzsj14:16
aWebDevoke one moment please14:16
LibertyWeNeedhow do I install open ssh server from the terminal?14:17
GnomeKrisSince I've upgraded to ubuntu 16.04, Steam won't open via the desktop icon. However, if I run "LD_PRELOAD='/usr/$LIB/libstdc++.so.6' DISPLAY=:0 steam" in terminal, it runs fine. How do I make the .desktop file run this when I click it?14:17
GnomeKrisI can't seem to find this information anywhere on google14:18
congdv21i run my terminal and it is blank, like a terminal, i cann't run my command, Anybody know this problem?14:18
GallomimiaLibertyWeNeed: sudo apt install openssh14:19
Gallomimiait might be open-ssh14:19
Gallomimiabut i think... not14:20
Gallomimiaheck it might be openssh-server14:20
flux242apt-cache search openssh14:20
aWebDevah flux242 so you actually stay in the current working directory when using parenthesis14:20
GallomimiaLibertyWeNeed: there should be an ssh server already installed. this is just a different one. that's.... open-er14:20
aWebDevis this because it's being executed in a subshell?14:21
lordcirthflux242, thanks for the correction.  I guess bash is different14:22
LibertyWeNeedopenssh-server seemed to work14:22
LibertyWeNeedHow do i scroll up when my OS is all in command line?14:23
aWebDevpage up ?14:23
aWebDev(subjective:) what do you guys use as IRC client?14:25
Gallomimiaare you looking at just white text and black screen?14:25
GallomimiaaWebDev: quassel14:25
lordcirthaWebDev, hexchat14:25
Ilmenikonia, Gallomimia: Okay, I've finally managed to reconfigure my ca-certificates, and I'm able to use git again; thank you for your help. :)14:25
aWebDevGallomimia lordcirth thanks gonna try out boht14:26
flux242how could it happen that the certificates get messed up anyway?14:26
MrDrogpart #ubuntu14:27
Gallomimiamaybe try hexchat first. it's easier to set up14:27
aWebDevok thanks, brb14:27
jihasi need help my rpi does not detects my speakers connected through 3.5mm jack14:28
Gallomimiajihas: you might try #raspberrypi14:28
jihasim using raspberry pi 3b14:29
Gallomimiawhat OS? what audio library?14:29
Gallomimiawhat settings have you tried?14:30
jihasubuntu mate 16.0414:30
Gallomimiado you have drivers for the analog audio output installed? (i don't know if you need)14:30
Gallomimiago to audio settings and look for output devices14:30
jihasmy audio is working through hdmi only14:30
Gallomimiado you see analog output in audio settngs?14:31
nuno_nunesthis pulseaudio or alsa jihas14:31
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jihasi have tried headphones and speaker using audio jack and it doesnt working14:31
Gallomimiajihas: there are about 20 details that you haven't provided. we can't help you without them.14:31
Gallomimiajihas: you have to change the output to analog in settings. it doesn't just change when you plug in14:32
arthur10good morning for you all14:32
nuno_nunesjihas, check: https://www.google.pt/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwje67HWj8HOAhXGvhQKHYEAAVkQFggxMAI&url=http%3A%2F%2Fubuntu-mate.community%2Ft%2Fplayback-issues-on-raspberry-pi-3-youtube-hissssss%2F4442&usg=AFQjCNFVHhAlGXFfYEpcS8Rvo9BPZwdD2Q&bvm=bv.129422649,d.d2414:33
nuno_nunescheck: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/playback-issues-on-raspberry-pi-3-youtube-hissssss/444214:33
jihasi tried testing speakers in the sound menu under hardware and its not working14:34
jihasi also tried command to change audio mode14:34
jihasnuno thanks for the link14:35
Gallomimiaaudio.... mode?14:35
Gallomimiaset the output device in audio settings14:35
Gallomimiathe menu has audio settings, it will  open14:35
Gallomimiasound settings... it's called14:35
Gallomimiaoutput tab14:35
Gallomimiachoose a device for sound output:14:35
jihasi tried it14:35
nuno_nunesis commands in last link :)14:35
Gallomimiabuilt in audio analog stereo14:36
Gallomimiathen.... restart the program playing sound!14:36
Gallomimiathis part is key..14:36
nuno_nunesamixer cset name='PCM Playback Route' 114:36
jihasit shows audio drivers but it does not playing sound14:36
nuno_nunesamixer controls14:36
LibertyWeNeedpage up and page down are not doing anything14:36
GallomimiaLibertyWeNeed: in the bare console, there's not really any way to scroll. if you need to see a big block of text, pipe it into less14:38
jihassame problem exist even when using raspbian14:38
Gallomimia!less | LibertyWeNeed14:38
Gallomimiaer, pardon my inappropriate language14:38
nuno_nunesjihas, sudo apt-get install libxine2-all-plugins14:39
Gallomimiayou'll need to learn about that for sure14:39
jihasi tried raspi-config in raspbian and it remains same14:39
Gallomimiathe pipe operator |14:39
ducasseLibertyWeNeed: try shift+pageup14:39
GallomimiaLibertyWeNeed: linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php14:40
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.14:40
OerHeksjihas ^^14:40
jihasthanks nuno i will try14:40
nuno_nunesi using this a amd64 :p14:40
LibertyWeNeedSHIFT + PAGE UP is not working14:42
LibertyWeNeedthanks for the book reference14:42
ducasseLibertyWeNeed: is this in a terminal emulator?14:42
Gallomimiano, i think he's looking at the bare console with no GUI14:51
ubottuA desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors14:52
GallomimiaLibertyWeNeed: you can apt install one of those packages and get a GUI14:53
Gallomimiai'll use more resources in your VM of course14:53
ikoniaif you want a gui - why not just install the desktop install14:53
ikoniait has some additional packages that will make some tasks easier out of the box14:53
LibertyWeNeedShould I just install the Desktop OS?14:57
LibertyWeNeedand run the server on that?14:57
grfWhy trying to change my mac adress from "enp0s25" it connect me to  enp0s25 ?14:57
akikLibertyWeNeed: you can use the desktop version as a server just fine14:58
OerHeksgrf, it is not your mac adress, but interface name, eth0 > enpos2514:58
danstI've made a custom livecd by following instructions on this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch14:58
danstbut unfortunately I don't seem to have module e10014:58
Gallomimiano sense reinstalling now.just apt install ubuntu-desktop14:58
