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pavlushka_Hello every one!09:13
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pavlushkaHello ahoneybun dipraw Researcher- Tuhin wxl ! have a good day every one, :)09:35
pavlushkahello bluebird Arnab, !10:13
diprawsame to u pavlushka 12:16
pavlushkadipraw: the tradition is to say "pong"12:17
pavlushkain reply12:17
diprawgot it pong! :/12:18
pavlushkaHey AudaciousTUX 12:39
AudaciousTUXhei.... 12:39
AudaciousTUXi have an idea.... about website12:40
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: really you cant ask a question in askubuntu? when you are supposed to?12:40
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: can you give us a screenshot of your logged-in interface of askubuntu?12:41
AudaciousTUXthe time never comes... i always find a answer before asking :p12:41
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: please talk to the point, dont slip it, can you give us a screenshot of your logged-in interface of askubuntu?12:42
AudaciousTUXumm... i can ask question.... but can't vote up answers12:43
AudaciousTUXand too lazy to ask a question :v12:43
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: so you have no problem then, you have to earn 15 rep by asking useful question to get a upvote (+5 rep), and by editing/correcting others post (+2 rep), and then you can vote up.12:48
pavlushka+2 rep for every edit12:48
pavlushkaGood afternoon Kilos !12:50
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: when you tried to up vote, there supposed to flash this notifications which you didn't noticed well.12:52
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: well, not as explained as I did, :p12:52
Kiloshi pavlushka 12:54
Kilosand AudaciousTUX 12:54
Kilosand others12:54
AudaciousTUXbye all... have to study for pre-test exam... :'( btw... i'll work on website after my exam....  :)13:00
Kilosgood luck AudaciousTUX 13:04
zakihello pavlushka Kilos and others.13:58
pavlushkazaki: Hello !14:00
pavlushkazaki: what about https://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new ?14:00
zakithis is for new karnel i think 14:03
zakimay be it will work!14:03
zakii will try later, final exam nextday. eng101. been busy with studies.14:11
Kiloshi zaki 14:20
pavlushkazaki: good luck on your Final exam, :)14:57
Kilosgood luck zaki 15:03
Kilosi wish hyou only complete success15:03
zakithank you. :)  pavlushka Kilos 15:03
pavlushkazaki: anytime, :)15:10
Kilosyou guys are my family15:13
Kilosso of course i wish you only the best in everything15:13
ahoneybunhey pavlushka15:14
Kilosohi ahoneybun 15:14
pavlushkaKilos: I heard this line before, :p, in a song, "adele - someone like you"15:15
Kilosyou are also becoming part of my family15:15
pavlushkaQA ddg adele - someone like you15:16
QApavlushka: *blink*15:16
Kilosafter pk we wake up india15:16
ahoneybunhey Kilos15:16
KilosQA isnt upgraded yet pavlushka 15:16
QAKilos: *blink*15:16
* ahoneybun was sleeping15:16
pavlushkaahoneybun: what you dreamed about?15:17
pavlushkain th sleep, :p15:17
Kilospavlushka you need to look at the bd wiki page sometime and we discuss what needs changing so it follows ubuntu path15:17
pavlushkaKilos: sure15:18
Kiloswikis are hard work for me thats why im collecting all you brainy peeps from all over15:18
ahoneybunmm idk pavlushka15:19
Kilosoh pavlushka 15:20
pavlushkaKilos: you are doing the clever part, :p15:20
Kiloswhen you have time you can also translate for ahoneybun 15:20
Kilosyou can do indian i think15:20
Kilosthat thing zaki is gonna do the translation to bengali ahoneybun 15:22
Kilosyour script15:22
ahoneybunwell this translation is nothing different then LP15:22
ahoneybunjust .po files15:22
Kilosi can most likely get some guys to translate to african languages and french as well15:22
ahoneybunanything I get would be great15:23
Kilosgive me the links or join us on #ubuntu-africa15:24
Kilosill introduce you there15:24
ahoneybuntbh need to find a way to have them all on the one site15:25
ahoneybunbut could still be a good idea to get them anyway15:25
Kiloshi dipraw 15:42
pavlushkawb dipraw !15:42
diprawhello Kilos 15:43
diprawhello bro pavlushka 15:43
pavlushkawhassup dipraw ! what about your cricket?15:44
diprawyeah bro its going ok pavlushka 15:45
pavlushkaKilos: remember dipraw  was there in my first Membership board, :)15:45
Kiloshe can join in again15:45
diprawyeah i was 15:45
diprawand messed up everything15:46
Kilosthings look much better now15:46
pavlushkadipraw: nope you didn't15:46
