tsimonq2oh god why...nightly job...00:20
* ahoneybun looks at motels00:21
tsimonq2clivejo, yofel: hmm, ffmpegthumbs is unstable on http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_16.04.3_yakkety.html because it seems to already be in Yakkety. I think it's safe to ignore. Thoughts?01:19
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sitteryofel, maxyz: FYI this actually breaks qapt as it is using the dbus api to manage apt-xapian https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/apt-xapian-index.git/commit/?id=8ee50ce17b93b9f6fa0d7434526d4eb23493c10e10:08
BluesKajHiyas all12:42
soeehiho BluesKaj12:53
BluesKajhey soee12:55
clivejotsimonq2:  yes, ffmpegthumbs has been uploaded already13:00
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acheronukEvening :)18:00
ahoneybunhey acheronuk18:01
acheronukaha. there are people lurking :P18:01
ahoneybunI'm just trying to fix a snap18:02
tsimonq2clivejo: \o/18:03
soeeok i gave my Battery & Brightness design changes draft to kai, they should land in 5.8 i think :)18:03
ahoneybunnice soee18:03
ahoneybunI don't have Plasma on my laptop atm to offer ideas18:03
ahoneybunyea soee I have Unity on my laptop18:08
soeeyou mad ? :D18:08
* acheronuk feels slightly queasy18:09
* soee loves his activities shortcuts18:09
ahoneybunI very rarely use those18:10
ahoneybunwell I did on the laptop18:11
ahoneybuneither way the battery life is crap18:11
ahoneybunacheronuk: Unity is fine for 99% of things18:11
soeei cant leave with them :)18:11
soeemaybe i could use virtual desktops18:11
soeebut i like activities18:11
ahoneybunI have everything on one screen 99% of the time18:12
soeewell i have main activity for default browser, chat etc. ; second activity for fullscreen IDE etc. ; and third for dev browser, console etc.18:13
soeeand quick switch between them with shortcuts18:14
ahoneybunguess I'm not special then lol18:17
santa__ahoneybun: sorry to interrupt, you tested the xenial -> yakkety dist-upgrades, didn't you?18:18
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ahoneybunit broke the time I did18:19
ahoneybunI 'm on a fresh install from yakkety daily18:19
santa_what broke?18:19
ahoneybuncan't remember18:19
ahoneybunsomething about removing kubuntu-desktop18:19
ahoneybunlibfkscreen6 over 7 maybe18:19
santa_ok, if you re-test it would be nice if you could save the console output and the sources.list18:20
ahoneybunI could do it in a VM if you want18:20
santa_I found a couple of things which would be nice to get fixed in the packaging18:21
ahoneybunour slideshow should be #1 or #2 tbh18:21
santa_ahoneybun: please do, I think apt-get puts skanlite on hold and I have in mind a possible solution for that18:21
tsimonq2ahoneybun: sed: -e expression #1, char 13: unterminated `s' command18:25
ahoneybuntsimonq2: at the point of not caring18:25
* ahoneybun heads out to unwind18:30
BluesKaj-piahoneybun,  have one for me :-)18:31
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> A cold hard root beer and video games18:32
tsimonq2santa_: corrected two typos in your description19:46
santa_tsimonq2: what descripton?19:48
santa_* description19:48
santa_sigh XD19:48
tsimonq2santa_: in the PR you just made19:48
santa_ah, ok, which ones?19:48
tsimonq2the latest one19:48
santa_I mean: which typos?19:49
tsimonq2debian -> Debian and thrird -> third19:50
santa_thank you simon19:50
tsimonq2np :)19:50
ahoneybunDebian should be debian I think19:55
tsimonq2it's Debian policy19:56
tsimonq2or if you want to be specific19:56
tsimonq2Debian Policy19:56
tsimonq2NOT debian policy19:56
* ahoneybun opened a can of worms19:56
* tsimonq2 throws ahoneybun 19:56