danstmodprobe reports module not found, is there anything can be done with that? thank you14:58
OerHeksgrf with SystemD there is a change, predictable interface naming > https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/14:58
grfOerHeks I know  that enp0s25 it's just a name for eth0. But I have a script to chane my mac adress, ifconfig enp0s25 hw ether xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx    but after ifconfig enp0s25 up it connect me to enp0s25 and no connection yet15:00
grfI'll try to change enp0s25 to eth0 see what happened15:01
LibertyWeNeedakik, great! I'll do that. Because using the command interface for everything, is too much for me to do right now. I need more time to grasp the basic concepts of how to run a server before I go there.15:03
ikoniaits not just a name for eth015:04
ikoniaeth0 is obsolete and not referenced15:04
ikoniaLibertyWeNeed: just instal ubuntu from the desktop installer15:04
ikoniaLibertyWeNeed: you don't need a "server" install to run a server15:04
dan_fuleahi all15:05
dan_fuleathis is a frustrated user, (not because of ubuntu, just because of the mate bindings), ubuntu mate running, mate-terminal replaced konsole and konsole no longer works, then F12 is doing something strange, pops up a terminal, then i disabled it, and when using F12 in emacs (for a slash, emacs binding) then *emacs disappears*15:07
LibertyWeNeedunderstood iKonia15:07
kittykittyanyone know why the memory reported by gnome-system-monitor is so different than top?15:10
onathow do I match new line character in nano ?15:12
onat\n or \r doesn't work for regex.15:12
LibertyWeNeedwhat command is for shutting down?15:13
OerHeksLibertyWeNeed, with 16.04/systemd you can do  systemctl poweroff15:16
kittykittyLibertyWeNeed, sudo shutdown -P -t now15:16
kittykittysorry that should be -H not -t lol15:17
kittykittyor actually, you can just use -P. You dont need h15:17
dan_fuleaok, i disabled everything, F12 works now in emacs15:18
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rangergordhmm, Launchpad login on askUbuntu is pretty confusing. It needs the Launchpad USERNAME, which LP never requires the user to select. You create an LP account, log in to LP with email+password. None of that info lets you use AskUbuntu. You have to go in your LP account profile to see what your username was automatically set to (in my case, the first part of my email, with dots replaced by dashes).15:26
danstto reply my own question – apt-get install linux-image-extra-15:33
danstin case that's somewhere logged and will be useful for some googling guy15:34
urgodfatherhello room, I'm debating between a dell power vault md3200i and an equallogic ps3000. can someone advise which is better?15:35
urgodfatheri know this isn't the appropriate channel but i figured some of you guys may have experience with these products15:35
EriC^^urgodfather: try ##hardware15:36
=== silver is now known as Guest48765
bipulHi, where i can reset my umask value in my ubuntu? i checked with .bashrc and /etc/profile, but i don't get any such things.15:53
v1kt0rlol sup?15:55
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest94828
Guest94828how to install mate tweak15:58
OerHekssudo apt-get install mate-tweak15:59
OerHeksit is in the universe repos, be sure you enabled it in your sources16:00
OerHeks!info mate-tweak16:00
ubottumate-tweak (source: mate-tweak): MATE desktop tweak tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.10-1 (xenial), package size 85 kB, installed size 918 kB16:00
elspruI don't know how to get unicode fonts to work on my lxterminal. I've tried installing all the fonts I can thing of, setting the locale to en_US.UTF-8 and generating the locale, but still, I just get a bunch of question marks.16:01
jatthave you set the font in .Xresources16:02
elspruin rxvt-unicode I can see most of the fonts, but devenagari doesn't show up, even though I installed all of them16:02
elsprujatt: how do I do that?16:02
jattXTerm*faceName: Consolas16:04
jattthen xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources16:04
jattuse your font instead of Consolas16:04
elsprujatt: oh I dono which font that would be, I work with over 40 different languages..16:06
jattwell you need to choose one16:07
jattthe one that supports most unicode glyphs from the 40 languages you use I guess16:08
elsprujatt: how do I find out which that is?16:08
jatttry and error?16:09
jattI use Consolas and works fine for non-exotic languages16:09
elspruk I'll see what I can do16:10
wemeetagainwhich channel is best for questions about various packages' status of support of the c++11 abi16:10
hiyais there a Ubuntu hardening guide for 14.04?16:12
hiyaIs it still safe to use?16:12
EriC^^yeah 14.04 is still supported16:12
hiyaEriC^^, Do you know how can I upgrade Ubuntu's Intel graphics drivers like mesa and xorg etc?16:14
EriC^^!hwe | hiya16:15
ubottuhiya: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack16:15
=== LjL^ is now known as LjL
jarlathI've just read help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleshootingGuide but I suspect the problem I'm having may require a module being blacklisted (the signal drops very low over time and looses the connection). Is there a guide on how to identify the conflicting module?16:24
ubuntu173hey everyone!16:26
ubuntu173can someone take a look at my 'make' kernel errors16:26
ubuntu173make[1]: *** [scripts/Makefile.build:402: kernel/time] Error 216:26
ubuntu173make[2]: *** [kernel/time/Makefile:32: kernel/time/timeconst.h] Error 12716:27
ducasse!paste | ubuntu17316:27
ubottuubuntu173: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:27
OerHeksubuntu173, need more info, on what ubuntu, what are you trying to build?16:27
OerHeksand use paste.ubuntu.com16:27
ubuntu173kernel/Makefile:133: *** No X.509 certificates found ***   BC      kernel/time/timeconst.h /bin/sh: bc: command not found make[2]: *** [kernel/time/Makefile:32: kernel/time/timeconst.h] Error 127 make[1]: *** [scripts/Makefile.build:402: kernel/time] Error 2 make: *** [Makefile:938: kernel] Error 2 [root@bluewater linux-3.18.39]# make moduels_install make: *** No rule to make target 'moduels_install'.  Stop.16:28
