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blahdeblahAny ecosystem folks around by chance?  Looking for some guidance on getting the 2.x-compatible version of juju-deployer & python-jujuclient up & running02:15
blahdeblahAlternatively, can anyone point me to an up-to-date packaged version of juju-deployer & python-jujuclient?02:20
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mikenCan anyone tell why I see a install hook failure here that seems to be juju itself failing with a socket error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23057586/07:23
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andrey-mpjamespage: could you look to my question in review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/348336/6/metadata.yaml ?10:05
gennadiyhi everybody, i try to use layers in my juju charm. as i understand i need to execute `charm build` and publish result. but in this case result charm is pretty complicated(it contains code from all layers). is it possible to publish only my own layer?10:14
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lazyPowergennadiy - sure, you can checkin your layer to git. If you've built a middle layer, we have a web-service to warehouse those. However in order to push to the charm store you will need to push your assembled charm. Top layers typically aren't useful without all their supporting layers code.13:21
gennadiy@lazyPower, it's clear for me when we use local charms. but i think it can be implemented for charms from store too. juju can run "charm build" during deployment process13:24
lazyPowergennadiy - right now charms are built and assembled externally to the deploy process. That sounds like a reasonable feature reuqest to bring up on the list or the issue tracker.13:25
gennadiyyesterday i tried to create custom charm with docker layer. i have added small part of code but when i built by charm i was surprised. my charm contains all code from all layers13:27
lazyPowergennadiy - anything you dont want from a lower layer can be ignore'd or overridden with a file in your top layer.13:27
lazyPowerthere is an ignore keyword in layer.yaml that should help you sort out what you dont want to bring forward13:28
lazyPowerhttps://github.com/juju/charm-tools/issues/214 <- some info here13:29
lazyPowerand additional info here: https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/issues/22013:30
jcastrostokachu: can you check this one out? http://askubuntu.com/questions/811389/openstack-install-fails-because-of-wrongly-specified-ubuntu-version13:30
stokachujcastro: done13:37
BlackDexhello.. How can i unblock specific services14:03
BlackDexsome have the "workload/status" blocked14:03
rick_h_BlackDex: so they tend to be blocked for some reason. for instance a web app might be blocked until it's realted to a database for the back end14:26
rick_h_BlackDex: so it's dependent upoon the application you're working with at the moment14:26
geethaCan any one please check this bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/160257214:28
mupBug #1602572: Handler function is not being called even after changed one of the config values of the config.yaml <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1602572>14:28
rick_h_geetha: ty, asked cory_fu to take a peek when he gets a chance.14:39
geethaPlease...it's stopping me to push my charm.14:52
geethathanks rick_h_14:52
valeechIs there a good mechanism to install containerized openstack (ie docker) via juju? Has anyone seen a write up?15:14
MonsieurBonHi all15:18
rick_h_valeech: there's a lxd deployment notes here: https://github.com/openstack-charmers/openstack-on-lxd15:22
valeechrick_h_: thanks!15:24
MonsieurBonanyone here who could help me with setting up glance with swift? Everything seems to work fine but when creating an image in glance a 500 internal server error is thrown: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23058730/15:28
MonsieurBonI checked the configuration of glance and swift_store_key is present in /etc/glance/glance-api.conf15:29
andrey-mptry restart glance-api15:33
andrey-mpbut i don't know what happens15:34
andrey-mpif you relate glance to swift then all should works15:34
andrey-mpit can be dependent from OpenStack version15:35
MonsieurBonandrey-mp, I have swift-proxy related to glance, keystone and swift-storage15:35
MonsieurBonok, but I think it worked!15:35
andrey-mpI've never configured glance to swift15:36
andrey-mponly to cinder )15:36
andrey-mpwhat version are you use?15:37
MonsieurBonandrey-mp, trusty/swift-proxy-54, trusty/glance-251 not sure what versions those are15:38
andrey-mpi mean version of OpenStack15:38
MonsieurBonhow can I tell?15:40
andrey-mpdpkg -s python-cinder15:41
andrey-mpon node with cinder15:41
andrey-mpor check config parameter of any openstack charm - there should be version15:41
MonsieurBonIs that what you're looking for? 1:2014.1.5-0ubuntu2 this if from dpkg -s python-cinder. I couldn't find any information on the charms15:44
andrey-mpthis is IceHouse15:53
andrey-mpvery old version )15:53
MonsieurBonWell it's the current Trusty version of the charms15:53
andrey-mpare you really want to use this version? i would try to use newer first...15:54
andrey-mpversion can be defined with paramter "openstack-origin": "cloud:trusty-mitaka"15:56