diprawso nice of u pavlushka 15:46
pavlushkabbl, gotta run,:)15:47
Kilosnope dipraw he wasnt prepared properly but this time things are being done the right way15:47
Kilosand support will still be welcome15:48
diprawthanx Kilos for backing me up!15:48
diprawbtw how's life?? Kilos 15:57
Kilosok ty young man and there by you?15:57
Kilosi fly on the 30th to my daughter in australia15:57
diprawwow thats a great news16:14
diprawu must be very happy16:14
Kilosyes i have never met her in person16:17
Kilosbut we chat online everyday16:18
diprawyour daughter and u never met??!! 16:35
Kilosher mom and i had a short crazy relationship for three months then had a fight and split16:52
Kilosnow we understand what young arrogant fools we were16:52
pavlushkaKilos: you have another blog other than this http://kilosubuntu.blogspot.com, if you please give us the ink, :)17:08
KilosQA kilos.blog17:09
QAKilos: kilos.blog is http://mileyssignificantblog.blogspot.com/17:09
Kilosthe crazy name was my daughters idea17:09
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: you can even earn 10 rep by answering questions in askubuntu, :p17:09
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: and you were talking about some idea on BD website, :)17:10
Kilosoh yes17:11
Kilosi wanna see this site17:11
pavlushkadipraw: read it, http://mileyssignificantblog.blogspot.com/2015/01/the-pain-in-my-life_28.html17:11
Kilosjust make it basic so its fast with all the important info17:11
AudaciousTUXza team have any blog site??17:25
Kilosim trying to remember17:26
Kilosi dont think we have one blog17:26
AudaciousTUXthen we can create multilingual blog site with wordpress easily....17:26
Kilosi started some years bag with wordpress but its for clever guys17:27
zakiKilos: https://nlsthzn.com/category/ubuntu-za/17:27
Kilosyou guys must try follow the planet blogs17:27
pavlushkaKilos:  you mean planetubuntu ?17:28
AudaciousTUXi've tested... and it won't be too much complicated.... we can do this ^_^17:28
Kilosthere should be some old za stuff there17:28
Kilosthink of a good name for a world wide blogsite that can involve all ubuntu users17:29
Kilosmaybe we can even translate other languages to english because thats the world language17:30
AudaciousTUXi have to modify my theme a little bit.... but have to wait till my exam finish17:32
Kilosno rush lad, as long as we keep moving forward17:34
Kilosmy dream is to see all locos return to their former glory and motivation17:35
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: FB তে HM Murshed কে help করেন, আমি তে avro-phonetic use করি না!17:36
Kilosthen i will be satisfied with my contribution to ubuntu17:36
AudaciousTUXঅই বেক্তি এক্টু নিজে নিজে খুইজা খুইজা কিছু করতে পারেনা... হেল্প করাও বোরিং... :317:37
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: find a xubuntu user who uses avro-phonetic17:37
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: he is weak in English and just recently moved from windows, we should indulge him a bit, :p17:38
Kiloslead him gently guys17:38
Kilosgibberish is fine here17:39
pavlushkainstalled avro, now will reboot, brb17:55
Kilosoh my18:24
Kiloszaki klined18:25
Kiloswhat did he do wrong18:25
Kilosnow he will have to get freenode to fix it18:25
Kiloswb zaki 18:40
Kiloswhy were you klined18:41
Kiloszaki (~zaki@unaffiliated/zaki) has left this server (K-Lined).18:41
zakidon't know, w8, checking18:56
Kilosi asked at #freenode18:56
Kilosno reply yet18:56
zakii was desconnect automatically and can't connect for sometime while my internet connection is ok.18:58
Kilosgo to #freenode and wait there til eir gives you voice then ask18:58
Kilossometimes you have to wait a while18:59
Kilosi asked eir in pm but no reply yet18:59
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Kilosnight bd peeps19:22
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zakiwb eprbata19:43
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zakipavlushka: 19:45
zakihow are you?19:45
pavlushkanot good, I dont know why I am banned.19:46
zakifreenode is under attack19:46
zakii was k-lined for sometime19:47
zakiwait , it will be lifted after everything oky, i think.19:47
zakipavlushka: i talked about it at #freenode19:49
pavlushkazaki: did you send them mail on klines@freenode.net? to lift the ban?19:57
zakilifted automatically. 19:57
zakinow i'm connected from the same ip19:58
zakipavlushka: good night20:10
pavlushkagood night zaki20:10
zakihave a sweet dream. :p20:11
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