OerHeksunreadable ..16:28
ubuntu173pasted nicely16:30
ubuntu173all other make build worked fine16:31
* OerHeks waiting for ubuntu version and what is being build16:32
rudracare to elaborate16:32
ubuntu173i have 12.04 but i want to go back to this kernel16:32
rudrawhat do you mean by this kernel?16:32
ubuntu173the 2 errors or make errors maybe but doesnt make error 2 mean there are too many conflics so it wont build?16:33
ubuntu173i actually require a 3.x or below kernel for a program and driver im trying to run16:33
ubuntu173but it seams that something is not right in my time? that is causing the error???16:35
hiyaEriC^^, is it possible to install new Gnome officially on Ubuntu 14?16:36
OerHeksfunny, the 1st kernel for precise was v3.1.5-precise/ , why build it yourself ?? http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/16:36
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds16:37
ubuntu173i have many customisation on the kernel im trying to build and i do not want to take the mainline16:37
ducasseubuntu173: did you see '/bin/sh: bc: command not found' in there? that might be why it fails.16:37
Anekdotinanyone get rocket leaque to work on ubuntu16:38
ubuntu173ducasse: /bin/sh is files missing from being created or an actual program im missing??16:39
ducasseubuntu173: it can't find 'bc'.16:39
jeffrey_fHI, I'm running Mate.  somehow I have a 1/2 screen terminal and can't exit.  it may be something with one of the function keys I pressed, but which one??16:39
ubuntu173yes i dont have bc im installing now16:40
ubuntu173lets try to make now16:41
jeffrey_fI found it...nevermind16:42
ubuntu173ducasse: you have solved my debokal16:42
ubuntu173ducasse: the build process has continued :)16:43
ducasseubuntu173: good :)16:43
EriC^^hiya: maybe from a ppa16:43
EriC^^hiya: dont know how well it would work though16:43
* OerHeks wonders what version 'new gnome' is16:44
hiyais the latest16:44
ducassehiya: be aware that gtk 3.20 breaks several gtk applications you might be using...16:45
k1l_hiya: "officially"? no. gnome 3.20 never was released on the releasedate of 14.04. it didnt even make it to 16.0416:46
OerHeksgnome staging ppa, gives 3.12 for trusty .. https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/ubuntu/gnome3-staging?field.series_filter=trusty16:46
OerHekshiya, then you want to upgrade to 16.04, and use that ppa16:47
hiyaSo 3.10 is the best Gnome 14.04 would get?16:48
k1l_!info gnome-shell  trusty16:48
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.10.4-0ubuntu5.2 (trusty), package size 300 kB, installed size 1039 kB16:48
OerHekshiya, without ppa, yes16:48
k1l_3.10 it was officially released with.16:48
hiyaIt is running fine, I have no complaints16:49
hiyaDoes Ubuntu install any non-free software by default?16:50
hiyaI only want to use Free/Libre/open packages other than the kernel which includes some non-free16:50
OerHeksbesides parts of the kernel, no16:50
hiyawhich all repo has fully free software?16:51
hiyaMain and ?16:51
tgm4883hiya: universe16:51
halbaradhey everyone. after upgrading a notebook from 14.04 to 16.04 it fails booting now with the message "The system is running in low-graphics mode. Your screen, graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly. You will need to configure these yourself."16:53
OerHekshalbarad, what GPu are yu using? is there a driver available? open terminal:  sudo ubuntu-drivers list16:54
OerHeksor does it not boot at all to login ?16:55
halbaradOerHeks: GPU is an ATI RS880M ... the Xorg logfile says: "RADEON(0): [drm] Failed to open DRM device for pci:0000:01:05.0: No such file or directory"16:56
OerHeksolder card, Mobility Radeon HD 42xx. it should work fine with the open radeon driver16:58
RamonT430shi guys, is it always recommended to set a passphrase for my ssh key, or can i sometimes just use no passphrase? for example in this case where i have a laptop on which i sometimes do some small\ personal projects16:58
halbaradOerHeks: sudo ubuntu-drivers list gives "amd64-microcode" and "bcmwl-kernel-source"16:59
ubuntu173what does [M] mean when doing a kernel build?17:00
halbaradi think it was using fglrx before the update, but radeon seems to be used now... it doesn't seem to work though17:02
OerHekshalbarad, i find no quick solution, did you try to update ?17:04
halbaradOerHeks: i think i did do an apt-get update + upgrade17:05
ubuntu173thanks everyone17:07
ubuntu173i maybe back for the make moduels_install but thanks for getting me this far17:07
k1l_!usn | hiya17:08
ubottuhiya: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.17:08
hiyaOk thanks k1l_17:09
k1l_halbarad: what kernel are you on? "uname -a" will tell you17:09
Ice_Strikescp -t /root/.folder/something.sh17:09
Ice_StrikeHOw do I find out where it is connecting to?17:09
halbaradk1l_: 3.13.0-92-generic  (do you need the complete line? sorry i can't copy paste since the notebook is next root on lan cable)17:11
k1l_halbarad: that is the 14.04 kernel. are you on 14.04?17:11
Penorsaurusso I have a hard drive inside my ubuntu server17:12
Penorsaurusbut df -h doesn't find it17:12
Penorsaurusany suggestions?17:12
halbaradk1l_: it should have upgraded to 16.04 ... it was 14.04 before17:12
k1l_Penorsaurus: "sudo parted -l |nc termbin.com 9999" show the output url please17:12
k1l_halbarad: make sure "linux-generic xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-video-all" are installed17:14
Penorsaurusk1l_, I think I actually got it17:14
Penorsauruslet me see and if not, I'll try your thing17:14
halbaradk1l_: i'll check that, thanks, might take a moment17:15
patraskhiya: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/ may also be of interest if you care for vulns that hasn't been fixed in ubuntu17:15
k1l_patrask: that cve tracker is linked on the usn website17:16
patraskah okay17:16
halbaradk1l_: xserver-xorg-core and xserver-xorg were installed... the others are being installed now17:17
hiyapatrask, OMG, my old distro did not fix that curl issue too17:18
halbaradk1l_: linux-generic and xserver-xorg-video-all are now installed too. should i just try rebooting?17:20
=== daniel is now known as Guest54654
