croustillanhi there00:55
croustillancan you help me with a installation of xubuntu?00:57
mrkrampscroustillan, maybe00:58
croustillanI tried so many things.... and it stop every time at the same place00:58
mrkrampswhich place?00:59
croustillanat the end when i create my user name00:59
croustillani can't click continue...00:59
croustillanI tried without wifi, jusct clicking back and comme back a couple time, with changing the kangiage of keyboard, creating my usb key with rufus,  universal usb installer, and unibootin01:01
croustillani tried with 16.04 and 14.04.501:01
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mrkrampscroustillan, and you have entered all required information?01:03
croustillanyes... i have 3 green check01:03
mrkrampsshould be 4 iirc01:04
croustillani resolve it01:14
mrkrampswhat exactly has been the problem?01:14
croustillanit just cause i need to put a password, i tried to just have automatic connection at boot01:14
mrkrampsah yes, password is required as first user is administrator01:15
croustillanyeah now i remember that... it'S been a while the last time i played with linux :P01:16
croustillanANd it doesn't help to just leave you the option to say connect me automaticaly01:17
croustillanthanks anyway01:17
croustillanhave a great one man ;)01:17
mrkrampsyou're welcome01:18
xubuntu74wHello there Im trying to install Xubuntu on my Hp Slate 202:37
xubuntu74wany suggestion is welcome02:37
malyspsuse 32-bit version02:43
Dr01Dg33kNew to Xubuntu, sort of new to linux. Was wondering if anyone could share some must have apps or ppa's for xubuntu. I am a web designer and use brackets as my editor, is that possible on xubuntu?02:45
malyspsDr01Dg33k, looks like Brackets 1.7 is available as a DEB package here https://github.com/adobe/brackets/releases02:51
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jpt9Well, I just managed to break suspend on my ThinkPad...11:07
jpt9I enabled hibernate in /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/10-vendor.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla, which seemed to work fine.11:07
jpt9Then I tried the second method of enabling hybrid sleep listed here: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/how-to-use-hybrid-suspend-in-ubuntu.html11:08
jpt9I've undone both of the changes, but right now, pm-suspend-hybrid works fine, but the system dies shortly after going to sleep using pm-suspend.11:08
jpt9It's a ThinkPad X220 running Xubuntu 16.04.1 LTS.11:09
jpt9Any ideas?11:09
jpt9Never mind -- managed to fix it.  (Did a hard reboot, taking out both batteries.  And reinstalled tlp, since I had that installed.)  Seems to have fixed it.11:24
G4b1t4:45:10 π.μ. - YankDownUnder: G4b1t: Have you already done that yet? My problem is solved with the next days' update on xubuntu base12:21
machinezillahello. i recently upgraded to xubuntu 16.04. i noticed that the update notifier is no longer working. i had to manually run the software updater in order to check for updates. when i go to system settings -> session and startup i see that "update notifier" is checked. how can i know if it is actually running at startup and/or failing? or does anyone know if this is a bug and how to fix it?13:51
xubuntu54iSome french here ?14:41
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iamrohit7i have a live usb of xubuntu 16.04.1 downloaded today. the problem i face is that there is no sound. i have ubuntu on the disk and there seem to be no problems18:17
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