geniiI wish i could put Xenial on this Asus K53T but it's basically unusable on this machine, unfortunately. Probably due to something with radeon20:08
acheronukhmmm http://pyqt.sourceforge.net/Docs/PyQt5/pyqt4_differences.html21:06
clivejoo/ Vorap-821:11
Vorap-8\o clivejo 21:11
ahoneybunclivejo: in the ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu package I fixed the slideshow test to work21:11
clivejowelcome to the mad house :P21:11
ahoneybunbut it needs changes in a file21:11
ahoneybunkde_ui.py 21:11
ahoneybunwhich I have made, just need to test21:11
ahoneybunbut ubiquity needs a fix first21:12
Vorap-8Okay gotcha21:12
clivejoahoneybun: have you a branch on LP21:12
ahoneybunclivejo: for the slideshow part21:12
ahoneybunI can make one for the core ubiquity too21:12
clivejoyou are doing it in QML?21:12
santa_"It's a madhouse ... or so they claim"21:12
ahoneybunclivejo: nope21:12
ahoneybunjust using the html 21:12
ahoneybunupdating the qt4 to qt5 21:12
clivejoVorap-8 mentioned he knows a bit of python, so I wanted him to have a look see if he could make sense of it :)21:14
ahoneybunof course21:14
ahoneybunjust need to get the darn thing to build21:14
Vorap-8I got you21:14
ahoneybunthis is the issue21:14
ahoneybunthey said in #ubuntu-installer they are fixing it21:15
acheronukso it's the kde_ui.py here? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk/files/head:/ubiquity/frontend/21:15
ahoneybunubiquity is a big package21:15
ahoneybunacheronuk: yea that seems to be doing the webview loading21:16
acheronukfrom PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui, uic21:16
acheronukso   ^^^^ yes21:16
ahoneybundef _create_webview I think is where it starts21:16
Vorap-8Okay thanks21:17
Vorap-8I am looking at it right now21:17
acheronukthere is also this on the differences between pyQt5 and pyQt4 http://pyqt.sourceforge.net/Docs/PyQt5/pyqt4_differences.html 21:18
ahoneybunyea I found that21:18
ahoneybunvery helpful21:19
ahoneybunname changes and such21:19
ahoneybunthe source version has a dir the LP one does not have21:20
ahoneybun /d-i/source21:20
ahoneybunapt source ubiquity gets everything and that21:20
ahoneybunyou need that to build21:21
ahoneybunI would build from the source version21:22
ahoneybunthen if it works apply the changes to the LP one21:22
ahoneybunso it can be pushed21:22
ahoneybunmm opps21:23
Vorap-8Okay, I can't make any sense of this right now D:21:24
ahoneybunmy bad21:24
ahoneybunLP has the d-i/source dir21:24
ahoneybunI know21:25
ahoneybunI'm still getting grabs on this21:25
ahoneybunVorap-8: just be happy we only need to touch one file for now :)21:26
ahoneybunclivejo: did packagekit ever go anywhere?21:27
clivejoahoneybun: still stuck in proposed I think21:28
ahoneybunthey are going to hate us with all our SRU's lol21:28
clivejoif you enable proposed on your LP PPA and upload to that, does it build?21:29
acheronukclivejo ahoneybun packagekit made it to released21:30
ahoneybunsame issue here21:30
ahoneybundo we need this python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat?21:31
ahoneybunor is packagekit taking over?21:31
acheronukclivejo: Saturday, maybe21:32
ahoneybunacheronuk: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23059599/21:32
ahoneybungetting this21:32
acheronuk1.1.1-1ubuntu1 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/packagekit21:33
ahoneybunbut what about that other package?21:33
ahoneybundo we need it?21:33
clivejoahoneybun: you are trying to build it locally?21:34
clivejowhat happens if you build the source and upload to LP?21:34
ahoneybunbuild what21:34
clivejothe source21:35
clivejodebuild -S21:35