k1l_halbarad: yes. that should bring you the 4.4 kernel17:20
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NET||abusegod it's so hard to choose a wiki, i've been through wikimatrix and the only one that really does what i want is dokuwiki, but it's so old looking now, i'ts a little embarassing.17:26
halbaradk1l_: ok, it boots to the desktop now. thanks! but it spams error messages "A problem with a system application has been detected" (rough translation from german)17:26
k1l_that could be from the last boots where it didnt boot properly17:27
halbaradhm, when i chose "report" i got another message "sorry, ubuntu 16.04 detected an internal error" (translated from german) ... should i just reboot again and hope it's gone?17:30
A_agileCerthello, some one know easy guide to java for emacs for a complete ide ? tnks17:33
Ice_Strikescp -t /root/.folder/something.sh17:37
Ice_StrikeHOw do I find out where it is connecting to?17:37
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
halbaradk1l_: booting takes longer now, but the errors are gone. thank you! (just so i understand: the 16.04 update got interrupted somehow and a few packages were not updated?)17:39
=== muskrat is now known as dog_galaxy
k1l_halbarad: yes. seems like the upgrade missed to install the 16.04 kernel and xorg stuff due to missing meta packages17:40
k1l_Ice_Strike: scp -t is the receiver, not the sender.17:41
Ice_Strikek1l_ Sorry my mistake. Yes how do I find out which receiver connection is using?17:42
halbaradk1l_: ok good to know. it would've taken forever for me to figure that out. you rock. have a nice day.17:42
k1l_halbarad: no problem17:43
k1l_Ice_Strike: i guess the admin panel main server. you really should ask the admin panel guys how their setup works.17:43
Ice_Strikek1l_ That wasnt my question but thanks.17:44
idzireitI have a java program sent to me by my cousin that I need to import into eclipse.  Having a hard time using the IDE's import function17:44
fenyxHi, sorry for being a liitle bit long but I have to explain context. I've upgraded my comp from a thinkpad T420 i5 to a T430 i7 and I wished to transfer the HDD a lazy way.17:45
fenyxSo I've uninstalled the only proprietary driver before switching, Nvidia one (Optimus disabled in BIOS, always discreete is selected).17:45
fenyxI made a Clonezilla image of my HDD, restored it to the new disk, everything seems ok but the Ubuntu boot is stuck at the "Starting Backlight (...) backlight:nv_blacklight" line.17:45
fenyxI've thought about adding "nomodeset" in kernel boot command but I'ld like to have your opinion before doing it. Should I do something else?17:45
fenyxAnd any idea why it tells me about nv while I've uninstalled the driver (I think it should be managed by 'nouveau' driver now)?17:45
jemaduxwhen lts will take the 4.7 kernel ?17:52
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fenyxMay I have posted in the wrong channel? :-)17:59
idzireitwouldnt know.  I am new to this myself so still learning what is what18:01
idzireitnot even sure how to switch channels lol18:01
fenyx;) we're all still at Ubuntu university18:02
fenyxvery cool campus by the way hihi18:02
kerajaantolong bantu saya18:02
sayeedhey why dual boot of ubuntu doesnt boot successful on hp laptop18:04
sayeedcan anyone answer this?18:05
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=== vinay_ is now known as iamrohit7
bekksBecause you did something wrong, most likely.18:07
bekkssayeed: but you need to tell us about all the details, for getting a non-generic answer.18:07
moonwolfagree tell for example what happens when you dual-boot if there is any rong messages or?18:09
DJonessayeed: I've got a dual boot HP laptop that doesn't have any issues, you need to specify the laptop model, which issues you have etc, it could be aything, but without details, people in the channel don't know how to help18:12
k1l_!hwe | jemadux18:13
ubottujemadux: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack18:13
miharuI want to ask about installation job scheduling?18:15
=== al3xg0- is now known as Al3xG0
Anekdotinhas anyone got rocket leaque to work on ubuntu?18:16
k1l_Anekdotin: do they ship a native linux client?18:17
iamrohit7i have a live usb of xubuntu 16.04.1 downloaded today. the problem i face is that there is no sound. i have ubuntu on the disk and there seem to be no problems18:18
wolflarsonhello I cant update my computer. I get 404 for every package I try to download they seem to try to pull down 16.04.1 packages and only 16.04.2 are in the repo?  anyone have thoughts?18:18
shepherdHi! I have ubuntu 16.04 on my macbook 5,5. I did a complete wipe, and was only able to boot up from usb with refind. Now I can no longer boot up from usb without refind, but I'd like to reinstall ubuntu.18:19
BluesKajwolflarson try changing repos mirrors18:19
k1l_wolflarson: remove that messed PPA there18:19
wolflarsonI removed the ppa and it still happens k1l_18:19
shepherdmacbook pro 5,5**18:19
wolflarsonI actually removed all ppas just to test18:19
rdejonge90is it possible to switch the mapping of the CTRL and FN key on ubuntu 16? it's a thinkpad T430s, and i'm used to having the CTRL in the bottom left, which is now Fn :'(18:19
Anekdotinno they dont k1l18:20
BluesKajwolflarson, you forgot the cockpit ppa18:21
k1l!wine | Anekdotin18:21
ubottuAnekdotin: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu18:21
iamrohit7i have a live usb of xubuntu 16.04.1 downloaded today. the problem i face is that there is no sound. i have ubuntu on the disk and there seem to be no problems. i tried a couple of fixes from askubuntu, but they didn't work. i made sure no audio is muted and installed pulse audio18:21
moonwolftry not to run as root, use sudo instead, like sudo apt-get update  and sudo apt-get upgrade18:21
wolflarsonBluesKaj: thats an old pastbin ill show you the new one18:21
wolflarsonI have removed them sinse I posted that 12 hours ago18:21
Anekdotinim on wine as we speak world of warcraft..havnt gotten rocvket leaque to connect to servers :(18:22
k1lwolflarson: please remove that bad ppas. then run sudo apt update again18:22
k1lwolflarson: then dont show outdated pastebins m(18:22
