tsimonq2yofel: how would you suggest the fact that sddm-theme-breeze is installed?00:19
tsimonq2yofel: after all, sddm-theme-lubuntu-chooser is installed00:19
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Mirvtsimonq2: slangasek seems asking about lubuntu cdimage issues on #ubuntu-release :) I've no idea what's being talked about though.17:43
ahoneybunmight be that lubuntu-next image he was talking about but not linking to18:00
tsimonq2Mirv: nice catch, thank you18:00
tsimonq2ahoneybun: there was a thread on ubuntu-release...18:00
ahoneybunbut not in your blog post18:01
ahoneybunwhich people look at more then a ML18:01
tsimonq2that linked to Softpedia which linked to the ML18:26
* ahoneybun thinks softpedia is a joke18:29
lynorianyeah I don't like copy paste mailing list thread linked as actual news articles19:24
tsimonq2ok, in my next blog post, I'll link things :)19:26
tsimonq2clivejo: btw Julien literally just merged an MP I submitted correcting muon-discover to plasma-discover21:13
clivejodoes it fix the issue?21:14
clivejodoes plasma-discover work in Lubuntu?21:14
lynorianwell it pulls in a ton of dependcy if you use the gtk version21:15
clivejogtk version?21:20
clivejoshould be Qt21:20
lynorianas in gtk lxde21:20
lynorianwill pull in tons of stuff for Qt then kde stuff21:21
lynorianclivejo, should have made that more clear21:21
lynorianso really not advisable to do on a netbook with tiny ssd21:21
clivejosorry lynorian, the question was directed at tsimonq2 as hes working on something21:25
tsimonq2yeah, lynorian, you see my blog post? :D21:25
tsimonq2lynorian: http://tsimonq2.net/blog/2016/08/13/21:26
lynoriantsimonq2, yeah I just saw that and yes that is a good summary of everything21:28
lynorianyay qpdfview21:28

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