OerHeksthat smile .. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/olympics/2016/08/14/usain-bolt-100m-mens-final-live-rio-2016-world-record-holder-see/01:32
mmethmy face when I got nvidia drivers to work01:33
daftykinsbut they're easy...01:34
daftykinsbed for me, laters \o01:34
OerHekssudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall01:34
mmethoptimus/prime works on ubuntu thank god01:34
mmethor thank whoever made it work01:35
mmethspent two days with tty on another distro01:35
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BluesKajHiyas all12:42
BluesKajhey daftykins13:00
DArqueBishoptgm4883: I dunno, I still say there's an argument to be made that warning someone that what they're about to attempt will probably get them imprisoned or killed in the real world is on-topic. :-)21:48
daftykinsooh i'm intrigued, what did someone do? :P21:49
OerHekshe wants to nuke his luks after 3 password attempts21:50
DArqueBishopOerHeks: what he actually said that he wants to nuke it when using a specific passphrase.21:51
OerHeksoh right21:52
daftykinsoh, users.21:57

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