BluesKajupdate again18:22
k1lAnekdotin: ask in #winehq what to do and look into the appdatabase18:22
Anekdotinahh they got an irc! perfect and thank you18:23
jarlathrfkill shows that my wireless is "Hard blocked: yes". The button to enable itt isn't working (Aspire 5920) and there is nothing in the BIOS for it. So since there isn't a software method to remove a hard block - is there a way to get the toggle button working?18:23
k1lAnekdotin: see the bots message18:23
k1lwolflarson: "sudo apt update | nc termbin.com 9999"18:24
wolflarsonhmm might have been my squid proxy actually k1l seems to be working now18:25
wolflarsonstrange that it would only effect one system tho18:26
moonwolfand try to keep an eye on what ppas you add, whats inside them and only add the ppa if you really need it18:27
ubuntu593hey everyone18:28
idzireitI am trying to join ##java channel and says I cannot join channel that I need to be identified with services18:28
k1l!register | idzireit18:28
ubottuidzireit: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:28
ubuntu593how can a break a file that is too big to move over to a fat32 HD? its over 5GB how can i split it from the terminal?18:28
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compdoc"If you can't talk identify with NickServ"18:29
Vy7au7ashow to solve this wifi problem?:http://paste.ubuntu.com/23056295/18:29
hauckHiHi, im novato in ubunu18:29
EriC^^ubuntu593: there's a command called "split"18:34
=== RAlphBa is now known as RalphBa_
=== RalphBa_ is now known as RalphBa
ubuntu593eric how do i utilise it18:46
ubuntu593cd to file directory18:46
ubuntu593then just split 'filename' parts?18:46
EriC^^ubuntu593: according to the man page, split -N 2 /path/to/file should split it in half18:48
EriC^^test on a dummy file first though18:48
=== ThePhoenix47 is now known as ThePhoeni
jattubuntu593: use rsync18:57
ubuntu593eric it was -n18:58
ubuntu593what would the rsync command be18:58
ubuntu593how do i join a slip file back together?18:58
ubuntu593on windows os18:59
ubuntu593because thats where i need the file transfered to windows18:59
jattno need to split anything19:00
ubuntu593i need to put the file on a drive19:00
ubuntu593its over 8 gb19:00
ubuntu593my fat 32 wont let me transfer19:00
tgm4883ubuntu593: you could always not use fat3219:00
ubuntu593i tryed to convert a drive to ext4 but it wants root19:01
k1lwhy not make a rar or zip with limited filesize?19:01
ubuntu593it locks me out of the drive on gparted19:01
ubuntu593i tryed 7zip and it give me a error19:01
giampo16hi to all19:02
akikubuntu593: you can use "copy /b file1+file2+file3 destination" or something close to that19:02
sayeedhello everyone why hp laptops can be successfully dual booted with ubuntu and windows?19:02
ubuntu593akik it is 1 file that is 9gb19:02
akikubuntu593: i meant to join the files back into one file in windows19:02
sayeedi m sorry it should be cant be dual booted19:03
giampo16i'm looking for someone who can help me to decrypt some files after a virus contagion19:03
k1l!details  | sayeed19:03
ubottusayeed: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.19:03
ubuntu593akik: i used split could i still join on windows?19:03
akikubuntu593: yes19:04
ubuntu593akik: the file is named xaa and xab so on windows command i would type copy /b xaa+xab?19:04
akikubuntu593: "copy /b file1+file2+file3 targetfile"19:04
sayeedsee the question is simple why the laptops of sony,hp cant be sucessfully dual booted with ubuntu and windows?19:05
tgm4883sayeed: they can19:05
k1lsayeed: they can19:05
k1lsayeed: so without details that question is wrong.19:05
sayeedwhat kind of details u want?19:05
k1lsayeed: what is your issue with dualbooting ubuntu on that devices?19:06
=== Tobirium1 is now known as Tobirium
sayeedthe grub does not appear .i have tried the grub repair but no use19:07
tgm4883sayeed: either A) You're just wondering why you can't dual boot those laptops, which is simply incorrect since you can, or B) You are tying to do it and it's not working, in which case we need details such as what you tried and any error messages19:07
sayeedI have to change the boot mode legacy to uefi to start windows19:08
sayeedand to start ubuntu uefi to legacy19:08
k1lsayeed: that doesnt work that way.19:09
k1lsayeed: you need to install both OS in the same uefi/legacy state19:09
WLBIsayeed: you can start the os only in the same mode you installed it.19:10
sayeedin sony laptop i cant install ubuntu in uefi mode19:10
sayeedso i installed in legacy mode19:11
sayeedcan you answer my question??19:12
WLBIsayeed: can you answer, why you can not install Ubuntu in uefi mode?19:13
sayeedthe sony is not given permission to install in uefi mode19:14
sayeedAlex is there in way out19:14
sayeedto get rid of this issue19:15
WLBIsayeed: https://classic.startpage.com/do/search?q=ubuntu+sony+is+not+given+permission+to+install+in+uefi+mode19:15
ubuntu593kernel make fail19:16
sayeedi will check for it19:16
ubuntu593can someone take a look19:17
karnival800 im setting up a 2-gpu, 3-monitor setup, my Xserver is almost able to handle. need some help with xorg.conf debug19:25
karnival800 http://pastebin.com/B7jaRwrw19:25
c_t_fI've been having a very... interesting problem19:31
c_t_fI'm running Ubuntu MATE but my system is convinced that it's Trisquel19:31
c_t_fI think that packages are downloading incorrectly because of it19:31
c_t_fDoes anyone know how I can fix this?19:31
k1lc_t_f: let me guess: you installed a trisquel PPA?19:32
c_t_fI may have but I'm not sure19:32
c_t_fHow could I check?19:32
k1lor you ran that trisquel script (that makes the system a trisquel and removes and excahnges stuff).19:32
jattwhat does lsb_release -a say?19:33
c_t_fNo LSB modules are available.19:33
c_t_fDistributor ID:Trisquel19:33
c_t_fDescription:Trisquel GNU/Linux 6.0.1, Toutatis19:33
k1lc_t_f: in general: there is no way back. one could change all the packages back to ubuntu ones but there is still the changed stuff outside of the packagesystem.19:33
c_t_fWill I still be able to run Ubuntu compatible programs or will I need to compile everything from here on out?19:35
c_t_fOr, will I still be able to install software with *.deb files?19:35
