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Kiloshi ahoneybun welcome to ubuntu-africa15:27
Kiloselacheche we are lookijg for translaters for a goodie of ahoneybun15:28
ahoneybunheyo Kilos15:28
Kilosplease rope in some guys15:28
Kilosahoneybun can you give the links here?15:30
Kilosas the guys get time they can look15:30
Kilosoh elacheche rope in na3il as well15:30
ahoneybunwhat is the language code?15:31
ahoneybunbn, de ?15:31
Kiloswell the tunisia guys can do french as well15:31
Kilosand their home language15:32
ahoneybunI need to know15:32
Kilosi forget who does what15:32
Kiloslets hang till someone gets a chance to answer us15:33
Kilosoh ahoneybun you can join the group on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa and the list there as well and mail a request for translaters15:35
elachecheahoneybun: ar (arabic) and fr (French).. A link please?15:54
elachecheAnd some details?15:54
Kiloshows my cheche today15:54
elachechetired Kilos.. :(15:55
Kiloshi Na3iL15:58
Kiloswatch for ahoneybun reply15:58
Kiloswork for lazy tunisians15:58
ahoneybunmy bad was adding a ubuntu member back15:58
Kilosyou can do mine if i miss it15:59
Kiloseven when im in the happy hunting grounds15:59
ahoneybunelacheche: https://github.com/ahoneybun/kubuntu-manual/tree/master/source/locale16:00
ahoneybunjust edit them like normal .pot files16:01
ahoneybunin LP16:01
Kilosoh ya it was kde stuff16:01
elachecheK ahoneybun I'll take a look in an hour when I am home16:02
* elacheche BRB16:02
ahoneybunnp thinking of going to get lunch anyway16:02
KilosNa3iL hows studies and exams going?16:03
Na3iLback, all going good Kilos ty :D16:04
Kilosgreat news16:04
Kiloskeep it up lad16:04
Kilosahoneybun Na3iL does our wiki page for us16:05
Na3iLty Kilos16:05
Na3iLHello ahoneybun16:05
Na3iLmy first time to see you here! :D16:05
Kilosyes im looking for translaters for him Na3iL16:05
Na3iLI saw the project in github and I have forked it, I will help indeed16:07
Kiloshe will be happy to hear that16:07
Kiloshehe im clever hey16:07
Kilosif i help him he wont fight me so much at meetings16:08
Kilosjust joking16:08
Na3iLhahaha xD16:08
elachecheahoneybun: Yo!20:32
elachecheahoneybun: No need to translate lines like "msgid ":ref:`genindex`"" because that's something that will be autogenearated, am I wrong?20:33
ahoneybunyea just ones with human text20:40
elachecheEmm.. You know what, I think that I'm no longer good for tranlation contribs :/ Espacially for French ones, Maybe you should ask for Ubuntu-fr guys to help! And for the Arabic translation I'll try to contribute and ask the Arabeyes community to..20:43
elachecheI didn't did tranlations for 2 or 3 years :/20:43
elachecheI can translate short text, but not long ones.. :/ I'll make huge mistakes on that..20:44
ahoneybunit's fine elacheche no worries20:44
elachecheahoneybun: I thought that I can do that again x) I finished the index.po but couldn't do big thing in the pragphas from the other files..20:45
elachecheahoneybun: wanna join #arabeyes to try to find somone that can help? arabeyes is an OpenSource Arabic translation community, they even created a technical arabic dictionnary arround FOSS terms20:46
elachecheand #ubuntu-fr for french version20:46
ahoneybunin time, I need to make sure I can get this to work20:46
elachecheI'll be there in case you need me to communicate with them..20:46
ahoneybunelacheche: you fork kubuntu-manual ?20:46
elachecheyep ahoneybun, already tranlated the 3 strings from index.po.. But I'm not creating a pull request as I believe that I'm not qualified to be a tranlator.. Not anymore20:47

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