ahoneybunI'm just trying to fix my broken package21:35
ahoneybunyea I gave you the link21:35
clivejothat link looks like its actually building it locally21:35
ahoneybunit is 21:36
ahoneybunon my machine with debuild21:36
clivejoyes but what Im saying is to just build the source and let LP build it21:36
clivejoor build it in a chroot21:36
clivejoyour local yakkety might be broken21:37
ahoneybunI'm trying that21:37
clivejocan you upload the source somewhere that I can have a look?21:38
clivejotarball it?21:38
ahoneybunI'll put it on LP in a min21:39
ahoneybunclivejo: the thing is I need to build it local to test it on a VM21:41
ahoneybunI'm have it on https://launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/+archive/ubuntu/ubiquity-kubuntu now 21:42
ahoneybuntrying to build it21:42
Vorap-8My mom just came in and yelled at me for still being up21:42
ahoneybunwhat time is it there?21:42
clivejosorry Vorap-821:42
Vorap-82342 ._.21:42
Vorap-8No worries21:42
ahoneybunalmost 12am?21:43
Vorap-8I don't know why she is so mad though21:43
Vorap-8School doesn't start until a week from now21:43
Vorap-8I will have a look tomorrow21:43
Vorap-8And see if I can fix it than21:43
Vorap-8Sorry guys21:43
clivejothanks for coming along 21:43
Vorap-8Always :)21:43
clivejofeel free to pop in here21:44
clivejowe are friendly bunch :)21:44
Vorap-8Absoutly. I will definatly do that :D21:44
ahoneybunnow to wait21:44
clivejofailed on LP21:48
clivejois this a GCC issue?21:48
clivejosanta_: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/279127389/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.ubiquity_16.10.9_BUILDING.txt.gz21:48
ahoneybunclivejo: that was the same error from local21:49
santa_clivejo: if that's the question it's possible that it started to fail to build after GCC 6 becoming the default21:54
ahoneybunin #ubuntu-installer is does sound like a big deal21:55
acheronukA new warning -Wmisleading-indentation was added to -Wall, warning about places where the indentation of the code might mislead a human reader about the control flow: 21:57
clivejolooks like Rik hit the nail on the head21:58
acheronukand the log says "cc1: all warnings being treated as errors"21:58
ahoneybunacheronuk: care to explain in #ubuntu-installer?21:58
acheronukso yes, fail in GCC621:58
ahoneybunsounds like a grammar issue21:59
clivejothe warning can be disabled by adding -Wno-misleading-indentation to the build flags.21:59
ahoneybunso SHOULD be somewhat easy to fix21:59
clivejohave you tried adding that in the rules file?21:59
ahoneybunI will now21:59
acheronukclivejo: or just be fixing the useless indentation 22:00
acheronuk*just by22:00
clivejoI wouldnt know where to start22:00
clivejobut for a permanant fix thats what is needed22:01
ahoneybunI'll try my hand at it22:01
clivejoacheronuk: did you report it in #ubuntu-installer?22:03
clivejoany replies?22:03
acheronuknot yet, but Aaron pinged the person who was talking earlier22:06
ahoneybundoes that mean spacing could fix it acheronuk?22:06
acheronukpresumably, if you can fix this http://i.imgur.com/feVcLfN.png22:07
ahoneybunyea but how22:08
ahoneybungoing to try spacing for now22:10
acheronuk I think from line 264 to 286 the code needs one indent level removed?22:12
ahoneybunbuilding atm so can't edit it22:13
acheronukahoneybun: you see the lines of code are indented different amounts? 4 spaces at a time?22:16
acheronukI think those lines need moving one level of the indent to the left. i.e. 4 leading spaces removed22:17
ahoneybunneed to understand the concept of indent22:17
clivejoreadablilty 22:18
ahoneybunwell it looks fine to me but I know I'm wrong22:18
clivejofor us mere humans22:18