k1lwell, that depends on the .deb files. better ask the trisquel guys if you encounter issues19:36
jattdid you meddle with apt's sources?19:36
c_t_fI don't think so19:36
c_t_fI've been trying to install various programs recently, maybe something happened while I was doing that19:37
k1lyou made your system convert to trisquel.19:37
jattmaybe you will need to disable ppa's you used and the update/upgrade to fix19:38
c_t_fWell that's... Interesting!19:38
k1ljatt: there is no way back.19:38
ubuntu593can someone look at my make problem19:38
k1ljatt: those converters (like the mint ones, or the kali linux ones) change a lot of things. you cant be sure to get to a original ubuntu state afterwards19:39
c_t_fWell thank you guys, I guess I'm a Trisquel user now. X-)19:39
c_t_fThat's so crazy19:39
c_t_fAt least my DE's still the same19:40
jattto mix repositories is bad19:40
c_t_fIn the future how do I prevent that?19:40
jattdon't mix repositories 😸19:41
k1lc_t_f: dont run those scripts, .deb or PPAs that change your system to another OS19:41
c_t_fI never knew I did that though, I don't recall installing any packages that changed my OS19:42
c_t_fI certainly wasn't prompted about that19:42
c_t_fThanks though19:43
k1lc_t_f: well, you ran trisquelize.sh and didnt know what that does?19:44
sonicsup guys, question, ive just installed utorrent on ubuntu and im having a problem with downloading torrents it doesnt give me the optioon to download it through utorrent only something called transmission, any ideas?19:47
OerHeksopen with > select utorrent19:48
totesMagotesIs installing still impossible to install windows beside other linux distributions on LVM?19:49
sonicOerHeks , it doesnt give me the option to do that, it give me transmission and choose an application, when i pick the second option it takes me to my files.19:50
MonkeyDustsonic  navigate to ... /usr/share/applications/19:50
sonicMonkeyDust i just got into that file what do i choose now?19:53
squintysonic, use file manager to highlight your torrent -> right click -> select Properties -> open with19:54
othmanehello world19:54
OerHekschoose utorrent? of wacht, utorrent is niet in onze repos,  dus je moet eerst netjes een desktop icon ding maken...19:55
squintysonic, fwiw,  deluge is very similiar to utorrent.19:55
othmaneanyone know how to disable lock screen in BackBox ? every 10 minute my screen turn of19:56
MonkeyDust!backbox | othmane19:56
ubottuothmane: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.19:56
OerHekssonic, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles , and logout/login after that19:56
othmanethank's for your answer =)19:56
pushpopany amd/ati ubuntu graphic driver guru's here?  I can't get my ati 280x working at all with steam.  Help is appreciated.20:02
shlomiyenihey all20:08
=== Afrotoast is now known as afro
techsoloanybody who has experience with the Core M cpus on ubuntu 16.04. Sound is a mess and vaapi simply doesn't work...20:14
lccadminI've got a mixing board hooked up to my PC. I can hear what's coming thought that, but not what's coming from a youtube video. I see signal bouncing around in pulse for my output devices, but it's called dummy output. Is that the problem? I've also gone into alsamixer and set everything for just below the red20:15
bipulWhere i can find the default umask value in ubuntu?20:15
lccadminAhh -- genius... Just figured out that I neede to set built in audio (config tab in pulse) to analog duplex.20:16
Seveasbipul: /etc/login.defs20:17
bipulSeveas, Thanks you.20:18
ilkYES HELLO, I am offered today upgrade my 32 bit circa 2004 model Dell P4 with 4GB RAM to UBUNTU 16 what I want to know is WILL I BE SORRY????20:20
techsoloilk: Whats on it now?20:21
mandla16.04 is quiet stable, what services are you running on that box?20:22
ilkapache2 ssh, some bots, tor, ngIRCD, you know, the usual20:22
Seveasilk: you're better of buying a new pc. The power savings alone will make it cheaper :) (But Ubuntu should work just fine on it)20:23
techsoloilk: I would wait a bit longer if you don't have any good reason to switch. Its not that much of an improvement20:23
ilkyeha i think ur right20:23
mandlailk, some bots and tor, lol20:24
mandlajust upgrade man20:24
libmanOn startup my tty1 now stays at the log of green "OK"s with no login prompt appearing.  Have to switch to tty2 to log in.  What's up with dat?20:28
lccadminBah... I've tried Cheese and guvcview. Anyone got a better way to get video from a webcam and audio from the line in? Trying to record church services, and I've been having trouble for months getting this going right20:30
iamrohit7 /quit20:30
beegis there any way to configure apport to save all core dumps (including from random executables, not ubuntu packages) in /var/crash?20:31
OerHeksany mediaplayer should be able to fetch such /dev/video0 stream, lccadmin20:33
OerHeksVLC can20:33
YankDownUnderbeeg: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport => Something to poke through20:34
lccadminOerHeks, You'd think -- I don't know why this is being so numb...20:41
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lccadminOk, I've got sound going into cheese - any way to see a vu meter? I know I can watch it in pulse, but I've had bad experiences lately with pulse telling me I've got signal, and nothing going to guvcview - But I don't find out until the end of the sermon that I got nothing20:54
gui_algum tuga ai?20:54
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.20:55
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OerHeksIs there a command in cups to poweron/off a printer?21:20
Guest80044hello there, does anybody knows if netflix changed theyr politics with firefox and drm? Basicly i'm asking if its now posible to use netflix on firefox?21:20
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techsoloGuest80044: It only works on chrome from ubuntu 16.04 on21:21
Guest80044ok, thanks techsolo21:22
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libmanOn startup my tty1 now stays at the log of green "OK"s with no login prompt appearing.  Have to switch to tty2 to log in.  What's up with dat?21:25