MonsieurBonOk, I will give it a try.15:57
andrey-mplooks like it is a bug in glance charm15:58
andrey-mpor in the glance )15:58
andrey-mpanyway - IceHouse version is not supported now...15:59
MonsieurBonOk, I'll try with a newer version :)16:02
MonsieurBonjuju is not stable on Xenial yet, is it?16:03
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rick_h_MonsieurBon: not juju 2.0, juju-1 is16:13
MonsieurBonrick_h_, that's what I meant :)16:14
bdxhow's it going everyone?16:22
bdxI'm trying to write a consul-base layer to be consumed by my consul-agent and consul-server charms here -> https://github.com/jamesbeedy/layer-consul-base16:23
bdxhaving some trouble understanding how I might have the consul agent interface to the consul server using 'raft' relation stub .... it seems its service name sensitive though, so I'm having a tough time understanding how I might join services with a different name e.g. 'consul-agent' to the consul-server cluster ...16:27
bdxany ideas?16:27
kwmonroepetevg: wasn't there an issue where zk would not honor for clientPortAddr?  is this checking that the value gets changed, or do we expect zk to actually re-bind to all interfaces? https://github.com/juju-solutions/bigtop/pull/38/files#diff-f5b8005c1652359285aac30975c6290bR6716:32
petevgkwmonroe: Yep. Forgot to drop in a comment. I'm skipping the test because Zookeeper is broken.16:32
petevgWill drop one in ...16:32
kwmonroeahhh, roger that petevg.  i recall you saying that wasn't valid until upstream zk handles it.  my bad.16:33
kwmonroe.. and i see the 'return' right up in my face on that test case now16:33
kwmonroebdx: how is it being 'service name sensisitve'?  is something looking for an explicit 'consul-server' string?16:34
petevgkwmonroe: I decorated that test with unittest.skip, with appropriate note. Thx for the catch.16:36
kwmonroenice petevg!  i didn't know about unittest.skip.  TIL.16:37
bdxkwmonroe: when I `juju deploy -n 3 consul`, the consul service uses raft protocol to facilitate determining the cluster creation, state and member states ... etc ... I guess I'm wondering how the consul-agents would use the raft stub to join the cluster too16:39
kwmonroeyour problem here, bdx, is that i don't know how the current consul stuffs work ;)  i'll poke around and see if i can offer a suggestion.16:41
bdxkwmonroe: awwwe shucks .... I'm might be mistaken by thinking that the consul agents need to participate in raft -> https://postimg.org/image/5rdlif72n/16:45
bdxkwmonroe: np, thanks16:45
magicaltroutthanks for swapping that meeting lazyPower17:43
lazyPowermagicaltrout - np sorry for the scheduling conflict :)17:43
magicaltroutthey have to pry my protective contacts out17:43
magicaltroutthe sooner the better17:43
magicaltroutwas just telling jcastro I got asked to present at mesos usergroup london as well lazyPower17:46
lazyPowerNice, so you're going to be the traveling engineer on all this :D17:46
lazyPoweri got pinged by marketing this morning about the topic page. Did you wind up syncing with someone over that? i got disconnected from that whole process over the last few weeks17:46
jcastrohmm, we should have given you shirts when you were in london17:47
magicaltrouti did have a big long chat with someone about it off the back of your email17:47
magicaltrouti'm not sure what happened after that17:47
petevgkwmonroe: I just updated https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-apache-bigtop-base/pull/39 -- it had a stray reference to charms.unit, which isn't release yet (I changed the reference back to point at bigtop_harness).20:49
kwmonroecool petevg20:50
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bdxquestion on subordinate charms/relations ...21:00
bdxso I'm working with the consul service, I have a need for consul-server and consul-agent server charms21:02
bdxblah .. consul-server and consul-agent charms *21:02
bdxthe problem I'm having is this21:07
bdxhow can I make a subordinate charm install software on a primary when related to one service, and just do something else when related to another service (not install software on primary)21:10
bdxI've been looking at cinder-ceph, and nrpe as examples21:11
bdxoooh, I think I see .... you have to use 'scope: container'21:13
mayurisaprehello everyone..21:45
mayurisaprehow to bootstrap in openstack environment with JUJU 2.0?21:46
rick_h_mayurisapre: is it an openstack setup for you? or something you've setup?21:48
mayurisaprei have openstack env21:48
mayurisaprei just confused with all add-credential, config.yaml, credential.yaml, cloud.yaml files21:49
mayurisaprei am trying to add openstack cloud with add-credential command with credential.yaml file21:50
mayurisapreit is giving me an error21:50
rick_h_mayurisapre: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/clouds#specifying-additional-clouds is the user end side21:50
mikenCan anyone tell why I see a install hook failure here that seems to be juju itself failing with a socket error?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23057586/23:50
mikenIf I try to debug-hooks, I see "failed to connect to server"23:50
mikenit drops me in a session, but the debug-hooks session is never started when resolved --retrying23:50

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