clivejoI thought goto statements were highly frowned upon 22:19
clivejofor machines like yofel they aren’t much use :P22:19
ahoneybungoto hell22:19
ahoneybunacheronuk: I see one space22:20
ahoneybununless you mean spacing from the left22:21
clivejois it building with the additional build flag?22:24
ahoneybunI did not try22:24
ahoneybundon't know where to put it in rules22:24
ahoneybuntrying to edit wpa.c for now22:24
ahoneybunmaking the source for a change22:28
acheronuktrying in pbuilder22:29
ahoneybunclivejo: remember I know very little about packaging22:32
clivejojust thought it was the easier option to test your changes22:33
tsimonq2acheronuk: s/p/s/22:33
* tsimonq2 runs22:33
ahoneybungoing to build in one sec22:34
* acheronuk has set tripwires and traps22:34
clivejobut if you fix that GCC6 complaint and make a merge request, Im sure the installer team would be very happy it builts in GGC622:34
acheronukSimon won't get far22:34
* tsimonq2 gets into acheronuk's computer and runs sudo rm -rf /22:34
acheronukevil evil evil22:35
* clivejo ROFL22:35
* clivejo remembers a time ahoneybun did that !22:35
acheronukok. that built it's .debs22:35
tsimonq2acheronuk: looks like I can sneak by your traps while you're fixing your system :P22:35
clivejoacheronuk: nice one!22:36
clivejocan you submit the patch upstream?22:36
* ahoneybun wonders what acheronuk did22:36
clivejohe fixed the idents22:36
ahoneybunbut I don't understand indents22:36
ahoneybunacheronuk: could I install that on a live image?22:37
clivejothey make the code more readable22:37
ahoneybunthen run the installer22:37
ahoneybunclivejo: I understand that22:37
* tsimonq2 wonders what would break if I installed the Qt packages (5.7) from Experimental onto a special sbuild and build a package22:37
clivejowhen you start a new section of code in between the { } you indent it22:37
* tsimonq2 hopes explosions22:38
ahoneybunthen I did it wrong22:38
clivejotsimonq2: upload them to a PPA22:38
tsimonq2clivejo: good idea22:38
tsimonq2clivejo: what packages do we have that are just Qt packages and not KDE specific?22:39
ahoneybunimho kde_ui.py should be renamed to qt_ui.py22:39
clivejoif / when you get them working we can test them in KCI22:39
ahoneybunsince Lubuntu will use Qt as well22:40
clivejolike Rik did with Qt5.622:40
tsimonq2ahoneybun: thank you22:40
ahoneybunI did not do it22:40
ahoneybunjust suggesting it22:40
valoriewe don't package Qt stuff, do we?22:40
tsimonq2valorie: in our PPAs we have to22:40
valorieonly KDE and our own stuff22:40
ahoneybunof course22:40
valorietsimonq2: such as?22:41
ahoneybunacheronuk: upload the 64 deb somewhere for me to test please22:41
ahoneybunI moved that == part up too22:46
ahoneybunlooks like it works22:46
ahoneybungoing to try  it in a live session22:48
ahoneybunbest part is that it should not effect anyone but us valorie22:49
ahoneybunso it should be merged with no issue22:49
ahoneybuneven more so since it fixes it complety22:49
* tsimonq2 remembers http://tsimonq2.net/kubuntusoundboard/22:51
acheronukgood stuff :)22:52
tsimonq2GOOD STUFF :D22:53
valoriebest part is that our *team did it*22:53
ahoneybunwe'll see if it fixes *our* issue22:54
ahoneybunmm can't install the ubiquity package22:57
ahoneybunno idea what I'm going23:03
ahoneybunI think it has to be in teh iso file23:03
valoriethere is a tool to make your own custom Ubuntu ISO23:05
ahoneybunidk I might be doing this wrong too23:05
ahoneybunreally old lol23:08
ahoneybunacheronuk: any idea how to test?23:08
tsimonq2clivejo: http://pad.ubuntu.com/5TzmlkNwgm23:11
tsimonq2clivejo: my work in uploading to a PPA23:11