nchambershey guys... I just setup a new ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 vps, and I can log in fine through VNC. I have verified sshd is running and can connect when doing nc localhost 22, but if I try to connect remotely from different machines, I get connection timed out. how can I open up that port?21:25
techsolonchambers: by default ubuntu doesn't have a firewall that restricts traffic from outside21:28
nchamberstechsolo, well something is21:28
techsolorouted traffic instead of bridged?21:28
nchambershow can I see that?21:29
techsolowho is hosting the VPS?21:32
nchamberstechsolo, ramnode21:34
freakyyhi all. is there any way i can sync my gnome and maybe whole ubuntu install between two pcs?21:38
MonkeyDustfreakyy  sure, install and explore apt-clone21:42
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate21:43
freakyybut what if i have an nvidia card on one, and an ati card on the other21:46
freakyythen not all packages should be just copied right?21:46
freakyyone is a laptop, one is a desktop pc21:47
k1lwhy dont you just sync your user configs in the users home?21:47
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Amiroguys please unlike this video so youtube removes it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfNDb7evltw22:07
Amiroso please help22:07
Amiroguys please unlike this video so youtube removes it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfNDb7evltw22:07
derfohI had my dual boot messed up in the windows 10 anniversary update. I would get a message "ubuntu failed to boot" every time I powered up. Naturally the first thing I did was run the boot-repair iso on auto mode. Now though I can only boot to a grub menu. Here's the output from boot-repair: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23056586/22:08
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=== RalphBa|smoking is now known as RalphBa
totesMagotesHey, if I want to install Windows + 2 Linux O/S am i suppose to use GPT/MBR, and should i create 3 empty partitions, 2 / & 1 swap?22:15
ronaldsmazitistotesMagotes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot22:23
multidimensanyone familiar with freeradius ? im trying to setup the software on fresh install of ubuntu 12.0422:24
reisiomultidimens: that question and statement somehow related?22:30
reisio...to anything?22:30
reisiomirak: hi22:30
derfohAnyone willing to help with my boot issue? I'm probably just going to reimage to just windows and do the vm thing from now on..22:33
ronaldsmazitisderfoh, and how did You get that log?22:39
lordcirthronaldsmazitis, it says boot-repair22:40
OerHeksline 1122 Please do not forget to make your BIOS boot on sda2/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi file!22:41
OerHeksand the fixafter that, if you can only boot in windows,22:41
derfohIt will only boot to a grub menu22:44
derfohcommand prompt that is22:44
derfohI used the boot-repair utility22:45
derfohused auto repair option22:45
ronaldsmazitisgrub menu isn't command promt22:46
jmaderois there a way for me to download a package and all required dependencies based on a base 16.04 install despite my system already having the package installed? Basically I want to install something on a system not connected to the net22:48
wakemeupDoes anyone here use wake on lan with 16.04? I can't get it working with these instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WakeOnLan22:48
wakemeupIt says, I should run something like: sudo ethtool -s enp0s31f6 wol g22:48
wakemeupBut that doesn't seem to enable magic packets22:49
reisiowakemeup: what's 'ip' say?22:49
tgm4883!offline | jmadero22:50
ubottujmadero: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD22:50
wakemeupreisio: ip?22:50
ronaldsmazitisjmadero: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13756800/how-to-download-all-dependencies-and-packages-to-directory22:50
OerHeksjmadero, softwarecenter gives that option iirc22:51
reisiowakemeup: that's what I said...22:51
derfohronaldsmazitis: the prompt is: "grub>"22:51
derfohi assumed it was a grub cli22:52
wakemeupreisio: I don't understand?22:52
reisiowakemeup: it's a command22:52
wakemeupare there specific arguments I should run it with?22:53
wakemeup~$ ip Usage: ip [ OPTIONS ] OBJECT { COMMAND | help }        ip [ -force ] -batch filename where  OBJECT := { link | address | addrlabel | route | rule | neighbor | ntable |                    tunnel | tuntap | maddress | mroute | mrule | monitor | xfrm |                    netns | l2tp | fou | tcp_metrics | token | netconf }        OPTIONS := { -V[ersion] | -s[tatistics] | -d[etails] | -r[esolve] |                     -h[uman-readab22:53
wakemeupIt just gives me usage22:53
ronaldsmazitisderfoh, installing everything from start is easiest option if that happens22:53
tgm4883reisio: 'ip a' maybe? Not sure what you're looking for22:53
reisiotgm4883: mmm, but it's wakemeup I'd like to find something, not you :)22:54
ritztechanyone have good rasberry pi alternatives  that have wifi baked in it22:54
OerHeks wakemeup if you enabled ufw, maybe you need to set some rules > sudo ufw allow 6/udp or 7/udp22:54
tgm4883reisio: well ok, but he's right. 'ip' by itself doesn't give anything22:54
derfohcool, thanks.22:55
reisioritztech: look up debian freedombox targetted hardware22:55
reisiotgm4883: actually he said it did give something22:55
reisiotgm4883: but if you'd like to talk to him, you have my permission22:55
* tgm4883 fades back into the background22:55
wakemeup*I'm not sure what to look for in the usage22:55
ritztechsorta strudy i wanna buy like 100 of them and build then as like a test probe setup so testing wifi/internet continually and provide data to ethernet and do many tests so more of a good setup i have to somehow build22:55
ritztechoh cool22:55
reisiowakemeup: ip addr show22:56
wakemeup$ ip addr show 1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN group default qlen 1     link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:00     inet scope host lo        valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever     inet6 ::1/128 scope host         valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever 2: enp0s31f6: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UP group default qlen 1000     link/22:57
