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JohnAtlLaunchpad seems to be down(?)15:57
dobeyworks fine here15:59
cjwatsonJohnAtl: Not as far as I can see.  Exactly what problem are you experiencing?15:59
JohnAtlUh oh! :( "Technically, the load balancer took too long to connect to an application server."16:00
cjwatsonIt may be a transient problem of some kind.  Our graphs look OK at the moment.16:01
cjwatsonSee if it's repeatable.16:02
JohnAtlYes, I've been reloading for ~30min.16:05
dobeyyou get it for any url, or only a specific url?16:06
JohnAtlOkay, I went to the main url, searched for what I needed and it worked. This link from github must be broken. http://launchpad.net/unetbootin/trunk/625/+download/unetbootin-mac-625.dmg16:07
JohnAtlThanks everyone for your help!16:07
cjwatsonThat link works for me, FWIW.16:08
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JasperDoes anybody know why tests using TMPDIR might fail on Launchpad when they aren't failing anywhere else?20:40
JasperThis is a bit complicated, but it comes from: https://github.com/endlessm/eos-shard/blob/master/test/dictionarySpec.js20:41
dobeyJasper: tried locally with sbuild?20:45
JasperNot yet.20:45
JasperHow do I install sbuild?20:45
dobeyJasper: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild20:46
Jasperugh, we're on a Debian derivative that doesn't have sbuild20:46
dobeymake a vm or ubuntu chroot to test in?20:47
JasperI thiiink we found it20:55
cjwatsonJasper: A g_output_stream_flush somewhere might help20:57
Jaspercjwatson, heh20:58
Jaspercjwatson, nah, it was us forgetting to include config.h somewhere causing, uh, I don't know what21:07
JasperI don't know why that would cause things on 32-bit systems to fail21:07
cjwatsonwould be more usual for that to break on LP64 systems21:08
Jaspercjwatson, it's probably something to do with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS since we use AC_SYS_LARGEFILE21:36
JasperStill, I'm not sure why that would break a random file.21:36
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