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pipo_For a scope, is it posible to open a url from the query-view, without opening the preview-view first?11:04
davidcallepipo_: the app scope does this, but I think it's specialed case.11:13
davidcallepipo_: afaik, there is no way of doing it. What's the use case?11:13
pipo_davidcalle: I am experimenting with a news-scope. By opening the article directly, there is 1 click saved.11:16
pipo_davidcalle: I just found an expample in the libertine-scope. I gues i'm going to figure that out.11:18
davidcallepipo_: oh cool :)11:22
bzoltanpopey: i have pushed a new UITK component gallery app to the store -> https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/1095/rev/11/ Would you be so kind to review it when you have a spare minute?12:25
popeybzoltan: no need to review, you just need to scroll down and hit "publish"12:26
bzoltanpopey:  ohh :) that is handy. Thanks12:33
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timpahayzen: hello15:24
ahayzentimp, o/15:24
timpahayzen: are you a contributor to the music-app?15:24
ahayzentimp, yup :-)15:24
timpwe saw that for a while now there are some failing autopilot tests15:25
ahayzentimp, yeah, it is on my list :-)15:25
timpit looks like the autopilot tests are using the proxy object for the old UITK header, but you have the new header in the code15:25
timpahayzen: ah, cool.15:25
ahayzenyup when we moved from Tabs -> using leading actions they broke15:25
ahayzenbut was missed as we aren't running AP tests on jenkins at the moment :-/15:26
ahayzeni'll try and get around to fixing it, timp thanks for reminding me :-)15:26
timpbzoltan: do you have a list of failing tests?15:26
timpahayzen: perhaps we can disable/remove the failing tests for now until the new ones are there?15:26
ahayzentimp, it'll probably be like most of them...15:26
timpthat will save us time when checking the music-app tests15:27
ahayzentimp, i'll try and get onto it today if i can :-)15:27
timpahayzen: great, thanks :)15:27
timpahayzen: can you let me and bzoltan know when you decide what to do with the tests (disable them for now, or update them)15:27
timpahayzen: also feel free to ping us if you need help with that :)15:28
ahayzentimp, ok will do :-) do you know if there is a bug tracking it?15:28
ahayzenIIRC there isn't...15:28
timpahayzen: these are failing now http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23058728/15:28
timpahayzen: I don't know of a bug.15:28
ahayzencool thanks :-)15:28
timpbzoltan: ^ ?15:28
bzoltanahayzen: timp: we can create a bug :) that all music app tests fail :)15:29
timpahayzen: I was tracking down what makes them fail. Basically you use main_view.switch_to_tab which is for the old header.15:29
ahayzentimp, yup15:29
ahayzeni have a note saying to use ... https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/autopilot/python/1.5.0/ubuntuuitoolkit/#ubuntuuitoolkit.AppHeader.click_action_button15:30
timpahayzen: now that you use the new header, you can access the leadingActionBar of the PageHeader and use the click_action_button() of the ActionBar proxy object.15:30
ahayzeni should be able todo click_action_button(action_objectName)15:30
timpahayzen: yes, correct :)15:30
timpahayzen: hmm, I wonder if that doc is correct15:31
timpyou don't need to use AppHeader15:31
ahayzenheh yeah looks sortof out of date15:31
ahayzenmy notes say to use the leadingActionBar then click_action_button as you said15:31
bzoltanahayzen: https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/161332815:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 1613328 in Ubuntu Music App "Autopilot tests fail" [Undecided,New]15:31
ahayzenbzoltan, thanks!15:31
bzoltanahayzen:  please ping me or timp in case you need any assistance or help.15:32
ahayzenbzoltan, will do, thanks :-)15:33
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kivi popey, mhall119 -- Hey I just thought of a potentially great idea, that you guys can take to SABDFL and take credit.18:15
kiviI just came to a new place with an archaic wifi name and password.18:15
kiviAfter painstakingly putting it in for my laptop, I was thinking that it would be damn nice if this could sync up with my phone.18:17
kiviso my phone could just access the wifi networks I had already accessed with my laptop.18:18
mhall119kivi: 'phablet-network' will do that, if (A) you have your phone plugged in to USB and (B) have developer mode enabled on it19:42
kiviI'm late to the party then ∧_∧19:43
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ahayzenbzoltan, timp, FYI, got autopilot passing in this MP https://code.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/fix-1613328-autopilot-tests/+merge/302955 \o/22:47

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