wakemeupreisio: The link I was reading earlier, said that ethtool should display d and g next to Wake=on22:59
reisiowakemeup: uhuh, and what's it display?22:59
wakemeupI ran the two ufw commands, but I still only get g23:00
reisioritztech: https://wiki.debian.org/CheapServerBoxHardware?action=show&redirect=FreedomBox%2FTargetedHardware23:00
ritztechohh hehe nice23:00
reisiowakemeup: g is what you want f you want wol23:00
wakemeupOh, I thought I needed d as well23:01
reisiowish they'd stop seizuring all over their wiki23:01
wakemeupreisio: Thanks~23:01
reisiod is for disabled23:01
wakemeup*That was a reading comprehension fail on my part...23:02
reisiog is for... good? :p23:02
reisiowakemeup: the vital part with WOL, if anything, is that it says 'g' every time your computer is running (that is: following a reboot, following a sleep & wake, etc.)23:02
reisioif it says d instead, you have to script it to re-set back to g23:02
reisiootherwise you lose the ability to wake23:02
reisiobecause: "reasons"23:03
Ntemishey guys23:03
Ntemisi need some help23:03
wakemeupreisio: ah, that makes sense23:03
Ntemis-mips32r2: command not found23:03
wakemeupis there something I need to do to get g to persist?23:03
Ntemiswhat packages i need?23:03
reisiowakemeup: you using ethtool to check? You can use ethtool to set it as well23:05
reisiowakemeup: and pm-utils is probably the best thing to use to constantly check/set, but you can do it a number of ways23:05
reisioit may be that your device is always set to g, and that'd make it simple: you'd have no extra steps at all23:06
wakemeup2reisio: Thanks for all the info!23:07
reisioso if you wake your system, and find it's not set to 'g' (or if you wake your system, then sleep it, then try but fail to wake it again)23:08
reisiothat'd indicate your device not staying set at g23:08
reisiootherwise you have nothing to address23:08
cspluginsI am trying to install ubuntu 16.04.1 on my laptop but I can't use the windows UNetbootin application (for some reason if doesn't work) Can someone give me the steps to set this up from a differeny ubuntu computer (just to make the bootable usb)23:10
reisiocsplugins: 'dd' is the simplest way, you just have to be careful using it23:12
reisioinsert your usb stick, find it with lsblk -f, be sure the /dev/foo is the usb device you think it is23:12
cspluginsYes, that is what I used last time, I just can't remeber the exact commands I ra23:12
reisiothen: dd if=path/to/install/image of=/dev/foo23:13
reisiothe value of of, in particular, needs to be accurate, as it's what will be overwritten23:13
cspluginsOkay, hold on. I need to finish installing ubuntu on my other machine real quick to run dd23:13
reisioof 'of' :p23:13
cspluginsronaldsmazitis, too easy. gotta command line it23:14
wakemeup2reisio: I could wake my system from shutdown and sleep!23:17
wakemeup2Thanks a lot!23:17
wakemeup2reisio: Also, the g is persisting after reboot :)23:18
reisiowakemeup2: probably nothing more to do, then23:21
reisiocongratulations on having non-silly hardware :)23:21
cspluginsOkay, should I run the startup disk application or use dd?23:21
reisiocsplugins: ...to image the install media to a usb stick?23:23
reisioagain, dd is the simplest, you just don't want to do it wrong23:23
cspluginsokay, so my device is sdb.23:24
cspluginsdd if=/home/user/Desktop/image.iso sbd23:24
cspluginsIs that correct?23:25
reisiodd if=/home/user/Desktop/image.iso of=/dev/sdb23:25
reisiobe quite certain about the /dev/sdb part23:25
cspluginsfailed yo open /dev/sdb perm denied23:26
cspluginssudo it?23:26
mmethsudo !! ;)23:26
cspluginsand i don't need to worry about the byte transfer rate? (If I recall bs=xxxx)23:27
reisiocsplugins: no, but you can up it if you want23:27
cspluginsDoes it default to 4096?23:27
reisioprobablay defaults to one byte at a time :p23:28
reisioyou can also try appending ' status=progress', some newer versions of dd support that, for more useful (read: more than no) output23:28
cspluginsOkay. As long as it works haha. Also there is nothing informing me of progress, is this normal for dd?23:28
reisioyes, see previous msg23:29
reisioif you run: while true; do kill -USR1 $(pgrep -x dd); sleep 10s; done from another term, and look at the _original_ term, you'll get some status updates23:29
cspluginsOh lol, I didn't see that. Thanks23:29
cspluginsOkay, that's done. How can I verify it?23:31
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mmethdd'd my usb at least four times with 4M blocks thinking the command didn't work. it just transfered at 1GBps23:31
reisiommeth: heh23:33
reisiocsplugins: echo "$?", if it's 0 then it was successful as far as dd is concerned23:34
reisiocsplugins: the rest is up to your hardware/firmware23:34
reisioput another way: if dd was upset, it'd say so23:34
cspluginsokay, it's zero, let me give it a try23:35
cspluginsI just have a blinking cursor on boot up now23:36
reisioas opposed to what?23:37
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cspluginswell from unetbootin, it would skip the usb and stat from what already on the hdd23:41
cspluginssorry, i disconneted.23:43
mmethI had that blinky blinky problem yesterday. But I was creating bootable from windows23:43
mmeth2/3 images turned out corrupted and just got stuck with blinking cursor23:44
cspluginsIs there a workaround to this? I know I had this same iso installed at one point23:45
mmethI was on windows, using Linux Live (LiLi) the first one worked then multiple corrupted in a row. I tried to use another tool which formatted the drive differently and it worked on first try23:46
mmethwin32diskimager was the software that had the right settings23:47
reisiocsplugins: you can try before your dd to wipe the device's beginning, but it really shouldn't matter23:47
reisiocsplugins: sgdisk -Z /dev/foo; sgdis -Z /dev/foo; dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/foo bs=1M count=100; dd if=...23:47
islandtrollhi any1 playin lotro ? lord of the rings online?23:49
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