clivejoarent there like 13 packages?23:14
tsimonq2I'm working on it manually23:14
tsimonq2so yes23:14
tsimonq2but slowly :)23:14
clivejoah right23:14
clivejonice one23:14
valorietsimonq2: isn't stuff like that supposed to go into the ninja pad?23:15
clivejodid you read those messages Rik said about bootstrapping Qt?23:15
tsimonq2no what?23:15
clivejovalorie: its not really normal Kubuntu workflow23:15
clivejoits in the README file23:15
tsimonq2...what README?23:16
ahoneybunthe installer is not starting at all23:17
ahoneybunrunning 'ubiquity' does nothing23:18
ahoneybunand gives me no output23:19
ahoneybunmore PyQt4 around23:23
tsimonq2ooh fancy, dep waits... :P23:27
ahoneybunalright let's try this again23:29
ahoneybunvalorie: at least we have this: https://code.launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/yakkety/+merge/30297823:38
clivejoKubuntu is  community-produced Ubuntu flavor23:40
clivejois that missing "a"23:40
valoriegood catch!23:41
tsimonq2yeah I caught that too23:41
* tsimonq2 kicks clivejo 23:41
tsimonq2I was JUST about to say something :P23:41
clivejoarent these slides multi-lingual ?23:41
clivejoI would prefer seeing flavour instead of flavor23:42
valorieshould be, if we get them submitted in time to get them translated23:42
tsimonq2clivejo: yay for failing on a dep wait :P https://launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/+archive/ubuntu/qt-5.7/+packages23:42
ahoneybunwell only the first slide has been changed23:42
valorieclivejo: the standard is american english23:42
valoriedunno why23:42
ahoneybunI'd like to have a working slideshow first23:42
ahoneybunthen worry about language and spelling23:42
clivejostill, if I select English GB, Id expect to see the correct spelling!23:43
valorieas long as typos are gone by the time it works23:43
valorieclivejo: yes23:43
ahoneybunidk maybe23:43
valoriethere should be english gb available23:43
valorieahoneybun: typos look really bad23:43
valorieand grammar errors23:43
ahoneybunI'm reaching to other locos to translate the Manual23:43
valorieworse than not having it, IMO23:43
tsimonq2how to crash Google Chrome, visit this page... :P https://launchpadlibrarian.net/279139312/qtbase-opensource-src_5.5.1+dfsg-17ubuntu2~2_5.7.0+dfsg-3~yakkety~ppa1.diff.gz23:45
tsimonq2it diffs qtbase-opensource-src 5.5.1 and 5.723:45
* clivejo gulps23:45
clivejosanta_: libkipi merged and uploaded to staging-kdeapps23:46
acheronuktsimonq2: don't visit that page then23:46
tsimonq2acheronuk: I *know* jeeez23:47
ahoneybunvalorie: well I fixed that issue and took down my merge request23:49
ahoneybunthey use .po files to translate23:49
ahoneybunI hate LP when it comes to that23:50
ahoneybunVERY hard to understand how 23:50
ahoneybunvalorie: at this moment the slideshow will not change, unless that branch is merged23:50
ahoneybunso once it works, the slides will be the same23:50
ahoneybunno issue with grammar, spelling or translations23:51
santa_clivejo: thank you I have a similiar one for libksane, I'm about to submit it23:51
clivejosanta_: :)23:51
* valorie goes off to make dinner23:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1613482 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "FTBFS with new GCC 6 -Wmisleading-indentation warning" [Undecided,New]23:57
tsimonq2clivejo: (just a thought that stays in my head :P) what if someone enabled my Qt 5.7 PPA RIGHT before the nightly build on the KCI PPA :P XD23:58
tsimonq2unless you think it's a good idea? XD23:58
* tsimonq2 runs23:58
ahoneybunso close23:58
ahoneybundamn you 23:59
clivejothat someone would have to suffer yofel's wrath23:59

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